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2023.06.09 19:36 Independent_Way_2181 handling microbiome data

I am casting a very wide net, and will ask this in many different subreddits.
Essentially, I need to perform analysis on a very large data set of microbial 16s data for my summer internship. This data was sampled from the rhizosphere of plants in gypsum soils. I have the ASVs for the data set as well. My mentors are specifically interested in functional analysis, and I want to run some correlation analysis as well. For the past several days, I have been looking at different software, R packages, and research papers. I've had no prior class or experience in this area before, and would love some advice from some experts. (My mentors are botanists)
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2023.06.09 19:36 robertpro01 Binding click event to a newly added element

Binding click event to a newly added element
Hi guys, I am using https://github.com/shtalinberg/django-el-pagination for my site, and each element has a new button that contains hx-get, hx-target and hx-swap, but the click event is not being binded, I can't find how to bind it.

As you can see in the image, the event is correctly binded on the first load of the page (first a tag), but is not on the endless pagination result (second a tag).

I know this is usually done with JS, but I am not sure how to bind it neither with htmx or JS, any ideas?
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2023.06.09 19:36 queenofthescreen [Thank You] Heavenly Homemade Honeys @ u/KatDuq (Goddess of Glamour, Generosity, & Gorgeous Creativity)

This is LOVE! https://imgur.com/a/Pe0Mj8j
u/KatDuq x 6 A wordy girl was rendered speechless. Stunned. Stupified. AGHAST at your terrific talent! And although the most commonly used definition of “aghast” is “filled with sudden fright or horror”, I mean “aghast” as in “struck with overwhelming shock or amazement”. You took my breath away with the most magnificent, majestic, seriously King Charles royal mail I have ever seen or received. Words will fail to describe what you did for me with this beaming beauty! Oddly, I received it just a few days ago - international mail typically finds me late (the birthday horoscope mail I actually received ages ago, but it was held hostage in some fabulously fun family drama that I just described in a meta post). May as well thank you here for the lovely birthday horoscope card here - thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was giddy to see how much you had written in this card. That takes a lot of love - how much you cared about enlightening me was so very evident! What was super cool is that your resource is so in-depth & didn’t churn out the generic birthday horoscope stuff I’ve seen in the past (because I find this topic super interesting). I really loved the insights & inspiration you gave me to accept multiple goals. Because I do find myself distracted by varying goals & you comforted me so much in explaining that it’s totally fine to have them all. Your card inspired me to embrace the crazy challenges in my life & to learn from them - you gave me a new sense of strength to cope with challenges - thank you so much!!! Thank you also for the precious parakeet birthday wishes mini card!! BACK TO THE NEW LOVE OF MY PRETTY PAPER-OBSESSED LIFE ;): So when I received this ethereal gift from a creative goddess, I had no idea what was in it but just the *envelope* was so pretty I had to go wash my hands LOL! And I had just washed them minutes prior. The soothing blue color of the envelope & the adorable happy mail themed washi tape gave me such a sense of calm & tranquility. And then when I opened it - I had no idea what to expect as I had forgotten about my request. But I totally FLIPPED over this otherworldly gift!!!! I hesitate to call it a “junk journal envelope” because it is so charmingly celestial & the absolute opposite of junk. So what do YOU call it, my fancy friend? Everything about it is an absolute fancy feast for the eyes. And I was incredibly sad because of the drama I mentioned so I can’t even fully express what you did for me with your terrifically thoughtful gift on the day I received it. I have actually tinkered around with some informal junk journal creations at library classes (using manilla envelopes), but the merry **majestic*** (I have to use this word again, because it’s so royal & regal) magic you unleashed elevated the art journaling game to another level. As a mere amateur, I was so creatively inspired by you & your talent! I have so much to learn. And you taught me that aiming for elegance & class takes time, thought, & lots of reflection. I’m warning you in advance - my future mail to you will NOT be worthy of you hahaha but I’ll want to send some basic, humble sunshine your way asap! ;) Everything about this sweetie just radiates fanciful flowers & sweet sunshine! It was incredible to me how even though I’ve never had the pleasure of speaking to you or meeting you, the core of your sugary essence came through with this one envelope. Your generosity, your thoughtfulness, your incredible kindness, your attention to detail, your infinite creativity, your intelligence/emotional IQ, your inquisitive & adventurous nature, your extraordinary elegance, exquisite