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Sedici Strada II new helmet smells like a new car

2023.06.02 19:26 Sudden_Ad_4193 Sedici Strada II new helmet smells like a new car

I just got my new Sedici Strada II Mips 2 days ago. A couple of times while wearing it I thought I was riding in a new car. lol
Do other new helmets smell like new car too?
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2023.05.31 00:43 zxcvcxzv Question about jackets in the summer

Got my license, getting a bike soon after safety course. It's a bit annoying that it is so hot already, but I have my gloves, helmet and some other gear (going to use my own in the course, rather than theirs). In need of a jacket, but I am also on somewhat of a budget of around 200 or less. I plan on learning to ride over the summer as best as I can (sticking to my area, not touching highways). I was wondering if anyone can recommend some nice jackets that would be breathable, I assume mesh jackets after I did some research. I was also wondering do any of you buy used gear off of places like Kijiji or FBMarket place? Would you recommend it, why or why not?
I looked at brands such as Scorpion, Sedici, Cortech, etc for jackets.
All responses help!
Edit: Of course I know the big name brands such as Alpinestars (gloves are from here), Icon Etc..
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2023.05.29 05:47 TinyTina_BoomKitty_4 First accident, gear saved my life!

I was just in my first (hopefully only) accident a few days ago. Some a-hole decided to push me off the road and then ran away; cops said it was likely a drunk hit and run and there wasn't much more I could've done. I hit the ground at around 40mph and bike got wedged into some palm trees. My biggest injury is 2 broken fingers and some bruises. I just wanted to say, please wear your gear. I went to the ER and they were amazed by the small extent of my injuries given the conditions. I'm not trying to shame those that don't wear gear, but maybe seeing this is the push you needed to wear it and stay safe!! If it wasn't for my gear, I could've gotten very hurt. I was wearing a helmet, jacket with shouldeelbow/back protector, gloves, kevlar lined pants with hip/knee pads and steel toed shoes.
I know this subreddit will remove my post soon, they always do, im just hoping it reaches someone that needs to see it.
Edit: since a few people asked, here's my gear list and pictures after incident
Top investment was my Shoei RF-1400 helmet. Thankfully it didn't hit the ground so I just have to dig dirt out of the vents.
Sedici Federico 2 Mesh Women's Jacket. Came with CE level 2 shoulder and elbow pads, I added a D3O back pad.
GREAT BIKERS GEAR - Motorcycle Ladies Kevlar Protective Women Leggings Short Leg. Didn't come with padding but does have pockets for them. I added D3O hip pads and knee pads
BILT Sprint Women's Gloves. These I wouldn't recommend. They have no CE rating and I ended up with broken fingers, lesson learned.
I was also wearing steel toe work boots but will be upgrading to actual riding boots as well as some Alpinestars gloves.
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2023.05.25 05:16 t_ghosh I compiled this list of gear that I am planning to get. I am a newbie rider. My plan is to get the gear first, take the safety course and then get my motorcycle. Looking for comments and suggestions.

I compiled this list of gear that I am planning to get. I am a newbie rider. My plan is to get the gear first, take the safety course and then get my motorcycle. Looking for comments and suggestions.
Will the leather jacket and pants be an overkill? I am from Colorado. I have no idea how bad it is to hit asphalt at 60mph. Kindly do let me know if there are other suggestions.
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2023.05.22 14:31 MotoNewsFeed New Video: Sedici Strada II Limited Edition Forged Carbon Helmet BTS

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2023.05.22 00:03 DripOrDryTrying Bonded Title - Bad Idea?

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2023.05.19 14:31 MotoNewsFeed New Video: Sedici Strada II: Limited Edition Forged Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Official Launch #Shorts

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2023.05.16 14:50 PinballerD Recommend a modular helmet with good airflow and is fairly quiet

Can anyone recommend a modular helmet that has good airflow and is fairly quiet and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I started riding last year and bought a 1Storm modular helmet from Amazon just to get a helmet quickly and not spend too much money until I could do more research. I actually like the helmet, but I'm dubious of the DOT rating since I can't hardly find any online reviews and would prefer something with a better safety rating.
I purchased a Sedici full face helmet last week which is ECE rated. I know that Sedici is one of Cycle Gear's in-house brands, but I figured that spending more money would get me a better helmet. It's got a built-in SENA com system. I took my first ride yesterday with it and couldn't get over how 1) noisy it is and 2) how crappy the airflow was with the faceshield down. I tend to sweat a lot on my head so it was fogging up quickly. Air temp was around 70 degrees. I didn't try the com system.
I think I prefer the modular helmets over the full faced helmets. It's nice to be able to flip up the front at the gas station, etc. instead of taking the helmet off. Can anyone recommend a modular helmet that checks all the boxes on my list?
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2023.05.04 13:56 Gabilano Helmet pressure around head

