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2023.06.07 21:06 bigdaddytex19 25 [M4F] LF a connection near spring/woodlands

Just like the title says, I'm just looking for a genuine connection with another so that we can talk about, and fulfill all of our needs and desires. I'm upfront and honest about what I want and need so I'll be expecting the same. I'm an open book so I have no reason to lie. I can host but being discrete is a must because of my job. I'm 6'0 240lbs white bald and bearded, 7.5 inch cock that's nicely shaped and veiny. Share some pics with me, let me know alittle about yourself and what you want and let's have fun.
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2023.06.07 21:05 hey-was-up Vision Pro is not here to replace the iPhone

I heard people speculate how this will replace the iPhone but I do not believe that’s Apple plan for the iPhone. Why? Because simply speaking Vision pro is too big, heavy and bulky. While its the first iteration, and it will only get smaller and lighter, its closer to being a replacement (which realistically wont happen) to the MacBook, iPad and somewhat the Apple TV (box) than the iPhone.
If the rumors are true Apple is planing to eventually release its AR Glass. Which if believe should be more slicker, discrete and far more comfortable. Thus making it far better replace for the iPhone.
Vision pro is the gateway for Apple Ar glasses since is culminating / preparing all of their years of work (and preparing app developers) for their next big thing. But we have to wait and see.
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2023.06.07 21:05 Fumblez1724 Diablo 4 Feedback: Improving QoL, Designs & Endgame

Hello fellow Diablo enthusiasts,
I wanted to take a moment to address some of the concerns and complaints that have been circulating regarding Diablo 4. While the game is still in development and subject to change, it's essential to voice our opinions and provide constructive feedback in the hope of seeing improvements over time. Here are some prevalent concerns that I've come across, along with potential solutions that could enhance the overall player experience:

Quality of Life:
  1. Gem Pouch and Nightmare Sigil Pouch: The limited inventory space for gems and the fact that the Nightmare Sigil Pouch shares a tab with consumables can become frustrating. It would be great to have a separate, dedicated pouch for gems, allowing us to pick them up without worrying about inventory constraints.
  2. Ear Pouch: Currently, ears share inventory space without any significant use. Introducing a purpose for ears, such as using them as a currency for specific rewards or crafting materials, would make them more valuable and encourage players to collect and utilize them.
  3. Horse Sprint and Barricades: It would be a great addition if horse sprinting allowed us to leap over barricades, making traversal more seamless and convenient. This feature would be especially helpful when exploring the world or engaging in fast-paced combat encounters.
  4. Vendors and Travel Distances: Moving vendors closer to each other within towns or introducing additional vendors would lessen the need for excessive travel. Alternatively, allowing horse sprint and abilities to be used within town limits would also help in reducing travel time and enhancing convenience.

Design Decisions:
  1. Looking for Group Tool and World Chat: The absence of a looking for group tool or world chat feature has been a point of contention. Implementing these features would facilitate easier grouping and foster a stronger sense of community within the game.
  2. Gems and Ears: To address the issue of redundant gems and unused ears, it would be beneficial to introduce more ways to utilize them. For example, higher-level gem enhancements, gem-related crafting recipes, or rare and powerful items that require a combination of gems and ears as a crafting material.
  3. Repeatable Campaign Bosses: Allowing players to face campaign bosses repeatedly, even after completion, in the form of whispers activities would provide additional challenges and rewards. Furthermore, it would prevent the unintentional brick of Hardcore characters not being able to complete Hardcore campaign boss kill achievments when utilizing the skip campaign feature (after being completed on a softcore character).
  4. Lack of Build Diversity: A common concern is the limited number of viable endgame builds for each class. Expanding the range of viable build options would promote greater diversity and encourage experimentation among players.
  5. Helltide Density: Increasing the density of Helltide encounters would create more thrilling and action-packed moments, enhancing the overall excitement and engagement of endgame content.
(Opinion) Unsatisfactory Endgame Loops:
  1. Dungeons: The lack of diversity in map layouts and events within dungeons can make the endgame experience feel repetitive. Introducing a wider variety of layouts and unique events for each dungeon would add depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  2. Campaign Bosses as Uber Versions: Utilizing campaign bosses as uber versions would provide an additional challenge for players, rewarding them with unique loot and further incentivizing exploration and progression. Currently we only have Uber Lilith. It feels like a wasted opportunity to not include Andariel, Duriel, Astaroth and Elijah.
It's important to remember that Diablo 4 is still in development, and the development team values our feedback. By addressing these concerns constructively, we can contribute to the improvement and evolution of the game. Let's continue to provide feedback, share ideas, and work together to shape Diablo 4 into the best experience it can be.
Stay vigilant, Nephalem!
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2023.06.07 21:05 MerkadoBarkada LMG sold to Maxwealth Infinity for P402-M; MPI still vetting valuation firms; BHI revealing strategy in sad mini-series; May '23 inflation down, prices just as high; REDC reschedules IPO for July 24; DD used AI to design a banig (Thursday, June 8)