tastes for the fabulously fancy n’ fine, what a glamorous creature you are, & your heavenly heart! Somehow, you even exuded compassion without knowing anything about me - does that even make sense? I can’t even articulate what this mail did for me as a beautiful balm to heal the silly worldly wounds of my heart. When I opened the creation, I just stared at it for ages before basking in the hidden gems. Just looking at it made me feel so special. And I felt like it was too beautiful, too perfectly pretty to touch hahaha! I was floored by so many aspects of your charming craft architecture!!!! How you blended both the modern & the classic; your royal choice in soothing color schemes (the lilac, sea green, baby blue, classic white, varying shades of the prettiest pinks, etc. - WOW this is such a gorgeous color combo!!!); the lush lace; the wonderful word-riddled background paper; the perfect placement of the lovely scrapbooking paper dancing with so many creative elements on the cover; your flippin’ fancy taste in ephemera - everything was just WOW!!!! I find it hard to believe I will ever see anything so fine & fancy in my life LOL! I also loved how you blended the use of so many nifty paper goodies like the classic stickers, modern stickers, gorgeous memo sheets & fun mini cards, travel boarding pass (OMG to-die-for cuuuuuute!!!), vintage ad ephemera, the luscious lilac bookmark with such an elegant look & texture, the *adorable* jam card, the fanciest paperclip ever - this floral delight - wow; the most gorgeous gift tags I have ever seen, & so much more! I was also filled with glee that with your awesome dictionary card, you taught me the coolest word I have learned in ages: Tinselry (noun) [tin-sull-ree] Definition: glittering or gaudy decoration I was so excited to learn this cool new word!!! But then I was heartbroken that I couldn’t use this fun word to describe your creation. Because wow - this homemade honey glitters gorgeously - but it sure isn’t the other ‘g’ word from the definition, which I can’t even use in the same sentence with any reference to your creation hahaha! But I can’t wait to frou-frou up any conversation with this fun new word - thank you!!! As I luxuriated in your creativity, I felt as if I was unpacking one glorious gift box after another! It was a truly delicious, delightful experience. You generated so much intrigue & wonder with your cheery charming creation! As I reveled in the joy I felt in the blessing of your awesome gift, all I could think is that I would LOVE to see your home hahaha - I can’t even begin to imagine how dreamy your place is, if this sweetie is this incredibly beautiful! And then I also wondered what words would do you & your love justice in a mere thank-you. All I can say is - thank you for gifting me your heart, hope, joy, comfort, creativity, compassion, warmth, wonder, luminous light, & love with your sublime gift. May the sunshine you’ve gifted me multiply a zillionfold & return to you. Wishing you happiness in all its forms, my kind friend. XOXOXO
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2023.06.09 19:35 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 22 Jobs in UT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Ogden Regional Medical Center OR Nurse Ogden
Fisher Industries Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanic Salt Lake City
Fisher Industries Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanic WEST VALLEY CITY
BayMark Health Services Full Time Substance Abuse Counselor Supervisor Layton
BayMark Health Services Full Time Substance Abuse Counselor Supervisor Ogden
BayMark Health Services Full Time Substance Abuse Counselor-(Utah License required) Ogden
Timpanogos Regional Hospital RN Orem
Mountainlands Community Health Center Inc Bilingual Medical Receptionist - Full Time Orem
Timpanogos Regional Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) - Hiring Now! Orem
Pendry Park City Bartender Park City
Pendry Park City Barman Park City
Mountainlands Community Health Center Inc Surgery Scheduler Provo
Timpanogos Regional Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) - Hiring Now! Provo
Mountainlands Community Health Center Inc Bilingual Medical Receptionist - Full Time Provo
US Navy Electronics Engineer Salt Lake City
US Navy Cryptologic Technician Salt Lake City
US Navy Bomb Technicial (EOD) Salt Lake City
Pendry Park City Bartender Salt Lake City
BayMark Health Services Full Time Substance Abuse Counselor Salt Lake City
Empowerme Wellness Clinic Director - Physical Therapist (PT) *Monthly Incentive Opportunity Spanish Fork
Glenwild Assistant Financial Controller Park City
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:35 SOLintraining My first summer semester. Is 7 units manageable?

I have never taken a summer class before. I am a freshman planning to take an introductory Physics class (conceptual physics) and an intro to Computer Systems. I can study full time, Physics is on campus for 4 days a week with lab while CS is online with a flexible of schedule. Studying for pre-calc and physics will take up most of my time. I feel pressured to get take CS3 because I have a long sequence for CS classes it seems like the easiest one to get out the way. I'm a General Science major, planning to transfer to a Cognitive Science program.

