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2023.03.23 10:04 kaoruuuMan AHAA Run #02 - Frozen Forest - Log 03 - Thirsty for more Uranium

AHAA Run #02 - Frozen Forest - Log 03 - Thirsty for more Uranium
You can check my previous post here as well as the context of this post.
So this is a per-100-cycle recount of my current run, which is now going out of the midgame. I currently had 20 dupes (to fulfill an achievement).
Cycle 400-500
- I created my official rocket silo (made up of 6 landing pads) with a temporary dependence on steam rockets. The steam was outsourced from the steam chamber of my AT/ST setup.
Rocket Silo Setup
- I finished my thermonuclear power plant. This will kickstart my efforts towards mutating all plants (GMO-A-OK) as well as collecting enough nuclear waste to power my future rockets.
Nuclear Power Plant + Mutating Farm + Infinite Nuclear Waste Storage
- I increased my colony to 19 dupes, since I was adding trainee pilots to eventually man the rockets. However, I kept on running out of food because I kept on running out of water. This is mainly because I was lazy enough to set-up a Permanent SPOM setup and I was using more water than I should be. This was paired with the efforts of harnessing water from the linked planetoid.
Cycle 500-600
- So yeap, here is my permanent SPOM, eating away 4 kg/s of water to produce 3 kg/s of oxygen (for about 30 dupes) in my colony. Moving forward, I have two major problems for this period: intersterstellar food and uranium enriching.
Full Rodriguez (3kg/s Oxygen Supply)
- My first problem was to kickstart my nuclear power plant. However, there were no beetas present near me and using the refinery would make me lose 80% of the uranium ore in my asteroid. I still chose to bite the bullet and use the refinery to somehow start my power plant and mutate my plants. I was also stacking up nuclear wastes for my radbolt engines.
- Now, the next problem quickly present itself. As I would want to get beetas for my uranium enrichment, HOW WOULD I TRANSPORT THEM? This was a great learning experience as some ONI-mates here in reddit was able to enlighten me with setups that I can play with. You can check u/MaySeemelater's post about it, here's the link:
So I was able to do it, and here's my setup:
Beeta Transport module
From here, I made sure that a hive will grow as I put the beetinies in the chamber. I also made sure that there is a vacuum barrier to prevent too much loss of chill. However, as baffled as I was, the temperature in the beeta chamber still rises, and I wonder why that is. Anyway, I was able to pull this off, plus got some more uranium ore from the planet source before going back to my home planet. Take note that I sacrificed beds for a great hall morale.
- Now, the only problem was the food. This was another learning experience for me as some redditors pointed out that there were other food sources (besides berry sludge) that I can use for my interstellar travel. So I used stuffed berries and spiced tofus (since my mother planet has nosh beans) that were subjected to the Spice Grinder. This was amazing! When you store these food in a powered refrigerator, they will technically not rot (0% rate). Moreover, I tried putting the ref in a carbon sink, and upon placement of that ref in a sterile atmosphere (e.g. CO2), the food will gain an 8% despoilage rate. Here was my module set up.
Rocket Module Set up
- Also, for this cycle, I started experimenting on a clay farm. I saw this setup by JS yoon from youtube, where he used an infinite storage of polluted water, with water sitting on top of it (found in the mesh tiles). It kinda helped me stack up my ceramics.
Clay Farm
Cycle 600-700
- For this period, I focused more on food. Since I have enough radbolts to outsource from my nuclear waste storage, I am now using radbolt engines to start mining (Mine the Gap) as well as exploration to other planets. I set my sights on creating a pacu farm, as this will help me wean off from the bristle berries. Here's my pacu ranch. This was also the moment where I realized that feeding pacus in smaller amounts (preferably algae) will tame them faster.
Pacu ranch with 1kg per feeder Capacity
- More on the food, I wild farmed nosh beans now. You can see it on the top row. Then on the middle row, you can see a half-wild, half-domesticated farm for sleet wheats, having obtained them from the flipped asteroid. Then on the bottom, you can see that I wild-farmed saturn critter traps to add to my hydrogen chamber.
Cold Region Farm
Cycle 700-800
- For this period, I still kept running out of water, so I went to the linked asteroid and tamed the steam vent over there. It was really a laborious task as I harnessed solar energy (lots of solar panels) to fully power that asteroid, more specifically, the two ATs that I needed.
Steam Vent Capture and Taming
- It was also at this cycle (just now) that I realized that I need to setup my industrial brick. As usual, I placed it down my base, near the magma.
Early Stages Industrial Brick
- Finally, it was at this time that I finished the Honorary Doctorate Achievement.
So far here were my observations:
- It takes 180 kg of Enriched Uranium to power the Research Reactor, if you keep a switch on the refueling task. That's 18 cycles of pure uninterrupted radiation.
- If you're planning on using rockets as your resident miners (for Mine the Gap), you can use 1200 kg of oxygen, 20 rad pills, and 15 kg of food for you sole dupe manning that vessel. 4-5 cycles going to that mining spot in space, plus 4.4 cycles of mining until the diamond runs out, and 4-5 cycles of going back to your home planet. That's 15-16 cycles, with 4-5 cycles as your allowance (just in case you forgot that rocket lying around after it has mined its capacity).
- I don't know about this, but beetas don't turn into hives when I started putting them in my home base. There were two theories that I have: I had mods that hinder it, and I had autosweeper shipping devices installed inside the chamber. I removed both of these causes and my beetinies started turning into hives.

