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A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

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This is a place for those to gather to bask in the pure positive energy of Lin Manuel-Miranda.

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A subreddit for fans ("Mythical Beasts", as they're called.) of the internet duo, Rhett and Link.

2023.03.23 09:35 AgentOfASignal 26 [M4F] UK/Europe - Language and History Fan. Us meeting must be a historic moment!

Good morning/evening/night/eternal darkness to whomever may be reading this! I come to you from the mythical land of checks notes England. Okay, not very mythical. All the dragons are in Wales, Excalibur's been melted down for scrap, and all the unicorns were hunted to extinction.
But hello regardless. I'm a 26M, and I work a very exciting office job. That's right, I get to do all the fun stuff, like nagging clients who refuse to reply to me, filling in forms, and praying for a 300% pay rise. All the fun stuff like that.
Oh, and I'm plus sized. Which I should have mentioned right away, but then you wouldn't have heard about the extinction of the unicorns.
I speak German, Italian, passable French, and I'm learning Spanish. Oh, and I speak English, which would be an odd skill to be lacking. Quite something to be able to fluently write English but not be able to speak it.
I'm a big History fan, which some people have mistaken for me being an expert. Trust me, I'm not. It was one of my worst GCSE grades. But I'm fascinated by how life was a long time ago, the older the better. Anything post-Hastings starts to get a bit too modern, I like the really old stuff. Stuff like Ancient Egypt, or even older. I'd love to get in a time machine and see all this history for myself.
Currently buying my first house! Got my mortgage, just gotta wait for all the paperwork to go through. Woo!
People usually message me to ask what I'm looking for, so let me answer it: I don't know. A cure for loneliness I guess? So come and be that cure!
In terms of pop culture, I'm a big Assassin's Creed, Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. Believe it or not, I've never read/watched Harry Potter or any of the MCU movies. I'll get around to them one day, I swear. I mostly game on the PS5/PC, although I do have a Switch and Xbox. Other than what I mentioned, I play stuff like Hitman and Red Dead a lot.
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2023.03.23 09:31 Gonnakillurass Good morning Bobby’s, this is me rn

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2023.03.23 09:29 Other-Borderlands K♠️ : Come Seek

K♠️ : Come Seek
K♠️ : Come Seek
This game is part of a series of games, where I am writing games for all 52 cards for a borderlands in the UK. Each one includes a story of how I imagine the game playing out. You can find all entries here.
Venue: Forest outside of the city. (~3 days away)
Player limit: Unlimited
Rules: At the bottom of the story.

