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2023.06.07 20:16 dolceradio 2023 VA Primary Elections, 6/20 - GO VOTE!

Important Dates:
This part is directly from the VA Department of Elections.
First day of in-person early voting at your local registrar's office: Friday, May 5, 2023.
Deadline to register to vote, or update an existing registration: May 30, 2023 (Voters may register after this date, through Election Day, and vote using a provisional ballot).
Deadline to apply for a ballot to be mailed to you: June 9, 2023. Your request must be received by your local voter registration office by 5:00 p.m.
Voter registration offices open for early voting: Saturday, June 10, 2023
Last day of in-person early voting at your local voter registration office: Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
Election Day: June 20, 2023 (Polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote)
Check if you're registered to vote here >> The site may be wrong (it was for my older neighbor). Call your office of elections to make sure.
Call your local elections office if you don't know your precinct. It takes 5 minutes and they're all friendly. Not every precinct is voting for every position or every party (Fairfax is Democrat only, Fauquier County precinct 401 is Democrat and Republican, etc.). Check the general registrar or office of elections website for your county. The candidates list is here.
If you're voting by absentee or mail in, you need a witness signature. Bring a valid ID to vote. It CAN be an expired DMV license. If you forget, you can sign a statement saying you are who you are. Look up your polling place because it can really be anything, from a school to a government building.
Equally Important:
Go get y'all's stickers.
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2023.06.07 20:00 YNWB30 News‼️‼️

Trial will start june12th mellys mom said a jury was sworn in
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2023.06.07 19:39 ValMarie23 My boss trying to gaslight and guilt trip me because I told her I'm leaving.

My boss trying to gaslight and guilt trip me because I told her I'm leaving.
So, I was offered a career opportunity in the kitchen at our county jail. It's a great gig with amazing benefits and pay. I would be stupid not to take the opportunity. I talked to my boss' mom two days ago, to try to guage how I should break the news, and get some advice. She said I obviously need to take the job. And I did. I told my boss yesterday in a long, heart felt letter.
For more background info, I was told I'd get a raise and promotion after I got my servsafe Manager certification. That was back in November of 2022. It never happened. I had actively been begging my boss for more hours for the last 6 months and every time I told her I was struggling, she would say "yeah but I don't want you to be stuck at work all the time." Or simply "oh no :("
For her to say this shit last night after I said I was leaving, I know it's just her gaslighting/guilting me because she doesn't want me to leave. I know she needs me. But had I been treated like her "best employee" (which I know I am, by far) maybe I would have stayed! Lesson learned yall.
Never stay with a shitty job purely out of loyalty or guilt guys! I've been there for a year+ and put up with disgusting disrespect from her family, the nepotism and some really screwed up situations, all out of loyalty. It will never happen again and Im so relieved that I'm leaving!
And her gross comments she made afterwards, I feel like she was just trying to get a reaction out of me. I use my phone on breaks or when we have dead time. And the comment about my fiancé irritated me because I told her about a situation that happened awhile ago, and I never should have 🤦‍♀️
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2023.06.07 18:54 rusticgorilla Georgia uses domestic terrorism law to suppress Cop City protests and community organization


Background: What is Cop City?

Cop city is a $90 million proposed training center for police officers. It would include a mock city, a helicopter pad, areas for explosives testing and high-speed vehicle chases, and new shooting ranges in 85 acres of the South River Forest (south of Atlanta, Georgia). Taxpayers will foot one-third of the bill, with the Atlanta Police Foundation funding the remaining $60 million.
The Atlanta Police Foundation, which is helping fund the project in an unincorporated part of DeKalb county, says on its website that it will have “the necessary facilities required to effectively train 21st-century law enforcement agencies responsible for public safety in a major urban city.”
Among the training features will be a burn tower for firefighters to practice extinguishing life-threatening blazes; areas for high-speed vehicle chases; a helicopter landing pad; a mock village including residential, school, nightlife and community areas, with structures such as a bank and a gas station; and a shooting range.
The project was approved by the city of Atlanta in September 2021 after 17 hours of public comment, 70% of which was against the training center.
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said...that she is aware of widespread opposition to the recently-approved $90 million public safety training facility to be built of forested land, and it is unfortunate that the city “didn’t have anything else to choose from” in terms of other potential sites to build the sprawling facility.
Shortly after the city vote in late 2021, forest defenders and activists barricaded the area and took residence among the trees to prevent the forest from being demolished. The movement is largely described as leaderless and autonomous, with participants citing varied motivations:
“It’s sort of this ungoverned amorphous group of folks,” said Roddy. “Nobody's the boss. It’s really empowering to see how much a group of folks can accomplish together and to know that you can participate however feels empowering and feels comfortable to you.”
The protests have attracted people against the further militarization of the police, the destruction of green space and pollution of the environment, and the continuance of colonial policies (South River Forest was once Muscogee Creek Native American land).


