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The alt-right economy is failing. Here’s the real performance of anti-woke entrepreneurs

2023.06.06 20:17 Joadzilla The alt-right economy is failing. Here’s the real performance of anti-woke entrepreneurs
In commenting on Bob Iger’s defense of Disney’s values and brand in the face of threats from Florida Governor DeSantis, Nike CEO John Donahoe said, “I think Bob’s doing a great job at this. If it’s core to who you are and your values, then you stand up for your values.”
That spirit has been rewarded by the free market. Across many fronts, we have shown in quantitative analysis of business performance that doing good for society is not at the expense of doing well for shareholders, with clear examples ranging from Russian business exits to public engagement on voting rights.
Yet still, grandstanding political ideologues are using opportunistic attacks on iconic U.S. enterprises to showcase their own nascent anti-ESG businesses, and reportedly build a “parallel economy” catering to conservative constituencies. But far from flourishing, an objective review of the facts suggests these anti-wokester jokesters are financially foundering.
One little-known index fund provider, the American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF), recently received a flurry of media attention for boycotting Target over what they described as its “pandering to the woke agenda,” confidently declaring that their boycott of Target will ensure “Target stock’s long-term performance will suffer.”
Target stock is down, but in reality, the fund’s total holdings of Target amount to just $100,000–equivalent to the revenue that Target nets every 20 seconds. In fact, ACVF’s total assets under management are a rather measly $40 million–and many of their other “boycotted” companies–including iconic All-American enterprises such as Apple, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Disney, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, and JPMorgan–have performed quite well since being targeted by ACVF. Delta is up 10% this year, American is up 15% this year, Microsoft and Apple are both up over 40% this year and Salesforce is up 60%. Thanks in part to missing out on these top-performing stocks, ACVF is underperforming the S&P 500 by over 2% this year through June 1. No wonder even politically conservative investors stay away from these anti-woke ETFs.
ACVF’s struggles rather pale in comparison to those of its much larger and better-known rival, presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s Strive Asset Management. We have contacted both firms about our findings by phone and email, but their representatives directed us to figures published on their respective websites, which we checked–and double-checked.
The business models of both Strive and ACVF are similar: They construct exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, for mom-and-pop retail investors to passively track a basket of stocks, matching rather than trying to beat the broader market. Unlike hedge funds, these ETF providers do not care if the stocks go up, down, or sideways–rather, they get their money from fees charged on anyone who has their money in a Strive ETF. Most ETFs are very low-fee products–but the anti-woke ETFs come at a premium. BlackRock ETFs, for example, usually charge around 0.03% fees. Strive’s fees are comparatively higher at up to 0.41%–but nothing compared to ACVF’s 0.75% fee.
To survive over the long run, these nascent ETF providers need to continually attract new money from mom-and-pop investors. And that is exactly what it appears they are struggling to do. All the evidence, out in the open, shows that Strive has had a hard time attracting additional investor inflows beyond its original anchor investors after the launch of its ETFs last year. Its assets under management appear to have stagnated despite Ramaswamy’s loud media presence.
For example, its largest flagship ETF, the Strive US Energy ETF (DRLL), has almost exactly the same amount of assets under management (AUM) as of June 1, $320 million, that it did when it was launched in August/September 2022, and its AUM is down nearly 25% from the start of this year.
Fully half of Strive’s eight current ETF products–including the Strive 1000 Growth ETF, the Strive 1000 Value ETF, the Strive 1000 Dividend Growth ETF, and the Strive Small-Cap ETF–have less than $12 million assets under management each, which is microscopic relative to the industry standard–and less than the average compensation of a single major CEO at most companies.
Thus it is hardly surprising that some of the most admired CEOs are flippantly swatting away Strive’s attempts at “activism.” Ramaswamy has become the court jester of corporate governance. The mere mention of his name brings anything from smirks to outright gales of laughter amongst some corporate audiences.
One hopes that Strive is not on a path to fail as badly as some of Ramaswamy’s previous ventures, such as Axovant, a Ramaswamy-founded company whose stock price plunged from $200 to 40 cents, or Campus Venture Networks, Ramaswamy’s much-hyped undergraduate startup which, despite his self-aggrandizement, he apparently sold for just a few thousand dollars, if his tax returns are correct. Even one of Strive’s biggest financial backers, Bill Ackman, is apparently embarrassed and rushing to disavow Ramaswamy. Meanwhile, Strive is reduced to seeking “consulting contract” handouts from friendly politicos. Perhaps this helps explain why Ramaswamy is running his longshot Presidential campaign: Nothing turns around sagging business fortunes quite like a new burst of free publicity!
It is not only in high finance that these “parallel economy” startups are flailing. Attempts to build a new alt-right media ecosystem are similarly landing with a thud.
Perhaps most infamously, Donald Trump’s much-hyped Truth Social alt-platform has imploded in value, with its SPAC packaging (ticker DWAC) shares falling from $95 to $13 even as the former president flails away on this otherwise quiet platform. Alt-right social media rivals such as Gab and GabPay are struggling to gain traction, begging for donations through crowdsourced funding, while provocateur Alex Jones and his Infowars declared bankruptcy after a record $1 billion verdict for the Sandy Hook families. More prominently, One America News has now been dropped by every major cable operator, partially driven by low audiences, while its behemoth rival Fox’s struggles are just beginning after the record $787.5 million Dominion settlement–with its board reportedly becoming weary of deviating too far from the mainstream.
Efforts to expand the alt-right parallel economy across digital services and even physical goods are running straight into the ground as well. Virtually all major retailers from Bed Bath & Beyond to Walmart to Kohl’s to Costco have cut ties with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow, which just months ago closed its last in-person retail mall store while losing $100 million, according to Lindell himself. Former Trump personnel director Johnny McEntee’s project–an alt-right dating site, “The Right Stuff”–has been lambasted even by its core constituency, with its mostly men frustrated by the lack of women users, and its seed funding from Peter Thiel is reportedly scheduled to run out in the next few months.
To a hammer, everything looks like a nail; and the exertions of some anti-woke activists in extrapolating politicized rhetoric into the economy can stretch into caricature. Strangely, the struggles of the nation’s regional banks, such as SVB, Signature, and First Republic, were superstitiously blamed on “wokeism” and the facts–that these less diversified banks were unprepared for the Fed’s interest rate hikes and that larger, equally “woke” banks were better insulated from these interest rate swings–were ignored. This month, even the conservative New York Post was bewildered by the sudden ire this month of anti-wokesters targeting the privately owned, very spiritual, Christian values-guided restaurant chain Chick-fil-A because, years ago, they promoted a longstanding internal HR executive to oversee diversity and equal opportunity.
Despite positioning themselves as reverent guardians of free markets against government and social overreach, many anti-wokester jokesters seem to have forgotten the most basic requirement of capitalism: to make a profit. Ironically, the free market delivers the most condemning verdict of all. The favorite “woke” targets of anti-ESG activists continue to soar to record economic heights, effortlessly shrugging off anti-woke attacks.
Clearly, despite all the hype and drama, there is little financial threat to mainstream business posed by the anti-woke economy. It’s not a genuine parallel economy–these are scattered cases of ideological grifters and struggling entrepreneurs. Their real talent seems to lie in fast-talking media platforms into giving them an undeserved platform to unfairly target iconic pillars of U.S. enterprise. But as these anti-wokester jokesters struggle to gain financial traction, the numbers will continue to disprove their claims.
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2023.06.06 20:14 dailywaffleblog NEW: Trader Joe's Chicken Breakfast Sausage Patties ($3.29) - Ingredient list in caption

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2023.06.06 20:13 extermin8r Food Poisoning - What did I mess up?

After years of wanting one, I finally got a Traeger (Silverton XL from costco). Read manual front to back, set up meticulously, and my first use (stuffed peppers) turned out pretty good.
Fast forward a few days, I have these frozen chicken breasts from Target, there's only 3 in the sealed bag, they are huge. I put them in water for an hour or so, to try and thaw a little, but when I put on grill they are still quite solid. I figured if I got them out of danger zone quick enough (via probe) we'd be fine. I put some sunflower seed oil (all I could find) and basic spices, salt/pepper on outside (pretty thick coat of spices.)
Pre-heat Traeger to 225, throw them on a pan and onto traeger, close, then start putting temp up to 250 to get out of danger zone. The probe on the thickest part of meat in the biggest breast got up to 130+ pretty quickly (1 hour ish?) Then I let it get up to 173 before starting shutdown. Pulled probes and checked other breasts and they were hot, one was 180.
Sat down to eat with my wife, take a bite or two and notice a rubbery texture, almost like raw chicken. Just inside the skin (which was slightly dried out, in a well cooked way) - on the inside there's about a 1/4 inch strip that seems raw.
Long and short, 2 am that night it's coming out both ends, had me bed stricken the whole next day. I'm a little scared of my capabilities with the Traeger now, and hope this community might have some ideas what went wrong. I think the breasts being thick and frozen, and on a pan, maybe prevented the outer part of breast from getting up to heat? I just read on this sub about people smoking turkeys from frozen though, so that's weird to me. Other theories is it was a bad batch of chicken, or stomach flu, but the combination of weird texture and immediacy of sickness makes me think something wrong with chicken prep/cook.
Appreciate any advice/tips, I want to get back to smoking!
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2023.06.06 19:17 TangerineFront5090 Steak Strips In A Smaller Bag

Steak Strips In A Smaller Bag
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2023.06.06 19:17 squanchy444 Medication Cross Contamination?