Bought a sedici Strada 2 helmet in medium since the large felt a little loose. Been wearing the medium around the house and I’ve noticed that I can feel a ring of pressure around my head. It’s a similar path as measuring your head with measuring tape. I’ve been wearing it off and on the past couple of days. The longest time being an hour straight. It’s not causing any pain or headaches. Is the pressure I’m feeling normal?
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2023.05.03 06:00 Sea-Ask2125 First time Motorcycle owner

First time Motorcycle owner
I just bought a motorcycle. I’m new to this any advice on learning to ride? Good sites for protective gear and parts (for future use)?
Bike: 2023 Kawasaki z125 Helmet: Sedici System 2 helmet.
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2023.04.30 21:41 azanator- Sedici gear quality

I’m new rider, still working on getting a bike, but licensed and getting gear in meantime… got LS2 Challenger F helmet already but looking for armojackets/pants/etc. I’m horrible at shopping online but I thankfully found a store while outta town that had a ton of sport bike gear, Texas is a lot of leather. I saw a lot of Sedici that I liked but stock with sizing was issue as always. Who’s had Sedici, how is it overall? Protection is my #1, if I can feel slick and not melt in Texas at the same time, even better. What’s the best online retailer to use for Sedici?
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2023.04.30 20:28 thismyotheraccount2 [WTS/WTT] Trijicon RMR06 scalarworks 1.57, PA SLx G3 Prism for 300BO, Rave140 trigger, motorcycle gear

RMR06 on a 1.57 scalarworks mount - has lived on my MPX, saw some solid range time but in great condition. Comes in OG box with manuals and the scalarworks torx bit (but I'm keeping the cleaning tool, love that little thing). $500
PA SLx 3x32mm Gen III Prism Scope - Red ACSS CQB Reticle - 7.62x39 / .300 BLK originally posted here - $220 $200
Rise Armament Rave 140 drop in trigger - few hundred rounds of use. $100 SOLD
Dibs then PM here, all prices are shipped and PP G&S due to status - NO NOTES
Bonus Send it Sunday:
Motorcycles: they're expensive, loud, people will tell you they're dangerous, ask why you need one, and most importantly if you don't look good doing it then what's the point... pretty much exactly like raising kids, which is why I gave up my 2 wheeled freedom ~4 years ago, and foolisly kept this gear thinking... IDK what I was thinking.
Gear was never in any crashes, accidents, bar fights etc
Items I'd accept in trade:
Not looking for any uppers, but otherwise shoot your shot. The moto gear has to go.
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2023.04.27 20:52 Xman36 Bluetooth Helmet Compatibility

So I just got a Scorpion T520 exo-com helmet and I know that it can communicate with the “mesh Bluetooth” of other Exo-Coms. I’m wondering if it can ONLY communicate with other Exo-Com helmets, or if the mesh can be compatible with other helmet/Bluetooth brands? Can my T520 talk to a BILT or Sedici or etc?
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2023.04.26 08:17 Mightypk1 Shoei chinstrap digs into throat.

Just got a Shoei GT air, spent more money on the helmet than i wanted, but everyone swears by it, but after my first ride i noticed the chinstrap feels like its digging/ cutting my throat, ive tried making it as lose as possible, making it tight, pushing/ pulling it away, nothing works, continues trying to get used to it but it just becomes painful.
Ive had several other helmets, HJC, sedici, Fox, Bell, never had an issue with the chinstraps, i like the Shoei, but i cant return it, and it's too expensive to just replace. this is a big issue, ive been riding with the chinstrap not buckler because its paintful to have it buckled.
Any ideas?
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2023.04.24 00:13 notrobjob0909 Replace original Headset

I bought a helmet, a sedici sistema 2 stradale, with a sena DW-06 headset in it. I love the helmet, it’s lightweight, modular and in flat black. The headset is garbage. At full volume, it’s distorted and is barely audible. The mic is alright but my main qualm with it is the battery life. I’ll charge it overnight, and sometimes it’ll last 2 or 3 hours or it’ll have no charge in it at all even though the blue “full battery” light comes on. Is there a way I can remove it and put in my own? I took the lining out and I can’t seem to find a way to get it out.
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2023.04.19 20:33 WaffleMaster_22 It not fit

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2023.04.16 18:44 Consistent_Nobody732 Rate my gear

Hi all,

I wanted to get some feedback on the gear I have (and suggestions on potentially what I'm missing). For context, I ride a Yamaha MT07 2022; mostly to go to the gym (10 mins), chill rides on the weekends, and live in Illinois (so only spring/summefall riding).

