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2023.03.23 09:14 Eli_franklin Best way to up your recruitment game in 2023!

Hey Guys,
just wanted to share some insight on ways a recruiter can develop and stay ahead of the curve. Reading Blogs related to recruiting was one of the most effective ways for me personally.
I don't know if all recruiters are big time readers, but I definitely wasn't one, It took me some time to pick this up as a habit, coming from someone who solely relied on videos and speeches for most of his learning, it definitely wasn't a walk in the park.
But over a course of time reading blogs became a part of my daily routine, there was definitely a great amount of detail in blogs over most informative videos online (this is what I personally felt).
well enough with the rant, I just wanted to share this thought with all of you and know what worked for you.
Also, here are some recruitment blogs that I feel are very informative and is a "must read" for a recruiter, to be masters of the recruiting world.
I hope all of you find the blogs useful!
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2023.03.23 09:13 Swt-Juice Anxiety, anger, stressed, lazy, unmotivated, and more. Little desire for CPA, want to quit. Realistically, is it attainable considering everything about me?

I'm unemployed, started studying FAR six months ago with Becker, failed 4 times (71, 74, 72, 66), can't pass all 4 parts before I start full-time at Big 4. Everyone hypes up the CPA, but I don't have much desire for it. I only want it for bragging, to not be embarrassing, and in case I regret not getting it.
I know all the perks, but I'm unmotivated and thinking of quitting for the following reasons.
From my research, seniors don't require a CPA, but I don't know how much harder it is to get hired without one. I think I'd be satisfied with their salary even in the future. My main value in life is free time, happiness, and freedom.
I don't want to be convinced to keep studying. I just want to know considering everything I wrote, does it seem realistic for me to attain a CPA or is there even a point (not referring to benefits of having a CPA)?
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2023.03.23 09:13 kanter_banter Story mode saving is ridiculous

The story mode save mechanic is ridiculous. I have auto-save turned on but even after completing a 15-minute story segment, if I die I get sent all the way back to the beginning of the mission and have to watch a bunch of unskippable cut scenes and do the entire thing over? I don't mind being penalized for dying, take some items, put me back a little bit, whatever, but this is genuinely infuriating and makes me not want to play the story mode. I tried using the shotgun in first person and it wouldn't let me aim properly resulting in my dying and having to sit through the entire thing again. Is there any way to save more frequently?
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2023.03.23 09:13 BobaGob69 Can one of your family members arrest you for not wearing the hijab

I live near the border between Kelantan and Terengganu
I hate going out wearing the hijab cause I get really headaches from it
I like going to Ecoshop on a bicycle to get some snacks sometimes
my relative who I never talk to and never interacted
said to my family if I go out again he will call the police to arrest me
and send me somewhere for not wearing a hijab
he is an old man who is the man of the mosque and I think the village headman?
he was upset about his honor I think
can you do that in Malaysia law
arrest someone because of attire
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2023.03.23 09:12 Bufbarnaby Password security not working properly!

I turned off auto sign-in so it will ask for confirmation each time I visit a site that has passwords stored in the Chrome password manager for an extra layer of security.
It refuses to ask for confirmation! I have toggled it both ways and refuses to ask for confirmation before it auto-fills the password. It used to work. I even signed out of Google services and tried it...still not prompt to enter my Windows log-on password!
Edge works properly EVERY SINGLE TIME. It has a setting for per-session, and a setting for per-use for every site you use the auto-fill for.
The only time Chrome prompts me is if I am in the password manager, the Windows prompt comes up. Why is Chrome not prompting me when I visit sites? Not happy and have pretty much switched over to Edge. Also, Microsoft is going to have encryption of the password manager soon.
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2023.03.23 09:12 maiat_0 Helps pls high rank 6 defender armor

