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Vinland saga changed my life

2023.06.06 14:16 wallofshibe Vinland saga changed my life

Before I watched Vinland saga, I was a mess. My room was always dirty, and I stayed inside all day just eating, watching tv, and playing video games. I was fat, depressed, and gluttonous. I was looking for a show to watch on one fateful day. I was on Netflix, and I had watched a little of the dragon prince and shows similar, but then I saw a show called “Vinland saga” I thought to myself: “this is probably going to be so stupid” and watched the first episode. Slow, but not boring. Then I got to the part where Thorfin tries/wants to kill escilad, but doesn’t. I was immediately hooked, Over the next few days I watched and watched episode after episode and then finally I got to the end. Over the time of watching a sense of tranquility had washed over me. Vinland saga had taught me something that I never could’ve learned by myself. That you never learn and move on from mistakes by keeping things the same. I love this show becoming of what a character it has made me become.
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2023.06.06 14:13 novacosma Eustachian Tube Dysfunction vs Sudden Hearing Loss - 2 different doctors - 2 different opinions

29M, 76 kg weight, 176 cm height. No history of diseases or allergies.
Last week Wednesday evening I felt my ear was getting blocked so I did the Valsalva maneuver and my left ear just wasn't "deflating" after the "inflation" from the Valsalva maneuver.
I immediately went to the ENT doctor that night, he looked in my ears and asked me to repeat the maneuver. He saw no movement on my left ear which, he said, is a sign of eustachian tube dysfunction. Did a pressure test and the left side was "flat" (i.e. the eardrum wasn't pushing back as it normally would). He said this is the start of an infection which has led to eustachian tube dysfunction.
He prescribed antihistamines, antibiotics and nasal spray.
Next morning (let's call this the first day) I woke up with severe diziness/peripheral vertigo (puking even if I tried to move my eyes, couldn't get out of bed) and the doctor said this is part of eustachian tube dysfunction (after a google search he seemed to be correct so I had no reason to doubt him) and if it doesn't improve we will change the medication.
The second day I was still very dizzy so he changed the medication - gave me a stronger antibiotic, removed the antihistamine. He also repeated the pressure test, still flat on the left side. I asked if we should do an MRI, he said no no, this is standard infection & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
The third day my dizziness had subsided quite a bit, I could actually move my eyes/head without vomiting, could slowly get out of bed etc.
I am now on my 6th day and my left ear is still stuffed, I feel a little dizzy (sort of like a tipsy after 2 long island ice teas). Decided to get a 2nd opinion from a very famous ENT specialist.
This ENT specialist forced me to do a hearing test (despite me telling him that I can't hear shit from my left ear, why waste money on a hearing test) - it said the obvious, I can't hear shit from my left ear.
The pressure test however showed a slight improvement - what used to be flat now had a peak that just barely made it into the rectangle.
This ENT specialist said the previous doctor is totally wrong, there is zero chance of this being Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, it’s sudden hearing loss. Immediately prescribed steroids (prednisone) and signed me up for an MRI. He said this is very very serious and it’s unfortunate that I might be losing my hearing at this age and there’s a good chance it might be permanent.
So now I took my first handful of prednisone, waiting for the MRI.
Called the first doctor and told him and he said, yeah the eustachian tube dysfunction/infection can lead to sudden hearing loss, it’s okay to go ahead with the steroids but insists the first diagnosis was correct since we had those two pressure tests. He says hopefully it’ll be fine.
I am conflicted.
The first doctor is younger and his reasoning made sense. He is telling me to remain calm, this happens, takes time but you will be fine.
The second doctor is older, more experienced, more famous, has his own clinic, etc. but is saying this is very severe and the previous doctor shouldn’t have never diagnosed this as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
Wtf to do now with such differing opinions?
Have a third doctor’s consultation tomorrow, worried that he will say even more different things, confusing the hell out of me.
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2023.06.06 14:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

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2023.06.06 14:09 Comfortable47 I feel like I understand Christian a lot better the older I get

When we all first saw the show we identify with Christian and his hilarity, then as we mature we all identify with Sean as the 'safe' responsible one. He always made me a bit uncomfortable because the actor looks a LOT like my father, to an unsettling degree, but he's the one we'd all play if we were actors. Now... I feel like I kind of get Christian a little better.
For all his surface level moralism, Sean was actually the more regressed and emotionally stunted of the two, and acted more two-dimensionally in the whole show. Christian is obviously leaning into the hilarity, but I feel like he had more maturity overall in that he knew who he was and kept trying to be happy anyway while accepting his flaws. He wasn't whining and angry at the world when he had no one to spend Christmas with in S3, he was able to compartmentalize it in emotionally healthy ways. As opposed to Sean in S4. What I decided was if you put the antics and nonsense ending aside he was more of a complete person who at least resembled someone psychologically healthy. Christian had avoidant attachment personality which stunted him but he was able to grow in other ways and really tried to change. Sean had anxious attachment and never changed throughout the entire show, and just remained entitled and bitter to the very end. Christian 'letting him go' was a mature move on his part, because it was the only way an insecure mental midget like Sean would ever accept the move. Anything else where his ego was required to take a hit and he'd refuse out of spite. So in actuality he changed the least and had no growth, he was only doing things if they sated his monstrous oversized ego. If you take away the weird way they were both written in juvenile episodes like slapping the dick meat on a table or vengeful breakups, I do think Christian was the more real and psychologically relatable character of the two.
When he got to Africa as soon as someone insulted Sean, he'd be right back to strangling and beating them. He had zero growth but zero desire to change and instead warped the world to fit him, so I actually see him as somewhat of a monster finally. A narcissist abuser who convinced everyone else that his victims (Julia, Matt) were crazy until he pushed absolutely everyone in his life away. He 'destroyed' them far more than Christian ended Kimber's life, which I always thoughts was a bit poorly written and stilted and even the actors couldn't quite commit to as being 'on model.' If Sean had just forgiven Julia for the cheating and had that humility and grace, there would've been no drama in the show. Every conflict came from him while Christian existed off in his own little corner doing his own thing. Yes they liked to say he was such a cad, but he did have tender moments, and at the very least I get who he is more now.
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2023.06.06 14:07 Jackviator The Spacer’s Guide to Caring For Your Pet Human (Part 20)