I called the manufacturer (Glenmark) of a medication I'm taking to ask if it's gluten free. They said something like, "The medication itself does not have any gluten ingredients, however we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination due to a shared facility".
The ingredients of the medication (omeprazole 20mg delayed) don't have any ingredients that could be derived from gluten, as far as I'm aware. says that as long as this is the case, there's a low likelihood of a reaction and I should be fine.
What are your thoughts, should I be good to take this medication or no?
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2023.06.06 18:37 jokr8 Microwave breakfast ideas?

Idk if microwave cooking even belongs in the COOKING subreddit but you guys will probably know these things.
I need some ideas for bases to use to make porridge in the MICROWAVE, not hob (Smooth porridge, no rolled/ steel cut oats, I don't digest those so well).
I already have the basic things like Bulk's gluten free ultra fine oats, and standard fine instant oats, but am getting bored of them. Does anyone know if I can cook the following things in the microwave to use as porridge? Rice flour (Ideal. Cheapest. Cream of rice is very expensive and idk if it's the same thing) Cassava flour Tapioca flour Cornmeal flour Any other kind of flou substances to cook in the microwave which I haven't thought of yet? Sorry if this question might come across as dumb. It's just that there are a few random recipes online about microwaving this stuff, but I have to be sure. Don't want to poison myself!
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2023.06.06 18:37 Galaxy_the_nightwing First Impressions part 47

First Previous Next
Damian kneeled off to the side, trying his best to blend into the rubble around him as Ree was scolded like never before by his mother. He cradled the toddler closer to his chest through the harness it was placed in when it started to fuss. At the attention, it settled back down. As Violet basically breathed fire at her chick, the angry image being ruined by the mother-henning she was doing checking his injuries, Damian kept an eye on the armored aliens standing around watching them.
Damian didn't like the way they semi-circled to trap him, his kids and his birds between themselves and the broken tree-tower. The only things keeping him from placing himself between them and his family was the child who refused to be separated from him and Sky. Said bird was perched on one of his thighs to better reach some of his wounds. Despite that, he still had to lean down a bit to let him reach the wounds on his head and the big one on his bicep.
His eyes constantly scanned the area in an uneasy search for Squeaks, who had jumped down and scampered off once he left the tree. He was not happy with her sudden disspearance, since the same thing was what started this mess. Then again, it was what led him to the toddler who would definitely have been killed, had he not been here. He could confidently say the voices didn't like it either. They were a constant mind-numbing buzz in the base of his skull but at least they didn't do so farther up. He could actually think past their annoyed chatter for once.
As he watched his surroundings and let Sky look at his wounds, he talked with some of the calmer voices. They discussed ways to compromise his head space. Clearly they didn't like being locked in the back of his mind, if the violent attacks were anything to go by, but he can't focus on anything if they are free to wander without any restrictions. His conversation was interrupted by a voice that is mostly quiet, one of a very few number that is more....not physical but just felt more than heard. Them mostly being known by non-verbal contributions to the conversation. Anyways, it butted in with a hand on his metaphorical shoulder. His attention shifted to it, making it easier to.....notice? read? it. It sent the feeling of pointing to the outside world, like pointing out a window.
It takes a few seconds to extract himself from the web of conversations he was keeping an eye on while he brainstormed. Once he did and zoned back into the real world his attention was drawn back to the armored aliens by movement at the very edge of his vision, just this side of his blindspot. He tenced and whipped his head around to stare down the movement. The alien that has walked closer immediately stopped walking and retracted the leg halfway through it's next step.
The build of the alien was vaguely familiar, like he's seen one of it's species before. He just can't quite place where. Its not any of his flock, or one their species anyways, since its bigger than Untruthful. That much he's sure about. It also can't be one of the fish-aliens from when he was in that reverse-aquarium since it didn't have a tank or anything that looked like it would help it breathe water. And the fact it has legs, too. The fish-people only had hand-fins and tails. So maybe he just saw one when they all went to that market-place? Where he found Squeaks. Its a possibility, there were a lot of aliens packed together.
It stands silently in its spot a few steps closer than the semi-circle of other armored aliens. It's legs were bent ever so slightly, posture slouched, and head lowered like it was trying to look as small and submissive as possible while still being considered standing. He couldn't tell for sure where it was looking because of the helmet covering it's face but from the angle of it's head, he guesses it's staring at the ground just before his folded legs.
He was confused at the position it froze in. It doesn't look at all comfortable for it. It's legs constantly shifted slightly to move around it's weight like the pose wasn't something it naturally did but was taught to do. Why was it doing that? He would understand if it was it's species' way of showing peacefulness or a lack of aggression but it was clearly uncomfortable. Though a good portion of that was probably the fact that he was staring it down with a death glare.
It had six limbs: two arms, two legs, and a small pair between them that was half bent in the air. From what he saw as it walked, the two tiny limbs extend and are used as legs when it moves. It seems like when it stands still it leans back on its thick tail. Its overall body shape is like a long noodle. Like a ferret or particularly wide snake. Its head, from the shape of it's helmet anyways, looks like someone took a sphere and cut off the bottom quarter before sticking it to the creature's neck.
The only thing showing which side of it's head is the front is the two flat wedges on either side of it's head. From the way they were covered they looked like a mix between fins and ears, with the front being flat and the back angling out and into the head like a ramp. Said ear-fin-wedges were currently flattened against the side of it's head and drooping down like someone tied weights to the ends of them.
He stared for a few long minutes, only shifting to give Sky more access to whatever wound he moved to look over. It didn't move closer or try to speak the entire time but it didn't move away either. It just stood there in an uncomfortable pose like it was waiting for something. He didn't have a single guess as to what and he didn't like how still it was being. Slowly his lips lifted into a mockery of a smile, more of a snarl than anything. When it only flinched but still refused to move, he unconsciously made a low unhappy humm from his chest.
With the snarl still on his face and the way he was awkwardly slouched and twisted for Sky, it came out much more guttural and growl-like than he expected it to. The alien flinched again and shifted it's weight backwards ever so slightly like it wanted to step back but it's feet were glued to the ground. Before he could try again to make it back off Sky spoke up from his lap as he nudged the hands holding the toddler, wanting to check on the kid's side. His voice was perfectly neutral, none of he emotions usually plastered all over his words to be found.
"If you are just going to stand there and work up my Dark-crest, you might as well leave." Damian's head whipped down at that tone so fast that he felt his neck crack. That tone was so strange coming from Sky that he worried something was wrong. The small bird's expression was perfectly neutral but he did see a spark of mirth and amusement in his eye when the armored alien winced and stuttered a few failed starts. He moved his head ever so slightly to look up at the stuttering alien out of the corner of his eye as he lifted the toddler out of it's harness and onto his lap, letting Sky loosen the make-shift bandages to check it's wound.
The alien paused its stuttering to take a breath, at least he thinks so. He couldn't quite tell since he didn't hear it breathe through it's helmet but it did pause its arm movements like it did. Either way it paused to probably collect it's thoughts and calm itself, well, as much as possible with Damian glaring it down and ready to lunge if it so much as twitched wrong.
At this point the voices seemed to notice the nervous alien and were split between ignoring them and turning their attention to the situation. Of those that did switch, half were making fun of the armoured alien and the other half were cooing over how cute it's nervousness was. Damian was confused and distracted by the ones cooing over it. Sure, objectively it could be considered cute, what with it being under half his size, but that wasn't what confused him. It was that they kept calling it 'baby', 'child', and a few said something about a student. Was.....wasn't it an adult?
Who in their right mind would ever think it was a good idea to toss a kid into armour and let them play soldier with actual trained adults? That gained the attention of more voices them either snickering at the mental image and passing their own back and forth with each other, berating whoever it's guardian was, or cooing sympathetically at the child. He let the conversations wash over his thoughts and blank his mind as he just watched the alien. Almost all his previous aggression was absent from his expression and posture, replaced by intrigue and curiosity.
Apparently the alien had gotten it's thoughts together enough to swap a few sentences back and forth with Sky since he snapped back into the present at the sound of his name.
"-Damian." Unfortunately Sky said his name at the end of the sentence so he didn't know any context. The reply the alien made gave enough, though. It tilted its head, at least he guessed so, as it took a few slow creeping steps towards them.
"Really? I-" It caught itself at Sky's sharp glare, "He is.....forgive me for not using the right word but, 'tame'?" It seemed like either it wasn't very fluent in common or it didn't know the right term to use for this specific situation. Either way he cut in sharply before Sky could reply.
"No, I'm not 'tame'. I am not some mindless animal to be trained-" He interrupted himself with an agressive snarl to his voice as the alien continued to creep closer. "And I will gladly rip your head off if you take one step closer to my flock!" The alien immediately stopped and scuttled multiple steps backwards with a fearful yelp, stuttering out a nervous stream of apologies. They ended up a bit closer than they originally were but seemed to understand the correct distance to keep.
Damian felt Sky pause their checking of the toddler to lean their head into his chest in attempt to stifle his giggling, shuttering with the force of the attempt. Damian felt his glare and scowl lessen with a barely withheld smile at the quiet stuttered breath-laughs escaping his bird. Eventually he couldn't hold a straight face and let a lop-sided smile spread onto his face with an amused exhale as he relaxed his shoulders and looked down at the small bird.
"Could you not? Its kinda hard to keep an angry face with you giggling away into my chest." Sky held his breath for a second at the teasing comment, just barely holding in his laughter. Sky lifted a wing-claw-hand and hit his chest in reprimand, glancing up at him with a horrible attempt at a stern glare, laughter clear behind his voice.
"Don't you dare make me laugh! I'm supposed to be working." Damian relaxed a bit at the voice, happy he was able to make his bird break the emotionless mask. He leaned back on a hand, the other cradling the toddler, as his smile grew to flash his teeth.
"Your own fault. I was just stating facts. Hard to act all big and bad with a chicken-sized being giggling away like a child into you." Sky squawked much like Violet does before her and Ruby bat their wings at each other. Sure enough Sky spread his wings and flapped them to continously bap him in the head. Damian let himself laugh as he ducked his head and raised his free arm in a fruitless attempt to sheild him from the harmless attack of feathers.
Once Sky got it all out of his system he folded his wings back up and floofed his already puffy feathers to make him even rounder. Damian laughed at him again and playfully ruffled his crest, not noticing how much more relaxed he is after that. Sky finally let out a small chuckle and shook himself off to resettle his feathers.
Damian moving his free arm to cradle the toddler again he glanced up at the maybe-child alien once he remembered it and huffed out an amused snort at it's completely baffled body language. Hearing something halfway between an oink and a squeak, Damian glanced down. The toddler was staring up at him with big suprised eyes.
"What?" He asked the kid, not expecting an answer. The reply he got was the child snorting a nearly identical sound he made but with a slight change to it. It then looked at him expectantly. Damian glanced up at Sky but the bird was occupied with talking with the armoured alien and hadn't noticed. Looking back at the child he hesitated for a second before repeating the snort he made before.
The child squealed, in what he assumed was happiness, and headbutted Damian's ribs hard enough that he was sure they would bruise, it's tail wagging so violently the fluffy end was hitting it's sides. Damian laughed and held the child as it made happy snorts and grunts.
Runt was confused and scared. He didn't know what was happening. Brute, Scavenger, and soft-BruteSoundermate left the not-den-path after they exchanged not-instinct-speak with the weird voice. Once they left to the out they paused at the sight of the weird-things. Two more soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate walked over and talked with them. The bigger of the two taking the first soft-BruteSoundermate and making annoyed-shoat-angry sounds. The smaller of the new soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate chattered to Brute until he lowered to the ground and let it check it over.
Runt watched as Scavenger ran off, making Brute call out to it in protest. It was ignored and grumbled unhappily for a while until the weird-things moved to enclose everyone else. Runt didn't like the lack of escape and whimpered a bit as he cuddled into Brute. Brute held him closer and Runt felt reassured. Runt dosed off for a bit, trusting Brute would protect him from the weird-things. Plus, his side was really hurting.
He was brought out of his not-really-sleep when he heard soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate make weird short high-pitched squeals. Brute took him out of the strap-holder-things keeping him to it's chest. He watched as the small-soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate started to unwrap the wound-cover. He couldn't help but shy away once it started to hurt, peeling off his side. Soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate exchanged a few weird sounds with the weird-thing. The weird-thing started to slowly creep closer to them. Runt was scared. He hid in Brute's middle. Eventually Brute seemed to have enough with the weird-thing since it spoke up and ended on anger-warning-backoff.
The weird-thing immediately scrambled back and soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate leaned against Brute while making quiet-amused sounds. Why was it amused? It hit Brute and Runt shied away from it, expecting Brute to punish it for the weak attack. It never happened though. Brute just made teasing-amused sounds and even relaxed a bit. Soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate then made a weird noise, probably taking the lack of response as Brute not acting like he should as Protector.
Then it......made its arms longer? The extra flaps on its arms extended and it continuously hit them against Brute's head. Runt watched in tence silence as Brute just lifted its arm to try and shield it from the useless attack. Runt waited for Brute to grow tired of soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate disrespecting it's position and move to put it in it's place. Again, it never happened. Runt was confused when it eventually stopped it's useless attack and make itself bigger. Brute just made an amused-happy sound and rubbed it's head. Brute then glared up at the weird-thing, moved to hold Runt a bit more protectively and-
"Mine." Runt whipped his head up at Brute in suprise at the clear Neath word.
"Maybe-sire?" Brute looked down at him and grunted something he didn't understand. Runt didn't want to get his hopes up, maybe he just didn't hear Brute right so he asked it what it said.
"Yours?" Brute glanced at soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate then glared at the weird-thing before looking back down to him and replying.
"Mine." Runt couldn't help the happy squeal as he felt the bond click into place. Instinct made happy rumbling noises in the back of his head as he happily headbutted his Sire. A Sire picked him. A Sire picked him! His Sire picked him! He has a sounder! He was so happy he couldn't do anything but vocalize his happiness and excitement. He felt his Sire hold him closer and that only made him happier.
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2023.06.06 18:35 rezerer 23 [M4F] Belgium Everywhere Gamer guy, full of surprises looking for Gamer girl to play with. Building a future, together, long lasting.