Happy Thursday, Barkada --

The PSE gained 85 points to 6565 ▲1.3%

Thanks to Kristoffer Notario for the positive feedback on the new index look ("Ang linis"), to Ralph Dollente for the context on the MPI valuation, to kalelManila.eth for the speculation on RSA's "follow the money" trail (leading to Aeroport?), to Jing for finding the Nestle logo that looked a lot like my SPNEC meme, and to all of the Barkadans that wished me a swift recovery from "jetlag with a toddler". Haha, as you'd expect, the toddler is doing way better than the parents!
Huge thank-you and shout-out to Francis Josef Salmo, 2nd Officer of the Maestro Sun, for writing in to say that he and his crewmates use some of their limited daily connectivity to download and read Merkado Barkada as a way to get some PSE news! That was a really humbling note to receive. I raise this mug of coffee to you, Francis, and the crew of the Maestro Sun!
Shout-outs to cristinaorlina, ***, Jonathan Burac, Arnold Li, Pao, Justn, mArQo, Stephen Chiong, Dividend Pinoy PGG, Palaboy Trader, CHARToons, Bien EC, KingArk, LanAustria, Lance Nazal, arkitrader, Chip Sillesa, Evolves Capital, Inc., and Jing for the retweets, and to, Jayvee Menil, and Mike Ting for the Facebook shares.

In today's MB:

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▌Main stories covered:

