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2023.06.09 20:11 West-Panic-7925 5 Reasons Why Young Adults get Depressed

There is a gross misperception that when an individual enters young adulthood (between the ages of 18 to 29) they transition into a state of bliss, fun and contentment. On the contrary, it can be extremely difficult to adjust when transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. For many in that age group it is a time of major adjustment, self-discovery, and uncertainty about life. Studies show that mental health problems, social stress and substance abuse issues are prevalent within that age group. There are many factors that may trigger depression among young adults, five of which are mentioned below:
  1. Loss of Significant Friendships
Oftentimes not much thought is given to the tremendous value of friendships in the life of a young adult. Transition to college seldom results in separation between friends as elementary and middle school disperse to various colleges and universities. Additionally, after graduating from college the young adult may return to native town and may be losing friends gained during undergraduate studies. Finding authentic, valuable, selfless friendships can be challenging. This separation can be extremely difficult as, with the loss of support comes feelings of loneliness, sometimes abandonment and depression.
  1. Increased Responsibilities
The demands of transitioning into adulthood can be quite overwhelming. This task can be daunting especially for those who were sheltered child by ‘helicopter parents.’ In addition to having to do laundry, prepare meals and pay bills, a young adult also has to take on the task of parenting him or herself, find employment and may have to support him or herself financially. This stage of life is also where those who are in entry-level jobs struggle to adjust to structure and accountability of the position. Some may get married or become a parent which can further complicate the individual’s ability to adjust to major life changes. Increased stress is especially challenging to those who are ill-equipped with healthy coping strategies and independent living skills.
  1. Living Their Parents Dream
Parents and well-wishers often say their goodbyes to college students with a complimentary directive to ‘ace all classes, stay out of trouble and make us proud.’ Many young adults who are first-generation college students say that there’s even greater pressure placed on to succeed so they can earn a substantial income to care for the extended family. Such a charge to achieve places an enormous burden on the individual. The insurmountable pressure to live up to the expectations and traditions imposed loved ones has contributed to much psychological mayhem, substance use and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in young adults.
  1. Uncertainty About the Future
Do you remember the first time someone asked you about your professional aspiration? It is common practice for adults to ask children what they would like to be. If that child responded with uncertainty, he or she would receive a judgmental disapproving stare and advice about the ideal professional path that should be taken. Very rarely are children told that it is ok to be uncertain about the future. Although well intended, this practice injects fear of failure and confusion into the minds of so many young adults who are made to feel that uncertainty about their professional future is a character flaw.
  1. Fear of Failure
It is customary to condition individuals to fear failure. By age 18 one will have witnessed and possibly experienced dire consequences for failure. Many of us were never taught to embrace failure and use it as an opportunity to examine underlying causes for the failure, re-strategize and keep trying until we succeed. High expectations, uncertainty about the future, and self-doubt can inhibit a young adult’s ability to maximize his or her potential. The fear of failure also contributes to self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and perfectionism.
Young Adults who struggle with Depression can seek the following remedies to help them cope with life’s stressors:
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2023.06.09 20:11 Useless_Metalhead15 Leaked info of classmate 👀

Leaked info of classmate 👀
This girl went to school with me, and a bunch of her personal info was leaked from an unknown source. She is a terrible, manipulative, narcissistic POS and she has ruined my life, along with a bunch of other people’s.
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2023.06.09 20:11 Specialist_Print_334 Is there a list somewhere of the average age of students in each law school?

