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2023.03.23 08:48 aspendentals Why Are Ceramic Braces Popular?

The crooked and misaligned shape of teeth affects one's aesthetics and oral health. As a result, treatment of overcrowded and broken teeth is necessary. Orthodontics is the best non-surgical procedure in this regard. And, with the help of braces, one can find the perfect shape and size of the teeth. But while considering braces for the treatment, braces type is an issue. Because there are a number of braces like metal, fast braces, clear aligners etc. are present. Among all types of braces, ceramic braces are quite popular. Moreover, most of the best orthodontist in Gurgaon also prefer ceramic or clear braces. As a result, this article will explore ceramic braces' popularity and other pertinent information.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are non-metallic less-visible alternatives to traditional metal braces. These hardened teeth shapers are made of ceramic. These non-plastic braces are stain-free. As a result, braces do not require cleaning or maintenance as much as required with traditional metal and fast braces.

Advantages of ceramic braces over traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces are made of metal made brackets, wire and rubber to fix the aligner on teeth. However, the metal used in these traditional braces is durable stainless steel that requires timely cleaning to perform well in the long run. Additionally, there may be a chance of cavities formation with traditional metal braces. But ceramic braces are free-from-such issues. Moreover, the less-visibility features of clear braces help in oral hygiene.
A broken bracket, wire or metal brace can harm the mouth. As a result, these braces require more observation and timely repair and replacement. But ceramic/sapphire braces are free from regular visits and enhance teeth appearance during the course.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces over Self Ligation System/Fast braces

Fast braces are a combination of traditional and clear braces. These fast braces are named differently, like 3M clarity, Damon system, and speed system, and many are quite popular. But these fast braces are expensive; as a result, not everyone can afford these types of braces.

Difference between Clear braces and Clear Aligners

Usually, orthodontists in India measure one's teeth' size and shape. After that, orthodontists design less-visible Invisalign (clear aligners) to fix the teeth' structure into it. Clear aligners are custom-made teeth shapers. A clear aligner works on teeth friction concepts. As a result, pain may occur while teeth frictions during the course.
Moreover, clear aligners are also required to be re-customized according to the teeth's new alignment. As a result, clear aligners become expensive and time taking treatment. Meanwhile, readjusting clear braces is quite simple and takes less time. Moreover, ceramic braces are helpful in various dental treatments in addition to misalignment. As a result, people and the best orthodontist in Gurgaon consider clear braces for teeth alignment.

Ceramic Braces are Best suitable for imagining test

There is no use of metal in ceramic brace creation; as a result, these braces are MRI-safe. And one does not need to remove these braces while undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If a ceramic bracket is made of stainless steel slots then they have to be removed.

Are ceramic braces right for all dental problems?

Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces. These braces made of ceramic are beneficial in teeth alignment. Along with this prime objective, clear braces are helpful in teeth abnormalities like tooth transplant, repair of a broken tooth, cavity, loosening teeth treatment and oversized teeth procedure. As a result, anyone willing to receive benefits for braces treatment can choose ceramic/sapphire braces.

Who is the right candidate for ceramic braces?

Braces are a non-surgical procedure for radiant smile formation. Hence regardless of age and sex, anyone experiencing the below-mentioned teeth abnormalities can consider the ceramic braces:
The age of 6 to 14 is an ideal age for bone development. A bone-related procedure performed in between this age group gives the best result. Best orthodontist in Gurgaon at Aspen Dental considers the age group of 6 to 14 for crooked and misaligned teeth structure.

What is the Cost of a braces-based treatment?

Teeth alignment is a one to two year procedure. During this procedure, a person needs to visit the pertinent dentist regularly. Whenever the person comes, the orthodontist examines the treatment status. Based on the examination, the orthodontist performs additional required actions like teeth friction, resizing or replacing braces, etc. As a result, the cost of braces-based treatment depends upon various factors. In such circumstances, it would be beneficial to visit the best dental clinic in Gurgaon. Dentists will examine one's teeth. After that, dental experts will recommend the right dental treatment, including its duration, cost, risk and recovery period.
Someone considering braces-based treatment should pay a visit to Aspen Dental Clinic for the best oral health consultation in Gurgaon.

From where can one find the ceramic braces treatment?

When considering braces-based treatment, the right dental expert is the biggest concern. However, the reason behind this is the scope of the stream. Orthodontics is a sub-stream of dentistry. Medical experts of this stream, known as orthodontists, deal with the diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws and misaligned bite patterns. Not every dentist is an orthodontist; hence whenever a case of orthodontics comes, a dentist not-specialised in orthodontics will forward the case to a concerned medical expert. In such circumstances, one must choose the right medical expert for the right dental treatment.
Aspen Dental is a well-known dental clinic that offers the first tri-dentistry services in Gurgaon. The clinic has a team of qualified and experienced dentists and orthodontists.
These medical experts offer award-winning orthodontics and dentistry for children and adults. Dental experts at Aspen Dental perform children's preventive dentistry and pulpotomy to dental implantation and restorative dentistry in adults.
Aspen Dental offers orthodontics treatment (traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, fast braces and clear aligners), so one does not need to move elsewhere while considering Aspen Dental for children's dentistry to adults' periodontal and cosmetic dentistry in Gurgaon.
Pay a visit to Aspen Dental and get the benefits of treatment performed by the best orthodontists in Gurgaon.
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2023.03.23 07:57 Difficult-Slide-6179 [QUESTION] HSH, HSS, Or both SSS+HH?!? PC static. Tones I want? $100 Strat?

Skip to last paragraph for short version!

From 2000-2004 I played several thousands of hours on a $100 SSS Squire Strat, a ~$60 amp, and a ~$200 (at the time) DigiTech RP-1 FX processor.
Then got more into synths and PC sequencing. When I plugged the guitar to the PC with a ~$125 audiophile soundcard it was extreme static. I tried shielding the guitar cavity but likely the poor job I did made no difference and I ended up not playing much guitar. I sold the strat + amp for like $50 thinking I'd get a better guitar for the PC, I might have known at the time humbuckers were a bit quieter but also thought I wanted something a bit better like a $500 Ibanez (no idea what pickups) I played at the store seemed to have better action and feel, and looked awesome.
I never got around to upgrading guitars, I just impulse bought one day around 2009 another $100 SSS strat off eBay just to have something. I sold that sort of recently for basically nothing. I don't want the tremolo bar seemed to make it go out of tune and I barely used tremolo (can sort of do with FX pedal) and I installed a floyd rose lock nut that kept giving me problems.

Anyway, from youtube comparisons humbuckers aren't going to be night and day difference for static vs a strat plugged into a computer. Proper shielding is likely most important. I don't think I have any ground issue and I don't have much plugged into the PC besides monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer, USB audio interface, but even ceiling lights etc can affect static.
Whatever I end up getting I'll do a proper shielding.

What I didn't know didn't hurt me because I basically always played the strat with only the neck pickup i.e switch lever all the way up, I thought that sounded fullest and used most of the pickups but was wrong, and I almost never played any other setting besides the bridge pickup alone but thought bridge sounded too twangy and had to put a ton of FX on it to get it sounding how I liked. But surprisingly come to find things like Comfortably Numb solo is played with just the bridge pickup, lots of other things I'm watching youtubers and I was expecting to see more using just the neck pickup. Despite I preferred just the neck pickup, now I want to use other settings.

