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Nanda Devi Adventure resort Auli I Best Himalayan Facing Resort in Auli

2023.06.02 10:30 glo75001 Nanda Devi Adventure resort Auli I Best Himalayan Facing Resort in Auli

Nanda Devi Adventure Resort Auli

Hotel location - near Car Parking, Auli, Auli Laga Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443
Call now - 7500101155, 01352680927, 7895254355
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2023.06.02 10:17 Important_Ad716 Got everything, name and backstory.

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2023.06.02 10:13 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 10:12 fourleaffungi Missing Person - Urgent

Missing Person - Urgent
This is a good friend of mine who has been missing for over 3 days. **NEWEST UPDATE: License plate read in Henderson Nevada on I11 (right near Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, Hoover Dam...) He has been to Vegas a few times in the past few years and enjoyed it, especially walking down the strip, Area 15, and most likely any nearby secluded nature areas. He made mentions of suicide and disappearance before leaving while his fiancée and 2 children were asleep. ** Please be on the lookout for this car (silver 2022 Toyota highlander - CT license plate BE35285 - generic pic attached) *** Left from Manchester CT on 5/30. Originally thought he could be in CT, NY, PA, MI, or along the Appalachian Trail. Received one license plate reading from Binghamton NY 3 days ago, one in Illinois heading west on Rt 55 2 days ago, an ATM withdrawal in Tonganoxie Kansas yesterday ***
Concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Feel free to share to any communities. *** Please call Manchester CT police if you have any information. Attached photos of his car type, and the bag and tattoo described in the alert.
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2023.06.02 10:00 bushiredublin Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin

Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin
Dublin, as a major economic hub and home to numerous businesses, often requires efficient and reliable transportation solutions for corporate travel and staff transportation. Whether it’s airport transfers, shuttle services, or corporate event transportation, Dublin offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses. Here are some of the top corporate travel and staff transportation services in Dublin:

1. Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are a crucial aspect of corporate travel. Dublin has several reputable transportation companies that provide reliable and efficient airport transfer services. These services ensure that employees, clients, and business partners are promptly picked up from the airport and transported to their destination in comfort and style. Whether it’s a small group or a large corporate delegation, these services offer a range of vehicles to accommodate varying group sizes and requirements.

2. Executive Chauffeur Services

For businesses looking for luxury and professionalism, executive chauffeur services in Dublin are an ideal choice. These services provide highly trained and professional chauffeurs who offer a premium level of service. From executive sedans to luxury vehicles, companies can choose the most suitable option for their corporate clients or senior executives. Executive chauffeur services ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience, allowing passengers to focus on their work or relax during their journey.

3. Corporate Event Transportation

When it comes to corporate events, transportation logistics play a significant role. Dublin offers specialized transportation services for corporate events, including conferences, seminars, and team-building activities. These services handle the transportation needs of attendees, ensuring timely arrival and departure from event venues. Whether it’s a shuttle service between hotels and the event location or coordinating transportation for a large group, these services take care of the details, allowing businesses to focus on organizing a successful event.

4. Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for staff transportation in Dublin. Companies can arrange dedicated shuttles to transport employees to and from the workplace, ensuring punctuality and convenience. Shuttle services can be customized based on Bus Hire Dublin specific requirements, such as multiple pick-up and drop-off points, fixed schedules, and route optimization. These services not only help reduce traffic congestion but also provide a reliable and stress-free commuting experience for employees.

5. Corporate Car Rental Services

Corporate car rental services are another popular option for businesses in Dublin. These services provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Whether it’s for business meetings, client visits, or employee travel, corporate car rental services offer flexibility and convenience. Companies can choose from a variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, depending on their specific requirements.
In conclusion, Dublin offers a range of corporate travel and staff transportation services that cater to the needs of businesses. From airport transfers to executive chauffeur services, shuttle services to corporate event transportation, and corporate car rentals, these services ensure efficient and reliable transportation for corporate clients and staff. By utilizing these services, businesses can enhance their professionalism, improve logistical efficiency, and provide a positive travel experience for their employees and clients in Dublin.
Useful Links : Sports Events, Schools, Dublin Airport Transfers, Corporate Bus Hire, Stag & Hen Party Bus Hire, Wedding Bus Hire Near Me, College & University Events, Concerts & Festivals
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2023.06.02 09:49 Gloomy_Stage When was the last time it was possible to drive South to North on motorways without hitting roadworks?

I made the mistake of driving to London to Manchester late evening to avoid traffic.
I was wrong. The M3 had roadworks, a bit on the A34 too. Once I neared Birmingham I counted no more than 6 sets of roadworks, many lane closures (of which lanes were in fact, not closed off), hugely variable speed limits. In fact the speed limits were so variable I wasn’t even sure what the limit was. In one section the temporary sign said 50 but the overhead gantry said 60 then the next gantry was blank then the next one says national then you get all confused on how fast you are supposed to be going.
After 5 hours I ended up stopping off at a hotel. Back on the road again this morning. I’ve been driving for 15 years and go North to South a twice a year or so and do not remember ever having a free run!
This country seems to love never ending roadworks!
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2023.06.02 09:46 Flat_Newspaper4466 7 biggest challenges for tourism marketing

