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2023.06.06 20:50 facendags123 remote play

i have an iphone and i’m trying to use an auto clicker for borderlands 2. all of the ones i tried are the same and don’t work. can someone help me find one that actually works with the ps remote play app?
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2023.06.06 20:49 CathrynBcd My friend (18F) likes my brother (18M) and it's making me uncomfy

K, getting into a friendship with this girl was a bit difficult because I'm older (23F), it took a lot of effort and time, because I have really big issues to create bonds with people in general. But in the end, we were there for each other at really difficult times in our lives, which brought us closer and ended up making us feel like family, best friends. It has now been like a year or two and honestly she had never made a coment about my brother, but on November 2022 the three of us started to hang out and we would always have a great time, just being ourselves. Thing is, my brother and I have always been very close, so we would always hang out with the same group of people. So whenever he had other girlfriends I was super friendly and nice, even if I noticed things i didn't like about them because I understand that it's his choice and that I have to be respectful about it. Lately I've noticed my friend and him texting each other way much than before, to the point were she doesn't even talk to me anymore, and whenever the three of us hang out they just talk in whispers and laugh about what they talked about the other day, leaving me completely out of the conversation, I've tried to be cool about it, because I understand they are a bit more inmature, and if they have something going on it's not my place to interfiere. But it's getting everytime more uncomfortable, because her attitude changes completely when he is around, it's not at ALL how it used to be, now she is always touching him when she speaks to him, or getting her face way too close. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they did stuff in private but since they're not something official its making all of us uncomfy. Last friday she was at home sick and I called her to tell her that I was going to drop by after work to see if she was doing okay and to drop her some medicine and a couple treats, she seemed excited about it and then she said like: "Okay, let me know when both of you get here". So I asked her if my brother was going too and she told me that if I wanted to he could come as well but since I was just passing by after work I told her that I was going alone and she just said like Uhmmm, well in that case maybe you should come another time. Honestly it made me feel really bad, because all that stuff with my brother happened WAY after we became best friends. And it made me feel like my friendship is no longer valuable if it doesn´t come along with my brother attached to it. Worst part is that she hasn't even told me she likes my brother. My brother had to tell me, since we are close and tell each other everything he came home really happy the other day, running to tell me she confessed to him she had feelings. I don't even know what to do, because I don't want to get in the middle of their happiness, I don't want to hurt anyone with my feelings about this, but I feel so conflicted that I've been distancing myself from her and it's already making her to feel bad.
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2023.06.06 20:49 Naive_Chemistry6090 🍞 questions

🍞 questions
Hey all, looking for some input. I've never had lophs before and wasn't planning on getting any but I won all of these for ten bucks on an eBay auction so I figured it'd be with a shot since I was ordering other things I actually wanted. These came from China and took forever to get here and suffered some etiolation and are softish. Not rotted but on the tender side. Not even mad at it because like I said they were ten bucks. This is a long one thanks for your help!
My questions are :
1) it looks like the vascular bands from the stock are still attached, should I degraft it or let roots form from the old vascular bands
2) should I just cut all the pups off and and root or graft those seperate. If I cut pups can you just slice and sulphur mom and hormone the pups?
3) how long should I let them chill before potting up if at all. I know not to water until I see roots and I understand the soil needs.
4) tips on easing them back in to full sun to hide as much etiolation as possible?
5) how many lux/hours do you give these bad bois if under lights? Can't find many super clear answers
6) do we see anything concering health wise in these pics?
7) any other tips appreciated.
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2023.06.06 20:47 Naive_Airport_3671 best mobile app development companies in india

Wama Technology Pvt Ltd is a leading mobile app development company in india known for its expertise in creating custom mobile apps for startups and enterprises. Wama Technology Pvt Ltd specializes in developing scalable and secure mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, catering to different business requirements.
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2023.06.06 20:47 rylandcorsair [WTS/WTT] Hinderer Scales XXXIV: Bane of the Cosmic Forge - zirconium, titanium, brass, g10 (XM-18 3.5, Eklipse, Jurassic, Project X, XM-24)

Take $5 off for each additional item purchased. Chat preferred. Everything's always "OBO", feel free to hit me up via chat (worst I can do is say no!)
Mostly looking to sell, but always willing to look at trade/partial trade offers. Current interests:
Prices are all PayPal F&F (no notes!!!) and includes shipping (USPS, USA-only, USD currency). Ships out next available USPS pickup window. I'm away from the internet intermittently, so apologies in advance if I don't get back for a couple hours.
Thanks for looking!