I really want a humbucker too because although the tone won't be night or day difference vs a SSS, and I'm getting a solid body and not a semi or hollow, I really like Blues guitar which seems to be played on humbucker semi hollows. I like Surf guitar too and I thought that was semi/hollow body humbucker but read it's SSS. I like Dixieland jazz/blues Louisiana black people jazz/blues, "1997 weather channel music blues' (lol YouTube DOES have a playlist), which I thought was semi/hollow body HH but could be wrong. I thought heavy metal/ Metallica was SSS but Metallica is HH, I like like tone like Chile Peppers Under the bridge intro which is Telecaster probably more like a SSS than an HH. We like everything lol.

I like to keep my gear minimal but I think I might be limiting myself if I get a hybrid i.e missing my preferred neck single coil (despite what I know now people aren't using it for basically everything) so if I get a neck single coil I might be missing a tone I prefer with a Humber at the neck, and vice versa bridge.

I'm buying a Boss ME-80 fx processor might have hollow/HH etc emulator and also there's VSTs.
Overall my style if I produce a track is very electronic though and the guitar isn't really the main character and it doesn't have to sound perfect in a certain way, but sometimes I also just want to jam pure guitar.

It seems I should get 2 guitars, one a SSS and the other HH. To be honest, besides the static the $100 Squier Strat sounded great to me, I'd argue that even cheap technology now might be better than what they had in maybe the 60s or something but I really don't know that, just saying, some costs could be placebo affect.
I wanted to buy just one guitar for like $700, went to Sam Ash the other day and played some dual humbuckers and they all sounded great and the same to me whether $250 or $700, and I couldn't even hear a difference from the SSSs I played through this amp.

Guitar Center + Sam Ash rent guitars pretty cheap (maybe only used) which is good but I'm thinking I might just get another $150 SSS. I hear the mexican ones are almost as good for much less but maybe the $150-$200 ones aren't mexican. Plus a HH solid body for like $500 or heck even the $250 sounded great to me but I don't really want to always wish I spent a bit more. I'm reading the difference between pricey and cheap guitars granted there's not some total error made by the builder isn't night and day, yes the neck wood and truss rod could cause a cheaper one to go out of tune more or mess with the action and I'm very partial to the action being nice and low but not buzzing. Also pricier guitars have better hardware etc despite not trmolo bar things like that I just prefer as with anything in construction or something that it's better to overbuild than underbuild.

Should I get both a cheap ~$200 SSS and cheap $200 HH guitar?
Rent an HSS or HSH despite I'll likely be missing tones I really want? I'm not keen on renting though, distracting due date rushing feeling. I'm leaning towards buying a ~$500 HH and I think once I really get to play it without distraction/rush of a rental I'll be able to feel a difference between an SSS, then I can decide how much I want to spend on an SSS, or worst case scenario take a loss for the $500 selling it used and get something more $700 range and/or $700 range SSS, because I'm sure once I start reading the small details between pickups etc for better guitars I'll want to upgrade rather then feel I'm limiting myself.
but I'm still wondering, as mentioned if despite a lot of songs are NOT using just the neck pickup of an SSS like I assumed and preferred that setting, will I then likely prefer to have a Humbucker at the neck too and therefore no hybrid would suit me?
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2023.03.23 03:46 FrostFireFive Centurions #17 - You've Been Summoned

Issue #17 - You’ve Been Summoned
Written By: FrostFireFive
Edited By: u/MadUncleSheogorath, u/DarkLordJurasus , and u/PresidentWerewolf
Arc: Trial of the Centurions
“So tell me, have the preparations been made?” A blonde woman in billowing purple and lilac robes asked as she looked out from her citadel. Otherworld was a strange place where she could see the knights gathering on the rolling hills to engage in their games, useless after the creation of the Corps. She and the Starlight Citadel could be in every Otherworld there was at a moment’s notice no matter the universe. As this particular Otherworld’s recent upset with Chthon had proved, there were always problems to act upon. But despite her influence, she did not rule. *Yet.* “I want to ensure those aberrations are treated like they should be.”
“They have, Majestrix Saturnyne,” Kapitän Großbritannien explained. He was her warden, someone that she could entrust with this mission. For someone who prided herself on control, she had been feeling it slip. Earth-913 was supposed to be a boring backwater with a dashing Captain Britain she could puppet. But recently, she had noticed him slacking on the job, and actions needed to be taken. Heaven forbid anyone thought that Saturnyne lacked the iron fist she needed in Otherworld. “I know some may disagree. But putting these abominations on trial for their crimes is the right call. We must make the Multiverse pure and free of any arbitration.”
“Ah yes, your… ideology,” Saturyne mumbled as she continued to look out at Otherworld. She could see her Captains make haste to the Starlight Citadel, all receiving her call as she prepared to assert her dominance over Merlin and Roma. This would be her crowning victory. Even if she had to work with a Nazi to do it. The good Kapitän had conviction and a fever which she needed. But still the sooner it was over, the sooner she wouldn’t have to deal with such stains on her perfect Corps. “Just know that no harm can come to the accused. Not until judgment has been made. Do you understand?”
“I cannot help if harm comes to these freaks if they resist,” he smiled a toothy grin. Kapitän Großbritannien enjoyed his position as Saturyne’s warden. The rare time he could dispense the justice he wanted without the other Corpsmen calling him a monster, or staring at him in disgust as he walked the halls of the Starlight Citadel. It was not his fault that their worlds weren’t blessed with accepting the message of the fuhrer.
“No harm,” Saturnyne hissed. His eagerness was even obvious from here. “We ensure victory. Killing them would also upset forces we are strong enough to handle. Besides I haven’t finished creating the new look for this new era of excellence for the Corps.”
“Understood Majestrix,” Kapitän Großbritannien said as he bowed to Saturnyne before turning and walking out to the courtyard to prepare the mystics. “The Centurions will be here within the hour.”
Saturnyne smiled. It was time to put on a show.

“So like, you haven’t talked to him at all?” Morph asked as he sat next to Steve Rogers, watching the Cubs vs. the Dodgers in a spring training game. Morph had spent way too much time in Chicago trying to establish himself as a song and dance man to not absorb that city’s sports teams. And Steve was trying to relax after dinosaur hunting in New York, certain revelations and names ringing in his ears.
“No, I’ve been busy making sure New York didn’t turn into a pulp fiction cover. And trying to help locate iso-sphere pieces,” Steve Rogers grumbled as he took a sip of his beer. There had been skirmishes lately, mostly fighting Matt the Kid or Captain Krakoa, with the Centurions securing a few more pieces of the sphere. “Besides, Bucky has his own worries now. Me coming back into everyone’s life would just complicate things.”
“Please, I’m sure he’ll be happy to know he’s not the only Captain America running around,” Morph said before looking at the screen. The players were new to him, no Wood Jr. on the team, but they were still making mistakes. “Goddamn it you got to reach for that ball!”
”That’s not me anymore. The sooner this is all over, the sooner I’ll go back into space, away from the mess that this world has become,” Rogers explained.
“You’re just mad the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA,” Morph joked. “Besides, you’re from here but all you do is just grumble. You and Blink are like…so similar in your problems it’s crazy. There’s a whole life outside of war my dude, You got to learn to enjoy it.”
“And you do?” Rogers asked.
“Hey, me and Mayday and Jean go out every time we fight someone, mostly because life’s too short to build walls, and the renovation specials at Josie’s are to die for. Besides, I’m this close to finally beating May in darts,” Morph explained. “You got to live a little.”
“I guess,” Rogers grumbled as Freeman jacked a ball deep into left, with the Cubs’ left fielder reaching into the ivy to make the grab and out. “See that’s the problem, if they were playing in Brooklyn they’d be used to the cold.”
“Please, pretty boy over there needs more power, maybe less tofu and more hotdogs, get that beef,” Morph joked. “Come out with us next time though. I promise it’s a good time and that Jean won’t say oh my god it’s Captain America every time.”
“Promise?” Rogers asked.
“Hand to god,” Morph said.
“I‘ll consider it,” Steve said as he took another swig of his beer. The two began to glow a bright blue though as they were whisked away. Baseball and bars would have to wait. They were needed for justice to be dispensed.