The travel industry is booming. For other travel businesses worldwide, there are now better ways to serve customers and target them with relevant online marketing messages. However, along with all these new opportunities, do some challenges. In this article, VietISO outlines seven marketing challenges in the tourism industry today and how they will impact the future of businesses in this sector.
Personalization has become very important in many different aspects of the travel industry. It is not only necessary to capture the attention of your audience with your marketing message, but also to provide a good customer experience.
Regardless of whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, they appreciate and expect personalization, and businesses are doing everything they can to incorporate it into their offerings. For example, Delta Airlines uses personalization technology to help flight attendants support their business customers and includes services such as in-flight amenities, special offers, information on connecting flights, and more. trip, etc.
Hotels can also collect extensive micro-data about their guests and use it to deliver a more intimate experience. Guests interact with the hotel in many different ways during their trip: at the check-in counter, at the hotel's restaurant, with room service, at the spa,... These are all opportunities to collect Collect data and learn about guest preferences.
However, capturing and utilizing this information are two completely different things.
Hotels need to have systems in place to collect this data and connect it to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to automate personalization activities to encourage repeatability and upgrades. book room. Let's say a previous guest spent the day of their week-long vacation on the golf course. They can be retargeted with a relevant marketing message promoting discounted tee times.
Advertising is no exception to today's traveler's need for personalization. According to a recent travel advertising report, personalization is the number one challenge for travel marketers today, with nearly half (46%) reporting that delivering offers and promotions Real-time personalized reporting is the top challenge for 2020.
Perhaps the greatest personalization opportunity for travel advertisers is catering to the interests and desires of each audience. For example, today's youth are less concerned with luxury and relaxation and more concerned with the experiences they have when they travel: does this very well with the targeted ads shown above. They also track onsite with MyAruba, an interactive feature that allows you to build your own itinerary of favorite places and experiences:
Personalization is more than just ad targeting. It's also about giving people the autonomy and customization features they need to build the travel experience they want.
Keeping Up With New Technology
Technology is constantly innovating industries decade by decade, but the real impact of new technology on tourism over the past 10 years has been dramatic. Back in 2010, hotel and airline apps were just getting started, but now they're just as important to the travel industry as other big businesses.
One prominent example of new technology that travel businesses need to catch up on is dynamic pricing. Airlines and hotels can use factors like time of year, day of the week, and corporate versus tourist travelers to estimate the right rates to drive conversions. Using technology powered by artificial intelligence, it is possible to make these adjustments based on day-to-day changes in market demand. Some pricing engines have the ability to update fares as often as every 15 seconds, and businesses are starting to notice the big difference this makes in bookings.
The problem travel marketers face, however, is that taking advantage of dynamic pricing requires more than just investing in new technology. The challenge businesses face is to redo their entire data management process, including CRM integration and revenue analytics.
New technologies bring new opportunities for marketing and sales, but they also bring new competition. Airbnb is a prime example of this. The home and room rental platform helps travelers book accommodation at a fraction of the typical hotel price. It also excels at meeting individual needs by providing rentals with co-working and pet-friendly spaces, kitchens, and all the other “home” amenities that people need. want that most hotels do not provide. 49% of Airbnb users use it as an alternative to hotels.
Seize New Opportunities
Marketing channels are constantly introducing new features and content formats that businesses can use to advertise their services. This is especially true of social media. Airlines and other businesses in the travel industry have a presence on social media, but they often have trouble keeping up with the latest marketing opportunities on these platforms.
For example, take a look at Facebook's travel ad. These are dynamically generated ads that contain information based on an individual's travel interests. Let's say someone browses hotels or watches flights. Airlines, hotels, and other travel businesses can target Facebook ads based on dates, specific destinations, and other trip details.
Other new ad types like Story Ads on Instagram or Short Video Ads on TikTok also offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach audiences directly. However, since this is primarily a video format, travel businesses need to be prepared to invest in creative marketing to capture attention and encourage action. Once done, businesses can also take advantage of Facebook video ads as well as ads on TikTok and YouTube to reach their audience with more engaging marketing messages.
Competition on search networks is so fierce that most travel businesses invest the majority of their marketing budgets in paid search, largely ignoring social media. However, they can't really ignore new features and social targeting anymore.
Google is a problem for travel marketers that most don't realize they have. Google offers all kinds of features for marketing: paid search ads,Google Hotel Search, Trips, Maps, and more. But these opportunities also essentially serve to give Google a marketing monopoly in the travel space. The Google products ecosystem tends to be in its own favor. Google Flight is a feature that allows travelers to make reservations right from search results. Having it appear above the organic results actually encourages people to use it over other options like Expedia or Kayak.
What Google considers to be a feature that improves the user experience is actually just encouraging people to use their other properties. Another example of this is Google Trips, which offers travel recommendations to people based on information gathered from their Gmail accounts.
The growing monopoly of the tourism industry presents businesses with a conundrum. Many people feel they have no choice but to invest their entire marketing budget in Google products. And even then there's no guarantee Google will suggest their business in search results.
There's still not much businesses can do about this particular marketing challenge, other than maintaining a diverse and patient strategy. Google has been fined for favoring its own products in the past, and the issue of tourism exclusivity is currently being discussed with law enforcement.
Voice search
Voice search is a growing concern for search engine marketers in every industry. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana, and other technologies encourage and empower people to use voice search to get the information they need. This is especially true for travel related queries. According to research by Travelport, nearly half of travelers have used voice search to help manage trips. It takes a lot of work to optimize your content for search engines in general, and considering voice search even more of a challenge. People use voice search differently than they do regular search queries. Here are some key things you can do to optimize for voice search today:
Conversational Keyword Targeting
Voice search users are more likely to use longer keyword phrases in their queries. For example, instead of saying “hotels in Da Nang”, they might say “show me hotels in Da Nang near Dragon Bridge”. Travel businesses should create pages optimized for these long-tail queries to get more traffic. Creating a detailed FAQ page is a great way to do this.
You can explore voice search keywords using Google Search Console. There are also many third-party tools designed to help you brainstorm long-tail keywords. For example, Answer Public shows you common questions people ask related to specific keywords.
Use schema markup
In order for smart devices to provide your website information as query results, it needs to make sure your information is really the type of content people are looking for. Instead of letting the machine guess, you're better off encoding your content to help the machine determine what the information really is. This is commonly done using schema markup. It's a standardized vocabulary that you embed in your website's HTML code. It effectively labels your content. For example, say you have a hotel suite listed with two bedrooms. Using schema markup to indicate the number of rooms helps ensure your listing shows up when people search by voice for “hotel in Boston with two adjoining rooms.”
Optimize Google My Business
Optimizing my Google My Business information is a good idea for SEO in general. When people specifically search for your business, Google My Business information will immediately show up in the search results.
In today's digital environment, with nearly all voice searches going to local businesses, it's even more important to keep this information up to date. Including relevant information like your address, availability, and amenities makes it easier for voice search to display your listings when referring to specific voice search queries.
More detail
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2023.06.02 09:05 Additional_Try5233 Maintain campus cleanliness Reject Yan Limon for Perelman Medical College