Good day/night, i hope you are doing well and are enjoying today!
I am Rez for short or Rezerer in full and usually go by those online. I will give out my real name once we talk some more and get to know eachother.
Games i like and play:
I am a huge fan of games, especially the ones like Stardew valley, Sun haven, Minecraft, Terraria, Overcooked (and i desperately want to play it takes two) There are many others i play and like, for instance: League of legends, Valorant, Gears of war, Total war series and many many more.
Other interests:
Besides games i work full time, i can cook and have done so in the past for myself and my parents/siblings. Not too long ago i started reading the entries and extensive archive of the SCP'S and the SCP foundation, so if you know about them or read them that would be huge! I play DnD (dungeons and dragons) with a group every other Saturday, we get together physically to play the game too. Other interests are mixed, i like to talk about the workings of everyday things like how the world keeps turning. What gravity is and how it works, what came first the egg or the chicken. Science facts are always interesting in my opinion and i like to have conversations about a wide variety of topics. However i usually am a shy person so i might have trouble just talking about those things at first.
My appearance:
I don't really share pictures for everyone. If i feel we click i will send a picture for sure so don't worry :) I am a 6"4' or 195cm tall guy, i have mostly grey eyes but sometimes in the right light there can be a green or brown shade too. I have brown hair, usually also a beard but i cut it recently. I can pictures both before and after cutting my beard. I am healthy and maybe on the heavy side, but you know food just is too tasty 😋
Preferences / What i am looking for:
I am looking for a girl who loves to play games and ideally the same ones as me but that's not a necessity. Looks wise i don't have a preference, i do look past the cover to see who is behind it. I really enjoy a person's personality, i have never felt repulsed or otherwise had a negative feeling from looks. <3 I really like to spend time together online, playing games, watching a movie, doing our own thing while in a vc, i really enjoy all of those. I can be clingy, so be prepared for a decent amount of messages daily. I love to send gifs and other messages about hugging and cuddling so you must be okay with that. Last but not least i want us to build something rather genuine, trusting one another and supporting each other. Communicating is very important for me and i hope it is for you too.
I still live with my parents but i am saving up for my own place, if needed i can move out in a short amount of time. I am a virgin, however i have done sexting with my ex before. In the future i would love to have kids with my partner, at least 1 kid but i don't mind more.
Have you seen anything that interests you do you want to talk more feel free to dm me! If you are shy too you can always start with an answer to this question: what would an ideal evening with your partner look like?
You can always contact me on discord too Rezerer200#6268
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2023.06.06 18:34 jokr8 Microwave breakfast ideas?

I need some ideas for bases to use to make porridge in the MICROWAVE, not hob (Smooth porridge, no rolled/ steel cut oats, I don't digest those so well).
I already have the basic things like Bulk's gluten free ultra fine oats, and standard fine instant oats, but am getting bored of them.
Does anyone know if I can cook the following things in the microwave to use as porridge?
Rice flour (Ideal. Cheapest. Cream of rice is very expensive and idk if it's the same thing)
Cassava flour
Tapioca flour
Cornmeal flour
Any other kind of flou substances to cook in the microwave which I haven't thought of yet?
Sorry if this question might come across as dumb. It's just that there are a few random recipes online about microwaving this stuff, but I have to be sure. Don't want to poison myself!
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2023.06.06 18:34 jokr8 Microwave porridge ideas?

I need some ideas for bases to use to make porridge in the MICROWAVE, not hob (Smooth porridge, no rolled/ steel cut oats, I don't digest those so well).
I already have the basic things like Bulk's gluten free ultra fine oats, and standard fine instant oats, but am getting bored of them.
Does anyone know if I can cook the following things in the microwave to use as porridge?
Rice flour (Ideal. Cheapest. Cream of rice is very expensive and idk if it's the same thing)
Cassava flour Tapioca flour Cornmeal flour
Any other kind of flou substances to cook in the microwave which I haven't thought of yet?
Sorry if this question might come across as dumb. It's just that there are a few random recipes online about microwaving this stuff, but I have to be sure. Don't want to poison myself!
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2023.06.06 17:48 Canuck_Voyageur Where to go from here?