>> Timestamp / Photos <<


Take $5 off for each additional item.
(in order of the timestamp from left to right, top to bottom)

  • Horsedong Bottle Opener. Original owner. A beautiful HANDMADE bottle opener with "horse head theme" in an exotic Dohmascus material. Works of art like this are likely to become highly collectable, so be quick and grab this at very reasonable price!
Trade Preferred (1:1)
  • XM-18 3.5 "wisdom/owl" blue flamed titanium scale by Meton Boss. Original owner, mounted briefly for comparison but not carried. Owl looks almost holographic when the light hits it -- very nice effect. There's a little line of lighter anodization near the finger relief (came like that from the maker -- heat-anodization amirite?). MSRP $200.
  • Project X "Oooh Shiny" Scale by R.C.. Mounted to check fit, not carried. Mounts on a liner. Hand-made by some idiot in his garage.
  • Project X "Hellfire-Scorched Battle Brass" Scale by R.C.. This is what you get when the drill or file slips. Forged on the raging battlefield at the gates of Hell when a tough soldier-bro dropped his knife into a fire demon's gaping maw. Mounted, carried on my Project X for a couple weeks. Mounts on a liner. Brass has been darkened and "battle"-ized. Hand-made by some idiot in his garage.
  • XM-24 g10 blue
  • Eklipse g10 blue
  • Jurassic g10 red
  • Jurassic g10 "cutout" OD green
  • Jurassic g10 burgundy (dark purplish-red) Gen1 "Scales
Add-Ons (when you buy something else above):
A note on the Meton Boss scales:
By design the Meton Boss scales have recessed lock bar access, making the the knife easier to close (huge improvement!!!); they also leave a paper-width gap between the thumb stud and scale, whereas the thumbstud rests on the OEM scales. His textured frag scales are very reminiscent of the CRK Umnumzaan.
Zirconium: Premium material that will completely transform your Hinderer. Its slightly heftier than titanium with an exotic "ceramic" feel. Black oxide color will not fade/tarnish -- if Hinderer black DLC is 100% black, I'd call this shade around 80%.
Oil Slick Zirconium: Same as above, but has a faint rainbow sheen over the whole surface ("like oil reflecting in water"). The oil slick surface is polished/reflective, whereas the plain Zirconium is matte.
A note on mounting to the XM-18 3.5 Skinny:
You can mount regular size XM-18 3.5 scales on a skinny if you don't mind the handle being a bit thicker on one side. Not a lot of aftermarket scale love for skinnies (Curtis Berry or GDSkulls is your best best for aftermarket titanium skinny scales).
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2023.06.06 20:46 sgt_fluff Neighbor illegally attached fence to a shared fence (Canada)

So like it says in the title over a year ago my neighbor asked me if he could install a fence that was taller than the existing fence. I responded to this that he could, so long as it remained on his property and was posted out seperate from the existing chain link fence (in the city I live in if one party along a property line wants a fence and the other does not it is required that the two parties split the cost of a 4ft chain link fence).
So he goes ahead and attaches an old bunch of fence to our already installed chain link fence. Over the next few months I assume that the fence is posted in and think nothing of it. Cut to spring I notice that he attached the fence to our shared fence and that it is illegally tall (height limit on fences in my city is 7ft). So I go and talk to him about the fence, let him know it's illegally tall, ask him to post in the fence and offer to go half's on a nice fence if he'd rather. He says he needs to think about it and to give him a few weeks but that he'd take care of the illegal portions of the fence. The next day he lops off the top of the fence and I don't hear from him for months.
So last November I go and talk to him again asking the same questions and making the same suggestions giving him the winter to mull it over and get back to me with quotes. At this time I re-iterate that I did not agree to him strapping the fence to our shared fence and add in that I'm concerned it will bring down the shared fence.
I get nothing over the winter and he puts his house up for sale a few weeks ago.
So I go and talk to him again saying again I didn't want this fence attached to our shared fence, you can't have that fence there let me help you take it down, I'll do it this weekend. Weekend passes by I hear nothing. So (I got his number once he put the for sale sign up) I text him and ask what's going on, he says his realtor had an emergency and that he'd get back to me about whether he can take the fence down. I give him another week, no responses, so I text him again. He says the fence can't come down since the house is for sale.
My plan is to cut the fence off of the shared fence and let him know after the fact that I have done that to make the fence free standing like we agreed.
My question is: if it falls after being dislodged from our shared fence, could I possibly be liable for damages caused on his property?
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2023.06.06 20:45 BeKiuby [QUESTION] how to downgrade an iphone 8 from ios 15.5 to ios 12.x? if its possible, best jailbreaking tool for ios 15?

