LF a specific music video.

2023.02.27 23:20 Hisameko LF a specific music video.

Like the title says; I am looking for a specific music video containing some 15~ish songs from Nier Automata. (Like a "best of" sort of video)
I distinctly remember that it started with "A beautiful song", with Simone screaming attempt at opera. It also contained "Amusement Park", "Copied City", "City Ruins" and "Memories of dust" I'm pretty sure.
I'm looking for it because it is what drove me to seriously consider buying the game. Because if the music is that good, what would the game be like? So I keep remembering listening to it in a nostalgic manner, but I for the life of me can't find it.
"A beautiful song" had this picture. "Memories of Dust" had this picture.
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2022.12.24 08:16 Natural_Student_1609 [Hiring] Horror Character Designer

I'm looking for an artist who's capable of emulating correctly the detailed styles found in resident evil 7&8, outlast series and Silent Hill PT
Here's a few examples
If you're interested you must include examples, to show that you understand that you must have examples, and agree to show them include the word Fear in your reply.
Budget is 200$ starting out. I'm willing to go higher if need be, but style has to be close to the named inspirations. You must have a discord and PayPal to be hired.
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2022.12.06 20:45 sullenosity Amicia cosplay, but which one?

Hey guys, I am looking into doing an Amicia cosplay for this upcoming year, but I'm struggling a bit with choosing which.
Which version of her is most recognizable, and which costume is the coolest, in your opinion, and why?
Innocence: Requiem 1: Requiem 2:
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2022.10.24 22:47 headcrab111 Lineage 2 Elf STLs?

Hi, I'm looking for lineage 2 elf STLs, preferably that look like the female elf concept art:
On a side note: Is it just me or are there relativly few characters with pleated skirts?
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2022.09.26 23:02 Traingham Heroic character moment in fiction that gave you pause?

Nowadays pure heroism in fiction is kind of overlooked in favor of anti-heroes needing to be convinced to jump at the call of heroism, or unintentional heroism as a result of a goal for the protagonist that just happens to improve the lives of others.
Sometimes you’ll just be given a moment of unflinching, unapologetic heroism, whether it be an action or a genuine declaration to do good and follow through with it that really leaves a lasting impression on you.
In my case it’s Marle just deciding without hesitation, after realizing that Lavos is the reason why the future of the Earth is so bleak, to change the future for the sake of humanity.
It comes so quickly, and she’s so straight forward with her feelings that you find it silly, but you know that these are the individuals that get the job done in the end. Marle spurred her friends to become the heroes of a dying world that they, under normal circumstances, could never hope to see in their natural lifetime. If not for the fact that they had been flung forward into the future, the three of them would have gone about living out their lives in their proper time period and died without ever having known Lavos existed.
She tasks Lucca, Chrono, and herself with taking down Lavos because no one else possesses the knowledge that it will arise to bring the earth to ruin or the power to prevent it—and she does it to remove the burden of this danger from future generations that will never know or acknowledge their heroism.
She’s so fucking cool.
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2022.09.26 20:55 DaviDark90 What is this armor type called? Dynasty Warriors 7's Xiahou Dun armor

What are the shoulder and forearms called for Xiahou Dun? I've been googling, but can't find the specific name. I know Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender has similar style.
Thank you.
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2022.09.26 20:46 DaviDark90 What is this armor type called? Dynasty Warriors 7's Xiahou Dun armor

What are the shoulder and forearms called for Xiahou Dun? I've been googling, but can't find the specific name. I know Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender has similar style.

Thank you.
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2022.08.21 14:45 wardparcel Radiata Restoration

Radiata Restoration is a project aiming to find all official Radiata Stories-related products & media and make them accessible to all RS fans.
This 2005 JRPG does not have many official products (especially those available to the English-speaking market), and as such there is the likelihood that many Radiata Stories products will become lost media in the near future.
This post serves as a portal to other links and sites that detail and showcase these various RS products, and thus this page will be subject to continuous updating. Community contribution is very much appreciated!


