525 w lakeside dr

"Cults, Why People Join Them, and How they Escape w/Dr. Janja Lalich", The Accent Podcast, 4 Jun 2023 [0:51:02] "Dr. Lalich discussed cults, who tend to join them, her experience being in a cult, children raised in cults, and many other things." (Audio links in comments)

2023.06.06 21:33 throwawayeducovictim "Cults, Why People Join Them, and How they Escape w/Dr. Janja Lalich", The Accent Podcast, 4 Jun 2023 [0:51:02] "Dr. Lalich discussed cults, who tend to join them, her experience being in a cult, children raised in cults, and many other things." (Audio links in comments)

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2023.06.06 20:56 jbalso43rd Oops! Received the wrong vinyl.

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2023.06.06 20:52 BigPourofWine 'I Think You Should Leave' Convention Returns to Oliver's Pizza & Pub North on Saturday, August 5, 2023! Tickets still available at oliverspizza.org/itysl

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2023.06.06 20:48 kingfiasco [Lucky Guess] 6/6

The O's don't lose three series in a row. Sorry Giants! Feels good to get that one coming of the two series losses. Let's get another win in Milwaukee. Maybe get some breathing room from the Yankees and Astros. Yes, now paying closer attention to the wild card race already and looks like we're going to be competing for a spot against the Astros now. So much joy and not stressful at all!
Congrats to u/Gumboy52 for an exacto on Sunday! Also congrats to u/JAMONLEE (9-3 BAL) and u/95ludeman (7-3 BAL) for +/- 1 guesses!
Bonus points anyone from total splash downs in McCovey Cove? I honestly thought we'd see quite a few but there was only 1. Stupid Giants didn't consider Gunnar's a splash down sit it bounced in. You can see all splash downs here.. So congrats for some extra points to: u/Fangscale40K, u/bardster1, u/tehow5, u/King_Clitoris, malkusm, u/GoOrioles7, u/DrDinglberry, u/RumHamAndPineapple, u/DrThorntonMelon. It was nice to give away some extra points this weekend to spice things up a bit.
Lucky Guess Standings
Rank User Exact '+/- 1 Lost Tiebreaker Points
1 95ludeman 2 1 0 13
2 tehow5 1 6 0 12
3 jaxjag91 1 3 0 9
3 TommyPickles2222222 1 1 1 9
4 kingfiasco 1 2 0 8
4 Chizzleslip 1 2 0 8
5 StevenGlanzberg 1 1 0 7
5 RiesenTiger 1 1 0 7
5 Letsgoos19 1 1 0 7
5 bromanow025 1 1 0 7
5 therealjimothyjimson 1 1 0 7
5 Gumboy52 1 1 0 7
6 TOS1998 1 0 0 6
6 OrangeBuffalo8 0 2 2 6
6 harriswk17 1 0 0 6
6 greenjacket23 1 0 0 6
6 Billdozer2000 1 0 0 6
6 AlexOhanianSr 1 0 0 6
6 hcshock 1 0 0 6
6 malkusm 0 4 1 6
7 zombiereign 0 3 1 5
7 bpopo329 0 5 0 5
7 WillieKeeler96 0 5 0 5
7 King_Clitoris 0 5 0 5
7 GoOrioles7 0 5 0 5
7 DrThorntonMelon 0 5 0 5
7 DrDinglberry 0 5 0 5
8 Ndysmth 0 4 0 4
8 DudeFoSho 0 2 1 4
8 BeinGetz 0 2 1 4
9 samir_katta 0 1 1 3
9 imean 0 1 1 3
9 gnarkilleptic 0 3 0 3
9 ccmckee 0 1 1 3
9 Bmoreorioles1 0 3 0 3
9 Puddenfoot 0 3 0 3
9 DaddyHausen 0 3 0 3
9 Fangscale40K 0 3 0 3
9 bardster1 0 3 0 3
9 RumHamAndPineapple 0 3 0 3
10 zeromoustafa0 0 2 0 2
10 wodandos 0 0 1 2
10 waker94 0 2 0 2
10 OMGisitOVERyet 0 0 1 2
10 Music_Ordinary 0 2 0 2
10 joystick13 0 2 0 2
10 Jormmy-NcKegHook 0 0 1 2
10 jeffreythecat1 0 2 0 2
10 Evanevan22 0 0 1 2
10 BlueHenCountry 0 2 0 2
10 Azzazzyn 0 0 1 2
10 averyorioles 0 2 0 2
10 andrew-ge 0 2 0 2
11 Tardisheart 0 1 0 1
11 Shiderme 0 1 0 1
11 SellTheTeamDan 0 1 0 1
11 Ok-Establishment-240 0 1 0 1
11 MrTallGreg 0 1 0 1
11 LoraxEleven 0 1 0 1
11 jjk2 0 1 0 1
11 gzawaodni 0 1 0 1
11 Entertainmentguru 0 1 0 1
11 ClimAx_D2 0 1 0 1
11 CBennett1497 0 1 0 1
11 bablume 0 1 0 1
11 Affectionate_Tune481 0 1 0 1
11 JAMONLEE 0 1 0 1
Comments must include:
All guesses must be submitted by the posted start time to qualify.
Score will be as follows:
If two users pick the same score with the same tiebreaker, the person who submitted their guess first will be awarded the 6 points. The same rule will apply when two tiebreakers guesses are equally close to the actual result.
Score will be tallied each night and updated in wiki. They will also appear in the "Standings" section of future Lucky Guess posts.

Now let's play ball!

Tiebreaker for today total innings pitched by both starting pitchers.

As always, please do not upvote or downvote any guessing comment until after the game is over and the winner is determined, then upvote the winner.

Matchup Statistics

You can find the lineups here before game time.
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Kyle Gibson R 7-2 71.2 15.9% 7.8% 45.2% .298 4.06
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Freddy Peralta R 5-5 60.1 23.0% 9.4% 38.5% .299 4.76

Good luck!