Though protests have taken place since the city approved the construction of Cop City, state officials began severely cracking down on activists over the past year.


Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, also known as Tortuguita, became the face of Cop City resistance after Georgia State Patrol troopers shot and killed the activist. Paez Terán was a 26-year-old Indigenous Venezuelan and member of the queer community who took part in several social justice movements.
In an interview from an encampment in the Atlanta forest last year, a protester identified only as Tortuguita—Spanish for “little turtle”—explained how nonviolence would pave the way for them to successfully stop “Cop City,” a proposed $90 million police training facility slated to be built across 85-acres of dense woodland.
“We get a lot of support from people who live here, and that’s important because we win through nonviolence,” Tortuguita, who used they/them pronouns, told journalist David Peisner for a feature published in Bitter Southerner in December and updated this week. “We’re not going to beat them at violence.”
On January 18, 2023, officers raided the South River Forest encampment. According to the official police account, Paez Terán ignored their commands to exit a tent and pulled a gun, firing first at officers. A bullet allegedly from a gun in Paez Terán’s possession struck an officer in the pelvic area. The troopers then opened fire on Paez Terán, killing them.
There is no body camera recording of the shooting. However, Atlanta Police Department officers with body cameras were nearby in the forest, capturing snippets of conversation that suggest the wounded cop may have been hit by friendly fire.
Approximately 18 minutes into the video, four gunshots can be heard off-camera and one officer mutters, “Oh shit,” to himself. The group of Atlanta police officers immediately stop in their tracks, then another 16 shots ring out before there’s a barrage of noise—making it hard to make out individual shots. After approximately 12 seconds of shooting an officer can be heard muttering to himself, “Is this target practice?” Another officer turns and says, “Those are real shots being fired.”
Roughly a minute and 40 seconds after the first shot, the group starts to move ahead after some sort of audible signal. The officers are warned multiple times about crossfire.
One officer whispers quietly, “They’re shooting at us.”
“Nah, that sounded like suppressed gunfire.”
“Yeah, it did.”
An announcement over the radio confirms an officer was injured. A few seconds later, the officer wearing the body camera can be heard saying, “Man, you fucked your own officer up.” [...]
In the last two minutes as officers are seemingly winding down from the operation a conversation can be overheard.
“Did they shoot their own man?”
To which an officer replies, “We don’t know what he got shot by…” and the rest of what he says is hard to decipher. An officer responds and says, “The first one, they said, was suppressed.”
Further calling into question the official version of events, the DeKalb County coroner did not find gunpowder residue on Paez Terán’s hands. An independent autopsy determined that Paez Téran had been shot 14 times "by different firearms" with their hands raised while sitting cross-legged on the ground—again, inconsistent with the firing of a gun, though the autopsy report states “it is impossible to determine” if they were holding a firearm or not.