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2023.06.06 20:43 Taywiththefeet Shower time 😝

Shower time 😝
Go check out my feet finder for the video 😉
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2023.06.06 20:42 dantelongy Cobbler / leather bag repair recommendations please? My cat peed on my nubuck leather bag

Cobbler / leather bag repair recommendations please? My cat peed on my nubuck leather bag
As the title says, my lovely kitten decided to go potty on my leather bag. I am devastated. Bag repair services have quoted between £300 - £500 for cleaning and redyeing. Do you have any recommendations of services that might be able to do it for cheaper? Picture attached.
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2023.06.06 20:41 thedinosaurtoes feeling a little scandalous

I would bet money that my partner's father is more PIMQ than he likes to accept. I strongly believe that cognitive dissonance is the only thing holding him back from doing any research, because he's an otherwise intelligent fellow that gets a little too deep in what should be considered "apostate" sources and literature.
He wasn't a born-in Witness. They took advantage of an abusive home life and a mental health crisis to draw him in. My partner says he was always inclined to stay with them because he thought they looked "happier" than most.
And a lot of what I've seen from him so far doesn't look like genuine belief. He's very attached to the Bible itself, but the congregation, not so much. My partner said he was rarely involved with the church when she was younger, but after the separation between him and his wife, he's suddenly an all-in, dedicated servant.
Everything is trauma and a trauma response. It's really depressing to watch, even from a distance. These people don't give a shit what you're going through. He's trying to show off how good of a Witness he is now to try and win her back.
He talks about the entire congregation shunning him & ignoring him, but chalks it up to something his wife said. He doesn't understand how truly normalized - and required - that sort of treatment is.
I want to send him an anonymous package of things to see if it might plant a seed. That way, it's non-confrontational and not forcing him into anything. If he decides he wants nothing to do with it, he can throw it away - which sucks, but; oh well. Everything will be passed as a suggestion or a prompt.
I want to lean on the Bible aspect. He's still a strong follower of God, and says it saved him from a lot of troubles in his youth - trying to push from WT straight to atheism is far too much.
I could do this all by myself with time, but I know a lot of you just have quotes and references stacked on memory after years of required repetition.
Here's a few things I absolutely want to include:
That's all I can pull off the top of my head. Again, I want to lean heavily on scriptures where I can, because to him, that's undeniable evidence. Anything I didn't mention but you feel is important should be commented as well.
The title is because I plan to provide him with the elders' book as well, which is, you know... scandalous, as well as confirming everything we know to be true.
Thank you for anything you can give me. It's a project, but I think it's going to be worth my time.
He's probably the only person that treats her as a human after her DF'ing, and says he prioritizes family - so here's to hoping his brain isn't irreparably broken.
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2023.06.06 20:40 PsychologicalLog4495 [H] ★ Butterfly Knife Fade 86.3% Fade 0.007 BTA FLOAT / ★ Driver Gloves King Snake FT BTA Knuckles [W] B/O $4300 M4A4 Howl/Prince/Gold Arab/ Dlore/Pandoras