I'm curious about the schools that have the highest and lowest and what the difference is...
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2023.06.09 20:11 NoAbalone9201 Bowie highschool

Bowie highschool
I’m surprised no one has mentioned this. The other day in Bowie Maryland a catholic school, bowie high school, and a community pool were all put on lockdown. The reason why was because this was spotted on camera. I haven’t seen much else about it but no one was shot or hurt. People ended up finding the shooters Instagram and started making jokes that I’m sure some people would find a bit unhumorous let me know if I should also post a lot of the comments on his Instagram.
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2023.06.09 20:11 taraliftsxvx biological clock & wanting kids

I turned 27 in May and the desire to have a kid(s) has really hit me recently. Even though I know I’m not, I feel like I’m late in life and my clock is ticking. I also think that because I have endometriosis (diagnosed when I was 15 or 16), I am terrified that I’ll run into issues with trying to conceive. I know some people with endo have had no issues trying to get pregnant and some are still trying years later so there’s really no way of knowing until you try. Still, I feel overwhelmed with fear of never becoming a mom.
I’m engaged and my fiancé (32) isn’t quite ready to have another (he has a child from a previous relationship) which I understand, as he just started school again. Logically I think it’s smart to wait another year or two as well— but that biological desire is there.
I guess this is me venting more than anything but I’m also looking for others who relate. For those that want kids— does having endo give you anxiety about wanting to have a kid/when to start trying?
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2023.06.09 20:10 chloe_latt Should I invite classmate out?

Hello, I (20F) have been thinking about inviting my classmate (M) out. But here's the thing we never really talked to each other, only when it was necessary or since we have some mutual friends we shared few conversations, mostly about school anyway. But I'd like to know him better, because so far I liked our interactions and from others i know we have some similar interests and hold similar opinions on certain things and i like the way he speaks, I'm interested in what else he has to say. I don't think he sees me in romantic way which is okay because like i said we don't talk much and I'm not really a woman people look at with romantic interest. I definitely don't think I'm unattractive, but for some reason it always have been like that. Also i don't know if i can say I'm interested in him that way either since i really don't know him well enough for that. I just wonder if inviting him for some friendly meetup during holiday would be uncomfortable for him and would create some awkward situations between us and our friends if he declined, i also don't wanna be seen as some desperate weirdo, and made fun of. I never really interacted with men before, this year is the first one that i talk with them more so i have no idea what they would be like if i reached out to them like that. Should I do it anyway or is it better to not do anything and hope that we will talk more naturally? Or am I overthinking it?
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2023.06.09 20:10 Neptune259 CS Scholarships and other stuff

Hey all, I am an incoming freshman and I was curious on what clubs I should join to make myself stand out for internships and if you guys have any tips on it yourself. Also, I was curious if there are any semester based scholarships or are they all annually because my parents made me quit my job to focus full time on school so it would help a lot, thanks!
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2023.06.09 20:10 Sad-Astronomer-12 Yonsei Study Abroad

hi! im planning to study abroad spring semester next school year but idk anyone who would be going:( pls lmk if u have any plans and i can make a groupchat so 🫶
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2023.06.09 20:10 Ok-Tomorrow-5210 Did I mess up with everything at work or am I just overthinking?

In May, my friends and I started working a zero-hour contract job. We were informed that shifts would be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. During my first week, my employer was initially accommodating and frequently checked in on me. I noticed that he would stare at and compliment me, although with less frequency of staring as the time passes. He seemed to dislike it when people interacted with me closely or positively, often reacting negatively by picking on them, shouting, asking them to go away, or appearing annoyed even during harmless, platonic interactions.
As a result, I began to think that he might have feelings for me. I eventually mustered up the courage to privately discuss my feelings with him. He then revealed that he already had a girlfriend. I simply wished him the best with his girlfriend and moved on.
Later on, I noticed that individuals who had joined both a month earlier and a few weeks later than me were given priority in choosing shifts. In an attempt to understand the situation, I emailed my employer and asked about the shift selection process. He responded by stating that core members had the privilege of selecting shifts first. Feeling confused, I decided to inquire with a colleague who had joined a month earlier and always had the ability to choose shifts early. Surprisingly, I discovered that although this colleague was not considered a core member, they were consistently given the advantage of early shift selection.
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2023.06.09 20:10 pogky_thunder I need some advice to get out of a slump