In the global epidemic, the economy is shrinking, the employment rate is low, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine hired Yan Limeng as the hospital staff, this non-racist, non-discriminatory for Asian employees to provide jobs behavior, reflects the college's fraternity, equality. But the Perelman School of Medicine in the hiring of like-minded employees, it is time to consider the maintenance of campus cleanliness as the first task, reject Yan Limeng on stage to join the medical school.
Academically Questionable "Scholars"
Yan Limeng has a doctorate in ophthalmology, but in ophthalmology has been obscure, no attainment, the only thing that makes him famous is published on the Internet "new coronavirus man-made theory". Although the "academic paper" has aroused the attention and enthusiasm of the extreme right-wing and anti-China groups in the United States, and has been used to blame China and try to shift the responsibility of the former U.S. government for the ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic, it has been met by Nakagawa Kusa, a biogenomic researcher at the Department of Medicine of Tunghai University in Taiwan, and Kristian Anderson of the Scripps Research Center in the United States, respectively. However, they were challenged by experts and scholars such as Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Center and others in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other media or social media platforms, while Chinese dissident Fang Zhouzi published a direct article "Refuting the Conspiracy Theory of "New Coronavirus Man-Made"" and Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, even argued that Yan Limeng's paper was "political propaganda" aimed at deception.
Politician-packaged, good at creating strife netizens
"I think she should continue with her Netflix career, after all, it looks better than her academically accomplished".
"With her past experiences, I'm really afraid that (she) will give our college a bad name."
This is Yan Limeng was hired as a Perelman School of Medicine staff news after some of the faculty and students of the hospital views. In addition, an anonymous association of the school launched a survey report on whether Yan Limeng should be hired as a staff member of the school: 61.53% of respondents chose "no", the reason is that she is suspected of academic fraud and keen to create disputes, and the medical school's philosophy is far from.
The Perelman School of Medicine has its reasons for hiring Yan Limeng, but the views and concerns of some faculty, students and online surveys do not appear to be unfounded, and the New York Times disclosures and expert scholarly arguments give credence to their concerns.
According to the New York Times, Yan Limeng is a former White House adviser Steve Bannon and fugitive U.S. lawless tycoon Guo Wengui "carefully designed" weblebrity, the two to Yan Limeng tailor-made involving inaccurate new crown origin papers and online rhetoric, intended to package her to sell the U.S. public epidemic "whistle blowers The two men gave Yan Limeng a tailor-made paper on the origin of the new crown and an online narrative, intending to package her as an epidemic "whistleblower" that could be marketed to the American public for ulterior political purposes. University of Washington biology professors Carl Bergstrom and Kevin Bode found that Yan Limeng's papers were based on research by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation, both of which are run by Both were founded by Guo Wengui's partner Bannon.
Yan Limeng in the former U.S. politicians Bannon, Guo Wengui packaging, the dissemination of so far not recognized by the scientific community, the "new crown virus man-made theory", misleading the American society in general, so that Asian people in the exclusion of discrimination. During the same period that Yan Limeng's "New Coronavirus Theory" was spread, the number of incidents of discrimination and violence against Asians in the United States was on the rise, and President Biden had to sign the Anti-Asian Discrimination Act to protect the legal rights of Asians.
In addition, Yan Limeng in order to obtain greater benefits, directly to the webcast explosive attack Guo Wengui's "rule of law fund" suspected of fraud to absorb the powder, and finally led to Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui turned against each other, Guo Wengui launched a legal action against Limeng.
Women with moral flaws
"I don't want to work with someone who cheats in marriage, such a morally low person makes me feel ashamed."
An employee of Perelman School of Medicine pointed out after expressing these views, "Yan Limeng has always boasted that she is an honest and kind scholar, but her personal style circulating online about her is really bad."
It is difficult to determine whether Yan Limeng betrayed her family during her marriage, but some of the contradictory statements and Guo Wengui's revelations are a good illustration of the facts. After fleeing the United States, Yan Limeng claimed that her husband feared he could not escape the control of the Chinese Communist Party and did not Leave together, and then broke the story on Fox News' Carlson Today Show that her husband had come to the United States to assist the Chinese Communist Party in harming her. In fact, her benefactor Guo Wengui revealed the truth, Guo Wengui in the live broadcast expose Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) there are unbearable personal life style.
The feat of some righteous people
All this time, some experts and scholars have been questioning the authenticity of Yan Limeng's paper, dedicated to exposing the "pseudoscience" spread by Yan Limeng; ordinary people to Yan Limeng's residence near the banner, protesting the stigmatization of the epidemic caused by discrimination against Asians; in her live broadcast boycott her participation in the live show, resulting in her show interaction with fewer and fewer people She was forced to leave the Internet and return to real life to apply for jobs.
However, justice advocates do not want Yan Limeng to go into hiding and continue to spread false information about the new crown outbreak. Guo Wengui found out Yan Limeng's current address: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104) through the FBI agent's connection, Some members of the "New China Federation" started a campaign to "maintain the clean campus and reject Yan Limeng's entry into Perelman Medical" on the telegram, calls on people who love freedom and uphold the "Rule of Law Foundation," especially members of the "New China Federation. On March 21, Yan Limeng's address near the banner to protest Yan Limeng false new crown theory, reveal Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) affair, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine campus to protect the clean land.
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2023.06.02 08:56 ApprehensiveBuy111 Shower before flight

I am flying out of LAX around 10pm on a Sunday. As it is so late, I plan to go to Disney for the day before the flight. Ill check out of my hotel early that morning to make the most of the day.
As such, I don't want to be rude and smell bad on the plane. However, I don't see a way to shower before my flight.
I don't have status for an airline lounge.(Flying Delta) I see there are no Priority Pass lounges. I can't do a day room rental at a near by hotel as I won't arrive there till around 5/6pm.
Any thoughts on what I can do?
Thank you.
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2023.06.02 08:47 CheesecakeSerious568 Struggling

Hi guys, I (27m) have been with my partner (30f) for 8 months. We come from very different background and cultures but everything came together perfectly. We got together last year in October. In the beginning it was perfect. We wanted to be around each other all the time. We live together so that made it super easy. We counted down on our phones and went everywhere together. We had a lot of sex. As in 3-5 times a day when she wasn't on her period. We were animals. Bedroom, lounge room, back of car, hot springs, hotels...any chance we got. We talked and laughed and didn't bother about anything else. It was so easy. The only harder bit was because of her culture and background she couldn't do anything publicly with me, which sucked, but one day it would be fine.Come late Jan it started getting harder to talk to her. It was as if she was withdrawing from the relationship a bit. She laughed less and was on her phone more. She started wanting less physical and emotional affection. She was the kind of woman who would call me for 5 seconds on her break at work to say she loves me. That side slowly started to vanish. By late January she was barely messaging me. The sex began to dwindle from once a day to once a we haven't had sex since the start of March. I can't remember the last time she gave me a compliment about anything. She always seems happier when with anyone else whether it is one of her friends, my parents, workmates or even our housemate. She was so bubbly around me but now that is gone and it hurts to see her like that with everyone else. She is so busy with her 2 jobs and studios outside of that that she is barely home and when she is she barely talks or wants me near her. She snaps at me a lot more for minor things and makes them into big deals. From things such as glancing at her with a smile when we are in the car together (we used to all them time), to me having a hand on her leg (the staple, right?).When I say she is polar opposite this is a tldr.From us always being in the same room for months to her not wanting me in the spare room while she puts on makeup.From both having the same big sex drive to her not wanting it at all. My drive is still huge.To both of us having the same affection love language to her not showing any. It is still my love language.From constant texts to none.There is no affection and a big lack of intimacy.She no longer seems to care about how I feel.As someone who has always struggled with self worth this is really starting to hurt.We have talked about it here and there and she said she isn't putting in as much because it stresses her so much that she is forced to hide us. I fully get that, but the first thing that needs to be addressed won't be until summer (December for us) and even then we can't be public for at least 6 months later. So MINIMUM 12 months from now.12 months without compliments, without affection, without sex, and being in what seems like a one sided relationship. She will always be super cheerful and bubbly for anyone else but around me just seems drained.As on her cultural side, she is 'single' and in another country/state she constantly has family and friends checking in on her and will give them hours of time each day whether it be via phone call or messaging and won't give me any time. So a lot of the small time she is home she is on the phone. She no longer seems to care about my passions and achievements when I am always so proud about hers. More than anything I want her to be happy but I am struggling. It has been like this and getting worse since the start of February. I worry that by the time these stresses are gone and she can go public that there will be no us. I no longer feel sad as much if she doesn't message when she stays with her family some nights...even a 2 second good night text I don't get, but I am used to it now. She used to make sure to video call. Even then in a year if everything goes perfectly she still may need to choose me or her culture as many of her culture don't like intercultural relationships (whole big shame thing). I initiate all affection these days if there is any. I say 'I love you' first every time. She has also started turning her head when I go to kiss her.
This feels so good to get off my chest...if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know :)
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2023.06.02 08:30 jmm68cat My Neptune 3 MAX klipper config

This is for the Creality sonic Pad. Minor adjustments needed for standard klipper, and the bed mesh settings are only for my printer. Macros are also tailored to my need. I use superslicer and call the START_PRINT at the begining and END_PRINT at the end, tune those macros to your personal preferences.