At least 35 people have been arrested for protesting Cop City in recent months, charged with a controversial domestic terrorism provision of Georgia law.
In 2017, the Georgia state legislature changed the legal definition of domestic terrorism (Title 16, Chapter 11, Article 6). Instead of only criminalizing acts that are intended to or reasonably likely to kill or injure at least 10 people, the new definition includes certain property crimes intended to “change” government policy through “intimidation or coercion.”
ACLU: The amendment added a stigmatizing label and a harsher punishment — up to 35 years in prison — to property crimes that were already illegal, simply because of accompanying political expression critical of government policy. At the time of the amendment’s passing, the ACLU of Georgia and other civil rights groups objected that the statute could be weaponized to suppress protected First Amendment activity…As states have increasingly passed “domestic terrorism” laws, the result is that a range of at times wholly innocent or constitutionally protected activity is penalized and stigmatized with a politically-charged label.
In December 2022, five protesters were arrested for allegedly throwing rocks at police cars while officers tried to clear the forest. All were charged with domestic terrorism, four with criminal trespassing, three with aggravated assault, and two with interference with government property.
Seven more protesters were arrested in January, during the same raid that resulted in the murder of Paez Téran. All were charged with domestic terrorism and criminal trespassing. Following the arrests, Gov. Brian Kemp (R) called the protesters “militant activists” and said “we will bring the full force of state and local law enforcement down on those trying to bring about a radical agenda through violent means.”
Then, in March, police stormed a music festival organized by “Stop Cop City” activists and arrested 35 people. According to officials, some of the protesters had earlier set fire to a bulldozer and police ATV a mile away at the South River Forest construction site. Of the 35 people arrested, 23 charged with domestic terrorism, including a designated legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild. The police based the arrests on the fact that some protesters had muddy shoes in a forest.
The probable cause stated in the warrants against the activists is extremely weak. Police cited arrestees having mud on their shoes — in a forest. The warrants alleged they had written a legal support phone number on their arms, as is common during mass protests. And, in a few cases, police alleged protesters were holding shields — hardly proof of illegal activity — which a number of defendants even deny…
“Roughly 1,500 people attended over the weekend; to dance, to commune, and to take a stand against Cop City,” organizers of the music festival, the Sonic Defense Committee, told me. “There is no excuse for the police violence that festival attendees were subjected to.”
In April, police arrested three activists in Cartersville, about 40 miles north of Atlanta, for distributing flyers calling attention to the police killing of Paez Terán. The three were charged with felony intimidation of an officer of the state and misdemeanor stalking for sharing flyers that included the names of six officers involved in the shooting—information that was already made public by a different organization.
According to their lawyer, Lyra Foster, the activists drove once through the neighborhood and placed flyers on numerous mailboxes without exiting their vehicle or approaching any residents…All three arrestees are being held at Bartow County Jail; all were denied bond by a magistrate judge on Monday. None of the defendants has a criminal history, nor is there any allegation of violence in the current charges. “Denying them bond was extreme, in my opinion,” Foster said.
Finally, last week Atlanta police officers and agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested three people connected to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which has paid bail and provided legal support for Cop City protesters. Video of the raid showed at least a dozen officers in riot gear with assault rifles raiding a community organizing house in East Atlanta. The three people arrested — Marlon Kautz, 39; Savannah Patterson, 30; and Adele MacLean, 42 — were charged with the felony crimes of charity fraud and money laundering, under the state’s tenuous theory that supporting protesters accused of domestic terrorism is, itself, a crime.
Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center, called the arrests an "extreme provocation" in a statement.
"Bailing out protestors who exercise their constitutionally protected rights is simply not a crime," Regan said. "In fact, it is a historically grounded tradition in the very same social and political movements that the city of Atlanta prides itself on. Someone had to bail out civil rights activists in the 60's — I think we can all agree that community support isn't a crime."
Gov. Kemp called the organizers “criminals”:
“These criminals facilitated and encouraged domestic terrorism with no regard for others, watching as communities faced the destructive consequences of their actions.” the Republican said. “Here in Georgia, we do not allow that to happen.”
Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, also a Republican, pledged to “not rest until we have held accountable every person who has funded, organized, or participated in this violence and intimidation.”

The latest

The Atlanta City Council voted 11-4 to approve legislation to fund Cop City in the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 6. More than 1,000 people signed up to speak during the 15-hour long session, which can be watched here. Many more community members were allegedly prevented from speaking after the city council cut off public comment signup.
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2023.06.07 18:50 Justwonderinif Post Conviction II

Friday, May 28, 2010
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June 27, 2010
No copies of this supplement exist on the internet.
July 27, 2010
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[Post Conviction III>>]()
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2023.06.07 18:31 liftlovelive Jail scam call