Trauma as a kid. Several kinds. Grew up thinking anything to do with sex was shameful and disgusting. Never dated until mid 40's
Met a widow. Soon was best friend. I didn't love her, but I liked her a lot. I don't love anyone in any way I understand the term. Married her.
Sex life was not outstanding, but I had no comparison. Found myself fantasizing about skinny twinks while we did the deed. Was not frequent, maybe averaged weekly over the first year, declining over the next few. Still had a lot of internal conflict about sex.
Menopause hit. She was afraid of HRT. Sex was uncomfortable for her. If we both can't enjoy it, I don't want to play.
That was 15 years ago. We cuddle now and then. Mostly sleep in separate bedrooms.
I'm in therapy now, and now recognize that a healthy sex life is more than just something you want, it's an actual need. I've also recognized that I'm more gay than straight.
I've mentioned to her several times that I'm not satisfied with the status quo. Even for the cuddling, I have to take the initiative, which gives me the feeling that she is just humouring me.
I asked her if I could take on a gay lover. She was not a fan.
I have the following letter composed. It's my response if I have an affair, and am discovered.
I'd be interested in hearing from people who are currently in a sexless marriage and in particular from those who are on the non-interest side.
Dear L.
I was faced with the following choice when I decided to try a gay lover.
I asked once and you weren’t happy about it. We came up with a plan that didn’t get anywhere satisfactory for me. True, much of that was due to a broken hip, but it put everything on hold. Since then, you rarely try to initiate, rarely reaching out often to me. Our cuddles aren’t enough.
Doing some reading on it, there are a bunch of reasons that sexual infidelity feels so betraying. I can see it that way, if attentions paid to someone else were ones denied to the other. However….
I read one story of a woman who gave her bi/gay husband permission to stray, hoped he wouldn’t, and then felt betrayed when it happened. She went on to have an affair. They separated.
Key element here: Permission isn’t always helpful if it is given with reservations. Permission would make it easier for my sense of integrity. But trading integrity for the certainty of making you sad isn’t a win for me. My moral ease costs your misery? Not a win.
I had a choice:
I figure that not telling you will hurt less. And who knows? I may consistently chicken out. You asked me once jokingly if I was on Tinder. I actually tried the free version of tinder, but found that it was unusable, and the type of people on it were not interesting to me. You asked after I had deleted the app.. I am active on several sites, and have been for several months. I’m learning a bit about modern flirting. It does my self esteem a world of good when I’m told I’m sexy by a total stranger. So far none of these have turned into anything. Some almost went somewhere, but either I chickened out, or they did.
When we talked about this last year, I said I liked skinny twinks. They are what turn me on physically. What I’m looking for is young guy like my nephew (gay, 22yr) but one who likes old guys. I have more than just a uncle’s friendship with Brenden. But I kept that repressed totally until he told me he was gay; then in our chats about this, he made it clear that he only considered a narrow age gap acceptable. So he’s still my best male friend, but nothing more.
Trauma folk are avoidant. We’ve been burned enough times that we work hard to stay away from those situations. But we generalise, and tend to avoid change. Staying with an unsatisfactory status quo.
Brene Brown says we have to be vulnerable in order to really live.. And that sometimes that will get us a kick in the teeth.
I am trying:
To learn to not always be a people pleaser. This means I chose actions that may not make other people happy. The trampoline, my winter trip, my independent trip to my sister's, the refusal to move to the coast, the keyboard, are all cases of me granting myself permission to be me. * To push into situations I’ve avoided. I’ve avoided interpersonal relations. I’ve avoided sex. Yeah, this can seem a cop out, and excuse. * To be vulnerable. * To accept that I can’t control everything.
I work hard to try to make win-win solutions. Sometimes that isn’t possible. Next best is a big win and a small loss. This may not be a small loss, but right now it seems like the present set of actions minimize the hurt I give you.
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2023.06.06 17:44 batikwitch22 I'm so fucking sick of this economy

Before I start I want to say that I have a reliable, stable roof over my head. We were able to afford a Costco run the other weekend so there's meat in the freezer. We're not going to go homeless or starve. My husband has a reliable job that works 50 hours a week so he gets 10 hours of overtime every Friday. He gets paid $23/hour. I'm not asking for help, just venting.
I'm a massage therapist. I've been doing this for about 10 years. I had a fantastic clientele at the spa that I worked at. I was so sick of working for somebody else, though. There's always drama and my boss started doing shady shit with our taxes and commisions. At the much encouragement of my clients, family, and friends, I opened up my own practice this past February. It has not gone as planned. Everything was so great until summer. Nobody has money anymore.
I have no money. I poured my small savings into my business. I didn't even go all out. I thrifted or curb shopped (free!) a lot of it. My husband pays the monthly bills while I pay the groceries, gas, the sitter, and anything else our 4 year old might need. I've been living off of my credit card. Husband has started covering groceries and my usual areas too. Grocery runs used to be less than $50 a week, now it's $100 a week for the same items. We do our best to be frugal. We don't eat steak and lobster. I buy meat from the almost expired discount section. I don't buy berries anymore because they're too expensive. Bananas are cheap. I lied on the self checkout at how many avocados I had because my son is going through a phase and it's all he wants. I eat one piece of toast with one egg, half an avocado, and homemade cream cheese (that got too expensive, so did butter). Now milk prices are going up again. At least I found some free seeds so we've started a vegetable garden. The rabbits ate the first couple shoots though. Fencing, even secondhand, is expensive for me right now.
I can't sleep because my bedroom is so hot. We have air conditioning but I put my son in the coldest room and I'm in the warmest, husband is in the middle warm room. My room is south facing and that side of the house is never shaded. I found $20 on the ground this morning in the parking lot. I cried because I could go get a box fan so I can maybe sleep. I had to buy one for my grandma last year and I remembered it being $10-15. I got to the aisle and cried again because it was $23.
My son needs cotton pajama shorts. He's getting terrible heat rash and ezcema in the summer. The awful quality store bought polyester pajamas do not help. Why do the girls sections have cotton clothing but not boys??? I'm a very good seamstress. I looked for a shorts pattern and cried again because the patterns used to be $2 and now they're $9. I can't do that. I've not been the best, historically, at making my own patterns. I know the theory so I'll just have to try again. Let's hope I don't mess up with the $5 cotton thrifted sheet too much. I literally don't have the money to buy another one. Most of the sheets nowadays are polyester anyway.
I market myself, I swear I'm doing what every person suggests to grow my practice. Summer is usually slower for massage. Everybody is taking vacations. It's just so incredibly frustrating to have boomer clients that are just so out of touch. My younger clients that can actually afford massage are the ones supporting me right now, as little as it is. My prices for my business are right with what the average massage costs ($90 for a 60 min). I can't raise them anymore.
I'm sorry, I'm not asking for help. I've got a roof over my head and food in the freezer. This is just so overwhelming. I'm going to look for a second job. Even though it'll take time from my son I just don't have an option right now. I have to make more money. Every time I go to the store it's more expensive. Heavin forbid student loan payments start again. Or my 200,000 mile Honda breaks down for good. I just had to spend $400 to fix it last weekend. Out of savings, again. My mechanic says it should be ok but I'll definitely need tires for winter. He's a friend and could tell I'm stressed about it all. He hugged me when I left and said he'll always do his best to take care of our vehicles. He's got his own busy household too, though.
I'm just...tired. Worried. Scared. I just can't believe how expensive everything has gotten. Even thrift stores and marketplace is more expensive.
Oh and my feet grew a whole size so none of my shoes fit anymore. I've got weird feet and birkenstocks are my go to. The sandals that I've had for 5+ years now give me blisters. All my shoes do now. Good luck finding decent shoes at size 11 at a thrift store.
I'm tough, we're tough. It's ok to have dry seasons because then you get creative. Someday this will all be a memory. We're gonna be ok but right now I'm so fucking sick of all this.
Edit: I spent the morning looking at part time, temporary, and nanny jobs. I found some that I think might work and now I'm excited for my husband to get home to show him. I'm ok, just had a little pity party this morning! Now everybody from the party went home and I'm back to work :)
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2023.06.06 17:32 Clarkki EJ’s Luncheonette made it! W/ ginger vinaiggrette 😂

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2023.06.06 16:27 P_01y How to Organize Onboarding Process for New Hires Correctly & Effectively?

Hello, nerds. Today I want to discuss with you onboarding process, read your stories, opinions about my thoughts, and in general any of your thoughts and comments on this matter. In the meantime, I'll share my thoughts with you.
Today we have a very important and exciting topic for a conversation that will make you take a fresh look at the process of onboarding new employees. This article does not have a target audience. We have specially compiled it in such a way that it would be exciting and useful for both recruiters and novice specialists and top management to read this text.
We spoke with some experts in the field of recruiting, as well as with specialists who are directly responsible for onboarding, for training staff in the first months of a talent’s work. As a result of communication, we made some general conclusions and formed tips on how the onboarding process should be arranged and why it is important at all. We will talk about this in this article. If this article seems useful to you, share it, we are doing a great job and are pleased when you read it.

Tip 1: Generate Homework

About 60% of the experts we spoke to on Linkedin are sure that the initial training process for employees would be much more effective if the employee had optional, but additional homework (at the request of the employee, of course). Anything can be included in the concept of homework.
Most often, in our conversations, we talked about communicating with members of the team or department in which the employee works for a time distracted from work - about sports, music, films, travel, or simply sharing a funny (or not so) meme with a colleague, about anything, but not about work. This approach aims to break the ice between strangers and in case a newcomer needs help, he or she will not hesitate to ask for this help.
For example, at my first place of work, in a small startup, where the CEO of the company worked behind a nearby sofa, and not in a high-rise building, on the top floor, I, as a "homework", had the task to form business questions to the top management of the company about the development strategy company, or about anything in general - you could ask how often the CEO surfs or why he doesn't like cats. In a word, to establish communications and feel that everyone in the company is equal, you should not be afraid of a huge number of new people.