Remaining Games
?th Day of Sojourn
Mia left the building in triumph, and began to make her way back towards the school.
However, as she was making her way, she decided to go a different way. As she was the only winner of the game, no one would realise she was missing, they would just assume her dead.
She turned, trying to find an adequate place to stay. She thought back to the Nine of Spades, where she had found her knack for spades games. Before the borderlands she had been quite different, but with rigid training routines she was on her way to becoming the best spades player in the land, or so she liked to believe.
First Day of Exhibitions
The Unknown.
He loved the wilderness. Admittedly, there was little of it left in the UK, so he had gone to other countries in search of adventure. He had decided to return home this summer, and he had been met at the airport by his two friends. Then he awoke here, in his car, with his two friends, who had been exited for his return home.
This was his home now. The wilderness, about 7 days walk from the city. He looked up at the massive blimp above his head, the king of spades hanging down. How had the world come to this?
His life here, the past few years, had been an experience. He knew there was now no way back for him, and that death waited with the arrival of this blimp. He didn’t want to go, but this was his choice. Soon the players would be here.
She had only just made it out of the Queen of Spades game alive, and now she had agreed to play another Spades game? What was she thinking? Alex walked with the school kids to the store they had spoken about, and they kitted up with boots, 40 litre backpacks, tents, food rations, etc., splitting the duty fairly evenly. They also grabbed miscellaneous wilderness supplies, medicine, first aid, water supplies, etc.
She carefully put on the backpack with the assistance of one of the kinder of the two school kids, Tom, who explained that with this heavy a pack slinging it over your shoulder could cause back damage.
“Looks like my DofE is really coming in handy.” He joked, as the others got their packs ready. There were four of them all together, Ellis, Tom, Alex, and Flo. She hadn’t really met any of them during the first stage, but they had introduced themselves now, and they were going to have to work together if they wanted to clear the King of Spades.
Ellis checked the time on his pocket watch he had wound up and set based on a sundial the schoolboy she met, James, had made.
“It’s just after 6, we can get some walking in before camping out for the night, as two or three hors are better than none.” He said, leading them out of the shop.
They began to make their way down the street, to the desolate wasteland that lay beyond the city, a mix of forests and mountains, as far as the eye could see, a solitary King of Spades hanging in the distance.
“You aren’t going to forget about me, are you?” A voice called from behind them, and Tom turned, followed by a surprised Ellis.
“That’s… Your dead…” Tom said in confusion.
“Clearly not. Also, I’m joining you on this journey. Don’t worry, I’ll be self sufficient. It’s all packed.” Mia said, showing them her Backpack. “You should remember, my group got back first on DofE!”
“Alright. We need all the help we can get. But if you get on my nerves too much, I’ll leave you alone in the woods.” Ellis said, and they walked off.
The first hour of walking was always the worst, before everything started to fall away and you lost track of time. It was the worst part, and she trudged through the forest, over rocks, all with the group, watching their backpacks sway from side to side.
The walk continued for what felt like a while, but she knew this would be the least intensive of the days, the next few being four times as long, and likely four times as arduous. She looked at the hill towering in the distance, and knew tomorrow they would be going up it.
They arrived at the base of it, and Ellis checked the time, before deciding they would set up camp here for the night. They began unpacking, and she, Tom and Mia were assigned to setting up the tents, while Ellis would work on the fire and the food, and Flo would establish a boundary and some traps for animals, fo which Ellis gave her a book and a battery powered flashlight, as well as some of the materials needed.
Alex, Tom and Mia had put the poles together on the tents, and were beginning to thread them through the plastic fabric of the tent, as Mia began to ask her about her time in the borderlands.
She told her about her first game, the encounter with James, then the Fibonacci Gaps of the six of spades, her time with Katherine, the seven of hearts…
“Really, Ben did all that? What a sack of shit he is. Honestly, not surprised you faked your death. We found out he was bad during the ten of hearts game, but never realised quite how bad he was…” Tom said.
“What about you then, Mia?” Alex asked her, and by the time the tents were up the three of them had formed quite a good bond.
Once everything was set up for the night, they sat around the fire, eating food, telling stories, recounting their lives.
For the first time since the seven of hearts, Alex felt happy.
They settled into sleep that night, Alex in the warm embrace of a sleeping bag, the tent fluttering in the light breeze. It had been a rollercoaster of a day, but she needed to get a good nights sleep, in preparation for the next few days of hiking.
Second Day of Exhibitions
The Unknown
He took some supplies from his cool box, while sat in his cabin.
Why had he even decided to stay here? This was not how he wanted his life, and he was alone, in the wilderness, where he wanted to be, yet he still felt out of place. He didn’t want to stay in this land, but now he was stuck. He had given up his chance of returning of the old world, and now he sat there, in his self-built log cabin, waiting. He waited for his death. He knew that someone would come, and that the worst mistake of his life would come to light. He thought a definitive chance at winning was better than dying immediately, but he had been wrong. What had he done?
He awoke early that morning, next to Ellis. He checked the time, before winding up the pocket watch and unzipping the tent and stepping outside.
The world was covered by a thin layer of dew, and the air smelt fresh. He walked over to the burnt out ashes of yesterdays fire, taking a seat next to it, on a cold rock.
He thought about the day, and got ready for it, putting on his boots and preparing breakfast, before waking the others.
Unlike the evening before, they ate in relative silence, uttering the occasional word when absolutely necessary.
They packed up the tents, now talking a little more. They folded the tents carefully, while Flo checked the traps.
They had finally finished packing up, and they prepared for the day. Tom laced up his boots, and stood up, grabbing his backpack.
They set off around 7:00-7:30, beginning their trek up the hill. The hill was at a steep incline, and they walked up a winding path across the side of the hill, stabilising themselves on rocks, sliding through wet grass, mud. They spent hours on the incline, stopping for a short break about halfway up, as well as various other water stops. They were exhausted, and as the sun went under, they were almost at the summit, pushing themselves further up the hill, until they arrived.
As he finished the climb, he collapsed at the top, before looking to see how far away the King of spades now was.
He looked in horror at the mountain a little further away, towering, the King of Spades blimp hovering in the sky. Tomorrow was going to be a much more perilous and arduous trek than today, he thought, and Ellis suggested they set up camp here.
They cycled the roles this time, Ellis on traps, Alex on food, and Flo with Mia and him setting up tents.
They were now in a much more conversational mood, talking with Flo, asking her about her time in this country, explaining theirs.
They also spoke about their time before arriving here, discussing the fireworks, their arrival.
“Well, maybe it’s aliens?” Flo suggested.
“But why? That wouldn’t make any sense!” He responded, and Ellis came over, disrupting their discussion to inform them that the traps had been set up.
They gathered around todays campfire, and began to eat, talking about nothing and everything.
As their meal came to a conclusion, Ellis announced he had something for them, and went into his bag, retrieving a bottle of Alcohol.
“Let us drink! For tomorrow we may die!” He exclaimed, laughing, taking a swig from the bottle.
Flo frowned at first, but realised that underage drinking was the least of their problems at the moment. Alex passed on the drink, and so did Mia, but still, before they knew it the bottle was empty, and Ellis was fast asleep, while Tom and Flo couldn’t stop laughing.
Alex and Mia decided it would be best to get some sleep.
They settled for the night, and eventually the others stopped laughing and retreated into their tents and sleeping bags, and Alex drifted off to sleep, into into a dream.
Third Day of Exhibitions
The Unknown
He awoke on his bed, and stepped out onto the patio, smelling the early morning air, and appreciating the wildernesses beauty. He stood, his arms outstretched, and he took in all of the surroundings. The city was a way away, and from here, he could see it, I all its small nature. He walked around his cabin, grateful to be alive. He stopped however, catching sight of a plume of smoke rising from near the base of the mountain, and he went inside to grab his binoculars.
He walked back outside, looking through them, at the smoke, and what he saw confirmed his suspicions. There was a group coming to find him. How intriguing.
She awoke to someone punching the side of her tent.
“Mia! Alex! Get up, we need to get going!” Ellis shouted to them through the outside of the tent.
She got up groggily, putting on her shoes before stepping out into the dew covered meadow where they had pitched their tents. Sunlight streamed down over the top of the mountain, starting to bathe their tents in a warm glow.
Mia walked over to the fire, picking up some of the food that had been prepared, and began to eat it. She looked at the mountain, knowing about the dangerous day ahead, scaling it. At the top of the mountain a mist was starting to form, obscuring the massive King of spades, and where it was they were aiming for.
She finished eating, and then helped pack their tents up. They loaded them into their rucksacks before setting off, walking towards the mountain.
The day started with a walk on a mild incline, where Mia found herself talking to Ellis, and they talked about why they wanted to get back. Ellis told her how at first he hadn’t wanted to go back, but now, he wished he could. That was why he was challenging the King of Spades.
Mia continued her conversation, but her shoulders, arms and legs were aching, from two days of carrying so much. Later in the day, she fell behind Ellis, talking to Tom. Tom was quite nice, and despite having made it to Ben’s inner circle wasn’t totally ruthless.