# For the ZNP Robin Nano DW v2.2 board:
# - Compile with the processor model STM32F401.
# - Select the 32KiB bootloader,
# - Select (Serial (on # USART1 PA10/PA9) for the communication interface.
# - Select (Serial (on # USART2 PA3/PA2) if you want to use the serial UART pins on J17 (wifi section)
# Note that the "make flash" command does not work with ZNP Robin boards. After running "make", run the following command:
# cp out/klipper.bin out/ZNP_ROBIN_NANO.bin
# Copy the file out/ZNP_ROBIN_NANO.bin to an SD card and then restart the printer with that SD card.
# See docs/ for a description of parameters.

#[include timelapse.cfg]

path: ~/gcode_files



[gcode_macro CANCEL_PRINT]
description: Cancel the actual running print
rename_existing: CANCEL_PRINT_BASE

[gcode_macro PAUSE]
description: Pause the actual running print
rename_existing: PAUSE_BASE
# change this if you need more or less extrusion
variable_extrude: 1.0
##### read E from pause macro #####
{% set E = printer["gcode_macro PAUSE"].extrudefloat %}
##### set park positon for x and y #####
# default is your max posion from your printer.cfg
{% set x_park = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.xfloat - 5.0 %}
{% set y_park = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.yfloat - 5.0 %}
##### calculate save lift position #####
{% set max_z = printer.toolhead.axis_maximum.zfloat %}
{% set act_z = printer.toolhead.position.zfloat %}
{% if act_z < (max_z - 2.0) %}
{% set z_safe = 2.0 %}
{% else %}
{% set z_safe = max_z - act_z %}
{% endif %}
##### end of definitions #####
{% if printer.extruder.can_extrudelower == 'true' %}
G1 E-{E} F2100
{% else %}
{action_respond_info("Extruder not hot enough")}
{% endif %}
{% if "xyz" in printer.toolhead.homed_axes %}
G1 Z{z_safe} F900
G1 X{x_park} Y{y_park} F6000
{% else %}
{action_respond_info("Printer not homed")}
{% endif %}
[gcode_macro RESUME]
description: Resume the actual running print
rename_existing: RESUME_BASE
##### read E from pause macro #####
{% set E = printer["gcode_macro PAUSE"].extrudefloat %}
#### get VELOCITY parameter if specified ####
{% if 'VELOCITY' in paramsupper %}
{% set get_params = ('VELOCITY=' + params.VELOCITY) %}
{%else %}
{% set get_params = "" %}
{% endif %}
##### end of definitions #####
{% if printer.extruder.can_extrudelower == 'true' %}
G1 E{E} F2100
{% else %}
{action_respond_info("Extruder not hot enough")}
{% endif %}
RESUME_BASE {get_params}
[gcode_macro START_PRINT]
{% set BED_TEMP = params.BED_TEMPdefault(60)float %}
{% set EXTRUDER_TEMP = params.EXTRUDER_TEMPdefault(190)float %}
# Start bed heating
# Use absolute coordinates
# Reset the G-Code Z offset (adjust Z offset if needed)
# Home the printer
# Move the nozzle near the bed
G1 Z5 F3000
# Move the nozzle very close to the bed
G1 Z0.15 F300
# Wait for bed to reach temperature
# Set and wait for nozzle to reach temperature
G1 X1.5 Y20 F5000.0 #Move to start position
G1 Y120.0 F600.0 E15 #Draw the first line
G1 X0.5 F1000.0 #Move to side a little
G1 Y20 F600 E30 #Draw the second line
# G92 E0 #Reset Extruder
G1 Z2.0 F3000 # Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed
G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 # Move over to prevent blob squish
[gcode_macro END_PRINT]
# Set and wait for nozzle to reach temperature
#M109 S60
# Wait for bed to reach temperature
#M190 S60
# Turn off bed, extruder, and fan
M140 S0
M104 S0
M106 S0
# Move nozzle away from print while retracting
G1 X-2 Y-2 E-3 F300
# Raise nozzle by 10mm
G1 Z100 F3000
# Disable steppers

serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb_serial_1
restart_method: command

#[led LED_Light]
#white_pin: PB9
#initial_white: 1.0

[output_pin LED_Light] #toggle for LED Light - use this instead of [LED] for sonic pad
Pin: PB9
cycle_time: 0.01
pwm: true
value: 1

kinematics: cartesian
max_velocity: 500
max_accel: 3000
max_z_velocity: 15
max_z_accel: 100
square_corner_velocity: 5
# Use those higher values just to configure Input Shaper
#max_accel: 10000
#max_accel_to_decel: 10000

step_pin: !PC12
dir_pin: PB3
enable_pin: !PD2
microsteps: 16
rotation_distance: 40
endstop_pin: PA13
position_endstop: -6.0
position_min: -6
position_max: 420
homing_speed: 50

step_pin: PC11
dir_pin: PA15
enable_pin: !PC10
microsteps: 16
rotation_distance: 40
endstop_pin: PB8
position_endstop: 0
position_max: 420
homing_speed: 50

step_pin: PC7
dir_pin: !PC9
enable_pin: !PC8
rotation_distance: 8
microsteps: 16
position_min: -2
position_max: 500
endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop # Use Z- as endstop
homing_speed: 5.0

gear_ratio: 1:1
max_extrude_only_distance: 100.0
step_pin: PB10
dir_pin: PB1
enable_pin: !PC6
microsteps: 16
nozzle_diameter: 0.600
filament_diameter: 1.750
heater_pin: PA6
sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F
sensor_pin: PC1
min_temp: 0
max_temp: 300
# Calibrate E-Steps
#rotation_distance: 6.9
# Calibrate PID:
# - Example: PID_CALIBRATE HEATER=extruder TARGET=200
#control = pid
#pid_kp = 30.356
#pid_ki = 1.857
#pid_kd = 124.081
# Calibrate PA:
#essure_advance = 0.600
pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.04
pressure_advance: 0

heater_pin: PA5
sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F
sensor_pin: PC0
pwm_cycle_time: 0.020 # set to 0.0166 if your grid runs on 60Hz to fix lights flickering
max_temp: 110
min_temp: 0
# Calibrate PID:
# - Example: PID_CALIBRATE HEATER=heater_bed TARGET=60
control = pid
pid_kp = 64.230
pid_ki = 0.723
pid_kd = 1425.905

[heater_fan hotend_fan]
pin: PB0
heater: extruder
heater_temp: 50.0

pin: PA7

enable_force_move: True

home_xy_position: 117.5, 117.5
z_hop: 10

pin: ^PA8
speed: 5
lift_speed: 15
samples: 1
x_offset: -28
y_offset: 20
# Calibrate probe:
# - Example: PROBE_CALIBRATE, then adjust with TESTZ Z=+/-X
#z_offset = -0.100