I’m sooo confused at this point. So I just unlocked 6 star hub quest. And apparently you shouldn’t continue using defender armor. Mind you I’m new to the game and did think I breezed through some stuff. But I also know all my combos/back step. Can someone explain why other armor is better than the defender armor if the defender armor has +8 resistance from all elements? I’m lost. YouTube only helped me understand the importance of skills and jewels. Any suggestions on armoweapon is appreciated I’ve been looking at buildsets. I just don’t understand why other armor is suppose to be better than defender +8 resistance. That’s the only part I’m confused.
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2023.03.23 09:12 Rantscallion Man, I am pathetic

I can only pretend to be okay for so long and of course I knew the horrible feeling of loneliness will comeback and haunt me.
Being a salary man sucks, all the politicking is killing me. I can't keep living like this hoping to one up another human and wake up next to nobody but myself.
I am devastatingly lonely and I'm tired of gaslighting myself into believing that there is no problem.
All I truly dream for is to be a father and a husband to a family I take a huge part in supporting, caring and loving. But unfortunately I am pathetic, unattractive and unloveable so I attach my self worth to things I can provide and it has turned me miserable. The chase for recognition killed my ambitions and self love.
Corporate life sucks ass, every passion I have for art is being drained on a daily and I can't keep up. What hurts more is all my efforts are in vain even though I've done so much, perception still beats hard work.
Everything feels so pointless and now I'm developing a gaming addiction. I can't help but want to escape. Sometimes I truly believe that suicide will be my end and that I'll do it in the near future.
But I don't want that, it's simply a plea for help. I just want to be happy and be alright but instead I feel lost and miserable everyday.
I once knew what it was like to be happy. She was all I had, the world felt small and insignificant when I look in her eyes and her smile warms me up daily.
That ship did not sail where it could have and I'll be lying to you if I say that I do not miss that time in my life ever.
The only time I felt human, alive, loved and recognized.
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2023.03.23 09:12 Exact_Diamond Leaving my birds for a week and need some cheering up

I'm going away for a little over a week with family and I've never been so anxious and divided with leaving my birds. I have a conure and a budgie. My friend is coming by to give fresh food and water them both daily, my aunt is coming to check in on them daily too. I have a pet camera on them with audio and a mic. The budgie I'm very confident will be fine with my absence, it's the conure who I worry about. He's very needy and hates being locked up. He has a plethora of toys and stimulation items, but he's a Velcro-bird. None of my friends or family are comfortable housing them, and my only avian vet with boarding has a case of avian flu that they're turning people away.

I feel like I'm abandoning my feather babies, even though my rational mind is telling me I've probably gone overboard already. It's only eight days... but its making me so anxious part of me wants to just cancel the trip but I can't since its far too late notice to bail. I've never left them alone for more than two days at a time, and even then they were boarding with my parents (who unfortunately are the ones I'm going on the trip with).

Can anyone help put my mind at ease a little? Share stories or experiences of leaving their birds at home while away? I love them both so much. It breaks me to have to lock them up just because nobody I know understands birds, or is afraid of them being loose.
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2023.03.23 09:11 Miserable_Marsupial4 This game destroys the witcher 3 and people who think otherwise are ignorant

The witcher 3 is a big open world with an amazing story but you know what will always be objectively better then any amazing story …. Making your own story and Jesus Christ I hate Gerald so god damn much I’ve tried getting into the witcher 3 3-5 times.
Skyrim is a smaller game with more to do weapons are way more satisfying to obtain and builds are the most fun part.
People with video games now days only look at stories at that point you should be watching a movie. Every build in the witcher is the same every weapon is a silver sword and there is zero and I mean zero satisfaction to the witcher 3. Boring basic fantasy bosses boring weapons and boring landscape. Witcher has no cool dungeons although for some reason witcher fans claim the same about skyrim which is extremely false. I hate where gaming is going cool weapons = cool builds= fun game. I’ve never understood how people like the witcher it’s always bothered me so much that I have purchased it 3 times to try and get into it on diffrent consoles. But it’s not skyrim. If games aren’t endlessly playable they suck.
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2023.03.23 09:11 OldJewellerybuyer Sell Gold Near Me