Radiata (lots of great finds e.g. scrapped gameplay) (YouTube) (Twitter) (Reddit)
Nico Article JPN
RPGamer ENG (HD Trailer Screenshots, Character Splashes, etc.).
Creative Uncut Art Gallery.
North America Box Art Scan
Japan Box Art Scan
GameFAQs Media
Game Manual & Various Scans JPN
Game Manual ENG
Transparent PNGs Of All Characters
Radiata Stories Game Font ENG
The Epic of JACK & The Song of RIDLEY Logo Font (Sibila)
Radiata Stories World Concept Art JPN
Radiata Stories Concept Art JPN
Radiata Stories Character Outfits JPN
Radiata Stories Friend Profiles ENG


All Story-Progression Cutscenes (JPN)
All Story-Progression Cutscenes (ENG)
Successful Crocogator Mission (ENG) & Lunch with Jarvis & Daniel (ENG) (not featured in the story cutscenes (ENG) video)
Deleted Scenes (Part 1) ENG
Deleted Scenes (Part 2) ENG
Deleted Scenes (Part 3) ENG
Deleted Scenes JPN
2004 Tokyo Gameshow Demo JPN
2005 E3 Demo ENG
2019 Star Ocean Anamnesis Collab JPN (Jack Gameplay) (Ridley Gameplay) (Jack & Ridley dialogue)

Trailers & Adverts

Animated Advert JPN (15 seconds)
Animated Advert JPN (30 seconds)
Animated & Gameplay Advert JPN (3+ minutes)
"A changing world, and unchanging feelings" Advert JPN (2+ minutes)
Trailer JPN (1+ minute)
Trailer ENG (2+ minutes)

Strategy Guides

Official Brady Games Strategy Guide ENG (PDF)
Official First Guide JPN NEEDED: Scans
Official Complete Guide JPN NEEDED: Scans (some photos here and here)
Final Guide JPN (some photos here) NEEDED: Scans
The Master Guide NEEDED: Scans


The Epic of JACK & The Song of RIDLEY (JPN) NEEDED: Complete translations
The Song of RIDLEY Gil & Zane Scene (ENG)
The Song of RIDLEY Final Scene (ENG)
Yuka Fujikawa (TEoJ Author)'s Top 3 Humans (ENG)
Yuka Fujikawa's Top 3 Nonhumans (ENG)
Super Comic Gekijou NEEDED: ENG translations


Question Post
Side 1 (JPN) NEEDED: Scans & translation
Side 2A - Human Path (JPN) NEEDED: Scans & translation
Side 2B - Fairy Path (JPN) NEEDED: Scans & translation


Full OST (official ENG titles here)
Arrange Album NEEDED: Lyrics translation
Fortune & Plod Along JPN Credit Music NEEDED: Clean in-game footage of Fortune playing during the JPN credits


2005 Developer Interview ENG (translated from the Official Complete Guide)
2005 Dev, VA & Nami Tamaki Interviews JPN NEEDED: VA & Nami Tamaki interviews translation
2022 Noriyuki Iwadare (Composer) Interview


Jack & Ridley Figurines Photos
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2022.08.10 21:29 Maoly 3D print file setup tips?

Hey there, Recently started trying out 3D printing. Was initially planning to make a cosplay propThis sword from FFXIV with worbla/foam but might try printing out some of the base pieces instead since I had the stls as a reference beforehand and now I have the tech so may as well! Mainly want some tips on what elements to look for when setting up slice files and what is ideal for cosplay props(likely using PLA) Stuff like :
-What layer heights are commonly used with weapons/props? Was thinking to do most at 0.1 mm since most pieces are small and have lots of details but some pieces are so large and detailed they would be 24hour or more prints.
What infills are used as well? I’ve seen upwards of 50%+ recommended but is there an upper limit to that? Should walls be wider? Etc.
Any tips or things are missing are appreciated! Got my files set up already so they’re easily tweakable and gonna play around more when I can!
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2022.07.22 16:47 nik0lla Looking to get this image made into a printable mini for tabletop

Edit: I have someone checking into it now, thanks for all the interest!
I have a player at my DnD table that is using this reference art for his summon:
I was wondering if someone could make a mini for me (I'm thinking 20mm height?) so I can resin print the little guy.
Thank you!
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2022.07.15 02:32 suchapain New Kotaku article on Quiet is both bizarre and Ugh.