[filament_switch_sensor filament_sensor]
pause_on_runout: true
switch_pin: PB4

probe_count = 8,8
algorithm = bicubic
# probe_count = 8,7
# algorithm = bicubic
# # probe_count = 8,6
# # algorithm = bicubic
# # # probe_count = 8,6
# # # algorithm = bicubic
speed: 300
horizontal_move_z: 5.0
mesh_min: 20,20
mesh_max: 380,380
# # # # probe_count: 6,6
# # # # algorithm: bicubic
fade_start: 1
fade_end: 10
fade_target: 0

# Calibrate IS:
#shaper_type_y = mzv
#shaper_freq_y = 38.2
#shaper_type_x = ei
#shaper_freq_x = 79.6

[temperature_sensor raspberry_pi]
sensor_type: temperature_host
#min_temp: 10
#max_temp: 105

[temperature_sensor mcu_temp]
sensor_type: temperature_mcu
sensor_temperature1: 25
sensor_adc1: 0.210317
#min_temp: 0
#max_temp: 105

[gcode_macro M420]
description: Load the current mesh
[gcode_macro G29]
description: creates automated homing and bed mesh
screw1: 40, 40
screw2: 40, 230
screw3: 40, 400
screw4: 400, 400
screw5: 400, 230
Screw6: 400, 40

# [mcu rpi]
# serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu

# [adxl345]
# cs_pin: rpi:None
# spi_speed: 2000000
# spi_bus: spidev2.0

# [resonance_tester]
# accel_chip: adxl345
# accel_per_hz: 70
# probe_points:
# 150,150,10

#*# <---------------------- SAVE_CONFIG --------------------
#*# DO NOT EDIT THIS BLOCK OR BELOW. The contents are auto-generated.

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2023.06.02 08:06 Deefellows_resort Hotels in Jim corbett ramnagar

The Deefellows River side Resort is considered the best hotel near Jim Corbett in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. It is situated on the banks of the Kosi River and is surrounded by lush greenery and Nature. The hotel offers a range of luxurious amenities including a swimming pool, and multi-cuisine restaurant. For more info visit -
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2023.06.02 08:03 bananamoon5 One thing after another.

It seems when things just might be going okay, something else comes along and fucks me up. I don’t wanna get too into it, but the relationship with my PA/SA is currently going really well. We have a CSAT, he attends weekly meetings and things are just overall good. He has recently been showing so much change and progress, for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful.
When I first experienced d-day, I was completely broken and inconsolable as I imagine all of us here have experienced. Even now 7 months later, I am no where near okay (the discovery of him being an addict was only 2 months ago so there’s that). I had to take a lot of time off work which made me feel even worse. I am a nurse and I knew that I couldn’t risk the well being of my patients if I wasn’t in the right state of mind to work. Well now it’s come back to bite me in the ass.
My boss told me today that my contract will not be renewed as a result of taking too many days off. So I will be unemployed in exactly a month. I am angry at myself, angry at my partner for causing such deep pain and trauma that I was unable to work and in the end it has cost me my job. But ultimately I know that I could’ve done more for my mental health and continued to work.
Although I am not blaming him entirely, it is so fucked up how far their actions can spiral and affect other people.
I guess I’m just looking for words of support. I was very comfortable and happy in this job and now I feel like mentally I am back to square one 😪
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2023.06.02 07:36 short_n_ugly Staycation options in Alappuzha or Kuttanad

Title correction - I meant Workation not staycation I am a software developer with permanent WFH option. I want to take a week long workation in July or August.
1). High speed internet 2). Laundry 3). Beach or Backwater access 4). Swimming pool. 5). Access to good food and alcohol near by.
Please recommend a good hotel that fullfill these requirements. I am flexible with budget.
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2023.06.02 07:34 WildernessTech Trip food report: Egypt

Hey guys, I just did a 10 day history/culture Nile cruise and wanted to share some of my celiac adventures now that the world is opening up again.
Some caveats, Egypt was just getting its tourism feet under it when the revolution happened in 2011, and then really started to push that again just before the spicey cough hit everyone. So it really felt like I was dealing with a lot of established businesses who had recently replaced a lot of staff, I suspect that a lot of the really experienced front of house tourism folks got hit really bad by it, so the overall institutional knowledge level was lower than what I'd otherwise expect. That said, everyone was super eager to please, most spoke 2-3 languages.
I'll try to break this up into some manageable chunks.
Egyptian cuisine in general: There are a lot of influences, so you get a big mix of foods that are now part of the culture. Breakfast may well have been called Breadfast, because of the number of pastries and similar dishes. But in general they do a lot of grilled meat (halal obvs) and veggies. Spices are pretty direct/simple not a huge number of sauces or dips, so in general lunches and dinners were easy enough, and I'm generally just a coffee=breakfast guy anyway, but heaps of fruit were pretty normal as well.
First hotel, New Cairo Hyatt: massive breakfast buffets, pretty decent lunch and dinner options, I did my usual of "What's the easiest thing the chief can do gluten free" and got a steak and roasted veggies. They really didn't seem to have much ability to do GF baking, or have many good GF options, but again, it's a very new hotel and the staff are trying to learn the needs of their market.
Last hotel Cairo InterContinental: Older hotel, obviously hired in staff from other places in Europe to bring up the training level, waiters had really good knowledge of celiac requirements, and overall had great procedures for dealing with that in the restaurant (had some other problems resulting from new staff, but seemed to be a training issue, and again a massive buffet with almost nothing safe for breakfast)
Train: We did a sleeper train on two legs of the journey. No really safe options for food, think airline meal, but only one option for dinner, and breakfast was three types of bread. Thankfully we didn't have to waste much of the food, as we were able to find folks who wanted it. It's worth mentioning here that while there is a lot of poverty in Egypt, and it's clear who's living kinda rough, there is both a sense of pride and community that meant we saw very few people just begging for food, they were more likely to try to sell something (anything) to a tourist rather than just beg, but we were able to give out the extra food, and it was both appreciated and shared. I don't want to make it seem like it was better than it was, but for a country that has functionally not had a working government for 60 years, they still make things work and get stuff done. It's by far not an ideal situation, but it is what it is, and I ended up with lots of packaged breadrolls to give away. I was able to pick up a few packaged food things that were from the EU so had compliant labels, and that was fine.
Cruise: The Nile cruise had pretty good food selections, pretty big buffet, and the worst day for me had only two options, some grilled chicken and sauteed veggies. Generally, I also had rice or roast potato, and sometimes an option of two proteins, just depending on sauces and such. Very limited breakfast options, and no dedicated deep-fryer, so that did limit some things. No desserts at all apart from fruit.
Food at sites/ restaurants: Generally pretty good options, very upscale places, so good knowledge, but again, lots of buffets, so not ideal, two places were just straight grill/bbq sort of things, so that was fine.
Overall: So as I mentioned earlier, most of the people were super eager to please, and very accommodating, they also tended to speak more than one language. That being said, even though I had a printed celiac info card in Arabic, and a very good guide, there were some times where it was hard to understand if they were just agreeing to be agreeable, or really trying to inform me, or if they didn't really understand my concern at all. I did get tagged out by something at some point. Given that about a third of our tour group got some sort of gut bug, which I think I also got (but who can say for sure) it's hard to know. I was as careful as I reasonably could be, but when dealing with buffets and potential cross-contaminations, it was challenging. That being said, would I recommend a similar trip for anyone else? Yeah, I would. You just need to know yourself, if you have debilitating symptoms, then probably not, but if you can generally manage, then it's likely worth the overall risk. The tour companies and people will get better with time. As I said, something got me, but have no idea what, and realistically it may not have been a gluten reaction, it's very possible that I got a bug early on in the trip and just toughed it out until I medicated near the end (I can be somewhat stubborn). That said, they do "tipped" toilets so having cash on hand for toilets is a thing, they like their bidets, which is kinda good when the guts are not great, and pack a lot of your own tissues/sanitizer. It was really hit-and-miss what places would have no TP, and there was no real way to predict it. The toilets were generally pretty clean when we found them, but again, not always. The general rate was 10EGP but ranged from 5-20 to use a toilet outside of the major hotels, and airport. It was a general annoyance to everyone on the trip, but not enough to be a major problem. I think everyone was more bothered about how many tips were needed that were not really explained by the travel agents, but it wasn't a huge cost factor. Also, we could have gotten away with just handling all that in Euro or USD, in fact, if we were to go again, I'd try to get all the tour costs priced in USD and take that, as it was harder to get EGP in Australia (but we are getting well off topic now).
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2023.06.02 07:13 PM_ME_YOUR_SPECS_PLS FAQ Megathread