So, here's the story.
I studied economics, finished on time (which is a thing in Greece, don't know about other countries) and with a good grade. I was interested in the field, so I thought a masters in economic theory fit me just right and open opportunities in academia, which I preferred knowing the difficulties, as well as the business sector, which I was open to, and thought of as a fallback.
I have to admit that when I started the program I was pretty overwhelmed by the course. The instructors, even though they were great scientists, weren't very good teachers. I was kinda managing until covid hit and online classes forced me to quit nearly a year into the program. That was a year completely wasted.
For the next year I had to fulfill my military service.
Which brings us to 2022. An acquaintance helped me get an internship in a shipmanagement company, I immediately took the chance and it was nice but didn't lead somewhere. To keep the post short I'll leave the details out.
I tried my luck sending resumes and got a couple of interviews but it is quite difficult to get a job without a masters in the field in Greece and I didn't want to waste too much time sitting around. I eventually got a job in a coaching school preparing students for their university admission exams. The job is great but offers very fluctuating pay and is by no means secure especially for economists. I did it for a year and it is what I'll probably do for the foreseeable future. But while I was very unmotivated last year, I think it's time I changed something.
One option is to return to the same program next time I get the chance. But I'm hesitant because I found it difficult back then and now I've been out of school for more than 2 years and my math is not that good.
Another postgraduate program that suits my interests is International and European studies. It is a change in career but I think it's a good thing. This is the option im leaning to. What worries me is the career opportunities (not which jobs I could get but if they are currently in demand). Greek redditors, any experiences? I'd be willing to move to another country If needed but let's not consider this for the time being.
A third option would be to try my luck again in the business sector. Honestly, unless I hit the lottery I don't see much prospect ( I mean, in something a little better than a basic wage job) since the labor market is heavily geared towards masters holders but I could get lucky.
I'm good with foreign languages and computers. The latter is good at any career. But how can I use languages as a skill? Are translation jobs in demand? Are they even a safe choice seeing how translation algorithms are evolving?
Anyway, that's it. Thanks for reading all this even if you don't have advice.
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2023.06.09 20:10 Mysterious-Stable788 Looking for help on the process of writing a resume

Hi, I recently graduated high school and I am applying to volunteer as a clinical assistant. I don't have any work experience because I previously did not have a green card, but I do have some job shadowing and research experience. For this type of resume would I add any hs extracurriculars, and what is the best way to organize my resume based on the experiences I do have?
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2023.06.09 20:10 helpmeimstrugglin Dismissed from University

24F, I work as a paralegal (something I landed in, after being recruited for abstracting work, then headhunted into a real estate paralegal position). I enjoy my job, though I'm not sure how long I'll envision myself there. I'm also paying on my student loans, and have been fortunate to live w/ my parents to save money that way too.
I was recently dismissed from my university, which is honestly a relief, but also makes me feel like a failure. Growing up my parents thought I'd go to an Ivy League and considered me "Gifted" (hard eye roll). It led to a lot of pressure and self hatred for failing at minor things. I used to enjoy school, but I hate it now. I cannot fathom doing more school work, even though I know that it is probably better to do college than not. I just hate school so much.
The dilemma is this:
I'm working, and paying on my student loans. And I enjoy working, honestly. I enjoy making money, helping people, contributing to society, and all of that. I'm disappointed in myself for deciding to go to college in the first place, but at 17 years old, you think you know yourself, and you think you've got the world figured out, but you just don't.
Here is what I do know:
I won't be able to reattend my university for another 2 years. I don't have a college degree. I'm not sure I even want one or if I need one. The job market seems really nuts right now as it is, as does the economy.
I certainly don't want to take out ANY loans ever again.
I have a few different marketable skills, and have worked in many different positions--assistant, administrative, paralegal, abstracting, etc.. I'm also really creative, and have just started getting back into that (I used to be very involved with art, but my parents always told me that was a hobby, nothing more). I've also thought about apprenticing to be a tattoo artist--sometimes that can take pretty long, and I'm unsure if that would be something stable enough for me, or if there really is any opportunity for that in my area.
My questions:
Do I tell my parents about this dismissal and suffer their extreme disappointment? Do I find my own place to live and just continue working as I am and wait until I actually know what I want to do, thereby having to restart my degree all over again? Do I try to go for a certificate in another field so that I have some kind of backup?
I feel like I should share all of this with my parents, but I don't know how, and I don't know when. Because of my student loans, they have allowed me to stay with them so that I can pay them off quicker (which I will be done by in about a year and a half if all goes according to plan).
Living independently is expensive. The housing market is egregious and renting is not much better. I'm unsure if I'll even remain in this area, so I don't want to encumber myself w/ a mortgage long term.
My family is expecting that I'll be graduated in a few years. How do I tell them this isn't going to happen? I don't want to lie, but I also don't want to face everyone's disappointment. I feel like a huge failure.
Any advice is welcome, I apologize for the unorganized thought processes. The big thing is that I've been academically dismissed from my college and I'm trying to move forward.
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2023.06.09 20:09 20495kfgjhswpr0 Xperia 10 iv started suddenly overheating and the battery draining fast