So yesterday I got a phone call from a male claiming to be from the Fresno County jail and they told me they had John Doe in custody. John Doe is my step FILs son. I have never even met this guy, only heard from my MIL about his narcotic addiction and troubles with the law. The thing is, there is just no way this guy would have my phone number, let alone ask them to call me as a contact. So when they told me they had him in custody I said “great that’s probably where he belongs” and hung up. I texted my husband who is currently overseas and he said that he got a similar call.
My husband reached out to his mom and she confirmed that John Doe is in fact in jail and had been arrested earlier that day (which is public record, I found the booking information online). So I think scammers must follow the new bookings and immediately look up the person on one of those people search sites and then call all of their relatives and “possible associates” to attempt to collect money for their release. My husband and I had our info removed from the truepeoplesearch site years ago but I’m sure there are 100 other sites just like it that I’m unaware of. Husband and I warned my MIL about this possible scam and told her and FIL to not send any money or give any information to anyone who calls. We told her to call the jail directly for info and they wouldn’t ask for money in the first place.
Anyway, is there any other possible explanation? I’m 99.99% sure this was a scam call but do you think that’s how this scam works/how they got my info?
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2023.06.07 18:07 quick_slow Today should be the day to find out if Lil Jay gets a pre trial release as he fights his federal gun case. And no he has not been home. He got picked up from prison and taken to the Kankakee county jail.

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2023.06.07 18:06 Kerrpy Poetry that Bilal Wrote in Prison (Perhaps some probative value?)

I was searching for Bilal related materials and, along with the pictures I posted in the other post, I came across these poems that were all but scrubbed from the internet. The "Tacenda Literary Magazine" is the source, although it seems only this and one other particular edition was taken down out of a total of twenty available for download.
The gist of these poems seem to be centered around the motif of Bilal grappling with his imprisonment. I know it seems like a stretch but I wonder if there is anything in these poems that perhaps some armchair Reddit psychologist finds interesting.
In case anyone was wondering, the source is here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Acknowledgement - Ahmed is part of the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program at the DC jail and has taken courses in journalism and public affairs."
I Rise
The doors open I hear the clanking of the chains
I hear the music of the keys
As they follow step of the boots
"Go In" they say "Step In" they say
fear in my chest, Tremble in my feet
I ask, Is it the color of my skin
Or is it the name of my kin
I wonder CAN I RISE

I see the light of disappointment
The darkness of the deep
The paleness of the life
The sweat of the cold skin
The stiffness of the spine
In all the faces known and unknown
I wonder CAN I RISE

The bed that breaks the backs
The floor that crushes the knees
The chairs that mold the bones
The food that digests intestines
The blanket that suffocates lungs
The shoes that corn the heels
I wonder CAN I RISE

All in kitchen say, They can't
All the doctors say, We can't
All the C.O.'s say, You can't
All the nurse says, She can't
And the dispensers say, They can't
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

The nights are lonely
The days more so
Lost in the loud
laughter of the C.O.
The loud bangs of metal doors
The shouts of "COUNT TIME" seem far but clear
Everything's far that felt so near
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

I like to play in the gym, but my hand does not want
I like to run on the court, but my feet don't want
I like to watch others score, but my eyes don't want
The lifeless bodies with no goals
The harsh hearts with no souls
I touch and see everyday
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

We gather in the room
All hearts filled with gloom
Eyes looking for the light
To make us shine bright
Here comes the hand of prayer
And washes off layer after layer
The grim shadows of sorrow
Giving us hope for tomorrow

We gather in the room
All brains with nothing to loom
Empty hands with nothing to do
Thinking what? having no clue
Now comes a lady with a pen
She leads us into the book of den
The doors are opened for our minds
The windows fling with no blinds
I learn, we learn, I laugh, we laugh
Bright eyed, supportive, with a scoff
My teacher tells me that YOU SHALL

With the power of the books
With the strength of the smiles
Looking around in all the nooks
with my pen I tread miles
I tell my loved ones, I am fine
I tell them my teachers are divine

All the teachers say they can
And the librarian says she can
And the admin says we can
They guide and bring us to dream
They teach us, tell us, how to dream

I know we wear orange today
I know we are here today
But I know not what tomorrow holds
But I am sure it's made of gold
I RISE with the candle light
I RISE with the sun so bright
I RISE with my morals high
I RISE with my head held high
I RISE with my vision clear
I RISE with my life in steer
I RISE with love in my heart
I RISE with my soul apart
I RISE with the color of my skin
I RISE with pride in my kin
In My Mind's Eye by Bilal Ahmed