That's about it! If you've reached the end of this post, I would like to thank you for your patience in reading these lengthy posts! In the future I would try to make them concise. I'm now entering Lategame and here are my goals so far:
- Explore every planet and put a minipod in them. I'm not gonna ranch every critter that I find in them, I'm just gonna tame them for the achievement.
- Accomplish the Easy Livin Achievement.
- Mass produce berry Sludge.
- Obtain more Uranium Ore. 14 tons of Uranium Ore is equal to 1260 cycles of the research reactor running, if you're using beetas for refinement.
- Recruit the hermit.
Oh, a question for the more experienced redditors here.
If I'm not using magma as a heat source, how can we maintain the temperature of an industrial brick?
Have a great day! Pliers Ahoy!
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2023.03.23 10:04 Narlset Toughts on the Broadside Battlesuit.

I know that the datasheet is probably going to change in the near future with 10th ed, and MAYBE a new codex - but I would like to know what your thoughts are on the broadside, how you equip them, and lastly how you use them.
They're an extremely fun unit with me. I usually plop them somewhere on the board with at least 1 marker drone, and try to kill some elite or big things with the rail rifles.
Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.23 10:03 General_Ad_4918 Advice Upon Being Gifted Money To Get On The Housing Ladder (26M in London)

Hello all,
As the post title says, I (26M) have recently been gifted a large sum from my parents as they have downsized out of London. This means I suddenly now have savings over £100,000.
Feeling quite frankly overwhelmed by my current position, I wanted to seek advice on what would be the most sensible thing going forward. I of course want to use this to get on the housing ladder so allow me to outline more details of my current situation. I am a freelancer in Film/TV on a very good weekly rate (1350 pre-tax pw) however there can be lengthy gaps between projects. I know from colleagues this position makes it very hard to get a mortgage without a partner in a more traditional career. I am renting in London for £1050 approx pm after bills.
My partner is in the armed forces and will be abroad on and off for roughly the next two years. Once back, they hope to get a position near me around London.
My question therefore is would it make more sense financially to try and get on the ladder immediately now with a 1 bed flat or wait it out until my partner and I are in a position to do so together. I appreciate this is amidst the current background of interest rate rises and now growing tumult in the banking system.
I am in all honesty not as clued up as I would like to be as I was quite taken by surprise with my parent's decision and had not paid much serious thought to being able to get on the housing ladder at this point in life.
Thanks very much for reading.
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2023.03.23 10:03 legollama88 Knock sensor

is it typically the sensor itself or the wire that goes bad or maybe both? Wondering because if i don’t have to spend $200 on a single sensor i would like to save that money and put it towards something else. mine isn’t bad (not yet) no codes for it but im nearing 200k miles and will have the plenum off and want to go ahead and fix this for preventive maintenance knowing that one of these will eventually throw a pending code at me and will kill acceleration and gas mileage
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2023.03.23 10:03 Dutchess_Gummybuns_ I just had my come-to-Jesus moment.

I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life, but 2 years ago I moved to a foreign country for better job opportunities and I’ve been steadily gaining ever since. There’s a lot of factors here. One is that I now work in health care and I’m severely overworked. I’m constantly exhausted, which makes me crave food nonstop. Another is that I don’t really have friends so even on my days off, I stay at home and stuff my face. I’m also on a very high dose of antidepressants, and while I’m not having the emotional issues I had before started taking them, they’ve made me very lazy. I’ve been aware of the weight gain and I’ve been making half-assed attempts to lose weight but nothing took.
Last night I traveled home to visit family. I got on the plane, sat down in my seat and when the time came to fasten my seatbelt, it didn’t reach around. I nearly shat myself and broke out in a sweat. I looked up and down the plane and thought “Sweet, tap dancing Jesus… I’m going to have to ask for an extender in front of all of these people.”. The amount of elbow grease it took to suck my belly in and force the belt into place is horrifying. The guy sitting next to me politely stared in front of himself and pretended to not notice that I’m fighting for my life.
I’m still mortified. It made me realise that the time to get my shit together is now.
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2023.03.23 10:02 babybread07 Don’t know what I’m doing lol