Metal Gear Turned 35, But Quiet’s Character Design Marks A Timeless Controversy
To summarize this article, it's very bad that Quiet shows a lot of skin for all the standard video game feminist reasons. Ugh!
Also from this article:
Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa pictures Quiet as naked in some early concept art, a meditation he performs with many of his female characters. It’s a ridiculous practice, another confirmation that women video game characters are designed with a man’s libido front and center, but in the peculiar case of Quiet, Shinkawa might have been onto something. If Quiet’s final design had fully committed to her distinct backstory, I think Metal Gear could have presented something more compelling to the canon than another hot video game girl designed to sell collectibles.
Try to challenge your expectations of character design and engage in a thought experiment with me. At one point in Metal Gear Solid V, two Russian snipers express surprise at seeing a “naked” woman, Quiet, near the Serak Power Plant. Well, what if Quiet was naked? Like, actually naked, not flatteringly concealed in some places, tantalizingly bare in others. Why can’t women be naked in video games without having to be in a male character’s bed or an actual robot?
A naked Quiet—or a Quiet wearing an airy, high-tech bodysuit—would confirm her body is a tool of war, not a vehicle for bikinis meant to titillate players. The game would no longer waste time on pretense, on mystery about what lies under a few inches of cloth. Her movements would lose their sexual drama. The camera would no longer need to desperately zoom in as Quiet bends over to catch an extra stretch of skin. And even if we went with that fully nude option, what you would see is what you would get: tits, ass, and a gun.
Being naked or (less sensationally) creating in-universe technology to accommodate her parasitic needs would let Quiet breathe better. With her skin exposed as much or as little as her character desires, she could eat and drink more frequently and efficiently. She’d become even more fantastically strong than she is in the sexually frustrated game that shipped.
it would be better if Quiet spent the whole game completely naked.

WTF? I'm not opposed to this suggestion but how are these ideas at all compatible with eachother? Despite what French literary critic Roland Barthes claims that quote Kotaku found, I can confirm the straight male gaze does indeed find naked women to be sexually appealing. Practically any argument against bikini Quiet would logically also apply just as well, or even better, against a naked Quiet.

Why can’t women be naked in video games without having to be in a male character’s bed or an actual robot?
Because if she's having sex then that's considered a good, realistic excuse for a character to get naked and culture warriors won't complain as much. But if you just have the camera show them off naked in the shower, or getting dressed, then that is considered bad because it is gratuitous titillation for no necessary plot related reason. And if the writer comes up with some unrealistic, convoluted, plot reason for a character to be seen naked, then that is also bad, because that is also considered to be transparent sexual objectification for the male gaze. The ideas against those things are popular enough, that enough people complain about those things, that the vast majority of artists now avoid putting those things into games.
(I also have a theory that nudity in a man's bed might get an exception because if this science is correct, it is a sensual situation so it can also titillate women, but nudity in non sensual context does not titillate women. Humans are biased and use motivated reasoning to come up with reasons the things they enjoy are fine and can stay, but the things they don't enjoy are bad and need to go away. )
Also don't forget age rating boards are a big factor in why one might not see more naked women in media. Japan's age rating board gives any actual nudity an age rating that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft don't allow games to be sold with on their consoles, so that in itself makes this suggestion not actually an option available for Kojima.
Like if Kotaku actually wants a naked Quiet then I think Kotaku has a lot of work to do to change a lot of popular ideas, and also change entrenched rules and systems. in human society. And one thing that is necessary to change, is some of the very popular 'basic feminism 101 media theories' about how the male gaze is bad, and including anything titillate any presumed straight men in an audience is harmful and/or embarrassing. Basically any idea that encourages anyone to complain about Quiet's current design (including the arguments this Kotaku article wrote), needs to become a lot less popular before Kotaku can get a character like Quiet except she's naked in a (AAA non-porn) game.
Personally I would strongly approve of and root for a campaign to change human society in this way so Kojima, and other devs, can put more naked fictional women in more situations in future games. But I'm not actually going to personally do anything to try and make this change happen, and I doubt Kotaku will either.

or an actual robot?
Also people did complain a lot about Cortana until she stopped being naked so that link claiming women can be naked if they are a robot is false. What the dev said in that linked article was not considered a valid excuse.