Sell Gold Near Me
Sell Gold Near Me branch in Delhi and our experts provide the highest price more than today's value.
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2023.03.23 09:11 thelostkernel Still doing internships at 24

I am currently a part-time student studying Comms at SUSS with a Mass Comm diploma. I haven't had a full-time job and very recently completed my content writing internship of 6 months. I'm now job hunting but find myself being accepted into another internship, this time in the Public Relation field. Pay is below 1k and it's a typical 9 - 6 job. The offer is only valid for three days (including today)
It got me wondering if I should ditch the opportunity and look for a full-time role instead though I know it going to be harder, especially with how things are now and with how I don't have the most extensive internship or job experience.
TL;DR : Should I ditch the internship opportunity to find a full-time job despite it being a harder process and possibly facing an uphill battle?
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2023.03.23 09:11 WarmStew23 The War of Tears - Chapter 1

File - Personal Journal Report, Representative Sozon
Species - Luthal Commonwealth
Date Stamp - November 18th, 3023, Standard Union Time
Humanity had a wake up call when they discovered life wasn’t unique to only their planet. They were by far one of the least technologically advanced species to ever be admitted into the Galactic Union. They struggled at first to establish any major settlements outside their homeworld for decades. FTL was something every species had already established before they were admitted into the Union. It took them almost an additional 100 years to finally discover it once they were admitted. Any of the 213 species already in the Union could have helped them out if they wished, but none of us wanted to. Why should any of us waste our time with a primitive species like them? There was nothing humanity could’ve offered any of us at the time.
Anyway, that was over 500 years ago. Now, the humans have been forced into a passive role by the Union. They pay their fair share of taxes to the Union, and they don't even wage any wars. I’ll admit, even the best species in the Union have struggled to avoid war, but for the humans, their negotiation skills appear to be what keeps them away from such wars.
Many people have their varying opinions on the Terran’s strategies, with most of the Union viewing them as weak. Others however, admire their effort, deeming it smart to avoid a full-scale war. The humans may not be viewed as the strongest species in the galaxy, but everyone knows they aren’t pushovers. We have all witnessed several species go extinct, or go nearly extinct by waging wars against others. In most cases, both species become Endangered and the Union has to intervene to prevent them from going extinct. In other cases, one species gets outright dominated by another species and the loser becomes enslaved. Even though slavery is Illegal in the Union, it does little to stop the “Top Dogs” of the Union from establishing it as punishment anyway. Humans must see there is little reward in war, so they do everything to avoid it.
The Terran’s are positioned in a rather peculiar part of the galaxy. If you were to pull out a flat sheet of paper, and draw our galaxy as a circle, their homeworld would sit almost at the edge of the currently explored galaxy. Several attempts have been made to go beyond the confines of the sol system by both the Union and Terran Alliance, but unfortunately there are no records of any of them returning.
My own species, the Luthal, also sit on the imaginary barrier the Terrans have deemed the barrier to be called no man's land. The Terrans have suggested for decades on sending in a fleet of warships, convinced there must be another power like the Galactic Union that is destroying anything that enters its territory. However, with no proof of a distress signal, nor there being any traces of the expeditions sent into no mans land, they have always been denied by the Union military brass. The Union has brushed off the vanished expeditions being a result of the harshness of unexplored space. Even in the early days of the Union, expeditions vanished frequently.