They clambered over some rocks, and Tom slipped, cutting himself on a sharp edge of rock. He shouted, but insisted he was fine and could continue. They continued, Tom continuing to exhale sharply and wince every couple of steps. The walk was exhausting, but they pushed on, stopping at a larger rock for a break and some water. The sun had reached its peak in the sky, and it was boiling, so much warmer than it had been in the morning. This pace was a nightmare weather wise, and she just wanted to get back to the old world. Mia didn’t want to know why all this had happened, she just wanted to get back home.
Ellis and Flo had been talking, and so had Alex and Mia. Mia liked Alex, while this world had made her quite uncaring, she was a good person. Mia had even with her talks with Ellis almost managed to forgive him. She had heard him crying at night over everything he had done. She hadn’t told him.
They were about two thirds of the way up the mountain when it happened. They were walking along a small ridge when Tom’s leg flared up in pain. He shouted, tipping towards the edge.
“Tom!” Mia shouted, reaching out her hand to catch him. He hung from her hand, over the edge. She tried so hard to pull him up, but she couldn’t , and he just, let go.
They spent the rest of the walk in almost full silence. Mia let out a few tears for tom, but continued. In the old world this would have been a tragedy, but by now they were already so used to the death and the destruction that they just kept going.
They arrived at the top of the mountain, the King of Spades blimp flying a few 100 metres ahed, above a log cabin, surrounded by trees. They cautiously approached the cabin, and Flo felt something curl around her leg.
She let out a shout as she was hoisted into the tree by her foot. They looked around, and they heard the door of the cabin door opening.
A man walked out, and towards the trap. He cut Flo out of it, and introduced himself.
“Hello. Welcome to Come Seek. Difficulty: King of Spades. Rules: Make it here, to this cabin, and Back, without dying. Don’t worry, I won’t interfere. Now, I’ve finished the rules, so come in, and you can restock and prepare for your return to the city.”
“What? You mean all we have to do is walk back?” Mia asked, as Flo stood up.
“Yes. It’s that simple.” The King said, walking back towards the Cabin. “You know, I built this cabin myself. Away from people, to avoid them, but now I’ve come to regret my choice of staying. When it is your turn, I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did.”
He walked away before the others could ask him anything, only stopping to turn back for one thing.
“You might want to go and see the Jack of Clubs after you finish my game.”
They were confused by his comment, but brushed it off, and they walked into the cabin, refilling their packs for the next three hard days of walking back to the city.
Mia wasn’t sure what to think about the King. He certainly wasn’t what she was expecting.
They Slept in the cabin that night, using the insulation and heat that it provided.
The King didn’t return.
Fourth Day of Exhibitions
They awoke in the cabin the next day, the King still absent. Ellis told them it would likely be a good idea to get going again, and Flo grabbed a little food from the fridge in the cabin, offering a little to everyone. They ate in silence, still fazed by Tom’s death and the strange nature of the King. They began to pack up again, rolling up mats, putting their sleeping bags away.
They opened the cabin door, ready to depart. The day had broken recently, and sunlight streamed over the horizon, and the ground was littered with dew. The day was still quite cold, but by the time they started moving and the sun rose in the sky it would be unbearably hot.
The straps of their backpacks rubbed against their shoulders as they walked, and their arms and legs ached, but Mia was preoccupied.
The King had been so different from what she had expected, and she began discussing it with Alex, one of the two of them that had met another citizen. Alex told her how she too had been caught off guard by the king. She had expected that if the game was as he explained he would be tracking them, and trying to stop them, but he had told them he wouldn’t, and seeing as this was spades, meant it was unlikely he was lying.
They continued down the mountain, over rocks, along the path they had walked previously, the grass still flattened from their walk the day before. They retraced their steps, and Mia stopped briefly when she saw the mangled shape of Tom on the rocks below. She forced herself on, but she could feel the off-putting effect it had had on the others. They took a different path once they got down, so they wouldn’t have to go past Tom’s corpse.
After a while of walking they arrived at the previous campsite, their past fire’s ashes on the floor, surrounded by rocks, and They remembered how carefree they had been that night, before it had truly kicked off.
They set up for the night, putting up their tents.
There was no large campfire, no happiness, they simply went to sleep.
Or tried to.
Mia had difficulty trying to get the image of Tom out of her head, and it took a little before she could close her eyes without seeing him.
Over the past few days the walking had become less and less noticeable, as she was getting better and better at zoning out while doing it. The start was always hard, but by the time the sun truly rose the day passed quickly.
This world had changed her so much, and she wasn’t even sure of who she was anymore. She used to be so different, and now she was trekking through the wilderness for her own life.
She managed to fall asleep, but the night was rough.
She awoke in the night after seeing Tom fall from the cliff again. She got up and left the tent, making sure not to wake her tent-mate. She sat around the embers of the fire, and was joined a few moments later by Alex.
“Hey.” Alex said.
“Hey.” Mia replied, poking the fire with a stick.
“Couldn’t sleep?”
“Look, Im not going to pretend I know what to say here, but we’ll work through it, ok? So far, all I’ve seen from you is strength, and I’m sure you can work through it.”
“Well, you might want to get some sleep.”
Alex returned to the tent, and soon Mia followed her. She didn’t want to be sleepy tomorrow. She wanted to get back to the city as quickly as possible, and she couldn’t afford to be below standard due to lack of sleep.
Fifth Day of Exhibitions
Flo woke up first that morning, getting out of her tent, hitting the sides of the others tents to get them up. She got out some food as the others were still waking, before giving each of them some. She had already taken her tent down by the time Ellis left his tent, and they were sat around as he finished his food.
“I’ve had a thought.” He said, looking at them.
“What?” Flo asked, intrigued.
“We’ve been quite slow these past few days, we could get back faster if we ditched the packs.” Ellis said.
“What!?” They said to him, almost in unison.
“Well, judging by the distance and our pace, we do about 13-18 Km a day. Most of you here are quite good runners, and I can do 20 Km in a few hours. It’ll be hard, but its definitely possible and we would make it before the end of today.” He explained.
“Since when did you become good at maths?” Mia said, teasing him. “But seriously, that’s not a bad idea, although we have to be sure we’ll make it, being out in this wilderness without protection is not something I want to do.”
“Are both of you crazy?” Flo said.
“I’d like to get back to the city as fast as possible, I definitely think it’s worth a try.” Alex said.
“Fine” Flo agreed, and they didn’t bother packing up their tents. They reached grabbed some water, and began jogging down the hill.
The hill was the hardest part of the run, staying at a steady pace while maintaining balance and going down it was difficult, but soon they were at the bottom.
Their arms ached, and their lungs were bursting, but they continued into the forest, running past various places they had seen before, and they stopped for a serious break about halfway back.
A few of them were gasping for breath, and they drank a lot of their water.
They pushed on though, running past their campsite, through the trees, and onwards.
The sun began to grow lower in the sky, and what they estimated was around five, they finally broke through the last barrier of trees, and stepped out onto the tarmac road of the city, dripping in sweat, bent over, out of breath.
They quickly drank the rest of their water, before going to find a place to sleep, more water, and food.
The four of them were tired, and eventually they holed themselves up inside a detached house on the outskirts of town.
There was no edible food in the house, but they did find water. They drank almost all of it, and they settled down as evening set in. Mia managed to find a set of cards, and suggested they play a game.
“Like a card game, obviously…” Before laughing nervously.
They began to play, as Mia explained the rules.
They were having fun, almost forgetting the nature of the place they were in, getting engrossed in their free time activity.
Their illusion of safety was broken by the voice announcing that the King of Spades had been defeated, and that Alex, Ellis, Flo and Mia had gained 13 days on their Visas.
They all looked at each moment, before returning to their game, trying to go back to their earlier state of ignorance.
After a couple of rounds, they went to sleep, now knowing they were safe for another few days.
Sixth Day of Exhibitions
They awoke at a normal time, and Flo was grateful to have been able to sleep in a proper bed. She looked around the room she was in, wondering what had happened to the people who had once lived here, and the old world.
She was saddened by the thought it might not be possible to go back, and they simply might be forced to stay here and become citizens. Who knew.
She got up, seeing no-one else had gotten up yet, and seeing the place, decided she was done with what she had aimed to do. She had beaten the King, and now she had no reason to stay here. She looked at the two blimps left, the King of hearts, and the Jack of Clubs, and the King of Hearts. The Fact that it still hung in the sky, meant it was unlikely that her friends were left alive. She looked down sadly. She was the last performer. The last of a group almost 30 big. She walked over to it.
If Alfie, Tracy and Roger couldn’t clear it, she would in their memory.
When Ellis awoke, he looked around the house, seeing if anyone else had woken yet. He spotted Flo’s empty bed, and didn’t fault her for leaving.
He looked out the window, seeing the only other remaining games being the Jack of Clubs and the King of hearts.
After Alex and Mia got up, he called them down to tell them he wanted to see what the Jack of Clubs was about. Not to play it, just see what the King meant by seeing the Jack of Clubs after his game.
They agreed, and they walked over to the castle, above which the Jack of Clubs blimp hung, spotting two familiar figures waiting fro them at the gates.
TL,DR: get to the Kings blimp, and back to the city without dying. There is no time limit, other than visa.
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2023.03.23 09:25 RhubarbOne454 22[F4M] Good morning everyone