The sun is shining bright
I see my shadow in the light
Sharp and clear it stands
Through the window as it lands
The grass is green outside
The trees swaying far and wide
I close my eyes and feel the breeze
The pollen is going to make me sneeze
The clouds travel in the blue sky
The daffodils open without a try
My mind has opened this eye
A different one, not one with I cry
The silence of the deadening rose
Is this a butterfly tickle my nose?
The book that I am hushed in
The painting that I am brushed in
Takes me leaps and bounds
To see the scenes and hear the sounds
What do I see far away?
Is it a person or a thing a lay?
Is it moving or standing still?
As I focus I get a thrill
It is ME standing in the day
Looking up and arms away
Is it still orange I am wearing?
I am still here! I look staring
Zoo by Bilal Ahmed

A trip to the zoo was always fun
sky was clear and hot in the sun

A sunny bright day, blinding light
everyone is about, left and right

Hard to find parking in the mid of town
Metro is a good choice, just ride it down

Two pandas greet us at the double gates
Calendar says Zoo's open on all the dates

Of course we carry a lunch box with us
Sandwiches and cold drinks for all of us

We stop, we drink, we stop, we eat
We are hungry and sweating in this heat

We see snow cones, we run to them
We buy them dripping there and then

We laugh and play as we cool down
Hand in hand singing into town

We see the lions, zebras and elephants
We visit snakes, amphibians and ants

We come upon an exhibit huge
It looks like a tall big refuge

We enter and see a big hall
It is lined with bars around the wall

Then there is glass to see through too
Is it here when you see a reflection of you

Is it a building where primates are living
Each in its cell, wait! What are they giving?

They are giving each other love with looks
They are passing time with their books

They jump, they climb, they swing, they scream
They curl, they squeeze, they tire then dream

Day in day out the routine they follow
As time goes their eyes grow hollow

They have plates, cups, spoons and heap
They stay busy, look busy and sometimes sleep

People walk around and watch them with awe
With their transparent lunch packs in their paw

They see the drinks, cotton candy and snow cones
They smell and see all the colors and tones

Are they the slaves, or are they primates? NOOOOOO! They are humans just only inmates

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2023.06.07 18:01 Extra_Towel_9623 FBG Butta: Talks Recent Fight in Cook County Jail Responds to Almighty Suspect of No Jumper!😳

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2023.06.07 16:19 m4moz Hancock County jail officer charged in deadly shooting

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2023.06.07 15:08 Diorforme Dave Shepard “started”it all? Is this the man, the myth, the real court case, & real firing?

Dave Shepard “started”it all? Is this the man, the myth, the real court case, & real firing?
Shepard worked with inmates (Dylan) in Cook County, but looks like he was fired 2016ish for releasing a report. You know Dylan told her stories. Is that how she knows Shepard & did he devote his life to ruining Dusty’s life?? 🧐
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2023.06.07 14:49 warmy1818 Coercive control: False abuse claims used to abuse men, says charity

Men are sometimes forced to stay in abusive relationships because their partner has threatened to make false allegations against them if they leave, a domestic abuse charity has said.
Threats can include wrongfully accusing them of child abuse or domestic violence, according to Rhonda Lusty from the Men's Advisory Project.
She said innocent men fear allegations would be believed automatically due societal attitudes to domestic abuse.
She urged all victims to report abuse.
Threatening to make false allegations in order to stop a partner from ending a relationship is one form of coercive control - a pattern of psychologically abusive behaviours that were made illegal in Northern Ireland in February this year.
"We have definitely worked with men who have threats of: 'I will go to your work and say that you are a sexual abuser' or 'I will tell the police that you've harmed me... I will tell the police that you've harmed our kids'," Ms Lusty said.
"Those threats will keep a man in a relationship because not only does he love the person and want to remain in the family, there's this fear that because he's a man and because of how we view domestic abuse, that those threats will be believed without question."
Ms Lusty was speaking to the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme following a high-profile murder sentencing on Tuesday.