“Once again I’m going to have to go over covalent bonds,” Greer muttered as she looked over the papers on her desk. She had resumed teaching after the dinosaur incident in New York. She stared at the communicator on her desk. Tony Stark gave them out and Greer had managed to give some to the heroes in her Rolodex. But she couldn’t stop thinking about New York, about him or what she was capable of.
Greer grazed the necklace on her neck, remembering the monster that came out as New York embraced its savage side. Before Marc, Greer saw Tigra as a blessing, a way to strike back against the monsters that had taken so much from her. She was a hero, someone who would fight for the weak, help evacuate people when that dude with winged feet flooded New York. But now…now Greer wasn’t so sure.
The animal that struck against the dinosaurs, the blood on her claws? That was a part of Greer she couldn’t believe was well…a part of her. She had shunned Marc for his bloodlust, for his willingness to get his hands dirty and find a…deadly solution to crime. It’s why they broke up, why Greer left New York for Chicago.
But she had given Moon Knight the communicator, she had embraced a savage side of herself for a moment…and it felt good. And now? Now she couldn’t even focus on grading papers, just only on her sins. She was lost, even if she didn’t want to admit it. Greer needed help. She needed someone to talk to. She reached for the communicator ready to call him, before she began to glow a brilliant white. Professor Greer was needed elsewhere, as was the beast within.

The hot water hit Jean Grey’s body as she stepped into the shower. Back home she would have killed for water this hot. As the only girl in the mansion, she was often last for everything, especially shower time. Worse, Bobby would always be in before her, so no matter how hot Jean cranked the lever, the water was always cold
But as her bare feet found their place in the fresh green tile, Jean thought back to her time in the mansion. She had been there three years, surrounded by a gaggle of teenage boys and their hot rods and dates. Xavier’s was always a party spot when the professor had government trips that he needed to go on, but Jean was more content to stay in her room and dance to whatever Beatles or Byrds album she could get her hands on.
“You don’t realize how much I need you,” Jean softly sang as her hands moved to scrub her deep red hair. Almost as if she was trying to scrub her brain with how deep of a message she was giving herself. “Love you all the time…never leave you.”
Jean hated long showers normally, she was frugal in wanting to not waste any time, her change of clothes had a habit of disappearing if she took time to make sure she cleaned between her toes. But since coming to this Earth, she had found her teammates to be much less interested in what was under her skirt and blouse. As the water coursed down she continued to scrub with the loofa, her thoughts darting to her last time in church.
She was…well she didn’t want to say that word, saying that word would mean it was real. But still as her hands moved around, she thought of May, and suddenly the heat of the shower seemed to be cranked up past its limits, as all the tension from her problems released.
“Please come on… back to me. I’m lonely as can be…” Jean sang as the shower head’s water worked its way again through her hair, the shampoo cleansing but splashing into her eyes.
“Gah!” she called out as she stumbled out of the shower. Even now she couldn’t take a shower without blinding herself. As her feet landed on one light blue towel on the ground, she took the second light green towel to dry her body and hair. Jean kept thinking about Mayday. They were supposed to go down to the park today, with May wanting to show Jean some basketball court she had been cleaning up in, whatever that meant. It was just nice to be by her.
Jean looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, her face free of her basic makeup and clothes. She normally wouldn’t stare. Being natural meant having your hair dolled up, the perfect makeup, and an outfit you spent hours figuring out. But the girl facing back at her, striking green eyes, the messy but deep red shoulder length hair, the freckles that darted her face, arms, and chest. She didn’t look away as she wrapped the green towel around her.
She was Jean Grey, and she was beginning to like herself as she reached down for her clothes for the day. But before she could dress herself or even pick up something to wear, she glowed a bright red before vanishing. Soon… Jean Grey would have to make a choice.