User in my bio
We can talk about anything or you can ask me any questions and I will answer them no matter what the questions are.
It’s up to you but feel free to message me throughout the night.
If I missed your message before send a new one and I’ll hopefully get to it.
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2023.03.23 09:24 StrangeDruid384 The docking station doesn’t work

Two days ago I had a user come in to me (I am 2nd line for the office, only tickets and issue-solving in person) and ask if I have any spare docking station I could give out. User purchased on his own some monitors and possibly other peripherals for home office.
I said yes of course, we usually stack a lot of older dockings as we slowly phase them out. Here you go. Docking, power and usb-c cable.
User left happy, I sat back at my desk happy. All was good.
Next day in the morning user barges in, with a smirk and a itty bitty sarcastic smile on his face. Approached me, and in a bit higher voice so people in vicinity could hear.
User: Take it back it doesn’t work this is stupid what did you gave me it’s useless. Me: okay can you elaborate please, what exactly don’t work on the docking? User: everything, does nothing only looks like a brick on my desk. Here see for yourself. Me: aight took the docking, plugged it in a test work desk with a monitor and some keyboard, plugged everything as it should and low and behold - it lights up, connects, charges the laptop and screen lights up. Said: seems to be working fine, can you show me how you connected it so I can check what was wrong? User: *completely baffled How does the monitor connects? This is a different cable, mine would not connect Me: you may have HDMI cable for your monitors home, this docking supports only DisplayPort. User: I have no idea I only know I could not connect the screen cable in.
Man, why didn’t you lead with that? Only to make yourself look like a fool with your attitude. Why do some users do this? Why do they walk in with an attitude? All would go faster, easier, if the user would just say something like “my cables doesn’t seem to plug in, idk here’s a picture can you tell what’s wrong?” Sure here you have new correct cables have a nice day. Solved in 30 seconds time. But noooo, we have to drag it out this way.
Today, user didn’t show up. Assuming it’s working fine now. But man, why.. why can’t users be more descriptive in their needs, sometimes I feel like a detective rather then 2nd line in IT.
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2023.03.23 09:22 reser7777 Help. Overamped.