'Harrowing in extreme'

A County Antrim woman was jailed for the murder of her two-year-old son and the attempted murder of his baby brother.
The 42-year-old mother stabbed both children at their home near Larne in March 2020 in what the judge described as a savage attack.
She then texted her fiancé to tell him: "I've killed the the boys and I'm dying too."
She also left notes at the scene, one of which read: "I'm doing this to hurt the ones who hurt me and the one who has continued to hurt me."
The killer, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her surviving child. was ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years in prison.
She had initially denied the charges, claiming she was a victim of emotional abuse by the children's father and put forward a defence of diminished responsibility.
However, in court it emerged she had a history of abusing her fiancé, her ex-husband and her older children from her first marriage.
Her older children and her ex-husband gave evidence against her, telling the court she was prone to outbursts of aggression and violence.
The judge said: "Throughout the case, the father of the children, along with a previous husband of the defendant, spoke of the controlling behaviour and emotional abuse that both had suffered at the hands of the defendant.
"Their distress was added to by allegations by the defendant herself that she had been the subject of domestic abuse, which were unsubstantiated."
Ms Lusty said details of the case were "harrowing in the extreme" and expressed sympathy to the families involved.
She said coercive control could be predictor of domestic homicide.
"So if you think you're walking on egg shells, if you think: "Gosh, I'm not allowed to speak to family members, I'm isolated', please give us a call," she said.

'You'll not see your children'

Ms Lusty also urged the public to recognise the signs of escalating abuse, particularly in male victims.
"All of this really insidious control often is ignored as sort of low-lying or something they can cope with", she said.
"It's almost - they don't know how deep they're in until that's happened.
"Bit by bit, the person is isolated and bit by bit, they become more and more dependent on the perpetrator and the perpetrator's changing set of rules."
Ms Lusty said the police were well trained to deal with coercive control.
"As we speak more about it, people will understand more," she added.
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2023.06.07 09:05 TreeBeard_47 My Charges and probation somehow disappeared??😂

So long story short.. I got a DUI and Felony possession charge in October of last year. They sent my “substances” that were on my person to the lab and said I would hear from them in a month or 2 when lab testing was done to dictate what I would be charged with (it’s was some scale btw❄️) but in the midst of that I went to court for the DUI. Had a public defender for the DUI and it got continued twice and the third time was told I had to do the 3 day hotel stay, 3 days in county, and pay my fines. I showed up to the scheduled hotel program and I wasn’t on the list. And then went to turn myself in to do my 3 days in jail and they said I wasn’t on the list for that either. I called the courts and they say they have no record of me ever being charged with anything whatsoever. I tried to report to my PO and they denied me because I wasn’t on his list of probationers. My lawyer I was going to use for the “possession” charge says he’s never heard of a pending drug charge either and he’s very reputable with these people so basically WTF IS GOING ON?😂 has anybody else encountered a situation like this?
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2023.06.07 08:49 VerniGreen Prisoner stripped of his constitutional right to marry by the DOC

My fiancé is in state prison and we had set September 2023 as our date to get married for over a year. Back then, you could get married twice a year, once in the spring (in April) and in the fall (in September), when the register of deeds would be present to check on your spouse’s identity.
In January, I reached out to the county’s register of deeds who gave me September 23rd as a pending fall date for weddings. I then started getting papers together and reached out to my homeland’s Consulate (I’m not a US citizen) to get the certificate I needed to then get my marriage certificate transcribed in my homeland.
In March, the DOC changed the wedding policy. It states than inmates are allowed to get married but there will be no celebration. Except it needs to be solemnized to be valid… the DOC came up with an illegal policy.
In April, the Register of Deeds told me they had reached out to the DOC to let them know they would no longer deliver licenses for prison weddings and that the policy needed to be revamped.
In May, I emailed the Secretary of Corrections to discuss the subject. She forwarded me to the Director of Prisons who assured me that the policy had been “ran through their legal counsel” and that it was “legal”. I asked her if she could explain me how to proceed to get married because I felt like something was missing… so she forwarded me to the DOC’s general counsel, who finally told me the policy was indeed “not compliant with State statutes”.
We’re three months and 16 days away. The DOC’s general counsel doesn’t answer my email anymore, and in my last contact with the Register of Deeds yesterday, there was no progress made.
I got the certificate from the Consulate dated April 18th and it’s valid for a year, meaning the fall date is my only change to get married because I have to redo the fastidious process (money wise and time wise) that it was to get it.
We believe that we’re getting “punished” because of the DOC’s incompetence and that he’s being stripped from his constitutional right to get married.
Should I “threaten” to sue to pressure them into revamping their policy faster? Should I contact a lawyer?
Thank you for reading this book 😬 and thank you for your help!
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2023.06.07 06:51 Imtheproblem_itsme91 Back in Jail.. that didn’t last long!

