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This is a subreddit for news about Green Parties, Green candidates, and Green politics from around the world.

2012.12.04 04:13 BUM WINE

We are talking about the best in world of bum wine right here. Bring on the Night Train Express, Thunderbird, MD 20/20, Cisco, and Wild Irish Rose! All aboard! This is also a place to talk about any other cheap alcohol you might enjoy, so join the party! Cheers!

2012.09.20 22:55 Xenophon1 The Futurist Party


2023.03.23 10:11 GustafsonGustoferson So birdperson is a pedo?

In S5 E6 Rick goes into BP’s memories and from what I can tell they are roughly the same age so BP is in the ballpark of 70yo. He also has a memory where is shows he and Tammy hooking up on the night they met.
Tammy is summers age so she is 16-17?
Turns out she is an undercover agent and possibly she was just playing a teenager but BP doesn’t know that.
I think it’s possible that Tammy knew BP was a pedo so she implanted into Summer’s high school as a teenager, waited until she had a chance to meet him at a party, and hooked up with him on the night they met. She then maintained his affection until he proposed and on their wedding night she ambushed him.
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2023.03.23 10:11 AutoModerator Charlie Houpert - Charisma University (Complete Course)

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2023.03.23 10:10 zlobnezz Joining a kingdom as a mercenary as an indipendent clan with fiesf

Hey all, I have a question as i haven't tred anything like this before. So, if I'm an independent clan and take a fief, lets say a rebel city, and don't declare a kingdom and then join a kingdom as a mercenary, what happens to that fief? Do I keep it if I break the contract?
Also, is there a way to make companion parties permanent? As in if I make a companion lead a party and he/she gets captured and escapes, is it possible to set it so that they reform the party without me going into clan tab and manually reforming it?
I haven't played in a while and I was thinking about about giving it another go, that why I'm asking.
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2023.03.23 10:10 nachosjustice72 Lenses to pair with bodies for Video AND Portraiture?

So I thought I'd end up doing sports photography, and went Canon, but truly the tables turned and I ended up falling headfirst into LOTS OF video and portrait work. So, with the necessity to buy several handfuls of lenses looming, the money lost from bailing on Canon is immediately made up for by the price difference in Sony's NATIVE lenses, before I even consider 3rd party ($1000 AUD difference between 70-200s, for example)
Anyways, enough about me.
So, with a ~$3000USD budget for the initial burst, what would be the best choices to pair with a (not included in budget) A7SIII and RIII to fulfil the general (solo operator) Video and portraiture roles?
Preferably internal zooms for gimbal/stabiliser use. Obviously something like the new 50f1.4 is ideal for portraits, but I need more of a "maintain current quality and fulfil both roles" rather than a "sacrifice one for the best of the other."
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2023.03.23 10:09 bateselectricStLouis Light The Way To Safety: Find An Experienced Electrical Contractor Today!

With all the technological advancements, electricity has become a large part of our lives. The more complex electrical systems have become in recent years, the more dangerous they can be if handled improperly. This is why finding an experienced St Louis electrical contractor is important before beginning any project or repair.
An experienced contractor will possess the knowledge necessary to complete a job safely and efficiently while adhering to local building codes and regulations. They can also help you to design an efficient electrical system that meets your needs while keeping safety and cost in mind.
So how will you find the best St Louis electricians? Here are some tips to consider:

i. Types of the services they provide:

Ensure you get a St Louis electrician who offers a wide range of services. It is important because your project may require specific knowledge or techniques that not all electricians are experienced in.
Discuss what type of services the electrician offers, and determine if they can handle your project or repair.

ii. Qualifications and certifications:

The most qualified electricians have undergone formal training and education, and they have the necessary qualifications and certifications to prove it.
When hiring an electrical contractor, make sure they have the right credentials to guarantee their services are up-to-date with current safety standards.
They should also be properly insured if something goes wrong during installation.

iii. Experience and Accreditation:

The best electricians St Louis MO services have years of experience and are usually associated with accredited organizations or certifications.
Research thoroughly to determine- if your potential contractor has accreditations or memberships with professional electrical associations. It will assure you that they can provide a quality service at an affordable price.

iv. Cost:

The cost of the project or repair is an important consideration when choosing an electrical contractor. It’s important to compare prices and services for different electrician St Louis MO services to ensure you get the best deal for your needs.
However, it’s also important to remember that cheaper isn’t always better – sometimes, it pays to invest in experienced professionals who can do the job right the first time.

v. Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews are a great way to gauge the quality of work your potential electrical contractor can provide. Check out customer testimonials on their website or third-party review sites like Google or Yelp!
Reading customer reviews provides insight into how reliable the electrician will be and how professionally they handle any issues that may arise during or after the project.


Finding an experienced St Louis Electrical Contractor requires research and diligence, but it’s worth the effort in ensuring the safety of your home or business. Do not just settle for anyone; take the time to find someone who can provide quality services at an affordable price.
When it comes to choosing a St Louis electrician, Bates Electric offers a reliable and professional service that sets the bar for excellence in the industry. We provide a comprehensive range of residential and commercial electrical services, from installations to repairs.

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2023.03.23 10:08 paracharlotte Just attended the listening party in Sydney

Love the album! I feel like this is her best work yet. Stand outs for me were The Contortionist and Battle of the Larynx, definitely my favourites. The rap from her live show at Lollapalooza is an intro to Evil, I believe. Not part of Nymphology (I'm guessing cause they played it for us on a turntable so I couldn't really see which song was playing when).
Something cool is that there are a lot of ambient, seamless transitions between songs, which makes it feel like a very atmospheric and cohesive album.
The Contortionist was my favourite.
Also in Nymphology Mel gets a lil bit ahem... sexy.
So excited for PORTALS!!!
Please don't ask me for clips, sorry.
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2023.03.23 10:08 Fickle-Courage-2050 How would the people of Barovia react to a tiefling?