Speaking of the Terrans and the Union Brass, the humans are set to plead in front of the entire Union for support. They notified the entire Union before the meeting they were going into no man's land with or without support. Honestly, for a species that has been so careful up until this point, it shocked a few of us. It must’ve shocked the Union Brass as well because they allowed the Terrans to take the Union floor at the 457th Galactic Union summit. Very few species are actually allowed to speak in front of the stage. Come to think of it, I don't recall the Terrans ever having a representative speak at a summit before.
The rest of the straggler species finally take their seats moments before the meeting is set to begin. The loud murmuring between the representatives quickly gets shushed as Union Chief Alvana walks up to her spot at the head seat directly in front of the stage. I tap my ear, making sure my translator earpiece is in. It would be a shame for Chief Alvana and the Terran representative to give their entire speech, all the while I cant understand it.
“Thank you all for attending the 457th Galactic Union Summit,” she starts. “As expected, we did lose a few species to the endangered list. Which furthers the Union recommendations to pursue all diplomatic avenues when faced with other Union species. This Union standard calendar year’s fallen species are the Viseray, the Nilonus, and the Freyhl. These three species are now on the Union’s protected species list and it will now be a capital crime to kill, enslave, or torture any member of these species.”
I look around, I can tell all of us are zoning her out. It’s not her fault, the Union requires her to include these in her speeches, but I just wish they weren’t so damn boring. Eventually, I can feel the representatives around me begin to tense up. She must be wrapping her speech up, which means the Terrans are about to give their speech.
“And again, thank you for attending the 457th Galactic Union summit. This wraps up my opening speech, the Terran Ambasador Elijah Summers will have the floor.”
A pale, short and skinny human trots down from the near top of the assembly, still being a fairly new species compared to some, he has to make quite the journey to the stage. He grabs a headset from a table in front of Chief Alvana. “Thank you Chief Alvana, and thank you representatives of the Galactic Union for allowing the human race to step foot on the stage. Now, everybody knows about the area we humans like to call No man's land. It is the area past the sol system where no expedition has ever come back from. That could be because of several things, for one, there is no known civilization out there, and the harshness of the galaxy is just too much for any expedition to survive.”
What is he doing? All he is doing is boring us with facts we already know. Almost every species knows about this so-called no man's land.
“The Terran Alliance believes they have found evidence to contradict these beliefs,” Representative Summers states. He pulls out a small box, most likely a human holo-projector. It displays a map of the sol system, with Earth clearly labeled. “Six months ago we sent an armed expedition into no man's land with the sole purpose of being the next lost expedition. A dozen Terran soldiers and four scientists sacrificed their lives to prove the inevitable. After watching this clip I hope you will all support us. Because I promise you, we are going back, with or without you.
I should probably explain to whoever is reading this that Union technology has developed to allow us to watch certain videos as if we were actually the ones there. Thanks to the neural technology developed by Chief Alvana’s species, the Killjoy.
The Terran clicks a button on the small holopad, transmitting the video to the rest of us.
I look out into the vast emptiness of space, hovering over a set of navigation controls. The officer, who is clearly human, appears to be shaking. “Relax Sara,” I say, without even uttering a word. This must be a memory file downloaded from a human. “We trained for this, the Alliance needs this evidence to gain Union support.”
“I know sir, it's just,” the woman says. “I just didn’t realize I would be so scared is all.”
Alarms start blaring. “What is our heading?” I shout, again without uttering a word. I stare at a young man who frantically types on the computer station in front of him.
“We are approximately 1,000 light years away from the sol system captain, shall I prepare the drones?” the young soldier asks.