I just got this phone (brand new) about a couple of months ago. The battery life was amazing but suddenly this week it started to overheat like crazy, mostly on the top part of the phone, and today I got a notification that the phone was too hot. I've closed down apps, and have also looked at the ones that were draining the battery. Most of the ones I use (I spend a lot of time on tiktok, instagram and whatsapp) only drain some bits of the battery, nothing too crazy. Now the battery can't even hold an entire day. I have also updated it to the latest version and have Android 13 - this was done when the update came out.
Is there any other way to see if there's something I'm missing? Maybe some other app is doing this?
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2023.06.09 20:09 Entire-Competition-4 My boyfriend(21M) gets defensive when I bring up past fling with his current friend(23F). Should I be worried?

Okay this probably makes me sound like a crazy girlfriend but please read this whole thing before attacking me in the replys. I (20F), have been dating my boyfriend (21M) for about 8 months now. His friend (I’ll refer to her as ‘S’) was brought up almost immediately as one of his closest friends. I noticed they texted a decent amount and the thought of there being feelings between them never crossed my mind. Fast forward about a month into the relationship, I can’t remember exactly how she was brought up but we were in the car and the conversation turned to his friend S. He was talking about how close they were and said something along the lines of “We both agreed that we could see us dating each other, and that if the opportunity ever presented itself we would”. I felt like I was going to throw up for some reason. I asked him if they had feelings that were more than platonic and he continuously insisted that they were solely platonic. Does anyone see why I then became slightly insecure about S? It’s the beginning of second semester now, him and S have a class together, along with his ex girlfriend who is also S’s ex best friend. I’m starting to feel like she’s liking me less as at this point i’ve expressed paranoia that he was dishonest about his feelings for S in the past. The paranoia didn’t come on it’s own, though. Prior to this I found out that he and my good friend at the time hooked up in the past and talked for a bit. This was something both parties agreed to keep a secret from me indefinitely so when I found out my paranoia about S worsened. I started going through his phone, like a crazy girlfriend, and for a while we fought about my distrust towards him. When I did go through his phone I would find him venting about our relationship issues. The last time I looked S was not happy with me, and was encouraging him and I to take a break. This is also accompanied with her having issues in her relationship, where her and her partner are taking a break. Recently I reached a point where I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore to do this to him. I felt like I had become the major problem in the relationship and to be honest I still do. I was doing great up until yesterday, I hadn’t gone through his phone in a while and we were having a great day at an amusement park. I was nauseas and couldn’t ride for a bit so I held him and my other friends stuff (not S, he’s barely a part of this story). I went to the bathroom while they rode a few times since there was no lines. I had his phone in my hands and I saw an iMessage notification from someone who wasn’t S. I opened it because my boyfriend is usually fine with me opening the messages he receives and telling him what they said when I have his phone around him. I see an unopened message from S, I do the preview thing so the message remained unopened after I read it. They’re talking about her car, a completely innocent conversation and she had responded that she was getting it fixed or something. I feel 100x better, I trust and love my boyfriend and seeing this made me happy because I was able to confirm for a second that at least in this conversation, he has nothing to hide. I did notice further up than I could scroll that they were talking for the past day or more. I felt slightly insecure because he had been telling me that he either kept forgetting to text her or that she hadn’t been messaging him. So I did find it strange that he told me that while he had been texting her about something so trivial like a new medicine he’s on. Finally I meet them after they get off of the ride, I had forgotten to close the open message. My boyfriend sees this and in front of my other friend, who had no idea about any of these issues, began confronting me. However the way he confronted me seemed paranoid and extremely defensive. He claimed that he saw that I had gone months back into their conversations. I hadn’t, and I was embarrassed because now my friend was in an awkward position. He ignored me even after I tried to explain that I wasn’t digging through his phone. I ended up just leaving him and my other friend to ride more rides because I was embarrassed and wasn’t able to properly explain myself. My boyfriend felt bad and apologized since then, and more importantly I apologized for the situation as well. Unfortunately im now paranoid again. His reaction to the thought of me seeing his messages with his girl was panicked and angry and I feel like there’s something being kept from me once again. I hate feeling like this. What should I do? Am I crazy?
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2023.06.09 20:09 Roki100 Need advice on some aptx BT headset in a decent price