“What the actual fuck!” Mayday Parker asked as she landed on a circular hardwood floor. Mayday was wearing shorts and her Knicks t-shirt as she had been working on her shot in her room, the small NERF basketball and basket was preparing her for Mayday’s pickup games in the park on Saturday. She looked and saw a gaggle of people around her. Mostly her teammates, but a few new strangers as well. A man dressed in the British flag as well as tartan colors, a woman in a purple fuzzy robe, a t-shirt, and shorts with striking purple hair, and a Morph in an all blue suit?
“Spidering, now is not the time to panic,” Blink said as she walked towards Mayday. She was dressed in her green battle dress with a new added feature, a metal collar that had blinking lights upon it. “Have they also put an accursed collar on you as well?”
“No? At least I’m wearing what I’m supposed to wear. No shooters or costume though,” Mayday explained as the purple haired woman approached them.
“You guys good? I know it may be your first time dealing with teleporting, and I just want to make sure that you’re not feeling it. When I got ‘ported the first time, I felt like I was finished with several after-parties.,” The woman said. Her accent was English, though none of them could place it
“We are no partiers, woman, we are a band of multiversal warriors fighting in the contest of champions. I do not need your pity,” Blink explained. The opposing woman raised a finely shaped brow.
“What my friend is trying to say is that we’re used to being teleported in the middle of doing shit. I’m Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl, and this is my brisk associate, well I don’t know her real name, but Blink.”
“Oh, neat,” the woman said. “My name is Psylocke or Betsy, second in command of Excalibur. I was supposed to be watching Notting Hill,-but someone just had to want waffles at one in the morning!”
Betsy’s head swiveled, staring at the Morph that was most assuredly not the one they were all familiar with. “It’s Muir Island, Morph. You’re lucky we had any batter!”
“Hey! Waffles are fantastic, it’s not my fault yourmystic bullshit got me here. Besides, you ate two!” The Morph in the blue costume responded as he moved over to the threesome. “Besides, it can't be too bad if you’re hanging with some babes.”
“Babes?” Blink grumbled as she swept her foot, knocking over the blue suited Morph and knocking him to the ground. Her foot pressed against this Morph’s throat. “I assumed you would have known better than that Morph. I am not some prize to be lusted over.”
“Whoa! Whoa!” a voice said as the Centurions’ Morph appeared, his form changing into a ref’s jersey and gear as he broke up Blink and the other Morph. “I am right here, although I will say you sure are a handsome devil.”
“Likewise,” the other Morph said as he tried not freaking out that his exact double was standing in front of him. He really hated clones. Especially since the incident with Dazzler and Mr. Sinister. “But Bets, shouldn’t we check to see if they’re more Sinister clones? I mean Blink’s a kid at Xavier. Not a bab-full grown woman. And Spider-Man is a dude. I think.”
“None of the Centurions are clones,” the mechanical voice of Mainframe said, as the black and gold armor landed in front of them. T.O.N.I. undid her helmet, revealing the friendly feminine holographic face to the rest of them. “I tested all of their DNA to make sure that all of them are happy and healthy. And other than Mayday needing more vitamin C, all of them are genuine.”
“Hey, I drink OJ every morning!” Mayday rebutted.
As the group gathered, Brian Braddock was observing the scruffy warrior who observed the round room they were in. They were wearing a blue tactical shirt and fatigues. The red circle and white star seemed familiar, a symbol of hope and freedom.The rest seemed like good people, at the very least, excitable. Betsy could handle them while Brian valiantly could figure just what the hell they had gotten themselves into. The last time he’d been teleported in this manner, it had been at the behest of Merlin. Brianflew up for a moment before a voice called out.
“Wouldn’t do that if I were you,” The scruffy man called out, arms across his chest as he watched Brian.
“Ahh, I can handle myself. I’m a representative of the Captain Britain Corps. It’s probably best I take rank given the summons It’s up to me to save the day andnd figure out where we are,” Brian spoke valiantly and he flew up to the sky away from the open circular room. But instead of tasting fresh air his head clanked against an invisible dome, sending him to the ground.
“Dumbass,” Betsy mumbled as her brother came down with a hard thud. She reached down, hoisting the hero back up onto his feet.
“You would have known that if you had bothered doing recon before flying high because of your rank,” Steve Rogers explained. “Leaders take time to think, not rush.”
Brian made a tutting noise. ,”
“God, you remind me of Sid.” Brian muttered, annoyed that he had been taken from his studies. The Multiverse had to be understood, particularly with a looming threat. Thames University was his first love, but with his role… well he had been feeling as if he had forgotten something about his mantle, something that nagged at him.
“He’s Captain Am- actually Mayday says we should call him by his real name,” A voice said. “Captain Steve Rogers.”
Brian stared down Captain Rogers. The dots began to connect, though he wasn’t convinced.
“Steve Rogers is dead. I’m supposed to believe he’s standing here? Come on, even pulling Bucky out of the ice was pushing it.” Brian shrugged, and Betsy gave him a look like thunder.
“Because he’s one of us,” Mayday explained as she moved to the two captains' conversation. “You know, a Centurion. Like my pal Jeanie explained. Which, speaking of, Jean where are you?”
“That’s not important,” the voice said again from behind a table that had been tipped over.
“Oh come on, there’s two Morphs! You got to see this!” Mayday explained as she kept over the table to land in a puddle of water. She gave a face before seeing Jean Grey huddled, still soaked, and clinging to her green towel. “Oh.”
“Gah!” Jean called out as she hugged on to her towel tightly, hoping it was covering everything. “May I said NOT to come over here.”
“Well I didn’t, I mean you should have been, there are two Morphs!” Mayday said as she struggled to find the words while trying not to stare. Mayday’s wandering eye was her biggest weakness, but she had to be strong. “OK everyone, no one goes behind this table without asking me first!”
“Why what’s behind the table?” The blue suited Morph asked. And by Jeanie do you mean the Jean Grey? I heard she’s a hot one!” Before he could say another word, the Morph of the Centurions biffed the other Morph in the back of the head. “Ow!”
“We don’t hit on Marvel Girl!” He exclaimed, annoyed at how familiar this Morph reminded him of himself from his failed solo career. “Everything OK there, Jean?”
“No! Well… yes?” Jean struggled to answer, panicking and clinging to whatever dignity she could find.
“Listen Jeanie,” Mayday said as she squatted down. “You got dealt a bad hand again, but we’re going to need you. Towel and all.”
“But May…” Jean stuttered.
“If anyone talks shit, I’ll kick their ass. And that’s a promise,” Mayday explained. She meant every word that she said. She was tired of the multiverse seemingly picking on them, dragging them unaware, and hurting someone so sweet and kind as Marvel Girl.
“Fine,” Jean muttered as she stood up carefully, one hand on the table to boost her up, the other on her towel. “Hello…everyone, I’m Jean, Marvel Girl to my foes,” she awkwardly joked as Betsy Braddock moved over to her.
“Nice to meet you Jean, I’m Betsy,” she began as she used her body along with Mayday to block Jean from view. “Listen, judging by how unphased most of you are, I’m guessing this isn’t your first time dealing with weird things.. Now I can give you this fuzzy purple robe of mine. Not fashionable mind you but probably better than a towel.”
Jean nodded as Betsy began untying her robe. Before she could hand it off to Jean however the floor began to move upwards as white light began moving the spaced out objects, chairs, tables, benches, even a large wooden desk in the center.
“It is…” Mainframe began to say.
“A courtroom,” Blink finished through gritted teeth.
As the floor rose, the crowd in the stands became visible. Their red, blue, and white regalia was similar to Brian’s, as the young hero struggled as he recognized the many visages in the crowd… as himself.
“How astute,” A woman in purple and white robes said as she floated down above into the judge’s seat, a diamond gavel in her hands as she eyed the crowd and the defendants. They were all staring at her, like they knew that commanded respect. “I am Saturyne, the Ominversal Majestrix. For crimes against the Multiverse… you must be judged!”
“Shit, was it something I did?” Morph asked.

“AHHH” Greer Nelson yelled as she landed on her face, one heel gone and a run in her nylons from her arrival in whatever god forsaken place she had found herself in.
She picked herself up, dirt in her face from landing in what appeared to be a grassy, rolling hill. Considering the company she had kept lately this was probably some Multiverse nonsense. It took her a moment to look around, to hear the clomping of hooves coming at her.
“Halt intruder,” A knight in silver chainmail and black cloth said. “What sorcery has brought you and your horrid garb into thy kingdom.”
“Kingdom?” Greer asked.
“Of Otherworld, land of magic and wonder. Guarded by its valiant knights who save fair maidens. Which you, judging by your state, are not.”
“Fuck me,” Greer mumbled. It was going to be a long day.
NEXT: The Adventure Continues in Britons and Excalibur as the Trial of the Centurions Continues! But Be Back Here as Witnesses are Called, Truths are Revealed, and the Search for Tigra Begins!
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2023.03.23 03:30 Toa_of_Memes SMFV: Book WrestleMania 39 Night 2