Your thoughts and experience?
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2023.06.09 19:34 manny_unever Welcome

Welcome to MayaTrain, a subreddit dedicated to all things related to the Maya train system in Mexico. This state-of-the-art train network is set to revolutionize travel in the region, connecting popular destinations throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Join our community to discuss the latest updates, routes, schedules, and tips for traveling on the Maya train. We invite train enthusiasts, frequent travelers, locals, and visitors to share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow train enthusiasts. Let's ride the rails together and explore everything the Maya train has to offer!
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2023.06.09 19:34 Puzzleheaded_Yak7790 Reconciliation after breakup

Hello all.
I met my girlfriend (now ex) in high school during my junior year. We were both going through a lot of family drama and immediately bonded over it. We formed a fundamental connection because of our similar upbringing and ideologies. She had recently moved from NY to OR, where I was and wasn’t with any friends. I had my own, and she didn’t have any. There were expectations that we would be together through it all, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t hangout with my friends because of guilty she’d make me feel for leaving her alone.
We stayed together for 3 more years and made it to college, I stuck out really hard for her, because I love her very much and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. And I could genuinely see the potential of our relationship, and she could too.
She made some friends down here, joined a few clubs and started taking harder classes. She soon realized she wouldn’t be able to pay for college without a job, and now is stretched so thin there isn’t a day where she isn’t stressed out. She would often vent this stress to me, and then go back into the “real world.” I felt like I wasn’t seeing the good side of her, I was just a stepping stool to help deal with her stress.
Eventually, I got frustrated with this cycle and decided to mention this to her. Her lack of effort in our relationship culminated when she forgot about my birthday. I calmly spoke with her about getting what you give, and I’m really sad that after spending 3+ years together she would forget something so important. She told me this was her “wake up” call and things got better for a second.
Her stress only kept building up, and eventually we broke up because we had both been treating each other poorly. I consider it a death by a thousand cuts. But since we broke up I’ve had s lot of time to think about my perspective, and come up with some ideas about where I’ve made mistakes and where I could learn more about relationships to better accommodate her. My perspective has been to fix this from the beginning. While hers has remained headstrong on needing “more time.”
We haven’t really been talking much since we broke up a month ago, and we’re on the cusp of traveling to San Francisco for an internship we had been fantasizing about doing together.
I genuinely think she hasn’t had the resources I have to properly process all of this, and I know she misses me. We share a fundamental connection, and I’m so confident we could fix the issues we’re facing. She just has to think so too. My parents and friends seem to think us living alone (separately) in SF will bring us together. But I’m not really sure what to think.
It’s hard to make a detailed post that covers everything but I think this is the majority of it. I really want to work things out and be here for her, I just want to know how I can without pressuring her too hard or causing more problems. Sorry for the long read and thank you for the advice you may have.
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2023.06.09 19:34 jas_an2 Career Change Opportunities

I'm looking to do OMSCS as a career change. I don't have any previous experience but I meet the necessary requirements to finish OMSCS and have been accepted.
My main goal is to finish it in about 2 years because I work very little on the side. For anyone who has gone through the experience, how difficult is it to get internships at top companies? Do you get networking opportunities in class? I read most of the students already have full time jobs and many at FAANG.
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2023.06.09 19:34 thecurtinator Nerf damage. Not the way a build plays.

Was having so much fun with rogue and now it feels so slow. Rogues have always been about spamming their abilities in all of the other games and the constant nerfs that have happened this week have destroyed the way rogue plays. I wouldn’t even care if it was the lowest damage out of all classes I just like being a speedy boy.
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2023.06.09 19:34 tha_pathukalam The recent crush post made me nostalgic and happy. so use this post share your stories

I ll share mine here. FYI i have had lots of crushes so I ll just say one here.
Crush 1: S
S was my first crush, from say 3rd standard. She would write my name on board with numbers next to it coz I spoke too many times etc. I just hated her.
Then we got shuffled in 4th standard, she went to a different class. I see her sometimes but never felt stuff for her. Had too many fam issues.
6th standard, i told my friend I was in love with this girl(didn't know the word crush). The dude also said the same (that lil cunt). For a different reason I stopped talking to the dude. So had kept the feelings to myself.
Would goto her class on her birthdays just to watch her in color dress. On my birthdays would again goto her class so she could wish me (she didn't care) etc.
Fam had too many probs but going to school just to see her made my whole day. Prayer time I would just run around to get a glimpse of her.
And life happens. The distance kept increasing and I couldn't do anything. She tried IIT, me dumb dude who couldn't do simple math tried the same. It motivated me to study better and get better grades.
She took engineering so did I but different college. Lost touch (I mean never really had it). I did convey my feelings (not exactly) to her but she said thank you and that she didn't know.
That's all. The above may seem random ish coz it is; as I am thinking of old stuff which I haven't thought in a long time.
Feel free to add your crush stories.
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2023.06.09 19:34 IRLTenko Issue with servlet altering requested database rows incorrectly

