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The Princess and the Human, Book 2 Ch. 1

2023.06.07 20:29 Dak1on The Princess and the Human, Book 2 Ch. 1

Book 1 - Wiki

31st day after my arrival

Dear Diary,

it is now going by Earth’s calendar, I now would’ve spent an entire month on Hohmiy. Although the days here are slightly longer, so I guess it’s actually a bit more than that. Either way, it certainly was an eventful month “month”. Over the last “week”, things have finally calmed down a bit. The princess Sil has recovered enough to get back to work, even if not at full capacity. She also can’t stand for long yet, but considering she almost died
She also started to prepare delegations to the other species to see if any of them met the rest of the colony. They will depart soon. I’m not sure if I should hope for or fear getting an answer. I want nothing more than to hear that the rest is alright, but what if they are all that’s not the only reply that could come back. Either way, it will take a while.
I swear if I hear the phrase “word travels slowly beyond the hyperlanes” one more time, I’m gonna lose it.

Today in the evening is the trial. Which also means it is time for me to step out of the shadows. Honestly, my heart hasn’t calmed down at all yet. Thankfully, longer days also mean longer nights, otherwise, I wouldn’t nearly have gotten enough sleep. My speech is ready, and both Doc and the Baron did their best to prepare me. I know it word by word. All that’s left is to not embarrass myself and Sil while literally the entire planet is watching me. No biggie. Part of me wants to ask if not broadcasting everything is an option, at least not live. I know it is not, but still. At least I don’t have to be near anybody, and Osiyn promised he would finish the protective suit today, so that will probably also help.
To think that this shady guy from the Tystrie had so many spies on the planet… good thing they managed to decrypt his datapad. Captain Kessga has been able to discreetly arrest most of them without it being made public.
For their trial itself, it’s more or less a clean case. And once the opener is done, I won’t have to do anything except keep my rage down when I see the ambassador. Honestly, I didn’t even know I could get this angry. In hindsight, it is scary. But I have to keep it down, I must be better than that.


The sun rose over the walls of the Sky Palace as Queen Mirvani started her day. Today, it would be her turn again to visit Kiyrtin at the hospital, something she was looking forward to. She knew that she and her partner, King Kiyrta, would get informed immediately should his condition take a turn for the worse, but it still was a relief each time she saw him being fine. Well, as fine as he could be given the circumstances. He was still a nursing case until his first molting, and if the doctor’s estimates were correct, he would be on the verge of adulthood by the time he made a full recovery. She was still seething from anger whenever she thought about it. This First Ones-dammed saliyc had almost killed her precious son and robbed him of his childhood in the process, and for nothing else than his stupid company. And while she could find some satisfaction in the knowledge that she had brought him to justice, that didn’t change his situation.
She shook her head and entered the audience hall, which was currently fairly empty. Only the King and the palace’s steward were here for now.
“… and for the rest, he can just ask Rigiy. You know, the one who always does this weird thing when she talks, like-“
“I assume you are talking about Duchess Rigiyrion of clan Jarion?” the steward was quick to interpret the king’s words. “Who has a birth defect that sometimes causes her throat to act up, slightly impairing her speech pattern?”
Kiyrta tilted his head.
“Ah, is that’s how it’s called? I mean the thing Sil often did as a kid, especially when she was angry, that was really adorable. It at least sounds similar to what Rigiy does, it’s of course not really adorable when an adult does it. And she’s just doing it randomly, not just when she’s angry, so it can get a bit weird.”
For a tigg, Mirvani thought she could see the steward wincing, though she probably just imagined that. After all, why should he?
“You Majesty, I’m sure you have a lot else to do, how about I formulate the answer and you just sign it?”
Good to see that his job is not just a mere duty to him, the queen mentally noted the steward’s eagerness as she went over to her partner, who merely shrugged and dismissed him.
“Unification Day?”
Kiyrta nodded at his partner’s assumption.
“You’d think they would know what to do for something that happens every cycle. Did you hear anything new from the building yard?”
“Yes, “We apologize for the delay; the plans should be finished in a few days”. They apparently had to reschedule because of an unexpected shortage of manpower.”
Adjusting her yellow cape, she sat down.
“And still no news about Sil finally finding a partner? Or at least that she's looking for one?”
The king just shook his head. Then, he started to chuckle.
“You know, maybe we should give her the throne a bit sooner to motivate her! Even she can’t rule the planet alone.”
“She would try anyway!” Mirvani joined him in his laughter. “But jokes aside, we’re not that old yet. Maybe in five cycles, we can do that. Though we should have at least a grandchild when-“
A frantic knocking at the door interrupted her, and upon being called in, a stressed-looking servant hurried to the king and queen.
“Y-your Majesties! We received an urgent message from the Star Palace!”
“What happened?”
“Um,” the servant fidgeted slightly. “Before I can relay the message, and I’m quoting Her Highness, Princess Silgvani on this: "Make both, my father and my mother, promise to listen to the end before they do anything". Again, her orders.”
Kiyrta cocked his head and looked at his partner.
“Why does she always do that?”
“No idea. Anyway, I promise.”
“Me too.”
The servant nodded.
“Okay, then: There was an attempt on Her Highness’s life. She was poisoned, but-“
“WHAT?!” both screamed in unison.
“Sh-she survived.” the servant hurriedly reassured them.
“Who did it?!” the king demanded. “Are the suspects?!”
“How did it occur?!” the queen added.
“Th-the culprit was already caught.”
“Then have them brought here immediately, prepare the trial ASAP!”
“I-I quote Her Highness again: ”Since you entirely relinquished all authority relating to foreign matters to me, due to the specific circumstances of this case, I outrank you in this. Since I myself was the wronged party, by the laws of our ancestors, you do not qualify to hold the trial. As the highest authority on Hohmiy in all foreign matters, I hereby invoke the rule of impossibility for a judge of higher rank, and declare myself judge in this matter”.”
The two went silent for a moment until the king spoke again.
“But… has she already recovered enough for that?”
“By her own testimony, yes. The trial will start in one inva. And yes, it will be broadcasted live.”
Mirvani nodded.
“Cancel all of our appointments for today,” she ordered the servant and activated the big screen at the end of the audience hall.
Once the news got out, the palace was in turmoil. Accidents and endangerments born from incompetency were one thing. But an active assassination attempt on the royal family, that had never happened during the lifetime of anyone still alive today.
Finally, the broadcast started. Mirvani could see her daughter on the screen, and she couldn’t help but notice how weak she looked. But her expression was one of pure determination. Across from her, cuffed to a chair, sat a Tystrie, a matriarch judging by the size. Could it be…
“The trial in the case of Kykla, ambassador of planet Eroas and representative of the Tystrie, is hereby open,” she could hear her daughter's voice from the speakers. “As there is more than one wronged party, the word is first with the one wronged last, as it is our tradition.”
More than one? What was she talking about? The massage hadn’t said anything about that.
“Who is that?” Kiyrta inquired as a strange creature came into the picture, bowing before Silgvani before turning to the audience. “Or what?”
Mirvani could only agree. If it was an alien, she had never seen it before. It didn’t even look close to any of the species in the alliance. A pale body with neither skin nor fur, except for one rather large patch on its head, so long it almost reached her hips. The face had a reddish hue, with eyes that shimmered blue in the light of the headlamps. Its body was quite small with a delicate frame, which made it difficult to believe that such a frail species could even survive until reaching civilization. The clothes it wore were rather excessive; a white… something covered almost its entire body from the neck down, but as this was seemingly not enough for it, it also wore a green top and a blue skirt over it, the latter being similar in style to the fashion of Hohmiy's nobility.
It didn’t speak at first. Instead, its hands rose to its neck, and almost demonstratively slowly, it took off its translator.
“I am Nadine Valentina Esmeralda Anastasia von Klot of House Haydenfeldt, ambassador of planet Earth and representative of the humans,” it said in a soft voice. Its accent was quite notable, but besides that, it surprisingly spoke perfect Vanaery. Few people bothered learning the language of another species, as it took a good portion of one’s life to master it. And before mastering it, translators were more reliable, even if they weren’t perfect. And what definitely never happened was a noble learning another language, they would at best fund it for one of their servants. And all that was assuming it was a language they could physically speak.
“For the sake of a more fluid procedure, I hereby declare that humanity relinquishes its right of persecution to the Vanaery for this case only.”


The day before

“Are you sure you don’t want to persecute her yourself as well?” Silgvani asked as the small alien rehearsed her speech for a final time, her gloved hands holding the notes shaking in nervousness. “You would have any right to do so.”
“Not by our laws,” Nadine refuted, “And I really don’t want to do something that could cause issues later on. Calling myself the ambassador of humanity is already more than stretching it.”
“You literally represent every human known to the Vanaery,” the princess shrugged.
“Sil, we both know that that’s a technicality and that I don’t have any real power. I get that I have to say it so this doesn’t turn into a massive political clusterfuck, but anything beyond that could mean serious trouble at some point. Besides, it’s not like it would change anything. I mean, is there any way this will end without you ordering her execution?”
“Well, we have to inform her home planet about the verdict and they could theoretically appeal it, but considering how clear-cut the case is I doubt they will.”
“Then it makes no difference.”
After a short knock on the door, Mhita entered with a box in her hands.
“Lady Nadine, a package arrived for you.”
With a thankful nod, the small alien took the box and left for the adjacent room.
“What the hell?!” she suddenly shouted from behind the door.
“Did something happen?”
“Look at this!”
Nadine re-entered, her face having taken on a more reddish color – “blushing”, as Silgvani now knew it was called. Instead of just being long-sleeved gloves, her new protective suit covered everything from the neck down. It was a single piece with no visible seams, even the gloves weren’t separate. The only things not covered were her face and feet. This would hopefully alleviate her fear of touching someone. Her reaction was strange though.
“What is the problem? Isn’t this exactly what you ordered? Covering everything, white so it can be easily combined with other articles of clothing, and a bit tighter fitting so you can wear other things over it.”
Nadine’s expression on the princess's statement was one of complete bewilderment.
“There is a difference between “a bit tighter fitting” and a FREAKIN’ SPANDEX!”
“A what?”
“I can’t wear this! This is worse than being naked!”
Silgvani tilted her head in confusion.
“… how so? I get that your kind has a different attitude to clothing than we have, but I really don’t see the issue here.”
“B-but… I…”
“Look, if it is that bad, no one forces you to wear it. You could just wear your normal clothes, but considering what happened, I also understand that you don’t want to risk your sweat getting on someone. There is no established connection yet, so no one will judge you for your clothes, but you not making an appearance today is sadly no longer an option. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but if you want a protective suit, that’s the only one we have. And as I said, it was designed with you wearing something else over it in mind anyway.”
For a while, it seemed like Nadine wanted to say something, but in the end, she sighed.
“Please promise me that no human will ever see the recording of this trial. At least not the part where I am visible.”
“If it is important to you, that can be arranged.”