Hey, im looking around to spend some money on headphones that have bluetooth aptx connectivity option and sound decently good, including deep bass, my budget is flexible but i would like to spend +/- the price of Sennheiser HD 350BT, speaking of which is what im considering right now, online reviews dont sound too bad and the only con i can find on my own is the lack of wired connectivity option, TIA for any advice!
I dont care if its open back or closed back BTW, i just want a headset, im not an audiophile but i like good sound quality and deep bass 😏
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2023.06.09 20:09 Significant_Film_953 20M looking for anybody to chat with.

Hey y'all I'm in my med school, feeling bit lonely and exhausted during my exams. I can talk on any topic or activity. Expect reciprocation of energy and vibes from my side. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 20:09 emarcomd Oh man... my brand new glasses are "unrepairable."

Oh man... my brand new glasses are
The only pair of glasses I ever felt decent-looking in, and I broke them. And the manufacturer stopped making them. And I stepped on them.
I kind of feel like there's GOT to be a way to fix them because it's just one little part.
So here are some close-ups. The first photo is the fixture that's attached to the glasses.
This is the side of the glasses with the frames.
This next photo is what I think is broken -- the fixture on the "arm" side of the glasses. The problem is, this fixture isn't just glued on and thus removable. I *think* this is the broken part. The issue is that it goes INTO the arm. I don't know if they drilled into the arm and glued the piece in, or it's baked in, or how they made it.
I took it to the place I bought it, they contacted the manufacturer and they said they can't fix it. WHICH IS NUTS, BECAUSE IT'S ONE LITTLE PIECE!
I don't care if I have to replace the arms with totally different arms from other glasses. I just want to be able to wear these glasses again!
Anyone know how to fix this, or know how to change the arms?
Thank you for any advice!
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2023.06.09 20:09 rainstitcher How DARE you be a slave, monkey nose!

Camille, AI Spy, is of an ideology that finds slavery abhorrent. I noticed that a slavery ship was within comms range, so I had Camille open a line and check the stock. For sale was one 7 year old child slave, named Donkey. Now I figured, the most Camille thing Camille could do in this situation was spend the messily 177 silver to purchase Donkey’s freedom, emancipating her as soon as she landed. As it turns out, after a long day of grinding marble chunks down into bricks, Camille was already close to the breaking point. As soon as Donkey landed, Camille suffered a mental break and went into an Insulting Spree. The final straw? Owning a slave. The victim of the spree? Donkey, obviously the most deserving in this situation.
6 hours later, Camille emancipated Donkey, who arrived back to their faction safely. But how dare she be a slave.
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2023.06.09 20:09 Sea-Negotiation-2070 How Can I Catch My Cheating Spouse/partner Spy On Text Messages Without The Phone How To Spy On Your Spouse Phone Without Them Knowing Hire A Hacker.