I'm about to start my first CoS campaing in about three weeks. I'm prepping everything I can in terms of getting to know the world, how events interconect, how the NPCs would behave, etc. I'm also setting individual hooks for each of the characters, and so far I think I got some ideas to start with.
I know that several other parties have entered Barovia before. Sometimes more often, sometimes once in a generation (depending on how you run it). My question is: how do you think Barovians would react if one of my adverturers is a tiefling?
I'm using Legends of Barovia as the basis for my campaign, with Mandymod's and Dragna Carta's elements here and there. The tiefling plans to multiclass as a warlock at level 3 or 4 (patron: fey, which is perfect for me). I was thinking making Barovians react as if she was a minion of Strahd. Strahd himself could have some fun at her expense making her think: who do you think your real patron in my land? The feys start the campaign in hiding, so I think it would make sense that the tiefling doesn't feel the fey's presence so clearly.
I'm too new to this... and IMO there's soo much lore to be absorbed to run it as a really immersive adventure.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 10:07 RasJamukha Dub party

Good morning to all of you, I hope you are doing fine. I am travelling to Georgia tomorrow, for a week, and I was wondering if anyone of you is aware of any dub parties taking place in Tbilisi during my stay. I know there is one the 1st of april but unfortunatly that's my departing date. Thanks and I look forward to any replies. If you would like to suggest other, perhaps unusual, things to do there, feel free to share.
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2023.03.23 10:06 NorwayAvicii Hold On Never Leave

I guess most of you has heard this version before, which I think is much better than the original one from Garrix "Hold On & Believe" - Hold On Never Leave.
In both Soundcloud and Youtube, it says Martin Garrix feat. Avicii - Hold On Never Leave (ID, Unreleased).
But sadly, Avicii did not do anything on the UMF version, which is very cool. Garrix wrote it on his Twitter in 2016:
I guess I'm late for the party, but nice to know!
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2023.03.23 10:06 Ok_Low0 Obligated to return to auto repair shop for incomplete repairs or small claims?

My vehicle was in a collision and the other person accepted full liability. I went with the other party's insurance instead of my own to get the advantage of having a rental car fully covered and to avoid the subrogation process. I had the car taken to a small local auto repair shop of my choice for an estimate, and meanwhile the insurance company's estimator came out and prepared an estimate for about $8200.
Long story short (I can elaborate on this if it becomes relevant), I discovered that the shop did not perform the work specified on the estimate after I paid them the full amount. They fixed the obvious exterior cosmetic items, but did not perform diagnostic scans (a bunch of warning lights on the dash appeared after driving it for about 3 miles), did not replace and balance a wheel, and other major items that were specifically stated on the estimate. The repair shop gave various explanations, ranging from that they had forgotten, or they were confused because there were two versions of the estimate, to that I had damaged the car myself in the hour since I had received it from them (I hadn't). They said I should bring the car back, but I had already returned the rental car, and their lack of transparency and the fact that they didn't do the work when they had the car made me lose trust in them, so I told them I wasn't going to bring my car back.
I had two other repair shops look at the car and they confirmed that the first shop did not complete the work on the estimate. I had a dealership perform the scans to ensure that the car's safety systems were working at cost to myself.
I asked the shop to refund me for the work that wasn't performed, and they have refused. To my understanding, this violates WA RCW 46.71.045 (unlawful to retain payment from a customer for parts not delivered or installed or a labor operation or repair procedure that has not actually been performed;) but I am not sure how this applies when insurance is involved.
I've asked the insurance adjuster multiple times for help, but both the adjuster and his supervisor say that it's out of their hands because I did not go with one of their in-network repair facilities.
I'm currently waiting for an auto repair consultant to generate a post-repair report and an estimate to complete the repairs.
I have gotten alot of different opinions on how to approach this and am looking for legal advice at this point. Am I obligated to take the car back to the original shop, or is it legally sound to take this to small claims?
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2023.03.23 10:05 Venugopalhyd Innovative Agricultural Policies And Farmer Welfare Under Chandrababu Naidu’s Leadership in AP

Under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government in Andhra Pradesh has implemented numerous innovative policies aimed at promoting agricultural development in the state. These policies have been designed to improve agricultural productivity, increase farmer incomes, and create a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.
One of the key Achievements of the TDP government under Chandrababu Naidu's leadership has been the introduction of micro-irrigation systems. The government has invested heavily in drip irrigation and sprinkler systems to help farmers conserve water and optimize their use of fertilizers and pesticides. This has led to a significant increase in crop yields and reduced the environmental impact of agricultural practices. Another Major Contribution of Chandrababu Naidu has been the introduction of the 'Zero Budget Natural Farming' (ZBNF) policy in the state. This policy encourages farmers to adopt natural farming methods that do not require any external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, farmers use locally available resources such as cow dung and urine, crop residues, and other organic materials to fertilize their fields. This has helped to reduce the cost of farming and increase the sustainability of agricultural practices.
The TDP government has also introduced a number of other policies to support agricultural development in the state. For example, the government has implemented a crop insurance scheme to protect farmers from the risks associated with crop failures due to natural disasters or other unforeseen events. This has helped to provide a safety net for farmers and enabled them to invest in their farms without fear of losing everything due to unforeseen circumstances. In addition, the TDP government has focused on improving the market access for farmers by establishing a number of 'Rythu Bazaars' or farmer markets across the state. These markets provide a platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers, thereby eliminating intermediaries and improving their profitability. The government has also established cold storage facilities and other infrastructure to help farmers store their produce and reduce post-harvest losses. All these stats are seen by the people on Live TDP Updates.
The TDP government has also been proactive in promoting the use of technology in agriculture. The government has established 'Kisan Call Centers' to provide farmers with information on a range of agricultural issues, including crop cultivation, pest management, and market prices. The government has also developed a number of mobile apps that farmers can use to access information on a range of topics such as weather, crop prices, and government schemes. The TDP government has also focused on promoting farmer welfare and improving the standard of living of farmers. The government has provided subsidies for the purchase of tractors and other agricultural equipment and has established a number of hostels and other facilities for the children of farmers who are pursuing higher education. The government has also introduced a number of other schemes such as interest-free loans for farmers, pension schemes for elderly farmers, and health insurance schemes for farmers.
Overall, the TDP government under Chandrababu Naidu's leadership has implemented a number of innovative policies aimed at promoting agricultural development in the state. These policies have helped to increase agricultural productivity, improve the standard of living of farmers, and create a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. The contributions of Chandrababu Naidu, other TDP Leaders, and some of the Top TDP MLAs have been instrumental in the success of these policies, and their continued commitment to the welfare of farmers is likely to yield significant dividends in the future.
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2023.03.23 10:02 marmarisdentalcenter Fethiye Real Estate