Hello, spacers!
On this episode, the group takes a stab at historical reenactments, the author takes some… “subtle” comedic jabs at certain contemporary events, and we find out where they’ve been hoarding the post-apocalyptic Twinkies.™
As always, I hope you enjoy. :)
As the group exited the Air Force base and began heading towards their destination, Kate looked at the surroundings as they walked. The area looked relatively untouched by the chaos of the past few weeks. The only evidence of it was an enormous pillar of smoke in the distance.
As Jack noticed Kate and a few others in the group staring at it, he nodded in understanding.
“That’s downtown Saint Paul, or at least the remains of it. From what we’ve been able to gather, the nuke we couldn’t stop in time exploded almost directly above the Capitol building. We only managed to put out the last of the fires in what little remains of downtown earlier today.”
“…How many people-“
Anticipating the question, Jack cut her off.
“We don’t know. …We may never know. We can only speculate.”
Kate’s face fell.
“Yeah, I figured that’d be the answer…”
Kate remained morosely silent as they approached the fort. Jack turned to address the crowd.
“Welcome to historic Fort Snelling. …Well, historic to us humans, anyway. Having a fort two centuries old is probably chump change to all of you from a time perspective, eh?”
Kate’s brow furrowed in confusion as she looked up at the stone walls of the fort, its stone tower chock-full of early-1800’s firearm loopholes meant for muskets.
“Wait, what?! …When they said we were going to “Fort Snelling,” I figured it’d be an active military base. Why’re we using a historic site…?”
Jack chuckled.
“It wasn’t actually the military’s decision to do that. A couple days after the bombs fell, a group of survivors moved into the fort. When questioned, I believe the leader of the initial group was quoted as saying “EMPs can’t knock out a big damn wall.” She was right; the stone walls of the fort are a great deterrent to looters and other kinds of people looking for trouble, and it’s easily defensible. Given that we obviously had way bigger things to worry about at the time, we just let them be.
Then, as more and more people showed up to our Air Force base looking for help, we decided the fort would make a good site for a refugee camp. The original group didn’t object; they actually welcomed the security having others around brought, especially once we started the organized armed patrols a few days ago.”
Y’ggdrasog piped up from beside Kate, a bit of indignation in his tone.
<“That’s all well and good, but what about respecting its historic significance? …Preserving the past, and all that?”>
“Relax. The only truly historic things here are a few of the buildings. The vast majority of what was on display inside said buildings- antique-looking tin cups, butter churns, muskets, that sort of thing- were just modern-made replicas, to give visitors an idea of what the fort used to look like back when it was still in use.
…We’ve actually thrown the vast majority of that junk into those “assimilator” thingies you Collective types brought along with you. It was either that, or burn them to keep warm. …Way I figure it, we can always just make more fake “historic” tchotchkes when we’re not fighting for the survival of our species, eh?”
Y’ggdrasog crossed his arms, and while he was clearly still unhappy about it, relented.
<“…Alright, fair enough...”>
As the group finally passed through the fort’s front gate, Kate could see a veritable sea of tents in the center of the area. They had passed plenty of tents on the way there in parking lots, boulevards and so on, but not nearly to this level of density.
Kate marveled at the sight, leaning toward Y’ggdrasog to murmur.
“People must have fought to get placed in here until there was literally no room left, and the tents were packed in like sardines.”
Y’ggdrasog gave her a quizzical look.
<“…What’s a “sardine?””>
“It's just a- …nevermind, it’s not important…”
Migtryl began to speak as the rest of the group filed through the gate.
<“Here and a few spots outside the fort are where you’ll be working for the most part. We reserved several tents for you to use both in and outside the fort, customized with your biologies in mind. I’ll start by giving you all a tour of the premises, so you can familiarize yourself with the different areas you might be needed.
…Starting off, over there you’ll see the impromptu medical center we’ve constructed. If you have any prior medical experience in your work history, you will be placed there. Next, we’ll be moving to…”>
Migtryl began walking off, talking and occasionally pointing with a wing or leg as they went and the group trailed behind them. As Kate tried her best to keep pace with Y’ggdrasog’s long strides, she could see that the crowds of humans inside the fort were parting like a sea around them, just like they behaved at the runway. Many looked at them with fear in their eyes, others with disgusted sneers.
Kate’s shoulders slumped as she finally realized:
Almost no one trusts them yet.
She was so lost in thought over the implications of this that she bumped into Y’ggdrasog, who had abruptly stopped walking. She glanced up at him to see him staring toward a group of humans near the edge of the medical center. His glow was crimson, his eyes haunted. She followed his gaze to see-
Her eyes widened.
Oh no…
The man he was staring at lay on a cot under an improvised tarp-tent. They were being tended to by several medical personnel, both human and alien, that were changing the bandages covering their body, and little wonder; they were absolutely covered in burns.
Before Kate could think of what to do to help her friend, she saw J’Ffrane almost literally materialize between Y’ggdrasog and the bandaged burn victim. Their voice was warm and soothing as they spoke.
<“Feel this moment, accept it, then let it pass. Remember? …Don’t let yourself drown in it.”>
It was like Y’ggdrasog was awakened from a dream as he blinked a few times and glanced at J’Ffrane.
<“Y-yes, I- …I remember...”>
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, slowly letting it out in a shaky exhale as he turned to Kate, opening his eyes once more to meet her concerned gaze.
<“Come on, let’s not fall too far behind.”>
“…Are you alright?”
Y’ggdrasog gave her a weak smile, though the crimson of his stressful glow remained.
<“Of course I’m not. …But that’s not going to stop me from helping your people.”>
He took one last glance at the burn victim before turning and setting off once more towards the tour group.
J’Ffrane gave an approving nod as he walked away, leaning towards Kate and whispering.
<“He’s come so far... Half a cycle ago, he likely would have been nearly catatonic for the rest of the day.”>
Despite the encouraging words, Kate’s shoulders fell as she started walking after Y’ggdrasog.
“I should have thought of this... There have to be thousands- no, tens of thousands, maybe even six figures worth of burn victims from the bombs, in these two cities alone!”
<“And we will be with him to hold out a limb to grasp when he needs it. Just as he and I will be there for you, and you two for I, should the need arise.”>
Kate looked up at J’Ffrane, surprised.
“How would we help you?”
J’Ffrane smiled down at her.
<“You already have. Every person who asks for my assistance helps me immensely just by doing so. It helps me remember that I have a place in the world, and that place is giving the help they so desperately need. …Now then, let’s catch back up to the crowd and find out how we can best do that here, hm?”>
And with that, J’Ffrane’s dissipated as they flew forward towards Y’ggdrasog and the rest of the group trailing along behind Migtryl.
“Hey, wait up!”
Despite the brief interruption, Kate hadn’t missed much by the time she caught back up, and she was soon learning more and more of the facilities and service centers the Collective had constructed around the fort.
While the local military stationed in the fort were (rather fittingly) occupying the fort’s centuries-old barracks, they were actually the main supplier of the vast majority of the tents around the compound.
“More tents are being constructed every day for use in the surrounding area,” said Jack. “We ran our own supply of military-grade tents dry a few days ago, but we’ve been able to scavenge more from places like camping supply stores, alongside manufacturing our own from tarps and the like. Not exactly comfortable to live in, but we have to take what we can get.”
Kate put her good hand up to ask a question, shivering a bit as she did so in the crisp, late-autumn air.
“How well do they retain heat in all this cold?”
“A very good question. Normally it would be quite the problem, doubly so given just how damned cold Minnesota can get in fall weather alone. Luckily, however, the Collective came up with a solution. …Migtryl?”
<“We used a few of the fabricators we have at our disposal to create solar-powered heating units. …It’s a bit inefficient given the cloud cover, but on even the cloudiest of days they’re able to achieve over 150% of the solar exposure needed to get a full, week-long charge in a matter of hours.”>
Jack chimed in with a smile.
“It certainly beats the bonfires we filled with whatever we could lay our hands on to burn before you all got here, that’s for sure!”
From there, they moved on to the camp’s utilities.
As the water purification plants of the area had been rendered mostly inoperable by the EMPs and cyberwarfare attacks, the Collective had repurposed a few industrial sump pumps to direct water from the Mississippi River into an assimilator system. The assimilator broke it down and removed all the pollutants in the river water until all that remained was potable water, and distributed to locals to drink-
<“…or at least, to those who don’t refuse to drink it, that is.”> Migtryl said.
An alien of a species Kate didn’t recognize (one that almost resembled a snake if not for their arms and upright stature, who was strapped to a mechanical walker to get around the terrain) piped up, beating her to the punch.
<“Why wouldn’t they drink it?”>
Migtryl paused, glancing at Jack and weighing their words carefully before speaking.
<“…A small, but nonetheless very vocal portion of the local population seem to be under the mistaken impression we’re putting chemicals, nanites and so on in the water to do things such as influence their actions, up to and including controlling their sexuality, for some reason. …Anyway, such people often choose to simply boil and drink water taken directly from the river itself, instead of taking the purified water rations we offer.”>
In contrast to the shocked and horrified reactions of the aliens around her, Kate merely sighed and rolled her eyes.
Yeah, that sounds about right…
Another alien, this time a kentzaré, timidly raised one of their manipulation tendrils.
<“...Have many people gotten sick from doing that?”>
<“Unfortunately, yes. Even boiling the water sometimes wasn’t enough to prevent many such individuals from developing symptoms of several waterborne-based diseases, and that’s not even going into the possible long-term effects of the various pollutants in the water.
We also have individuals here and there who even refuse the fallout-proof masks we offer. …Something about “not using them before, not using them now” and “not living in fear”…?”>
As Kate facepalmed hard enough to leave a handprint mark on her forehead for a minute or two, Migtryl shook his head in frustration.
<“…We must make an effort to always remember that the majority of these people are hurt, scared, and in all likelihood grieving the death of at least one loved one, friend, or what have you. Most do not trust us. We must simply be patient with them, help those willing to receive it, and not give those who are unwilling any further cause for suspicion or hostility. …Now, come along; we have much more to look at.”>
With that, they both turned and began walking towards a long but narrow stone building. As they reached it, Jack turned to the group.
“This is the commissary. It’s where we keep the supplies we distribute to the civilians. It may look small, but looks can be deceiving. …C’mon, let’s step inside. Just remember to dust yourself off first!”
Y’ggdrasog glanced at the door clearly made for human proportions and shook his head, sighing as he turned to Kate.
<“You two go on ahead. I have no desire to work out the kink in my back later from having to be hunched over inside.”>
Kate smiled in amusement as several other taller species of aliens nodded, muttered their agreement and so on.
“Well, sorry on behalf of humanity for us being so short. …Anyway, see you in a bit, Yiggy!”
He winced.
<“…Kate, please, not in front of others…”>
Kate’s smile only widened as she turned and followed J’Ffrane with the rest of the group as they entered the building.
As they descended a set of stairs, Kate was surprised to see that despite its outer appearances, the building went several stories underground. As she descended down the first flight of stairs, a feeling of unease began to eat away at her. Her hairs began to stand on end, goosebumps rising despite the heaters inside the building.
Jack continued his explanation as they continued descending.
“The ground where this building stands was where they initially quarried out a lot of the stone necessary for building the majority of the fort’s walls and buildings back in the 1800’s. When they finished, the line of thinking was “well, we’ve made a really big hole, may as well use it for something.” So they built this commissary to act as a mega-cellar of sorts; it could store enough food to last the initial inhabitants of the fort an entire year.”
As they descended to the final level, Kate looked out across a sizable collection of boxes of various shapes and sizes stacked upon pallets. As she gazed at them, an eerie feeling of familiarity and something being inexplicably, terribly wrong settled onto her, and she only barely heard Jack continuing to speak.
“Most of the supplies that don’t belong to anyone in particular are either stored here, or wherever we can stuff them in what little free space there is left in the other buildings of the fort. Groups go out every day to scavenge for more food, general supplies, raw materials to put into your “assimilators” to make things like our filtered masks-“
150 spare air filters-
<“-as the assimilators and fabricators can only do so much at one time, we scavenge as much food as possible due to most of their time being taken up purifying the polluted water-“>
75 spare half-year water filters-
“It’s important to keep track of everything else we store here, so a lot of the work is just tallying everything up. It’s tedious, but very important; we need to know what we have to give those with very specific dietary needs-“
500 cans of spinach, 300 cans of olives, 700 cans of baked beans-
“Members of our species still have occasional issues with allergies, diabetes, that sort of thing. I’m told we likely will continue to have those for at least a decade or so before you Collective folks can develop those “immunity implants” necessary to sort them out. …Assuming the average Joe is willing to work with them, when the most advanced tech they had before was-“
3 spare radios, 50 packs of AAA batteries-
Kate only just barely managed to drag herself back to the present as she felt J’Ffrane metallic hand gently tugging at her sleeve. She turned to see them wordlessly gazing at her, a concerned expression on their face. Only after their intervention did she notice she had begun to start breathing erratically as Migtryl kept talking.
<“…Beyond moving the supplies where they need to go, the job’s not very physical. For the most part, it’s just counting how much of any one item we have and writing down the results. We usually give the job to people who are injured or otherwise not at their best, but still want to contribute.”>
Migtryl glanced over at Kate, who unbeknownst to him was having a desperate internal struggle to try and keep herself calm.
<“You’d be a perfect fit here, heh!”>
Kate sunk into herself a bit at his words, and found herself wishing she could turn invisible as the group turned to stare at her. Her voice was barely audible as she felt obligated to murmur out a response.
“…I, uh- pant …d-don’t think that- pant …would be a good idea…”
Not again, not again… Just stay cool, don’t keep hyperventilating, just move on, just- stop it. Stop stop STOP oh god why can’t I just breathe normally?! Just k-keep cool, just- …OH DON’T YOU START CRYING YOU WORTHLESS BI-
She felt the touch of J’Ffrane’s metallic hand on her shoulder, bringing her back to herself.
<“Come on, Stardust; let’s take a walk.”>
Kate hesitantly nodded and let herself be walked away from the group by J’Ffrane’s gentle leading hand, wiping her tears away as she went. Migtryl glanced at Jack, who was staring after the pair, his expression worried.
<“…Was it something I said?”>
submitted by Jackviator to HFY [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:07 nicetoknowya Has your “why” changed as you have gotten older?