In an effort to cut down on repeat question posts I am creating this thread with answers to many FAQ’s I have seen within the last couple of days. Question posts aren’t going to get removed or anything, but I think having all of this in one area will help to reduce repeat questions. We may start removing low effort questions. We'll see how this helps first.
1) When is the lineup coming out? : We have no idea, but typically it drops in August, a general sale will drop with the lineup.
2) Who will be on the lineup? Again, no idea. We do have a speculation thread which can be found here.
3) What are the Camp Flog Gnaw Crowds like? Think of a mixture of the Coachella crowd and the Rolling Loud crowd. For mosh-worthy artists there will most definitely be mosh pits, and for laid back sets it will be chill. Discussion Sets you can find on YouTube to get a feel for crowd levels: Taco 2019 // FBZ 2018 // Tyler 2019
4) Is there camping? No. The festival is held in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, book a hotel or airbnb.
5) When should I buy tickets? If you're set on going, buy the presale to save yourself some money and get a cool little souvenir. Otherwise, wait until the lineup drops.
6) Should I buy GA or VIP? This is completely up to you, VIP is worth it for me, but it may not be for you. VIP has a separate viewing area at the stages that is a lot less crowded than GA, I find it worth it for that alone. The merch is the extra cherry on top. Ragers maybe consider sticking with GA
7) Will 'GA/VIP/SVIP sell out?' Probably. Buy your ticket if you want to go, you can sell it through Lyte or a different website later and take a hit if you can't make it.
8) How fast does presale sell out? 2019 sold out in 15 minutes. Do with this information as you will.
9) What is the Game Pass / Is it Worth it / Will it sell out? It is a separate wristband that lets you play the carnival games unlimited times, you win merch from the games. It is worth it if you are planning to play the games a ton, I have won a ton of merch from these games and it is very worth it in my opinion. Yes it will sell out. Discussion. RIDES ARE FREE
10 Is it worth it to get VIP if a friend is just getting GA?: No
11) Service fees pricing? You can find that information here. tldr; Gen: $26 Vip $36 Svip $51 Game $6.50
12) Hotel Recommendations? The website will update with close properties, but here is the list from 2019.
13) When should I book my hotel? IMO The sooner the better. Most hotels have a cancellation policy where you can cancel up to 48 hours prior to you arriving to the hotel.
13) How is Parking? Discussion
14) When do set times come out? Like two days before the festival.
15) My friends dont want to come with :( Should I go alone? Yeah. Join the Camp Flog Gnaw Discord Here and make some friends, or keep an eye out for group chats closer to the fest date. Flog Gnaw's crowd is super friendly, and you will have a great time by yourself regardless. Remember, you're all at the fest for the same reason! Solo Thread
16) Food Options? Discussion Here. Basically expect food trucks and artist-theme popups (2016 had Action Bronson's FTD popup, 2019 had 'Taco's Tacos'). Yes, they are very pricey.
17) How is merch handled? VIP/SVIP merch will probably ship AFTER the festival, you can buy merch at the festival however the lines are long, so arrive early or expect to wait at minimum 60 minutes.
18) Can I refund my ticket if I can't go? No. You can resell on a third party or through Lyte, which should be announced later.
The 2019 Map for reference can be found here
Feel free to add any extra questions or tips in the comments, I will add them to the main post.
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2023.06.02 07:09 Catman2061 Good congee that’s delivers?

Looking for good restaurants that deliver near Santa Monica Blvd in we ho. Staying at a hotel currently and confer is one of the things I love that I can have! Looking for one without meat or pieces in it. I have a digestive disorder and it has to be smooth. Also any other recs for places that deliver with foods basically close to pureed.. no bits or chunks.. smooth items like soup, smooth mashed potatoes, any kind of purées, etc. prefer savory items but I’ll take any recs on sweets if it’s a real good one! Like ice cream, I can do the inside of a cheesecake or lemon meringue pie.. things like that for an idea of what foods I can do! Sorry if this is a little odd it’s complicated and I’m just looking to enjoy some flavors. It’s a bit hard to find things when you can only do foods like this.
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2023.06.02 06:30 No-Berry-3330 Residential pest control tucson Pest and termite control in tucson

How to Control Rodent in Hotel and Restaurant Areas - AZPest
Controlling rodents in hotel and restaurant areas is essential for maintaining a tidy and safe environment for guests. Rats are disgusting pests, spreading dangerous diseases to humans quickly. We will see some steps you can take to control rodents effectively:
Review and Seal Entry Points: Conduct a thorough inspection of the premises to identify any likely entry points for rodents, such as gaps in doors, wooden sheets, windows, and walls. Seal these openings using materials like steel wool, caulk, or weatherstripping to prevent rodents from entering.
Eliminate Food Sources: Rodents are attracted to food, so removing any potential food sources is vital. Store food always in tightly sealed containers and ensure that all garbage bins have tight-fitting lids. Regularly clean food preparation areas, dining spaces, and storage areas to remove unwanted scattered crumbs and spills on the floor.
Proper Waste Management: Implement a proper waste management system. Dispose of garbage daily and make sure that outdoor trash bins are kept away from the building by just a 3 to 3-meter distance and it has to be sealed tightly. Clean garbage areas frequently to prevent odors and attract rodents.
Maintain and Keep Clean: Cleanliness is mandatory in rodent control. Regularly sweep and mop floors, and clean up any spills soon inside areas. Pay extra attention to hard-to-reach areas like behind equipment and furniture. Keep the premises free of clutter, as rodents may use it as nesting material.
Install Rodent Traps: Place snap traps or glue boards in the right place where rodents are very active. Put traps near walls, corners, and areas with signs of droppings or gnaw marks. Check the traps regularly and dispose of captured rodents appropriately.
Find Quality Pest Control Company: If you found rodent activities persist there, If you need more extensive measures, Don’t hesitate to hire a professional pest control service. They have the expertise and tools to assess the situation, implement targeted treatments, and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure effective rodent control and tips.
AZPest in Tucson, Arizona, offers pest control services for different types of pests -Cockroaches, Termites, Stink bugs, Bed bugs, Mosquitoes, Rats, Scorpions, Ants, Bees, Ticks, Warms, and more creatures. Pest control Services areas include Sahuarita, Foothills, Saddlebrooke, Marana, Catalina, Green Valley, Vail, Oro Valley, and more places in Arizona.
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2023.06.02 06:26 venusedain I think my past life was in the USSR... I need to find out who I was! Help!