Hey, everything in my inventory is up for trade and up for sale. I buy&sell skins via Crypto.
[H] ★ Butterfly Knife Fade 86.3% Fade 0.007 BTA FLOAT
★ Driver Gloves King Snake FT BTA Knuckles
BUFF Store
B/O $4300 M4A4 Howl/Prince/Gold Arab/ Dlore/Pandoras
Tradelink Prices on items may change, the B/O price may be inacurate.
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2023.06.06 20:40 GonnaBeWounded Remove or hi light data based if certain specific criteria are met

I'm cleaning up data where an email address is associated with a specific timecode. If an email is associated multiple times with the same timecode, it's an error that I need to delete. I need to delete all instances of this email address and timecode combo -- not just the duplicates -- so that only originally unique email and timecode combos remain. I've attached an example sheet here:
Note: If deleting isn't possible, flagging these instances in some way -- either creating a new column for true/false or highlighting the records would be fine.
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2023.06.06 20:39 Internal_Yak2754 [Help] My plaster casting lost a tiny piece how I can fill it?

Hello, I’ve made a plaster cast of a face mould however, I hit the side of the nose. It misses a tiny-ish piece. Is there a way that I can fill it?
Is it possible to make a small casting of the missing piece with the original mould I used and attach it? If not, Can I somehow attach or glue a piece of white clay that is not fired but dry?
What would be the easiest way?
(It is important that it doesn’t look so much like a shabbily added piece on it but, for this one it doesn’t have to be a perfect glorious sculpture)
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2023.06.06 20:39 PodCatt Advice for Cats with Humans who Break Up?

So I care very much about the well-being of my cats, to the point that this has been giving me anxiety attacks: I'm likely going to be breaking up with my bf soon. We adopted 2 cats during the course of our relationship (December 2020 and March 2021), and I'm worried about how much pain I'll be causing them.

TL;DR: Bf's cat is attached to both of us (him slightly less), and doesn't seem to like my cat. My cat is attached to me, but seems to love bf's cat. Our first cat, who I'll call "Kitty," was chosen and paid for by my bf. She was a year old and was raised as a house cat, so she loves people but doesn't seem to like our second cat too much. Our second cat, who I'll call "Kitten," was chosen and paid for by me about 4 months later. Kitten was 7 months old when I adopted her, and she was a stray. She was not fond of humans when I first got her, but she really bloomed when she met Kitty. She followed Kitty everywhere and seemed to take cues from her on "how to be a house cat." She doesn't seem quite as attached to Kitty anymore, but still takes some cues from her. She also seems to be trying to get Kitty to like her- she will go up to Kitty and groom/rub her- and Kitty will sometimes reciprocate, but she usually seems annoyed. They get into tiffs on occasion and Kitten seems to be bullied by Kitty during these tiffs (Kitty will chase Kitten into a corner and Kitten will have flattened ears and sometimes hiss), so I can't tell how attached they are to each other.

So... it's probably pretty clear that Kitty will go with my bf and Kitten will go with me, based on who adopted who. I will say that Kitten is much more attached to me than to my bf, and Kitty is probably equally attached to us (maybe a bit more to me). But is it cruel to separate Kitten from Kitty? Should I let them both stay with my bf?I feel very sad because it's not their fault that their humans can't get along. I won't make this mistake again- I shouldn't have adopted pets with someone who wasn't a sure thing.
I would love any advice on what the right thing for them is, and also how to help them adjust if they do end up separated. TIA.
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2023.06.06 20:39 Consistent_Peace14 Software for flashcards

Hey - any software for flashcards that works on my PC and my iPhone with syncing? Thanks
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2023.06.06 20:39 chllzies Switching from iOs

I have been using iPhones for a long time (around 10 years) and every time I would use an android phone (usually a Samsung), I would always go back to Apple. The touch was never as responsive, the UI not as smooth, basically the overall quality was never good enough. But for the first time, I have no desire to go back. I can do everything I need to do with this phone and more. Very happy with this phone!
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2023.06.06 20:39 crash2bandicoot Is my Dutch Oven ruined?