Fethiye is a beautiful coastal city in the south-west of Turkey, known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. In recent years, Fethiye has also become a popular destination for real estate investors, offering a wide range of properties, from luxurious villas to modern apartments. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why Fethiye is an attractive location for real estate investment, as well as some of the different types of properties available in the area.
Location and Lifestyle
One of the main reasons why Fethiye is such an attractive location for real estate investment is its unique combination of stunning natural beauty and modern amenities. Fethiye is situated on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges and pristine beaches. The city also offers a wealth of cultural attractions, including ancient ruins, traditional markets, and local festivals.
In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Fethiye is also home to a range of modern amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and bars. The city's excellent infrastructure, including well-maintained roads and public transport, makes it easy to get around and enjoy everything that the area has to offer.
Property Types
Fethiye offers a wide range of properties, from luxurious villas to modern apartments. Whether you're looking for a spacious family home or a cozy apartment, there is sure to be a property that meets your needs.
Villas: Fethiye is home to a range of luxurious villas, offering spacious living areas, stunning views, and modern amenities. Many villas in the area feature private swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and outdoor dining areas, making them perfect for entertaining friends and family.
Apartments: Fethiye is also home to a range of modern apartments, ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Many apartments in the area feature balconies or terraces, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains or the Mediterranean Sea.
Land: For those looking to build their dream home, Fethiye also offers a range of land options. Whether you're looking for a plot of land with sea views or a rural plot surrounded by nature, there is sure to be an option that meets your needs.
Investment Opportunities
Investing in Fethiye real estatecan be a smart financial decision. The area's natural beauty and modern amenities make it an attractive location for both tourists and long-term residents. This high demand can lead to strong rental yields and appreciation in property values over time.
In addition, Turkey offers a range of incentives for foreign investors, including a residency permit program and tax benefits for real estate investors. These incentives, coupled with Fethiye's strong real estate market, make the city an excellent option for those looking to invest in property abroad.
Fethiye is an attractive location for real estate investment, offering a unique combination of natural beauty, modern amenities, and strong investment potential. Whether you're looking for a luxurious villa, a modern apartment, or a plot of land to build your dream home, Fethiye is sure to have a property that meets your needs. With a range of incentives for foreign investors, investing in Fethiye real estate can be a smart financial decision, providing strong rental yields and appreciation in property values over time.
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2023.03.23 10:01 XanderKaze final part of my timeline.

Part 4
8 years later Vanny had finally found William in 2038. Vanny could only rebuild William Afton’s head because his skull was melted onto the Springbonnie suit and Williams eyes were missing. Vanny was looking around and found eyes from an unused animatronic from the backstage which was supposed to be Old Man Consequences but the skin tone was purple. Vanny was running out of ideas until she heard the door open. Vanny looked up to see an alligator animatronic throwing away scrapped parts of a Glamrock styled Bonnie. Vanny then used he parts and remade William Afton. Burntrap was born. Five days later when it was nearly June, a kid named Gregory had snuck into Freddy Fazbears Pizza Plex. This place was built by Micheal. Micheal had hired a bunch of workers to make a pizza plex with a secret room where he watches TV when he is not doing anything because the Afton Household had fell when William escaped his hell. Due to the Afton Household falling down, Micheal could’ve died since he was inside but he escaped just in time. Micheal was sleeping at Jeremy Fitzgeralds house for the night so he couldn’t be notified by what’s happening at the Pizza Plex. Gregory had been shut in when it reached 12 AM and Freddy was willing to help. Gregory had found a Party Pass and went into Monty Golf. When going into Monty Golf it was more clear of what happened to Glamrock Bonnie but Gregory had destroyed Montgomery Gator making him lose his legs and Gregory grabbed his claws. Freddy now had the upgrade of tearing through gates. Later Gregory had been on the tracks of Roxy Raceway and Roxanne Wolf had jumped down the tracks to stop Gregory, Sadly for Roxanne she got ran over and Gregory stole her eyes. At 6 AM Gregory had a choice to either stay in the Pizzaplex or to Run away, Gregory decided to stay. Gregory was then given a party pass and went to Fazer Blast and found Vanny’s secret hideout. Afterwards, Gregory went and destroyed Glamrock Chica but was dragged into the sewers. 2 minutes later Gregory had escaped the grasp of Chica because the disabled animatronics come back to fight, as I was saying Gregory got to this Sticky Note room. The special part about this room is that when going upstairs you see… a family. There was a bot that looked like Ballora, One that looked like Circus Baby, one that looked like a young worker, one that looked like a magician and a normal robot with its head gone. Gregory tried to remember what this was a reference to and he finally realised. It was a reference to the Afton Family. The Magician was William Afton, the Child Murderer, Ballora was Mrs. Afton, Circus Baby was Elizabeth Afton, the worker was the creator of the Pizzaplex Micheal Afton and then the one without the head was The Bite Victim. Could all the rumours be true? Gregory found a present and opened it to find a Poster from Fredbear’s Family Diner. Gregory just kept going. Gregory then upgraded Freddy and then went under the Pizzaplex. Gregory was shocked by the site of Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place from 2024, he thought it was all just fake which means the rumours were true. That’s when Freddy let Gregory know the ones that were fake because Micheal programmed it into him if he ever comes across Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place. Freddy and Gregory then went inside of the pizza place. Gregory went inside of Freddy due to seeing the giant hole in the floor and Freddy went down with Gregory inside. When going down Gregory was in shock looking at another form of Molten Freddy… The Blob. The Blob was a mix of every animatronic that was popular with Funtime Freddy as the head. The souls were still inside of Molten Freddy, even an angry Lora after learning the William was a killer. Freddy got on a plank of wood which had broke apart due to Freddy being a robot with a child inside. Freddy had dropped down into a secret office with two doors on the side and a vent in the middle. Meanwhile, William Afton had walked out of a broken down Power Generator that gives power to the Glamrock animatronics. Burntrap puts his hand on a TV screen and hacks Freddy. Freddy was forced to eject Gregory and Gregory set fire to the room Burntrap was in. Burntrap stops and Freddy returns to normal. Freddy then let’s Gregory know that Chica is coming so Gregory closes the doors. The doors automatically reopened when Chica had left. William goes into a different room and starts hacking Freddy again, Gregory goes and lights Afton on fire. Freddy is no longer corrupted. Freddy tells Gregory to watch the vents because Monty was coming. Gregory closes the vent door on Monty and Monty goes backwards to Burntraps lair. Burntrap then goes to the other room on the other side of the building and starts hacking Freddy once again. Gregory burns Burntrap and uncorrupted Freddy. Freddy warns Gregory about Roxy and that there is no stopping her so Gregory goes into the corner where the bed is so Roxy can’t get him there. Freddy gets hacked and Gregory runs towards the main room Burntrap was in when the fight started and burns him. The whole Pizzaplex starts burning and Gregory runs away with Freddy. Burntrap is trying to walk away but The Blob spotted Burntrap and grabbed him with its tentacles and then up above. Gregory and Freddy are still running and they get out and sit down on a sunny cliff. Chica, Monty and Roxy get back up to the surface and start wondering around the Pizzaplex looking for a meal. Micheal walks in to see that the whole Pizzaplex was burnt and destroyed and leaves to do normal day things. A little girl had later went to the ruined Pizzaplex with a flashlight and-
To Be Continued.
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2023.03.23 10:01 AutoModerator Charisma On Command - Charisma University (Course)