Githaiy gave Nadine a nod as the small alien sat down next to her and visibly deflated before putting on her translator again.
“It was good,” she reassured her. “Your pronunciation could still use some work, but each word was correct. Even for a rehearsed speech, it was impressive considering how little time you had.”
Nadine just nodded and turned her gaze back to the center of the hall, where a vassal started to announce the accusation.
“On the 87th day of the cycle, the defendant coerced the maid Kaiyla, who at the time was temporarily stationed at the Star Palace, to administer Her Highness, Princess Silgvani, a lethal dose of calcium that would have killed her had it not been for the immediate and heroic actions of Lady Nadine of the Humans. The defendant then had Kaiyla killed, making it look like suicide to blame the crime entirely on her. On the 90th day of the cycle, when Lady Nadine uncovered the ruse, the defendant used a network of spies within our own people - which is currently being dealt with - to administer her the highly restricted and dangerous neurotoxin ethanol, which she only survived due to her unique physique which the defendant had no knowledge of. The defendant finally attempted to blame Githaiy of clan Trocu, royal physician at the Star Palace, for the deed.”
Nervous muttering could be heard among the audience, even more than after Nadine’s speech. Both Githaiy and the princess had agreed to not put emphasis on the doctor’s role in saving the princess’s life, one because it was her job, and two because all of this had the secondary purpose of giving Nadine a good image right from the get-go. Therefore, they made sure to highlight Nadine’s feats during the accusation.
Once the princess raised her voice, the muttering quickly died down.
“Kykla, ambassador of planet Eroas and representative of the Tytrie. You are accused of attempted regicide, attempted homicide, murder of a commoner, conspiring, and defamation in multiple cases. What do you have to say?”
The ambassador cocked her head in a way that looked almost mockingly.
“I was just following orders! The high council were the ones who decided that Princess Silgvani needed to be removed, all I did was in service of my people, as all of you would have done for your own!”
She made a dramatic pause in which the entire hall fell absolutely silent.
“Is that what you want to hear from me? That’s what you hope I would say, give you a reason to punish all of my kind for the acts of one individuum, right?”
“I “hope” that you just make your statement already,” the princess answered with a sinister voice.
“What is there to state? Your servant already said everything. I did as is written in the accusation, and I did so on my own accord. No one on Eroas knew I would do that, I myself made the decision only after arriving here. A decision that almost got me killed thanks to that thing over there. My only accomplices were Qeylo, if whatever your little monster left of him can still be identified, and whoever on this planet worked for him. I never met any of his “friends” as he called them, but you seem to have that topic already covered anyway.”
With that, she leaned back in her chair, making it clear that she had said her piece. The rest of the trial was standard procedure, some guards and servants gave their statements, and Githaiy explained a bit about the poisons and their effects until it was time for the verdict.
“Kykla of the Tystrie. For your crimes, I hereby sentence you to death. The sentence will be put on hold and you will be imprisoned until the high council of Eroas confirms the verdict. By the First Ones, I, Silgvani of clan Kiyron, princess of the Vanaery, have spoken.”
Outraged chatter filled the hall as the audience left, while Nadine and Githaiy rushed over to the princess.
“Your Highness, how are you feeling?”
“I’ll manage. But I should go to rest.”
As they escorted the princess to her private chambers, they noticed some servants muttering hastily.
“Is there an issue?” she asked, as always not being able to leave it to others.
“N-no, your highness,” one of them quickly assured her. “There was a short power outage at the start of the trial, and we’re currently trying to find out how it happened. But you don’t need to worry, your highness. It was just for a few tiggs, and we managed to get the broadcast up again immediately.”
“So, everyone saw the verdict?”
“Yes, I can guarantee that.”
“Alright then. Carry on.”
Finally, they reached the chambers and Silgvani sank into her chair with an exhausted groan.
“What happens next?” Nadine wanted to know.
“Now we send a delegation to Eroas to tell them what happened. Since Kykla is not a citizen and a representative, her own people must confirm the verdict before we can enact it. But as I said, with all the evidence and her own confession, they won’t try to appeal it. It’s just a formality at this point, but considering the travel time and the fact that they will likely be in turmoil when they hear it, it can take up to thirty days until we have the confirmation. We likely won’t hear from them till then since word tra-“
“Travels slow beyond the hyperlanes, I know.”

Since there are quite a number of names in the story by now, I wrote a glossary into the wiki where you can read up on the different species and characters. It’s still a WIP, but I hope it helps still. I can’t expect you to remember everything after all.
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2023.06.07 20:27 PM_ME_YOUR_PALETTES When should I worry about my baby not understanding me?

My baby is almost 10 months old. He is my first baby and I’m a SAHM, so I’m trying to learn and be cognizant of the fact that every baby does things at their own pace, and try not to compare and let it stress me out. But I’m beginning to grow concerned over my son’s lack of communication and how to work on it. I don’t see my son demonstrating anything that indicates to me that he understands me. He doesn’t turn towards me when I call his name (but he does turn towards loud sounds, so it’s not his hearing.) He doesn’t gesture. He doesn’t seem to understand games like peek-a-boo, taking turns, rolling a ball. He had an early bout of stranger danger but now that’s over and he seems to have little separation anxiety. He used to babble like crazy but that has slowed down a lot as he became more mobile. He was an early roller, an early crawler, and now an early walker, so a lot of his day is running away from me to explore every corner of the house. I try to sit on his level, play games, initiate, whatever, but he often isn’t watching me and is instead trying to climb onto the coffee table or pulling toys out of their bin or what have you.
Our pediatrician said that because he’s ahead on his physical milestones, it is natural to be behind in other areas. He’s healthy, no hearing problems or anything. I am just wondering when I need to be concerned specifically about him understanding me? When would early intervention be appropriate? And is there anything I can do to work on this?
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2023.06.07 20:22 EnthusiasmSeparate41 Suggestions on how to support my boyfriend with an alcoholic mother

My boyfriend I are both 20, we still live with our parents. His mother has been an alcoholic since around 5th grade. She blames him and his dad, calls them monsters, throws things at them. She gets progressively worse, falls and breaks a bone, goes to the hospital, sobers up for a few days, and the cycle repeats.
My boyfriend has to clean up after her, she pees herself constantly and he has to clean it so his grandparents don’t slip. His grandparents have health conditions, grandpa soils himself and grandma uses a walker. So he’s left to clean up after 3 people. His mom gets so drunk that she is not able to take care of his grandparents. She’s getting worse, can barley stand and passes out frequently. It makes me a little angry that his dad is just allowing this to continue and let it affect his sons life. I feel like his dad doesn’t take any responsibility and uses my boyfriend as a caretaker.
They are moving soon and my boyfriend has to find a house for all of them. He got a new full time job, his dad also works full time. His mom is the only person who will be home to take care of his grandparents.
I can see how much it affects him and weighs him down. I know I’ll never really understand what it feels like but I just want to help him. He feels like there’s no hope and he will never escape. What can I do to support him and let him know how much I care? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you
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2023.06.07 20:15 twcsata I watched Fargo (1996)

I mentioned at the end of my last post that I was watching Fargo at the time. This one had been on my list for a long time, and I had just never found a good time until now. I do wish I had watched it earlier.
Spoilers ahead, a little extensive for me to tag, so take note.
The film is...I want to say "decent", but I don't mean "so-so" by that. It's just a very solid, enjoyable movie. Nothing particular fantastic, but nothing bad either. A great middle-of-the-road choice. It's a fairly small but talented cast, and they all turn in good performances, so I have nothing to complain about.
The protagonist, Brainerd police chief Marge Gunderson (played by Frances McDormand), doesn't show up until a half hour in (with a total running time of 98 minutes). That's probably an odd choice, but it's the right one here; she shows up exactly when the story needs her to keep it moving along. And that's good, because antagonist Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi), while a great performance, would have pulled this story right off the rails without someone to balance him out. I love Steve Buscemi, and this is absolutely the right part for him...but the character is batshit crazy, too. And then we have William H. Macy playing Jerry Lundegaard, who is technically the primary antagonist--but is in over his head from the first time we see him. (Lundegaard, that is, not Macy; Macy is great.)
I had my doubts earlier in the movie; but then as it nears the end, and things start to wrap up, I realized how well it was coming together. What sold me is that this is not an action movie; there's no hero in the action-movie sense. No one wins by their fighting skills; no one makes a dramatic last minute save. The one time we see Marge use her gun, she's wearing gloves, has trouble with her stance, and has to take time to line up her shot. That's not how it's usually done in these movies; but it's realistic. These are just people. Sometimes they're desperate, sometimes they're exhausted, sometimes they're bored, and a few of them are crazy...but they're just people. They're not archetypes or superheroes or anything like that. The have lives outside of these events: After Lundegaard's plot to have his wife kidnapped gets going, he's on the phone, playing the role of the scared husband...and then the person on the other end asks him about his son, and Lundegaard almost spills the beans about the plot, because he hasn't planned for taking care of his son. Marge, meanwhile, is married to painter Norm Gunderson, who in the background of this murder investigation is quietly trying to get his painting selected to be a postage stamp.
The movie ends quietly, but satisfyingly. I found myself thinking of No Country for Old Men (a movie I detest, and I do apologize to everyone who loves it). It has that same subtle theme of "these terrible things are happening in the middle of real life, so what do you do?" But where No Country's whole message is "nothing matters, nobody wins, we all die eventually", Fargo says that we keep on going anyway. Life doesn't stop just because we have to deal with something awful.
Anyway: Good movie. I don't usually do ratings, but I'd give this one a 6.5/10. Probably would watch it again. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
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2023.06.07 20:11 Furno321 (Spoilers Extended) Stannis's propostion to Renly was ridiculous

Stannis's propostion to Renly was ridiculous

Early warning - Stannis's fans will not like this.
Every one remembers the infamous parley at the Storm's End. However I doubt that every one has the same opinion on the conversation between the two brothers.
From what I gathered, many people believe that the terms which Stannis gave to Renly were very generous and Renly - being the spoilt kid he was, was to dumb to accept them.
I would like to ask those people one question - What are you guys smoking!!?
Generous? Generous?????????
In what world was this a generous proposition???
This proposition is similar to those made by most greedy fishmongers and shows that Stannis's awareness of the politics is even below that of Robb Stark.
I shall explain my reasoning but before this I would like to give some more information for context.

The strenghts of both parties

Let's start with Renly.
This guy had probably the biggest chance of winning the throne.
He was Lord Paramount of Strom Lands. He had the loyalty of most of his marcher lords, which had significant military power and was quite popular with the rest of his lords.
He was also married to Margaery Tyrell - daughter of Mace Tyrell Lotr Paramount of the Reach. With house Tyrell, Renly gained the loyalty of House Taryl, Rowan, Oakheart, Hightower, Fossoway and many more. House Redwyne was off limits because both sons of Paxter Redwyne - lord of Arbor - were hostages to Lannisters, but it was only the matter of time before Renly got the twins back.
So in conclusion, Renly had the biggest army, alliance which was more powerful than the STAB alliance (Stark - Tully - Arryn - Baratheon) and he would soon gain a great fleet. He had also the backing of some of the richest lords in the realm.
Now let's talk about Stannis.
His situation is rather unique. Except for the royal fleet he doesn't have much. And funnily enough it's all Robert's and Jon Arryn's fault. They gave him the Dragonstone and they made him marry Selyse Florent. Dragonstone is prestigious location but I think I don't have to say that prestige is asoiaf usually translates to useless. His marriage while in theory beneficial is also useless.
Florents are respected and have prestige but that's it. Many people like to repeat the books and wiki and say that Florents had the rights to Highgarden but the same can be said about Oakhearts, Redwynes and even Rowans. Stannis was married to them to make sure that Tyrells stay in line. However this marriage also guaranteed that Stannis will not have any funny ideas about usurping Robert.
Stannis is a skilled commander, thought I would call him a genius. His current situation in the books and his screw up at Blackwater bay proves my point.
To those who really want to argue with me, I would like to point out that the only people who are afraid of Stannis are Lannisters or to be more exact Tyrion and Cersei. That's because Kings Landing had no armies and poeple were starving and rioting. The capital would not would not resist a siege At the beginning of the books it was clear that Stannis had a chance of taking the city. Sure, it would be a pyrrhic victory and he wouldn't be able to hold the capital, but still he was still a very real danger. To Lannisters that is. Robb, Renly and even Greyjoys were stronger than Stannis and didn't have to worry about him.
So Stannis's situation was pretty much hopeless. The fact that Jon Arryn was planning on sending his son to "foster" to Stannis proves this. Jon knew that Stannis had zero to no power and he knew that he wouldn't live to see this war so he decided to give Stannis sweetrobin which guarantees him support of the Vale. Sadly that didn't work out.
So to sum this whole paragraph up, Stannis had little power while Renly had almost evrything. So if Stannis wanted to have any chance in this war he had to deal with his brother. Bearing this in mind let us go to another topic.

The "generous" propostion

So what did Stannis propose to Renly? He promised to name him his heir until his son is born and make him his hand.
That's it. If Stannis has a male heir, Renly will lose his position as the future king. And The Mannis expects Renly to just bend the knee. He even threatens him!
I will stop any comments that Stannis could win a battle with Renly under Strom's End. I can already see people writing entire essays on some hidden traps, logs, crows feet, wolf pits and other. Many of you expect that twenty thousand knights will simply charge at Stannis and will be destroyed proving once again the equality between the nobles and small folk and enacting a second Agincourt yada yada.
Firstly, Renly probably woundn't have chraged at the head of the army. He didn't have to, he had nothing to prove to his vassals. So he would command from the rear with lords who are experianced in warfare. Stannis is a great commander, but his reputation is overhyped in my opinion. He held Stroms End true but most of his fame comes from naval battles or from amphibious assults. He is a good commander but he isn't a genius. So I dare to say that commanders such as Randyl Tarly will be able to mach him in tactics.
With that out of the way let's return to this propostion. Stannis simply expects his borther to hand over everything with little in return. I will give this to Stannis, he is the eldest. The law is on his side, as many of his fans point out. However, I would like to point out that the entire world of asoiaf shows how little lords of Westeros actually care about the law. Bah! Robert's Rebellion shows this perfectly! The king was killed by his own kingsguard, the heir to the throne was killed by traitors in battle, and Targeryen princesess and future queen were murdered. And yet, the realms accepted Robert Baratehon as their rightful king.
Because the law can be influenced by the strongest. In the modern times this is harder but not impossible, more subtle means are used such as bribery or lobbying.
Stannis refuses to understand that his right means nothing, unless he has some strenght to bakc his claim and he doesn't have this power.
He goes to Renly, dictating terms as if he was already a king, while also threating his brother with his five thousand army. Meanwhile Renly smiles at him while being clad in a beautiful green armor, with fabulously armed knights, his twenty thousand army stands by behind him.
It's like mouse screaming at the amused lion.
Renly could bring him entire army of the south. The handship wasn't a gift for Renly, it was guaranteed to him. Who else would Stannis give the position for? Alester Florent? Davos Seaworth??
Besides Renly married Margaery and their family fully expected that their Rose of Highgarden will be the queen of seven kingdoms. They would never allow Renly to accept this deal and they had power to force their will on him
Despite all of this, Stannis could still win this in my opinion. As mentioned earlier he had one thing Renly didn't have. Legitimacy, which while ingored by most lords, was still quite valuable. He could use it to his advantage.
Though not in way he would hope.