  • [NEWS] LMG Corp sold to Maxwealth Infinity for ₱402-M... LMG Corp [LMG 3.35 suspendedl] [link] shocked the market with news that it signed a share purchase agreement with Maxwealth Infinity Holdings (MIH) that will see MIH take a 67% stake in LMG for ₱402 million (₱3.10/share). MIH is a holding company owned and chaired by Alfonso Huang (company website), who is also the President of e-pon, an e-money app. MIH was founded in 2021, MIH has investments in “various financial and information technology companies”, but its website reveals an additional interest in real estate development and entertainment. The disclosure said that MIH made the LMG purchase with the intent to “invest in the hospitality industry and the construction industry”, and that it will “expand the portfolio of [LMG] to include the operating subsidiaries of [MIH].” The disclosure said that LMG and MIH intend to complete the tender offer and close the transaction within 60 days.
    • MB: This one was truly surprising to me, both because LMG is a sleepy stock and because I have no idea who Maxwealth Infinity is. The name sounds like any of the thousands of Facebook groups that ply scam financial advice, so I’m glad that the disclosure specifically said that Maxwealth “does not solicit, accept, or take investments/placements from the public”. My quick due diligence on the company didn’t turn up much of substance either. Their website reads like a try-hard resume cover letter, filled with bland fluffer words like “impact”, “contribute”, “strategic”, “enriching”, and “potential”. A media scan turns up a paid promo piece about Mr. Huang, and a story about MIH donating sacks of rice to typhoon victims. The MIH career page shows that they’re hiring eight positions for their Taguig office, all posted three days ago. It’s not really clear what MIH is, what it’s done, or what it plans to do. I can’t help but feel SquidPay vibes, but I hope that it’s more tangible and substantive than that.
  • [UPDATE] MPI still searching for a valuation firm... Metro Pacific [MPI 4.42 ▼0.9%; 83% avgVol] [link] Chairman, Manny V. Pangilinan, recently said that the MPI Consortium was still in the middle of a process to find an acceptable firm to perform the valuation to act as the basis of the MPI Consortium’s tender offer price. MVP said that they’ve been “given a list of accredited firms”, and that there are “probably only two” on that list that do not have the kind of conflicts that would come from working with another company in the MVP-led group of companies in the past. MVP said that he’s had “indirect” talks with some of the larger shareholders (SSS and GSIS), revealed that those groups had negative feedback on the initial price, but would not commit to a higher price being the likely outcome of the next valuation.
    • MB: Aside from the whole “valuations are weird” angle and the fact that MPI is too sophisticated to have been caught by surprise about the potential accreditation of the first valuation firm it used, I’m mostly disappointed that it feels like MPI might already be losing that brief period of intense swagger. MPI has been a sleepy giant for most of my investing life, so it was pretty shocking for it to suddenly jolt to life and start making aggressive moves into the agricultural sector. There was the Axelum [AXLM 2.48 ▼2.4%; 5% avgVol] stake, then the announcement of the massive agricultural facility, and don’t get me started about that SP New Energy [SPNEC 1.46 unch; 0% avgVol] deal! My point is that MPI was rewriting its narrative in real-time while demonstrating the agility and nerve of a company with a clear vision for a future filled with big bets and growth. Where did that energy go? I want more of that green corporate raider energy, and less of this sleepy corporate bureaucracy drama.
  • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
    • Boulevard Holdings [BHI 0.08 ▲2.5%; 165% avgVol] [link] appeared to signal that it will be suspended for a while and that it has decided to spend this time releasing a mini-series of disclosures to explain the development strategy for each of the company’s “major assets”, its “significant land parcels”, and its “cash hoard”. The most recent disclosure started with its Fridays Siargao location.
      • MB Quick Take: This is such a weird look that I don’t even know where to start. Dripping info to shareholders gives off massive “long suspension” vibes, but it also manages to give off “we are just making it up as we go along” vibes. If you know the strategy now, why not tell us now? I don’t know if I can beat the BHI dead horse any longer, though. BHI, more like “Belated Hypothesizing Inc”, amirite?
    • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) [link] revealed that the May 2023 Consumer Price Index reading was 120.9, which was 6.1% higher y/y. The rate of inflation in April was 6.6%, based on a CPI reading of 120.9.
      • MB Quick Take: Keen readers will notice that the actual CPI measurement was the same between April and May, meaning that the actual level of prices didn’t change at all from month to month. The only thing that changed was that April 2022’s CPI reading was lower because it was at the start of the long and intense price inflation period we saw throughout FY22. Remember: inflation might go down, but (generally) prices won’t.
    • Repower Energy Development [REDC 5.00 pre-IPO] [link] provided an updated IPO schedule after it had previously paused the listing process to take on a significant anchor investor from Japan. The new pricing date is June 23, with an offer period from June 28 through July 14, and a listing ten days later on July 24.
      • MB Quick Take: It looks like the bones of the offering are the same (230 million shares for ₱5.00/share, with 87% primary), but investors are going to want to pay close attention to the updated prospectus that we should get once the price has been set. Will REDC share any information about the anchor investor, and is the anchor investor the type that provides any strategic advantages for REDC going forward? Energy stocks are hot, but IPOs have been terrible for investors lately. Will REDC’s pricing take the recent performance into account to entice more retail investors to take a look?
    • DoubleDragon [DD 7.20 unch; 19% avgVol] [link] said that its 548-room Hotel101 in Cebu is 100% sold-out 21 months after it started the pre-sale process, and 12 months before its project completion date. DD also took the time in this disclosure to let us know about how this location will be the first to “adopt” the “AI designed Hotel101 Banig accent design”.
      • MB Quick Take: I don’t know how I feel about DD name-dropping AI as the designer of a banig. Well, that’s not true, I know how I feel about it, but I guess I’m just not sure how DD anticipated that we’d feel about it? Because that’s hilarious. This was meant to show that Hotel101 would “always stay ahead of the curve in technological advances”, but I think its inclusion sends the opposite message.
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2023.06.07 21:05 ultradespairthot Theory I saw on tumblr (SPOILER FOR SEBASTIAN’S QUESTS)