“Not yet Petros, we need to see our enemies first, raise shields to 100 percent. No use in trying to outrun them with no FTL,” the captain says. A dozen warships shaped like one of those pointy human potato chips pop into view. The captain lets out a deep sigh. “We are surrounded. No wonder nobody gets out of these. This is exactly why the Union military needs to be here.”
“They’re hailing us sir,” the young male soldier, Petros, states.
“Put them through,” the captain orders.
A figure pops on the screen, this alien is much paler than even some of the humans. Its bald head appears to be capable of being used as a lens for reflecting light. The creatures head appears to be large, and its broad shoulders seem to support the assumption that this species is most likely twice the size of the Terrans. At first the alien appears to be shouting nonsense. The human’s translator is a little slower than the rest of the Union’s apparently. Their AI must still be trying to learn this new language.
After a few moments, the alien appears to speak clearly. “So you might as well surrender now.”
“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” the captain says, he looks back over to Petros and nods at him. “I couldn’t quite hear you.”
“I said you are clearly another inferior species trying to ‘explore’, well, you have explored right into your doom. You might as well surrender, the Grim are a merciful species. We will kill you before we consume you.”
“Consume us?” the captain shouts, startled. He then looks over to Petros, “Launch the drones. And for my viewers, I just want to state that we expected this encounter, they jam everything, I don’t know how they do it but they disrupted our FTL and have made it so we can't communicate with anybody or anything. We developed thousands of drones with dozens of different types of viruses that should be capable of disrupting this ability once it comes into contact with any of the ships. It will most likely only work once so don't bank on it in the future. I'm saying this for you Colonel Spears of the Terran Navy. This video is also being downloaded to be sent immediately once their jamming systems are down. So if this cuts out, just note we probably had a small window and took it.”
“You really think you can hack into our systems?” the Grim captain states. He appears to be laughing at the captain’s remarks. The ship then begins to shake, the captain loses his balance and braces himself with his hands for the fall. “For your insolence, we will just consume you alive. I must say it is very painful. Every creature I have consumed always screams in agony.”
“Sir,” Petros shouts, panicking. “We are being boarded by two of the smaller enemy warships.”
“How many drones are still out there?!” the captain asks eagerly.
“We already lost half of them, but they appear to be adjusting. A few have hit the flagship but haven’t detected any jamming systems coming from it, they are now latching onto random…” the male soldier pauses, his face goes white as he stares at the screen by his hands.
“What is it?” the captain states. We can hear the laughter of the Grim captain. Our viewpoint is now on the screen the Terran soldier is staring at. On the video, other Terran soldiers are firing at the Grim soldiers, but the Grim soldiers are just outgunning the Terrans. A few stragglers surrender, putting their guns down. But the Grim soldier does something I pray to have been edited into this video to instill fear. The Grim soldiers stand above the Terran’s, and appear to absorb them into their skin. As if the Terran’s are dissolving into the skin of the Grims’. Screaming can be heard from the Terran victims as the entire feeding process appears to be possibly the most painful thing I have ever witnessed.
The blast doors blast open behind the Captain and Petros. The captain turns and faces the Grim soldiers, his handgun pointed at the head of the lead enemy. He fires three shots, which all connect with the Grim soldier, causing him to collapse. He quickly moves on to another, taking him down, but the Grim soldiers quickly make their way to him punching the handgun out of his hand, and throwing him to the Navigations officer, she screams at the sheer sight of the large alien creatures.
“Ready sir,” Petros shouts unwisely. He now has divided the attention of the enemy soldiers, who are now fixed on him and the captain.