First, let me explain what is going on here. I am working with the database of a fictional library with tables for:
Books that are being offered by a supplier and that the library administrator can purchase are inserted into the same table as books that have already been purchased. For differentiating between the two, there is an owner (proprietario) varchar column which specifies who holds the book. For books held by suppliers, the value is their company name. For the library, this value is "Belles Letres". I have built a JSP for purchasing books from a supplier, which simply alters the owner value. Books have an ISBN column specifying their unique code. Since multiple copies of a book can be offered at the same time, each copy has an integer ID. A book A with 5 copies would be represented as 5 identical tuples with a differing "copy" (exemplar) value. Therefore, copy and ISBN together compose a unique key. If the administrator wants to purchase multiple copies, then they can specify how many with a number input on the JSP. If the administrator in our example wants to purchase 3 copies of book A, then the first threee tuples would have their owner value altered.
Therefore, only two pieces of information are needed for a purchase: the ISBN code and the desired quantity.
My issue is triple. First, not enough rows are altered. If I specify 4, then 2 are altered. Second, the wrong books (meaning, with a different name and ISBN) are altered. Third, the order I specified (alter the first X books with a given ISBN) is not followed. When debugging, I have confirmed that:
The only strange behavior shown by debugging is the iterator skipping through rows, iterating outside of a while loop and reaching a NoSuchElement exception. However, this behavior is not consistent with normal execution. Under normal execution, the JSP runs into no exceptions and returns to the user a message claiming a purchase was successfully made, while configuring the database incorrectly. What could be wrong here? Relevant links:
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2023.06.09 19:33 LoveMangaBuddy Read Tales Of Demons And Gods - Chapter 432.5 - MangaPuma

Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world , however he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge which he ... Read Tales Of Demons And Gods - Chapter 432.5 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/tales-of-demons-and-gods/chapter-432-5
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2023.06.09 19:33 Jakzeti1453 I(M19) matched with my ex(F18), I am still not over, on Bumble, she instantly blocked(or unmatched) me and it hit me like a bus.

So some context. It seems quite important.
TL:DR Two year relationship ended out of the blue, or even worse after the other person assured me shedefinetly wants to be in a relationship with me, i was ghosted during and after the breakup, she didn't tell me why at all, it appears she kinda hates me now. Nonetheless she mathced me (so she liked me) on a dating app. Also appearantly a common friend could set up a talk no problem even though she ghosts me the entire time.