I’m a 24f who has a bit of a crush on my coworker. There’s more than a couple reasons I’m afraid to even think about a relationship with him but when I’m around him I feel really good. We both have a hard time not smiling at each other during our shift and he’s always near me. When we first met I tried my best to avoid touching at all but lately whenever we work together our hands will touch whenever we have an excuse to. He’s always looking at my lips when I talk and sometimes looks nervous around me. He’ll tell me about his personal life and joke around with me in ways he doesn’t with other people. If there’s other guys talking to me or looking at me, he’ll come “help” me or block their view of me lmao I’ll probably delete this but what do y’all think. I’m in a space where I’m trying to be more careful on where I put my energy and time into and I want to take things slow but there’s also a part of me that wants to hold his hand so badly. We’ve known each other for 3 months now but maybe I should just be patient and be his friend first? I don’t want to lose whatever we have at the moment and being his friend is the only way I can keep him around for sure. I think I’m just looking to vent because I haven’t felt like this in a while. He’s just so different from what I’m used to, he’s good…
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2023.03.23 10:01 BerndTheBro Does anyone upgraded to an aluminium bed and can share their experience?

I already made some changes on my Sidewinder X2 by replacing the X Slot wheels with a linear rail and also im now replacing the print head with a voron stealthburner. Also i changed to klipper firmware. Since i'll be there anyway i was thinking about replacing the glass bed too because it bended over the time and isnt flat anymore. So i found a kit for nearly 170€ with a 5mm aluminium bed, the original heater, the magnetic foil and a PEI sheet. The only thing stopping me from buying is the weight of the new aluminium bed. Since the other upgrades i made are aiming to speed up my printer the weight could slow down everything again. Maybe someone can share their experience or their thoughts.
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2023.03.23 09:59 PWBC123 Questions about HCG term

I’ve notice recently I’m having atrophy but I’ve never taken any sort of sarm or steroid or anything so I must just be starting to get low testosterone or something. Mind you I’m barely about to be 23 so I don’t think I’m anywhere near the age that should be happening yet. Question is if I get blood results and I have low testosterone 1. Could my dr prescribe me HCG instead of trt. And 2. I know once you use trt or test you’re pretty much gonna have to be on it for life would that be the same if my dr prescribed me HCG? And yes I already have an appointment scheduled in the coming weeks just curious.
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2023.03.23 09:56 sckulp Just finished running Two Headed Serpent! Some of my thoughts, and highlights from each chapter.