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2023.06.06 20:42 GrxeenUp-_-YT I (16M) isn’t sure what to do w my (15F) Gf

I (16M) isn’t sure what to do w my (15F) Gf
so i just turned 16 and met this nice girl over spreak. turns out right before i met her she got out of an abusive bf like two days before. my parents have heard a bunch of rumors about her being promiscuous but we’ve dated for a month and she hasn’t even tried anything. parents say she’s using me for a ride and that i’m being too nice. we hung out two days in a row and they are mad. how do i convince them she’s not like she used to be?
TL;DR- innocent boy meets freaky girl and parents don’t like it
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2023.06.06 20:36 kiingwhips Illegal?

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2023.06.06 20:31 BourgeoisStalker Anybody know who this is? (Don't dox if actually a private flight obviously) Took off at 11:10 from Executive Airport and immediately started circling my neighborhood.

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2023.06.06 20:27 Valentina4111 Is there a way to repair this 15 year old friendship?

TL;DR: my friend of 15 years told a man personal information about my recent love life, which was embarrassing and painful, in the attempt of “trying to set us up”. I told her I was really hurt and needed time and space from the friendship but she wanted it to be on HER terms so I’m now the villain for having boundaries and looking after my feelings and feel completely gaslit.
I had a falling out with one of my best friends of 15 years recently and I feel like I’ve been gaslit to be the villain for having boundaries when she was the one that betrayed me. For context we are both in our thirties and Moms, I’ve been a single mom for over a decade, she’s married with 2 toddlers. She was trying to set me up with her brother in law back in the fall, we never met as he lives in a different state but we chatted multiple times and hit it off really well but then he got involved with someone else and I also was kinda involved with someone who I’ve been on/off with for years who I had deep feelings for and was led to believe they loved me. I had a painful falling out with the guy I was involved with in march, which I still haven’t really fully grieved or processed yet. I thought our connection was profound and he loved me like no one else has but he showed me his true colors. Needless to say that was very painful for me. Fast forward to a month ago, I watched something that triggered my feelings about the guy I was involved in and realized I was indeed hurt over it, I shared this with my friend and told her I realized I’m just so emotionally unavailable and don’t know when I’ll be ready to date again. Literally not even 3 days later my friend calls me telling me she was having a bday party for her kids and my presence was requested by her brother in law who was driving 14 hours to stay w my friend for a while and was newly single by not even a week. I told her I didn’t like that I was the first person he thought of as soon as he’s single and was reluctant to accept the invite and go. He texted me a couple times to try to catch up but I was too busy at the time to have a phone call w him. So my friends way of trying to “help” this connection was by telling him my recent disappointment with the guy I was last involved with and told him details about the guys addiction and how he used me etc. I was shocked when she told me she told her brother in law and was not okay with it. I sat with my feelings for days before I determined I needed space and time away from our friendship in order to heal and told her this in a very composed message telling her I felt embarrassed and betrayed. Mind you I took days to compose my message and she immediately responded or rather reacted with essay long paragraphs demanding to speak to me immediately even tho I clearly stated I needed time and space. I refused to give in to her erratic behavior, and she has since made it about her. I’m now t the villain for needing to deal with my feelings. She’s incredibly manipulative which I’ve always known and she admits to herself and I feel like I’ve been completely gaslit. She left me a voicemail saying she’ll be there when u call whether It’s a week or a year from now but the message was still about her, how she missed me and never about how she regrets hurting my feelings so much. Clearly her voicemail wasn’t sincere as she texted me not even a week later asking me “so that’s it? You’re never gonna speak to me again?” And I told her I will when I’m ready to. She wasn’t pleased by that saying I was ruining our friendship by my silence and that I was acting like a middle schooler. I told her she wasn’t respecting my boundaries but she insisted that if I ever cared about the friendship I would talk to her and not take space until SHE says so basically. I’d like to also add I’m under a lot of stress as I have a play I’m in in 2 weeks and just do not have time or energy for hours of drama. She talks a lot and requires a lot of energy to listen to as she can go on for hours without stopping and I didn’t want to fall in to that trap of listening to her gaslight me, I knew it would make me feel worse which is why I have not given in to her demands of a phone call right now. She told me she’s done reaching out and deleted me on social media. I genuinely am devastated from losing this friendship but have dealt with so much gaslighting in my life I will not tolerate it anymore from anyone. I don’t know if there’s anything I should or can even do at this point, or if I’m in the wrong for having my feelings hurt when she shared private information about me? My feelings don’t feel cared for validated at all. She painted me out to sound like a guaranteed lay to this man because I’ve had such poor taste and bad experiences with men and I literally had just told her days before I wasn’t ready to date again! I would love to share the screenshots with someone for an outside opinion if anyone is invested after reading this much lol. Thanks if you made it this far.
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2023.06.06 20:21 kiingwhips Posted my best offer, so coming here to post my worst…

Posted my best offer, so coming here to post my worst…
It literally feels like Uber spat in my face with this one. I audibly said “WTF” waiting in the restaurant because… that should be illegal.
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2023.06.06 20:20 willmagnify Notes on “A Tale of Two Cities: the development of early Arhada city states (0-500 AD)”, Part 1