I saw a theory on Tumblr that said Salazar Slytherin’s book or the relic was a horcrux and that’s why Sebastian’s personality suddenly changed during his quests. Also with that theory that Salazar Slytherin’s animagus is a basilisk.
I think it’s a plausible theory, what do you guys think?
Also I’m a Sebastian sallow apologist and I will defend him to the ends of the earth
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2023.06.07 21:05 betterbutterbattle (OC) as a going away gift, my coworker knitted me my favorite children's book characters Frog & Toad

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2023.06.07 21:05 JoshAsdvgi THE PAY OF THE SHAMAN.


The consideration which the doctor receives for his services is called ugista'`tï, a word of doubtful etymology, but probably derived from the verb tsï'giû, "I take" or "I eat."
In former times this was generally a deer-skin or a pair of moccasins, but is now a certain quantity of cloth, a garment, or a handkerchief.
The shamans disclaim the idea that the ugista'`tï is pay, in our sense of the word, but assert that it is one of the agencies in the removal and banishment of the disease spirit.
Their explanation is somewhat obscure, but the cloth seems to be intended either as an offering to the disease spirit, as a ransom to procure the release of his intended victim, or as a covering to protect the hand of a shaman while engaged in pulling the disease from the body of the patient.
The first theory, which includes also the idea of vicarious atonement, is common to many primitive peoples.
Whichever maybe the true explanation, the evil influence of the disease is believed to enter into the cloth, which must therefore be sold or given away by the doctor, as otherwise it will cause his death when the pile thus accumulating reaches the height of his head.
No evil results seem to follow its transfer from the shaman to a third party.
The doctor can not bestow anything thus received upon a member of his own family unless that individual gives him something in return.
If the consideration thus received, however, be anything eatable, the doctor may partake along with the rest of the family.
As a general rule the doctor makes no charge for his services, and the consideration is regarded as a free-will offering.
This remark applies only to the medical practice, as the shaman always demands and receives a fixed remuneration for performing love charms, hunting ceremonials, and other conjurations of a miscellaneous character.
Moreover, whenever the beads are used the patient must furnish a certain quantity of new cloth upon which to place them, and at the close of the ceremony the doctor rolls up the cloth, beads and all, and takes them away with him.
The cloth thus received by the doctor for working with the beads must not be used by him, but must be sold.
In one instance a doctor kept a handkerchief which he received for his services, but instead sold a better one of his own.
Additional cloth is thus given each time the ceremony is repeated, each time a second four days' course of treatment is begun, and as often as the doctor sees fit to change his method of procedure.
Thus, when he begins to treat a sick man for a disease caused by rabbits, he expects to receive a certain ugista'`tï; but, should he decide after a time that the terrapin or the red bird is responsible for the, trouble, he adopts a different course of treatment, for which another ugista'`tï is necessary.
Should the sickness not yield readily to his efforts, it is because the disease animal requires a greater ugista'`tï, and the quantity of cloth must be doubled, so that on the whole the doctrine is a very convenient one for the shaman.
In many of the formulas explicit directions are given as to the pay which the shaman is to receive for performing the ceremony.
In one of the Gatigwanasti formulas, after specifying the amount of cloth to be paid, the writer of it makes the additional proviso that it must be "pretty good cloth, too," asserting as a clincher that "this is what the old folks said a long time ago."
The ugista'`tï can not be paid by either one of a married couple to the other, and, as it is considered a necessary accompaniment of the application, it follows that a shaman can not treat his own wife in sickness, and vice versa.
Neither can the husband or wife of the sick person send for the doctor, but the call must come from some one of the blood relatives of the patient.
In one instance within the writer's knowledge a woman complained that her husband was very sick and needed a doctor's attention, but his relatives were taking no steps in the matter and it was not permissible for her to do so.
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2023.06.07 21:05 Maelle85 Went to get a second opinion... well it was a shit show