I recently started smoking meth agsin after a long time off. Its been a week+ of daily smoking. Not much sleep. Decent foood. Been drinking lots of water. Been using since i wake up to i maybe sleep. Work every day.
I just had to leave work now because my chest is tight, slight heart discomfort, numbness, confusion,cant relax, manual breathing etc. Im now laying in a dark room with relaxing music but cant relax.
Took two xans like an hour ago when i noticed i smoked way too much this morning.
I managed to drink a chocolate protein drink, 3 eggs, an orange and like 1-1.5L water about 30 mins ago. I have eated fairly good since i started the binge. but very little sleep.
Any tips please? Im sure i will be fine but freaking out a bit
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2023.03.23 09:18 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Alledged GTA 6 Beta Tester Dishes A Ton Of Details In Latest Leak

Time sure flies, doesn't it? We are about to ring in a brand new year, and as we do so, the release of Grand Theft Auto V is now more than six years old (and is fast approaching five years on PC). Given the time that has elapsed, it is certainly possible (maybe even plausible) that Rockstar Games is deep in development on Grand Theft Auto VI. To that end, a supposed QA tester claims to have the skinny on the next installment.
We should preface this information with a disclaimer. There is no way of knowing if the supposed QA tester is what the person claims to be, or if any of the leaked details are accurate. All we know is that it's been a long time since the last Grand Theft Auto gaming (though Grand Theft Auto Online has been receiving continued updates and support).
What is interesting about the situation, though, is the anonymous source first posted the leak on Reddit, and it was removed by the moderators. It's not clear if perhaps Rockstar Games pressured the mods to take down the content. All that said, let's jump into it.
The folks at Dexerto managed to preserve the post. According to the original poster, the map in GTA VI is "huge" and covers to major cities, those being Carcer City and Vice City. Carcer City is based on Boston, and Vice City is based on Miami.
According to the leaker, GTA V is a "schoolyard playground" compared to the massive map in GTA VI. The leakers says Rockstar Games improved the weather effects and polished things up, borrowing from its experience on Red Dead Redemption 2.
"The map is huge, like stupendously huge, hence the game's emphasis on air travel. It makes GTA 5 look like a schoolyard playground. There is an array of atmospheric effects that bring out the life in everything. Light pollution, hurricane winds, morning fog, etc. I've never seen an open world game this realistic before," the leaker wrote.
Grand Theft Auto V Plane and Traine
Assuming all that is accurate, it would be a good opportunity to inject real-time ray tracing into the mix, though there is no mention of that. Instead, the focus is on the size of the map. The leaker says it's so big that it's "a little awkward traveling from Boston to Miami," in part because there are no other major cities in between them, in the game. Expect a lot of air travel, if that's the case.
The leaker also says GTA VI will again put players in control of multiple characters, just like in GTA V. One of the protagonists is said to be "an undercover cop or something," and other might possibly be a sibling. In addition, the leaker says Rockstar Games "complete revamped" the mission design.
"You can permanently abandon some missions or take different routes that sprout different consequences," the leaker says.
For more supposed details, you can check out this screen capture on Imgur, uploaded by another Reddit user (Colonize-Mars).
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2023.03.23 09:15 Blazi344 Is my friend from high school good enough for me, or should I cut them?