I bought this Le Creuset dutch oven in 2019. Since owning it, I've only used wooden and silicone spatulas on it. However, I had a really bad burn incident in the oven one time in the first year of using it.
Over time, the bottom has felt rougher and food burns more easily on it and it has become more challenging to clean due to food sticking more readily despite my cleaning attempts.
I've attached images of both the pot and the utensils that I primarily use for cooking. The black marks in the bottom are from the flat part of the wooden spatulas when I use it to scrape stuff that starts burning when I'm browining onions. It doesn't feel like there are any scratches where those marks are. The burning only happens in the middle of the bottom, never on the edges.
As an fyi, I never go above medium heat when using the dutch oven.
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2023.06.06 20:38 DogEatingSpaghetti Unable to authenticate

So I’ve tried to spoof.
I got a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), did all the stuff that I was supposed to do (unlock bootloader, get Magisk on it, get Smali patcher on it, downloaded a fake GPS app) but I just can’t log into Pokemon Go.
The Location spoof works on Google maps so I don’t think I messed something up, did I forget a step to maybe hide the Magisk? I thought Magisk was systemless
I get to pick my gmail, PoGo loads for like 30 seconds and then I get “Unable to authenticate”. I tried clearing the catche, uninstalling it, putting it on the Magisk Denylist (still didn’t work), using a different internet source but nothing worked. I can log in just fine on my iphone
Does anyone have a fix or has anyone had a similar problem?
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2023.06.06 20:37 Moist_Theme_2280 Help with stringing

Help with stringing
I've recently been having a few problems with stringing. The first two pics are from just now and the third pic is a stringing test I did a while back. The first two and the third pic used the same settings because it's the exact same file I used to print both of the tests. The only idea I have of what it could be is the nozzle. I recently installed a new hotend so I could print some Polycarbonate. Also following the nozzle replacement, I'm seeing some inconsistencies in my print (4th pic for reference). Im using an ender 3 s1 with prusa slicer. For my filament I’m using hatchbox true black pla printing at 200°C and with a bed temp of 60°C. Print speeds and retraction settings are attached. (5th and 6th pic) Any help would be appreciated <3
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2023.06.06 20:37 AffectionateLeg1970 Northern California, US. I’m noticing these all over my veggie garden, are they friends or foe for gardeners? I tried to use the iPhone bug ID but I think it may be incorrect (see last image for what the iPhone thinks they are).

Northern California, US. I’m noticing these all over my veggie garden, are they friends or foe for gardeners? I tried to use the iPhone bug ID but I think it may be incorrect (see last image for what the iPhone thinks they are). submitted by AffectionateLeg1970 to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:37 JimmyGamblesBarrel69 DIY Air Purifier

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2023.06.06 20:36 Fr04a Feel INSANE

I feel completely insane and just confused about what's reality, what's true and what's not and whether I made stuff up and WHY I am the way I AM and where I'm going and how I move forward. EVERYTHING. I feel fucking crazy and really alone.
I still live at home and this concept here is very very new to me... I don't have A SINGLE person to discuss things with or to help me figure shit out and give perspective. I have no money, no job, no nothing, I'm 18. I only have an autistic sister and my parents, usually I'd rely on them for everything but oh well... I also cut off all my friends months ago and they're all fake friends anyways, cause I can't open up to people - they don't even know me, like at all, I mean I know I likely have disorganized attachment, but idk WHY. I only have my therapist, but my mom says she's afraid that my therapist is putting false memories and ideas into my head and I also worry if I'm exaggerating things in therapy? If it comes across worse than it was, because it's complicated and there are good and bad things. We also visited some family this weekend and that just made it so much worse. I feel delusional, like visiting them is a wake up call that all my realisations, trying and thinking and crying and THIS and that, all that is just in my head. Like I'm dramatic as hell, that in reality I was born the way that I am and I'm just projecting stuff. My mom thinks I was born sensitive and shy and the reason I can't set boundaries is because I'm just not an angry person, I'm more discrete and constantly aggressive/irritated like my dad.
HOW do I know anything like?? I don't trust myself at all. I don't even have a cptsd diagnosis - it doesn't exist in my country. My therapist thinks it's really bad and clear with my family and stuff and generic stuff like there will be grieving and anger and stuff, but as I said I don't know if I trust that or myself. I don't know. I don't know. I only know there is something WRONG with me.
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