Note to self 92,
I was researching the foundation of Arhada city-states, just to get a general sense of what they looked like, and I found a very informative and fascinating read. The name is "A Tale of Two Cities: the development of early Arhada city states (0-500 AD)" and it's supposed to be the early work of some important professor at the Horean International University. Unfortunately, I'm still banned from borrowing at the Uni's library because I've held that book on Early Ibandr for a bit too long – I'll just copy the abstract and some passages for future reference.
This essay analyses the emergence of the first large-scale polities within the Arhadan cultural sphere, putting together the writings of notable scholars and the archaelogical record at our disposal. The title, "A Tale of Two Cities” was chosen in reference to the sites of Kamābarha and Amadahai, two settlements which would continue to act as major actors in the region throughout the following centuries. Because of their prominence, these two cities have been chosen as case studies through which we will examine the political, cultural and social characteristics of Arhada city states in the formative period. Those first few post-dawn centuries see the emergence of other important centres, but these two examples prove to be the earliest, the most consistently documented and the only ones who maintained their preeminence in post-formative eras.
The text is divided into three main sections: the first detailing the general characteristics of urban, social and political developments within the region, the second and third delving into the specific nuances that these developments acquire in Kamābarha and Amadahai, respectively.
I thank the department of Tritonean studies at the Horean International University for their help in procuring material for this research, and Dr. Amaha Geherun for her invaluable guidance and insight.
2.a Palaces, urban settlements and their spatial characters.
Scholars of late Tritonean prehistory usually divide the development of Arhadan settlements in three main phases; the Stilt House Period (SHP), which lasted roughly until 750 BD, the courtyard house period (CHP), which covers the millenium between 750 BD and 250 AD and the palatial house period (PHP), emerging from 250 onwards, with the development of the first palatial complexes and the first signs of wide-reaching palace economies, large scale political networks of reciprocal exchange, and true suzerain-client relationships. These three periods are named after their defining building types: the main characteristic of the SHP, unsurprisigly the one for which we have less documentation, were the small, square wooden constructions built on stilts along the lake shores and wetlands, next to the paddies. This period is the longest, stretching from the early development of zizania, cattail and sagittaria cultivation; with the construction of more specialised agricultural works and the consequent emergence of a higher level of inequality within Arhada settlements, we shift to the CHP, wherein successful family units migrated away from the lakeshores into dry land and extablished a new building typology, the multifamily courtyard house, acting as a higher status dwelling. The palace is nothing more than the natural evolution of the Courtyard-house type: it is merely larger and with cellular buildings constructed within the confines of the courtyard. The general layout consists of three outbuildings: a shrine, where the clans held religious functions both for the families and for the community at large, a granary, where the harvest would be stockpiled for distribution in lean years, and a treasury, where specialised group of artisans, usually the women of the clan, created and gathered family hierlooms, which obtained a near-sacred value and acted as further insurance against difficult harvests (See chapter 4a).
The palatial typology is fairly standardised: the frame, the courtyard building, is usually two or three stories high, with the ground floor being dedicated to common rooms, the middle floor containing the apartments of the clanmen and women and the last floor, built under a steep thatch roof, hosting lower-status inhabitants: servants, guards, favourites. What is more variable, however, was the disposition of buildings inside; shrines especially assumed different typologies: the constant is in their verticality and consistent central-plan type. From pictographic and sculptural sources, we can also note that canopies, usually defined by square-plans with four columns at the four corners, were important places of gathering, where tobacco ceremonies and clan meetings were held in the hot summers of southern Tritonea.
While it's interesting to consider the palace as a singular architectural and typological phenomenon, no discussion about the palatial type is complete without a mention about its relationship with the city at large. Built atop a hill (the term Nabaradjân, 'house of the hill', is, in fact, synonymous with palace), it acted as a centripetal force for the expansion of villages and cities, with important buildings being constructed radially from the central point of the palace and all other houses, small scale orchards and other structures being built in between. As architectural types specialised and key public buildings began to be built outside of the confines of the palace – granaries first, then shrines and storehouses – the radial composition of cities began to be even more clearly visible – in later periods those secondary "nodes" would create other radial sprawling points. "Radial cities, early settlement patterns in Arhadaland", by Dr. Amaha Geherun, provides an in-depth study of the spatiality of early, late and imperial Arhada cities.
Reminder to get that book as soon as I get paid this week – couldn't find it at the library.
This chapter had a very nice drawing (It looked better in the book) that showed an estimate of the plans of Kamābarha (A) and Amadahai (B). Amadahai was smaller, but it had quite an impressive quay leading straight into the city. The Mound of Kamābarha, on the other hand, was perhaps the most interesting thing about the city: it's one of the few ancient sites that the author had studied with an asymmetrical mound layout. Overall, I found the differences in Tritonean urban planning and that of Early Ibandr quite fascinating.
4.a Political Networks, the first states and the "Bead Bracelet" Structure.
With the growth of palaces, we can truly see the evolution of Arhada settlements change from villages, to cities, to city-states: each palace acted as a key driver for a city’s local economy; from within the various clans of the palace, the men of the clan oversaw and organised works in the paddies, allocating human resources and ensuring the harvest was safely stored in the granary. The women, on the other hand, handled the production of specialised crafts - pottery, textiles, painting and dye production being the most common ones - which would form the bulk of the treasury. This setup, which contributed to a general labour specialisation even outside the confines of the palace, greatly contributed to the growing influence of palaces in the surrounding sub-urban territory.
Archeological and archaeo-anthropological studies show that the early Zizania aquatica strains cultivated by Tritonean farmers were prone to failures, with some estimates indicating a one in six chance of failure. This insecurity was the main driver for the construction of granaries, and, later, the use of the palaces treasure as a sort of insurance against bad harvests. There is ample tangible evidence of extra-urban exchanges of luxury trade goods between palaces around the southern lakes - with them, came birchbark contracts (and, more rarely clay tablets), documenting the exchange agreements between villages. Sadly, we have very few documents of this kind, but just enough to get a clear picture of what these signified.