I'm 23 and I have a friend I've met since high school sophomore year. We talk almost every day, and even go out with each other every thursday. I consider this man a brother to me and as a single child, it helps. I currently live with my parents due to me going to a technical college and they have been getting upset lately but not telling me until now. They feel as if I'm not focused in life. That I should be working 9-5 in the mornings, then 5-12 the next, and not have time to talk to my friend. I should be getting a house, having a gf, going out with other people. They dont like that he's isnt in college like me, but he has a job. Hes supposedly no good for me and I need to go out with new people. I'm not really sure how to feel. I love hanging with him. Literally the only time we are both free is on Thursdays, and that's where me and a bunch of other friends play dnd. At this point it's a common occurance, and it's not like hes a bad guy, quite the opposite. And my grades havent slipped because of him. Idk what my parents want, but I need help. Should I stay, or should I go? Why do my parents feel this way?
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2023.03.23 09:14 MikeHawk360 Was he mad at me to the point he wanted to crush me completely or do I just have really bad taste? What was his end goal?

My ex (41yo) was with me (26yo) for roughly 3-4 months, lots of talking after meeting each other on Grindr. Genuinely one of the most memorable because of how sweet he was, but he’s actions caused me to ghost for roughly 3 months.
Dude was borderline obsessed with me, never wanting me to not be near him, kept telling me how attractive I was, etc. There was one point I was crawling out of a window at 5am to leave before his Mother (visiting state suddenly) could see me. She saw me, ended up meeting the parents after 3 weeks. First date he takes me to a hotel after getting me nice and drunk, tries to have sex also instantly, tell him I’m nowhere near ready and goes to sleep somewhat irritated. The sex (no details how) left me bleeding every, single, time. His main language is Spanish but speaks pretty good English, hanging with his friends though, he only spoke Spanish. Lots of third wheeling and red flags at this point.
Moved from Arizona to get away from his drinking problems and gambling addiction, both of which did in excess with me around (he also owned a nightclub). Blackouts that at one point almost cause him to hit me (thought I was talking to other guys), asked me to not talk to anyone else while talking to him and, somehow, managed to “shift” conversations during dates to random couples (full blown convos). The list goes on lol.
The drinking is what mainly cause me to ghost. Meeting up with him usually led to him pressuring me into drinking, even while I was on high blood pressure meds. A few years ago I got a DUI during the pandemic, something I told him cause alcohol is a big deal for me now. Didn’t care for it, so 3 months NC. Sent me a heartfelt “I dunno where the distance started”, etc, then messages me new near New Years. I fell for that shit and ended up letting him in.
New Years rolls around, worst night of my life. He’s Hispanic and so am I (Hispanic/European mix), can’t make convo cause languages, fml. Friends from work roll up, I shoot to life and start introducing everyone, this noticeably pisses him off. Takes me to bathroom to do cocaine, told him hell no, gets pissed again and does all of it. Midnight hits and so does he, sit right next to me and proceeded to air our whatever dirty laundry I gave him to everyone in the bar (wasn’t much cause guards been up since beginning). Leave bar, head to downtown bus stop and I’m downright balling my eyes out. Next morning, tries to convince me he blackout. Doubt it.
Fast forward a month or so, communication dwindles down to standstill, starting drinking again out of stress. We have the talk, really pushing for “friendship” while mentioning how attractive I was, how hard it is to date people in our state (Alaska) and having all the qualities for a great relationship. All the while saying he’s not ready for a romantic relationship, wants to focus on business and we can try again later, whole 9 yards. Bump into him at the bar with someone younger a week later, a guy, who freaks out in Spanish cause he’s never seen me before (but knows of me I assume). Ex is constantly consoling him to calm down, playing off he’s crying about some girl (bruh he LOOK gay).
Took a 3 day weekend to a very popular spa, who time he’s liking and stocking my instagram with every post. Didn’t think much of it.
Starts to show up at places he knows I’ll be at now, with his friends and new guy. Last time I saw him was at a Mardi Gras bar party, he was staring at me the entire time and pushed conversations. Bought me a drink then tried to kiss me, asked “wtf what that”, excuse was cause he’s drunk. 5 hours of this and I dip to avoid cops, go to gas station to buy smokes cause what the hell is going on. He calls and sounds too drunk, I go check on him and his door swings open to him pants halfway to ankles. Make sure he’s not gunna lay facing up, get trash can to notice it’s full of urine bottles, ignore it and help him to sleep while he’s trying to get frisky. Morning rolls around and surprise, blacked out and freaked I’m next to him. Tell him what happened, says thanks but he starts kissing my back and hugging up close to me. Tell him no and he swings me on top of him and proceeded to give me hickies. Try leaving, says “lemme make sure no one sees you”, just grab my shit and try leaving. Stops me and says “see you round”, nah.
Few weeks pass and find out from friends he took his new guy on a 2-3 week trip to Hawaii. Photos has clear hickies on both their necks. Said fuck this and blocked him on everything, he noticed and followed suit.
Moral of this story, it was great. But things went really, really fast for us and he’s shown me who is as a person. There’s so much more that happened with this guy, but I feel these are the best bulletin highlights to get an idea of the scope.
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2023.03.23 09:13 dibblah Racing heart as soon as I get out of bed