Alternative proposition

Okay so what should have Stannis given Renly to get him on his side?
Handship goes to Renly without saying.
Titles and officed for the Tyrells - teeth grinding expected.
Rainbow Guard stays with Renly - I doubt that Stannis would even want them in the first place.
Renly becomes the facto co-ruler with Stannis
Stannis cedes the rights to Storm's End.
He allows small council to be filled with Renly's chosen men.
Proclamation that Tyrells are rightfull Lord of the Reach

Is this too much? Would Stannis be giving Renly waaaaaaaay to much power?
But he didn't have a choice.
The reality was that he was in a similar situation to Joffrey who gave all power to Tywin. Tywin had all the walth and the army so the Joffrey depended on his grandfather to stay on the throne.
Stannis had very little so he would have to give Renly a lot of his royal power to gain his support. And the worst part? The boons mentioned earlier are nothing. There is only one thing Stannis that could interest Renly.
Renly would become Stannis's heir.
How is it different from the original? Well simply. Renly would inherit the throne even if Stannis had a son. This is the only way Renly would support Stannis.
Some of you may argue that there would be no point to being a king if Stannis gave so much power to Renly, but I would answear that this is how game of thrones works. You don't always win everything.
Stannis could also accept Renly's offer which was actually generous. And I mean it without quotation marks. Renly didin't have to give his brother anything really. He was so powerful that the only danger to his power was Robb Stark. And yet he offered the castle to Stannis. Was it love, pity or some other intrigue I don't know, but his propostion was the one that was generous.
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2023.06.07 20:02 3catmafia Struggling

I was diagnosed with bipolar II in 2020 after a hospital stay. My bipolar has mostly been depression with a very rare and short episode of mania every once in a while. It has been well controlled with meds until recently. I have been having pretty bad mood swings that include longer bouts of mania, which is new to me. I’m talking daily mood swings and insane manic episodes. Nothing extreme but it is uncomfortable because I have racing thoughts and I’m impulsive with spending and I want to talk to everyone about anything that pops into my head but I’m very lonely. I also have no outlets except the gym and I’m trying to take care of a three year old with very little time for myself. I spoke with my psychiatrist last week about changing some dosages on my current medication because I am very hesitant to change medications completely after a very bad experience with a psych many years ago (I had a bad reaction to lamictal, I thought my parents were trying to kill me and they also pulled me off of a medication I had been on for a very long time without titration sending me into withdrawals while also dealing with the side effects from the lamictal) and my main medication helps me sleep. The same hospital stay in was diagnosed bipolar was because I suddenly stopped sleeping and was awake for almost three days and I was having very serious thoughts of self harm, so medication changes scare me because I want to be able to sleep.
I began seeing a therapist about three months ago but she practices “rogerian” therapy which is basically talking to her as though she is just a friend, not a medical professional. She did kind of help with a few things but I stopped seeing her recently because I felt I wasn’t getting any coping mechanisms from her.
So now I feel stuck. I’m having daily manic episodes and I don’t know how to deal. I have anxiety and these episodes are so much different from that so my usual tricks aren’t working. My executive disfunction is shot. I feel sick and exhausted from these wild swings. I’m not myself. Obviously I need to find a new therapist but I can’t find it in me to sit down and do this. I can’t find the time or motivation. I’m trying desperately to find balance and relax and by the time I feel slightly stable I need to take care of something like laundry or cleaning or picking up my son from school and I can’t concentrate when he’s here.
I feel like I’m in a crisis
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2023.06.07 19:55 LeutnantzurSeeFritz The Epilogue of Irving Reese

(This story is set a week after the events of Part 30 of The Exploits of Irving Reese.)
(You can also find this story here. My other works are here.)
Fritz was relaxing on the couch. His children were at school, while Tirpitz was on a mission. He was busy reading the base’s magazine.
A doorbell derailed this train of thought. Fritz got off the couch and walked to the door to open it.
The Commander smiled at Fritz.
“Hello, Fritz. May I come in?”
Fritz nodded. “Of course.”
The Commander nodded as he entered the house. The two men walked to the couch. Fritz walked up to the liquor cabinet.
“Can I offer you some schnapps, Commander?”
The Commander shook his head. “I would not recommend drinking today.”
Fritz raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”
The Commander nodded. “We are both needed in a meeting.”
Fritz looked at the Commander. “A meeting?”
The Commander nodded. “Yes. We are meeting with the sub-commanders. I will explain more in the car.”
Fritz nodded. “Then let me get my formal uniform on. I’ll be with you a few minutes.”
The Commander nodded as Fritz walked upstairs to the bedroom. He put on his formal uniform, as well as all his medals. He smiled as he looked in the mirror.
Fritz walked down the stairs to the living room. The Commander smiled at him.
“You ready?”
Fritz nodded as the two men walked to the driveway. Fritz looked at the car with wonder.
“What kind of car is that?”
The Commander smiled. “A 1948 Studebaker Commander. Larry got it for me.”
Fritz smiled as he entered the car. The Commander entered the driver’s seat.
The two men drove to the base. Fritz looked at the Commander.
“Commander, I always call you Commander. I never learned your real name.”
The Commander giggled. “You want to know?”
Fritz nodded. “You don’t call me the Flotilla Commander, so you might as well tell me your name as we both are on a first-name basis.”
The Commander smiled. “Very well. My full name is Commander Ira Howard Stevenson.”
Fritz nodded. “That sounds like a mouthful.”
The Commander giggled. “Why do you think I mostly go by just the Commander instead of my complete name?”
The car stopped in the parking lot. The Commander smiled.
“We’re here.”
Fritz smiled as he exited the car. The Commander went to the trunk and pulled out a black leather briefcase. The two men walked into the building.
As the men walked into an elevator. Fritz looked at his watch and then at the Commander.
“So, who will be at the meeting?”
The Commander closed his eyes. “From what I recall, Sub-Commander Johann Krunz of the Ironblood will be there. As well as Ivan Borislov, Sub-Commander of the Northern Parliament, Takashi Wata, Sub-Commander of the Sakura Empire, and Paul Higgins, Sub-Commander of the Eagle Union will also be there off the top of my head.”
Fritz nodded. “What is the purpose of the Sub-Commanders?”
The Commander nodded.
“The Sub-Commanders help me with work. My secretaries and I can only do so much, so they help me with the administration side of things. There is one Sub-Commander for each faction. Think of them like the cabinet of the president of the Eagle Union.”
Fritz nodded. “That makes sense. So why does my position exist?”
The Commander smiled. “You are the Flotilla Commander. You are in charge of the KANSEN U-boats of the Ironblood. If needed, you are also in charge of the surface KANSEN, including your wife, Tirpitz.”
Fritz raised an eyebrow. “So sometimes, I will be in charge of my wife?”
The Commander giggled. “Don’t worry. I command the KANSEN most of the time. You will only need to command the KANSEN if I am incapacitated and unable to command.”
Fritz sighed. “So I basically do nothing?”
The Commander shook his head. “Fritz, the U-boats trust you. They see you as one of them, as you were a U-boat captain. They are more likely to trust you and tell you if something is wrong. This makes you invaluable to Azur Lane.”
Fritz nodded. “Thank you, Commander.”
The Commander nodded. “You’re welcome, Fritz. If you want a comparison for your position, consider yourself the U-boat’s manager and coach. They look up to you.”
The Commander giggled.
“That, and you are my de facto second-in-command. In case something were to happen to me, you would take over.”
Fritz raised an eyebrow.
“Then what about Samuel? What does he do? I always see you two together when there’s a mission that involves boots on the ground?”
The Commander nodded.
“Samuel and Larry work together as my advisors when I need boots on the ground. He also acts as your backup in case you are also incapacitated.”
Fritz nodded as the elevator doors opened. The two men walked to a door that led to a sky lobby.
“You ready Fritz?”
Fritz smiled. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”
The Commander nodded as he opened the glass doors. The sub-commanders sat as they looked at them. Musashi, Akagi, and Shinano were also there, along with Nagato, Prince of Wales, and Bismarck.
The Commander smiled.
“Are you all ready to get started?”
The group nodded as the Commander sat at the end of the conference table. Fritz sat near the Commander.
The Commander cleared his throat.
“As you all know, five years have passed since our victory at the Battle of Progenitor Island over the sirens. We have so far not found any siren presence that is a risk to the base.”
Sub-Commander Krunz raised his hand.
“How have the children of the KANSEN been?”
Bismarck smiled.
“Helga and Joachim are doing well. They are learning to control their rigging. Helga is learning to use her rigging in training exercises with Tirpitz and me. While Joachim cannot use his rigging for a long time, much like all the other male children of the KANSEN, I have noticed he has a quick attention span. I have noticed he has taken an interest in aviation, and I believe he could excel as a pilot in the future.”
Fritz nodded.
“That’s good to hear. Moritz and Max are in the same boat Joachim is in. However, I have noticed they are both intelligent for their age. I am currently teaching them how to become military officers of the Ironblood. I have a feeling Moritz will want to become a U-boat captain, just like me, while Max will want to be an infantry officer.”
Prince of Wales smiled.
“My children are doing well. Matthew knows he is my successor, and I have been teaching him how to rule a country and all the formalities with it. My daughters Edith and Oliva have so far proved themselves in training missions with Tirpitz and Bismarck’s daughters.
Sub-Commander Krunz nodded. He looked at Sub-Commander Higgins.
“How about the KANSEN’s children that are part of the Eagle Union?”
Fritz smiled.
“I have information about Olin. Irving and Enterprise’s child. He has started school, along with Oklahoma and Malcolm’s son Louis. They have so far not started any training for their rigging. However, we expect them to have the same issue as Moritz, Max, and Hideki, which is becoming tired after a few minutes. Samuel and New Jersey's son Merle is in the same boat. New Jersey and Samuel are also expecting a daughter they are naming Nicole in a few weeks."
Sub-Commander Higgins nodded.
“Do you think Irving will allow his children to be trained?”
Fritz nodded.
“Of course. He was a soldier, and I believe he would be proud of his son if he became a soldier like him.”
Sub-Commander Borislov raised his hand.
“Speaking of Irving, have you finished your investigation into how he, Samuel, Larry, and Malcolm all ended up in this world, Commander?”
The Commander nodded.
“I have. We are theorizing the sirens have been experimenting with something. It interferes with the space-time continuum. We are also theorizing the sirens wanted to bring Irving, Malcolm, Samuel, and Larry all from the past in order to use their DNA in their experiments.”
Sub-Commander Borislov nodded. Sub-Commander Wata raised his hand.
“I heard you have these men doing odd jobs around the base. Do you have any plans for more permanent employment for these men?”
The Commander nodded.
“Yes. I plan on opening some facility management facilities on the base in order to produce more income. Along with some businesses.”
Sub-Commander Wata nodded. Sub-Commander Higgins smiled.
“Of course. Managing a military force does not come cheap.”
The Commander nodded. “Yes. Even with Akashi and her prices, we are barely breaking even.”
The Commander looked at his watch. He smiled.
“It seems this meeting is nearly over. Do any of you have anything else to note?”
The Sub-Commanders looked at each other. They each shook their head.
The Commander smiled.
“Well then, I suppose this meeting is over.”
Fritz got up as the Commander grabbed his briefcase. The two men walked to the elevator.
The Commander smiled at Fritz.
“Well, that meeting went well.”
Fritz giggled. The two men walked out of the elevator to the parking lot. They entered the Commander’s car.
“So, where to?”
Fritz smiled. “Can you take me home?”
The Commander nodded as he turned on the car’s engine.
Fritz looked at the Commander.
“So, do you have a job for Irving? I heard he is still doing odd jobs around the base.”
The Commander smiled.
“I have an administration job lined up for him. I was thinking of opening a few factories for Samuel and Malcolm to manage.”
Fritz nodded. The Commander giggled.
“It’s good that you are concerned for him.”
Fritz nodded. “He’s a father like me. I don’t want him, Enterprise, or his children to struggle.”
The Commander nodded.
“Don’t worry. I will pay Irving well.”
The car stopped outside Fritz’s house. The Commander smiled at him.
“Well, Fritz. I hope you have a wonderful day.”
Fritz smiled as he exited the car.
“Thank you, Ira.”
The Commander smiled as he drove away. Fritz saw Tirpitz in the backyard with Moritz, Max, and Marlene. He smiled as he walked into the backyard.
“Hi honey, how was the mission?”
Tirpitz smiled. “It went well. Marlene and Helga did well during their training. Helga went home with U-556.”
Fritz smiled as he embraced Tirpitz. He embraced her on the lips.
“I love you.”
Tirpitz smiled.
“I love you too, mein kleiner Kolibri.”
Meanwhile, in the Reese household, Irving entered the house.
Enterprise was lying on the couch, with Olin and Little Enterprise sleeping with their heads on her lap. She smiled as Irving wrapped his arms around her.
“Hi, honey. How have you been?”
Enterprise smiled.
“Good. Little Enterprise is loving her training with me, Yorktown II, and Hornet II. Olin just came back from school.”
Irving smiled as he sat next to her. He kissed Enterprise on the lips.
“I have some good news for you, honey.”
Enterprise smiled. “What is it?”
Irving giggled. “I’ll be getting an actual job soon. No more odd jobs for me.”
Enterprise’s eyes went wide as she smiled. She embraced her husband.
“That’s amazing news, honey!”
Irving smiled.
“Do you want me to make taco dip to celebrate?”
Enterprise nodded. “Of course!”
Olin woke up. He looked around the room.
“Mommy, what’s going on?”
Enterprise smiled as Little Enterprise also woke up. She looked at her children.
“Daddy’s got a new job. He’s making taco dip for us to celebrate.”
Olin’s eyes went wide as he smiled.
“Yay! Taco Dip!”
Irving smiled. “I know that’s someone’s favorite.”
Olin nodded as he got off the couch. He ran up and hugged his father.
“I love you, Daddy.”
Irving smiled. “I love you too, my little tack.”
Olin giggled as he ran into his room. Irving and Enterprise smiled as they entered the kitchen. Little Enterprise followed them.
Enterprise turned around and looked at her. “What's wrong, sweetie?”
Little Enterprise looked at Enterprise with her arms behind her back. “Can I have a snack?”
Enterprise smiled as she grabbed an apple from the fridge. She grabbed a knife and sliced it. She grabbed a plate and placed the apple slices on the plate.
Little Enterprise smiled as Enterprise handed her the plate.
“Thank you!”
Enterprise smiled. “You’re welcome, sweetie.”
Little Enterprise nodded as she sat at the kitchen table. Irving and Enterprise smiled at each other.
“So, do you want to get started, Irving?”
Irving nodded as he grabbed a glass casserole dish. Soon, the taco dip was complete.
The family grabbed some as Irving held up a bottle of cherry soda.
“Hey, to Daddy, getting a new job!”
Enterprise, Olin, and Little Enterprise smiled as they held their glasses in the air.
Once the family had finished eating, Enterprise helped Irving put dinner away. The couple walked to Olin’s room. He was lying in bed, smiling.
Irving sat on the bed and pat him on the head.
“Goodnight Olin.”
Olin smiled.
“Goodnight Daddy.”
Enterprise smiled as she kissed Olin on the head. “Goodnight, my little tack. Sweet dreams.”
Olin giggled as he closed his eyes. The couple smiled at each other as they walked to Little Enterprise’s room.
Little Enterprise was already sound asleep. Irving smiled as he kissed her on the forehead.
“Sweet dreams Little Enty.”
Enterprise smiled as the couple walked upstairs to their bedroom. They stripped down to their underwear. Enterprise laid on her husband’s chest.
Irving smiled.
“Well, good night, honey.”
Enterprise smiled as she kissed her husband on the lips.
“Good night.”
The couple fell asleep in each other’s arms, excited for what the next day would bring.