Sorry English is not my first language.
So I went on May 17th to an ortho to get a price offer for invisalign treatment. (I booked a longer appointment so that I would get out with all the information in my hand.) Everything went well except they were not able to tell me if a lower front tooth had to be removed or not. I was given a price for a estimated 18 months treatment. I just had to sign to get started. I said I wanted to know if my tooth had to be pulled or not (I would not follow the treatment if it needed to be pulled anyway). I was told the ortho needed to evaluate the exams that had been made on that day and that I would have a response in max 1 month. Keep in mind that I did not get any visual simulations or anything... Only a price. I asked through mail if the price would change if the treatment lasted longer. They said it was the final price. I came to reddit and was told to get a second opinion. Do I did.
I called another ortho that is listed on the invisalign website and explained I wanted a second opinion (mostly for the tooth that would or not need to be extracted). I told them that all the exams had been made, my teeth had been scanned and they told me they would call the 1st ortho to get it all and that I would have a price offer at the end of the appointment. Well that second appointment was today. The ortho came in and told me she did not have the exams results. I explained again that I did all of it, but did not get a simulation, only a price offer. And that her assistant had confirmed by email that she had everything fort the ortho to be able to give me a price... So the assistant calls the 1st ortho, and they flat out refused to send them the results. They said it was private information and that they're could only send it to me. So I told the assistant that they could send it to me, and i would forward it. They did, but did not send the 3d scans of my teeth. The 2nd ortho was unhappy but told me she would ask the info through the invisalign website, which would take 2 to 3 weeks... For this, she needed me to sign a paper asking for the official tranfert of my data to them. The 2nd ortho started even doubting that the 1st ortho made an offer for invisalign trays, and maybe another brand, which was not compatible with the invisalign program. The 2nd ortho booked a new appointment with me in 3 weeks. She was absolutely certain it was not necessary to pull the tooth and even pointed out that there would be some problems if she did. She also saw there were some other problems with my mouth. She told me I would at least need 33 trays, probably more 50 trays, and that the cost would be between 4.500 eur and 5.000 eur. By our next appointment she promised me she would show me 2 simulations: one with all my actual teeth, and one with the tooth removed (in order to show me the problems that it would cause). I was really relieved by the way she reacted and the thorough auscultation she made.
So now I am kinda back to square 1.
I plan to call the 1st ortho tomorrow to clear up some things: I paid for those scans so I should be getting them if I ask, and I want them to send them to the 2nd ortho for a second opinion. When will I know if the ortho thinks a tooth needs to be pulled ? I was told this would be be communicated by phonecall, so my understanding is that there are no visual simulations. If I am to be shown visuals, why was I not offered another appointment to do so? Why send me a price offer for an estimated treatment duration (which i have to sign for the treatment to begin), if it is not based on the definitive treatment ? I booked a longer appointment with the promise I would have all the info to make a decision... If the 2nd ortho asks for the transfer of my data, will the 1st one still have access to it if I choose to go through them?
I am honestly at loss here... Why is everything so complicated?...
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2023.06.07 21:05 Imjustadumbbutt Yet another artist showcase!