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2023.03.23 10:01 XanderKaze Part 3 of my timeline

Part 3
Micheal continued his walk home and had quit the job he was at because he has another job, finding his father. After 28 years, Micheal had still not found his father and a new Horror Attraction was coming to Utah. Micheal, seeing this as a way to get some money to get his organs back at the Hospital applied for the job as a nightshift. The creator of Fazbears Fright, Phone Dude had thought that Micheal was wearing a costume and made him the nightguard for the attraction during the day. On Micheal’s first night of the job, nothing happened strangely. However on Micheal’s second night, Phone Dude had said he found some springlock tapes from Phone Guy and a real animatronic. Little did Phone Guy know he had sent hell to Fazbears Fright because he found Springtrap inside of the old Freddy Fazbears Pizza that closed in 1993 and who was inside of Springtrap? William Afton. Micheal had saw the animatronic walking and thanks to the Audio Lure that Phone Dude gave to Micheal and the cameras, Micheal was able to get Springtrap away from Micheal’s office with Balloon Boys laugh which Springtrap thought it was a child. However, Springtrap had friends because 6 phantoms had also came on the second night. Phantom Balloon Boy, Phantom Puppet, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy and Phantom Chica were the 6 hallucinations going for Micheal. Micheal kept on dealing with this but by the time Night 6 had rolled around, Micheal had saw his Fathers corpse inside of Springtrap so by the time 6 AM had rolled around… Micheal had set fire to Fazbears Fright. Micheal was outside of the building when setting Fire to the place and ran away to his house. Micheal had nothing else to do now but stay in his house. 2024 has finally rolled around and Henry made Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place which was a completely different name then the other locations and Henry was looking for a manager. Micheal saw this place directly outside his house and applied for the manager position. The place was booming with business, including the animatronics that wouldn’t move around in the night, but it did attract some animatronics. On the first night, Molten Freddy had came to the pizzeria, he was salvaged and then put into the labyrinth. The second night, Scraptrap had came, William Afton had returned. Scraptrap was salvaged and put into the labyrinth. On the Third night, Scrap Baby had came. Your probably wondering why. Well the reason is that while in the sewer, the soul of Funtime Freddy and Elizabeth had a fight inside of Ennard, Elizabeth was ejected and she had rebuilt herself from the parts in the scooping room even making her claw her hand. Ennard ended up finding a sister location made by Henry called Chicas Party World and had burned Yenndo with Bonnet as a hand puppet. Ennard then took the Mask of Yenndo and was Molten Freddy. But anyways Scrap Baby was salvaged and put into the labyrinth. While this was happening, Henry had made Lefty to capture the Puppet, Lefty had successfully succeeded but they the Puppet had revealed the puppet was Charlotte. Henry, instead of selling Lefty for 5 dollars had decided to throw Lefty where the other scrapped animatronics were found… in the back alley. On the fourth night Micheal had found Lefty and did what he did with the others, salvaged Lefty and put her in the Labyrinth. While Micheal was in the labyrinth which was on a Saturday Micheal was using an Audio Lure to keep the scrapped animatronics from coming in the office at the end of the night, Scrap Baby made it clear that this was a gift for all of the scrapped animatronics. Henry interrupted Scrap Baby saying this wasn’t a gift and they were called for something. Henry was hidden in a office that no one but him can get to which was an air duct, he was near by. Henry had set the whole pizza place on fire and Micheal had rushed out of the building before it burned him yet he did cough up his Remnant and fell on it and revived himself once again. William Afton was stuck in the Labyrinth because the doors had closed. William Afton had burned in the pizzeria and finally died. When William had Died, he was expecting to revive but, no. He looked around and saw an endless black void. He blinked twice and he was now infront of a giant select screen. He was infront of every single animatronic that Him and Henry had invented. There were 50 characters in total and without reading a single thing of what the animatronics do and like the maniac he is, William had set all Animatronics to there highest difficulty, 20. Williams first death was to the Freddy Fazbear from 1993. Then Mangle from 1987. Then Springtrap from 2023. Then Jack-O-Chica from 1983. Then Ennard from 1995. Then Scrap Baby from 2024. No matter how many times William had tried, he had died over and over and over again yet he still got back to the point he was at. After 20,000 deaths William had decided to read and study every single animatronic. He was mastering it until Dee Dee, the unused friend for Balloon Boy had showed up. Dee Dee made it more difficult by adding more animatronics. Her alternative version, XOR or Shadow Dee Dee had added all characters at once. This made it difficult. After dying to Nightmare Chica, William had looked at the death count, 1,000,000,000 times. He had died a billion times. But this time, he knew what to do with every single character including the extra characters. He was not going to die another billion times because 1 Billion was enough. He was fighting with so much chaos and even finding cheats by keeping the camera on camera 2 to make it so that Circus Baby, Nightmare Mangle and Nightmare Bonnie don’t attack William for not having any plushies. This was going for 6 hours and after 6 hours….. William had completed his personal hell. Cassidy, the creator of the personal hell being The One You Shouldn’t Have Killed was screaming in agony and anger because William is free from his hell. That is when Old Man Consequences came and sat next to Cassidy and eventually took Cassidy into Old Man Consequences island. Cassidy came over to Old Man Consequences and sat next to him saying “Leave the demons to his demons, rest your own soul there is nothing else” basically telling Cassidy to quit making Afton Suffer. Cassidy refused and jumped down the lake to make Afton suffer more. It was the year 2030 by the time William Afton had escaped his hell and he was in a VR game about the tragedy’s of Fazbear Entertainment and people were just testing it out. William Afton as Glitchtrap was walking around when he saw a Beta Tester by the name of Vanny, Glitchtrap had lured Vanny towards him and Vanny thought this was a part of the game. Vanny got close to Glitchtrap and then Glitchtrap put his hand on the VR headset that he saw on the play and Vanny had fallen under the control of Glitchtrap. William Afton, finding his new and found power had decided to go on a glitching spree. That day more then 1,000 Beta Testers had fallen under the control of William Afton. William Afton had told Vanny to make a suit, a bunny suit to be infact and she did just that. William Afton was still trapped but that all changed because Vanny got William out of the VR World and into the real world. When William Afton had gotten back into the real world he had been found in a secret office inside of Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place which was under the ground.
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2023.03.23 10:00 lululemonmods Thursday WMTM Discussion