Hi guys. First of all, I'm really sorry if I misspell something, english is not my first language.
Last night, I was sleeping and having a "normal" dream until something else invaded that dream. A door or portal (I'm not sure) started forming in the air right in front of me. I became very curious and as I approached, the door opened, revealing a huge, dark, and cold corridor. It was dark, and there was a spiritual aura in that corridor that frightened me. Just as I was about to give up on entering it, I felt a hand on my shoulder. When that hand touched my shoulder, I shrunk down and started crawling on the ground (I think I transformed into a snake), and that somehow made me feel safe enough to pass through the corridor.
Inside the corridor, there were many doors, and I could see glimpses of light and images through the cracks. These seemed like memories. I could hear various sounds coming from the doors, voices conversing, laughter... But I didn't want to enter any of those doors, despite my curiosity. I stopped at the end of the corridor when the last door in front of me opened, and I entered it, and then I started watching a new dream, and I'm pretty sure it was my past life - all of the sensations were TOO VIVID and I can even remember smells, writings on banners, and too many details that I wouldn't remember if it was just a weird dream.
After I entered the door, it seemed like I "returned" to being human and started witnessing several memories of a past life, but they were scrambled and out of order.
The first memory that came to mind was when I was wearing red lipstick, a long dress that didn't seem to belong to this era, and I was smoking a thing that looked like a thin stick, like, it wasn't a common cigarette. I appeared to be young but trying to portray a mature woman. I remember I was scared, not wanting to be recognized. I was on the rooftop of a condominium or hotel (I'm not sure) waiting for my mama, and a very confident, charming, and polite man with a mustache and a suit became interested in me, he was watching me from a distance. He started talking to me, I remember I was trying to be seductive and wanted to look like I was bored, but he made me smile and laugh, and that sensation was weird, it was like I haven't laughed in a while, it felt like relief. Even when I rejected him and tried to be rude, he didn't give up the interest in me, he laughed and seemed to like me even more.
The second memory was of when I was a little girl, wearing a standout red cardigan, living in a village with lots of snow. I would walk home following a train line that was still being constructed I guess, and the men in that village would fish in a large lake, that would freeze in the winter. The houses were small, there were no tall buildings, and the only vegetation was like a tundra. [When I talked to my best friend about this part of the dream, we researched similar places to this one that I dreamed, and after some time we found pictures of places in Russia that seemed veeeeeery similar to this place, specially a city called "Murmansk". I didn't even know this city even existed and never heard of that place in my life, I'M A BRAZILIAN].

The third memory I had was when I was a slightly older girl, but it was before the first memory, I think here I was what, 13? 16? I'm not sure. I had long, brown hair and wore a white dress with ruffled edges that went down to my calves, like girls would wear in ancient times, around 1910/1920. I lived in a house that looked like a mansion, with brick roofs and a large estate that included a grove and a fountain. I remember the memory starting with me arriving from the sky, perhaps by a small airplane or helicopter (??) or some other aerial vehicle (?? i really don't know). I was truly wealthy, with one or two servants waiting for me, and my father was a wealthy man who loved me dearly. I was his darling. He seemed to be a professor at a university or something similar, he was a man of knowledge. I remember hearing people calling me... "Masha," "Masha". I was really happy and lived a good life around that time, I remember feeling like everything was right. [When I told my best friend about that, she enlightened me that Masha is a Russian name and that it was actually a nickname for Maria. And I didn't even know Maria was a Russian name, since it's pretty common here in Latin America too. I was mesmerized. Still am.]

The fourth memory is precisely with my father. I remember being in some place underground, like a mine or a metro (I remember it had a train line and some trolleys) and oddly enough, that's where I studied, alongside other young people, some girls and mostly young men. I studied in a laboratory with my father's support, but what I was doing seemed to be illegal, I don't know. I think it was not allowed for me to study. I apparently had a fiancé, a blond, white man, and he was really wealthy. I loved him at first, but something involving sex happened, I'm not sure. It was after this "sexual encounter" that I completely lost interest in him, I felt disgusted by him and only wanted to know about studying, I didn't want to be his wife. I reall can't remember how, but in the end I avoided marrying him. That's when everything seemed to start going wrong, but I don't know how either.

The fifth memory is of my engagement party with the charming mustached man I met in the first memory. I truly loved him and was very, very happy, oh my god, I can't even describe. We were celebrating our engagement in a place that looked like a small dinebar and I remember the smell of strong perfum, food that involves garlic and sweat (but I didn't find it disgusting, it was hot inside while it was really cold outside, as always. I remember I was so happy I was ecstatic). I remember having diverse guests, some people who seemed to be on the margins of society, like black people, homosexual people, etc. They were all my friends, dear people to me. I remember reaching the back of the diner and seeing my mother wearing a fur coat and a pearl necklace, dressed in 1920s attire, all elegant compared to the rest of us, who were not simple but not so wealthy looking. She was crying because my father had already passed away and because she had no money for anything. She was devastated, and that saddened me deeply, cause I missed her and I missed the feeling of not being the mother to my own mother. I was a 100% certain she would use the money I gave her to buy alcohol since she had become an alcoholic by that point. She smiled at that moment (that was the only time she smiled the entire night) and left through the back with a friend. I remember that impacted me very much, and my fiancé comforted me.
The sixth memory is strange. I was much poorer, living in a very simple cottage with my mother and the man who had become my husband. I remember being in the bedroom with my husband, being... Y'know... intimate, and the sensations felt really real. And my mother was clueless and quite intrusive. She entered the room without knocking or giving any warning, and it was a very embarrassing moment, I remember losing my temper with her and almost yelling that she couldn't do that kind of thing. Then, I remember putting on my clothes, a long-sleeved dress that went down to my calves and was straight, and brown boots. I was skinny and lived in a village with some trees and wooden houses. I recall being a teacher at a school for homosexual boys, I was protecting them from the law, trying to teach tem how to survive while everybody thought they were there to be "reformed". My husband knew everything and was very supportive. Then there was this day when a really strict general entered the school, I already knew him from before. He was there again, wanting to see if the boys were "reformed," and I had to quickly warn the boys to maintain their composure. I remember the general wearing black leather clothes, an imposing hat/beret, and I was so afraid of him that my legs trembled and despite me being a rebel at that point of my life, I was scared like a chicken. I felt like he knew I was lying, like he caught me but acted cool, and I remember thinking that my life was in danger. [Later, when talking to my best friend, I realized that the way he dressed and his behavior reminded me a little too much of a nazi general/soldier. I'm not sure, but this could be it].