Yet another artist showcase!
Ngl, I work 3rd shift and forgot what day I’m on. Anyhow, 9 days till Beyond! Today we will look at:
Eli Brown: Origin; United Kingdom. Genre; House. With 3 million monthly listeners in Spotify, Eli Brown has rapidly established himself as an artist of real distinction in the house world, with his records making an immediate impact upon a flurry of the industry’s biggest names: Carl Cox, Green Velvet, Fisher, Claude VonStroke, Black Madonna, Denis Sulta, Calvin Harris and Annie Mac, the latter of which selected an Eli Brown song twice to become the ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on her BBC Radio 1 show. Eli Brown’s success on the radio and admiration from his peers has turned the attention of Dance Music royalty, Calvin Harris, as the pair have started to write music together. Their 'Moving' EP became the first collaboration on Calvin Harris' Love Regenerator series. He’ll be playing Caterpillar’s Garden Saturday.
HVDES: Genre; Dubstep. Closing in on 290K monthly listeners and supported by electronic & rock staples including deadmau5, Bring Me The Horizon, Senses Fail, Svdden Death, Kill The Noise, Of Mice & Men, and more, HVDES brings a blackhearted yet thrilling aura to the next generation of electronic & rock music. With deep roots in her local alternative & punk scenes, HVDES possesses a versatile grasp of music across the spectrum, beginning with her earliest talents as a classical pianist. Armed with her influences in the rock scene & a laptop, HVDES found her sound by expressing her authentic self—turning the darkest corners of her life into music. She offers a strikingly sinister sound that resonates on the dance floor and in the mosh pit. Much like the ruler of the underworld, the sheer intensity of HVDES’ trademark sound represents her fierce persona. Find her at Cheshire Woods Sunday.
RemK: Origin; United States. Genre; Trap. Relative newcomer with 30K monthly listeners. at the age of 21, his music has gained support from artists like Diplo, Marshmello, DJ Diesel, QUIX, Wuki, Nitti Gritti, 4B and more. He’ll be playing Queens Valley Sunday.
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2023.06.07 21:05 Terrible_Stuff_9334 Best Nursing Research Topics and Ideas

Best Nursing Research Topics and Ideas

Best Nursing Research Topics and Ideas

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

This topic explores the integration of current research evidence into clinical decision-making. It covers the importance of staying updated with the latest research, identifying credible sources, implementing evidence-based interventions, and evaluating outcomes to improve nursing care.
Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential nursing approach that combines the best available research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences to guide clinical decision-making and enhance patient outcomes. It focuses on the utilization of current research findings to inform nursing interventions, policies, and procedures.

Key elements of evidence-based nursing practice include:

The implementation of evidence-based nursing practice typically entails the following steps:

  1. Asking Clinical Questions: Formulating well-defined and answerable clinical questions is a crucial starting point. Questions are often framed using the PICO (Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) framework to guide the search for relevant evidence.
  2. Literature Search: Conducting a comprehensive search for the best available evidence related to the clinical question. This involves using databases, scholarly journals, and trusted sources to locate research studies, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guidelines.
  3. Appraisal of Evidence: Evaluating the quality, validity, and relevance of the identified research articles. This step involves critically analyzing study designs, sample sizes, data collection methods, statistical analyses, and potential biases.
  4. Integration of Evidence: Combining the findings from multiple studies and assessing their applicability to the specific patient population or clinical setting. This involves synthesizing the evidence to determine the most appropriate and effective nursing interventions.
  5. Application of Evidence: Implementing the evidence-based interventions or recommendations into nursing practice. This includes adapting the evidence to the specific patient's context, considering any potential barriers or facilitators, and collaborating with interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
  6. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: Assessing the outcomes of the implemented interventions and evaluating their effectiveness. This step involves monitoring patient outcomes, identifying areas for improvement, and adjusting the nursing practice based on the feedback received.
Remember that this is only a concise overview of evidence-based nursing practice. Feel free to inquire for more precise information or if you have any other inquiries!
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2023.06.07 21:05 mxsa2 Am I justified in being frustrated with quality of online courses?