Just finished running my first full campaign, the Two Headed Serpent. What a ride!
Overall it was fantastic. Our story went fairly different than what was in the book, in particular I changed Tyrannish quite a bit. I didn't love how she was presented in the book, where she disappears after North Borneo and doesn't appear again until the end of Calcutta, where she is presented as a total psychopath, murdering thousands of people without a second thought. I thought her motivation to end the war between serpent people and humanity in a way that would not cause any more lost lives was compelling, and her actions in Calcutta would contradict this characterization. Instead, I played her more "Lawful Neutral" instead of "Chaotic Evil" -- in many ways she is fond of humans, but their forced transformation is for the greater good of all.
Some notes and thoughts from the chapters--
Chapter 1: Bolivia
This one played pretty close to the book, making it a good introduction for both the GM and players. I made finding the wards something of a puzzle using a gridded game mat that they had to search through, using clues to find the wards before the Inner Night. I also liked the introduction to the formless spawn, which was a very tense moment before the players realized how to defeat them. The temple itself was also fun, with one of the players deciding to jump inside the giant snake and attacking it from the inside, finishing the encounter successfully.
Chapter 2: New York City
I liked how this chapter was more of a slow burn that progressed between each of the other chapters. Over time, Dr. Goncalves convinced each of them to join the cult of Yig, before they realized the cult's true final goal, so that was fun. The mafia bits were cool but there were too many characters here with not a lot of screen time each, this could have been edited down easily. The mosquito warehouse was a hit, though, ending with them all blowing it sky-high with a well placed shot to a box of dynamite.
Chapter 3: North Borneo
This chapter was a delight from the very beginning. The opening scene with the byakee attacking the plane was one of the most exciting memorable encounters we've ever had in a TTRPG. The rest of the chapter was fairly linear and followed the book but there were still a lot of great scenes. It ended with the players too afraid to waste time trying to save anybody from the haftorang device's blast, so they saved nobody, and lost a fair bit of sanity from that. Additionally, all were infected with the Yellow Death, so all were hybridized at the end of chapter.
Chapter 4: Oklahoma
This is where our story started diverging more from the book. As Tyrannish escaped from Caduceus, she noticed that the players were all hybridized. In Oklahoma, we had fun scenes, ending with the players accidentally Calling an avatar of Yig in the cave after killing the sheriff. The avatar bit one of the characters, "killing" him instantly (but with 30 luck). However, Tyrannish had been keeping an eye on them, as she wanted to see how Caduceus's hybridization methods worked. When everyone else was gone, she made a gate in front of the "dead" player, stabilized him with mythos magic, noted how his transformation progressed after receiving a major injury, and then left.
Tyrannish came back in NYC a few days later as a woman she consumed, and there she became a more active presence in the characters' story, telling them that she wanted to stop the war (not telling them how, yet) and needing the cobra crown to do it, and the players were expected to pretend to be good cultists of Yig while they gathered intel at HQ.
I also put the mosquito warehouse encounter here, which made the players very angry at Caduceus, though most believed that the Cult of Yig was still good, but there was just an extremist faction within.
Chapter 5: Iceland
This chapter was awesome. A great dungeon crawl, frightening enemies, cool and crazy technology, and finally they learned the truth about Caduceus. The players all LOVED the transport spheres. One of the players tried pulling a braincase out of the braincase network, failing miserably, which allowed that brains' owner to enter her mind as a "dark passenger" that possess her every time she had a bout of madness. This dark passenger was none other than Tyrannish's assistant sorcerer from 10,000 years ago, locked in a braincase as they were valued by the Inner Night for their intellect. Ultimately they all took the transport spheres out of the volcano, but as the collosal voormi started moving, half of them had a bout of madness and they all scattered to different parts of the world, ran out of fuel, and had to find their way back home.
After getting back from iceland, they found their way to the Gate room after moving the mafia's bombs to Meadham's office and basement.
Chapter 6: Belgian Congo
Another great chapter with a short dungeon crawl at the end. I played the cryptozoologist as a bit nutty, very excited about the players who had grown scales. She helped the players to the pyramid, along the way they managed to get 3 crowns, controlling 3 t-rexes (one may have gotten eaten by his own T-Rex after a couple consecutive crit fails). Here they also got their consequence for betraying Yig, who sent thousands of poisonous snakes after them, chasing them deeper into the jungle. The twist of all their former friends being enslaved as a method of tying up loose ends was a great one, and it enraged all of the players, solidifying their stance of "burn it all to the ground." The chapter ended with the cryptozoologist crit succeeding her power check against one of the T-rex's when putting on the crown, bonding them permanently and lovingly. Meanwhile, the players set off a nuclear explosion within the pyramid, destroying the whole structure.
Chapter 7: Calcutta
This was my least favorite chapter, as it was very complex keeping track of all the NPC's, clues, etc, much of which seemed fairly irrelevant. To me it seemed if they caught the treasure hunter in the first chase immediately at the start of the chapter, he would just tell them where the cobra crown is, making 75% of the chapter pointless?