From the first comment under the Kotaku article:
I love Quiet, I love MGSV. There is nuance, and I know there’s also showering and rain dancing and her bending over for no reason and stuff. However, I’ll note I had recently broken up with a gf of 7 years and she had gotten into the game and was surprised and honored that Quiet’s body was “real”. I’m sure we can all chalk this up to a pervy amount of detail but she thought there was body positivity in a woman without an exaggerated cartoon anime superhero hourglass figure showing skin. She wasn’t an mgs fan, she barely played games when we were together but was genuinely enjoying mgsv and Quiet on their own merits.
Wholesome! Despite what culture warriors claim about Quiet being bad, what if it is actually perfectly fine and harmless for some characters like Quiet to exist in some entertainment for both the men and women who enjoy her?
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2022.06.30 05:39 Flambix7 This will sound stupid, but why front side case like this doesn’t exist ?

I’ve seen this in Cyberpunk, and it doesn’t sound to stupid… :
Thanks for all your answers ;)
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2022.06.09 17:52 Where_is_my_Whiskey Megaman Legends Cover Art

Hey Rockman enthusiasts!

I was wondering if anyone knew who the promotional artist was for the Legends series.

I love that art style and would love to see more from that artist!

Thank you for all of your help!
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2022.05.11 01:24 AlexisTheArgentinian Slipknot, The Vengance-Seeking Owl

Name: Slipknot Iskar [LV1] [0/4]
Alises: The Owl, Iskar, Slip, Knot, Slippy.
Race: Owl
Class: Stand UseArcher
Age: Adult
Appearance: Slipknot is a grey owl with seemingly orange eyes. His Stand is a levitating 5'20ft tall Stone Centaur with various orange-glowing cracks through its body and an exposed "core" on its torso.
Personality: Calm, Cold, Untrustful, Curious.
Armor: N/A
Head: ---
Arms: ---
Torso: ---
Legs: ---
Feet: ---
Gear Clarifications: Slipknot has no Gear, He is an Owl.
Slipknot cannot properly communicate on his own, but his Stand can talk through with an eerie creepy voice that is the result of him trying to imitate Human Speech at the best of its capacities.
##[Abilities (14/14) [LV1] ]##
CONSTITUTION: +4 (Only for Believer, but not Slipknot/+40% HP)
-Believer is a Metaphysical Being with great durability that lets him defend Slipknot and take attacks like nothing.
DEXTERITY: +2 (+2/For Both)
-Slipknot is very fast, having hollow bones and wings to travel through the air with elegant ease. Believer has the same speed as his User due being its Stand.
WISDOM: +2 (+2/For Both)
-Slipknot has great vision and hearing that vastly surpass humans, spotting details and noises that most couldnt while also having a frightening accurcy Thanks to this.
-Slipknot is alot smarter than normal owls and smarter than the average human as well.
Proficiencies (Optional)
[What your character is good at]


Avian Physiology: As an Owl, Slipknot can fly and has great vision/hearing and some form of Echolocation. +2 in DEX & WIS, with The Counter of having Hollows Bones That suffers from x1.5 Damage from Physical Attacks and being weak to Flashing Lights/Loud Noises.
Darkness Adaptation: As an Owl, Slipknot has night vision and can adapt to darkness with ease.
270-Degree-Angle Neck Rotation: Owls can rotate their necks on a 270-Degree Angle.


Inaudibility: Slipknot flies so soft and elegant that he makes nearly no sound while doing so. Advantage at DEX.
Great Accuracy: His Owl Senses allow him to have a beyond human accuracy on ranged attacks, quite useful when your stand is an Archer. Advantage at WIS.


The Owl's Stand:
Slipknot's Stand, Believer, manifest as a Rock Centaur with a Shield instead of a left hand. Believer can shoot Energy Arrows and transmuting anything that The Arrow touch into Stone after being hit four times; Every "Stone" Stack can be heal by any Active Heal. The Stone then can be absorbed by Believer to make his Standmaster and himself stronger (Temporary), he gains +2 in DEX, CON or WIS from absorbing the transmuted stone and Heald 10% HP. Believer's Arrows deal 1d8+WIS+DEX% Energy Damage and True Damage, having a range of up to 50ft. Believer's Blocks uses CON Rolls.
[11 SLOTS]


Nocture Animal: Slipknot hates light and can be easily blinded by it. Suffers from X1.5 Damage from Light/Radiant Damage and can be blind by them, this for Slipknot and Believer.
Sensible Ears: Sound-Based Attacks deal X2 Damage to them.
Stand Link: If Believer dies so does Slipknot and viceversa.