“Send it now!!” the captain shouts, and the transmission ends right after that. The last thing I see is Petros slam his balled up fist onto the panel before the transmission ends.
My surroundings return to the summit. I place my hand on my chest, my heart racing. The whole situation felt so real. It is times like this that I despise getting a Neural transmitter device placed into my brain. I look around, everyone has the same reaction as I do. I think I can see one of the species in the far back collapsing from a heart attack.
“I apologize,” Representative Summers states. He paces back and forth for a moment before continuing, “Captain Hugh Adams, Lieutenants Enrique Petros, and Sara Leipsic were just the three you saw on that bridge. All Sixteen of those aboard that ship sacrificed their lives knowing they most likely wouldn’t return to their families. I know not all species in the Union adopted the same methods as we humans have when it comes to reproduction. But we all have someone we care about, they gave all of that up to show us what we are really up against.”
The other ambassadors begin to murmur among themselves. Some of them saying things like, is that what really happened to all of our expeditions? Or, Do they really absorb other species like that? What happens if they wander into Union territory, will they consume us too?
“Again, I apologize for spreading fear, but this is what we are up against,” the Terran states. “The Terran Alliance is officially submitting a request for a formal declaration of war against the species now known as the Grim. For the hundreds, if not thousands of expeditions that have no doubt been lost to this murderous species, help the Terran Alliance bring them Justice. That is all I have for you.”
And just like that the Terran places his headset back on the table in front of Chief Alavana and ventures back to his seat. Chief Alvana stands from her seat after a few long moments, and attempts to calm everyone down. “Let’s remain calm everyone. This is shocking news presented by the Terran ambassador, I know, but we must remain calm. I am pushing for an immediate emergency vote on the subject of only the 3rd war the Galactic Union as a whole will possibly wage. Please vote on the subject when prompted by your Neural transmitter. Be aware, if we do indeed go to war, there will most likely be a Union wide draft.”
I already know my answer, if this species is the ones responsible for all of our missing expeditions, then we must put an end to them. The Terrans have Intelligently always sought to avoid war. In my opinion, the mere fact they are even asking the Union for a declaration like this is enough to make me want to vote yes.
I submit my vote, and wait for the other species, especially those that are unsure, to cast their votes. As I wait, the only thing on the front of my mind is the way the Grim absorbed the Terran soldiers. There are many species in the Union who consume other species to survive. Some of them cannot live without consuming others, the Union understands this and has a list of species that are allowed to be consumed. Most of them being non-sentient species, for ethical reasons.
After about an hour, Chief Alvana stands from her seat. “Thank you all for your patience, on the topic of a formal declaration of war against the species known now as the Grim, the Union representatives have achieved the two-thirds minimum needed for a declaration of war. All member species under the Union should begin preparing their populations for the Galactic draft. For now, the current military will begin its preparations for war. Defensive forces will be sent to the two systems currently bordering Grim territory. This next part applies to the Terran Alliance and Luthal commonwealth solely, have preparations set aside for Union forces to border your homeworld systems.”
None of us knew what the results of our actions would be. Afterall, how could we? If there was one decision in time that could've made the Galactic Union salvageable, it was probably this day. The Terrans had no way of knowing their thirst for revenge would have the consequences it did. And little did the rest of us know what the Terrans had just gotten us into. I just hope whoever you are reading this, that you are better off than we were.
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2023.03.23 09:11 fadisco21 watch out for your accounts