Hi everyone! Hope you're all ready for what's hopefully an amazing WMTM drop today! Feel free to chat all things WMTM here! Is they're anything you're hoping to see turn up today? What are your thoughts on the drop? Did you end up buying anything? And more!
Mods do not make a distinct USA WMTM drop thread like we do for Tuesday new item drops because the drop happens to early in the morning, so links are posted in the comments. Sort comments by new as the drop is happening to see any new WMTM releases.
Tips and Tricks:
Good luck all and happy shopping <3
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2023.03.23 10:00 XanderKaze Part 2 of my timeline.

Part 2
The following day, Fredbear’s had closed to stop the tragedy that happened because a parent could use this to kill there child they don’t want. William then wanted Micheal to suffer after realising that Micheal was bullying Evan without him noticing and what he did to Evan. William had made nightmare animatronics to have Micheal to fear, this went on for 8 nights, wasting Micheal’s sleep, making him tired when he went to school. Micheal, knowing he’s not wanted had ran away from the place until it was time to return. This led to a big search that went on for year’s. Meanwhile, Henry had made a pizzeria whilst also using the animatronics the were about to have at Fredbear’s. Henry then invited William over to make to restaurant together as they made Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and the Security Puppet to protect Henry’s daughter, Charlotte. William made a secret pizzeria with new Funtime animatronics that were made to capture children but something went horribly wrong as on the same day Circus Baby’s Pizza World has opened. William closed the pizzeria due to Gas Leaks but the reality was that no matter how many times William told Elizabeth not to go near Circus Baby, she went anyways and it ended up killing poor Elizabeth. Lora after William told the news that Elizabeth had died, Lora decided to blame William for both of there children’s death and decided to find Micheal and live with him. Lora ends up finding Micheal but was so distracted that she ended up driving off a cliff with Micheal being the only one besides William who was following her to witness her death. After seeing William, Micheal ends up hiding in a bush and waits there until he goes back. Micheal after William left, had walked all the way up to Heathers house to hide there until it was time to return to Hurricane, Utah. After seeing Micheal walk through her door, she welcomed him with a hug that would squeeze the air out because Heather had missed Micheal. Meanwhile back in Hurricane, Utah William had reunited with Henry after the death of Elizabeth and Lora, even having there remnant. Henry after realising Williams depression decided to cheer him up with some tricks that Henry was doing with Charlotte. And in that moment, William decided what should be done. Freddy Fazbears has opened in 1985 as William darted to the security puppet and put a box on the present while the security puppet was deactivated. At night while Charlotte was locked outside, William darted around the back and murdered Charlotte in cold blood, William had thrown Charlotte with the trash bags to hide her body, The Security Puppet managed to bust out of his box and dashed outside to find Charlotte’s dead body. The security puppet had just got on top of Charlotte right when Charlotte’s Remnant had came out and then Charlotte had possessed to puppet, making the green eyes turn white and have purple tears come from the eyes of the puppet. William then went in his Springbonnie suit a told children that they’re dogs are alive with Old Man Consequences who was a planned animatronic for Fredbear’s but was scrapped and is now in its own arcade game where you try to fish. Gabriel, Jeremy Jr, Susie, Fritz and Cassidy had followed William into the safe room where they met they’re demise. When William was murdering the 5 kids, the remnant of Evan had spilt into the unused black bow tie and black hat Fredbear and after killing the 5 children, William had stuffed Cassidy in the Unused Fredbear so Evans first friend can keep him company. He then continued to stuff Gabriel in Freddy, Jeremy Jr in Bonnie, Susie in Chica and Fritz in Foxy. A few hours later the police arrived to not find the bodies and later closed the pizzeria. Later, Henry found Charlotte’s body and made a funeral that William didn’t attend because he was on a holiday trip in Australia. When William came back, he teamed back up with Henry to make a new pizzeria with toy animatronics that were based of there toys even adding BB and JJ. Meanwhile At Heathers house, Jason had came over and then a few hours later Jeremy came at the exact same time The new Freddy fazbears pizzeria had opened in 1987 and now the gang was back together once again. Back at Hurricane, Utah the new Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria had only just opened and it was a big hit with families, infact it was bigger then Fredbear’s Family Diner. A thing was that William had secretly scrapped the original animatronics and painted the parts he got to make it look like he originally created it. But since the toddlers liked the original Foxy better, they went to kids cove and pulled Toy Foxy apart and put her back together. And after the day ended, the employees have found toy foxy in bits on the floor and built her back to her original self. This would repeat for 3 weeks before the staff members just gave up and made Toy Foxy a ‘Take Apart and Put Back Together’ attraction which ended up with the name of Toy Foxy switching to Mangle because she was a mangled mess of animatronic parts. It was October and Mangle had gained the ability to climb on the ceiling and walls which became a big threat so all staff members were equipped with Tasers in case if Mangle was getting dangerously close to staff and people of all ages. This became a problem because one time Mangle was trying to get away from the toddlers and got close to a staff member that the staff member tasers her and the toddlers ripped her apart and put her back together. When halloween rolled around kind person by the name of Dave Miller had applied for the nightshift at the place and he finished his week but