Asuka vs Bayley vs Bianca Belair{c}
Pre-Match Recap
“BAYLEY HAS DONE IT!!! SHE’S IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH” Corey Graves yelps on commentary after a monumental performance against Candice LaRae from Bayley. We see Damage CTRL celebrating as Asuka stalks in the background. Bayley’s performance in the actual Chamber match is great, until SHE GETS THE BLUE MIST FROM ASUKA!!! Techno blares over superimposed images showing Asuka’s roots as Kana, showing how truly predatorial Asuka can be.
Bayley struggles from here, until gaining a win over Natalya. We see Bayley scream into a mic, “ASUKA, I'VE ALWAYS HAD TO PLAY SECOND FIDDLE TO YOU!” We smash cut to NXT footage of Bayley, overcoming obstacles, doing Bayley things, until we get to TakeOver Brooklyn 2, when Bayley lost her NXT Women’s Championship to none other than Asuka, which is where we leave their story for now.
Bianca Belair comes on screen, cutting an intense promo about how being champion has changed her life. How she’s helped people through hard times, and that Bayley doesn’t deserve to call herself a champion, when she finds herself interrupted by Asuka, who scuttles toward Bianca and gestures at the belt, basically making the match. Bianca must withstand the typhoon that is Asuka, and the assassin that is Bayley.
Bianca and Bayley start the match, pounding away at each other with hammer-like fists, and lock up. This gives Asuka a chance to launch herself into a flying knee, hitting Baylay squarely in the jaw. As Baylay falls, Asuka spins around to stand up, coming Face to Face with Bianca. Bianca then kicks Asuka in the stomach, and tries for a Doctor Bomb, but Asuka slips out, lands on her feet and loads Bianca with several stiff kicks, one going directly to the head. As Bianca rolls out of the ring, into the awaiting group of doctors, Bayley slides into the ring with a chair, BUT EATS A DROPKICK, FALLING TO THE CANVAS!!!
The match goes on, Bianca fighting the doctors to let her wrestle, being diagnosed with a cuncussion. As the cameras pan to the ring, we see Bayley in the Asuka Lock, but the leader of Damage Ctrl gets her foot on the rope. As Asuka scuttles away, Bianca breaks from the doctors and smashes Bayley in the nose, spurts of blood dripping in the aftermath. Bianca loses her balance after letting go of the canvas, and Bayley rises to her feet and backs up, right into the Empress of Tomorrow. Bayley turns, AND GETS MISTED!!! ASUKA LAUNCHES HERSELF INTO A YAKUZA KICK, AND PINS BAYLEY!!!
Asuka def Bayley and Bianca via Pinfall to Bayley
As Asuka walks into gorilla, she comes upon someone she hasn’t seen in years. The very man who is responsible for Asuka’s wrestling style .
She embraces WWE Hall of Famer
Keiji Mutoh.
Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio: Mullet vs Mask
Pre-Match Recap
SummerSlam 2022: The day that Dominik betrayed Rey. The day he joined Finn Balor’s Judgement Day by laying out Rey with a massive lariat, and signifying his change from white-meat babyface to the chicken-shit heel he is now. Dom’s impressive rise in the ranks, his many attacks on Rey and his family with Rhea, into an in-ring promo between the two. Dominik launches into a tirade that ends with “It's funny. We both know I’m not really your son. And I’d rather have a dead dad, than a deadbeat like you. So call me by my real name.
Dominik Guerrero.”
This gets a massive reaction from Rey. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU DISRESPECT EDDIE!!”
Rey calls Dominik a “Pendejo” and the match is set. Adam Pearce, because he hates mullets, made this match Mask vs Mullet.
Rey enters the stadium to a massive pop. Hall of Famer, Lucha Legend, Rey Mysterio. As Rey gets in the ring, we don’t hear the Judgement Day theme.
We hear…
Absolutely nuclear heat for the newly reborn Dominik Guerrero. Dominik rolls to the ring in a low-rider, much like his biological father, Eddie Guerrero. Finn and Damien Priest sit in the back, as the new Smackdown Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley lounges in the passenger seat. As Rey stares daggers into Dominik’s eyes, Dom smirks, and just gets more douchey.
The match begins, Dom just rocking Rey with a big boot, starting the match off with a dominant streak of strikes and chain grappling, as Dom knows more than anyone to keep Rey on the ground, away from the ropes. As Dom tries to work on Rey’s formerly injured knee, he gets frustrated and throws Rey into the corner, giving Rey the advantage he needs. Rey gives Dom a Hurricanrana, DOM HITS THE SECOND ROPE, AND DODGES THE 619!!!
The match goes back to Dominik’s favor after this, taking Rey to the outside and slamming him into the crowd barricade, into the awaiting arms of the Judgement Day. As Damian Priest whips Rey towards Dominik Guerrero, Rey LEAPS UP AND GIVES DOMINIK A HURRICANRANA INTO THE RING!!! As Rey slides into the ring, Dominik stomps on his head, to stop any possible offense. As Dominik grabs Rey by the head, he has an epiphany. I’m a Guerrero, why haven’t I done this?
Dominik puts his father in a Suplex position, and delivers. But instead of going for a pin, he rolls to the side, and delivers a second, and then a third. The crowd boos the Three Amigos, but Fom pays no mind, as he does a shimmy, climbs to the top rope TO DELIVER A FROGSPLASH, AND DELIVERS!!!
REY KICKS OUT!! Dominik, confused, looks at his Mami for guidance, but sees no one. Has Finn taken them backstage? As Dom turns, REY DROPKICKS DOM INTO THE ROPES AND DELIVERS A 619!!! Rey stops for a moment, AND SPRINGBOARDS UP FOR A WEST COAST POP!!!
Rey Mysterio def. Dominik Guerrero via Pinfall
As Rey holds the clippers, he gets a flashback to his best friend, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie had a mullet once. Rey throws down the clippers and embraces his son, who hugs him back. Emotions and stuff.
Intercontinental Championship Match
Gunther {C} vs Sheamus
This match doesn’t get much build. It’s Gunther vs Sheamus. Big Slappy European Guys. That’s what we get. It Sells.
(List of moves)
Gunther Splash
Brogue Kick
Rear Naked Choke
Brogue Kick
Sheamus def. Gunther via Pinfall
Big Meaty Men. Very cool match. Gets 7 Meltzer stars despite not being in Tokyodome.
Womens Tag Team Championship
Readhead Inc. (Becky/Lita){c} vs Damage Ctrl
Pre-match recap
Lita and Becky Lynch won the Women’s tag team titles just a few weeks ago, taking them off Damage Ctrl in quick fashion. While Bayley is deadset on winning the Raw Women’s Championship, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (still not big on the name) have been repairing their reputation as phenomenal singles wrestlers, but still aren’t quite on the same page in the Tag Team scene. As Trish Stratus made her return, Dakota Kai attacked the former Women’s Champion, prompting Lita to beat up Dakota, blah blah blah Sonya Deville booked this match on the card from the courtroom.
Iyo and Lita begin the match, Iyo using her speed to outmaneuver Lita, lashing the Women's tag team champion with stiff kicks, laying out Lita. Iyo tags in Dakota Kai, but as Dakota grabs Lita, the Queen of Extreme chops Dakota and hits the former NXT Women’s Champion with a lariat that gets a two-count.
The match goes on, Lita tagging in Becky Lynch, and Becky Lynch, absolutely destroying Dakota Kai with a sick DDT, getting a two count. Dakota hits Becky with a Pele kick, knocking The Man back enough to tag in Iyo, who springboards yo Becky, getting a massive missile Dropkick in, nabbing a one and a half count. But here’s when the communications break down between Iyo and Dakota. Dakota blind tags Iyo, but due to lack of a plan, gets taken down by BEKCY LYNCH, WHO LOCKS IN THE DISAEM-HER, but Iyo breaks that with a Senton, WHICH BRINGS LITA IN, LITA THROWING IYO TO THE OUTSIDE TO BRAWL!!!
Becky and Dakota continue, Becky working on weakening Dakota’s arm for the Disarm-her, but DAKOTA DODGES A LARIAT, AND ANSWERS WITH A SUPERKICK!! The match goes into Dakota’s favor UP UNTIL IYO REFUSES TO TAG IN!!! SHES HAS ENOUGH OF DAKOTA’S SHIT!!! BECKY LOCKS IN THE DISARM-HER, DAKOTA TAPS!!!!!
Redhead Inc. def. Damage CTRL via Submission
WWE Undisputed Universal Championship
Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes
Pre-match Recap
Romans title rain, lasting nearly 3 years at this point, has had effects on the business. Cody, as far as he claims, is here not to save WWE, but to save the business. To finish his father’s story, he needs to eradicate the immovable object that is Roman Reigns.
And as Cody has beaten big men before, he hasn’t beaten somebody with quite the caliber of Roman reigns in quite some time. His fight Wardlow, he truly had a great fight against Maxwell Jacob Friedman. And he 100% completely defeated Ray Sizzim. Cody, coming from undesirable to un-goddamn-deniable, this journey has let him hear. And as a Roman keeps dominating, so will Cody. Their collision was truly destined for WrestleMania.
On Raw a few weeks ago, Paul took Cody aside backstage for a little talk. “Cody, you seriously need to rethink this.” Paul Heyman says. “ The Tribal Chief has beaten everyone in his path, some of whom have gone to… other places. Places that you’re familiar with.” Paul, talking about Danielson here, equating Cody with Bryan, as if to say that Roman would send The American Nightmare back to AEW. “ I know your father’s story very well…” Cody interrupts Paul here, “DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY FATHER. YOU HIRED HIM FOR ONE MATCH, which yes, helped my family out immensely, but you don’t get to bring him up.” Cody, incensed, raises his fist to Heyman's face. “ And of you EVER. Talk about my family again, Roman’s gonna have to find someone else to hold those titles.”
Roman, after dealing with the mutiny of Sami Zayn, and the resulting fall out from that, is tired. After the Usos lost to the tag team championships last night, Roman Reigns is desperate. If the Usos can lose the tag team championships to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, he can lose these titles that Paul Heyman carries for him to the American Nightmare. And if he does lose those titles, what happens to the family. What happens to the bloodline. He’s already had the most dominant run with the titles in his family history, but if Roman loses, he will still feel like he is disappointing his family. Because that’s what the Bloodline is about. It’s not about Roman, it’s not about Solo, it’s not about Paul Heyman, it’s not about the Usos, titles, any of that shit.
It’s about the legacy of a wrestling dynasty that has finally been able to attain a true world championship status. This isn’t just Roman versus Cody. This isn’t just WWE versus AEW. This is two wrestling families colliding. This is not a wrestling match, This is a fucking gang war.
49 minutes of pyro
Cody and Roman stand toe to toe. Shades of Rock/Hogan at WrestleMania 18 at the beginning of the match. Cody, ever the man of habit, reaches out to shake Roman’s hand. Roman rejects the Code of Honor and the match begins. The two stars lock up, Roman having the strength advantage, enough to push Cody into the corner, where the ref breaks them up. They tie up again, Cody, this time being able to turn Roman into the turnbuckles, but instead of landing punches,Cody taps the pectoral muscles of Roman reigns. Is it a taunt? No. It’s a call back.
The match begins to pick up pace. Roman and Cody, each laying in a clothesline after clothesline after clothesline, but not being able to knock one other down. Drink one of these exchanges instead of delivering his own clothes line, Cody, Rhodes ducks Romans attempt at a clothesline, jumps up to the middle rope and attempts for a Cody Cutter, but gets caught by Roman who gives Cody a sidewalk slam. Cody quickly recovers from this, whipping Roman into the ropes where they do the thing where like leapfrog, and shit. I don’t know, what the fuck is it called.
The match goes on, Cody landing some very good maneuvers, onto Roman, getting a two count off of a disaster kick. Roman, however, rallies himself, and lays into Cody with several stiff punches and locks in the guillotine, Cody works himself into the ropes breaking the hold. Roman, instead of pulling Cody away to guarantee a win, starts to let his ego show. “What the hell are you gonna do to me, Cody? I’ve been champion for almost 3 damn years dude, you couldn’t even run a company for that long.“ Cody, ever the quick witted, white boy, says “yeah, and in that time I’ve been something that you couldn’t even possibly fathom defeating. I beat racism!!!”
The match moved into its third and final phase. Finisher attempt, after finisher attempt after finisher attempt after finishing attempt after finisher attempt after finisher attempt. Cody dodge the Superman Punch, while Roman ends up getting out of a CrossRhodes, Cody, almost landing disaster kick, and Roman bounces off the ropes into a spear, getting a two count. this ends, though, when Roman throws Cody outside of the ring directly into solo, Soko was Samoan Spike.
Cody, rallies himself up and asks Solo to do it again. And again. And again. Until we see a trickle of Crimson, drip down Cody‘s face. Cody’s bleach blonde hair beginning to be stained with blood. Cody gives Solo a CrossRhodes, and slides into the ring to face off with Roman reigns once more. this is truly something the WWE universe hasn’t seen in a long time. Not just blood at WrestleMania, but a superstar going up against a professional wrestler. And this is what rallies Cody to hit a CrossRhodes on Roman. Then he gets up and it’s another. And then another. And then another. And then another. Until 10 CrossRhodes have been hit on Roman reigns.
Cody Rhodes def. Roman Reigns
The story… is over. Cody has relinquished his father’s regrets. He has ended ra- I mean Roman’s Reign of terror. And as a tear wells up in his eye for his dear ol’ dad…
Downstait plays.
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2023.03.22 22:07 lanmoiling Is gum grafting the only treatment for gum line recession and is it absolutely needed?