A big Database got hacked and my codm password was part of it for some reason I now have a random person who can login to my 3000€ account even after i changed the password because he linked a "line" account to it And trust me Activision don't give a f about mobile accounts being hacked it also happened to a friend but he changed his password in time so be careful
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2023.03.23 09:10 BlazingMothMan6000 Why am I getting such low fps?

So just yesterday I built my dream pc after saving up for several years. The PC is completely fabulous. The specs are AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 64gb ddr4 ram, RTX 3090. The problem is well you see just the other day when I was building the pc I thought to myself what if Donald Trump gets reelected?, what if 9/11 never happened?, what if If bald people work in a restaurant, do they still need to wear a hairnet?. Now getting back to the topic it is quite important to note that I am quite the amature at building pc's so after the parts arrived yesterday it took me all of last week to get the beast up and running; let me tell you it was quite the experience, the pc started first try, as a matter of a fact my father came running into the room to applaud me and for dinner and I got to eat moms spaghetti. So anyway when I turn my pc on tomorrow it just does not work, as a result I ask my virtual assistant "Siri" why my computer won't work and Siri says: "The cake is a lie".
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2023.03.23 09:10 No-Army6095 Adding Images to Inventory SKU Barcode/QR Code Labels

Does anyone know how to add a product image/photo to an inventory SKU label?
I have been playing around with Dymo Connect, Zebra Designer 3 Professional and Avery Design & Print. Using the database function I can create unique SKU labels with OEM automotive part numbers, SKU barcodes and QR codes to URLs from an excel spreadsheet. I'm utilising Code128 barcodes and a combination of Data Matrix and Version 4 QR codes.
I can also add numerical counters to these functions. Making them sequential off the excel cell data which represents each donor vehicles individual ID number. This is due to a local law that designates each part must be traced back to the original vehicle. So say the very first vehicle I have I assign the value as 1, then I take 200 parts off that vehicle and I can set the vehicle ID as 1 for a counter off 200 via the label software. This is whilst still having a unique manufacturer part number on the label as per the spreadsheet database it is pulling from.
What I would love is to add a product image to the label which is also the first image on the eBay/Big Commerce listing. The barcodes and QR codes are used in the order-picking process. The images would be a further redundancy measure in case I change my process in the future or sell the business and new owner is scared of the barcoding system.
I can't seem to embed any images into the excel cell. I have tried Google sheets and imported it to Excel but it does not recognise any image file type. All 3 label-making softwares are reading the image from the database as text and displaying 'picture' instead of the image.
I can manually add images to each label but it will take way too long. I would much prefer the images automatically generate onto each new label as the barcodes and other data does.
I think Seagull Scientific BarTender software may have this capability but I'm not 100 sure.
Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?
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2023.03.23 09:09 Nith666 [FOR HIRE] Experienced Unity developer (+10 years) looking for new projects

Hi everyone,
I am an experienced software developer from Germany with more than 15 years of industry experience. I have been working exclusively with Unity since v3 for 10+ years and am currently looking for new projects (games or other areas welcome) to join as a part-time freelancer (remote). I'm looking for teams with clear commercial interest only please, no hobbyists.
More info about me and project references can be found at, happy to share more detailed info upon request. The best way to reach me is via Discord (nith#9084), my website or dm me here.
In addition to my C# coding expertise, I'm familiar with the major systems in Unity, such as animations, render pipeline, shaders, physics, 2D, 3D, UI, social features, purchase/billing, networking, DOTS, etc. and have worked on games for most relevant platforms over the past few years (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam, Windows, iOS, Android, WebGL). Besides Unity, I'm quite proficient with the usual tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, git, etc.
I'm a flexible, reliable development partner and a good communicator who can handle tasks with a high level of personal responsibility. I'm happy to just work off any challenge you set me or also provide creative input if desired.
In terms of payment, I'm basically open to a lot of things, it depends on the project. Let's just discuss it.
--- Thanks for your attention & looking forward to hearing from you! Nils
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2023.03.23 09:09 Advanced_Falcon_2816 GTA 5 Online PS5 Cashdrops

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2023.03.23 09:09 freshbaskit1 Order Vegetables Online Mohali

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2023.03.23 09:09 uoft_eng_throwaway Question about extruding in part studio

Question about extruding in part studio
Hello, sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question. I tried watching some tutorials and searching it up but i could not find a specific solution.
I was trying to create a cage-like box by starting with this hollow rectangular prism, shown below.
I then created many little rectangular prisms in a separate part studio, and assembled it with the grey box and used the linear pattern function with the intention of removing the parts that overlapped with the original rectangular prism, so that in the end I would only be left with the original grey cage with many holes in it.
I tried to modify the extrusion in the blue prism's own part studio, but it did not allow me to, stating that there was "no merge scope selected". I'm assuming that there was nothing for it to remove in that part studio, so it did not allow me to.
Did I approach this the wrong way? Is there a more intuitive way to make a cage? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.23 09:08 romanapplesauce ADMTN_WRTH/BRN_Dream_3

I know these are supposed to be poetry and intentionally obtuse but what are your thoughts on this one? It seems especially sad and noble.
The part that hits me is about the dogs assailing their masters except one who was faithful and protected his human's corpse. The dog tries to lick his master to get a response but cannot because they are dead. The faithful, loyal dog dies of starvation but does not try to eat his master like the others.
I may be reading into this incorrectly, but this seems heavy.
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2023.03.23 09:08 ManicMelancho1ic New Swing Is Pissing Me Off: Part Two