Hello Fellow Aging Lifters
I always maintained to be in shape at different parts of my life. When I was younger though, I was trying to like Captain America. Then you get older and realize that all action stars and fitness models are on gear(which is ok) and literally lean out/dehydrate themselves for those shoots like body builders do. I didn’t realize that look I was going for wasn’t even sustainable. Then you get a bit older and realize most women don’t even care about chiseled abs and giant pecks, or at least to the extent I was shooting for. Now I long time married, got a few kids, full time job, bunch of hobbies and I am wondering, “ do I really need to keep getting faster and stronger? Why? Do I really need to keep adding weight? How much is too much? How big do my arms actually need to get? Should I take it easy and shorten workouts shorter just to achieve a minimum viable health benefits?
I have done the hard part. I have trained for years and have great habits and eating in place. I don’t look like Captain America but better than 90% of guys in their late 30s……… So what’s next? I’m not bored but am starting to become aimless with my goals.
Just wanting to know how others have adjusted, thanks!
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2023.06.06 14:07 beautyandsweet Unfortunate joke

Once upon a time, after saving up some money, I bought my first normal car (a new one, not used). I drove it happily, and nothing foretold of trouble, as a week later, coming out of the supermarket, which I came to, I see just well such a huge scratch on the doors, as if someone took a brick and ran it all over the left side. I immediately called the police, because as I understand the perpetrator had left and since it was quite late and there were few people in the parking lot. most likely no one noticed it. The police came, questioned me and began waiting. the search was inconclusive, there were no cameras in the supermarket parking lot and there were no witnesses either. As a result, they told me that we're unlikely to find him, but I didn't get upset, because I got the insurance money and the police needed to find him, because he left the scene of the accident and fled. And then three or four months later when I had already forgotten about the situation. A new guy comes to work for us, after a while we got along very well with him. But the communication did not go beyond work. One day I suggested that we spend some time together and go to the countryside, to which he of course agreed. And then the fun part starts, since my work was very close to home, I always got either on foot or by scooter and he never saw my car. The day of our trip comes, we agree that I will pick him and his girlfriend up. As a result, I drove up to their house, went out to help open the trunk and put things in, and my new friend, just gives out the worst joke of his life, "Ha, friend, you will not believe me, I scratched the same car a couple months ago! Wasn't that your car by any chance? Ha-ha!" I immediately change my face, my new friend is laughing, he thinks I want to make fun of him too, but his face quickly changes to a sad one when I take out of the box the documents that the police made about the accident. I would say right away that I did not want to give him up because the insurance was already paid to me and he was not a bad guy, but it was just a shame that he did that. But he himself offered to give me a sum equal to the cost of repairs, so I did not give him up, although I was not even going to do it, but I still took the money)
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.06 14:05 VeterinarianDizzy956 Answer this road issue