She broke up 7 weeks ago.(On Saturday so you know the time periods)
8 weeks ago on Sunday, so 6 days before the breakup, we were out with friends at the cinema and after the movie she had a bit of a breakdown.
So like thing is we went to the same school, I graduated last year, she graduates in a year, she always said her plan was to not be in a relationship until graduation because she has no time at all, and then I am suddenly there and I am the best person and the love of her life and I am definitely worth it.
So she lives 80km away, she didn't have time because the school also was a boarding school, so during the week she was at school, on weekends after I graduated the plan was she is at my place every second weekend and at her parents every other weekend, in practice she was with me every third, but okay, well during the relationship it was kinda what we always fought about that she feels she is giving up so much for me already and I feel she is giving me way to little time, but for me at least it was always okayy because it will be over when we live together. Retrospectivly it probably destroyed her because she didn't get appreciated for the time she sacrificed to be with me.
Anyways why am I telling you this, so she had a breakdown where she told me since the relationship she always knew she wanted to marry me after school, 2 kids, when we both move out have some turtles etc. bassically we planed our future, and she has told me back then it scares her because she now can imagine a future again without me, and it scares her how interconnected we are and how she never had the chance to go outside and have a "normal youth" because of Corona. And we after an hour of talking we were like, yeah that's totally understandable, and we gonna work on that. And since the following weekend was a weekend we were going to spend together we like agreed let's just talk about it in detail next weekend.
So on Monday I drove her to school, Sunday was great afterwards she didn't wanna leave as usual and like asking if she can't just be "sick".
On Tuesday after writing abit, she like told me, oh i know what's happening (in reference on Sunday) it's that the honeymoon phase ended for her, and here is what we can do, should do.
We were talking about going on a date on Saturday and scheduled/bought tickets for one Saturday Morning at a museum.
I was like yeah good idea, she said that is what she needed to feel more comfortable again and I was like yeah makes sense.
On Wednesday, she wrote me a long message again on how she thought about what she wants and that it scares her that she is so much with me and that we aren't like seperate people anymore but that she knows that she loves me sooo much and I make her feel like the happiest person ever, and she wants to spend her entire life with me and we will get through this together.
So Friday I picked her up after school, Friday morning I asked her hey, so like you said you feel a bit uncomfortable rn you wanna do something specific that would help, she told me nah she thinks best is to just ignore it for now because thinking about it would make things wierd.
So I went with it, like on Thursday she told me I was kinda annoying her with me being scared about what's happening and that she loves me and that everything is going okay, as she said it's just the honeymoon phase beeing over for her (something that can appearantly happen after 2 years, she sent me articles about it and everything) and that everything is okay, I don't have to panic. So yeah Friday she said just don't act on it so I didn't.
We normal Friday together, just watching stuff, cuddling talking. On Saturday we had our date scheduled, we went to the museum and I thought it was fine, just a normal date with my love, afterwards we both said we feel kinda incomplete with the date, so we went to get lunch and after that we both agreed that was nice now let's head home and play cuphead (she bought it so we could have a new couples game we can play together)
After we get home, she wanted to watch Yt and Pinterest for a bit, so i am Like yeah sure, sat to my pc and played Witcher for half an hour, I asked how she feels rn while playing, she told me she feels empty. Well okay, so naturally I paused and sat on the bed with her, I told her, okay, look I can't help you if you don't talk about it, she told me it's okay I shouldn't worry about it and continue playing, I was like no, I will not if you feel sad, I am here to help you that's what you wanted, that went on for an hour bassically, well mostly it was cuddling and crying not much talking but after an hour she went up to go to the bathroom, after 10 minutes she came back, looking at me differently and I was like, okay so do you wanna talk about it now? She sat down and after she didn't want to go back to cuddling and us just sitting there looking eachother in the eyes for 10 minutes crying, I said, you are breaking up aren't you, she just sat there, so afterwards all she told me is her father is going to get her, he needs like 4 hours to get here so I just talked while she was sitting there on her phone, but I was having a monolog, she just didn't respond when I asked her stuff, only listening for the most part, like she responded sometimes nothing with importance, just something like we gotta tell my dad etc, my dad came in, I was like I mean you want to tell him? She just sat there, I told him she broke up after 5 minutes of my father beeing likely hey what's happening.
So yeah after those 4 hours she was gone, couldn't sleep for the night, Sunday morning I wrote her stuff I loved, and if she wanted to talk, and if that really just happened just like that, she didn't respond.
After writing some stuff I was like, hey wanna just go for a walk and talk about it, I know tomorrow (afternoon) you have no school we could go for a walk, I will be there at 2 if that's okay with you she blocked me.