Tip 2: Multiple Broadcast

By this confusing concept, we mean onboarding not only by a special employee whose duties are training newbies but also by team members, team leads, and even project managers. Thus, the newcomer has another opportunity to talk with the team in which the newcomer will work, as well as listen to every opinion of each individual employee. Thus, the beginner will form a holistic picture of the company's activities, where information will be taken from everyone in small pieces.
It's like a meeting of residents of an apartment building, where everyone is worried about their own problems - someone has unpainted benches in the yard, and someone is worried about the excessive congestion of the only road with personal transport. The chairman of this private initiative of the residents, in turn, forms a common opinion about the current situation.
While still a student, I worked part-time at a pizzeria where each pizza maker was responsible for a different type of pizza - for example, we had a guy who was responsible for all pizzas without meat (he was a vegetarian), and then there was a guy who was in charge of all pizzas with chicken (strange hierarchy, but that's how it was). As a beginner, I was taught by all the cooks at once, and I learned something from each of them, for example, how to make dough preparations correctly or in what order to put the ingredients.

Tip 3: Provide More Time

Very often, the experts with whom we spoke drew attention to the fact that a lot is required of beginners in a very short period of time, and this is a problem because apart from additional pressure, this does not create any other effect. If you are the type of person who does or has anything to do with onboarding, then think about how long it would take you to master this material and how well you would do.
Let me give you an example from my own career path. It was my next startup (yes, I'm a big fan of startups), where I went through onboarding + probation. I won't go into details, but it turned out that onboarding took the same amount of time as my trial period - 3 months. For all 3 months, new information was pouring into me like a waterfall, which is simply impossible to remember, except to go all this way on my own experience.
For several weeks, 10 hours a day, I was loaded with information, as if on a drive, and then released to full-time work, abruptly, as if they had poured cold water on me. I failed the trial period because I was not able to cope with such a volume of information, and judging by the fact that this company has been looking for such an employee for more than a year, their approach to onboarding has not changed and, naturally, they have not found a robot for themselves to work.

Tip 4: Theory + Practice

It is very important not only to teach a beginner the theory that you are fluent in, having worked for many years in one place, there will be no sense in this, but to competently integrate it into the workflow. In other words, do not teach a beginner something new throughout the entire working day, week, or month, but devote 3-4 hours a day to learning, and supervise the beginner the rest of the time.
It's the same principle as teaching programming. If you understand the logic of the loops, then it's time to try writing the code yourself. Returning to our reality, you can attach a curator to a beginner for a day, so that the beginner helps an experienced employee deal with those tasks that he or she is already able to handle. Let at first it will be simple tasks, such as preparing reports or dashboards on the database, but then such a newcomer can easily be integrated into the team and no one from the other team will even understand who is new here and who has been working for 10 years.
So the onboarding process took place at my first place of work (which I already talked about). Before lunch, I talked with team members (every day with different ones) - they told me how it works, about the main software product of the company, how this project is monetized, and so on, and after lunch, I started working with simple tasks, like technical support, because I already have general information about the work of the company, which means I can help clients understand this as well (such a logic).

Tip 5: Think Wider

Truly effective and correct onboarding leads to the fact that the newcomer after him can perform simple tasks of the team, thereby facilitating the work of his colleagues. Therefore, very often during training, a beginner is taught only what the team does exclusively. This is correct because 99% of the time this newcomer will spend time and work with his team - to solve problems with his team members.
This is logical, but not entirely correct. Some (not many) experts we spoke with concluded that it is useful for a beginner to know and understand how the mechanism of the company works, and not a single gear. So, the beginner will have a general idea of the company's work mechanisms, how certain processes are arranged - how the project is monetized, with whom the company cooperates, what other departments and teams there are, who the CEO is and what he did before, what the department does developers, what programming language they use and why it and a million other questions.
In my experience, the onboarding process did not cover this, however, I put together the general puzzle on my own - I communicated with the developers myself (because I planned to become a developer in the future), I myself tried to talk with the CEO, I myself communicated with adjacent teams with whom I most often had to communicate and to interact. It didn't help my work, but it helped me realize what I was doing and what role I was playing in this gigantic and complex mechanism.

Tip 6: Issues Notes

This tip is from me personally - we haven't talked to the experts we selected on Linkedin about it, but I still think it's worth looking into. The onboarding process is, first of all, learning, a very complex learning, difficult initial period of any career, so it is important to make sure that the questions that you have accumulated over the entire working day evaporate the next morning so as not to load your head with them in a new one.
If on the first working day, you have a lot of additional questions on the workflow or technical things, do not accumulate these questions, but write them down and at the end of the working day ask these questions to colleagues from the team - I always just sent the list to Slack. Be sure that the next morning you will be answered 100% by colleagues, and you will eliminate all questions, thereby freeing your clipboard and getting ready for a new stage of learning.
As I said in my experience, I saved up all the questions for the day and simply sent them to colleagues in a Slack chat. It has become a daily tradition for me. Feel free to ask questions, because your onboarding just means that you will ask these questions, and this training was invented for this. Gradually, your questions will be fewer and fewer, and somewhere in a few months, they will not remain at all. This is what we should strive for.


As you know, our site is dedicated to educational resources and materials for newbies in the field of IT, so it was also important for us to talk about how onboarding should go for newcomers, how the training process should go for new employees, what is right and what is wrong. Our principle when writing this article was simple - when you know what you want, you know what to require. Now you understand how the learning process should go when hiring for a new job for you, and therefore you know what it is worth demanding from this process.
[Full version with some statistics and data]
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2023.06.06 16:03 snapsigma Ikaria Lean Belly Juice: The Ultimate Solution for Weight Loss and Belly Fat

Are you tired of struggling with weight loss? Have you tried numerous diets and exercises yet to see the desired results? Look no further because Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is here to revolutionize your weight loss journey. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of this powerful supplement, exploring its ingredients, mechanism, and the incredible benefits it offers.
What is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice?
Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is an advanced superfood complex formulated to support healthy weight loss and reduce stubborn belly fat. This potent powdered supplement is meticulously crafted using a sophisticated blend of natural ingredients scientifically proven to target fat storage, reduce inflammation, control hunger and cravings, and enhance digestion. By incorporating Ikaria Lean Belly Juice into your daily routine, you can finally achieve the weight loss results you've longed for.
The Mechanism behind Ikaria Lean Belly Juice
The secret behind the effectiveness of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice lies in its unique blend of ingredients. This potent formula specifically targets ceramide components in the body, promoting healthy weight loss and reducing belly fat. By regulating the production of uric acid, the supplement helps protect overall health, as increased uric acid levels can lead to joint discomfort and kidney problems. Ikaria Lean Belly Juice ensures a healthier, slimmer you by controlling uric acid levels and curbing weight gain.
Key Features of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Weight Loss
  1. Encourages Weight Loss (Abdominal Obesity): Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a low-calorie, high-fiber drink that helps in weight loss. With ingredients like cucumber, lemon, and apple cider vinegar, this juice boosts metabolism and helps reduce belly fat. Cucumber, being low in calories and high in water content, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and reduces the likelihood of overeating. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, Lemons enhance digestion and contribute to weight loss. Additionally, apple cider vinegar is a renowned remedy for reducing belly fat and curbing appetite.
  2. Improves Digestion: Mint and ginger, two natural digestive aids found in Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, are crucial in improving digestion. These ingredients alleviate indigestion, eliminate bloating, and reduce inflammation. Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory properties, increases metabolism and aids digestion. Peppermint acts as a natural appetite suppressant, preventing cravings and overeating. It also helps digestion and reduces bloating, while mint reduces nausea and inflammation in the digestive system.
  3. Reduces Inflammation: Inflammation is a common factor in various health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. The antioxidants in ginger, lemon, and mint in Ikaria Lean Belly Juice help combat inflammation and promote overall well-being. Ginger reduces inflammation, enhances metabolism, and aids digestion. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, Lemons boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Mint calms the stomach and improves digestion.
  4. Strengthens the Immune System: Vitamin C, abundant in Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of disease or infection. Vitamin C-rich lemons in the supplement enhance immunity and combats inflammation, ensuring optimal health.
  5. Improves Heart Health: The antioxidants found in Ikaria Lean Belly Juice contribute to a healthier heart. Ginger, lemon, and mint help reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Incorporating this supplement into your routine can support your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Benefits of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice
Drawbacks of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice
It is important to note that Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is exclusively available for purchase on the official website. Be cautious of counterfeit products sold elsewhere to ensure you receive the natural supplement.
In conclusion, Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a breakthrough solution for weight loss and belly fat reduction. Its potent blend of natural ingredients targets fat storage, reduces inflammation, controls cravings, and enhances digestion. By incorporating this supplement into your daily routine, you can achieve weight loss goals and improve overall health. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to a healthier, more confident you with Ikaria Lean Belly Juice!
Visit to explore the latest discounts and deals on this remarkable weight loss supplement.
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2023.06.06 16:00 _Anonymous_one Your favourite Past Corrie Character or Pet (2000s and 2010s)- The Final! (Part 1)