(I made this story as I am making a sequel to The Expoilts of Irving Reese. I have so far written three parts, with two already edited.)
(I hope you fellas have a wonderful day.)
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2023.06.07 19:51 TheMaskedOne2807 The Plague Doctor Chapter 40 (Words to remember)

Other stories by TheMaskedOne2807:The Oil Chapter 1 (Getting Back)
All Chapters: Wiki
“It is beautiful, is it not,” Solk said in a chipper yet slightly, almost Infinitesble sad tone of voice. “I am not surprised you are not the first to have been awestruck beyond measure at the slightest sight of this.”
Solk walked closer to Kenneth, presenting the object that fully had Kenneth’s attention.
Of all the things Solk could have brought with him, a painting was the last thing he expected.
Even in the light of many candles, Kenneth could see the beautiful dark wood frame expertly carved with what appeared to be illustrations of, as far as Kenneth knew, blue flowers all interconnected by one stem.
However, it was not the dark wooden frame or the pattern carved into it nor the solid gold plack at the very bottom center of the painting that filled Kenneth with a burning rage.
It was the person in the painting.
A black-furred Aki with a white-tipped tail wielding a giant shield, not unlike those of the roman people during Julius caesars time, as she charged into battle.
In her other hand, she was wielding a long sword against what Kenneth recognized to be a black Nok with a spear who charged at her. Thrusting its weapon with all its might against her shield.
“Jasha,” Kenneth muttered so silently. He barely managed to stave off his primary instinct to strike the very illustration before him.
“Huh? Did you say something?” Solk asked.
Kenneth quickly snapped out of his trance and relaxed his body.” No, I said nothing.”
“Are you sure I could have sworn you said… well, never mind,” Solk said dismissively as he let the painting rest on one of the floor juices barrels. “So, are you interested?”
‘If you only knew,’ Kenneth thought as he restrained himself from acting like he normally would whenever he saw Jasha.
“It is quite something,” Kenneth said in a fake cheery tone of voice. “Just out of curiosity, what was the other item you thought I would be interested in?”
“Some of the slaves,” Solk said casually.
‘Remember, you just need the vinegar,’ Kenneth told himself, not wanting to ever be a slaver as he stared down the painting.
“Forget I said anything, and let's talk about the masterpiece here,” Kenneth said.
“It is one of my most prized possessions,” Solk said proudly with only the slightest hint of something else in his voice.
“Well, it’s just if it is so prized, why would you have brought it to trade with me?” Kenneth asked, unsure if he asked because he wanted to know or just looking for an excuse to get it out of his sight, even though he just wanted to get the vinegar and be done with everything.
Solk lowered his gaze slightly, letting out a sigh. “It is not an easy thing to trade, but to keep it in my family would be an insult to my brother once I eventually meet him again.”
“How so?” Kenneth asked.
“Do-does the words engraved on the gold plack confuse you?” Solk asked.
As Kenneth took a closer look for the first time, he noticed some engravings in the gold plack. They seemed like letters, but none Kenneth had truly ever seen nor in any way understood.
“Sorry, but I can’t read that,” Kenneth responded.
“Really,” Solk exclaimed slightly. “But you seem like a learned man, one who’s been taught like us royals.”
“I can read; I just can’t read your langue,” Kenneth clarified.
“My langue. Does that mean you speak another aside from this?” Solk questioned curiously.
“Yes,” Kenneth answered.
“I see. Well, the engraving reads as follows,” Solk said, clearing his throat. “Perfection gifted to me by the gods to be created by mortal hands so we may witness the closest thing to perfection Aki-kind will ever achieve. ”
“Well, the painting is undyingly beautiful and so life-like,” Kenneth complimented while adverting his eyes a little away from Jasha. “But I don’t see how the words would confuse me.”
“Really. It doesn’t strike you as odd that the gods would give my brother a vision of the past just so he could paint this thing,” Solk said, slightly spiteful.
Solk became a little quiet after that. The only thing Kenneth heard for a little while was his breathing. It was calm, but at times it would slightly get louder.
“The value of this painting is quite hard to measure,” Solk suddenly said. “ Not only is it more detailed than any other I know of, but the sentimental value is equally hard to measure.”
“In truth, I have had others who have offered vast sums of gold for it, but it always seemed too cheap to me.”
“Cheap,” Kenneth repeated. “I must admit I don’t quite follow you. If you think vast sums of gold are too cheap, then why would you trade with me? I only have some unique items and blue flowers.”
Solk looked at Kenneth for a short while silently before he started to chuckle.
“Did I say something funny?” Kenneth asked.
“No,” Solk answered, letting his chuckling naturally subside. “your words simply reminded me of something similar to what I said many summers ago.”
Kenneth raised an eyebrow.
“I apologize for asking this, but would you let an old man tell you a story of the past and why no gold would ever be enough for me to trade this painting?” Solk asked.
“Sure, just go ahead,” Kenneth responded, feeling strangely intrigued by what Solk had to say.
“As kids, my brother and I were always close to one another. We used to play from the moment Ki appeared in the sky to the moment he was going to trade places with Di,” Solk started as he looked at the painting slightly fondly.
“However, as we got older, I started to notice he’d space out more often, looking into nothingness with a dull expression. He’d look at trees, furniture, buildings, even just mud, and dirt,” Solk sighed.
“Sometimes he’d even just hold a stick or rock and drag them on the ground.”
“Even as a child, I had heard some rumors of what happened to those who were misshapen, and I was worried my brother might be as well. I did my best hiding it from my father, mother, and sister as well as the servants.”
“At times, some noticed it to some extent, but a few lies here and there about him being tired seemed to work just fine.”
Solk then lowered his head and said in a somber voice. “Being that young, I truly believed I could keep my brother safe forever, but eventually, while I was sleeping, he wandered out of his room and started to act like he always did.”
“Even now, I clearly remember the feeling of pain I felt in my body when I learned my father had commissioned a local healer to healer my brother.”
“Soon thereafter, my brother was gone. I searched every nook and cranny of the house, but I never found him.”
“And worst of all,” Solk growled slightly. “When I confronted him and my mother about it, they played the fool. Denying his existence as if he was never even born.”
“After that, I hated my father with all my hearts. I wanted to get revenge no matter the cost, and I knew just how,” Solk said in a slightly menacing tone.
“His pride and life’s work was being a trader traveling to outpost selling and trading merchandise. I knew if I wanted to make him suffer, I needed to ruin it all.”
“Summer after summer, I pretended to be the perfect son, the one who wasn't misshapen, who listened to him when he explained and taught me about the family business all the while I waited for my chance.”
“And that day eventually came when my father fell ill just before his next trip to all the outposts. With his blessing, I traveled to each one of them, letting myself be the fool. Selling any and all items for almost worthless sums of coins and items.”
“I knew my father wasn’t going to get any better, and I just wanted him to know how he’d failed before he died.”
Solk took a deep breath as he let the painting down and turned around. “Even as I walked into his bedroom, I could barely contain my smile, but what I was met with was not my ill father, but my mother, sisters, and a healer.”
“If I had run, I would have made it, but I didn’t, and so my father died believing his life’s work and pride would be in safe hands.”
“He was my father, so it was expected of me to be sad, but unlike so much of my life, I didn’t lie or hide my feelings.”
“My life’s goal. The one moment I had been working toward. Gone snatched from my hands in the final moments.”
“His death left a bitter taste in my mouth, but I knew I would get everything I wanted once I met him again.”
“ However on, one night, when I was just relaxing in my room, my mother brought me a letter. It was my father's last words if he died before I got home.”
“I expected it to contain his finale words like how I would do great things for the family or that I had to remember the family and marry a god, royal woman.”
“But when I read it, I was in shock. My father confessed to me that all those summers ago, when my brother was taken away, he hadn’t been killed. He had was brought to a secret facility made only for misshapen royal children.”
“At a moment’s notice, I forgot about my plan to destroy the family business, and I spent no small amount of time and coins to find out where the facility was and get him out.”
“I was overjoyed to see him once more again, but he was different. Quieter than I remembered, and he spaced out more often.”
“He only talked to me and only stayed in his room, but one day when I arrived in his room, I found that on one of the walls, he, with the use of cutlery, had drawn an image of us when we were still together.”
“He was a true marvel to behold when he got to work. He was no longer spacing out, not while he was painting.”
“He was more focused than even some swordsmen in a fight, and his paintings alone were so beautiful that all the work I had done to ruin the family business just dispersed and was forgotten by all after just selling one of his works.”
“However, the good times didn’t last forever as eventually, my brother grew dissatisfied with selling his paintings.”
“He said to me, gold is too cheap a price to pay when you could share it with all, high and lowborn alike, instead of locking it away forever.”
“Of course, I laughed at this and reminded him that his work was too good for the eyes of a low-born. He grew angry with me after that and locked himself in his room.”
“For a long time then, I can remember we didn’t talk, but he still painted, and of course, I showed them off and sold them.”
“However, after so long of not talking with each other, my brother burst out of his room yelling, the gods have shown me perfection.”
“I was confused, but before I even had a chance to ask anything, he started to paint working while Ki and Di traded places many times.”
Once they had traded places for the third time, I grew very worried and got some of the servants to force the door to his room open.”
“All I remember after that,” Solk said in a saddened tone of voice. “Was him lying on the floor as servants lifted him up on his bed and rushed out to get a healer.”
“I didn’t move or react. I only watched as my brother slowly died, saying his last words, the ones I’ve engraved in his final work.”
“Wow… I…. that was kind of heavy,” Kenneth said, not knowing what else to say.
“Do you now understand why it’s hard to sell?” Solk asked as he turned around and picked up the painting. “My brother wanted his work to be seen and not just sold off and hidden away.”
“I get it,” Kenneth said, crossing his arms. “You can’t just trade it for gold like all the others he made, but at the same time, you can’t just keep it hidden away.”
“I don’t know If I’m the ideal person to buy this painting, but I’ll try to honor the memory of you, brother.”
“I truly hope you’ll do better than I have,” Solk said shamefully.
Kenneth walked along the street, passing whispering Aki after whispering Aki while holding the panting.
There had been a little haggling but nothing worth mentioning.
Kenneth wasn’t truly sure how to feel about anything that had happened lately, but he did know one thing. He was tired and just wanted a break.
With that in mind, he just walked straight home and threw himself on his bed, but of course, not before carefully placing the painting he’d bought on the floor.
He wasn’t too tired to actually sleep, so he just let himself relax and think about stuff like how many times people have tried to behead him and other such fun things.
Kenneth wasn’t sure how long he stayed in bed, but eventually, the door to the living room swung open.
Kenneth opened one eye and saw it was Nya.
“There you are,” She said. “You know how hard it is to find you?”
“I can imagine,” Kenneth responded.
“So, how does it feel?” Nya asked teasingly.
“How does what feel?” Kenneth asked back as she sat down on her bed.
Oh, I don’t know,” Nya said sarcastically. “Perhaps healing the burning death, a feat, mind you, only Uloko and the combined fortitude of a hundred healers have ever managed to do.”
“I… suppose it feels good,” Kenneth answered in a bored tone of voice.
“You could sound a little more excited, you know,” Nya chuckled, her tail swinging from side to side as she lay on her side. “Do you even know what the people of the outpost are saying?”
“Let me guess,” Kenneth said, his deep voice even deeper and sounding almost like a frog's ribbit in a strange way. “Oh, finally, the abomination is leaving. I hope I’m the one who gets to burn down the wagon he’s in.”
“Well, yes, there was a little of that in the beginning,” Nya admitted. “But after that, every time Ki and Di traded placed, more and more of that kind of talk died down and was replaced with questions.”
“Why isn’t the wagon getting burned yet? The abomination is probably only buying time, right? You don’t really think it can do it, right? Why is the food tasting so good now with the abomination gone?”
“Now everyone is talking about how you healed the burning death and that the party tonight is only because of you,” Nya said in a happy tone of voice.
“Oh really,” Kenneth responded, only really half listening.
“Wait, what party,” Kenneth said, bewildered, sitting up.
“Yes, not too long ago, the merchant said he’d throw a party in honor of his son's health and good fortune,” Nya said happily as she rolled in bed excitedly, her mouth getting wetter at the thought of floor juice.
“If I hadn’t said before, I’ll say it now. Thanks, I didn’t think I’d get something good to drink this year.”
“Errrrr… don’t mention it,” Kenneth said, slightly confused.
For a moment, he thought about what he’d just been told, and he could help but chuckle, “That sly old fox.”
“Did you say something?” Nya asked as she sat up.
“It was nothing,” Kenneth responded, still chuckling.
“Oooooooooooooooookay,” Nya responded.
Kenneth thought it was strang how she said it and looked over, but as he did, Nya fell on her knees.
“Nya, are you okay!” Kenneth yelled as he jumped out of bed.
She didn’t respond; she only pointed straight ahead and seemed to try and say something but couldn’t.
Kenneth followed the finger and saw it was the painting she was pointing at.
“Oh, that,” Kenneth said, relieved. “I bought it from Solk, the merchant.”
“I-I-I-I… so…” Nya stuttered, unable to say anything coherent.
“Noktato,” Nya eventually uttered in her somewhat dazed state.
“Who?” Kenneth asked.
“You don’t know who Noktato is!” Nya exclaimed as she looked at him as if he was brain-dead until she remembered who she was talking to. “Oh, for a moment, I forgot you aren’t. Never mind.”
“Noktato is the biggest heretic of them all, bigger than even Silvaka. Do you even know what this painting depicts?” Nya said, her tail and her ears moving almost independently of her body.
“Can’t say that I do,” Kenneth said, sitting back on the bed. “Kind of been teaching more than I’ve been taught.”
“Well, then, how about I educate you,” Nya said as she got off her knees. “This painting depicts the beginning of the end. Or the first major battle in the four-hundred-year war on the flatlands.”
“More precisely, it depicts the battle between the two champions, Noktato, the accursed spear, and the blessed Akina, the mighty shield.”
“Akina!” Kenneth uttered in surprise.
(Patreon): Three chapters early access and artwork. Also, a 100+ page story I wrote prior to the posting of The Plague Doctor for all members.
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2023.06.07 19:51 dreesemonkey Stupid newbie question