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2023.06.07 06:38 Embarrassed_Rate_481 Battery on Leo, didn’t do it, but police report says so

Hey, I’m out on bond reading books and browsing trying to find out what to do.
What happened briefly: An officer arrested me for trespassing even though I was trying to get bank statements and leave. Im at the bank at like 4:59, this lady has called the cops but there’s fraud, so they finally get my statements, I head to leave and still get arrested. Cops let me go and give me back my belongings but don’t give me police report & don’t give me my statements of which i went the whole process to get. They say they don’t have them, I ask for the police officer supervisor comes back and says “oh so you won’t leave ?” And I’m like no I just called you over here, to ask if you could retrieve papers. Arrested. Cops drives me to county jail in a garage, (unbeknownst to me) he tells me “I’m free to go” while I’m in the back of the police suv handcuffed, then I ask for the hand cuffs to be removed and the police report (if im free to go). He puts on gloves and drags me out of the vehicle where I’m striped of my clothes, put on a leg handcuff and beat until I bled on the floor. The officers tase me, and won’t let me give myself up. I turnover and put my hands up but they still beat on me. They then tried to pick me up and put me in a wheelchair. In my haze of being beaten & being scared to be taken somewhere with no camera, (I didnt know I was in a jail), I dropped my weight to the ground and tried to get them to just stand me up. I truly was scared for my life, they continued to beat me and then while protecting my face. With all these officers on top of me, An officer punches me then claims I bit. A nurse came by, asked if I could get up and I said not with all these people on top of me. They got up and I went to the hospital. Chargers of 1st degree assault on officer dropped down to battery on Leo.
My question is, I have mental health history, but im truly not guilty but am afraid the tussle of the wheelchair thing and the statement on the police report basically saying another corrections officer “saw” me bite him is worrisome that I will be set up. The officers went to the hospital with “bite lacerations”. This is totally bogus and there will be no video evidence of me biting an officer. I’m a first time offender. I have a public defender but I’m wondering how “as law” when you get to court is a police report or an officer lying and saying I bit them?
Is it true, they would need saliva or can I request for samples of something? When an officer body cam isn’t red, does that mean it’s not recording audio? Can I submit my phone video recording of the trespassing for trail? If I allow myself to testify/be testified, can prosecutors pull up my mental health history, or is allowed to search out court orders or my records? Even though nothing was wrong with me, officers were just having a bad day, I annoyed them by filming our interaction and tirelessly trying to get my statements.
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2023.06.07 06:13 Canadianaf__ Arrest date is listed 06/06

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2023.06.07 05:57 Canadianaf__ PPP just shared this on live.

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2023.06.07 04:47 aidancrow654 [OC] one year sober on May 27,2023.

[OC] one year sober on May 27,2023.
i broke into multiple cars during a manic episode that was triggered due to excessive use of alcohol. i was arrested once and then released and continued to break into more cars within the jail parking lot. i’ve dealt with addiction since i was about 14 years old, i currently have 4 years clean from pills and now 1 year sober from alcohol.
i’m now one year sober and doing what i love which is mountain biking, hiking, traveling, and shooting. i’m alive and im so thankful my life wasn’t permanently altered.
in addition im beyond grateful for the woman who has been through my side through it all, a true gem.
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2023.06.07 04:37 Impressive_Sherbert3 When I worked for the Barnetts (pre-Natalia)