Thank you for your votes! :)
Semi final 2 results
1st- Blanche Hunt- 68 points (1 bonus from double vote)
2nd- Becky GrangeMcDonald- 50 points (1 bonus from double vote)
3rd- Lloyd Mullaney- 47 points
4th- Eva Price- 45 points (2 bonus from double vote)
5th- Jason Grimshaw- 34 points
6th- Kelly Neelan- 31 points
7th- Shelley Unwin- 23 points
8th- Kylie TurnePlatt- 22 points
9th- Charlotte Brontë the Chicken- 16 points
10th- Karen Phillips/McDonald- 15 points
11th- Janice Battersby- 7 points
12th- Julie Carp- 4 points
Big massive congratulations to Blanche, Becky, Lloyd, Eva, Jason, and Kelly!
They are the final 6 guaranteed a place in the final and nothing and no one can take that away from them! Let’s look at how they all did :)
This semi was ridiculously competitive between the top 8 in the early days, and it was kinda cruel to see them all shuffle around so much but til halfway through, even eventual winner Blanche wasn’t guaranteed safety yet! In the end though, Blanche blew all her opponents away and became the only competitor to win all heats so far, sailing through. Can she win the Final too? With most of the others in hot pursuit of her til halfway through, Becky risked it all as she took her chance and went for it, finishing runner up. Eva flip flopped round the top 3, but Lloyd suddenly got in her way at the halfway mark, and narrowly budged her from third after starting to get himself in gear. Although Jason was a serious threat to her early on, Eva ravaged her ex to ensure she got fourth after Lloyd’s sudden attack, and things were looking dicey for Jason after this, and with his performance hitting the skids later on, he was really lucky that he was stronger than the others, which got him through in fifth. And then with just one slot remaining, Kelly swept away Shelley to win the coveted final place in the final
After a promising start where she was actually in the top 3, Kylie hit the deck, a fall she never recovered from and she blew her chances of making the final early on, with Shelley also trampling on her as she grew in popularity later in voting, but she didn’t have enough to compete with Kelly. None of the others really got started, and Julie didn’t even score til halfway through!
We’ve finally got all 12 of our Finalists! And they are:
Hayley Cropper, Deirdre Barlow, Jack Duckworth, Mike Baldwin, Cerberus the Greyhound, Tina McIntyre, Blanche Hunt, Becky GrangeMcDonald, Lloyd Mullaney, Eva Price, Jason Grimshaw, and Kelly Neelan!
It’s finally the Final! :)
This it it, the big one! The one you’ve all been waiting for! Since early March, 247 contenders have been battling it out to be named Your favourite Past Corrie Character or Pet (2000s and 2010s)!
And now 3 months, and 50 heats later, we finally have all 12 of our finalists!
And they are, once again, in all their glory:
Hayley Cropper
Deirdre Barlow
Jack Duckworth
Mike Baldwin
Cerberus the Greyhound
Tina McIntyre
Blanche Hunt
Becky GrangeMcDonald
Lloyd Mullaney
Eva Price
Jason Grimshaw
Kelly Neelan
These lucky 12 are the last characters standing and have proven themselves to be the best of the best. They have survived every heat thrown at them, and beaten all the other names to reach this point. They are all in with a chance to win this accolade. The big question is, who will win? That’s up to you! :)
This is the final chance to name Your favourite Past Corrie Character or Pet from the 2000s and 2010s!
They will be grouped on each part on top 3 in both semis, bottom 3 in both semis
Feel free to post your opinions on the final and your guess who will win! Also who do you want to win? Who do you think deserves to win? How many finalists did you guess right? Would be cool to see how people would rank them all! Also Double Vote can still be used!
We’ll start bringing you all the results of the game next week along with some extras! :) and we’ll keep voting open an extra day so you get longer on the final! That means you’ve got til 9 June to make your decision! :) hopefully this final will give us the most votes we’ve ever had!
Whoever wins this Final will win the game. So for the final time, happy voting! :)
Link to part 1:
View Poll
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2023.06.06 15:15 l0ng5temros3 Fired over a macaroni

I’m reaching out with some thoughts as I was just fired from one of NYC’s most exclusive private members clubs and the whole situation just seems very unfair. I’ll start off by saying that I’ve never received any type of warning or write-up during my last year of working for the company. I take my job very seriously and have been an asset to the team.
I am 32(f) and I’ve been in this industry my whole life. I’ve worked with some of the best in Manhattan restaurants and cocktail bars over the last decade. I am always early. I show up 30-45 minutes before my shift to make sure I have time to change after my commute, so I can be professional and ready on the floor. I have only been late maybe 2-3 times and I always over-communicate with management if I’m in that situation.
I’m a team player. Ask any of the staff there and they will tell you I am always ready to lend a hand. If I have a free moment, you can find me tidying up service areas, running drinks or asking other servers if they need assistance. I get great scores on all of my food and beverage tests. I don’t look at my phone during service and I’m always at attention. Our members love me. I am personable, always smiling and I remember their names and drink orders.
Getting to this past Friday night. I was sectioned in a particularly large lounge without a dedicated busser. (Every other section has a server and their own busser) It was slow back there until close to 830/9 when the whole club and restaurant were full. I got 6 tables at one time and it was a bit of a scramble to get to everyone but I was trying my hardest to make it happen. A party of 2 gentlemen ordered food immediately upon sitting down, before I was able to get their drinks. I took the order quickly and Gentleman 1 asked me if what he had ordered (Minestrone soup/ Wagyu steak) was gluten free. I was moving too fast and made a mistake in telling him yes. (I didn’t think about the macaroni in the soup.) This is admittedly my error. However, he did not in fact, mention an allergy. I had many tables all at once and I had no support. The rest of the club was grooving and they couldn’t lend a hand. So im attempting to get waters, drink orders and setups for all these tables on my own. Multi-tasking as best as I could manage alone.
Gentleman 1 received the minestrone and took a bite before realizing there was pasta. He told me then, that gluten would make him sick the next day. I acknowledged my mistake and profusely apologized. I bussed the still-full soup back to dish and went straight to the manager, and told her what happened. She advised me to apologize, split the soup off of the check and send a complimentary appetizer. So that is exactly what I did.
I’m also a decent human being and felt really bad about the mistake I had made. I apologized again and spent time at the table, talking to the 2 Gentlemen. He still didn’t mention anything about an allergy, he had taken a bite and then he mentioned it might “upset his stomach.” But he was laughing and making jokes about it with me, it seemed we had good rapport and he enjoyed the rest of his meal. He stayed late, until closing at the bar with his friends.
The following day, Saturday 4/1. They allowed me to pick up a shift from another server. They allowed me work the entire shift until after 12am before sitting me down and firing me on site. The manager never gave me a chance to tell my side of what happened. I never got a word in. The GM talked over me the whole time and said it was an immediate termination. Even though I have a squeaky clean record with the company. I fully expected to be written up for my mistake. The manager who had told me to send the app was written up for the same incident.
( I know that the guest didn’t get sick because my managers didn’t even know who it was, they had to ask me which member it was the next day and I told them his name. If he had gotten sick and complained…they would’ve known his name.)
Herein lies the major issue of injustice. I know, for a fact, that 2 other servers have made an allergy mistake in the past. 2 male servers. Both who nearly killed someone because of a SEVERE nut allergy that they didn’t communicate to the kitchen. (On one incident the guest left on a stretcher) And those male servers? They got write ups. They didn’t get fired. The Troll of a woman who is the Director of Operations has even joked about it at a pre-shift meeting before. Making fun of the server who “nearly killed someone” and using him as an example in the meeting. One of them actually still works there and he is one of the Captains. (They make more money from the tip pool as appointed server leaders) A few of the other captains, all male of course, get drunk every shift. And I mean every shift. They ring in extra cocktails and they “bus” them to dish to chug. I also know there’s a couple snorting coke during their shifts. I’ve witnessed that in the locker room. It’s messy.
The boys get a pass because they’re indoctrinated with the Troll from a different private club. She brought them all with her to open this place a couple years ago. She has her boy’s club and she lets them do whatever they want. They make more money than the rest of us and they’re supposed to be “leaders” among the servers. But they don’t pull their weight. The double standard is wildly obvious and gross.
I don’t want my job back. The culture behind the scenes here is incredibly toxic, so I’m all set. It’s a blessing in disguise for me. Truly happy to be done with the torture and anxiety of working there. I just wanted to shed a little light on how even some of the “BEST” places are actually being run.
I know that the Troll has texted with another server and is spreading a false narrative that I suggested that soup to Gentleman 1. This could not be further from the truth and is extremely unprofessional to be texting about with a tipped employee. (She doesn’t think we talk?)
As I explained, I was juggling about 3 orders, 4 setups and 2 people flagging me down.. and I sure as heck didn’t have time to suggest things from the menu at that time. I could hardly get all 30 of my guests water in a timely fashion. I was not given support on the floor and I was set up for failure. So to be spreading lies that I recommended that dish, really doesn’t sit well with me. It is not what happened.
The thing that really makes that membership club excellent, is the staff. The Troll is a bully and she’s going to run any good people out of there eventually, employees are looking for other opportunities, because the money we make isn’t nearly enough to make up for the way they are treated and talked down to.
Did I get to see and talk to celebrities all the time? Yes.
Did it make up for having to take our breaks in a dirty back stairwell because there’s no employee bathroom or break room? No.
Update: I’m getting my state insurance license and getting tf out of this hellish industry. Yeehaw.
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2023.06.06 15:12 DryRooster7992 Questions about PsA and sugar

I’ve read a lot about how reducing added sugar intake can minimize flares and I have noticed in my experience this has been true, but there are a few questions I have about sugar that I haven’t been able to find the answers to that I was hoping some of you could help me out with. I know different people have different triggers but would be curious to see what others experiences are.
  1. If sugar is one of your triggers do you also notice flares relating to excess amounts of naturally occurring sugars? I know added sugars are an issue, but do fruit smoothies or desserts sweetened with dates typically have a similar impact on you? I don’t fully understand why added sugars are so bad but naturally occurring sugars are okay and can’t find guidance on appropriate levels of naturally occurring sugars.
  2. Similarly, for people that are gluten free, do you have any issues with gluten free carbs? The body eventually converts them to sugars so curious if anyone has issues from too much gluten free pasta or pizzas.
  3. What general parameters do set around your sugar consumption? I try to stay under 25 grams of added sugars a day and pretty much avoid all sugar heavy desserts.
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2023.06.06 15:10 hey-mr-curiosity 所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

所有精神病和情緒慾望的問題本質都是從「潛意識」對「顯意識」的「依附」開始 The root cause of all mental illness and emotional desires lies in the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.