What looked like simple exchanges based on favours and giftgiving - which basically amounted to “I owe yous” with a precious gifts attached - quickly developed into more deliberate agreements. We find pictographic contracts detailing the exchange of zizania for corvée labour or zizania in exchange for a larger repayment over a period of several years. Often villages would repay their benefactor by providing labour until they were able to return the same quantity of zizania – other times, contracts operated over a fixed period of time. The maturation of these systems culminated in semi-permanent ties between villages and a construction of hierarchical client-patron relations. The short term contracts between polities, exchanging part of the harvest for corvées, valuable goods or interest on the repayment, became more and more drawn out, until finally long term relationships were established.
The term "Bead Bracelet network", introduced by Dr Lagor Daham in her seminal work "Early Political Relationships along the Southern Tritonean lakes: new models of political unity", is used to refer to these long strings of villages sharing some form political affiliation, each village being the client or suzerain of another one within the chain. The water-based agricultural tradition of Tritonea conditioned the developments of their urban centres as lines running paralel to the lakeshore, each with some influence over their adjoining woodland and wetlands: the creation of these ties would then follow these lines, creating complexes of neighbouring villages with varying degrees of freedoms and duties towards one other. these ties and contracts, which would be overseen by clan matriarchs, would connect all villages within a single network to the highest one.
I had to copy the map in the book, because I was having a hard time visualising it. There was also a more schematic version of it. Apparently, villages owed "fealty" (though I'm sure that's the wrong word) to bigger villages wich in turn owed "fealty" to bigger ones. It wasn't really a feudalistic setup, though. Land belonged to the single villages, who cultivated it directly – but they were essentially client cities, providing labour or artisanal goods to their suzerain, provided they would keep their granaries full in lean years. Another quote on this, and some interesting notes on the contracts between polities:
In truth, most of these ties would not be very long lasting, and could break immediately if either of the parties was unable to maintain the foundational promises of the agreement. This usually resulted in small scale warfare in which the suzerain's victory would result in an even more restrictive contract and the clients victory would signify temporary freedom from the expansion of its neighbour's political influence. Kamābarha and Amadahai were the first to estabish stable and well-maintained networks of this kind, mostly due to the fact that their prosperous positions – Kamābarha in fertile and rich land, Amadahai straddled between two lakes, controlling trade and expanding at a fast pace along two lakesides – allowed them to maintain control over nearby polities thanks to the consistency with which they were able to provide their side of the bargain and distribute parts of their abundant harvest to their clients.
The terms of the contracts themselves were extremely heterogeneous – and could be easily changed and misinterpreted. Being pictographic in nature, with imagery tied to Arhada proverb glyphs, they served more as visual aids to help the matriarchs remember the exact terms of a contract. It's a widely held belief that it's a need for specificity in birchbark contracts that led Arhada women to the development of true logographic writing in the following centuries.
This note I found particularly interesting! I'll have to read more on that.
7. Trade and external relations
One final point to be made, before we delve into the specific configurations and internal histories of our two cities, has to do with trade systems within the Arhada cultural sphere. Arhadanists and scholars of Tritonean history speak of the Formative "Northern pottery", "Middle pottery" and "Southern pottery" schools: the Arhada territory fell squarely between the Middle and Southern areas, with Kamābarha being connected to the Kemithātsan polities along the southern shore of the Sihodjivôdjo (Middle school), and thus having an closer relationship to northern and western cultures into Xanthean territories, and Amadahai being connected instead to southern cultures such as the Zonowōdjon, beyond the lake, with whom they entertained relationships in a network that extended south, beyond Tritonea proper, in the territories of the Aluwa. As such, our two case studies present very different cultural traits and influences – it must be noted, however, that the deep interrelation of Arhadan cities through the connective tissue of the lakes serves as an avenue for the exchange and merger of these two very different cultural impulses.
The Arhada themselves were great exporters of finished products. Indigo dyes, pottery, hemp-cattail blend textiles and pecan oil, used both in cuisine and cosmetics, were ubiquitous items throughout Arhada territories; preserved fruits were common southern commodities; brass products from the zinc-abundant copper ores along the Green River, were Kamābarha's most valuable export. It's interesting, however, to analyse what was imported into their territories during this period, so that we can better track the changes in material culture throughout the early formative. Contact with the nearby Kemithātsan is evident in the spread of glazes in Middle Pottery school sites. Even in Souther Pottery sites we can begin to observe more Middle style artefacts, and we have evidence of kilns being built – many scholars believe these kilns were actually built by Kemithātsan artisans who relocated in the south. From the Kemithātsan they also obtained picked goods and wines, whose production was more specialised. Maple – a prised product in the south – was also obtained through northern trade routes.
Southern trade relationships were more tenuous at that time – Arhada groups migrated into Zonowōdjon lands around 500 AD, and while intermingling did occur at an early stage, we have evidence of a rather fraught relationship, with several Arhadan led attacks into the southern regions, certainly with the aim of clearing coastal land for more intensive agricultural production. Sanaboborôn, another formative site which would develop in the later quarter of the 1st millenium AD, emerged in the wake of these attacks, following different dynamics when compared the other early Arhada cities. This development, which lies outside the themes of this research, is brilliantly explored in another seminal work by Dr Lagor Daham, published in the collection of essays "Dawn of War: Martial history in formative Horea". While tensions and distrust with neighbouring Tritonean peoples slowed trade between the eastern and western southern lakes, polities such as Amadahai and Sanaboborôn found fertile ground with trade further down the continent. Crossing the Gorgonean-Tritonean mountain range they would encounter the Aluwa people – corals were an especially prised trade item, but spices such as peppers and citrus peel were also brought north, where they would enter the diets of elite Arhadans.
One last bad drawing for today. I saw this map and I was truly impressed with how developed trade networks were at that time, especially for people who did not have horses or chariots. I'm afraid I'll have to read through second half of the book tomorrow, the library's closing now – end of note.
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2023.06.06 20:20 coinpostnet The leading blockchain platform "GPT4DRONES" has successfully raised $170 million in a B+ round of financing, allowing for further expansion of its business footprint in North America and the Asia-Pacific region