So I live in a busier area of Brisbane. And since its been getting darker I’ve noticed a higher case of pedestrian on car accidents, way more than I saw in the middle of summer.
So I am usually a cautious walker but today I kinda snapped at someone at a road crossing. This cross is unmarked but clearly is for pedestrians and I reason I snapped is there has been an even larger uptick or drivers not paying attention to corners and I have seen people hurt.
Here’s the part I’m unsure of, I was clearly intent on crossing the road but let one car get through through and made eye contact, I then took two steps to cross fully before another car came fast around the corner trying to speed through I was luckily only one foot on the road, they wound down their window to say something but I responded first with “what the hell dude” of which they just speed off and screamed at me that I stepped in front of them. I got angry and screamed back that I was at the crossing first and flipped them off.
I’ve been told by various people that I’m was either right, or wrong. Here’s the thing usually pedestrians have right of way even at a corner, this is usually how I was taught and I’ve observed that the general flow of traffic, but since our population increase I’ve noticed that people have been screaming around corners more often without looking speeding up at pedestrian marked crossings even with people there beginning to cross. I mean 2-3 cars are speeding around and past me as I am fully on the road.
Am I really in the wrong for getting angry at people not stopping or slowing down at corners when someone clearly visible is there and obviously making a move onto the road.
As an added side note I know how long it takes a average car to pull up and start to turn these guys were going fast and not slowing at all even though I was moving and they were behind me when I was moving onto the road as I didn’t see their headlights until I was one foot on the road and had checked my peripheral right before getting on the road.
submitted by VeterinarianDizzy956 to australia [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:03 B-9268 Was convinced I had bipolar 2, now I just think I’m overall unstable

I fit the criteria for bipolar 2, every single part. But I’ve been tracking my mood for months now. Even though March and April I had a low then a high, ) I was severely depressed then had something that fit the hypomanic criteria) but now it’s different, I look back at may and even now, and my mood fluctuates often, and that isn’t right with bipolar, it’s moreso up and down for a week at a time (minimum) right?
I might be mixed state now, that’s the thing I don’t know. I felt I was going hypomanic the other day, I woke up feeling motivated, I cut my hair way too short, dyed it, took a million photos of myself, I gave myself 4 tattoos impulsively, one of which being the word “whore” on my arm… I even decided I wanted to become a singer and start a career so bought an app for it, this lasted two days, until the third day where I had the same feeling, I also had low feelings. Where I realised maybe I wasn’t even hypomanic (my friend said I was) but I was just energetic, and now since that, I’ve been feeling happy and optimistic, but I’ve also been feeling really depressed, but they’re both there at the same time. But sometimes one is more than the other. Usually the happy. But then I’m thinking maybe this isn’t mixed state it’s just being a normal human being, so I’m not sure… I burst into tears 7 minutes ago, I started shaking even…I was considering self harm and now I’m normal again thinking of what tattoo to get next.
I burst into tears because my doctor said I’ll have to wait a month to hear back about a psychiatrist. My anti depressants aren’t working, I just want help. Because not knowing what is wrong with me and even what I’m feeling isn’t going well, I just feel like I’m faking everything.
If it was mixed state it would be balanced right? Cuz my mood tracker just keeps going up and down and it goes up and down often
submitted by B-9268 to AskPsychiatry [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:02 QuiscoverFontaine It is a Sin to Tell Falsehoods

I have spoken to the Abbess on several occasions about Sister Caterina but nothing has been done. The last time I raised my objections, the Abbess told me that envy was a grievous sin and that I should pray on it. Such accusations! Oh, indeed I shall pray, but for the sanctity of this convent and Sister Caterina’s soul, if she is even in possession of one.
I will concede that she does make the finest lace of all of us and the delicacy of her stitching is not betrayed by the swiftness of her needle. Before her arrival, there had, perhaps, been some who had said my lace was the envy of all of Venice, but such praise mattered little to me.
Would that I were able to speak more on the better qualities of Sister Caterina, but alas. It is a sin to tell falsehoods.
I have never known her to rouse herself for Lauds and I have seen her face at Prime less and less of late. It seems she values her rest even more than another opportunity to regale us all with her reedy singing.
She has been seen drunk about the convent on diverse occasions. Sister Diodata told me that Sister Caterina keeps good Tuscan wine in her cell and offers a nipperkin or three of it to any of the sisters who might return the kindness.
She is never to be seen wearing our holy vestments. Instead, she keeps her hair uncovered and wears the latest fashions; gowns adorned with golden embroidery and sleeves dripping in lace as though she were a guest at the palace. This behaviour has caught the attention of the younger initiates, and it shall not be long before a revolution is upon us.
This turn of events should come as no great surprise to any of us.
Indeed, not the other day when I was tending to the gardens, Sister Caterina came over only to cast disdain upon my labours. ‘Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs,’ she said to me in most arrogant tones before sailing away again. I initially thought it a most ignorant comment, for I was merely turning the soil (which is why you will find the ground behind the dormitories so unsettled at present). On later reflection, it seems to me this was a judgement on a life of sincere and holy servitude and that she expects to make no such contributions to our community.
At dinner one evening I could not help but notice that our allowance of bread was much less than usual. Sister Ippolita informed me that Sister Caterina had used up a great deal of the convent’s store of flour baking a great number of cakes as gifts for her family. The converse sisters in the kitchens—I do not know their names—confirmed this but also confided in me that Sister Caterina had baked small slips of paper into every cake.
Then, when yet again she was holding up her lacework and proclaiming it so fine as to be the work of angels upon this earth, I could not help but notice the faint web of letters worked into the stitching. I could not catch their meaning, but it is evident that she intended it as yet another devious means of communication with those outside of these walls.
When I brought up these digressions with the Abbess, she told me that His Serenity Domenico II would like rather more than humility and prayer in return for his favour, and so some concessions must be made regarding the daughters of patrician families. I told her not to forget that the Doge’s influence was certainly not greater than that of the Lord above. She told me that doubt is the origin of wisdom. I told her that went against the very nature of faith. She told me I would do well to better attend to my own piety and allow her to handle the politics.
So, truly, it came as no great surprise that she escaped. I was the only one who saw her leave. I was returning to my cell after collecting a new candle to prolong my nightly studies of the scared scriptures when I spied strangers helping her to climb up and over the convent walls and away.
Indeed, my cell is not close to any part of the outer wall, but I heard scuffling and raised voices and endeavoured to investigate.
Alas, no, I do not believe I could identify them. Their faces were lost to the darkness.
And I concede I should not have waited until morning before bringing it to the Abbess’s attention, but she had made her position quite clear.
It is all quite true, I promise you. It is a sin to tell falsehoods.
Original here.
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2023.06.06 13:58 Nemesis158 Having trouble with a pretty serious Cold boot POST issue w/ 7900X on X670E Aorus Master