佛教有所謂「十二因緣(或稱十二緣起)」,意思是由「無明」所引起基於人心意識屬性所產生的各種情緒慾望和意識問題。十二緣起當中所有「緣起」 都是人心內升起的主觀感受。所謂「緣」, 其實是「潛意識對顯意識的依附」的意思。「無明」是所有人心問題的起點,意思為「顯意識被潛意識依附所引起的愚昧」。在原始佛教觀點裡,我們的顯意識很容易被自己的潛意識依附,如果我們曾經細心觀察過自己思維和情緒起伏,會發現我們常常被「另一個自己(潛意識)」影響。這種「潛意識」從我們孩提時期開始就不斷自動吸收各種各樣的資訊而不被自己所意識,由過去開始累積到現在的潛意識會形成某些性格特質從而影響我們人生所有的選擇。當在未來某刻接收到某種外在訊息後,會刺激到你的潛意識依附於你的顯意識,從而產生情緒感覺、慾望甚至幻象,令你的顯意識信以為真,而被潛意識所控制。
In Buddhism, there is a concept called “The Twelve Nidanas” (also known as “The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination”), which refers to the various emotional desires and consciousness issues arising from the inherent nature of the human mind and consciousness, triggered by “ignorance.” Among the twelve links, all “dependent originations” are subjective feelings arising within the human mind. The so-called “Nidana” actually means “the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind.” “Ignorance” is the starting point of all human mind problems, meaning “the foolishness caused by the conscious mind being attached to the subconscious mind.” From the perspective of original Buddhism, our conscious mind can easily be influenced by our subconscious mind; if we have ever carefully observed our own thoughts and emotional fluctuations, we would find that we are often affected by “another self (the subconscious mind).” This “subconscious mind” has been automatically absorbing various kinds of information since our childhood without our awareness. The subconscious mind, accumulated from the past to the present, forms certain personality traits, which in turn affect all the choices in our lives. When receiving some external information at a certain point in the future, it will stimulate your subconscious mind to attach to your conscious mind, resulting in emotional feelings, desires, and even illusions, causing your conscious mind to believe them to be true and to be controlled by the subconscious mind.

顯意識和潛意識的特性以及潛意識對顯意識的依附The characteristics of the conscious and subconscious mind and the attachment of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind:

顯意識的特質是 The characteristics of the conscious mind are:
  1. 理性 Rationality
  2. 沒有任何情緒與慾望的特質 Absence of emotional and desire traits
  3. 當下的覺知 Present moment awareness
  4. 可以作出一種旁觀視角、意識抽離和第三身的角度觀察 The ability to adopt an observer’s viewpoint, detached consciousness, and a third-person perspective
  5. 決定一個人可以多大程度控制自己的身體(包括大腦) Determining the extent to which a person can control their own body (including the brain)
潛意識的特質是: The characteristics of the subconscious mind are:
  1. 過去既生活經驗以及生物本能等等訊息組成 Composed of past life experiences and biological instincts, etc.
  2. 情緒、慾望和「念頭」的「工廠」 A “factory” for emotions, desires, and “thoughts”
  3. 一個人基於過去不自覺所接受的各種「垃圾」訊息 A collection of various “garbage” messages that a person has unconsciously accepted in the past
  4. 會因為被動物感官從外界接收訊息而受到刺激,甚至失控 Can be stimulated and even lose control due to passively receiving external information through sensory perception
  5. 腦內的另一把「聲音」 The “other voice” inside the brain
For example, when you’re running, you’re aware and conscious of which foot you’re stepping with, left or right. You’re aware of the temperature around you and your own breathing. You have an observer’s perspective of everything happening in the present moment, representing your conscious having full control.
But then a thought pops into your head about work this morning or something else unrelated to the present moment, and it might even trigger an emotional desire. If your conscious mind actively engages with these thoughts, it’s being attached and controlled by the subconscious, losing awareness of the present moment, and your thinking is no longer under your control or from an observer’s perspective.
When certain thoughts from the subconscious suddenly emerge and are “believed” on a conscious level or actively engaged with due to attachment, it can trigger emotional reactions. Of course, if you lack sufficient awareness of your own consciousness, you may not know why you’re feeling a certain emotion and may just think that it arises out of nowhere. But this emotion must have been generated by a specific thought triggered by some external or internal stimuli. (Emotions can be seen as the excretion of certain specific thoughts in the mind.)
This issue also affects the connections between your past and present, and the strength of these connections can vary. For example, if you had a childhood fear of insects for some reason, the connections between your past and present might cause you to faint at the sight of insects or just have a mild startle reaction.

其他例子一:對動物的恐懼 Example 1: Fear of Animals

Many fears of cats, dogs, or other insects are established in childhood. After being hurt by a certain animal, one can still feel anxious, fearful, angry, and other emotions towards that animal in adulthood. When receiving information about that animal at a certain moment in adulthood, the subconscious will try to attach to the conscious mind, causing the person to believe that the animal will immediately attack and flee the scene. Some people can even feel the “pain” of the injured area from years ago. This is the “feeling” of a certain animal lingering in the subconscious and continuously affecting our lives in the future.

其他例子二:人際關係間的影響 Example 2: Effects on Interpersonal Relationships

Our social relationships with parents, romantic partners, friends, etc. can all create many feelings that accumulate in the subconscious. For example, if one loses their father at a young age, they may be more likely to seek an older partner in adulthood. If one relies on their mother since childhood, they may be more likely to seek a partner with similar external characteristics to their mother in adulthood. Especially for people with strong sensitivity, if they experience some serious emotional shocks in their romantic relationships, such as discovering betrayal in a romantic relationship, it may cause them to have a lot of suspicion towards their partner in the future, feel particularly insecure, and even constantly imagine their partner cheating. The subconscious will be continuously stimulated by information and attached to the conscious mind until the conscious mind believes that the partner is unfaithful and this “fact” will continuously affect the person’s future romantic relationships.
The above two examples illustrate how a past “cause” can affect present or future “effects,” which is the correct understanding of “cause and effect.” The connection between “cause” and “effect” is “karma,” and “ignorance” is the “attachment behavior” of the subconscious to the conscious mind caused by “karmic force” after being stimulated by certain information. The strength of the “karmic force” represents the strength of the connection between the past and the present, which is the “attachment strength” of the subconscious to the conscious mind. The strength of “karmic force” mainly depends on the person’s value judgment of the harm or sensitivity to the harm. For example, in conservative countries, women who are sexually assaulted have a high risk of suicide, or they may go into shock at the sight of a certain animal, resulting in serious situations.

每個人的情緒和念頭產生的量和質都不同,這取決於你的意識層面的控制權有多大,以及潛意識有多強大的影響力 Each person’s quantity and quality of emotions and thoughts are different, depending on how much control their conscious mind has and how strong the influence of their subconscious is.

Populations with particularly strong sensory capabilities, such as children, women, or highly sensitive individuals, maybe more easily influenced by their subconscious. This may be because their rational guarding ability is weaker, making them more likely to be dominated by emotions, or they have suffered significant blows and oppression before their rational guarding ability has developed.
The reason why women and teenagers are prone to emotional disorders is also due to this. Due to the physiological and endocrine effects, their sensitivity and emotional intensity are too strong, and their rational guarding ability is challenged to a greater extent. Therefore, the emotions generated by their thoughts will be more intense. It’s easy to forcibly impose subconscious acceptance based on external values, causing the subconscious to eventually rebel, and the conscious mind to lose partial or complete control. This constant emotional impact of thoughts can ultimately lead to the occurrence of emotional disorders.
Many people also lack the ability to think about the essence of things. Their self-values are mostly or even completely established not by themselves, but by external social value standards that they excessively pursue. This can easily lead to the occurrence of emotional disorders. If you impose some secular values or ideologies (such as “studying is important,” “getting high grades is necessary,” “without studying, there is no future,” etc.) on your subconscious to bear, the subconscious is like a weak baby, and your oppression will cause it to rebel even more. Many emotionally disturbed patients have not established correct self-values. They rely on external value standards to locate their lives, but they do not realize that human capabilities are very limited, and they cannot even control their own bodies. Life, death, and disease are unpredictable, let alone other things. Therefore, it is essential to clear out a large number of unnecessary ideologies from your mind, examine the definitions behind these ideologies, and treat useless ideologies as garbage to be discarded.
The quantity and quality of thoughts and emotions produced by each person are different, depending on how much control their conscious has and how strong the influence of their subconscious is.