complained that the animatronics were heading into the office and the theory was that the animatronics weren’t given a proper night mode so they used a Empty Freddy Fazbear Head for testing I didn’t fool 2 of them. The 2 were being the withered version of Foxy and the Marionette so for the marionette they used a music box and for withered foxy they used a flashlight to blind it. Later when it was 6 days till December, Jeremy Fitzgerald applied for the nightshift, While William was in disgust of the sight of Jeremy after what he did with Micheal in 1983, Henry gave him a second chance and accepted him for the job. Meanwhile, The toddlers were messing around with the toy animatronics to make them Hostile towards Adults, this made it so kids come more often and not Adults. On Jeremy’s first night everything was fine until 1 AM to where the Toy Animatronics started to wonder around the place, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica went in separate vents while Toy Freddy went through the hallway, Jeremy put on the mask just in time and almost got killed by the puppet because Jeremy forgot about the music box but wound it up just in time. On his second night Withered Foxy and Balloon Boy invited themselves in with Balloon Boy going the in the same vent as Toy Chica and Withered Foxy in the hallway, at 5:59 AM Balloon Boy got the flashlight batteries and Withered Foxy was just about to kill Jeremy but 6 AM rolled around. On night 3 the rest of the animatronics came to attack with Mangle going in the same vent as Toy Bonnie, Withered Chica going in the same vent as Toy Bonnie and Mangle, Withered Bonnie going in the same vent as Toy Chica and Balloon Boy and Withered Freddy going in the same hallway as The Marionette, Toy Freddy and Withered Foxy. This continued for night 4 and night 5 but night 6 is when the scrapped Fredbear which was now named Golden Freddy had joined the party with Withered Gold Freddy appearing in the hallway and in the office. Before Night 5 tho, William Afton had used the Springbonnie suit and committed yet another 5 missing children incident afterwards, the Puppet had lead the children into there own seaprate animatronics with One going into Toy Freddy, One going into Toy Bonnie, one going into Toy Chica and 2 going into Mangle as One was for the Endo Head while this other was for the Toy Foxy head. Anyways after Night 6 Jeremy switched over to dayshift to take care of this children, but Mangle crept up behind Jeremy and went infront to take a bite out of his Frontal Lobe, because of this Jeremy had knocked out as the event known as the Bite of 87 has happened. Jeremy was immediately rushed to the hospital to where Jeremy had thankfully survived. Meanwhile at Freddy Fazbears, people were cleaning out the place after the toy animatronics were scrapped. Fritz Smith was in the office getting ready to bring it down to the ground when Withered Golden Freddy had appeared behind Fritz and knocked him out. Cassidy, in control of Withered Golden Freddy at the time, had put Fritz in his own personal hell. Meanwhile in Fritz POV, he was infront of a giant select screen and like the idiot he was because he wasn’t supposed to tear down the office he set all 10 animatronics to there max difficulty, 20. Fritz had managed to defend himself from the barrage of animatronics on his first go but was found In the parts and service when he woke up and that’s when everyone saw the withered animatronics. A few minutes later Fritz was fired for Oder and Tampering with the Animatronics because what Fritz didn’t know is that Cassidy controlling Withered Golden Freddy had dragged Fritz Smith into Parts and Service to try and kill him but the employees found him. After some brainstorming, William had thought of the idea of retaking the old pizzeria and make new animatronics out of the ones that Fritz scrapped and when he finished his sentence, Henry had stopped him and told him he needs to leave because people are getting suspicious that the murders were because of William to which William walked away saying he will make his own business and it will be bigger then Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Henry then took Williams idea but added the Puppet as a Prize Gifter just like in the previous location. Meanwhile, William had made Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental which was bigger then Freddy Fazbears where the Funtime animatronics can be shipped right towards you door, but Circus Baby and Ballora where strange as they kept on saying personal things towards him, that’s when William realised the he accidentally poured Elizabeth’s Remnant into Circus Baby and Lora’s remnant in Ballora in 1986. After the new Freddy Fazbears had set sail in 1993, and a few hours later Micheal had came back to Hurricane, Utah in which everyone was happy for the return of Micheal Afton and all swarmed him with hugs and welcome backs. He then went to visit Henry in which Henry embraced him with open arms. Micheal had later got an apartment next to Freddy Fazbears to avoid seeing William until he finished his job at Fazbears when there is a job available. After 2 weeks Fazbear Entertainments most loyal worker only known by his co-workers and everyone else as Phone Guy had been ambushed by the animatronics and being stuffed in by Golden Freddy due to looking Purple even tho he was just a regular person. Micheal then applied for the job but Henry had changed his last name to his mothers last name, Schmidt due to people wanting to ask Micheal if William is the Fazbear Entertainment murderer even tho he was gone for 10 years without knowing about the murders and being socialised from Hurricane, Utah. Micheal’s first night was a breeze at first but at 2 AM Bonnie had started moving and at 3 AM Bonnie got more aggressive with Foxy and Chica wondering around, at 4 AM Chica, Foxy and Bonnie got more aggressive. Night 2 Bonnie, Chica and Foxy were more aggressive then the first night with there aggression levels always raising by one every 3 AM and 4 AM but Bonnie is the only one to raise his aggression level by one at 2 AM. The same thing happened on Night 3 except this time, Freddy was wondering around. Same thing happened on Night 4 with the phone call of Night 4 is Phone Guy being brutally murdered by the