The leading blockchain platform
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GPT4DRONES Group is a conglomerate dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and financial transactions. It ranks among the top three globally in digital asset derivative investments. The company was founded in 2017 and originally known as CoinSunrise. Its headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, Western United States. The group was founded by a group of computer technology enthusiasts. The current Chairman and CEO of the group is computer scientist Yanislav Malahov. The core management team includes Dr. Jonathan, John F. W. Rogers, and Professor William Harris Crawford.

It is reported that GPT4DRONES released a test version of its product, GPT4DRONES, in January 2023. As of June this year, it has attracted over 100,000 registered users for testing and experience. The product is available for download on PC/Mac/mobile devices, and users can use it across different platforms. As the product continues to enter the market, the GPT4DRONES Group has expanded its workforce to over 500 employees. It has offices in more than 10 countries and regions, including New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Paris. The company plans to establish offices in other regions and recruit local teams.

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Investor's comment:

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A top executive from a world-class financial firm, expressed, "In the trend of decentralization, we see great potential in the new blockchain ecosystem, specifically the Integrated Virtual World Platform (IVWP) summarized by blockchain pioneer Matthew Ball. Its first-mover advantage and long-term market scale make it a race worth anticipating. To deconstruct and reshape the world of cryptocurrencies, a team with comprehensive capabilities, strong collaboration, and international reach is needed. GPT4DRONES is such a leader with the strongest qualifications, and we believe they can bring revolutionary products to global users."
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2023.06.06 20:03 StardropScavenger [USA-NC] [H] Games for N64, GameCube, Wii, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS, PS1, PSP, Consoles for Gameboy Advance SP, PSP, Switch [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Have lots of things for sale, all things include shipping. Happy to provide photos upon request, will do my best to reply as soon as possible. I ship usually within 2-3 business days and if there's any issues with your item, I'm more than happy to help. :)
Always open to offers, a lot of prices I'd like to stay firm on but worst i'll say is no.
Would prefer Paypal F&F as I do have almost 300 transactions, but understand if that is something you're not comfortable with!
On to the items!!
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch BNIB + Tears of the Kingdom Carrying Case BNIB $385
Nintendo Switch HAC-001 Red/Blue Joycon Console w/ Box, includes animal crossing (powerA controller, and Mario Kart Case) $225
Pink Gameboy Advance SP Pearl 101's (both consoles have scratches on them. Screens are both fine.) $90 each
Star Wars Battlefront PSP w/ Star Wars Renegrade Squardon $110 SOLD
Goldeneye 007 $25
Mario Party w/ manual (manual does have wear) $50
Diddy Kong Racing w/ manual $30

Animal Crossing [Disc only; resurfaced] $35
Ant Bully w/ movie ticket $15
Bloody Roar Primal Fury CIB $50
GameCube Start-Up Disc (the disc only; no case or player.) $130
Go! Go Hypergrind (Includes case, manual and disc. The artwork has like a "wrinkle" to it, shows wear. The manual has a bend on the bottom right corner, and the disc has some white residue on the ring.) $365
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance CIB #1 (Very good condition, disc has little to no wear. Manual/inserts look good also.) $260
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance CIB #2 (Very good condition, disc has little wear. Manual/inserts are nice.) $260
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance #3 (Missing insert, includes the case, manual and disc. Very good condition as well.) $240
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets CIB $12
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire CIB $10
Harvest Moon Magical Melody [No manual] $25
Kirby Air Ride [Player's Choice] CIB $70
Luigi's Mansion [Case, Game, Manual] $50
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour [Player's Choice] Case, Game, Manual $25
Mario Kart Double Dash [Case,Manual,Game] $65
Mario Party 6 [No Manual, has case] $75
Pac Man vs Pac Man World 2 [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Pikmin 2 CIB $90
Pokemon Channel [No manual] $35
Resident Evil Zero [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Super Bubble Pop CIB $10
Super Mario Sunshine [no manual] $30
Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers CIB $40
Ty 2 CIB $15
Zelda 4 Swords Adventure [Case, manual, game] $90
Zelda The Wind Waker CIB $70

Rune Factory Frontier CIB $35
Love Esquire [New] $40
Octopath Traveler $50
Trails of Cold Steel III Extracurricular Edition $60
Liar Princess and Blind Prince [New] $50 each
Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition + [New] Tarot Cards (no STEELBOOK OR GAME INCLUDED!) $70
Dr. Mario Classic NES Series $15
Final Fantasy Tactics $25
Final Fantasy Legend [Includes Worn Box, Manual and Map] $80
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones $65
Golden Sun: The Lost Age $40
Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire $15
Lord of the Rings The Third Age $15
Lufia The Legend Returns (Part of label missing) $35
Mario vs Donkey Kong [Game and Box only] $30
Mario vs Donkey Kong $15
Mario Kart Super Circuit [Player's Choice] CIB $50
Mega Man Battle Network $60
Mega Man Battle Network 3 White $20
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon $25
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman $25
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon $60
Shining Soul $60
Random Games Bundle - Includes: Dora, Frogger (not working), Final Fantasy IV (loads, then doesn't work), Star Wars Jedi Battles (loads, then doesn't work), Sonic Advance, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, DBZ: Legacy of Goku, Cartoon Network Speedway, Star Wars Flight of the Falcon, Side Pocket, I Spy Challenge, Top Gear Rally (2 copies), Dungeons & Dragons Eye of the Beholder, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Tetris Worlds, Namco Museum 50th Anniversary, Simpson's Road Rage - $80
Nintendo DS/3DS
Batman Arkham [no manual] $10
Chrono Trigger [CIB, no map] $100
Cooking Mama 5 [loose] $35
Dragon Quest V [CIB] $200
Fantasy Life [loose] $40
Final Fantasy III [CIB] $20
Fire Emblem Awakening [World Edition] $35
Fire Emblem Fates [Special Edition] [CIB] $500
Hotel Dusk Room 215 [No manual] $20
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance [loose] $15
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D [loose, MDE version] $15
Magical Starsign [CIB] $30
Mario Kart 7 [CIB] $15
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney & Ace Attorney Justice For All [both loose] $35
Pokemon Sun & Moon Dual Pack [Moon sealed] $110
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook [No games] $60
Pokemon Sun [Loose] $15
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire [loose] $30
Pokemon Black [CIB] $100
Pokemon X [Loose] $30
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity [Loose] $25
Pokemon Soul Silver #1 [loose, placed into new shell; old one broken but included.] $75
Pokemon Soul Silver #2 [loose, has some stuff on the back of it.] $100
Pokemon Soul Silver #3 [loose, best condition one] $110
Pokemon Rumble Blast [in rough condition] $10
Project X Zone 2 [CIB] $90
Radiant Historia [CIB] $40
Steal Princess [CIB] $110
Suikoden Tierkreis [CIB] $80
Super Princess Peach [CIB, wear to cartridge] $100
Suikoden II [Loose, has wear to disc and some scratching] $100
Harvest Moon Back to Nature [CIB] $50
Brave Story New Traveler [CIB] $45 SOLD
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII [CIB] $20
Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days [CIB] $35 SOLD
Dissadia Final Fantasy [CIB] $12
Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts [CIB] $15
Growlanser Wayfarer of Time [CIB] $60 SOLD
PoPoLoCrois [loose in blank case] $20
Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together [CIB] $25
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology [CIB] $30
The 3rd Birthday [CIB] $55
Yggdra Union [CIB] $40 SOLD
YS Seven [CIB] $70
Dragon Quest V Guide $100
Dragon Quest I-VIII Symphonic Suite Collection $70
Harvest Moon Animal Parade Guide (tear on front cover, very minor.) $110
SWITCH CASES ONLY NO GAMES AT ALL FOR $120 [List: Carrion, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo, Pokemon Shield, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Lego DC Super Villians[Steelbook], Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Zelda Skyward Sword, NEO The World Ends With You, Super Mario Party, Wolfenstein II, Mitopia, The Mummy Demastered, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Ninja Saviors, No More Heroes 1 2 3, Travis Strikes Back]
Avalon Code [Case,Manual, NO GAME] $40
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2023.06.06 19:52 No_End363 Someone help