主要的解決方案 Solutions

意識控制練習,讓顯意識與潛意識的連結分離Consciousness control practice separates the connection between the conscious mind and subconscious

Consciousness practice is a training method that helps the conscious gradually separate from the subconscious and gain more control. There are two main types of consciousness control practice – “Cessation” and “Observation”.
The human brain produces approximately 15,000 to 30,000 thoughts per day, many of which are of no value and instead consume the brain’s resources. Emotions are the excretion of these thoughts, which intensify and further consume the brain. We need to let these thoughts “pass through” us and let them flow away naturally. Don’t get caught up in these thoughts and emotions, which can cause excessive brain consumption
「止」的使用方法 How to use “Cessation”?
First, observe your own consciousness state from a third-person perspective, as if you have an inner eye that constantly monitors your emotions. When you perceive thoughts, emotions, and desires, or find yourself being affected by them, immediately escape their influence and slowly return to what you are doing. For example, if you are listening to a YouTube talk show, but your attention is not focused on the show, try to focus on what you are doing, such as your breath. When you find yourself being attracted by the content of the show, slowly return to focusing on your breath. Usually, you will only know that someone is talking continuously, but it won’t affect you.
Another example is when running, you can focus on the feeling of each step, even silently saying “left foot”, or “right foot” in your mind. When any thoughts or emotions arise, you can slowly return to focusing on the feeling of your footsteps. Focusing on rhythmic exercises (such as breathing, running, etc.) usually requires you to be present and focused, replacing multiple thoughts with one thought, so that you don’t generate too many thoughts. This is also the meaning of ‘cessation’. Simply increasing serotonin levels is not enough, you need to let the conscious mind work together with serotonin (for example, by eating foods that are rich in tryptophan, then finding ways to reduce excessive thoughts). Another method is breathing meditation, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of each breath. When you perceive any thoughts or emotions or find yourself being caught up in them, you can return to focusing on your breath.
「觀」的使用方法 How to use “Observation”?
例子一:觀察自己打噴嚏前的意識訊號 Example 1: Observing one’s own consciousness signals before sneezing
  1. 在感到自己將要打噴嚏前立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling the urge to sneeze.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在鼻附近的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals near the nose from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把噴嚏「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the sneeze, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
例子二:觀察自己的生理排洩感 Example 2: Observing one’s own physiological elimination sensations
  1. 在感到自己有便意時立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling the urge to eliminate.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腸或膀胱附近的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals near the colon or bladder from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把便意「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the urge, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
例子三:觀察自己在噪音環境的情緒 Example 3: Observing one’s own emotions in a noisy environment
  1. 在感到自己因為噪音而開始覺得憤怒時立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself when feeling angry due to noise.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腦潛意識的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals in the subconscious of the brain from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把怒意「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” the anger, it will gradually dissipate and pass away.
以上三個例子的核心意識行為都是 The core conscious behavior of the three examples above is:
  1. 感知自己的情緒慾望和意識訊號,並立即轉換第三身視角觀察自己。 Perceive one’s own emotions, desires, and consciousness signals and immediately switch to a third-person perspective to observe oneself.
  2. 放鬆自己的身體 Relax the body.
  3. 抽離地觀察在大腦的意識訊號。 Observe the consciousness signals in the brain from a detached perspective.
  4. 認知到這些訊號是身體的雜訊干擾,並不是身體運作的一部份。 Recognize that these signals are just noise interference from the body and not a part of how the body operates.
  5. 最後並不是把這些情緒慾望和意識訊號「忍下來」,而是它會漸漸消失與流逝。 Finally, instead of “holding in” these emotions, desires, and consciousness signals, they will gradually dissipate and pass away.
Frequently, by relaxing and maintaining awareness and observation of one’s own consciousness in daily life, and establishing correct cognition towards consciousness (recognizing that these signals are just noise interference from the body), many times people can easily achieve emotional and desire control and greatly improve the efficiency of emotion control.

有益腦分泌的飲食和行為 Diet and behavior that benefits brain secretion

Diet and behavior that promote brain secretion play an important role in both physical and psychological health. While direct consumption of serotonin can increase serotonin levels, it also has many side effects.
以下是一些可行的方法 Here are some feasible methods:
  1. 節律性運動(如跑步、呼吸冥想和跳繩)可以促進大量血清素的分泌,進而幫助身體合成維他命B、色胺酸等重要物質。 Regular exercise (such as running, breathing meditation, and jumping rope) can promote the secretion of a large amount of serotonin, thereby helping the body synthesize important substances such as vitamin B and tryptophan.
  2. 每天定時曬太陽半小時以上,太陽光可以刺激身體分泌大量血清素。 Expose yourself to sunlight for more than half an hour every day at a fixed time, as sunlight can stimulate the body to secrete a large amount of serotonin.
  3. 食用營養補充品,例如每天攝取維他命B群、色胺酸、茶胺酸和牛磺酸等。建議早上空腹食用色胺酸(100mg)和茶胺酸(100-200mg),並在飯後食用維他命B群。不要一次攝取太多的維他命B群,每次最多攝取50mg,食用一個小時後去曬太陽。 Take nutritional supplements, such as daily intake of the vitamin B group, tryptophan, theanine, and taurine. It is recommended to take tryptophan (100mg) and theanine (100-200mg) on an empty stomach in the morning and take vitamin B group after meals. Do not take too much vitamin B group at one time, and take a maximum of 50mg each time. After eating, go out and expose yourself to sunlight for an hour.
  4. 多攝取富含色胺酸的食物,例如牛奶、芝士、納豆、豆漿、堅果、雞肉、雞蛋、鮭魚、鮪魚、瘦肉、牛肉和乳酪等。 Eat more foods rich in tryptophan, such as milk, cheese, natto, soy milk, nuts, chicken, eggs, salmon, tuna, lean meat, beef, and cheese.
  5. 攝取維生素B6可以幫助色胺酸更有效地合成血清素,例如香蕉、全麥麵包、菠菜、深綠色蔬菜、南瓜、燕麥、奇異果、蒜頭、堅果、豆類、乳製品和魚類等食物。 Taking vitamin B6 can help tryptophan synthesize serotonin more effectively, such as in bananas, whole wheat bread, spinach, dark green vegetables, pumpkin, oats, kiwi, garlic, nuts, beans, dairy products, and fish.
以上方法可以幫助你提高血清素水平,進而促進身體和心理的健康。但是,每個人的身體情況不同,建議在咨詢專業人士的建議後再進行相應的行為和飲食調整。 The above methods can help increase serotonin levels, thereby promoting physical and psychological health. However, everyone’s physical condition is different, and it is recommended to consult a professional before making corresponding behavioral and dietary adjustments.

對潛意識內的各種「意識垃圾」反思來建立對事物本質的認知,清除一些不必要的意識形態 Reflecting on various “mental garbage” in the subconscious mind to establish a recognition of the essence of things and eliminate unnecessary ideologies.

It is important to read and think more often, cultivate a thinking consciousness, and explore the essence behind intangible things (concepts). Extract the ideologies in the mind and examine them. For example, why should people be filial? Why should people pursue success? What is the definition of success? Explore the definitions behind ideologies. Be brave in thinking and do not let these ideologies bind your life.
Through reading and thinking, we can broaden our thinking and better understand and interpret the world around us. In this process, we can better understand ourselves, understand our position and role in the world, and promote personal growth and development. This helps us to break free from the constraints and limitations of ideologies.
Therefore, it is important to read and think more, explore the essence behind things, constantly expand our thinking, and better adapt to this complex and ever-changing world.
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2023.06.06 14:52 dancing26 Kidney Friendly Food!

Hi everyone,
Stage 3 and working on a kidney friendly diet w/ a nephrology dietician.
Low protein, sodium, potassium etc. Also have to be gluten free (celiac not kidney related).
Would love to brainstorm with all of you/ hear about your experience !
I really love food, so I'm viewing this transition as a fun way to explore different foods!
In addition to CKD, I have several autoimmune diseases, including Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sjogren's. So getting on and staying on a kidney friendly diet feels important to me.
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2023.06.06 14:48 BeyondCeliac No Gluten Challenge Clinical Trial

Are you still experiencing celiac disease symptoms despite your best efforts to follow a gluten-free diet?
The PROACTIVE Celiac Study is a phase 2 clinical trial testing the safety and effects of the investigational medication PRV-015. In combination with a gluten-free diet, PRV-015 aims to reduce symptoms and intestinal inflammation caused by accidental gluten exposure. You will not be asked to ingest gluten for this study.
PRV-015 has been previously tested in about 250 people in six completed research studies. These studies show that PRV-015 has been well tolerated, and in celiac patients it may reduce inflammation in the intestine and improve the symptoms of celiac disease in those who continue to experience symptoms despite following a gluten-free diet.
Requirements:• 18-70 years old• Biopsy-confirmed celiac disease• On a gluten-free diet forat least the last 12 months• Still experiencing celiac disease symptoms
Study Site Locations:• United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)• Canada
About the Study SponsorProvention Bio, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics aimed at intercepting and preventing immune-mediated diseases.
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2023.06.06 14:15 instabored2210 Slow and steady does it - 18 lbs lost almost effortlessly on 0.25 p/week!

Slow and steady does it - 18 lbs lost almost effortlessly on 0.25 p/week!
I am a 5’5” female who had always yo-yo dieted my whole adult life and earlier this year when J realized that my “fat clothes” are the only clothes I could wear , and nothing nice would fit me except kaftans I decided to go on ozempic. I have been on 0.25 weekly injections from the start in March now, and the side effects are minimal ( slight nausea and constipation - all handle-able with some behaviodiet changes).
The thing about ozempic for me: it really shuts down the “food noise” in my head and regulates my blood sugar . I don’t stress eat as much, or wake up in the mornings feeling like I need to eat the whole fridge. I also don’t get sugar crashes at 5 pm where I’d eat a whole pint of ice cream.
Is this what normal people feel like?!
So on it, I just eat more healthier naturally ( ie snacking on almonds rather than said pint of ice cream) , and I don’t feel like I am fighting a losing battle ie I can exercise 2-3 times a week and then NOT eat a whole rotisserie chicken after , which before made me not want to exercise.
I even lost weight on a 3 week vacation where we ate at lots of amazing restaurants just because I can stop when I felt full, and know when to stop snacking ( because I know we’re going to have a great meal later!)
I am thankful ozempic exists and am looking forward to getting healthier by the day .. without hyperfixating on food ❤️.
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