Hello. I have a Zen5 System i built just after launch, Ryzen 9 7900x with a Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master, which i originally paired 2x16GB G.skill Flare X5 6000Mhz C36 memory kit. I could never run The EXPO settings for more than a week or so until i would get instability so i gave up on that after i think 3 or 4 attempts.
I wanted more ram anyway and thinking maybe the kit was the problem I ended up replacing that with a 2x32GB Corsair 5600MHz C40 expo kit. around this time I was pretty much leaving the PC on 24/7 and it seemed to be holding this EXPO setting without issue. And for the most part i have been updating my motherboard's bios when updates were released. note that this was mostly due to trying to see if i could actually get the advertised 5.6GHz out of my 7900x which does not seem to want to hit that frequency at all (cooling is a Corsair H150i).
One night i left the PC off only to find that it did not want to POST when i tried to turn it back on again. assuming it maybe had something to do with EXPO i reset the bios and left it running at stock, but again left the PC on continuously most of the time. more recently i had shut the pc off again only to encounter the same issue.
so for the past week I have been experimenting.
if left off for any length of time, my pc will not post when i turn it back on again.
Debug LED usually halts at 86 or 8A. once or twice i also saw it stick at 7B.
I have to power cycle the system for over 5 minutes, then it will post normally and boot with no issue (although it seems to take longer each time :/ ).
I tried CMOS reset. still happening. I updated the bios to the latest version (post SOC Voltage safe limits hysteria)
then I put the old G.skill memory kit back in (running at jedec stock again). still no post on cold boot.
and most recently i tried removing the CPU from the socket and re-installing it, which still did nothing to remedy the problem...
A quick google search a few days ago pulled up some post of people having similar issues with motherboards from other vendors, with one saying a replacement motherboard fixed the problem, but my previous issues with memory and cpu not performing as advertised give me concern that it might be the CPU rather than the motherboard.
Just wanted to get other people's thoughts on this before i go trying to RMA stuff.
submitted by Nemesis158 to AMDHelp [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:57 Salt-Entertainer3777 People get killed in my dreams

Whole my life I never had dreams that I am killer or killing anyone, recently I started to dream again after long pause of darkness (where I can't remember anything), I started to recall my dreams almost as good as in my good days, but now almost every day there is dream that someone gets killed/hurt by me or someone else. Something like this is unusual for me as I never ever before had such dreams, now in dream world I am faced with all kind of obstacles where these obstacles directly try to attack me and I have to protect myself by killing the obstacle that is coming right at me trying to kill me.
It started with this dream, where I and someone else were lying on ground, I think we had fight and I won, I saw him suffering as he was injured, he asked me to kill him and end his suffering, I tried to comply but in dream I remembered I haven't ever killed anyone and was thinking what's the best way to do that and figured it must be hearth but I somehow missed, I remember that person getting his head up and saying, "in hearth you fool" and then I stabbed again but in heart this time and as he died I woke up a bit of laughing at myself I guess that's why It's in my memory now and still can remember.
Next dream was when I was alone in my place, and intruder with knife broke in and was attacking me, I got into escape position but realizing I can't escape, I had to fight and somehow (after getting stabbed a bit) I was able to take knife and confront intruder "it's over now give up", but he didn't it was like he wanted me to kill him, I do not remember if I killed him or just stabbed to get away but I know I woke up shortly after that.
3rd one was today, I was in some place that I don't know of, someone I know tried to attack me or put me or whole operation in danger, somehow I had weapon or I had taken weapon from him and shoot person in chest and it didn't stop him and someone was saying I have to stop him or everything will go down and he will blow whole operation and so I shoot in head, thinking he's dead we dropped him in water but then I realized he is somehow not dead and so I wanted to shoot him again and put him out of his misery so he can go in peace but right in that moment someone told me not to do that as that will bring unwanted attention to us and we will be uncovered, in that moment whole lot of private security men came to us chasing, I made huge jump and survived but they didn't attempt to follow rather they sent crew to clean after us and collect our bodies, when one of the crew noticed me on perimeter he went after me trying to kill me, for some reason he couldn't use weapon or anything and had to use some stick or knife like thing to stab me with, I barely escaped and went to public area which was not far from place I escaped from, as soon as I entered shop or something like that and stopped while being ready to be stabbed/killed guy chasing me stopped and didn't do anything, he called boss or whoever was in charge saying he got me and that they can come pick me, I simply stood there waiting and smiling, when they arrived they arrived with police and some high ranking members of city council all standing there and smiling back at me, as if there were some event exactly at that time and place and public wanted to see them/they needed to show themselves as well as sending message to me that no one in this city will help me, even if I tried to report or tell anything about them, they have everyone and everything under control and such attempts are useless. I do not remember much after that I know I stayed in that place to learn more about them and all time there were agents/crew sent to watch every move and thing I do, after collecting some evidence I realized there is nothing I can do to complete my mission and I woke up.
I am curious about "killing" part as I never had such experience or dreams, I know dreams can reflect inner problems/issues that I have but I don't get the killing meaning, only thing I could think of is, learn to kill my inner problems or face such consequences. If inner problems are not solved it may lead my path where such decisions are made, or it could be opposite, trying to align me for such decisions to be made? About month ago I received vision from myself posting about this and I was told that I will get the answer after doing that, any kind of help/insight/translation would be appreciated thanks.
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2023.06.06 13:57 kelseyann25 I hate anxiety & lexapro

I was stable for 2 months. I also had no cycle those 2 months. This past Friday & even part of this morning has been awful. I puked Friday night several times for 6 hours thinking i was dehydrated. Went to er Saturday morning, got fluids & labs & all was normal but i still couldn’t keep anything down. I saw my primary yesterday 6/5 & apparently GI issues can also trigger anxiety. My BP has been elevated (130/83, im normally 110/76) because I’m in this constant state of anxiety. I don’t like my lexapro & im meeting with a new psychologist to get off of it. Here’s the kicker, by afternoon, I’m fucking fine. Anyone else? Happens as soon as i wake up now
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2023.06.06 13:54 Mooxie_does_stuff Maxwell’s confidence arc Book 1: Memories (Entry 2 of 4- Impulses)

OOC (Pre): Before this one gets started, I wanted to apologize for what was originally going to be part two. I didn't give any type of proper warning(s), and I feel horrible. I've decided to change the way the arc is going to go down. Instead of having 16 parts with 4 entries per "book", I'm gonna have 12 parts, only three books. Again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I only want to have fun here, and I'm sorry if I prevented that in certain individuals. I like this one more. The only thing you might have to watch out for is the theme of Maxwell's mother (Techne) being mourned as if she's dead. She's not, it's just that Maxwell's dad still hopes she'll come back.
The days are blending together anymore. Maxwell was situated at the docks today. He sat there, his legs dangling over the side as he contemplated a lot of things. Why was he here? What fate was planned for him by the gods? …What was going on? Why did he have that nightmare? He sighed, watching fish swim by under the dock below him. He hated fish. Gross, slimy, smelly… ugh. He did not like fish.
However, his mind wasn’t really on the fish, so to speak. Instead, he was thinking about the memories he had been viewing. The same question attacked his mind over and over again, bludgeoning him. The gods were doing this for a reason. Surely, they had to have one. Surely. He waited for it. That tug of sleep. It never showed up. So, there he sat, confused. He didn’t understand it at the time, but this was exactly how it was supposed to go down. He sat there, contemplating himself. Eventually, he thought to himself about a memory. It wasn’t good, but maybe it would give him more insight into what’s going on with his life. It was worth a shot.
Maxwell was quite the joker. He knew how to laugh at certain things, and he knew when to make a joke. Well… for the most part. There were a few times in his past where he had slipped. Maxwell was also a very impulsive person. He’d do or say things that seemed right to him in the moment. However, the worst time was…
Where was he? Oh, right. A restaurant. If he managed to recall this particular memory correctly, it was April 30. His birthday. He just turned 10. Yep, he remembered this one distinctly. He was going out to dinner with his father and his grandparents. Now that he was thinking about it, why was there another chair, empty, right next to his father? There was nobody else to wait for… right? He chuckled, gestured to the empty chair and spoke.
“Hey, look here! Ah, man, it’s my best friend, the invisible man! Haha…!”
His grandparents didn’t laugh. His dad didn’t smile. He glanced around the table confusedly. What was it that he said? The joke might not have been the best one he’d made, but even his bad jokes usually got an eyeroll from his dad. He chuckled nervously before he spoke again.
“Hahah…? The… invisible man….?” He nudged his father. He would take a pity laugh at that point. He never got it. His father just sighed, a frown tugging at his lips before he solemnly spoke.
“Maxwell… we save a chair every year… for your mother. I don’t know where she is. However… I just hope that she’s alright.”
Maxwell shrunk back down into his chair. His father was mad at him, wasn’t he? He needed to apologize, right?
“...Sorry, dad. I didn’t… I didn’t know… I’ve just never really realized it. I miss her too, dad. I’ve never met her, but… I miss her. I wish I could see her. Just once.”
Moments before the memory ended, he could’ve sworn he heard his father mutter something.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
At the last moment, something changed. Maybe he wasn’t remembering the dream correctly. A single tear ran down his father’s cheek as he turned towards the empty chair. He placed his arm around the chair like how a lover would place their arm around their beloved.
He was waiting for his mother. A woman who would never come back to him. Maxwell just didn’t realize it. His father knew that day would come. That day where Maxie had to go to camp. The day his life would change forever.
He opened his eyes. He was still at camp. He was in one piece. His journal was intact. He looked down at it. His father’s words echoed through his mind.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
Most demigods never got to meet their godrent. However, in that moment, Maxwell decided something. He would meet her one day. He would confront his own mother. He would prove himself strong to her.
“Okay, mom. I’ll show you. I’m gonna prove myself to you! I’ll make sure you acknowledge me… no. Us. You’re gonna acknowledge all of your children, more than just claiming them!”
His eyes burning with determination, he watched the waters, the waves crashing by.
He knew what he was supposed to do.
OOC (Post): Just clearing up some potential points of confusion here. Number one, Maxwell’s journal, while never explicitly stated, is presumed to be a gift from Techne. It never runs out of pages, and is highly hydrophoboic. Number two, Maxwell is (probably) not going to meet Techne. Thanks for reading this one.
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2023.06.06 13:54 mpitts92 Cylinder print failure