I finally started playing BOTW on my son's switch and I'm feeling like I'm missing something.
I'm at the very beginning of the game, I raised the towers and the old man told me to go to the 4 shrines so I can get the hang glider. As far as I know, this is the only direction I've been given in the game to progress along.
On the way to the second shrine I was attacked by laser robot things on the ground and died. I then snuck around them and was able to do the bomb shrine. Bombs don't seem to affect them much so I continued to sneak away from them.
Then I died trying to go to the shrine in the cold area. It was hinted a few times that I can cook meals with peppers to have some cold resistance, but I don't believe cooking has been introduced to me yet. I carried a torch, which seemed to do the trick, but I don't know how to light it myself unless there is a nearby fire. Once again, I mistakenly put away the torch and was far enough away from a fire that I died of the cold. I had to eat a lot of my inventory and run out of the cold area to barely make it.
Am I supposed to just wander around randomly hoping to find warmer clothing or little side quests that will help me learn things along the way?
I like trying to figure things out for myself, but at the same time, I don't have a ton of time to play games so I feel like I'm going to get annoyed randomly wandering the map looking for things that may or may not help me.
I don't think I want specific help as in "go her and get this", just a "yea you need to wander around a lot and find things out for yourself". If it's unlikely that I'll be able to figure things out on my own I will likely give up, I don't like having to rely on play guides.
Any advice?
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2023.06.07 19:48 TheDeliciousMeats Bone Music: Chapter 14