Character Inventory:




Slipknot was the pet of a young veterinarian Ian Iskar, rescue by Ian when his wing broke and the lad help the owl heal. Slipknot return time to time to check on Ian, gifting him moths and dead mice as it seemed poor Ian couldn't hunt these preys by himself. Ian kept Slipknot as his "pet" of sorts, even naming the owl as his Favorite Band. However, Tragedy always arrives and a curious mafioso with an Stand Arrow required new recluits and chose the ornitologist for this....Sadly, Ian didn't survived being stabbed by the arrow due not having enough Fighting Spirit to posses an Stand, The Owl attacked the mobster for taking away his friend's life! Only to be stabbed and seemingly killed by the Stand Arrow as well.....Or so the mafia boss thought, in reality Slipknot survived and gained an Stand! Now, Hired by "Ghost Ripple Inc." to try and find the jerk who killed his friend, Slipknot and Believer will travel sea, sky and land to avenge his fallen fellow.


5.000 Gold
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2022.05.11 01:20 AlexisTheArgentinian Link, The Disturbed Lad

Name: Lincoln "Link" Park [LV1] [1/4]
Race: Human
Class: Stand UseHematomancer
Age: 18
Link looks like a young lad with an perpendicular scar going from the side of his neck to over his nose from his right side of the face, he has Black/White hair, has two red horns popping out of his head and wears a dark outfit with various red details all over it, he is 5'9ft tall.
Personality: Enthusiast, Trying-Too-Hard-To-Look/Act-Cool™, Determinated, Kinda Edgy, Creative and Mischevious.
Armor: Bloody Gear
Head: N/A
Arms: Bloody Gloves
Torso: Bloody Shirt & Bloody Jacket
Legs: Bloody Pants
Feet: Bloody Boots
Gear Clarifications: Link's Clothes were made out of his own blood as he controls it via his stand to be stronger and much more resistent and lighter than normal clothes. +1 in Blocking/Tanking Attacks and in Dexterity.
Description: Link has a weird obssession with Fights and Blood. If anyone bad mouths his family or loved ones he wil turn quiet and serious and in battle much more violent as he has a deep love for his family and friends.
##[Abilities (14/14) [LV1] ]##
-Link was always an aficionado to fighting and such, doing various martial arts and learning how to wield melee weapons since child thanks to his family patronage. This was amplified by the better usage of his Stand which better his strength by optimizing his blood.
-Link knows how to take a hit thanks to his training on martial arts as well as take toxins and such thanks to his power to control his own blood.
-Link is very agile and dextreous, even moreso than normal people.
-Link is creative and tricky, trying to use his Stand in various unorthodox ways. For this, he tries to trick or convince foes into falling on his traps.
Proficiencies (Optional)
[What your character is good at]


Human Potential: After dying, Humans with enough willpower have a chance of "Reviving" from Death after surpassing a WISDOM Check with a DC[X] set by the DM. If they success, they revive with half of their HP and gain a Permanent +1 WIS. This can only be done ONCE PER ENCOUNTER, and they will die permanently if they're killed again. After the first time, they get a Permanent +5% HP Overcharge instead of a +1 WIS for every "Revive". To trigger this ability, The DM or The User has to flip a coin and fall in Heads, otherwise the Player only dies.


Blood Focus: Link's Stand uncounciously optimizes the blood intake and function of his body thanks to this. CON Modifiers are used on STR & DEX Rolls.
Metaphysical Blood: Link's Stand affects his blood on a deeper way than most can understand. If used to Offense, Link's Blood deals True Damage and can even hurt intangible targets or other Metaphysical Phenomena like Ghosts or Spirits, etc.


"[Bloody Stream]": Link's stand, which manifest as red horns on his head, its the Metaphysical Manifestation of his psyche/soul/fighting spirit. Bloody Stream allows Link to manipulate his own blood.
"Blood Loss": If Link overuse his Hematogenesis he will suffer this status effect. Loss -5% HP each round until he is heal, and everytime he uses Bloody Constructs or gets hit it sums up other -5% HP for each round. He can be cure by any Active Heal that affects the inner organism.
[14 SLOTS]


Metaphysical Weakness: Link suffers from x2 Damage from Soul Dmg and Psychic Dmg.