Cylinder print failure
I’ve tried printing this cylinder twice last night and it failed the same way just at different heights. The part will break away from the bed but will rotate with the nozzle which causes the blob of material to pool up. I’ve noticed I’ve had to adjust my z offset during prints (start at -4.0 and adjust to -3.9) because I can hear the nozzle scrape across the print at times. Not sure if I need to adjust it more for this print or not. I used glue on the bed for the second attempt.
White PLA from Printbed, bed temp stays at 60, nozzle temp at 200. Magnetic PEI sheet on Ender 3 S1 Pro. I’m using standoffs with washers instead of springs for the bed adjustment so my z offset should be constant.
The file is the piston connector for the piston cup trophy on Printables:
Note: I’ve printed all of the other files minus the piston arm so far with the same settings and this is the only print that’s failed.
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2023.06.06 13:54 Psycoyellow Anyone has experience with a polyp and pregnancy?

Im curious i dont find alot about it on the internet, i got pregnant (yeey 9+2w) but after some test they said i had a cervical polyp its quite sore and i got medical information. I just dont know how to really process it anyone also had this? What was your birthing or pregnancy experience with it?. They advised me not to remove it. But at the appointment i got a bit lucky i saw my baby move and he/she had little stubs for arms and legs the umbilical cord was already visable. So baby is for now healthy :D
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2023.06.06 13:50 MSDuarte7 Predictions to chapter 407-411 (The manga ending in my opinion)

This is a sequel to my first post about predictions to The final battles and now this is the manga ending in my opinion, i would like to see your opinions about it:
Chapter 407 (Aftermath): The War is over, The heroes win, Shigaraki dies by Deku's hand and everyone is happy to the Victory, we see Spinner and Toga being arrested along Gashly, Kunieda, Gigantomachia and other random villains, Dabi is rescued fast to Central Hospital along the heroes and some civilian like Todoroki family, he is hospitalized along Endeavor and his family and when he's able to talk, he still keep saying shit about everyone dies, Shoto talk his hand and say they need to talk, one last time, Dabi can't see him, but send Shoto to hell, Shoto explain he still need to do many things in life before goes to hell, Endeavor cries seeing everything he did, Deku is still passed out but Inko and All Might are there, Inko crying seeing Deku doesn't have his left arm anymore but All Might calms her down talking he can feel Deku in OFA, and he cries too, feeling it's the Last time, we see the recovering of some heroes like Bakugou, Ochaco, Jirou, Tokoyami, Sero, Hawks etc with a Shoto's monoluogue to Toya, talking about mistakes, flaws, Redemption and second chances, Dabi smile talking he won't see this shit happening with him because of Endeavor and his family, Endeavor understand that.
Chapter 408 (The greatest hero): Bakugou amputated his right arm destroyed by Shigaraki, lost his right eye and needs Recovery Girl to Kiss his left arm, like Deku, he want to see him, but this time, Ochaco was there, to help him to reach Deku, and besides Shoto, most of 1A are Waiting for Bakugou outside of Deku's room, happy to see him, Bakugou smile to everyone and see Inko and All Might inside of Deku's room, and say they might wait, the News are everywhere saying about Deku Saving the world from Shigaraki and the others Victory like Bakugou and All Might, Sero team, Ochaco against Toga, Shoto and his family against Dabi and S1 reporter is outside of hospital Waiting to see Deku, happy, with Nagant on hospital again happy hearing about Deku, Gentle and La Brava are Waiting for him along Tsukaichi and The American soldiers, Deku wakes up.
Chapter 409 (The Greatest Heroes): Inko and All Might cries and hug Deku while Ochaco opens the door and most of 1A hugs Deku and are happy to see him, Deku cries seeing everyone alive, specially Bakugou, that the Last time he saw him, he was dead, Bakugou mocks him and say there are more people wanting to see him, but Deku smile to them and say he needs to rest for now before everything, All Might want to talk with him, but Ochaco touches Deku's arm and say to All Might he needs to rest for now, All Might understand that, we see more of pro heroes Recovering, with Big 3 happy because they can have their cerimony, Hawks tells the News to Gran Torino and Spinner wakes up along Toga in a prision, Spinner cries for Shigaraki and Dabi' death, but Toga is quiet, saying they lost and maybe, they deserved that, Spinner doesn't understand that, but he looks to Toga, and she's crying too, Oboro is watching everything and disappear in a void, he needs to talk with them later.
Chapter 410 (Farewell, One for All): Some weeks has passed, Dabi died due his injuries, Nagant had her sentence decreased by Deku, she's in a wheelchair and is happy to see him along Hawks, Endeavor give his house and most of his money to Rei and his children and start to live alone, we see him smiling for them, Deku and the future and watches the sky, thinking in Toya, we see Oboro talking with Aisawa and Mic, and saying goodbye to them, because his purpose as hero and villain has ended, he dies with Aisawa and Mic happy for his friend finally dies as True hero, Deku and All Might are in Tenko's grave, along Shimura and Nana' graves, Deku say he's weaker now, he can't feel the extra quirks anymore and his Strenght is pretty similar to Season 1 All Might, All Might say he used everything he had in his fight and is happy to see him alive, they hug themselves and wee see The vestiges realm disappearing, with the vestiges smiling to them and fading away, we see some heroes helping people from past wars and helping to build Japan again, with Deku and 1A, now 2A, helping too. We see more of a rebuilded Japan and a New UA, with people taking photos of The greatest heroes, specially Deku, and he's embarassed for not being used with that, Ochaco takes his hand and Bakugou calls for them to not be late to a New year in UA.
Chapter 411 (My Hero): 10 years in the future, Iida running towards Japan helping everyone he can, Momo replacing Aisawa at 1A teacher, Kendo and Tetsu working together, Rei, Natsu and Fuyumi living together while Enji visits Toya's grave alone, which we can see Oboro' graves too, but Hawks, now quirkless appear to him, Shoto going to visit his children fans with a smile, finally being able to show his emotions, Aisawa with past UA teachers watching their past students becoming great heroes with a pride face, Ochaco visiting Toga at prision, with both being happy to see each other, Bakugou fighting villains but also helping Civilain and teeling to people how he loses his eye, arms and got his scars on half of his body, showing now he finally became a decent human being and can share his victories, Mineta finally respect women and being friendly with Tsuyu, that make some joke about this New version of Mineta, Shinso opening his agency with a proud face, The Big 3 working together, Kirishima and Mina now married going to visit Gigantomachia, because now they're adults and move on from their past fears and without AFO and Shigaraki, Machia is alone. Jirou and Kaminari as a couple helping The Civilain but still being a funny couple, Tokoyami in The Sky with Dark Shadow in The night, pretty batman be like, Shoji, Koda and Spinner now leads a peaceful movement to show The Power and importance of mutant people on Society, Spinner still suffer for AFO's quirks, but Shoji support him now. Overhaul still arrested and never be able to visits his father, Eri and Kota studying to be UA students and having Deku's gagdets that give them luck, Eri also Has Mirio's. Lady Nagant, now in wheelchairs, leads Deku's agency along Gentle and La Brava that still make his videos but now with Nagant and with Deku as main theme of their videos, Stain still being a wanted person, but not killing anyone, because a New of greatest heroes is Alive. We see a bunch of fast future of another characters. Inko is with Bakugou parent happy showing their children's conqueer, Old All Might watches The Sky and crie with a smile on his face, and finally in The end, we see Deku, talking with Someone like him but older and Black hair, it's Hisashi Midoriya, his father, he's telling the end of his fight against Shigaraki and Hisashi is proud of his son and apologizes for not being able to be with him, Deku understand him, but now, they can talk later when he ends upa another mission, Deku jumps and arrives in another country, Saving people from a villain, pretty like All Might's videos he watched as kid, and now Deku is the greatest hero and smile to us, ending The story, finally saying he's here.
This is the end, i really liked in my opinion, do you? What would you change? Ending in chapter 411 means the manga ends on volume 40.
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2023.06.06 13:48 Kaju_researcher Danjim