So instead, Tyrannish agreed to make a gate to Calcutta for them, but she would stay behind and meditate to prepare a more powerful gate that would bring them to Mu after finding the crown. She taught them a simple spell to beacon her when they found it, warning them not to try it on themselves, as otherwise it'll drill itself into their brains as a trap. I had them do a bit more investigation around the city, tracking the factions in play, so they could figure out which hotel to go to in order to start the chase sequence. They killed Meadham and his goonies in an epic battle in a hotel lobby, found their haftorang device and serpent sceptor, and after another session or two finally found the treasure hunter that led them to the cobra crown. They beaconed Tyrannish, and gave her both the crown and the sceptor, and she climbed up the nearest building to prepare the gate to Mu.
I had the gate take a while to form, though. Meanwhile, from the effects of the spell, Rose Meadham realized where they were, and rode on a formless spawn charging through the middle of Calcutta to get to them before the spell was complete. There was an epic battle with 3 formless spawn and Rose trying to take the crown from Tyrannish's head as she was concentrating on keeping the gate open. Ultimately Rose got the crown and pulled one of the Lloigor out from the gate before the players managed to shoot her down. With her dying breath, Rose prayed for Tsathoggua to save her, who opened a gate to his lair for her to fall into. A quick thinking player immediately pulled out the haftorang device, put the timer on for 5 seconds, and threw it into Tsathoggua's gate right in front of his face just as it was closing, obliterating him and Rose once and for all.
This led to an interesting moment, where I wasn't sure what to do about the next chapter, Snake Island. I had read through it and honestly did not love it, it seemed to grind the action to a screeching halt, and even the book suggests to basically skip it if desired.
So I gave a tough choice to the players. Tyrannish's power was not strong enough to fully open the gate to Mu. However, through the power of the serpent sceptor, they could donate POW to her permanently to get her there. In total she needed 100 POW donated between the six players. They agreed, powering her up to god-like status, and she was able to stabilize the gate, letting them through.
Chapter 9: Mu
I had mixed feelings about this chapter. It felt much more linear than the other chapters, and they could have done a lot more with it. The players really wanted to explore Mu, expecting diverse bizarre lands, cities, and ruins, but really the book presents it as a swampy wasteland with the citadel in the center. Meh. However inside the citadel had more fun encounters, and our ending was amazing.
Since Tyrannish's "aim" wasn't great, she accidentally put them quite far from the citadel, around 15 miles. They were being hunted by elder things and shoggoths who noticed the gate, so they had to move slowly and carefully through the swamp. Some interesting encounters here but nothing mindblowing. After several hours of hiking, they heard the loud crack of another gate open, far closer to the citadel than they were, and within the hour the citadel was brought back to their reality. Dr Goncalves was still alive, and upon learning what happened in Calcutta, convinced the cult of yig to enter Mu and capture the citadel.
The elder things and shoggoths raced to the citadel, starting the battle between elder things and serpent people, leading to a strut being destroyed and the whole structure phasing in and out of reality. The battlefield scene was cool but ended with them taking little to no damage.
Inside the citadel was a lot more fun than the swamp though still very linear. As soon as they entered, they were taunted over the intercom by Dr. G., who revealed Tyrannish's true intention and tried to get them to rejoin the cult of yig one more time, revealing he took a friend of theirs hostage for a ritual to summon Yig.
There were fun moments of Tyrannish showing them around the citadel, with her continuously being depressed by the state of the structure and the serpent people living inside. Near the end, at the repair room, the players all agreed to become full serpent people, cementing their bond with her, making her very happy and confident.
Here I split up the temple of yig and the control room, into totally separate sections of the buildling. Tyrannish wanted to go right for the control room, but the players convinced her to help them with Dr. G first. They stopped Dr. G, but one of the players was still VERY mad, and forced Dr. G to drink snake venom, completing the Call Yig spell in doing so. This triggered the final battle with a primal version of Yig, who the players obliterated within just a few rounds.
Tyrannish immediately raced to the control room and started the sequence to convert the biomechanical flies to hybridize, instead of enslave, while also trying to fix the citadel's phasing issue. At this point, one of the players private messaged me revealing their own final plot twist -- they deduced Tyrannish's plan months ago and had been working out a way to stop her at the last moment. He previously happened to gain Insane Augmented Engineering, which he rolled and passed to, while Tyrannish was busy on fixing the machines, switch some of the wires in the control room to force it to reverse the polarity of the hybridization serum, making the insects convert all serpent people they bit to humans, instead of all humans turning into serpent people.
Tyrannish then released the insects out into Mu and through the Caduceus's gate back to earth, all the while biting every creature nearby, including herself, the players, and all the serpent people fighting the elder things. Not to mention every serpent person back on earth. To her horror, she immediately started transforming into a human. And since she was still wearing the cobra crown, and she became human, the trap within it sprung, drilling itself into her brain, killing her.
With the citadel phased back in, and the serpent people stunned from their own transformations, the elder things took their opportunity and blew the struts up, collapsing the citadel, and releasing Ghatanothoa. The players bolted towards the gate, not looking back, and shut the gate behind them. Fin.
So yes while the main content in Mu was just OK, our ending was spectacular, could not have been better.
Overall the campaign was amazing, highly recommended!
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2023.03.23 09:54 personalmasteryseo1 Wellness Coach Training At Personalmastery