First Chapter
Previous Chapter
Nemeria was at a loss. This whole time she had thought that the Red Titan was gone, that the old her was gone. Now he was standing there right in front of her, alive and well. There was something unsettling about seeing her old self look at her with such distaste, like an artist expressing contempt for a parody.
Raul's close cropped red beard was new, as were the more masculine and conservative clothes. He was wearing a rough gray wool button down shirt with black jeans, an outfit she wouldn't have been caught dead in.
When she wore that body she had always been clean faced, usually with a gently flowing shirt in rich colors made of some soft material like silk. The shoes he wore were also strictly utilitarian, scuffed, boring. It was as much of a statement as an outfit. Raul was telling her very directly that he was no longer a she.
The original plan had been to copy over her mind to her current body and destroy the old one. That way at least one of them would finally be able to be happy. Raul had planned to end their life so Nemeria could begin hers.
That was the whole reason she had allied with Gershwin in the first place, to get his help to become who she was supposed to be, to become Nemeria. To escape her locked wetware and be free.
Originally Gershwin had attempted to modify her wetware itself to allow her to transition. But there were safeguards in place that prevented her from changing anything that really mattered.
So long as her wetware was active she would be locked into a form of biological stasis, any changes or alterations would be viewed as damage by her wetware and reverted to factory settings. There was no way to change her body.
They could have turned off her wetware, but that would have caused an entirely different problem. One that might have put the entire world in peril.
So they had done the next best thing, finding her a new one. She had stolen one of Esmerelda's backups from Haven and poured her mind into it. One warden in the body of another.
But Raul hadn't followed the plan. After the transfer, instead of going gently off into that goodnight he had decided to use Gershwin's software on himself. He had altered his mind, changed who he was, made it so he no longer felt the way Nemeria did. In essence, overwriting himself with an idealized version of who he wanted to be.
Now she was finding out that he had done more than just modifying himself. He had also gone back and fucked with her mind, guaranteed she would have a miserable existence.
Kerner's unshackling had allowed her to remove the blindfold. She was beginning to remember all the things that had been kept from her. To make connections and understand things that she had been hard coded to ignore.
"You son of a bitch!" Nemeria raged as she realized how badly he had hurt her. "You fucking monster! You gave me so much guilt and you locked me into it so I would never be free, never be able to move on from it! You hardcoded me to hate myself! You made me think that Simon was dead! Why would you do that?"
Raul regarded her coldly. "Why should you be happy? Why do you think you deserve to be happy?" He asked softly. "Why should you have everything and leave me with nothing?"
"But why would you do that to me?!" Nemeria screamed. "Why would you hate me so much that you would program me to suffer? Why would you do that to Simon? I love him! You loved him!"
Raul shrugged. "It's just something men do sometimes." He looked at Simon, who was slowly twirling his vampirzahn between his fingers and circling around to the side. Preparing to attack. "Oh, you must be so angry. Are you mad that I got bored with you? What did you expect? You're a glorified pet! An experiment!"
"And you are a poor copy of the one I loved." Simon said coldly, the hatred he felt turning his blood to ice in his veins. There was a sound like razor blades on violin strings as his internal reserve of katzen monomolecular wire began to come under tension. Artificial glands secreted synthetic lubricants into his joints to allow greater movement. His skin itself started to selectively harden, becoming tougher than steel as a mild electric current aligned nanoparticles, changing their characteristics.
Then, as if understanding his need, the vampirzahn in his hand began to slowly lengthen. The black metal flowed and stretched, becoming a needle tipped spear two meters long. He felt it vibrate in his hand then fall silent. Torheit had accepted his control and was ready for battle.
Simon sneered. "What a shame to see a great titan become such a small man. Tell me, have you done anything great on your own since? I doubt it. You aren't an original, you're the dregs. You are what is left over. You are nothing but Scheiße!"
Nemeria started to circle around to the opposite side of Raul, preparing for the fight she knew was coming. Every warden had their own tricks, and the body she wore had been picked for a reason.
Esmerelda hadn't been put in charge of the other wardens because she was the smartest. She hadn't been picked by popular vote. Esmerelda had beaten anyone who stood in her way to a bloody pulp with her bare fists.
Now Nemeria had unlocked its potential, fully coming into control of her stolen body. Normally her strength was limited, she was only a bit stronger than a normal human. That prevented her from accidentally destroying things and people by accident. But once the safeties were disengaged there was no telling how strong she would be.
Raul the Red Titan looked at the two creatures he had made and let out a long dramatic sigh. "You two are so tragic, you know that right?"
Then he pointed at the old hund who had been curiously silent. "And you, with your tricks, your smoke and mirrors, I'm over it. Coasting on your father's reputation, using his technology. You aren't a puppet master, you're just another dog standing on its hind legs and I'm going to kick them out from under you very soon!"
"Then let me speak plainly." Kerner replied, getting up slowly and painfully from his chair. "You are entering my domain, human. Behave, be civil, or be eaten. You are an ape among wolves, act accordingly."
"How dramatic!" Raul laughed. "As if any member of your miserable species could ever hope to threaten me. Now her, on the other hand, if she wasn't already in my pocket I might be a little bit worried. Nemeria, would you kindly kill that nasty old dog for me?"
"No, I don't think I will." Nemeria said with a smile. Any programming he had put into her was defunct now thanks to Kerner. But she did appreciate the reference. "Besides, if I kill him, who will officiate the wedding? I was promised a happy ending, isn't that right puppy?"
Simon let out a breath that he didn't realize he had been holding. "Yes, I do believe we were. Happily ever after and all that, with cookouts and dad jokes." He mimed flipping a burger with his spear.
Raul shook his head with annoyance. "Well that's frustrating." His eyes narrowed as he tried to connect with her wetware. When that didn't work he turned to Simon, who likewise was unfazed.
Simon let out a small laugh as a message came across his wetware.
Kerner let out a low chuckle of his own. "Sorry, were you expecting some kind of reaction? Ja, I know… sit, roll over, shake, play dead."
He walked up to Raul, getting right in his face. Döbians weren't particularly tall so he only came up to Raul's chest, or rather his throat. "You never understood that we aren't dogs. You can't domesticate us." He rasped.
"When I gave up my power over them I closed the door on your influence as well. How does it feel, no longer being in control? I feel so much lighter. I feel so free! But I imagine you feel differently." He inhaled deeply through his nose, savoring the bouquet of anger and fear. "Are you afraid…kleiner junge?"
Raul lashed out violently and without warming, backhanding the old hund as hard as he could. His fingertips cracked like a whip as they broke the sound barrier and he pivoted at the hip, putting all his force behind the blow. It should have been lethal. It should have caved in Kerner's skull. Instead there was a crunch of breaking bone as Raul's hand met something rather harder than he was expecting.
He shrieked and tried to pull his hand back… but it was stuck as if glued to the hund's face. Raul was strong but whatever this thing masquerading as a warhund was, it was significantly stronger. It didn't move a single millimeter. It didn't budge. It was like Kerner was welded to the floor.
Ice cold words dripped into all of their minds as something spoke. Something not alive. The flavor of its words was harsh and metallic. Inorganic. Artificial and very intelligent.
"Stuck… like a rat in a trap." The Gravekeeper said, taking the time to savor each and every word. "Oh Raul… how I've waited for this."
There was a sound of ripping fabric as Kerner shed his skin and clothing, revealing a gold and black synthetic chassis. Raul stumbled backwards, the discarded skin still not letting go. It writhed and wrapped around Raul's arm like a snake, crunching bones as it went, becoming more and more liquid by the second.
"What is this?" Raul shouted in surprise as he tried to pry the thing off, but his hands stuck to the sticky black substance. Long thin tendrils started to creep out of the ooze, wrapping around his feet and legs.
"Careful planning." Kerner's golden skull said with a smile. He was holding himself straighter now, but he still had the unmistakable posture of an old soldier. One who was bent slightly crooked by the passage of time. "Your hubris is your undoing. Though I see you have taken your own precautions."
There was a sound of a heavy autocannon letting loose followed by a thud that shook the ground and made dust fall from the rafters. There weren't any screams though. There should have been screaming from the people outside.
But instead there was only another low chuckle from Kerner. "Well… at least you tried." He said with a shrug. "I brought them here to assist me if needed. Them, and others. But apparently you are less of a threat than I had feared."
Simon reached out with his wetware and scanned the area, trying to see what was going on. There was a large drone of some kind that had crash landed, but whatever had taken it out remained hidden.
Raul wasn't able to breathe so he had to make his reply via wetware link. His voice rang in their minds. "You can't hold me like this for long." He menaced, straining against his bonds. "I will escape."
"I don't have to hold you at all." Kerner said dismissively. "Your wetware isn't up to date, in fact you used my father's software, so all I have to do is ask. Now, would you kindly stop struggling?"
Raul froze. His eyes suddenly showed a very real fear as his muscles relaxed all on their own. The skin continued to envelop him, swallowing him feet first like a snake. The last thing they saw was his eyes, pleading for mercy.
There was a series of wet crunches as it compressed him down to a wet ball of pain. Simon and Nemeria shared a look of disgust and fascination as the once great warden was consumed by the pulsating black mass of ooze. Not a single drop of blood was spilled.
"I don't suppose you have a cigarette?" Kerner asked, breaking their reverie.
Simon reached into his coat. He rarely smoked but he kept a pack on him in case they proved useful. He pulled out a cigarette and handed it over.
The skeletal hund thankfully took the offering and ripped off the filter, sticking the unlit cigarette in his mouth. His fingertips had black rubberized pads to give him grip.
"Do you need a light?" Simon asked.
"No. This is fine. I remember what they taste like." Kerner turned back towards the altar, ignoring the pulsating skin as it continued to do unspeakable things to Raul's body. "A bit anticlimactic, I fear. I worry that it all was too easy, that I've missed something."
"Wenn du dich in einem fairen Kampf befindest, ist deine Taktik scheiße." Simon said, remembering his time with the Jagdkommandos.
The translation came through Nemeria's wetware and she let out a snort of laughter. There was a similar saying among Human Nomad Recon. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. She could remember her old team leader telling her that with a grin as he taught her how to prepare an ambush.
He was an old veteran, earth born, with skin like leather and gray eyes sharp as razors. What was his name? She shook her head to clear the cobwebs. That wasn't right, she hadn't served. Had she? There was so much from before she came here that she had never been able to remember, never questioned.
She looked up to see Kerner looking back at her, the empty eye sockets of his golden skull making her shiver. But they weren't really empty, they were set with black compound lenses that drank the light. A thousand eyes in one grinning skull, all of them hungry.
They were like black pits drawing her in. She felt herself losing her balance and falling…
The world around her peeled away leaving nothing but blackness. It was warm and dark here, too dark for her to even see her fingers. There was a voice in the void, calling out to her.
She could hear Simon shouting but it was far away. The other voice was so much closer. So much more important.
"Do you want answers?" Asked a woman's voice. It sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it. "I can give you answers. All you have to do is open the door."
Nemeria drifted in the dark, her mind unraveling, her sense of self disappearing. She knew the voice, it was her own voice. She could trust herself, couldn't she?
Yes, answers would be good. She had so many questions. Where was the door? She felt a brass knob form under her fingertips. All she had to do was turn her wrist and it would open. It would be so easy.
Then she heard a raspy voice in her mind, ripping away the blackness, bringing her back to the old church. It was Kerner, his eye sockets burning with faint blue light. "Not today, my dear." He said. "Perhaps not ever."
Nemeria shivered. "What was that?"
"A door." The old hund shrugged. "I don't know exactly what would have happened if you opened it. But let's not find out today, ja?"
She looked down at her hand. She hadn't even hesitated. She hadn't wanted to. It seemed so natural, so normal.
It was then that GG burst in through the open door, covered head to toe in body armor and various parts of other beings. She had evidently been busy. "Did I miss anything good?" She asked.
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2023.06.07 19:45 ElYewii Semper Imperialis - [Ch. 5]

First / Previous / Next
March 21, 2019
After having a talk with Sergeant Lyria Delara returned to her quarters where her pod mates were already gossiping about what had happened in the pool, though she didn’t even know how they could had find out as none of them were even near the pool at any moment.
So do you have anything to share with us said Xav’nia their pod leader.
“How did y’all even find out?” Delara responded while looking for her clothes to change in.
“Fur ball over here likes to be nosy.” Xav’nia said pointing at Rukna the Rakiri of the pod.
“I have a great nose for drama.” Rukna said while eating a human food called Jerk or something like that but Delara was sure that was the right word as she was pretty sure it was an insult for humans but she didn’t care enough to look it up.
“So?” Xav’nia pushed the subject.
“Can I at least get a shower first the chlorine from the pool makes my skin itch.”
“Alright go ahead but we want details when you come back.”
After a warm shower Delara got dressed, brushed her teeth, and exited the restroom where all her pod mates were staring at her, expectantly waiting for her story.
“Alright, alright, by the goddess, no one can do anything without y’all having to know.” Delara said, a little irritated by her pod’s insistence.
“So I saw the guy from the other day, and-“
“The one you told us about the other day?” Rukna interrupted.
“Yes fur ball there aren’t many other guys in this hotel.” Delara responded with a sigh at the lack of use of context clues the Rakiri used.
“So as I was saying he was by the pool reading a book and…”
“And what?” Asked Pravna
“He was…”
“Spit it out!” Said Xav’nia, sipping her water
“He was shirtless.”
Pffffff Xav’nia spat her water all over Rukna.
“Agh great now I’ll smell like wet dog”
"He was what?"
After what felt like an eternity of Delara trying to convince her pod mates that what she was saying actually happened and she wasn't just daydreaming in some kind of young adult fantasy.
"So then after the Sergeant left with Margna he invited me to sit next to him."
"I am going to keep calling ts on this." once more insisted Xav'nia as she turned and turned off her light.
"Look if your head is denser than a neutron star you can ask him tomorrow morning during breakfast, now would you let me finish?" Delara exclaimed already too tired and wanting to sleep, the day night cycle here threw her way off, as days were physically shorter but as they were told the day night cycle changed as the year progressed.
"Then he put on a shirt as I assume he learned that is not normal for us to see males shirtless, which seems to be something normal here." Delara said looking at the three of them to see if someone wanted to say anything before continuing "So, we talked about the book he was reading which he told me the name but I didn't quite understood, and then we went for a swim, in which he got really scared because he was surprised on how fast we could swim, and then after a while the Sarge came for me and we said our goodbyes."
"Hey maybe you'll leave this rock a married woman." said Pravna as she laid down to sleep.
"Yeah... That's what I'm not so sure about, the Sarge said she would talk to him and his mother about his relocation, and after a couple more weeks we ourselves are out to move also." said Delara laying on her side while under the covers."
"Then you better get him fast." said Pravna as she turned her light off leaving Delara with the only light on.
"Well I'll think about all of this tomorrow, I am too tired as of now, see ya in the morning." Delara said as she turned her light off.
*sniff \*
"You smell like wet dog fur ball." Delara said as she passed out on her sleep.
"Well you have someone to thank for that." Rukna said as she lifted her head to face Xav'nia.
"You know what? you'll also have it." she said as she got up and jumped over to Xav'nia's bed in order to rub her fur on her so now she would smell like wet dog also.
"Uuuugh, get off!" exclaimed Xav'nia as she pushed Rukna off of her.
"Goddess dammit Rukna, now I smell like wet dog."
"Well now you wont get me wet again." said Rukna as she went back to bed.
"Go to sleep we have patrol tomorrow."
March 22, 2019
Beep beep beep
Beep beep beep
Beep beep beep
"Ugh" I groaned as he unsuccessfully tried to turn the alarm off several times, until I lifted his head from the pillow and looked at the alarm clock.
'8 AM, it sure feels like it's earlier' Jeriel thought as he sat at the edge of the bed, he needed to give his body time to properly wake up.
'Focusing but otherwise systems are online and at regular capacity'
'Systems coming on sir'
'Take us to the bathroom, and begin our day'
'Aye sir'
After a not so cold, not so warm shower, brushing his teeth, and combing his hair Jeriel took a look at the clock.
'8:30 AM, good enough'
Stepping out of the room and arriving at the dining hall that was relatively empty compared to the other days for it being eight thirty, what it was not of my liking was the fact that today was a really grey day, you felt as it was actually way earlier with how dark the sky was, but here I was on the line for my food, so after picking my breakfast for today which was to no one's surprise eggs but this time sunny side up, bacon, sausages, waffles which I've always thought as the superior option over pancakes and that is a hill that I'm willing to die on, hash browns, and cranberry juice, it was all good don't get me wrong but eating the same thing for breakfast for a week straight wasn't the most pleasant thing the biggest difference there would be was when they had tortillas instead of waffles and pancakes, I also wondered how was it going to be until the hotel ran out of food, and that got me thinking on how the world would change with out new overlords, or- overladies.
That thought got interrupted by Delara sitting across from me, "Hello Jeryl." At least she was trying unlike some of my teachers over the years or the people working at the DMV, "Good morning to you." I said as I sipped from my juice, to then feel someone sitting next to me, I knew it was not a human for how furry it felt, looking to my side I saw one of them Rakiri I had seen before.
"Hey there." said the werewolf like being, although they look more like felines, lions if you ask me, but what do I know I'm not a Xenobiologist, that must be a profession right? anyways, as I mentioned before this Rakiri for some reason seemed to have a kind of Russian accent which always threw me off, but I've never known why.
"Uhm hey." I answered as I looked at Delara who didn't look worried but more annoyed than anything, "Are you Delara's friend?" I asked her prepared to move if I had to.
"Oh yeah, this is Rukna, she's in my group." Delarad told me as she once again grabbed the mapple syrup to complete her breakfast for then other two marines seat next to Delara and the opposite side of the table by moving an unused chair, "Oh and this are Xav'nia and Pravna, Xav'nia is my group leader." Delara said as she ate a piece of waffle and sausage with the thich substance dripping down.
"So we need to know if what Delara told us las night was true, did you two swim at the pool together?" asked Xav'nia who seemed like she was her squad leader, but why was it so unbelievable that she and I had a swim together? Thinking about it, yeah it wasn't the most believable thing in the galaxy.
"Uhm yeah we swam together for a while." I said as I saw all three of them stare at Delara with open wide eyes.
"And Uh- were you without shirt?" asked Pravna who was the shortest one there but still had like a feet on me.
"Uh... Yes?" I answered as I saw Pravna choke on her food, at the news of me corroborating Delara's story.
'Is being shirtless that weird?' I thought but then I remembered how foreigners acted when they visited a beach in Europe and saw topless women, so I guessed I was the European in this case.
We chatted for a bit until Xav'nia told the rest that they had to go, "Uh- It was nice meeting y'all." I told them as they all stood up, "Oh uh... Sammme." answered the Rakiri, and saying bye to Delara with a hand wave she got out of view.
I sat back thinking on the fact that this were in fact actual aliens, extraterrestrial beings, people from beyond the stars if you will, and we just had a relatively normal conversation, then I felt someone sitting next to me which made me jump, after turning to see who it was I saw that it was Miranda, and I saw mom also getting her food, "So what did they want?" Miranda asked in a not so friendly tone, "They just wanted to chat." I answered as I once again sipped my cranberry juice.
"I don't like them." Miranda said as she sipped from her orange juice.
"And I don't like you, but that doesn't stop me from having to care for you." I said as mom sat in front of us.
"Good morning son"
"Good morning ma, bendición,"
"God bless you, how did you sleep?" mom said as she ate her French toast
"Well, or at least alright, I was thinking about what we were gonna do today."
"Wait what's today?" jumped Miranda.
"Sergeant Lyria wanted to speak to mom and I." I said.
"And why did no one told me?" Miranda exclaimed.
"It was classified information and I outrank you by three years." I said, "And she said that she wanted to speak to mom and I, so there was no point in telling you."
"MOM?" Miranda borderline screamed making everyone else in the dining hall turn to look at your table.
"Can you I don't know not scream? It's too damn early in the morning for these voice volumes."
"I agree with your brother, I didn't see any point in telling you, so can we eat and have a regular conversation?" mom said as she also started eating.
"It's 9:55, shouldn't we go now to not be late? we don't even know where her office is." I said as I stood up to put my plate and glass away.
"Yeah I think that's a good idea, I don't want to be late for this."
After asking one of the marines we arrived at the Sergeant's improvised office, which was actually one of the hotel manager's office
All three of us were let it and were instructed to take our seats by Sergeant Lyria
“Well good morning, how are y’all doing today?” She asked while looking something up in her tablet.
“We are doing well all things considered.” said mom while glancing at us.
“Good, good, so.” the sergeant said as she put her tablet down and looked at us, “I suppose your son told you why we are here today right?”
“Y- yes, something about relocation?” mom said while giving me unsure glances.
“Yes, relocation, considering your situation including the destruction of your home and as I understand the passing of your husband, my condolences, I want to ask if you have a place with friends or family that you would want to move to and maybe stay with them, and from there I will see what I can do.” she said as she stared at my mom who was just staring back, who then stared at me giving me the well known gesture of translate for me because I didn’t understand a damn thing she said.
After translating and becoming the middle man I said “Well we have some friends in Austin.”
She then turned her tablet to me and asked if I could point that in a map, which I did, and after a little while of her checking something, she talked to us about how this were going to be.
"Okay so you all are going to be transferred in two weeks, so I would suggest that if you are able to you contact the people who you wish to stay with, but if that is not possible a shelter is going to be set up until we can find a permanent home for you and your children, as you are now a widow the Imperium offers help for single income families and single parents, but you would have to talk to a social worker that you would be able to talk to once you get there, but from what I know benefits include but are not limited to, housing, food, educational programs outside of school and some other things that I don't remember at the moment, but I will try to get someone in contact with you with all the information before you have to depart."
"But as of now we are going to start handing out IDs in about a week, so on that date you are going to head here because with you not having a permanent residence the process is a little bit different than standard, but you and your two children would get Imperial IDs."
"Is there any questions that I can answer at the moment?"
"No, I don't have any questions." mom said to me for me to say to the Sergeant, I looked at Miranda who also said she didn't had any.
"No they don't." I said.
"Well then you are dismissed." the Sergeant said, but I stayed behind to talk to her in private after Miranda and mom left after telling them that I would catch up with them later.
"Uhm Sergeant?" I asked getting her attention back from her tablet.
"Oh you are still here, anything I can help with?"
"What happened to the woman from yesterday?" I said while trying to find a place where to look.
"Oh Private Margna? you don't have to worry about her she was arrested for sexual harassment with your testimony and camera footage, as well as Private Delara's testimony, my guess she would be in jail for a while and if not she would have latrine duty for the rest of her days in the military."
"But if you need any kind of treatment, maybe talk to a psychiatrist just tell me alright?" She said with her again motherly tone, different from when she was talking with mom, then she sounded more like an old friend, trying to help mom.
"Uh yeah, I will let you know." I said as I stood up and exited the office.
'Austin huh?'
'Who would have thought'
First / Previous / Next
This is it for today everyone, tune in next time to find out how will Jeriel and his family adapt to the changes in their life.
Thanks for the support and as always if you notice anything out of place or any error I made just let me know in the comments so I can fix it.
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2023.06.07 19:43 GodofHope1 Reconciling prodigal son story with 1 John 3:6-9 please help