Danjim (ダンジーム) is a Pillbug-themed Kaijim of the Earth Empire Bugnarak, equipped with Pillbug BNA, appearing in the invasion of Shugoddam, being defeated by the recently awakened King-Ohger. It would later be reborn as DezuDaijim alongside four other Kaijim after being birthed from a cocoon, despite their numbers, the newly unlocked Legend King-Ohger would make swift work of the DezuKaijim.
Feats marked with [[Dezu]] are done by DezuDaijim
Pillbug Bullets
Dangom Shield
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2023.06.06 13:48 Old_Self_779 I don't know if this fits but I want to put this out there

I am a 14 years old girl I am part of a friend group and also sometimes I talk with a girl in my class (D) So in my country teachers are on a strike, today I had 2 classes: English and art During art class I sat with D, when art class ended I went to say bye my friends and they just looked at me and said "bye.." I was on my way from school with D and she asked me if I want to hang out with her and a nother one of her friends at 2.. I was there at 2 but no one else was there (I did text here that I was there) On my way I saw my friend group hanging out (it did hurt them not asking me if I want to go with them but its not like its the first time) I waited for 30 minutes and nothing Now Im at home Its 2 48 and nothing
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2023.06.06 13:47 phaattiee Thoughts on Skull-Port side quest for my players.

I'm running Misker as an old Beholder mage who resorted to magic as he began losing his natural eyestalk powers to old-age. He's hold up in his 3 story mansion since the Xanathar took over that can only be accessed by collecting 3 keys that can be found in each of his 3 warehouses. Needless to say the warehouses are going to contain some obscure puzzles and booby traps. Misker put out a notice at the Heralds meet years ago claiming that any that are worthy of challenging him for ownership of what's left of his empire must first succeed in finding the keys. Which Isn't a whole lot since its been at least 20 years since anyone last saw or heard from him most of his empire has disbanded or been absorbed my the Xanathar. The warehouses will contain ample reward for the players along the way as well as the deeds to an old rundown pub (Trollskull Tavern). Here are my ideas for the warehouses, any thoughts and feedback is much appreciated, the vibe is harry-potter goblet of fire tasks.
Warehouse 1.
Once the party enter the warehouse via finesse or brute force at first glance it will be filled with ordinary stored contraband, silks, metals (not precious), maybe some simple weaponry, tools, rope, canvas for ship sails etc... general goods nothing too fascinating... canvas sheets cover most of the boxes with a couple decades worth or dust sitting on top, they'll notice a small stone pedestal in the centre of the room, perched on which is a modified "bear trap" with one of the skeleton keys perched within. If the players investigate they'll find that it is booby trapped to go off once the key is removed... for the rogue easy peasy... if they successfully disarm and remove the key however this will trigger the stereotypical "bear trap" in which an owl bear is summoned directly above the player with the key... queue Professor Lupin boggart theme music (or similar) coming from a nearby record player... the owl bear lands for bludgeoning damage, Dex saves are rolled, initiative is rolled. However the key is also cursed to affect whoever is in the room with Bane, saves rolled once then and every hour there forth until the curse is removed or dispelled from the key. Throughout the fight with the Owl-bear, petrified goblin garden gnomes hidden throughout the warehouse will (as a reaction) cast vicious mockery on the players every-time they attempt to attack something in a whiney irish accent "you couldn't hit the floor if you fell over". Think of the gnomes from Fable, this will be a running theme. Finding and Destroying the Gnomes ends the effect. On completion the players will attempt to leave from whence they came if they dont try to leave sooner. On doing so if they leave through the doors they came (the only legitimate way in or out), they'll get sucked in momentarily to a demi plane (Feywild), a lush glade with a large willow tree in the centre, above the door one of the gnomes says "You'll think twice about going back through there" with the idea being if they were to return back through the doors they would end up back on the streets of Skull-Port a cheeky clue/bluff. Successful Perception checks from a distance will show a hidden passage at the base of the willow tree trunk. any attempt to get close though will result in them getting "Whomped!". the tonal shift from sunny flowery glade will then go full prisoner of Azkaban showing decade old skeletons tangled up in vines around the glade. The terrain is considered difficult and the players have to roll against being grappled at the beginning of each turn whilst fending off Whomps from the willow. If they make it to the secret passage beneath the tree this will conclude the puzzle resulting in a moderate amount of Booty and plunder.
Warehouse 2.
Same jist only this time its a key in a Bowl of Sand, just as a player is about to touch it the key sinks into the sand and the ground turns to quicksand, the sand reaches up engulfing the players arm (roll against grapple) as a Sand elemental (Statblock will be a combination of Earth and Water elementals combining the burrow and whelm abilities) starts to form around the bowl and pedestal. This time they have to roll twice against the bane effect from this key and the other in their possession (If they haven't dispelled or removed the curse from the first one) and the penalty will increase to a d6. no Gnomes this time though as it might be a bit harsh idk let me know. Initiative starts they'll soon find that the best they can do is keep the elemental at bay for a round if they deal enough damage in one combat round, the abundance of sand pretty much makes it invincible. The answer will be to let themselves get sucked down beneath the sand to a room below. Insert Harry potter chess game with petrified adventurers as pieces/constructs that have attempted Miskers challenge in the past... the key now hangs around the neck of the king. A game of chess ensues (I'm 1700-1800 rated so it wont be a walk in the park for them). Everytime they wish to take a piece or be taken a single round of combat will take place between the player and the constructs Stat blocks to be made still until they are subsequently defeated. This is only the case for the players normal chess rules apply for all the other pieces for the sake of time. If they attempt to break the rules, all the constructs will attack them at once. Misker is actually watching them through a scrying eye gem stone on the far side of the wall and controlling his pieces at this point. Once they get a hold of the key they will be teleported out of the room into a seperate hidden warehouse in Skullport that has some BOOTY and loot. A cheat is to ignore the game of chess and go straight for the key, with no conceivable entrance or exit however they will probably feel required to play Miskers game before moving on.
Warehouse 3
Misker recruited a coven of Portal Hags that control the eb and flow of the underground water caverns via portals to the plane of water for this one.
The last Warehouse doesn't have anything in it other than a mirror in the centre of the room. on a close inspection. The mirror is almost liquid and metallic in appearance and touch. Above the mirror is a Goblin garden gnome, it speaks a riddle, the players answer correctly it lets them enter through the mirror... only when they reach the other side they are in an identical room... alone.
This part I will carry out in 1-1 sessions with the players...
The room is identical to the previous and has no ceiling and extends upwards indefinitely into darkness... metallic statues of adventurers are set in alcoves in the walls all with horrified looks on their faces (think Han solo frozen but as a statue not a slab). A metallic silhouette of themselves appears in the mirror, the gnome gives each of them a riddle that is tailored to their characters personality/backstory somehow. they have a 1 minute timer to answer, if they dont answer or answer incorrectly the metallic silhouette figure will lunge forth and attack them (identical stat-block to themselves), the task ends when they either answer the riddle correctly or defeat/are defeated by their reflection.
If they lose this battle they will start to feel a cold metallic liquid begin to engulf their body as they drift off into unconsciousness, their blurred vision will show the silhouette begin to fill with colour and material as though its fully becoming them, just as they close their eyes this dopple-ganger of themselves will step back through the mirror, this will be the last image their character see's as they step through the mirror.
I'm at odds how to continue the players character progression here my ideas are as follows, they roll a new character sheet and I RP their character as an agent of the Portal Hags or, they continue as their character only they are now tethered to the Hags as a sort of Warlock/Patron-Esque relationship, I know there are lots of controversial thoughts on forcing classes on players but they failed the task and effectively died or are in a cryogenically frozen state currently so if they want to continue as their character there need to be repercussions If not forced class levels it could be in the form of a curse binding them to the Portal Hags Coven etc IDK hit me with ideas.
When they step through the mirror finally im in two minds. Either they enter into Miskers Manse where they will have to fight the beholder as his thoughts are... only those that can defeat me are worthy of my Booty/Legacy... he wants to die fighting than of old age as old age is undignified for a beholder, The whole reason he resorted to magic was to try and become an undead beholder Lich but has come to the realisation that it is too late for him, the whole reason he set this game up is to have greedy adventurers and treasure hunters come to him to he can absorb their life essence and sustain his existence longer in the hopes of still becoming a Lich, part of his egomaniacal personality believes this is still possible whilst the other half, his more logical/genius pragmatic sort recognises the reality, and thus this whole process appeases both aspects of his personality.
I was thinking of running one more challenge as part of the 3rd warehouse, after stepping through the mirror I was thinking of having a final treasure room (where the bulk of Miskers loot is), that has a replicating item enchantment on it (Bellatrix Vault) only these turn into swarms of tiny mimics and raggamoffyn's. But this might be too much right before fighting Misker...
Go straight from fighting themselves to fighting misker? or collect the final key in the final vault and give them a chance to rest before then heading to Misker's Manse... They may need to be at full strength to fight a few century old Beholder pirate lord mage.
Thoughts? discussions? all constructive criticism welcome!
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2023.06.06 13:47 benchdawg Fast as Lightning - My Artisan Raiden Xsoft Review