Hi all, I have tried to search all over the internet and met with 4 periodontist but I still cannot make up my mind, primary because of how long the recovery sounds like it will take, and still unclear whether that is actually a permanent solution...
I grew up in Asia then as a teenager moved to North America to study and work. Then I basically never went to a dentist until I was in college. When I first started going to dentist in college, they noted my teeth were actually pretty healthy, just did a lot of cleaning for the first time (as you would expect), otherwise had no cavity or inflammation. However, they did notice bone loss / gum line recession, plus the 2 centre front bottom teeth are a little loose/mobile. They asked me if it's always been that way, and frankly that had always been how I remember those 2 teeth - there were random days where I had notice they were a little movable, I maybe played with them sometimes for a few minutes then forgot about it.
Since then, I had been going to the dentist 3-4 times a year for cleaning, and moved from the country I went to college in to another country for work. But all the different dentists have always said my teeth are healthy / I have good teeth, just that my gum line seems a tad more rescinded than they'd expect for my age (I am in my mid 20s now), so it seems hereditary. The one dentist I stayed with for about 3 years kept monitoring my gum line too and said it didn't get worse over time. Then I wanted to do invisalign to correct some minor misalignment - this very dentist (who has been monitoring) referred me to one of the biggest / reputable invisalign practice in the area, and they did get me to do a consultation with a (separate) periodontist to make sure that it is ok to proceed, so this is when I met my 1st periodontist.
- 1st perio: They said it looks ok to proceed with the invisalign. After I finished the Invisalign however, the periodontist then said, during my post invisalign check, that I should really consider doing a gum grafting surgery. However I was about to move, so I asked if I will need to look for a new perio in the new area, how soon do I really need to try to get the grafting done? They said I should try to get the grafting done within 1 year regardless of where I am moving to.
After I moved, I met with 3 different periodontists in my (new) area.
- 2nd perio: they are highly educated from a top medical school in the country, their father was also a perio, they themselves got gum grafting done when they were young, because they also had hereditary gum line recession like me, and said they are glad that I get it done now when I am young vs later, since it's better to prevent further regression early. After taking a LOT of pictures and measurements, told me they'd do upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right, but mentioned nothing for any front teeth. (Although yes, I can see I do have gum line recession all over :( unfortunately) I asked if grafting the front would help making the front teeth less mobile, they said no because that's just due to bone loss and irreversible. Their failure rate is like...only a handful in his decades of their own private practice. Said it will last a good while / I probably won't need another surgery later in life. They also said recovery is mainly just the first few days for some pain, then soft food for a couple of week. So I just got a quote, didn't know what else to ask, and told them I will call back to book an appointment when I decide when to do it, given I just moved there and very busy starting a new job etc.
- 3rd perio I met with more recently: not sure about education, certification, experience, or training, since they are just a visiting doctor to my current dental office. They just asked me what I need, I said my prior perio in previous city told me I need to get gum grafting done asap, so they took a look, first moment of opening my lips they said "ooooooof", so I assume they think it's pretty serious (?) did a bunch of measurements also, then told me they'd do front teeth first, then bottom left and bottom right later, depending on my insurance coverage and whether I wanna do it over 1-3 years to reduce out of pocket cost. However, they did say that given the severity of my recession, the procedure may not completely solve my problem. It will help, by pulling the gum line up, but it may still sink a little back over time later. This made me question whether it's the limitation of their own skills, or simply that perio #2 did not tell me the full truth.
- I then found the 4th perio because a coworkefriend of mine mentioned they are going through the same thing, and heard about this pinhole technique that should be much less invasive and therefore faster recovery, but there is only this one dental office that my friend has heard can do it because it requires extra trainings and certification. I went and researched the technique and it seems like most recommendations come from the inventor themselves (which have patented the method) and periodontists who "have been certified to" do them and post videos onto YouTube (albeit the "academy" themselves cannot verify whether a particular doc is indeed certified - yes I called that academy too, meaning to ask whether they have a list of certified dental professionals for my area). I then called 2 local dental offices who have perio #4 listed on their website:
--- I asked office A whether they can do the procedure, they said they will get the doctor to call me back, then same person called me back later said yes the perio can do it, but they only come once a month (as a visiting doc) and there is a consultation spot tomorrow if I want to come, so I said ok i will come. They also said normally this perio's visiting day is booked solid, but this month I am lucky he has enough empty slot tomorrow that if I decide to do the surgery there's a good chance they could even just do it on the spot. I said I will see how the consultation goes, and asked for the name of said perio.
--- As I searched the name of the said perio, I found that they are also listed on office B's website, so I called and asked if this perio is a visiting doc there too. Answer was yes but the perio sold their private practice because they (the perio) are planning to retire soon and they are also reducing the # of offices they go to as visiting doc, so they(the office)'d hate for me to reserve a slot and just have to wait, and if I can get an appointment at office A, I should just book it. I was like ok yea I booked it, but since you (office B) are now an unbiased party, can you share some reviews of their customers and whether you think they (the perio) do good work? Office B said yes they do good work, but some customers have said they are just not as TLC as a general dentists who you see all the time, they come and do the work and that's it. Office B does want to keep them on, but unfortunately they are planning to retire (shrug).
--- If this post gets any traction, I will update how the consultation goes tomorrow....