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2023.03.23 09:53 Meaning-Coach Answer to "Can God change a persons's sexual orientation?"

Hey Y'All,
So, this post came up on my feed not too long ago, and I've posted about this before at length, so putting this out again. I hope it gives some perspective.
I’d especially like to send this to my brothers and sisters out there coming to grips with their sexual identity while believing in Christ as Lord.
I’m not good with concise statements, so this might take a while.
I’m an evangelical Christian from Europe. There’s quite a bit less political connotations when I say this here than in the US. At any rate, I do believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that there will be a judgement of all people when this world comes to an end.
If this doesn’t discredit me from all further statements to you, read on.
The first thing I want to mention is the anthropological aspect of the whole question. There is not one single, coherent model of how sexual identity is formed in us as far as I know – but do feel free to educate me on that. There’s bits and pieces all over the place. It seems like some aspects are related to genetics and hormonal stuff. There doesn’t seem to be one single gene that turns your sexual orientation to what it is, but there’s definitely some factors that make it more or less likely that you’ll grow up to love the same sex. Seemingly contradictory statement: no, most people are not “born that way” (I see the pray away movie highly corrosive not because of its theme, but because of its narrow view of sexual development), but people do not choose their sexual orientation either (what a silly thing that is to say). They discover it.
You might think it’s set in stone from a certain point onwards, but that’s also debatable: Lisa M. Diamond, who is a lesbian psychologist actually argues for the fluidity of sexual orientation, among others. Whichever is true, there’s likely a certain predisposition that is in us when we’re born, but which is not deterministic – most of the time, at the very least. Add to that environmental factors, psychologically forming events and circumstances, and you might have two people with the same genetic-hormonal setup in-utero, one of them will become gay, the other straight. For example, there’s clear links between childhood abuse, sexual or not and lgbtqi+ identity, which could be seen as trigger points that change our sexuality. An internet search will help you out here.
I’m laying this out because our sexuality is important enough that it warrants a holistic view, being reductionists doesn’t do any of us any favours. Christian anthropology views us as beings with bodies, souls (minds) and spirits. Even a dichotomist view sees there’s an unseen part of our being which is functionally different from our psychology (soul). Anyway, it’s probably easier to put it this way: according to Christian doctrine based on my understanding (which is definitely not a standard of any kind, so grain of salt please), we have our bodies and we have an unseen part of our being, and both of these have aspects that create our psychological reality by interrelating in certain ways. Our sexual identity is dependent on all of these.
Why this is important to highlight is that this creates a multitude of experiences and unique characteristics when it comes to our sexuality, heteronormative or not. This also means there’s different roads for Christians who identify as lgbtqi+. Some denominations and churches believe there’s actually spiritual entities that want to corrupt us, spiritually speaking, and prayer service or let’s call it what it is, exorcism can help some people get rid of the demon of homosexuality. They don’t single out homosexuals of course, they do have this approach when it comes to the spirit of fornication, for example, or the spirit of promiscuity, any kind of of immortality, really, sexual, or otherwise. Whatever we think of such approaches, some people do claim that they have changed after such services, and if their identity was really mainly affected due to spiritual reasons, they might truly view themselves as restored – and they very well might be. These will be the first people to tell you you only need to believe, and God will heal you. Problem is, not everyone has the same story as them, and what worked in their case might not work in someone else’s.
For some people, their sexual orientation has been affected by psychologically forming events, in some cases, trauma, and with emotional healing, it might change again. I know this is controversial and yes, it is difficult to heal and to truly be set free from an abusive past, but it is possible. In this case, sexual orientation is in some part the side product of an underlying cause (or rather: causes) and insisting that sexual orientation is impossible to change can actually hinder work with the source events, as it anchors us to a seemingly unavoidable consequence. This is not conversion therapy though, the goal is not to change the symptom, but to tackle the root cause. In some cases, this can come with the change of orientation, in others, it doesn’t. It isn’t even the point. However, it’s really destructive to call the experience of people who change this way fake or dishonest. God heals our emotional wounds, and this can come with many a surprise, including sexual restoration of all kinds for people with all kinds of orientation.
And lastly, as I mentioned, some people simply are born with certain bodily predispositions. The restoration of the body can come in ways in alignment with modern medicine, and in some cases, divine intervention. Again, controversial topic, since testimonies about this in our day and age are dubious at best, some of these are clearly faked as well, but as believers in an omnipotent God, we certainly can’t rule out miracles of healing, even if they seem to elude the average Christian experience. However, restorations of this kind rarely are standalone even in biblical times, they come with supernatural healing of the mind and spirit as well. Nowadays, we would probably refer to at least a subset of these as healing of psychosomatic issues, but we definitely shouldn’t limit God’s work with our understanding.