On Monday our friends first get involved one of our friends told me hey, leave her, I was like yeah she blocked me I have to. I mean she was talking to our friends a bit, only thing I really got from them is, yeah she kinda gates me now and told them she will never go back into a relationship with me, I couldn't accept that at the time because it didn't make sense. Also they were mad at me because she told them I threatened her to be Infront of her boarding school house and that she is scared af, and asked all her classmates to go with her this day, and whats wrong with me, I was just absolutely confused, like yeah I wrote her because she wanted to talk, she was always indecisive so I just said, so what about tomorrow 1400 at your place I can just drive there, she didn't respond so it was of the table for me, but now people were mad at me for threatening her....so yeah. That was basically the first week after breakup.
I kinda lost contact to our friends because we were online and talking bassically every day and she was there to and ignored everything, like just pretend I am not there, it was destroing me, and my friends didn't support me, and after they didn't support me, and they just wanted me to feel better but I didn't and it's my fault bassically, well I just was thrown out by like 2 of the friends who were mad at me, for "not just acxepting what they tell me and that's frustrating".
Was hard af, waited 4 weeks so up until last week's didn't contact them, they contacted me and we're like are you ready to talk about it now. I was yeah I guess, sure I was suffering through 4 weeks of loneliness so my friends can get a break, what they told me is they are mad at because they (the 2 friends who contacted me) were talking about me and how I made them all sorrows for 4 weeks, and it's my fault and how I can't just accept that j am a problem for not just accepting what they say, I tried to talk to them for 4 hours, after that I just gave up, they told me they tried to help me, spend weeks of their time to help me and talked to me for 4 hours and I couldn't just accept what they told me, wich is exactly the problem.
So i Just ignoriered them, like okay bad friends after all. After a week almost all the other friends I didn't even talk to in the first place so about 12 people all blocked me, some said they hate me.
I was devastated, I went through the breakup and bassically put talking to my friends about it on pause so they would feel better. And after I did that they and friends of the group I talked to hate me, I was absolutely devastated, that happened about a week ago, 2-3 days ago I slowly started to accept it, And like 6 hours ago, i was thinking about my ex the entire time, how many great things happened, I realised hey I bassically sidelined the whole breakup for the drama with those two friends, I mean she blocked me didn't talk to me, I was sad about it, all the great things that happened and she went from I am the love of her life to ghosting me without anything really happening, and since all the friends who were our friends are now only her friends and they appearantly hate me, eh, etc.etc. those thoughts I had for the entire afternoon now.
After that I decided eh i will just look at dating apps, to get some distraction from everything (I had some installed after the breakup for exactly that reason distraction, but I forgot after the drama with our friends)
So i opens bumble, what do I see first thing, profile of my ex, ah, okay, well, I thought, wierd, I thought she always said she didn't want a relationship until graduation, she didn't graduate yet, I mean she didn't talk to me, she blocked me after 2 days, she was on the same discord voice channel with our friends the first 2 weeks and ignored me, kidna hated me, we were in like 15 of the same WhatsApp groups and she ignored my existence there, friends told me 2 weeks after the breakup after I told them I feel awful "that it makes her happy when I feel awful rn", I called her once after the whole friend group thing happened (2 days before almost the entire friend group blocked me I was talking to one of this friends and told him, yeah she never will talk to me about it I just gotta accept that, and he was like oh nononoono if you want to talk to her, no problem I can set you both up, at the moment I just thought, unless she is ready to talk to me and calls me it will just make things worse). She immediately declined after the phone ringing once.
So yeah I was kinda getting to accepting that she just doesn't like me anymore for some reason idk about and I never will.
The moment I saw her profile, i didn't care that much, I just used the one free compliment you get, and wrote her lol.
It's a match, I was confused, I thought about if sending a compliment automatically matches, it doesn't I sent compliments to other people on bumble, they didn't match, did she like my profile? What why, then I thought hey wait a minute,she lives 80km away, how is she the first person I see when opening the app? Did she match me and use the super match thingy where you appear in the top of the matches of the person you liked? What, and while I was like completely confused, she unmatched me/blocked me or something?
And I wrote way to much for people to actually read through this shit, so yeah, but like what, why how? I am feeling everything at the same time rn, Idk what's going on. I kinda still love her. I think about her everyday and this happened?
It doesn't make sense at all, I was at a point where I could accept that it doesn't make sense, she is gone and I will never know why, people told me that's what I needed to do, because i will never know, but now? What, I don't get it.
Please if someone read this entire thing, any thoughts on it?
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2023.06.09 19:32 NahShayVolta Feral Dragonborn