Character Inventory:
Twin Sabres: Two Short-Sabres that can make a synchronized dual attack. [2]
An Slingshot: to manually shoot any small projectile into an enemy. [1]
Sword of the Demon General: It uses Strength or Deception, it cannot be removed from it’s scabbard but it can slice through just about anything, it gives a +7 to Deception and a +4 to Strength when active. Got it from The Science of The Soul. [2]


Bandages and Medikit with medicines in case he overuses his Stand.


Link was born in a loving family, being raised by his parents and his maternal grandparents, all who supported him even when he was somewhat embarrasing and borderline edgelord at times. Link was born with his Stand, Bloody Stream, but just started actually trying to use it on his teen years. One day, his parents went missing for meddling on dangerous bussiness as his dad is a lawyer and his mom a Journalist/Reporter; Link has started a journey to find his parents, joining "Ghost Ripple Inc." to train his ability and with the promise of being help to find his parents.


500 Gold
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2022.04.15 07:55 Sarmelion Concept Art Archive?

I've been able to find bits and pieces scattered around various artist's artstation's and This excellent website... but does anyone know of any single archive that had ALL of the concept art for Wildstar? Or any obscure pieces not on the usual artstations and such?
I'm specifically looking for more Ikthian concept art but honestly any of the more fantasy leaning stuff is great, hoping to archive it for posterity and D&D game tokens hehe.
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2022.03.15 18:47 knight_of_selesnya [HIRING] Eight Character Sketches of my FFXIV Static.

Hi HungryArtists,
I am hoping to commission a character artist for eight different FFXIV characters. I am looking for simple shoulder-up drawings in black and white with a few simple details like hats and jewelry. I was hoping to add maybe a small splash of color as an accent on each piece, but not full color. As FFXIV character models are not the most expressive, you would have some creative freedom in how to design expressions and the like. I've written up short blurbs about each member of the group to help you design their picture. FFXIV does have characters of a few different races, so comfort in drawing humans, cat-people, and the like is a plus. The style I am looking for is similar to the official FFXIV art, which I have an example of here. So there is some manga influence, but not over-the-top.
I'd like to pay $25 for each sketch, as (and correct me if I am wrong) I believe each sketch should take about an hour. That makes a total budget of $200 for the entirety. File delivery would be digital. I am hoping to have this project by the end of the month. I am new to commissions so please let me know if you need any other information from me!
Thanks for reading!
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2022.03.15 08:57 blackweed75 Anyone know where I can see the Furier color artwork for The Star

This link containing the artworks seem to be missing the Furier color version of The Star, can anyone share or tell me where I can find it?
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2022.02.23 12:07 salt-in-the-sea Is there a website for all the concept art in DBH?

I really wanted the art book for DBH but can't get it. Ive seen many websites with concept art but they all seem scattered around. The closest website I've found that includes a variety of art is this one and this one but they still do not contain all of them. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.29 03:01 Miyuchr Blade and Soul Concept Art & Artists - LINKS

Had nothing better to do and because I like the concept art of bns decided to post the artists, in case a fellow artist might want to take a look. o7

Kim Hyung Tae - Twitter - doesnt have much art on there anymore, seems to have opened a studio and a merch store.
An Hee Chul - Artstation -> shortcut to his blade and soul post bns mobile
Jin Woo Park - Artstation -> post shortcut (he did the concept for Maximon and some outfits that are in game and a lot of outfits that would be cool to have ngl)
Seunghee Lee - Artstation -> Warlock outfit Russian outfit bns mobile 1 bns mobile 2
Seunghee Lee - Youtube
Oh Ji Hoon - Artstation - loading screen art, its a lot of his posts so wont like all of them independently

There is also this website where u can see all the concept art that u cant find on their profiles.