Is this a POTS symptom? My heart rate always goes up when I stand up, but in the morning it's especially bad. This morning, in bed, my heart rate was 52. I got up and brushed my teeth and it went to 158! Which is quite the jump really, and it doesn't feel good, I end up shaky and weak feeling, which is not what you want before work.
Is it something anyone else has dealt with? And how do you solve it?
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2023.03.23 09:13 Exciting_Ad_5988 I think my girlfriend (22F) gaslights me (23M)

Tl;dr: I got (rightfully) down/upset about my girlfriend's actions today. She played the victim (imo) and made me feel like I should feel bad for feeling bad. It is not the first time she has done it.

Brief background: We have been together since end of 2022 and things are usually great. We tend to have a very open and solid communication (we kinda make it the foundation of our relationship). It is very important for us to express to each other how we feel about situations, with full honesty and transparency. I'm finishing my education in Psychology so the vast majority of the time i'm very empathetic about everything and she tells me that a lot. She has grown up with a lot of conflict with her parents and, thus, tends to have defensiveness as a go-to response to stuff sometimes. All in all, however, it is a very positive and fulfilled relationship so far.

The problem: Today I woke up late for class because last night I was applying some tests on a patient and it went on until past midnight. I'm usually late to every class and it has started to affect my attendance and therefore my passing of the subject. She got very upset at that, and when we went for lunch (super quickly) today, she scolded me quite directly. Nevertheless, I fully feel like i deserve whatever she told me. Her opinion matters a lot and i felt it as harsh words coming from love.
The rest of the day, we have class until evening. She has an exam so she doesnt reply for many hours; then, she went to some friends house to chill for a bit with her group. She replied very little for most of the day and when she did, it was 2 or 3 very dry words.
I'm fine with not getting replies the entire day but I feel that when it has been a rough day for me, it only makes me feel more sad and alone when she basically shows no interest in talking for the entire day.
Fast forward to 1am where she's finally home and calls me. I'm visibly upset and we have a conversation about everything. I express to her SO many times that im NOT upset that she scolded me and i agree with her, but i just felt sad all day because of the nature of how our conversation for the rest of the day. (btw at no point did i complain or say anything - i was just very quiet after she clearly had no intentions of conversing all day).
She apologizes for being harsh and tries to make me feel better. Until there, all good. I was still upset but i told her i'd feel better in the morning and we hung up cause her sister was about to sleep.
She texts me right after the call and tells me that she is hurt about how i reacted to everything. I ask her to elaborate. after, listening and replying, i remind her that im not upset about her scolding, just about the rest. She seems to not register this because one thing leads to another and she is now very upset. She starts saying things like "what i say isnt worth shit i guess" and "i guess im gonna the bad ex-girlfriend who never tried to help".
Essentially, everything was fine until i had the feeling like i was now supposed to be apologizing for feeling bad.

This isnt the first time it happens. In the past she has done the same thing multiple times (me VALIDLY expressing being upset, and somehow it ends in me apologizing for one thing or another).
Last time she even recognized it and apologized herself. This time i told her she was trying to be a victim (something she has told me a few times in the past) and she got even more upset.
So am i totally out of place or do i have the right to be upset and not have the focus shift on her every single time im upset about something? I used to give into it because I couldn't see clear but the more often it happens, the more it hurts.
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2023.03.23 09:11 Forward_Feed2457 ED in cause of masturbation.

I've been masturbating every day, sometimes more since when I was 11, and now im 25 yo. I tried to have sex with my gf, and my dick became soft way too fast. My morning erections are also weak tbh. Is nofap a good solution for me? And how long should i keep nofapin' to solve this problem?
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2023.03.23 09:09 nzlotrfan My Problems with SCJ reflection written one night from the vault

I was just browsing through my old SCJ folder in my computer and I found my word document titled "problems I have" that I wrote back in Jan 2018.. Gosh, so long ago. It's a random collection of thoughts and questions that I wrote one night while I was a bit depressed in SCJ. Anyway, I just thought I'd post it in case it's helpful to anyone else, otherwise it will just stay dormant and unseen in the deep dark vaults of my laptop!
"Problems I have as at Jan, 2018
- nzlotrfan / GlitteringIce9
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2023.03.23 09:03 WesternFabulous9710 Daily quests

Good morning all,
I am a magdk at CP 1045 now and I was wondering if it's worth it to start doing daily quests and which ones will be the most beneficial for me. I am at a point in the game now that I already have my dungeon set (Nirn) and my first Trial sets (Relequen/Siroria) so is there any point in start doing them? I mean obviously I am not looking for gear so any other benefits I am missing?
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2023.03.23 09:01 AutoModerator * DAILY CHAT THREAD *