So I posted this in the dnd Reddit, but was told to come here instead so I’m just gonna copy and paste what I wrote.
Hi, so I recently started playing dnd. I haven’t gotten past two sessions for most characters because my dm burns out before we get into one. I really want to play and I’ve made a ton of cool characters (in my opinion) that I really wanted to see grow. So far most of the characters I’ve made haven’t been really strong in theory, but I think had great roleplay potential. A recent character I made is for my brothers campaign and is one I think will be really cool if it grows and I’m most proud of.
The character is a Dragonborn barbarian and I’m planning on going path of the beast even though I was told it’s only good early game. The general backstory is that he was experimented on by dragons, but was able to escape captivity. Whenever he rages he goes into a trance that is similar to a feral dragon that, as he levels up, goes further downhill. With the path of the beast he could get on all fours using his claws and breath attack. I also thought that later on in the campaign multi classing into fighterune knight to make my Dragonborn large while raging to get him as close to a playable rabid dragon. Would love to hear your thoughts and possibly how to improve it.
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2023.06.09 19:32 amyfreesia pre-K graduations

I’m so tired. We had to move our graduation celebration inside due to air quality issues which meant cleaning and setting up our whole classroom. Since only my class is going to kindergarten we are the only ones having a graduation. Today my director decided that even though we have extra staff they can move an entire other pre-K class into my room for the day because that classes teacher quit a month ago (with notice) and they still haven’t replaced her. So while we’re frantically rehearsing the ceremony with our kids we have an entire other class running around refusing to settle down because we don’t have anything planned for that group and have too much graduation preparation and cleaning to do. I finally snapped and told my director this is ridiculous and she should move this other class out of our room because we have too much to do and they can’t participate in our rehearsal since they’re not graduating. She then came in and removed one child from the room who was causing the most problems. The morning continued to be terrible. Then at nap time she came in and told me to move all the furniture to the back of the room. I said I can’t because I’m 6 months pregnant and she said there won’t be time to wait for my co teacher to get back and walked out. I am at the end of my patience and I want to quit and walk out. Went into the bathroom and just broke down crying. Before we got the new director I liked this job but I’m so tired of being disrespected, overworked and taken advantage of. 😕
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2023.06.09 19:32 blackpinecone Advanced Landscaping Irrigation Controller Selection

Being employed as an operations manager, I am officially in charge our our landscaping and grounds team. The woman who manages this is not the most tech savvy and we currently have about five different locations around at least two independent properties that have your basic, fairly domestic, irrigation controllers. She has inadvertently left zones off, resulting in grass die off in sensitive locations. I feel that the interface of these systems is fairly intuitive to some, but not everyone.
On top of this, she is battling with our agricultural team regarding water supply. We have limited pumping capacity, they should have priority because their crop pays the bills around here, but the landscape management is also important. We want to make sure we can control the landscaping windows more closely.
I want to find a system that can essentially be integrated into one web-based platform. It would be great if it had an app as well. I imagine it would be able to do things like factor in weather conditions, suggest a scheduled based on needs vs. specific constraints, etc. Given multiple properties, it would be ideal to be able to manage timing of sites 15 miles away on the same interface and login.
'Can any of you pros out there point me to a solid system?
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2023.06.09 19:32 yourheynis Front Door Keypad Locks?

I have 4 properties I host.
I have been using Lockly Keypad Locks for the front doors but after setting up my 4th one I was told that I needed to upgrade to a pro account in order to manage 4+ locks. The "pro" account doesn't actually give me any other features besides being able to manage 4 locks in the same app. To "upgrade" to the pro account it will cost me $60/year PER LOCK! I paid $350+ for these locks because I do like all of the features but there's no way I'm paying $240/yr+ just to use them.
So, I need to figure an alternative solution but mostly I need to find a new comparable lock to swap out or use for future properties.\

Controlled remotely via wifi; lock/unlock, set codes, view history, etc.
Ability to set guest access codes to work for scheduled time.
Ability to set to automatically lock at custom time frames (30 min)
Good battery life
Good app
Ability to manage as many properties and locks as I want without paying additional service fee

Please let me know what locks you highly recommend and which ones you DO NOT recommend.
This is your warning to NOT use LOCKLY brand locks

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2023.06.09 19:32 Environmental-Bid127 How can we maximize/strategize points to fly first/business class to Hawaii nonstop from PHX?

We are planning a trip to Hawaii for a delayed honeymoon in 2024 or 2025. We want to accomplish this by using credit card points and are trying to strategize which ones to open.
We would be flying out of PHX and prefer a business or first class seat. Based on my research, Hawaiin Airlines or American Airlines would be our best nonstop business/first class options. I'm all about saving the most on travel and not spending unnecessary $$ when it could be accomplished using points, I am just overwhelmed with the different options and strategies!
Wondering if anyone taken the same route with points or if anyone has any suggestions on a points strategy for our trip? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 19:31 Wonderful-Aspect672 Aligners out all day?

I’m in my friend’s wedding tomorrow and I am considering keeping my aligners out for a good chunk of the day (maybe 10 hours total). I’ve been pretty good about the 22 hours a day, but I’m currently waiting on refinements and am wondering if one day is actually a big deal with that in mind. I’ve had my current aligners in for two weeks and I’m scheduled to get refinements in another two weeks. I’m not a huge fan of drinking with my aligners in and try to avoid it when I can.
Considering the fact I’ll have my current set of aligners in for 4 weeks, would it be terrible to keep my aligners out for like 10 hours one day for a friends wedding? Or is it not worth the risk?
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2023.06.09 19:31 ThrowRAmyprobstbh I was on an anti-convulsant that is also used for treating bipolar disorder for four years. I suffer from neither of thise. Will this affect me long term in the future?