Hello guys, are you in desperate need of a prolific, knowledgeable, skillful and reliable hacker, then look no further. This hacker helped me retrieve my lost files, lost Facebook and Instagram account in less than 24hours. She can also access any devices regardless of how sophisticated they might be and alots more she can do. What gave me peace was her offer of a complete refund within 24hours if for any reason i wasn't satisfied with the service. Well i didn't have to do that because she got the job done.
Contact her below.
She can access accounts on any social media you can think of such as
Instagram, Facebook, twitter, tinder, snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, discord and so on. Some of her many services includes: Social media hacks, (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Viber etc.), Incoming calls Restrictions, GPS Location Tracker, School Grade Upgrades, Intercepting and Retrieving of Instant messages, Credit Score Upgrade, WhatsApp Spy, USSD Control Commands, Facebook/Messenger Spy, Skype Spy, Hacking into Database of all kinds, Internet Usage Monitoring, Calendar Monitoring, Video Game Hacking and Cracking, Remotely Accessing SMS, Remote Email Spying, Key logging, and many more. She also gave me an option of a total refund if i encountered any displeasing factor about the job but that option was totally not needed because she did a good job.
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2023.06.09 20:09 ProfessionalLead7370 This weird girl won't leave him alone

I read this book while I was in high school about 4 years ago. I think the books setting took place in a middle school. It was a romance book where I think both of the characters were black. The girl has a massive crush on the guy and was not afraid to let him and everyone else know even if the guy was in the wheelchair and did not like her back.The guy was the nerdy type, I'm pretty sure. I think he was into chess.
I remember the guy mostly just being annoyed at her over the top displays of affection. I'm pretty sure they end up together.
I think I remember the cover being of a hallway with a partial view of one of the characters or something like that. I remember kind of neutral colors like brown being on the cover.
It was a really good book and an easy read.
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2023.06.09 20:09 begonla rec schools for south asian male in comp sci

posting for friend
Demographics: Gender, race/ethnicity, state, type of school, and hooks (URM, first generation, legacy, athlete, etc.) south asian male, first gen, low income, mid school in OH with about 5 aps
Intended Major(s): comp sci
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 27, retaking in july
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.228 W, top 5%
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc: 7+ honors, 3 aps. taking the hardest math classes offered
Awards: none
Extracurriculars: volunteer @ homework help center, more volunteering at a food pantry, internship at accenture this summer
Essays/LORs/Other: 8/10 personal statement, 8/10 lors from teachers, 6/10 counselor rec?? doesn't interact with her much
Schools: EA osu. plz rec more schools! he has no location preferences, but needs aid
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2023.06.09 20:09 queenofserendip How Do You Know When It’s Time?

My soul dog is dying of cancer. We’ve been through a roller coaster of treatments over the last year, and we’re out of options. We met with his oncologist today and she told us the chemo is no longer working and she’s concerned about his quality of life. She asked if we wanted to euthanize today, and I declined as I had already decided I wanted to go the in-home route. I know we’re talking about a matter of days at this point, but when the vet brought him back out to us, he’s wagging his tail, jumping around etc. Once we got him home, he ate a full meal and now he’s playing with his sister. My question is: How do I know when it’s time? I find the idea of euthanizing an active, energized dog incredibly painful. I’d rather wait until I can see that he is beginning to suffer. However, my husband wants to avoid any suffering whatsoever, and would rather euthanize before we get to that point. I see either side equally, of course I don’t want my sweet boy to suffer, but I want him to enjoy every last day on Earth until he can’t enjoy anything anymore. But I worry that delaying this could pose a risk of a traumatic incident in which he passes before we can euthanize. How did you all decide when it was time? Is it better to do this too early or too late?
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