Someone help
What do I use and is this the right stuff for highlights ? I know one of them is balayage which is more like painting. Should I use the balayage or the other package ? I have brown hair and have had both highlights and balayage done to my hair. I have also been doing my own hair for years but usually use box dye. This time I wanted to try a different way. Please help. Any and all suggestions are welcome !!
submitted by No_End363 to HairDye [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:29 Bosskz [MINI] GANDALF ARRIVE'S (9469) - 100 spots at $1/ea

Item Name Set Number: 9469
Lego Price: $100
Shipping: FREE!!!....no shipping to Hawaii or Alaska though
Raffle Total/Spots: $100
Price justification: BE
Call spots: YES
Spot limit per person:
Duration of spot limit:
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: No, US only.
Timestamp pics: https://imgur.com/a/GSYRatr
Description: New/Sealed.back of the box is dented, see pics.
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

Cash App Info: https://cash.app

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 25
Number of unpaid users: 10
Number of unpaid slots: 75
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 sirius5715
3 TwiceThePride
5 DrSeussFreak
6 nmde305
7 bosefus117
8 BboBbi
9 sirius5715
10 BboBbi
11 littlebistro
12 nmde305
13 SaveTheSticks
14 BboBbi
15 SaveTheSticks
16 nmde305
17 TwiceThePride
18 DrSeussFreak
19 Available_War941
21 bosefus117
22 DrSeussFreak
23 BboBbi
24 BboBbi
26 littlebistro
27 BboBbi
28 littlebistro
29 BboBbi
30 nmde305
31 nmde305
34 Available_War941
36 DrSeussFreak
37 Available_War941
38 bosefus117
39 littlebistro
40 littlebistro
41 Available_War941
42 DrSeussFreak
43 littlebistro
44 littlebistro
45 Available_War941
46 DrSeussFreak
48 SaveTheSticks
49 BboBbi
50 DrSeussFreak
51 DrSeussFreak
53 DrSeussFreak
54 littlebistro
55 Available_War941
56 BboBbi
57 Available_War941
59 TwiceThePride
61 Available_War941
65 BboBbi
66 TwiceThePride
67 DrSeussFreak
68 DrSeussFreak
70 littlebistro
71 bosefus117
72 Available_War941
74 TwiceThePride
76 bosefus117
77 DrSeussFreak
78 littlebistro
83 complicatedorc
84 Available_War941
85 littlebistro
87 nmde305
88 BboBbi
89 littlebistro
91 TwiceThePride
92 nmde305
93 SaveTheSticks
94 BboBbi
95 Available_War941
96 DrSeussFreak
98 Available_War941
100 TwiceThePride

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2023.06.06 19:28 Opening-Report-5225 Could I possibly have VM? Symptoms are going on for over a week now. History of chronic migraines.

Hi everyone! For some background: I’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraines since I was around 11 (24 now) and vertigo since 2020 as well as TMJ. Please excuse my writing I am having trouble with staring into my phone to type this but I’m looking for answers hopefully.
Since last Tuesday (5/30) I woke up with bad vertigo and took meclizine as I always do when I get vertigo (12.5mg). I also started with a migraine but the vertigo was worse so I focused on that. Woke up Wednesday feeling even worse and took my migraine meds (almotriptan malate 12.5mg). Just felt so off the whole day with dizziness and facial pain. Thursday I woke up and took two meclizine (25mg prescription strength). Felt so much better that day until the end of the night were I was dizzy as I was driving. Went to urgent care and said I had fluid in my ear to they gave me steroids and I only took two doses. Went to my ENT to see what else I could do for it since it was not going away. He said no fluid in my ear and sent me off with a prescription for 25mg of meclizine. Also stopped at my chiropractor to see if it was because I haven’t been adjusted in a while. Now we are on to Saturday, not feeling any better or having any relief- symptoms getting worse. Extreme dizziness and blurred/foggy vision and migraine w/ nausea. Went to the ER and they gave me the scopolamine patch. Felt okay after leaving the ER. Woke up Sunday and still felt the same, unsure how the patch accompanied with meclizine would work since nothing has given me relief. Monday went to my neurologist and he recommended taking my almotripan malate 12.5mg for a few days and see how that goes. He also suggested to up my lexapro (10mg) to 15mg bc I have been stressed lately about leaving my job. Tuesday (today) woke up with my vision completely blurred, felt as if I had my eyes dilated and could only see far way and close up was a mess. Took the patch off and my eyes went back to somewhat normal. Finally decided to Google my symptoms and see what I could find and that’s what brought me to VM. I have a feeling this is what it could be since my symptoms align with the diagnosis. I will consult my neurologist again about this information and see what he thinks. I also made an appointment with my eye dr so see if changing my glasses prescription could help (was given glasses and never used them but maybe is the time).
To end it all, my symptoms today include migraine focused on the front part of my head and face, blurry painful feeling in eyes-eyes feel heavy, dizziness upon all activities, pain around eyes, light sensitivity, difficulty concentrating. Could this be VM or something different? TIA🤞🏻
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2023.06.06 19:23 Ok_Independent_1230 FL STUDIO 21

WIN - v21.0.3 (1.01 GB)
MAC - v20.8
**Use VirusTotal or Malwarebytes if you feel at risk*\*
***Please use ModMail if you are having troubles**\*
Support RandomCracks RC2023
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2023.06.06 19:19 Dzjoppie We are building an EDH life counter app that lets you build up a rich history of statistics for you and your playgroup.