In reality, sexual orientation is not the result of one aspect of our being or another, it’s usually a combination of all factors. Depending on the story of a person and their road with dealing with it, some Christians might actually change completely (for testimonies, you can refer to the changed movement or x-out-loud, for example). It’s not unheard of, it is happening from time to time, there are testimonies about this, but stories like this are not accepted easily since they set the stage for some restrictive fundamentalist views and they definitely don’t get into mainstream media. Of course, the opposite is true, and for good reason: people in movements like this (I'm looking at you, Exodus International) who turn out to be struggling with same sex desire after all rightly cause skepticism. Maybe the people involved tried too hard and kept even themselves in the dark, maybe they expected complete change on faulty theological doctrine, maybe pressure just simply got to them and they caved under expectations of other people and emulated something that weren’t truly theirs. It’s just a shame, since for some Christians, their stories are simply just different, and their sexual orientation might remain the same. And this is fine too. If this is their story, they shouldn’t be afraid to explore that and even share it. The only thing that really hurts when it comes to any sort of restoration is untruth, deceit, lies. If these people view sexual sin according to conservative narratives, they might choose to remain celibate, like the people at livingout. While exploring their stories with God, some might become bisexual, still struggle with same sex attraction but be able to live in heterosexual relationships as well. Again, others will simply come to accept their stories with their consequences and continue or start their non-heteronormative sexual lives while still believing in Jesus. Personally, I see the more in-line responses to the Christian faith in the previous options, and not the latter, but I see God working in all states of the human experience. God has power to heal all aspects of our being, but for all the different stories out there, whatever his reasons, He has a different plan set out as well when it comes to restoration or its absence.
With that in mind, is homosexual behaviour (not the orientation itself) a sin? Yes, just as much as adultery, fornication, sex outside marriage etc. Is segregation or unjustice towards a minority sin? Definitely, yes, especially if it comes from the perspective of being more deserving or right or normal. We can’t really consider heterosexual people more just than people in the lgbtqi+ community, if we do that, we definitely miss the point of the Gospel. I don’t really want to go into the broader topic of hate speech, but I’ll leave some thoughts here, nonetheless. Is it hateful as a Christian to call people in a minority sinners if we consider ourselves as such as well? Surely, being in the cisgender heterosexual white male majority, I need to check my privilege and be mindful of how I speak about sin to minorities. Christianity as a whole has historically had trouble in that regard, to say the very least, but I do believe the spirit of the Gospels is gracious, understanding and very, very loving on the one hand especially to the oppressed. On the other hand, it is also quite clear when it comes to telling all of us, without exception, that we’re sinners. That applies to those who have been mistreated as well, and if phrased correctly, it’s the opposite of hate speech. It’s a speech of love. Let me explain, though you’ve probably heard this before.
Paraphrasing C. S. Lewis, our problem is not that we don’t hate sin enough, it’s that we don’t love the gifts of God enough. The child that plays in the mud all year around can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to play on the oceanside in the sand. I get it, this sounds condescending, but bear with me. Jesus talks about the kingdom of God as a treasure that when found, compels the one that found it to sell all other valuables to keep it. Paul echoes this sentiment, and other parts in Scripture as well. The value of the Gospel is just so staggering that all other things we use to fill in the void left without it just pales in comparison. This includes all of our earlier identities as well. Now this is a paradox, since we don’t lose our individuality and personality when coming to Christ, but what formed our identities beforehand – be that social status, success in work or in personal life, the good or bad legacy of our family, our triumphs and our tragedies and even our sexual identity, will become so much less defining. The call to repentance is not about surrendering ourselves to a life of rules and rigidity, but about surrendering ourselves to the One that can make us truly whole, even when all other sources of our identity fail to do this. We are not sinners because we sin. We sin because we are sinners. Conversely, doing right by God’s law does not make us holy – being made holy is what makes us capable of doing the right things. The defeat of sin in our lives doesn’t come from sweat and effort, as much as fruit doesn’t come from the tree striving to grow it. It comes from being connected to the source of growth (water, soil, sunshine etc). Our job as Christians is not to fight against sin per se, though we are called to put off our old selves, but to fight for our connection with the One who can make us whole – and sin gets outgrown while we’re being nurtured. Wholeness comes from holiness, and holiness comes from the unconditional love of He who is holy.
So, what should us, sinners of all colors and races and sexual and gender identities, do then, if we truly love Christ? Whatever is necessary to get closer to God. This is always uncomfortable yet joyful, as the all surpassing treasure of God’s community with us is only partial while we’re on this Earth. It might seem like our favorite and precious ways of filling the void in our hearts are being traded for joining a bunch of hypocrites who suffer just the same as anyone else, only they’re trying to mask that with spirituality. If we trust Jesus though, we have to trust what he said about receiving manyfold of what we give up for him on this Earth, and even more in the next world. This is impossible to do, both spiritually and psychologically, without having experienced that for the joy of communion with Christ, all things really can be counted as loss. We’re only giving up our patches of mud for the ocean shore however, if we truly see the Gospel as precious as it is. None of what we’re giving up could ever make us whole. Not our heterosexuality, not our homosexuality, not getting social justice, getting revenge, not even our identities as survivors of the sinful and atrocious acts of persecutors or predators. Jesus is the one who can uphold justice, all while himself having been afflicted by injustice. He is the one who can keep us alive, while himself having gone through complete and utter, total death. He is the one who can heal our broken sexuality that is so much less then God intended it to be when we focus on what we deserve and how it serves us instead of focusing on how it serves God.