Im just curious with one thing regarding the prodigal son story.
When the son is away from the father, he is clearly in the world and indulging in sin. He would be having a lifestyle of sin and wouldn't want anything to do with the father.
However, before he left with the inheritance, it's implied that he surely knew the father and was with him.
1 john 3:6-9 states: "No one who abides in him keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him. 7 Little children, let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous, as he is righteous. 8 Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. 9 No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God's[b] seed abides in him; and he cannot keep on sinning, because he has been born of God."
How can the prodigal son not have seen or known the father? He clearly practised a lifestyle of sin. Isnt it the whole that the son hit absolute spiritual rock bottom, but the father still held out his arms?
In other words if someone goes off and lives a life of complete lawlessness, the verse states that they never knew Jesus, but the prodigal son story is about a returning home story.
What am i not getting here?
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2023.06.07 19:38 Jess_trom85 18yo Son wants to buy car

So my son is 18yo. He turned 18 in April and has been saving his money for years. When he was 16yo he bought his first car with my help and his dads help. The car was basically a dud and we've had to put more money in the car than it was worth. Now he will have a little over $10k to put down on a car, plus the sell of his original car, and he insists that he has to have a manual, he has a short list of cars that he looks at etc. I no longer receive child support, he's an adult now, he works almost full time. He is looking at cars worth $20-25k and I am extremely frustrated. At 18yo I would have never purchased a car for $20k, let alone $25k and I'm trying to think of his financial future. I told him if he has enough money to buy a $25k car, then he should be living in his own apartment. I was ok at $15k... he was pushing it at $20k because I know how expensive used cars are right now. I tell him to put a max search limit to $20k and he's mad at me saying I have pushed back every time like I don't want him to get a car.
Am I being unreasonable?! Ughhhh
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2023.06.07 19:38 SybilCut Not quite a "joke" - honest-to-goodness Newfoundland phrases and expressions

Taking this opportunity to introduce some people into my culture. Any Newfoundlanders here should be able to verify that I have made up exactly zero of this.

To start, some assorted expressions:
Jumpin Jesus - surprise/frustration
Jesus Mary and Joseph - surprise/frustration
Jesus Murphy - surprise/frustration
Lord tundering jesus - frustration
By da dyin's - frustration
Lord jumpin dyins - frustration
Oh me nerves [is rubbed right raw] - expression of stress
Got a face like a bucket of skidoo parts - reference to a person
Got a face like a stomped on cod - reference to a person
Got a face like a bag of squashed turnip - reference to a person
Cold enough to freeze the nuts off a Jeep - reference to the cold
Cold enough to clip ya - reference to the cold
More meat on Good Friday - reference to a skinny person
Sweatin' like a whore in confession - reference to a tense situation
Sure as shit in a cat - reference to something's certainty
like a birch broom with the fits - reference to unkempt hair
could eat the arse off a low flying duck - reference to hunger

Some grammar notes:
Put most verbs in the second-person
"I does what they tells me and I tells them what I needs to"
Occasionally use negations and let the context explain it.
"don't need nuttin done do ya?"
"lord knows I wouldnt run away wit dat right quick"

Luh' - "look" literally, but specifically ends any sentence in which you make an observation
"Jeannies 'ere now comin' up da walk, luh"
Wha? - mostly what other canadians use as "eh", sometimes used to reiterate the previous sentence
"Jumpin Jesus, da dress on 'er. Wha?"
B'y/bye - literally "boy", but more a general acknowledgement of acquaintanceship when you address someone.
Eh b'y - agreed
"Some chill comin off the bay today b'y, she'll clip ya"
"Eh b'y."
[Notes: call everybody b'y, esp. men.]
Maid - b'y but specifically for women, not generally offensive
"No maid, she wouldn't have it like dat"
Some - particularly, pretty
"Dass' some bad, luh. Not fit."
Best kind - great
"Some nice day out, best kind dat is"
G'wan [b'y/maid] - go on - no way
"Some good fishing today wha?"
"Even better last week if you believes dat"
"G'wan b'y"
"Sure as shit in a cat"
Right - very
"Look of 'in, way he's liftin dem boxes, ya knows he isn't right strong"
after - a common past-to-present tense replacement stemming from Ireland
"What has happened" -> "What's after happening now?"
She - it
"Dat new hacksaw cuts some nice don't she? I'm after using 'er twice dis afternoon"
cock - friend
"how's she cuttin' me ol' cock?"
buddy - stranger
"so I says to buddy on the corner, I says.."
ducky - common diminuative for loved ones
"Yes, ya knows Ill take care a ya me ducky."
at - doing
"Whattaya at now? Knows she's not comin apart there, luh."
"He's after bein at dat all day"
The once - very soon
"Be there the once me son"
Saucy - full of attitude
"Don't go gettin' da jesus dog on the go now, ya gets n' right saucy"
Chummy - friendly
Youngster - kid
Look of 'in - Look at them
"Da youngsters are over dere gettin right chummy wha? And Jeff's after gettin in now too, look of 'in"
No odds - Not a big deal
"Didn't mean ta bump ya b'y"
"No odds me son"
Get on - behave in a particular way
Stunned - stupid
"ay b'y, way he gets on youd tink hes stunned"
Streel - unkept and dirty person (roots in gaelic supposedly)
Go change your shirt, all the holes in er makes ya look like a streel
Who knit ya? - Who are your parents
What you got in your mout'? - What are you saying?
Have a mouth on - be capable of eating as though being forgotten about
"I dont got no stew yet nan, tinks I got no mout' on me or wha?"
"Yes by, tinks yer so starved luh, bless your little heart. Lord knows you got a mout on you my darling."

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2023.06.07 19:38 Same-Management716 AITA for ruining my sisters new year’s?

AITA for ruining my sisters new year’s?
I (23M) was invited by my sister (27F) to celebrate Christmas and new year’s with her in Switzerland. I study pretty far so I had to take a long trip to get to her, but I was overjoyed by the idea of celebrating with her in the mountains so honestly, I didn’t mind one bit. Everything was amazing, until Christmas.
For context, I’ve always had a really androgynous face so I embraced my feminine and masculine side and let my hair grow and started wearing nude makeup and eyeliner.
So, back to the main event(s). We ate a traditional Swiss dish (delicious melted cheese) and decided to stay home for Christmas. It was really cozy and nice, until she starts talking about her new year’s plan. She wanted us to go celebrate with other friends at their place and I didn’t see anything wrong with it until she told me “Let’s all go there looking casual” (She meant the appearance btw). I knew exactly that she did not want me to “over dress” and wear makeup. I just jokingly said “Heck no, it’s new years, hello?” When she noticed I wasn’t planning on going there “casually”, she started explaining that they’re homophobic and have children so seeing a guy with makeup would confuse them. I just told her that if they ask, we can kindly explain that not everything is necessarily just for girls le boys and I just happen to like makeup. That was out of the question. She told me that I was going to set a bad example and might even influence the little boy into the wrong path. The argument was getting heated and I tried to explain that it’s not how it works and asked her if when she has kids, she would keep them from experimenting. She answered that she wouldn’t raise a gay son and not let him play with girly stuff and if he’s unhappy, he could leave the house at 18. I was shocked. She proceeded to say that her boyfriend is homophobic and hates men who wear makeup as well and I should stop being selfish and accept different opinions and since it’s her friends house, I should respect their rules. I agreed to disagree, but told her then that she could go, but I’m staying home, I added that I’d rather be myself than pretend once again to be someone I’m not. She kicked me out of her house in the middle of the night and I had to buy a last minute train ticket which was expensive and had to wait the entire night at the train station to take the first train to return at my place. I’m maybe not seeing things right, am I the asshole?
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2023.06.07 19:34 sillylittlelesbian How do I answer the question “Why do you want to date my son?”. I (20F) am meeting my boyfriend’s (20M) parents tonight, and I don’t know how to answer this question.