Edit: omg typo in the title: “I suffer from neither of these
Hello. Female, age 24, overall healthy. I have PTSD and ADHD and used to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression due to my PTSD. Thankfully, with a lot of hard work on my end and love and support from my loved ones, I have been able to completely turn my life around! I am fortunate enough to say that things have been getting better every day :)
However, for about 4 years, I was on lamictal. I was prescribed it for mood swings caused by my depression and ADHD. I started off on 50 mg for the first 2 years, and then went to outpatient rehab, where they increased me to 100 mg. The initial prescribing psychiatrist then kept me on the 100 mg.
I was not made fully aware of the side effects of lamictal and over those 4 years, I experienced symptoms that increased in severity. The last year i took the medicine, I essentially felt chemically lobotomized. I couldn’t hold a train of thought for more than maybe 5 seconds at a time and cried almost every week due to the fear that my mental illness had left me handicapped.
Near the end of it, I was unwillingly resigned to the idea that I was intellectually disabled and would never be able to complete my degree or hold down any sort of job. I was failing almost all of my classes and my performance at work had severely deteriorated. I was looking into registering myself as disabled and living off of welfare as I could barely hold a conversation for more than a few minutes before getting overwhelmed and confused. I slept almost 10 hours a day, but even brushing my teeth left me exhausted and out of breath.
I eventually took myself off of the medicine, and it’s been uphill ever since. It took about 3 months for me to notice a noticeable improvement in my cognitive skills, and about 6-8 months for me to really feel more normal. It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve gotten off of the medicine, and things have completely 180’d, but I still worry.
I find myself not as quick witted or clever as before, but I’m working on that and looking into neuroplasticity for a sense of comfort. Is there any reason that I should be worried about long term effects the medicine may have had on my cognitive skills?
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.09 19:31 HI5news HIV News. Week of June 9, 2023

  1. *[HIV treatment-as-prevention and its effect on incidence of HIV among cisgender gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Australia: a 10-year longitudinal cohort study] https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanhiv/article/PIIS2352-3018(23)00050-4/fulltext
  2. *What’s Needed to Fix a Vital Drug Discount Program
  3. *Use of non-stigmatizing language is associated with improved outcomes in hospitalized people who inject drugs
  4. *HIV viral rebound rare after 2 years of consistent suppression, study finds
  5. *‘Elite Controller’ Sandra Harrigan-Thompson Loves Being Involved in Cure Research
  6. *UK cohort of elite controllers finds 32 people with undetectable viral loads who have never taken treatment
  7. *Human Immunodeficiency Virus Seroconversion Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Who Use Event-driven or Daily Oral Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: A Multi-country Demonstration Study From West Africa
  8. *How to protect PrEP coverage, no matter what happens in Braidwood v. Becerra
  9. *People Living With HIV Struggle to Find or Hold Onto Affordable Housing
  10. *As Medicaid Purge Begins, ‘Staggering Numbers’ of Americans Lose Coverage
  11. *Encouraging First-in-Human Results for a Promising HIV Vaccine
  12. *Women With HIV on Medicaid Have Higher Prevalence of Cervical, Anal Cancers
  13. *People with HIV, especially women, may have a higher prevalence of dementia as they age
  14. *Lung cancer deaths cut in half with AstraZeneca pill, large trial finds
  15. *Abortion politics cast shadow over PEPFAR reauthorization
  16. *A Randomized Clinical Trial of 1-Dose vs Accelerated 2-Dose Schedule for Hepatitis A Virus Revaccination Among People With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Who Were Nonresponders or Had Seroreversion After Primary HAV Vaccination
  17. *England on track to end new HIV transmissions by 2030
  18. *Epidemiologic and Clinical Features of Mpox-Associated Deaths — United States, May 10, 2022–March 7, 2023
  19. *HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day 2023
  20. *Thousands of new HIV and Hepatitis cases identified thanks to NHS testing pilot
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2023.06.09 19:31 giamail678 Travel from Paris Nord to Gare de Lyon

Hey quick question —
I want to take a train through Paris this Sunday. If I arrive at Paris Nord at 9:20 (Eurostar from London so hopefully no delays), can I make it on a train out of Gare de Lyon at 10:20? I was thinking schedule an Uber from Paris Nord (20 minute commute ETA)… I’ve been to the stations before so it’s not totally a maze but Nord is a headache.
Realistically, is this a terrible idea or can I do it?
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