Jacket: Dainese Fighter Leather Jacket
Boots: Dainese Atipica Air
Gloves: Dainese X-Ride
Helmet: Sedici Strada II

I know I'm missing riding pants (so open to suggestions!) and also open to any suggestions!

Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.15 22:35 Redderrt Sedici strata or icon airform?

I’m a beginner rider and looking for a decent helmet to get the job done until I can upgrade in a couple of years or so. I love the icons and the crazy graphics, and they have pretty a decent repulsion. I don’t know as much about sedici, but I went to cycle gear and tried one on and it was actually pretty comfortable. The guy there told me that he would choose the sedici any day over an airform which really surprised me. Do you guys think the sedici is actually better than the airform? Both are around the 250-300 dollar price point. Based on feel they both felt fine. The thing is cycle gear makes sedici so it would make since for him to lean me towards sedici rather than icon.
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2023.04.12 05:51 EducationalEntry6891 I almost got killed today

OK I got off work and wanted to go see a truck that I’ve been looking at. I have my sedici helmet on that has a graphic design and a Levi jacket with some patches on it I had my camo backpack on with a fishing pole sticking out the top of it because I went fishing earlier in the day before I went to work. So I got onto a road that I absolutely hate because of the potholes and my maps told me to take the highway so I sped up to get in front of a car that was in the Lane that leads to the highway and I accidentally cut them off. I didn’t realize how close he was to me and i’m a newer rider on a 1400 cruiser so when I went around the bend I had to slow down a little bit as it scared me for how fast I was going to get in front of the guy. so I’m chilling thinking all is good and this dude screams past me almost clipping me and stops right in the middle of the turnpike and in my head I was like what the hell so I stopped and I seen that he was trying to get out of the car so I tried to take off but he tried to pin me in between his car and the wall right there so I waited for him to stop completely and hop out of the car to come beat my ass and took off through the little slit he left me. So I got onto the highway and took off I’m doing like 110 in fifth gear trying to get away from this guy and I thought I got away. So I take the next exit because in my head I’m thinking I have faster acceleration than him but my bike isn’t that fast TopSpeed so he’ll probably catch me if I keep going straight. So I get off on the exit and I’m coming around and in my mirror I can see him just barreling at me. So I came out and started taking off again and I thought well if I get stuck at a red light I’m fucked he’s gonna hit me so I pulled over on the sidewalk because motorcycles can go on sidewalks lol and I stopped around some telephone poles so he couldn’t just run me over. so I’m sitting for a second and he pulls up next to me I couldn’t hear him through my new helmet because it’s really tight but I thought I heard I’m gonna fucking kill you faggot. So there were rocks and curb in between me and the street and after he said that he took off a little bit and I thought I was done but he pulled in to the little parking lot right there and started coming after me again so I pulled into the rocks and off the curb and that slowed me down a little bit so he pulled out and he was maybe half an inch away from running me over with his jeep Cherokee. It scared the living fuck out of me and I’m kind of scared to get back on the bike now. I carry a 9 mm sig and I was just wondering what would you guys do in the situation. Do you think I was justified to shoot him when he got out of the car and chased me on the turnpike? Do you think I was justified to shoot him when he was trying to run me over with his car? I’m a little afraid he’s going to see me again with my camo backpack and my helmet and try to run me over again . should i make a police report? i dont want to shoot somebody at all. i just carry because i know people can be unpredictable.
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2023.04.12 02:51 OGDrizzy AGV K1 Packtalk Slim

Does anyone have this combo and have it sit nicely in the helmet? My battery sits out awkwardly, and I can’t find an angle or bracket that makes its flush. Has anyone had any success?
It fit beautifully in my Sedici Primo Strada but this one it doesn’t seem to have a good angle.
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2023.04.10 14:32 MotoNewsFeed New Video: Sedici Duale Helmet Review

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2023.04.05 04:39 TieRepresentative414 Glasses wearing partially deaf guy looking for new helmet

Looking to get a helmet that is glasses friendly and quiet enough that I can skip wearing earplugs (if possible) cause I am deaf in my right ear. Most of my riding will be to work in New York City from New Jersey so about a 50 minute commute, staying between 500-700 dollars.
I tried on the HJC rhpa, and the rf1400 both seems very comfortable with my glasses, all the reviews point to the rf1400. Currently have a sedici strada that is too small for my head and a 22 xsr900.
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