TL;DR: For the past six months we have been building our dream EDH life counter app that lets you build up a rich history of statistics for you and your playgroup.
Learn more or sign up: https://playgroup.gg/
With this post we wanted to bring our recently released 2.0 version to everyone’s attention as we feel that it is a huge step up from our version that was announced 6 months ago.
We have to thank our community on Discord (shout out to everyone on our server) for all their great suggestions so far, they have helped to improve Playgroup.gg massively. (Join our Discord here if you’re interested: https://discord.com/invite/wAG8aApDU5)
How does it work?
One player in your playgroup needs to be running the app on their device (IOS, Android, Windows or Linux). From there it works much like any other conventional life counter app, except players join the game with their personal profile, choose a deck and start tracking their life. One departure from existing apps is that we have found an easy way to track which player damages or kills which player, which makes for a really cool stat to track.
On playgroup.gg all stats are presented in real-time. There are leaderboards, in-depth game stats and also player profiles. Profiles can be made public and shared with your friends, this is one of ours for example: https://playgroup.gg/profiles/1-maran.
Background and motivation
In the past we have been using a conventional life counter app combined with the excellent Guildpact stat tracking app to record our playgroup stats, but over the years we started picturing something innovative that integrates these two functions into one platform. As a result, Playgroup.gg was born.
What’s next?
Apart from improving the current base app, we could see Playgroup.gg branching out to sub-formats like pauper Commander and cEDH. We’re also interested in hearing if formats other than EDH would be interested in using an app like this. Join our Discord if you would like to talk.
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2023.06.06 19:13 brianwilson76 Someone straighten me out on the general meaning of “funk”

So I was just reading a post where Wray and Nephew is mentioned as a funky rum. It’s made me question what I think of as “funky”.
My favorite rum is Dr. Bird. To me it is the essence of funky rum with that “rotten banana”smell. I also use a Probitas in all of my daiquiris, and I think of this as Dr. Bird light, with a funky smell and flavor, but a bit cleaner.
My experience of W&N, and even Smith and Cross, when compared to Dr. Bird or Probitas are that neither of them are very funky at all. I normally use W&N as just a way to increase the alcohol content in a drink, but I don’t find it has more funk.
So straighten me out. How is what I described above different from what most people mean when they describe a rum as funky?
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2023.06.06 19:02 staunchidiot Why does my car battery look like this?

Why does my car battery look like this?
I had it replaced two years ago and it looks like it’s leaking. What causes this? Explain like I’m an idiot (I am when it comes to cars)
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2023.06.06 18:41 PlagueDrTy Can i keep him as a pet?

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2023.06.06 18:40 tdithers Atomic Shop Weekly Update: June 6 – June 13

Full dislcaimer below. TL;DR: We're not Bethesda staff, this is an automated post.

Filthy Casual Links

From Bethesda.net

Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week's free items.

Free Items

Fireworks, get your fireworks here! The Catherine Wheel Fireworks Stand is available for all Fallout 1st Members until July 4.
Perk up! Get one Perk Card Pack, free for all players until June 13.
Item Available Until
Catherine Wheel Fireworks Stand (Fallout 1st) July 4
Perk Card Pack x1 June 13
Visit the Atomic Shop on these days to claim a different reward, like consumables, in-game currencies, and more. Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.
Item Available on
Caps x250 June 6
Carry Weight Booster June 7
Lunchbox June 8
Scrap Kit June 9
Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 2) June 10
Lunchbox June 11
Repair Kit June 12
Don't forget to claim these items to celebrate Pride Month, free for all players!


Pride Flag Bundle Pride Flag Icon Bundle Pride Photomode Frame

Limited Time Offers

These bundles are all 30% for a limited time only, so grab them while you can!
Item Atom price
Big and Tall C.A.M.P. Bundle 2500 1750 (30% off!)
Brotherhood Reclaimed Deluxe Bundle 2400 1680 (30% off!)
Missile Silo Shelter Bundle 2000 1400 (30% off!)
Burbling Brew-haha Nukashine Bundle 1500 1050 (30% off!)
Country Flair Bundle 1500 1050 (30% off!)
Grelok Villain Bundle 1500 1050 (30% off!)
Ghillie Netting Bundle 1800 1260 (30% off!)
Stash Box Bundle 1000 700 (30% off!)
Summer BBQ Bundle 1000 700 (30% off!)
Framed Paintings C.A.M.P. Bundle 1200 840 (30% off!)
Snow Fighter Bundle 1500 1050 (30% off!)
Clean Ranch Housing Bundle 1500 1050 (30% off!)
Halloween Costume Bundle 1800 1260 (30% off!)
Season 3 Vault Décor Bundle 1800 1260 (30% off!)
Season 2 Antagonist Bundle 1200 840 (30% off!)
Power Patrol Outfit Bundle 1000 700 (30% off!)
Photomode Frame Bundle 600 420 (30% off!)
Photomode Four Pose Bundle 900 630 (30% off!)