I’m sorry this is so long, just feeling a lot of pressure this semester and don’t know here to turn. I’m a cybersecurity major, and have been feeling much more stressed this semester (I’m taking summer courses to catch up on the gap year I took after high school) as I’m finding it increasingly difficult to learn in my web development class. Each week all we get for a lecture is a wall of text, in addition to more reading from our textbooks. We haven’t had any videos/video lectures to learn from in this class, and my professor barely provides coherent/helpful feedback or participates in the weekly discussions. Last week they only posted one response, which was to the first student who posted. Additionally, this professor only does email and phone calls for help, and doesn’t do typical zoom office hours.
Whenever I send an email with a question the answer feels lazy, as responses often are very short, and entirely unhelpful.
Altogether this means that we get basically zero interaction with the professor, while many of the students (including myself) have zero experience in html or css. It also doesn’t help that this isn’t the greatest college, and classes are made up of working adults that aren’t fully dedicated to their education (this bleeds into assignments that require collaboration, like discussions).
As result my grades have been suffering, as it’s at times difficult to find helpful resources online with the software we are using. Before this semester I was an A student, and I don’t know where to go from here, as I’m trying to keep up my grades so I can transfer to a better university in-person. This is all while having to juggle my health and classes, as I’m disabled.
I’ve taken online courses at a community college with great professors, so I’m thinking of returning there in the meantime, but can’t help but feel extreme frustration spending $4,000 per 12 credit semester for what seems like a poor educational experience.
Since enrollment I’ve had two professors that participated in discussions, did pre-recorded video lectures, and/or zoom office hours. This made programming infinitely more digestible as a student with no prior experience.
I guess I just want to know if this is a common experience in online courses, or if anyone has any advice as to achieving success in similar scenarios. If anyone has experience in a similar field, I’m also wondering how much better an in-person experience might be in comparison. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)
TL;DR: Web development class is being taught with entirely text based resources, almost no interaction with the professor. My grades are suffering this semester as result, and I’m worried about being able to transfer to a better university.
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2023.06.07 21:05 NyxiesPuppet Looking for advice on how to plan out a series

I have a series that I originally started working on a little over a year ago. I don't want to give out a ton of detail, but at the time, it started with one MC who was in hiding because of something that happened prior to the book. The plan was to hint at her 'sisters' (found family) having all been killed besides her, and the series would focus on her trying to figure out how and why, along with a plot of her coming back to power (her and the other 8 women were in charge of their country before they were all killed and she went into hiding).
The thing is, there's just so much backstory that I realized I was starting I'm the wrong place. How would I make readers care about these 8 deaths when they were literally just names on the page?
So I did some world building and fleshing out ideas and decided to write a book (which quickly became an entire series of ideas on its own) explaining how they came to meet and rise to power in the first place. Book one is told from my original MCs PoV, as well as a second PoV from one of the other women.
Now my problem. This new backstory series is set for 5 books. I know it's unrealistic but I plan on self publishing and I'm not all that concerned with becoming a huge name or snatching. The original series I had in mind, set after all of this, is meant to be 6 books.
The thing is, that in fleshing out this backstory, it will be somewhat 'obvious' as to why and how they all die, ruining the murder mystery element of the original idea. I still plan on keeping it a bit ambiguous, but there's only so much I can do and still tell the story how it needs to be told.
So my idea is to release them side by side. Book 2 of the backstory set and book 1 of the aftermath set actually parallel eachother pretty well to do this. Like, release them both at the same time as technically two different series. The plots of the later books could parallel well for this, too, but then the last two books of the aftermath set would be released on their own, which the mystery is solved by that point, anyway. And this way, I can sprinkle clues through out both sets and tell both timelines together. Then readers can try to figure out what happened to lead the MC to where they are in the future.
Does this sound like a good idea? I personally don't know of it being done before (being released together specifically, I know there are lots of companion sets of books) and I know this would give me a tighter time crunch on getting it all written, but I love the idea of readers trying to peice together a puzzle the entire time, not to mention having people who read opposite books first and seeing how opinions and theories change as the books come out.
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2023.06.07 21:04 GraphicRabble Thriller E-book Cover

Thriller E-book Cover submitted by GraphicRabble to u/GraphicRabble [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 21:04 Liberryan9211 Looks simple enough

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2023.06.07 21:04 nikitau Going from dry to wet?