Update to my first post here
As the title suggests, my store’s new Swing Manager is pissing me off.
As stated in part one (here), I was feeling frustrated that he was singling me out during my 12pm-4pm shift on March 21 and asking me to fix a problem he created.
So yesterday (March 22), he threatened to write me up if I kept calling him “dude”. Like what???? I think that’s just really dumb. If he can find me a rule in the book that states that Swing Managers can write up Team Leaders (called an “Area Leader” at some stores”) for calling them something like “dude”, then I’ll happily take the write up. But, I’m 99.9% sure that there’s no rule whatsoever wherever that says I can’t call him “dude” 😭
I call my other Swings and even the General Mngr things like “dude” and “bro” and stuff just cuz we’re all just chill like that and we aren’t too uptight. We all interchange between names and not-names. I have no problem with calling someone by their name if they wanna be called by their name, but going as far as threatening to write me up if I call them “dude” is just whack and so outta pocket. And the mf doesn’t even have a name tag like let’s be so fr rn. U expect me to not call u “dude” but u don’t have a name tag?
I have an 11am-7pm shift today (March 23) and he has a 10am-6pm shift. If he tries to pull any of that bs on me again today u already know I’m gunna go off on that “dude”💀
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2023.03.23 09:08 Melodic_Letter_3456 Please, serious answers, this will be long. I need help with my daughter, 8

I try to make it short and specific as possible. I’m 29, f, I live abroad with my boyfriend, 31. We live in his country with my daughter (his step daughter), and my son (his son)
My daughter still to this day does not know that my boyfriend is her step father. He stepped into our lives since I was 5 months pregnant with her. My boyfriend has always been a great man, a great father and a good example and role model to my kids.
I was 18 when I met her biological father back in my country, he is a foreigner who moved to my country and after 2 years together I go pregnant with my daughter. Although he is a great guy but him living in my country had effected him mentally which lead him to start drinking and becomes mostly verbally abusive. My country and the circle of friends that he had lead him to behave inappropriately and he never wanted kids and he planned to eventually move to another country so my news to him about the pregnancy made him to not think or reflect about it, he was happy at first but things were happening in his life and he started to change his mind.
So, what happened next is, he started to send me threats, thinking that the child is not his, came to my house door a couple of times, which then my mother had to get the police involved because we had no idea how dangerous he could be, which then had a court case and made him a year warrant to not be near us, so he flees the country and from then till my daughter was 3 years old, never heard from him.
In those 3 years, he spoke to many people and made him realize how much he behaved stupidly and that they all are on my side in this, he agrees that what he has done was with his own hands and till this day he regrets it. Ever since he left my country he said he has mentally improved and never been drunk again just for the sake of our daughter.
In those 3 years without any contact, my life has been going on scenario after another, me and my daughter moved to my boyfriend’s country when my daughter was 1.5 years and my son on the way, so all she knows in her life is my boyfriend’s country, me living with my mother back then and she only knows my boyfriend as her father figure.
Up to this day, she has not a single clue about anything, me and my boyfriend discussed things through many times, I’m ready to tell her but I don’t know how, my boyfriend doesn’t know either but he is not ready, which I cannot say a word until he agrees on telling her. In my point of view I just rather let her grow with it then to suddenly shock her in her teenage life, which is the most vulnerable timeline for a person. Either way if we tell her now or later, she will have a phase where she will resent the 3 of us.
Her biological father wishes to send gifts, but my boyfriend refuses to give him our address so we try to find another safer way. He also wishes to see her, of course she won’t know, he wants to see her for now, not meet her. He will meet her when she decides to. I want her to decide by herself then and not be too pushy on her.
Even though my daughter is 8, she might not understand everything so it might take a while.
Parents out there, or people who knows situations like these, how is the best way to tell her? Her grandmother is amazing and my daughter is more calmer with her, should we ask her to help us too?
It would be greatly appreciated for your advises. Thank you
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