Last Week

Some of last week's items are still available for a limited time.
Item Atom Price
Drive-in Dolly Bundle 1400
Mistress of Mystery Bundle 1800
Drive-In Dolly Outfit 700
Neon Sign - Nuka Quantum 300
Hot Rod Power Armor Bench Model 700
Sugar Bombs Pip-Boy Paint 600
Tire Toilet Outhouse 300
Unstoppables! Bed 300
The Unstoppables Stash 500
The Drive-in Dolly Bundle includes: * Drive-In Dolly Outfit * Neon Sign - Nuka Quantum * Hot Rod Power Armor Station * Wave Pose * So Hungry Emote * Sugar Bombs Pip-Boy Paint * Tire Toilet Outhouse * Corvega Diner Seat * Hot rod on blocks
The Mistress of Mystery Bundle includes: * Mistress of Mystery PA Paint Set * Mistress of Mystery Sidekick Costume and Underarmor * Mistress of Mystery Sidekick Mask * Mistress of Mystery Player Icon * Unstoppables! Bed * The Unstoppables Stash

Greatest Hits

Some of our favorite items have returned to the shop for a limited time. Each item listed below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET on June 13.
Item Atom Price
Park Ranger Bundle 1800 1440 (20% off!)
Season 2 Antagonist Bundle 1200 960 (20% off!)
Vault-Tec Bomber Jacket Bundle 1000 800 (20% off!)
Hellfire Regulator Prototype Power Armor Paint Set 1200 960 (20% off!)
Viking Costume 700 560 (20% off!)
The Flying Fortress 700 560 (20% off!)
Sports Nostalgia Wallpaper 500 400 (20% off!)
Pip-Boy Pose 150 120 (20% off!)
Bye Now Emote 100 80 (20% off!)

Headed for the Vault

Some existing items are heading out of the Atomic Shop and into the Vault this week. Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on June 13.
Item Atom Price
Bowling Team Bundle 1200
Bad Idea Bundle 1200
Doll Set Bundle 600
Bowling Ball Loot Bag 500
Big Fill & Bigger Fill Ceiling Light 350
Antique Gas Pump Brewing Workbench 500
Flame-ingo Paint (Flamer) 500
Daredevil Bodysuit w/ Helmet 800
Annebelle Porcelain Doll 250
The Bowling Team Bundle includes: * Bowling Ball Rack Display Case with 5 Balls * Black Alley Cats Bowling Ball * Vault 76 Blue Bowling Ball * Gold Hornwright Bowling Ball * Red Atom Bomb Bowling Ball * Resin Vault Boy Bowling Ball * Alley Cats Bowling team outfit * Big Fill Lights * Bowling Ball Loot Bag
The Bad Idea Bundle includes: * Antique Gas Pump Brewing Workbench * Flame-ingo Weapon Skin * Nuclear Glare Pose * Daredevil Bodysuit w/ Helmet
The Doll Set Bundle includes: * Annabelle Porcelain Doll * Porcelain Doll * Heirloom Blue Porcelain Doll

Weekly Offers

Check out the daily deals this week in the Atomic Shop! Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.
Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Revolver Set - July 4th (Fallout 1st) 500 250 (50% off!) June 6 June 13
Nuka-Cola Quantum Bundle (Fallout 1st) 500 375 (25% off!) June 6 June 13
Dying of Thirst! Emote 300 150 (50% off!) June 6 June 7
Ambulance Gurney Set 250 125 (50% off!) June 7 June 8
Directors Hunting Rifle 500 250 (50% off!) June 8 June 9
Black Shovel Backpack 500 250 (50% off!) June 9 June 10
Roadtripper Blouse and Capris 400 200 (50% off!) June 10 June 11
Camden Park Cooking Stove 500 250 (50% off!) June 11 June 12
Responders Power Armor 1500 750 (50% off!) June 12 June 13

Previous Posts

Title Post Date
Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 30 – June 6 2023-05-30 17:50:11
Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 23 – May 30 2023-05-23 16:10:05
Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 16 – May 23 2023-05-16 16:50:05
Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 9 – May 16 2023-05-09 19:00:04
Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 2 – May 9 2023-05-03 15:10:04

From FC Mods

Need help with something? Pop by our Discord (link below)! Note: We have a bouncer bot. You may be asked to verify your account to prevent spam.
Disclaimer: This is an automated post pulling Bethesda's news page. FC Mods are NOT Bethesda staff, responses to this post likely won't reach Bethesda staff. For official feedback, go to the official Bethesda Discord, or Bethesda support page.
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2023.06.06 18:36 secrefiser Energiebedarf KfW70 Haus ca. 140kW/m² im Jahr?

Hallo, wir haben vor kurzem ein Reihenendhaus gekauft welches wir komplett kernsanieren wollen. Bezüglich der Energieberatung tun sich mir ein paar Fragen auf. Vielleicht hat ja jemand ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht und kann mir das so bestätigen/erklären. Aufgrund der hohen Zinsen wollen wir die günstigen KfW-Zinsen (aktuell ca. 1% zu 3,5-4% bei der "normalen" Bank) nutzen. Dafür haben wir uns von unserem Energieberater natürlich einen Sanierungsfahrplan erstellen lassen und genaue Vorgaben bekommen, wie dick wir z.B. dämmen müssen: Dach 24cm, Außenwand 20cm, Kellerdecke 10cm. Damit erreichen wir dann den KfW70 Standard. Trotz der dicken Dämmung und dem KfW70-Standard sollen wir auf einen Endenergiebedarf von über 17.000 kWh/Jahr kommen. Das ergibt bei unseren gut 120m² einen Verbrauch von ca. 140kWh/m² im Jahr. Wenn ich den KfW Standard Google, sollte ein KfW70 Haus um die 45 kWh/m² liegen.
Unser Energieberater meint die Rechung sei so richtig und der reale Verbrauch wurde hinterher halt viel niedriger liegen, aber rechnerisch kommt das halt so raus. Seit einer Änderung im Januar seien die Ergebnisse bei den Berechnungen so hoch, das sei politisch so gewollt.
Kann das jemand bestätigen? Für mich ist das irgendwie missverständlich. Immerhin legt unser Heizungsbauer die Heizung ja jetzt auch auf 17.000 kWh aus.
tl;dr: sanieren ein Haus nach KfW70 Standard, berechneter Energieverbrauch kommt mir mit 140 kWh/m² viel zu hoch vor
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