The last memory I recall is visiting my husband in prison during winter when there was A LOT of wind and snow. I was wearing a dress, boots, and a warm brown coat, with two pigtails on each side of my head, like "Mary Jane" style. I had a heavy heart as I entered a dark and gray corridor, searching for my husband in the cells until I found him. He was shirtless, barefoot, wearing only gray sweatpants, lying on a stone bench, and he was very strong. I remember being horrified and screaming in despair with all the strenght I had in my lungs, "They're going to kill him! He will die of cold! Cover him up right now!". It was truly horrifying to me, specially because the reason he was there wasn't fair, he didn't do anything wrong, in fact he was fighting for what was right (I don't know what it was, but I remember I kept repeating this inside my mind, like, talking to myself, so revolted for all of this situation, as if it all wasn't fair at all). I recall another man, I'm not sure if he was a corrupt prison guard or a fellow inmate who had been released, gave me the key, and I managed to open the cell where my husband was. It seems like it was planned but I didn't know, we escaped and started running. I remember running through the emergency exit, the fire stairs, and the alarm was triggered. Men in uniforms came running after us with weapons in their hands. I remember almost losing my husband of sight because he was trying to close the door so we could win time, but I waited for him until the end, and we were going downstairs, jumping the stairs. In the end, I only remember that by some miracle, we managed to escape and reached an abandoned wooden cottage where he got dressed, and there was hot soup prepared by his sister, who provided us shelter, but I don't think we had a 'plan B' to get out of there and move on. We had nowhere to go, I guess, but I'm not sure. I just remember being tired, running, the sensation of my heart pulsing so fast I could feel it in my head. I was determined to save my husband.

That's the last memory I have. After that, I don't remember anything else, but I woke up with a sense that our story ended badly. I remember I could'nt stop crying. And I know it all sounds too much of a fanfic but I swear I'm not lying, I swear to god - my boyfriend texted me that morning when I was talking to my best friend about this weird dream, and told me he dreamt that he was a doctor and lived in Russia with me. When I started talking to Erica (my best friend) about it, he was still sleeping. He's my bestfriend since we were little, we've been together for 5 years now and it's been a while since we started talking about marriage, which is something that we plan for the near future. I don't know if he was the man in my dreams, but what he said is stuck in my head. Could he be that man?

I'm certain it wasn't just some hallucination, it was a past life memory. I just don't understand, why would the universe/god/whatever's up there make me remember this life? Because it wasn't a hypnotherapy, I wasn't meditating, I was SLEEPING. It happend involuntarily. What do they want to tell me? Why couldn't I see how I died, was it too traumatizing? Who was Masha/Maria? Who was her father, what was the name of my husband? Will I ever know? I'm just so, so curious. I want to know more.

What do you guys think of this all? What should I do? I'd like to go to a hypnotherapy session but I'm so afraid of, Idk, feeling pain, or seeing how I died and ending up more terrified than I already am of death. I really don't know. But I want to know who Masha/Maria was, what was her last name, if she really existed... I just need to know it was real.
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2023.06.02 06:11 beyondhome5 💥Newly Reno💥 Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Jalan Bukit Bintang ⭐️ Walk to MRT, Sungei Wang, Alor ⭐️ Near Pudu, Imbi, Cheras, Sg Besi, Petaling Street

💥Newly Reno💥 Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Jalan Bukit Bintang ⭐️ Walk to MRT, Sungei Wang, Alor ⭐️ Near Pudu, Imbi, Cheras, Sg Besi, Petaling Street
Terence 60123938810
Room Detail:
Location: Jalan Bukit Bintang, KLCC Price Range: RM1200 to RM1400 a month
Fully Furnished Hotel Room come with 🛋️ Bed, Bed Frame, Wardrobe, Table, Chair 🚿 Private Bathroom 🔆 Air-con 🚿 Water Heater 💡 High-Speed Wifi
Transportation: 🚶‍♂️ Bukit Bintang MRT – 300 meter 🚶‍♂️ Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line – 300 meter 🚶‍♂️ Monorail Imbi – 500 meter
Popular landmarks ⭐️Jalan Alor – 140 meter ⭐️Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang – 170 meter ⭐️Lot 10 Bukit Bintang - 300 meter ⭐️Pavilion Bukit Bintang – 460 meter ⭐️Time Square – 500 meter ⭐️Lalaport Mall – 500 meter ⭐️KLCC – 650 meter ⭐️Menara KL – 800 meter ⭐️Petronas Twin Towers – 1.1 km ⭐️Petaling Street – 1.5 km
🗑️ Cleaning Service 🛠️ Maintenance Service Team ☎️ Careline Service Team 🔥With cooking area, fridge, water dispenser, stove 💦 With laundry area (washer and dryer)
We have more than 300 ROOMS in Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Sg Besi, Maluri, Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Petaling Street... Feel free to contact us!
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2023.06.02 06:07 autumnloader hotels / stays near dodger stadium?

in 2019 i stayed at a cheap hotel which was in DTLA, it was the worst experience ive had, which i didn’t care but there was people trying to touch our ass as we left everyday lol. im looking for cheaper stays that aren’t shitty, any recs?
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2023.06.02 05:35 Majestic-Panda2988 Required to RTO for staff meetings

Short form: I have to go to a hotel overnight for a staff meeting. I have not been in long public indoor activities (the entire pandemic) please tell me what to do in a succinct bulleted list form for my poor brain.
Long form: Hello everyone, I have been reading and looking back through our recent posts and comments. Next month we are being required to return to work for staff meetings since we are a remote job for everyone. The staff meetings will be in various hotels or convention type places. It is a smaller employer with under 50 employees. I will be required to attend a two day meeting overnight at the hotel, then at least once a month a single day meeting. I’m not super concerned about the actual meeting time because I can just wear my flo mask and my glasses and take breaks to drink or eat outside not near anyone. But I’m concerned about the hotel and the room and just basically navigating being away from my house.
I am thinking that I should bring a HEPA 13 filter or a coribox for the hotel room. Any suggestions around placement or anything else that I should do for the hotel room?
Is there anything that I should email my boss the person who is in charge of creating and controlling the meeting for making the environment safer? As near as I can tell with side conversations with other staff members, I am the most Covid cautious staff person. Most others seem to have little care for their life and don’t mask, some even are unvaccinated, most have participated in travel via airplane over the last couple of years. Luckily, for the most part, they are not pushing me to unmask or making fun of me for being Covid cautious to my face so at least there’s that.
There is likely windows and such that can be opened, but other than that I believe the ventilation is poor at the typical locations. Is there anything else that I should consider?
Because we don’t typically go inside anywhere we haven’t done anything more than mask with our Flo masks. Is there anything else that I should purchase or plan on doing to make it safer for myself?
I know that they have been having optional get together’s over the last year and a half, but at one of them they all got exposed because someone had come back from a Disneyland trip and had Covid. They like sharing and one other staff member who they had dinner with at that event got Covid and gave it to their whole family.
I have already tried to get a doctors note out of going, but I was told that the boss is not accepting doctors notes to not go to the meeting (by the boss) I don’t know how legal/moral that is but that is what it is. So I am acquiescing to their request in order to keep my job.
Sorry for the long post this is just really weighing on me and we just got the final word this week for it.
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