Afterwards I searched all over the internet again and still can't convince myself any of the following:
- the transitional gum grafting is as quick of a recovery as people say that it is ("soft tissues heal very fast" etc)? (this is a significant factor for me to even bother considering the pinhole technique, because I currently cannot afford a lot of downtime)
- i won't need another grafting surgery later in life?
- the pinhole technique is actually legit?

FWIW most of the recession measurements they took they said 2 or 3, maybe a couple of 4s? But I don't fully understand the chart they sent me as summary, so...I guess I could share via DM.
Any advice (if you are a dental professional) or sharing of experiences (if you had grafting done yourself) is highly appreciated - Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 19:17 Heliodor_ Wood Finish Question-

I'm a big jewelry fan and have tried making rings out of wood several times before, though with little success. Today I gave it another go and made something I'm pretty proud of. It's a little wooden ring made out of cedar. I want to take the next step and put some sort of finisher on it, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to that realm of woodworking. I don't want to change the colour of the wood, I mostly just want to make the grain pop more as well as protect the ring so it can be worn on a regular basis. From my limited knowledge of stains vs oils, I'm leaning more toward an oil of similar colour to cedar or perhaps a clear oil, but I wanted to get some feedback as to what others would suggest. Also, I'm assuming treating the wood with a stain/oil would remove/limit the scent of the cedar. With that being said, are there scented oils or similar products I could use to give the ring back its cedar smell even after it's been treated?
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2023.03.22 17:12 pastelbunnies95 What do MCAS up feel like?

Was wondering if anyone could give me a little insight on MCAS vs Histamine Intolerance Because well? Lately my GP just tells me " You may have this but unfortunately we don't know what can be done about it" even the allergy clinic told me the same kinda thing!
A little back story I have been chronically sick for years, P.O.Ts, Endometriosis,PCOS and Fibromyalgia to name a few.
Like any chronically sick person does, they go through a myriad of ways to try to fix,heal or at very best manage their pain and symptoms through diet.
So begins a trial and error of in and out of Keto,Carnivore,Ketovore,Veganism oh and that one time I fasted for like 30 days..
To cut a long story short- nothing worked and every time I ate certain things I would basically die in excruciating agony to the point a steak sent me to A&E.
My symptoms if I eat any aged beef or aged dairy:
-Hot, painful, swollen Puffy lymphnodes I become so swollen and hot that my partner has to massage me to try and do some sort of diy lymphatic drainage sorta thing. -My sinuses are so sore and puffy that it feels like acid is being pushed all the way into my nasal cavities. -I faint and my blood pressure and heart rate is all over the place but I don't know if its just my POTs. -Burning urine yep -inability to move because I feel like I have acid pushed all in my Veins.
The list could and would go on but basically I feel like my body is attacking itself like any high Histamine food is the enemy however, I've gotten to the stage where I don't even know what sets it off anymore.
As of reccently I was certain it was a Histamine Intolerance but my partner is convinced it is something more deeper then that because I don't quite line up with the same symptoms of the usual Histamine intolerance.
Be interested to know your thoughts!
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2023.03.22 15:47 lipuss I don’t see fluoride in the ingredients of this Colgate toothpaste, is there any fluoride? This is the most sold toothpaste on the platform

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2023.03.22 09:15 nojlb Stain or caries on wisdom tooth?