Overall the general consensus was people wanted to hear my story. I am going to share it and you can take it for what it’s worth as I don’t have any tangible proof. (Minus the screenshots from 2019 I posted on my original post when I contacted my friend who worked with me at the Barnetts)
So like I said my story is not anything mind blowing.. it’s mainly to give insight as to what Kristine and Michael were like and what I’m only assuming they are like to this day.
This is a bit of an edited comment I made on another post. I have added to it since I have watched the documentary.
I have not spoken to them in years but even back in the day when I “worked” for Kristine I felt uneasy. My friend and I both did . To the point where we were thinking about contacting social services.
Kristine had an in home daycare in her house. My friend I would go there after we got out of school (we were seniors in high school). It was a good job for an 18 year old who loved kids to have. We thought.
But we would get there and want to play with the kids and the kids would all be in high chairs or these little zipped up hammocks/cocoons where they could not get out. I called it “baby jail”.
She kept the kids sitting in high chairs and the cocoons for hours until around 5PM when pick up time started then she would let them get out and play and act like daycare teacher of the year. My friend and I hated it. And when we tried to take the kids out to play with them Kristine would freak out and tell us we could just go home with no pay if we didn’t follow her rules.
Michael rarely came out of his room .. and if he did Kristine would barely acknowledge him. He would slink down get some food and go back up stairs. He always look disheveled. He was either in his room or not at home. (At Work I assume?)
In my opinion Jacob was always so smart. He used to take popsicle sticks and matchbox cars and he would “build” the interstate out if Popsicle sticks and have his matchbox cars travel on his popsicle stick hwy.. he knew all the exits and names of streets. (It was interstate 465 for anyone familiar with Indianapolis)
She would also let Jacob play with toys in the playroom on the floor while the other kids had to sit strapped into high chairs for hours.
Wesley was little and Ethan wasn’t born yet.
Also. I in believe in the documentary Michael talks about how wealthy they were? If I’m not mistaken? Where I grew up (Carmel Indiana) was right next to Westfield Indiana where the Barnetts lived. We lived in the wealthiest county in the state but that being said.. the Barnetts didn’t live super nicely or extravagantly like he said they did.
They had a 4 bedroom house and it was nice but not anything crazy. They didn’t have excess of stuff. Unless that came after I left. But the house they showed on the documentary.. that was the exterior of the house I went to to work at
None of this financial stuff matters but it just provides context to the fact that Michael and Kristine were frequently lying or exaggerating.
I don’t recall a Lamborghini or any luxury cars either but again that could have come after I left. I watched the show and someone mentioned the Cadillac.
I actually wondered if they were getting money from Jacob making appearances prior to him being an adult. But I don’t have confirmation for that.
In my opinion, Kristine always wanted Jacob to be her meal ticket. He was practically a genius and she pushed him hard. I’d I recall correctly he went to college as a kid and was a math genius. I think he even had a TED Talk.
Kristine was very unsettling and weird and made me feel uneasy like she was unhinged and could go over the edge at any minute. But she had this really sweet soft spoken voice that fooled you. It creeped my friend and I out.
I don’t have a lot to say ab Michael. At the time he seemed like Kristine’s bitch. He really never came out of his room and when he did he was whine to Kristine and would complain. But I never had any direct interactions with him.
That’s all I have, sorry it took so long to post. I just switched to night shift as a first responder and my sleep schedule is a hot mess. I guess my takeaway was when I heard the news .. that my friend and I were validated in our weird guy feelings about Kristine. I never dreamed of a story that extreme and bizarre. But I knew Kristine was not right in the head.
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2023.06.07 04:17 Purple_Mode1029 Nice girlfriends

I (F17)am in-love with my ex (F18)and I know she still loves me, however I’ve had really extreme SA issues which makes me feel unworthy of her I know I should not feel that way and all, but I know I’m not normal like other girls my age.
I know I am bad for her and she’s the kindest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and I could legit see myself ending up together when we are adults and that stuff. I guess since I’m not out of the closet and we are from a third world country where it’s from the closet to jail, our options are limited but she’s bi meaning if I let her go she might find a guy that loves her and she loves and in turn be accepted by our society.
I am a lesbian so I do not have that choice it’s either get married to a guy or bring shame to my family and kill my mother hope of seeing me get married, she knows I’m a lesbian but she chooses not to believe it until I’m officially out I guess, I do not think she will accept it when I’m fully out also, my conservative Muslim family would not accept me but I’m out to some of my family who love me but I know some who despise that I celebrate pride month as an “ally”😂.
Anyways party people just wanted to share a lil something with people who might understand what I’m going through, and a lot of guys find me attractive(I do not like it) which really makes me think I can date them my mom will be happy I know I will not be but she will be, and granny will be happy and my family name will not be associated with shame of having a lesbian daughter, also avoid the whole go to jail stuff cuz even our inmates are homophobic right over here 😂.
So like yeah rant I guess😂 peace ✌️ p.s., I use really bad humor and slang when I’m feeling nervous or crying. TMI I know😂
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2023.06.07 02:41 SherlockRun Elevations RTC therapist Ryan Faust has a warrant out for his arrest for driving without a license and failing to appear

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