animatronics. Night 5, Golden Freddy had appeared with Evan inside of Golden Freddy being more angry then ever. Same thing happened on night 6. On Night 7 however, Evan inside of Golden Freddy knocked Micheal when he was in the office and Micheal was now infront of a Select Screen with the four main animatronics and just because of the sake of getting out, Micheal had set all 4 animatronics to there max difficulty, 20. Like the champ his is, Micheal finished the challenge first try but while he was knocked out, William had snuck into the pizzeria and destroyed the animatronics but met his demise through a springlock suit that he wore for the first time since 1987. Because of no one being around when the animatronics were scrapped, when Henry walked through the door he blamed Micheal for destroying the animatronics. Micheal was fired for the same reason as Fritz Smith, Oder and Tampering with Animatronics. Micheal had then left the pizzeria and went back to his house since 1983. When Micheal walked through the house it was completely empty, stone silent. Not even Elizabeth or William could be heard what made Micheal more suspicious is the fact that the house was for sale which Micheal later bought. Micheal was bored and stayed in the house with some occasional shopping and hanging out with friends but in 1995, Micheal had found a note on the fridge to say that Circus Baby and Ballora is Elizabeth (inside of Circus Baby) and Lora (inside of Ballora) to which Micheal found a favour from his father to hopefully reunite with his father. Micheal’s first night went downhill at the elevator as Circus Baby saw Micheal and thought he was William because all the Funtime animatronics found out they were made for killing children, thinking of a plan, Circus Baby had an idea to scoop Williams insides out and climb inside of him to escape this hell. All the other Funtime animatronics agreed with the idea as soon as the elevator landed. Micheal had went and shocked Ballora once, Funtime Foxy twice and Circus Baby thrice. Micheal didn’t want this to happen but he had to anything he can to free his mother and free his sister. Micheal then went home with the animatronics banging on the vents trying to get in. When Micheal was home, he had found blueprints of all the Funtime animatronics, and the scooper. It turns out the Funtime animatronics, most specifically Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy, were made to capture and kill children, Micheal had finally found out who was responsible for the murders in Freddy Fazbears. And that the Scooper had Remnant inside which gives things life. On Micheal’s second night, he shocked Ballora once and Funtime Foxy once. Yet Hand Unit was bugging between the shocks. When it was time to shock Circus Baby, the shock didn’t work twice in a row. After the shock didn’t work twice, Hand Unit had turned of the power which also had disabled the Oxygen. Circus Baby had turned into helpful made for some unknown reason and told Micheal about the place under the stairs, where Micheal hid off from the Bidybabs. After two try’s, the Bidybabs gave up and let Micheal go. Circus Baby then told Micheal to listen to her which Micheal did and made it across Ballora Gallery without dying. When Micheal went into the Breaker Room, he had his first encounter and last encounter, with Funtime Freddy and like all the animatronics Funtime Freddy had saw Micheal as William. Micheal had finished the breaker room with the Mascot Response that makes it seem like Bon-Bon, Funtimes Freddy right-hand man (literally) was saying for Funtime Freddy to go back to his stage. Ballora didn’t attack when Micheal crawled along the floor to finish his shift. On Micheal’s third night, he had to go trough Funtime Auditorium and used a flash beckon because Funtime Foxy was motion activated. After dealing with him, Micheal found Funtime Freddy in Parts and Service because Funtime Freddy bugged out and tried to capture a child at there birthday party. Micheal had to press multiple buttons on Funtime Freddy’s face which opened the face plate. After that he pressed yet another button on the endoskeleton which opened the faceplate on Funtime Freddy’s chest. Micheal saw the part of the endoskeleton where Funtime Freddy captures the kids. To finally stop working on Funtime Freddy and to go home, Micheal had to find Bon-Bon and press the button underneath his bow tie. But… where was Bon-Bon? Micheal was a ever so tiny but scared because his confidence had spiked through the roof. It took 6 tries to get Bon-Bon, 5 tries Bon-Bon had hid away but Micheal was then stealthy and clicked the button just in time. Bon-Bon was now on Funtime Freddy’s shoulder and Micheal could finally leave. But, Circus Baby’s plan had finally come into play as Funtime Foxy had snuck on Micheal while he wasn’t looking and then jumpscared him which ended up knocking out Micheal. Funtime Foxy had dragged Micheal into the Scooper Room inside of a Prototype Springlock suit. While Micheal was knocked out, Ballora had punched an employee in the back of the head making him unconscious, 5 seconds later the employee died due to loss of blood. Ballora then started to throw the decaying corpse at random employees and then being caught by Jason who had started working at the place with Heather and Jeremy. Jason had ran back into the primary control module and shocked Ballora 4 times ending with Ballora deactivating. Heather decided to come in late to both help with Balloras problem and to get away from all the racism. After scooping Ballora, Heather just waited behind the glass as she watch the faceplates of the prototype springlock suit open. Curious she got closer to the middle of the scooper control room and saw Minireenas heading towards the inside of the suit and being thrown out. After closer inspections Heather realised it was someone in the suit. After getting bored of the wait and turning on the flashlight, Heather saw that Micheal was in the suit. Heather immediately sprinted towards the scooper room while avoid Funtime Foxy and had freed Micheal out of the suit. Micheal was relieved and walked home with Heather sleeping over for the night because Jason and Jeremy were also sleeping over at Micheal’s house for the night. When morning rolled around for Micheal (4 AM) no one else