I need help thinking of appropriate ways to compliment my boyfriend to his mother, and also his 6 y/o brother. He told me that his mom and brother are going to be asking a lot of questions such as “why do you want to date my son” or “why do you want to date my brother”. I need to think of a few good responses that a 6 year old would understand, and also some more grown-up responses that his mother would like. I am white and he and his family are African American and they have already voiced their disdain about my being white. I want to make a great impression, because I truly love their son and he has had such a positive impact on my life. I’ll add a little bit of info about him so that you can better help me come up with compliments: 1. He has a lucrative internship that was hard to get into 2. He is graduating college a year early with honors 3. He is a loving older brother and amazing with kids 4. He’s very ambitious and is always doing something to better himself, he is never “lazy” 5. He has a large social circle and a lot of friends that he is very close with 6. He is very respectful/thoughtful when it comes to everything 7. This is both of our first “real adult” relationships
TIA!!! I have dinner with his parents at 7:30 tonight 😬😬
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2023.06.07 19:34 lulu-bell My teenage son is having harmful thoughts

I don’t know where to post this but I need to hear some advice or support.
I grew up with alcoholic parents and chose an alcoholic partner. I was with this toxic man for almost 20 years and had 2 children with him. When my children were around 9 and 11, his alcoholic behavior could no longer be hidden from them and I left him.
Before I left, me and my children experienced traumatic events with him. Mostly, him just being black out drunk. It was scary for my son, and he would tell me he wanted to die. I thought getting out of that situation would help and it did for a little while.
My son has now gone through puberty and is 16. He recently told me he is struggling with anxiety. He told me he gets in his head and remembers an event and fixates on it until he’s spun himself into almost a panic attack. It ruins his school day because then he just fights back tears and tries to avoid people. He said he’s often angry at his dad, even the times they spend together, he will start feeling angry and then just spin himself into this anxiety panic. He told me he feels like this is more severe than just average teenage angst and he cries alone in his room often.
I feel this deeply in my soul. These are the same feelings I have. When I was a young adult I would have dreams about just screaming at my mom, not even words just screaming into her face and I would wake up sweaty and just raging. As I got older I was able to process those emotions about my mother and kind of get over it. But my ex, that’s a different story. I often experience the same thing my son does, a song, a word someone says, a dream, it can all trigger those feelings of fear, of losing control, of being controlled and I will have a panic attack. My heart is absolutely broken that my son is experiencing this. He calls it “getting into my head and can’t get out”, he says his thoughts just spiral deeper and deeper and he can’t stop them.
Recently I discovered he’s making real bad choices, drinking and drugs-etc. and he blames it all on these thought processes and the anxiety.
Other than the obvious PTSD from having an alcoholic parent, is this anxiety? Something worse? I don’t know what I’m looking for here I just had to get this all out because my heart is absolutely broken for him. I thought I left before the damage was done and now I’m just devastated to discover I didn’t. I never wanted my children to experience the traumas I did
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2023.06.07 19:29 daphnemoonpie What the actual FUCK am I doing?

I am ruining my own life. I have been for years, but I've been really going hard on it for the last 9 months or so. I have been building my own business for 7 years now. It's been a tortuously slow journey and I'll never give up. But I just suck. Routine and consistency seem to be absolutely unattainable for me. I sabotage myself constantly. The big strides I've made have been during those fleeting periods of hyper-focus and deep work, but again, they have been so fleeting.
And once I burn out, it sometimes takes me months to get back to that. And I know when I feel capable and like I'm on fire, that this feeling is unsustainable. But when I'm in it, I truly feel like I can keep it up. I'm either going full-speed like a maniac, unable to balance anything else but work. And then when I inevitably hit that wall, it takes me out for so long. Then I'm doing nothing, doom-scrolling, avoiding the shit out of all my priorities. I just feel broken and like I'll never get it.
I'm so self-aware about the wrong things I'm doing, and about the little things that will ultimately help my life be better. But I sit in that self-awareness and actively do the things I know will destroy everything. I get paralyzed. If I don't have my Adderall (which is common these days bc the "shortage,") I'll sometimes impulsively drink too early in the day to shake myself out of the executive dysfunction. It usually does work in the moment, but the alcohol-induced productivity obviously doesn't last long, and it leads to fatigue and anxiety and more depression
I failed at life. Sometimes I don't want to wake up. My kids deserve better. I failed my 14 year-old son and I'm on my way to failing my 7 year-old. I'm in therapy weekly, which helps but not enough. The depression is constant. I don't feel like a real adult, at 36. I can't seem to get it together no matter how hard I try. I just want to be successful and give my kids a good life. I hate myself. Sorry for the rant and thanks for listening.
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2023.06.07 19:27 poopinion While I did enjoy Ted Lasso as a whole. It's nice to have a low stakes, generally uplifting, pleasant show. Season 3 was borderline bad. Let me vent for a minute.

Sorry to be a negative nancy but here it goes

  1. Man Ted's son on this show is a terrible actor. Granted most kids are but this kid is on another level bad.
  2. For making Nate's turn into a villain such a huge thing in season 2, even if it really made no sense as to why it happened, his redemption arc was so so fast almost completely off screen. He was really only an asshole for like 1.5 episodes then boom he was past that, for really no reason other than you could tell it just really wasn't in him to be a dick. Then boom, he bounces on Rupert at a party and next episode he's quit his dream job as a highly respected premier league manager and is back living at home and with Jade. They seriously thought it was logical to have such a gigantic plot turn for a "major" character happen off screen with little to no explanation as to what happened? What the fuck?
  3. Almost every important moment in season 3 happens off screen or is a blip on the radar but an immigration storyline and keeleys sex tape scandal get entire episodes? Jesus christ.
  4. Why the hell would Ted go back to america and his dumb son and ex wife, who he may or may not be getting back together with, not come out to England? So a 10 year old doesn't have to move? Guarantee a soccer loving son would much rather move to England and have a prem league coach as a father than live in butt fuck Kansas and play rec league soccer. I also heard Beard's explanation but its stupid and makes no sense.
  5. Ted not getting major soccer rules and customs after 3 seasons got old. Like he really didn't understand how the Champions League and relegation worked after 3 years?
  6. The whole Zava storyline turned out to be pretty pointless. I get what they were trying to do with his character but I dont think they executed it well at all. He turned out to be a pretty nice guy that didnt like to pass. He just made Jamie start to work hard because he was jealous. I don't see how he affected change in anyone else on the team.
  7. The therapist gets in a bike crash and then is just gone until the finale? Then is back as the Richmond therapist? Did she ever leave? Did she get rehired?
  8. Jamie's dad's redemption gets 15 seconds? That could have made an infinitely better episode than Sam or Keeleys episodes.
  9. The Van Damme Zorreux Mask of Zorro plotline was stupid stupid stupid
  10. Thank god Jamie and Danny were there to be bright spots
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2023.06.07 19:14 ResearchBasedHalfOrc Just a fun start to a play through

Came home from a work dinner a little tipsy and thought it would be fun to spend an hr on a fresh Bobby B Rebellion start - had no plans for it to be a real play through, just something to do with a glass of whiskey before bed.
Robert confronts Randall Tarly in the Kingswood. Soon, Rhaegar's army arrives. Robert kills Rhaegar in the Battle of the Kingswood, but was too aggressive in moving north and is now fighting 2-1 odds after his victory. Allies rush to the battle, but the Targ stacks are larger. Rebel forces entered over 66,000 men into the battle overall, but they came in small spurts of reinforcement. We lost over 25,000 men to the brilliant Tarly general. Robert, wounded, takes some solace in knowing he killed Lyanna's captor.
Targaryen forces press us, however, and after a loss near The Grassy Vale, and then another at Haystack Hall, Robert Baratheon is captured by Tarly forces, given to The Mad King, and the entire Baratheon line is slain.
The Lord Paramountship of the Stormlands is disbanded forming something of Crownlands South. Ned Stark is released and allowed to remain Warden. Hosted Tully is executed and Edmure rules as Paramount of the Riverlands. The Mad King's rule remains strong, and Aegon's son with the Dornish woman is heir.
We pick up now with Jon Connington. His best friend, dead. A king he doesn't support still on the throne, plenty of discontent Stormlanders around. He rides to the Tower of Joy where Lyanna dies, asking him to keep a secret. Jon Storm quickly is recognized as Jon Connington. Aerys dies of a heart attack roughly a year later and Rhaegar's son takes the throne. He asks Jon Connington to squire him.
I give myself two prompts - Rhaegar left Connington a stash of 5k gold in the event something happened to him, and Connington also knows that the Iron Throne will turn a blind eye to some modest power grabbing. After an insult from Selwyn Tarth, we bring Tarth and all of the peninsula south of us into our domains.
After a few years of relative peace, Tywin Lannister is assassinated along with Tyrion and for some reason Gerion Lannister becomes the Lord Paramount. He launches a rebellion against Aegon which seems likely to fail.
I really enjoy where I'm at right now because it feels like I can set up a fun dynamic between Jon "Storm," Aegon the now reigning boy king, and potentially Faegon down the line.
I do really want to squire Jon to Arthur Dayne though that doesn't seem possible for some reason.
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2023.06.07 19:13 ThrowRA2857 SIL (23f) wants permission to misgender me (20m)

(Edited for typos)
I'm going to try and be as concise as I can but this situation is more than a little complicated.
I (20ftm) have an older brother (22m) and SIL (23f). Together they have my niece (4f) and nephew (2m). I adore them both but I am especially close to my niece. She's an extremely bright child who never seems to run out of questions. We video call regularly and I do my best to see her in person as often as I can.
I'm transgender and that is no secret. I don't "pass," as in I do not appear to be a cisgender man. I'm sure most people who see me clock me as a butch lesbian. But my niece has always known me as her uncle and knows I am a boy. I also have a son who I gave birth to last year. This has made my niece curious about how I am both a boy and had a baby. She has sometimes asked how this that was possible and my response was usually something like "some boys can have babies." I obviously wasn't going to dive into the difference between cis and trans men to her or anything beyond that simple explanation as I didn't feel it was my place. She has also become curious about how two boys or two girls can be together. I have not heard any questions from her about this subject but according to my SIL she has been asking about it.
I am also married to a nonbinary person and my niece has always been good with recognizing that they are not a boy or a girl. She actually did this on her own, we never told her directly.
Last week I received a long winded text from my SIL out of nowhere about how my niece has been asking her a lot of questions related to LGBTQ topics and asked me not to answer any if she asked me because she felt that my niece was too young to know about that stuff. I was confused but agreed in order to keep the peace. She also asked that I don't explain to her how I am a boy because that is grouped in with the other stuff. I assumed this just meant changing the subject if my niece brought it up so I again agreed. I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with my niece and nephew.
I have noticed my niece misgendering me lately but she has a tendency to do that with everyone so I brushed it off. But yesterday, her and I were on the phone like normal when she asked me out of the blue if I was a boy. I said yes, and she said "I know, but mommy and daddy are telling me you're a girl." I was shocked because I did not expect them to do this. I also realised that trying to explain to her that I wasn't a girl would go against what I agreed to do for my SIL, so they essentially have asked permission to lie to my niece about my identity. I am extremely uncomfortable with this but I know if I confront them it will blow up into a huge argument and the entire family will get dragged in. Should I continue to allow her to do this?
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2023.06.07 19:11 myforkingusername Dairy intolerance?

FTM here and EBF. My son is 10 weeks old and has or has had the following symptoms: -He used to be VERY gassy (constantly pulling up legs, fussy, passing gas with help of bicycling legs/windi) -spitting up a lot after eating, spit up clear liquid once or twice but not right after eating -mucous in diapers, random diarrhea diapers but never any blood -congestion (he has had this since he was born - we always thought it had to do with him swallowing meconium on the way out but it hasn’t gotten better)
My pediatrician’s first suggestion was to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula at 4 weeks old. BF is going so well aside from his GI issues that I really wanted to keep going. I cut out dairy completely for the last 6 weeks and notice less mucous diapers, less gas, less fussy, but the congestion is there on/off still.
At his last appt (with the nurse practitioner) he was given famotidine as NP suspected reflux. We’ve since had little to no spit up after eating. We also started consistently giving gas drops/simethicone 4x a day.
I guess my question is - does this sound like a dairy intolerance? Should symptoms be completely gone by now? Am I wrong for not switching to formula? Open to any suggestions (not replacing experiences/opinions given with his doctopediatrician’s recommendations just looking to hear what parents with similar experiences have to say)
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