Fast as Lightning - My Artisan Raiden Xsoft Review
Hello Mousepadreview, welcome to my first review. After trying a few mousepads ( according to some posts it is a little lol) I purchased my Raiden XSoft over Maxgaming, since I live in the EU and wanted to start playing with it right after my last Exam. I am using it since 4 months and a week straight, and haven't switched to any other pad since then.
To understand why I bought and fell in love with the Raiden, you need to understand where I am coming from. I do not play Tac-FPS, pretty much only Apex, so I wanted a smooth pad for a very tracking heavy game. I used the Roccat Kanga from 2014ish for a very long time, it is a rather balanced clothpad. Tried the the G840 next, and was pretty disappointed, after a few weeks it had some unusable slow spots, cleaning wouldn't change it. So I swapped to the GTFX, which was pretty nice until I realised that the packaging says that the material can literally give you cancer and it had a pretty slow spot after half a year (and that stupid pad refuse to lay flat even after the whole time period, even after placing tons of books on it). As my Venus refused to lay flat too, I gave it to my nephew after a brief period of time. Annoyed with these pads I decided to bite the bullet and spend a fortune on the Raiden.
I wanted to get a soft one, because it seemed to be the safe middle ground, but the Raiden only comes in Mid and Xsoft. So I watched some reviews, and none of the mice that I frequently use weighs a ton, I picked up the Xsoft for the cushioning for my wrist. Picking it up in Xsoft was a really wise choice. It literally sticks to my desk, you simply cannot move it at all. Never had a pad that was locked in like that - perfect.
Delivery was quite quick, and I jumped right ahead into the pad. It had no (noticeable) break-in period, and the never-used upper right edge is still as fast/smooth as the left center, where my mouse usually sits.And I put in 2 hours daily now, but the 2 months of the Semester break it was like 6 hours a day, and it has no signs of wear or anything.
After using these two rougher pads, the lack of texture was a bit weird, but I got used to it pretty quick. There is definitely a lack of stopping power, I could NEVER pick up a glass pad lol, so I have some over-aiming while flicking some guns for sure. But the important part - the tracking/target switching/microadjustements never felt so smooth and easy. I lowered my sense a little bit - and now the speed feels perfect (1600DPI and 0.5 in-game).
I heard some concerns about the Logitech Sensor Implementation and the infamous spinouts. Some people claim that the issues on the Raiden have been fixed, others say that they only appear after months longer usage: 4 months in and no problems on the G303 SE and my Viper V2/Starlight. Did you have any issues?
I want to add something to the feeling of the pad. I have the stock skates on all of my mice. The lighter Viper V2 feels the most controlled of my 3 mice on this pad. The G303 has almost 0 stopping power and flies over the pad - as the much lighter Starlight. I suspect either the material of the skates or the layout, but either way it is much more controlled on the V2 Pro.
The only major issue is the sizing - it is the biggest size, but I cannot rest my whole arm on it. It should be 5cm deeper...
Cleaning: It simply never got dirty. I am a hypochondriac who vacuums very often due to my dust allergy and covers his mice + mousepad with a rug. It never got dusty, and I wash my hands properly before I start up my computer. I wipe it with a microfiber cloth from time to time, to remove the hair that gets trapped in this mousepad. No pets - still some tiny fiber"hairs" stuck in the mousepad... after a month I wipe it a bit harder with a wet microfiber cloth, and all hairy residue disappears - so cleaning isn't a problem if you are careful, but still, you can't go full Leroy Jenkis like on a hard/glass pad.
It soaks water, and I sweat a bit more than the average person, but I hadn't had any humidity issues, but I also do not live in a very humid country.

Congratulations, you made it through my first monologue on this sub. If you have any questions, I'll gladly answer them in the comments.
TLDR: Very smooth and kinda quick pad with no signs of wear after over 4 months. Big lack of stopping power, which isn't a problem in tracking-heavy games as apex. The xsoft cushioning feels like heaven
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