was awake, Micheal had then went into the attic to find some old tapes from 1966, it was old baby videos of Micheal with Micheal having fun with his mother and father and then wondered, what ever happened to Micheal’s relationship with his father. Then Micheal came across a tape from 1973, where Micheal had been doing chores and broke 2 plates. These plates where from Williams Grandma who had died 2 years before Micheal was born. William was really upset and yelled at Micheal for half an hour. Micheal had started crying and ran to his room. Micheal had finally found out what happened with his relationship with his father. Elizabeth was not even born at the time. Micheal had then swore that once he is done with the job he is currently in he will find his father and won’t stop until William is dead. Micheal had watched the final tape at the exact time his friends had woke up (6 AM). It was Micheal’s final night and Heather, Jason and Jeremy had quit because of the incident that happened before the events of Night 4. When Micheal was just coming down the elevator, Funtime Foxy had killed 2 engineers and hung them over the first 2 stages. Circus Baby had called Lolbit to use the scooper but Lolbit didn’t want to destroy they’re friends. So then Circus Baby had called Yenndo to do the scooping. Yenndo was a Funtime Freddy endoskeleton and was fine with it. Yenndo scooped Funtime Foxy and Circus Baby and the endoskeleton parts rebuilt themselves to make an amalgamation of 4 souls, a hivemind on which they named themselves… Ennard. This name was mostly made as a pun but they stuck with it. Elizabeth controlling Circus Baby had controlled Ennard to put Circus Baby’s shell in parts and service. When Micheal reached the vent, Hand Unit had informed Micheal that there are two technicians on sight, unfortunately when Micheal checked the lights, the technicians were there. Micheal watched in horror as he saw the hanging technicians, and Hand Unit didn’t even mention a thing. Micheal had crawled through Funtime Atrium and reached Parts and Service. Micheal was glad that he was going to free his sister. Micheal pressed a button and put in a code, after that Micheal had sent Circus Baby to the Scooping Room. But before Micheal went to the scooping room he saw something within the darkness. It looked like a mixed up mangle of an endoskeleton, little did Micheal know that was Ennard. Micheal followed Circus Baby’s instructions and went to the Scooping Room, Ennard had swiftly grabbed the mask in the Primary Control Module and went to the back of the Scooping Room. Ennard had told Micheal his plan, they wanted to be just like him, Micheal had finally gotten what the plan was and tried to escape but Yenndo and Lolbit had held him in place Micheal was defeated inside. When the Scooper button was pressed, Micheal had remembered the name tag he was given and put it on his uniform. Ennard looked closely and realised that it was the wrong person, Elizabeth and Lora inside of Ennard had realised they made a huge mistake. Lora realised she was going for her son that she hasn’t seen since 1985 and Elizabeth realise she was going for her brother that she didn’t see since 1983. Elizabeth tried to stop the scooper, but it was already to late. Micheal had been scooped and his organs are out of his body. Ennard had climbed inside and patched up the area where Micheal was scooped. Elizabeth, while controlling Micheal had seen some Exotic Butters laying at the receptionist and saw the note on it saying ‘For Micheal’ as Micheal had completed his shift. Ennard had eaten the Exotic Butters in one single go and left. Ennard, with nothing else to do had kept on going to work for the day shift and each time Micheal had left, he got more decomposed and eventually turning purple. Ennard thought it was time to reveal the truth and ejected themself into the sewers. Micheal’s lifeless body had fell onto the ground as Micheal’s soul was floating above his body. Micheal’s soul had been sucked into the depths of hell for no reason and was infront of a select screen. Desperate to get out of there, Micheal had set all characters to max with actually knowing what the characters do by hovering his hand over the character on that select screen. In a single go, Micheal had completed the challenge and was sent back into the real world. For micheal it felt like six hours but in real time it was six seconds and by the time he got back up, his remnant had been pushed into his body and he was revived.
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2023.03.23 10:00 3s2ng Calendar server

We are looking for a calendar solution that can be used in a school setting.
Google Calendar is what we are utilizing right now. There are private calendars for staff and teachers in addition to public calendars (general account). Then, some of our third-party apps have calendar features, and some teachers use these features.
We are looking at the Bedework, and it appears that they have the features we require, such as remote calendar subscription, REST API (which is crucial because we want to pull the data and load it to our Drupal CMS), etc. However, we are unsure of the project's continued maintenance. The most recent information we can find is from 2015.
Are there any other alternatives for Calendar servesystem?
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2023.03.23 09:59 Tricky-Government258 Can Anyone explain what this comment means on this sub?

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2023.03.23 09:59 NoIdeaFamScrewIt My thoughts on the Lion

Right, so, first up, what I don't like:
What I'm torn on:
What I love:
All in all, it's amazing. I've been way too excited and just thought I'd share my thoughts on it, so feel free to share yours too! It's the start of an era for us folks and we eatin' good!
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2023.03.23 09:58 stoic-ethereal Solution

Thing is I was going to attempt my neet on 7 May I had this girl, we shared a connection and I told her I'll get into relationship after this exam. Recently I came to know from a 3rd party that she's in a relationship with someone else. She still wants to be friends with me but I feel disturbed. Any suggestions what should I do?
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