Good Morning!
This thread will be pinned every day and used as our daily chat thread. We use it to avoid low effort posts and overcrowding the main thread. It is a place for general chat about all things EKINDE and what happens throughout the week, particularly any random thoughts/questions you may have about MUM and DAD. If you have any issues with the sub, please use modmail to contact us. Thank you so much!
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2023.03.23 09:01 Radiant_Fig6289 Wholesome toad person

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2023.03.23 09:01 AutoModerator Good morning all, we are active and around :) 🔌🍃⚪️🟣

*scheduled post* feel free to check out live chat
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2023.03.23 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Davod Discussion

Good morning, Davod.
Please discuss Davod. Have you received your package today?
Daily Davod devotions are welcome.
Perhaps tomorrow your day will be blessed with a package.
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2023.03.23 08:58 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Rockstar's GTA 5 Remaster For Xbox Series X And PS5 Gets A Confirmed Release Date

We now have an official launch date for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 remasters of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Rockstar announced this morning in a blog that the remaster will arrive on November 11th, which is nearly six months away. While GTA 5 runs and still looks good on the newest consoles (if you can get one), there’s still plenty of room for improvement to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of these Ryzen 3000/RDNA 2-fueled gaming beasts. To that end, Take-Two boss Stauss Zelnick explained in early March that making a simple port just isn’t in Rockstar’s DNA when it comes to games.
“We’ve done [remastering] differently than the competition – we don’t just port titles over, we actually take the time to do the very best job we can making the title different for the new release, for the new technology that we’re launching it on,” said Zelnick at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. “So, we improve the technology, we upgrade the visuals, and we make performance enhancements.
Play “I’m confident that Rockstar is going to deliver just a great experience, but you can’t do that if you’re just doing a simple port.”
Rockstar says that in addition to the visual enhancements, the GTA 5 remaster will also have “new features and more” that Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 gamers can enjoy. “Plus, in honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto III, we’ll have even more fun surprises to share — including some specifically for GTA Online players,” Rockstar added.
GTA 5 has enjoyed a relatively long period of success and user engagement in the world of video games. The game initially launched in 2013 at the tail end of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation and flourished with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 families.
While the GTA 5 single-player campaign was praised for its gameplay, strong characters, and deeply engaging story, the game has really thrived thanks to its online components: GTA Online. GTA Online has become a cash cow for Take-Two, and Rockstar has understandably introduced continual updates to keep it fresh.
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2023.03.23 08:57 Automatic_Article162 Same old same old

It’s Wednesday He texted to ask if he can have a beer at work today He came home, late, picked up our son from daycare It’s obvious he’s been drinking He smelled of BO and alcohol He was slurring and trying very hard not to He wanted to shower as soon as he got home - not a good sign I’d asked him earlier if thai food would be good for dinner tonight he was excited While he showered I put out the food and asked him to join me and our son for dinner He ate two bites and ran to the shower to throw up.
Last time we drank was Sunday He bought some vodka the night before and all Sunday it was in the freezer and the room felt heavy as I know he was thinking of the vodka and when we can drink it I gave in. We drank it all We drank another little thing of vodka we had from the night before And a little bottle of wine We were wasted caring for our son bathing him feeding him and going all to sleep
The time before that was Friday when it was st Patrick’s day and I told him he could drink at work Thinking it’s a holiday I’m sure his friends are drinking at work and one or two drinks won’t hurt right? That night he was drunk at home and drilled through his finger with a drill trying to “fix the knife”
I can’t do this anymore.. this is all in the span of 5 days. I deserve better. I deserve better. My son deserves better. My son deserves better. At some point when do you separate yourself and cut your losses when you truly love your partner. He keeps saying he will change.
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2023.03.23 08:54 Informal-Employee468 Visiting amusement parks can be a thrilling experience for both children and adults.

However, concerns about safety can make parents hesitant to take their kids to such parks. The good news is that if you take the necessary precautions, visiting amusement parks can be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
First, it's important to choose a park with newer attractions. These are made with modern equipment and are maintained more regularly, making them safer for visitors. In addition, it's crucial to check the safety record of the park before visiting, as well as the last time the attractions were checked. The best parks check their attractions daily, early in the morning, to ensure they are safe for visitors.
It's also important to pay attention to safety instructions and limitations, such as height restrictions. Children may not understand the importance of these restrictions, so it's up to adults to ensure they follow them. Adults with health problems should also be cautious and avoid taking risks when getting on rides.
Lastly, it's worth noting that accidents in amusement parks are rare. The attractions are designed to be safe and durable, and accidents are often caused by human error or lack of maintenance. By choosing a reputable park and following safety guidelines, visitors can enjoy a safe and fun day out.
So, don't be afraid to take your children to an amusement park. By following these simple tips, you can ensure a memorable and safe experience for everyone.
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2023.03.23 08:54 Littlemisslimitless [SELL] [US Only] Laneige, Stratia, Colourpop, Dr Jart, Olaplex & More!


Eyeshadow Palettes
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Makeup Brushes
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Hair care
Pacifica Salty Waves Texture Spray $5 (used 1x)
Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector $8 (60% full)
Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Multi-Action Leave-In $3 (75% full)

Body cream
Bath & Body Works Golden Clementine & Amber $2 (used 1x)
Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Chamomile + Bergamot $2 (used 1x)
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