Soo.. I'm data scientist - background in computer science/maths - converted to Bioinformatics during my Masters. Still learning the ropes, but overall I got a good handle of the dry part. And I feel that being good at analysis kinda pigeonholes you into this position.
There are some things I'm still trying to get a hang of especially in the area of data generation. I understand at a surface level how things work. IE. I know the theory behind RNAseq, ATAC-seq, etc, but I don't know have a feel for the exact protocol. I don't have grasp of what can and usually goes wrong and how to interpret these effects in my data. Like what does usually go wrong in preparation and how to spot that?
I would ideally like to learn more about the wet part of this work. Both for having a more holistic view and from sort of an urge to get my hands dirty. Ngl, I'm a bit envious of biologists, you're spoiled for choice in terms of conversion courses and learning materials.
I did find out I like biology during my Masters and I actively trying to keep up with it, but reading about molecular biology is one thing and practicing the experimental part is another. I can buy/borrow a book about population genetics. It's not like I can download a thermal cycler to my Kindle.
A PhD doesn't necessarily seem like the place to learn this either. My experience, at least from a few inquiry discussions with PIs (Europe), is that there's the expectation to play to your strengths and there's less room to learn something completely new than I initially expected. And as far as industry is concerned, I am not sure.
TL;DR - Questions:
  1. If you went from dry to wet, how did you do it? Do you even exist? (I know a lot of people that took the reverse route, but literally 0 that did it this way)
  2. What would be a viable trajectory to do this without having to start from scratch and do a BSc with an experimental Biology focus?
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2023.06.07 21:04 justgoawayplease Parents of kids with heart murmurs, how did it go?

I was told my 5 month old would need his aortic valve stenosis monitored and there's a chance he will need heart surgery. he is a chill, happy baby who sleeps great and is already enormous at 18 pounds so it's a low chance I guess.
I'd like to hear about your kid and if they grew out of it or recovered well from the procedure, I know heart murmurs are common
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2023.06.07 21:04 MoonChica Flash [Contest] "Magic Lessons" Ebook Prequel to Practical Magic Book Series

Are you a fan of the Practical Magic book series by Alice Hoffman? Add the prequel Magic Lessons to your wishlist!
Love ebooks
USA only.
Love Practical Magic.
Will end in a couple of hours or so today!
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2023.06.07 21:04 dumbodork The holy text

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2023.06.07 21:04 ArchAngelis42 App Configuration Management Solutions?

My dev team develops for multiple applications, some of which now have 150+ environment variables which hare required to run the application which include app settings, connection strings, api key secrets, etc. etc. These variables are currently provided (during local development) to the local instance of the application via a local .json file.
It is becoming next to impossible to switch numerous config values locally when reviewing another developer's code changes, or pulling the latest updates to the local machine.
Is there a free or paid service out there that can assist in managing application environment variables in a more convenient manner? I'm envisioning some web-app (self-hosted or a paid service) that will allow users to upload/download versions of the application configuration in a secure manner given a set of requisite demsions (app version number, target envionment location (dev versus production) etc etc.) and would ideally have a RESTful API which can accomplish the same.
I have been doing my best to search the web for a solution, but due to the common use of the keywords like 'application', 'configuration', 'environment', etc I have not found any results that match what I am looking for.
I realize that the simplest solution would be to simply create a Git repository for the configurations, and have branches for the necessary version/location dimensions, but I was hoping to find a solution that is a bit more elegant and may even have some sort of UI to make the introduction of value changes or additions quick and easy.
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2023.06.07 21:04 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation (Updated)

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2023.06.07 21:03 lemonstargirl Picture book about tasks done while you sleep, like feeding the moon

Read this book in the early 90s. It's a picture book, with beautiful full page drawings (at least that's how I remember it)
It tells the story of all these tasks that get done while we sleep, by fairies? The tasks included:
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2023.06.07 21:03 failtuna Is it worth getting a MOT very early?

I know you can get an MOT at anytime, I recently bought a "new to me" car but the MOT expires in November.
I have no doubts it will pass, recently inspected before sale and fully serviced. However, I have the money now to do some repairs if needed and a June MOT date would suit me a lot better in terms of finances and free time next year (fixed holiday dates at work)
So is it worth doing one now, would any test site even accept my booking?
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