Stain or caries on wisdom tooth?
There is this fine black line on the fissure of my wisdom tooth(seen on the bottom left of the photo). Is this another stain like what is on the other molars(or at least my dentist says it is) or dental caries? There is no sensitivity or pain in that area, and I don't drink alcohol or smoke.
Sorry in advance for adding another "is this stain or cavity" question to the pile. I do have my 6-month appointment in June. However, I have a server OCD when it comes to teeth, to the point where I cannot work properly if I don't get every small detail of my teeth checked... So I just wanted to see if I could save a week of grocery money here instead of spending it again on dental consultation.
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2023.03.22 07:03 xMrPink85 [USA-CA] [H] Playstation/XBox/Nintendo Consoles/Games/Manuals/Pokemon [W] Sega Games/Playstation Games/Nintendo Games/Lists/Offers

Happy to provide pics of anything you might be interested in.. Most of this stuff I would like to move ASAP. If you would like to buy see my GameSale post!
If you are local to the Sacramento area I might be willing to do a local meetup. Cash/Paypal also acceptable on either side to help even out a trade.
Thanks for looking! Happy trading!
PS1 Games:
Strategy Guides:
PS2 Hardware:
PS2 Games: All CIB
PS3 Hardware:
PS3 Games: All CIB/Boxed.
PS4 Hardware:
PS4 Games: (CIB/Boxed)
PS5 Games:
PSP Hardware:
PSP Games
Vita games:
OG XBox Games: (CIB unless noted)
**XBOX 360**
360 Consoles:
360 Games: (CIB unless noted)
XB1 Games: (CIB/Boxed unless noted)
NES Carts: (loose)
NES manuals
Super Nintendo Games:
SNES Carts:
SNES Manuals:
Nintendo 64**
N64 Hardware:
Wii Games:
**WII U**
Wii U Hardware:
Wii U Games:
Switch Hardware:
Switch Games (CIB/Boxed):
GB Manuals:
Nintendo DS Hardware:
Nintendo DS Games:
Nintendo 3DS Games:
Saturn Hardware:
Sega Saturn Games:
Dreamcast Games:

SOME specific items I'm after:
[General Wants]
** Your lists/offers. I am not interested in loose discs or any sort of Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits, Players Choice, etc. Black Label/first print only. Most Carts are ok loose with the exception of games that came in plastic cases such as DS/Vita. If it had a cardboard box I can do without.
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2023.03.21 21:41 DrLith RTA cabinets with adjustable feet rather than pedastal

I'm planning to replace the cabinets in my very long, very narrow (24x7) galley kitchen sometime in the next year. Because all the base cabinets are being installed under a long bank of windows with a sill height of about 34" I really want to be able to set the countertop level with the sill by using either short leveling legs or building my own pedestal base. I actually prefer frameless cabinets, and if I could stand white cabinet boxes I'd just go with IKEA. But I also really really want wood-tone boxes and stained wood shaker or raised panel doors to go with the Victorian farmhouse vibe of my 150-year-old house. I can't seem to get the 3 requirements of:
(1) adjustable feet
(2) wood-tone boxes (I don't feel strongly about plywood vs MDF)
(3) non-slab wood-color doors
to come together in a single line.
What are my options? Frameless is not a requirement but it seems like most framed cabinet construction uses a built-in pedestal. Custom is out of my budget, but I'm willing to think outside the box by ordering naked boxes and doors from separate companies if that's what it takes to get the look and functionality I'm going for.
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2023.03.21 19:14 gondezee HSH build in process... Wiring/pot ideas?

In process on a partscaster build. Using a donor Monoprice strat body with maple neck, replacing pretty much everything other than the frets. Using this thread to spitball/document.
The build:
All that's left to plan out is the electronics. You know... minor things...
So I'm leaning toward for phase 1 (initial build):
Will probably build up as above, think about what I would like to do in a phase 2 for switching, combinations, etc...

Anywho, totally willing to hear thoughts and ideas, thanks!
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2023.03.21 17:54 Intelligent_Manner62 Question about fillings that cause pain.

Long story. Last month went to a new dentist in the area I am now living in. Was having some major tooth pain and got that addressed. Had an appointment for some cavities to be filled.

Two weeks ago, they worked on the right side of my mouth. One tooth on the bottom and 2 on the top.
Went from having zero issues with the left side of my face, to constant pain and sensitivity overnight. Went back a week later and they did X rays, and checked the bite and did some filing and put something on my teeth for sensitivity.

It didn't work. I can't really tell which tooth is causing the issues, but I can't eat anything on that side and last night I woke up with pain in my bottom jaw and along my left cheekbone. I went back this week. Did more X rays and don't see infection anywhere. They checked the bite again and more filing and he cracked a joke at my weight, saying, "good thing this is happening now before bikini season."
Left with a Rx for an antibiotic and talk about when "things blow up" to call them back cause he didn't want to mess with the wrong tooth. I asked him what the plan was if they figured out which tooth was causing the issue and he said "We'll remove the nerve."

Is this a normal thing? I have had a couple fillings back home and never had this amount of trouble before. I am living off of Tylenol or Aleeve and using ice packs daily for pain. I had a hard time finding a dentist that took my insurance but I am freaking out cause I don't know what is causing the issue, why its hurting so much, or if removing a nerve, vs the tooth is a normal thing, or how that even happens or what the risks are.

Can anyone provide some insight for me on this? I getting sick to my stomach worrying about this and feeling like I need to seek out a new dentist.
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2023.03.21 15:20 Ok-Ad6297 Stain near gum lines & cavity?

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2023.03.21 11:53 que-que Nike vapor pro combos (blade?)

There was a recent post where somebody switched from blades and saw a lot of improvement with better tec.
I don’t give two craps about blade vs non blade looks, I just want to be able to become more consistent.
While Nike vapor pro combos are not blades they don’t seem to be very forgiving? Will I get improvement by switching to some other game improvement clubs/cavity backs?
I’m a 27 hcp played since fall 2019 Takes a lot of lessons
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2023.03.21 11:01 Non_identifier Interpretation of lease clauses

I'm currently in a back and forth with the management company of the flat I own, over a ventilation point in the bathroom.
I recently went to replace the ventilation fan in the bathroom, and found that when it was installed, no hole had been bored to the outside of the building, meaning steam was just being blown into the cavity wall.
The company director agreed to fix this, but I've since had an email stating this is my responsibility to fix per the lease, and I will also have to pay a charge to perform the new works, due to alterations of the structure of a listed building.
The dispute is coming down to the definition of 'the property' within the lease, and what is demised to me vs the responsibility of the landlord.
My point: Clause 1 states: The plaster paint paper and other decorative finishes applied to the interior surface of the exterior walls (but not the exterior walls themselves) are the lesse's responsibility.
Their point: Clause 12 states: The conduits which are used solely for the property are my responsibility.
The conduits are defined as pipes, wires etc. which I am fully in agreement with; I have bought a new fan myself, and the missing pipes that need to be installed, however I disagree with the fact I am responsible for getting the hole drilled into the wall on the counts that:
  1. The hole doesn't fall under the definition of a 'conduit'- it's necessary for it to be there in order for the conduits (fan, pipes, wires) to be managed and maintained by myself, but it is part of the exterior wall.
  2. I'm not requesting new work, I'm requesting a fix to something not done properly.
I've been back and forth with the company for 2 years over another damp issue they've been useless at addressing, and only started making moves on that after I had to raise a formal complaint, so to find another defect which is also conducive to causing damp is quite frustrating (!)
I'm not sure if we disagree on the interpretation of the lease what my next steps would be?
Many thanks in advance to anyone who has any advice.
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