Anyway that was it! :)
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2022.01.22 04:05 Farheezy89 Endless possibilities, adding new faction or even new hero to outlanders. I personally would love to see some Mongol Fighters. (Pics are from creativeuncut)

Endless possibilities, adding new faction or even new hero to outlanders. I personally would love to see some Mongol Fighters. (Pics are from creativeuncut) submitted by Farheezy89 to forhonor [link] [comments]

2021.12.28 08:05 GemXEmbers The Sacred Siblings of Ocarina of a Time

The Sacred Siblings of Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Link and Zelda work together both as children and adults to stop Ganondorf, and save Hyrule. While the two share little screen time together, it has often been speculated that the two wind up as a royal couple, King and Queen of Hyrule.
Not only does this seem to contradict canon, but I would go one step further and suggest that they are actually siblings, albeit estranged ones.
Let's start in an unlikely place: the Composer Brothers, and the Sun's Song. When you kill the Composer Brother poes, they'll inform you of their life's work:
"We brothers also served the Royal Family, and were assigned to study the hereditary mystic powers of the family. [...] We had a mission to analyze the mysterious powers of Hyrule's Royal Family." - Composer Brothers
They were eventually able to succeed in creating the Sun's Song, which used the Royal Family's hereditary magical powers to control time.
"Though we never could figure out the power of the Triforce, we had almost completed our study of controlling time with the tones of ocarinas. Uh, I mean... Actually, we did complete that study!" - Composer Brothers
Of note, is the mention of the magic being hereditary, which would imply that only the Royal Family are capable of playing the Sun's Song. Which is strange, considering Link can play the Sun's Song and successfully change the time form day to night, and vice versa, as is described in the inscription inside the large tomb beneath the Composer Brothers' headstones
"The rising sun will eventually set, / A newborn's life will fade. From sun to moon, moon to sun... / Give peaceful rest to the living dead." - Epitaph
Of note is the strange inclusion of a newborn's life fading. Why a newborn, specifically, when a generic mention of a person could suffice instead? Strange indeed. When looking through the text of the game, there is only one other explicit mention of a baby, which brings us to the Deku Tree Sprout:
"Some time ago, before the King of Hyrule unified this country, there was a fierce war in our world. One day, to escape from the fires of the war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy entered this forbidden forest. The mother was gravely injured... Her only choice was to entrust the child to the Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the forest. The Deku Tree could sense that this was a child of destiny, whose fate would affect the entire world, so he took him into the forest. After the mother passed away, the baby was raised as a Kokiri. And now, finally, the day of destiny has come!" - Great Deku Tree Sprout
It would seem that the Composer Brothers, and the Royal Family as a a whole, assumed Link as a newborn died with his mother during the Unification War. Which would explain why Zelda never mentions her mother, only her father. For, assuming she's Link's older sister, her mother would have died when she was either a baby herself, or a toddler.
Finally, when destiny brings the Princess and the Hero together for the first time as children, she notes:
"What is your name? ..... Link... sounds somehow... familiar." - Princess Zelda
Why would Link's name be familiar to her, when her prophetic visions lack dialogue, and are visually-oriented?
"I had a dream...In the dream, dark storm clouds were billowing over the land of Hyrule... But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground... The light turned into a figure holding a green and shining stone, followed by a fairy..." - Princess Zelda
Indeed, the resemblance is clear. Both have blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, with similar heights and facial structures. Whilst visual resemblances are rather subjective, there are striking similarities.
Putting the pieces all together, it would seem that the Queen of Hyrule was forced to flee to Kokiri Forest during the Unification War, after suffering grave injuries, there she gave Link to the Great Deku Tree for the guardian deity to protect, and passed away shortly thereafter. The Royal Family, having recovered the body of Queen, mourned the loss her and presumed the infant prince dead, as his body was never recovered. Perhaps as part of this mourning, the Composer Brothers wrote the lyrics to the Sun's Song, finishing the piece shortly before they were killed by Ganondorf. Princess Zelda would have been very young when her mother passed, and now, as a grown child faintly remembers her late brother's name. Raised apart, Link never knew of his heritage, as the Great Deku Tree sought to protect him, and dared not risk giving Link any reason to leave the forest.
This reframes the union of Link and Zelda throughout Ocarina of Time as siblings who share a sacred, destined bond, looking to right the wrongs inflicted upon their family and kingdom. A platonic, sibling bond that ultimately brings down the isolated King of Evil himself.
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