The modern cultural ethos is that we have to embrace our sexuality, however it may present itself. It is what is considered right. It’s okay if some people would like to repress themselves in certain ways, they have that choice, but it’s morally aversive and they definitely can’t impose those outdated values on others. I’d say this is fair, at least the imposing part. The tricky thing is, when gay people mention it’s a valid choice to live in celibacy, or previously gay people provide testimonies of changing orientation, it can come off as an attack on the lgbtqi+ minority. These voices are often marginalized or dismissed. I view these as valid personal stories though that would not be possible without finding that treasure that can become so much more important than anything else. I submit that this is definitely not part of the hate narrative and to brand it like that is often unjust, if understandable. Hate is real, hate crimes are real, and stories like this can and will definitely get misused to feed a hate narrative that is just foreign to the whole experience. I implore you, please be conscious of this, whichever side of the debate you’re on. But if your conscience tells you you need restoration, you need to be celibate, to do anything that’s out of the cultural norm, don’t be afraid to seek whatever you need to do. To act against one’s conscience is sin according to the Bible – in such cases where there’s not a clear scriptural direction of course. You’re not wrong if you want restoration. You’re not making a mistake if you choose celibacy. And if you do any of this, it’s not an attack on the community you’re a part of, even if your choice could be branded as such. If love towards God compels you to do something, do it.
If you’re a Christian struggling with same sex attraction or any related issues – and any kind of sin in your life in general, really – I want to say to you: don’t be afraid. Our God is good, and our God is love. He has a plan for you. I’ve no idea where it will take you, and I’m sure you’ll get surprised along the way. But for now, just focus on getting closer to Him. Wherever He’s leading you, that’s the only way you’ll get there. But we need to be humble, since God rejects the proud. And whenever we say we are without sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. Do not be humbled though by other Christians asking you to be humble. Definitely not because I ask you to. It doesn’t work that way. Be humbled by the love that God has for the sinner. For You. Don’t hesitate to experience that love, and accept in whatever way it transforms you, because in one way or another, it will transform you. In doing so, you may lose some of what is only in part, but you’ll gain that which is whole. And if you’re not a Christian, and have stayed with me this whole time, first of all, thank you. And second, if something resonated within you, try looking for a spiritual community near you and explore further. You will face challenges, since we as Christians, disciples of Jesus though we may be, are far from perfect. You’ll face hard hearts, unwise and unsympathetic people, maybe have to navigate through dry doctrinal debates, and it’s quite easy to get disillusioned by all the internal strife as well. Behind all that though, is the existentially transformative presence of a God that is the only one in this world who can offer wholeness. I apologize, since sometimes, we Christians, make him very hard to find. He’s there though. The treasure is there.
And if you’re still here and you buy none of this stuff, I want to say: live your life as you see fit. No one has the right to tell you how you should live. Certainly not I – when God gave me His grace and mercy instead of judgement, I had to realize I’m woefully ill-equipped to judge others, since I received something I didn’t deserve in the first place. I still reserve the right to call it sin what the Bible describes as sin. But judgement is not ours, and neither is the moral authority that God obviously has. Our understanding is limited, for sure. Maybe I’ll come to a different understanding at some point. But until such a time, I’ll see sin as the brokenness and incompleteness we’re destined to remain in without a love so pure that can restore us to wholeness. If not completely in this life, then in the everlasting, face-to-face presence of the new creation. That, I believe, is worth fighting for.
Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light Be
Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word
I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord
Thou my great Father, and I Thy true son
Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one
Be Thou my battle Shield, Sword for the fight
Be Thou my Dignity, Thou my Delight
Thou my soul’s Shelter, Thou my high Tower
Raise Thou me heavenward, O Power of my power
Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise
Thou mine Inheritance, now and always
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart
High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art
High King of Heaven, my victory won
May I reach Heaven’s joys, O bright Heaven’s Sun
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all
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2023.03.23 09:51 SinkComfortable9729 Data Recovery near me

A reputable data recovery business called TechChef focuses on recovering lost or corrupted data from all kinds of storage devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, flash drives, and memory cards. Modern equipment and methods are used by our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals to recover your data in a secure and effective manner. We make every effort to achieve a successful recovery since we recognize how essential your data is to you, whether they are priceless personal images or vital business documents. You may feel secure knowing that your data is in good hands with TechChef.
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2023.03.23 09:51 Sibiroglu Not so pure of heart anymore. (GPT-4)

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2023.03.23 09:51 honeyintherock Progress report!

Back when the amazing moderators here opened this sub back up, I commented about the timing because the next day we had a dumpster dropped off! I thought I'd share a bit of an update/more background. This is a pretty massive undertaking and I'm excited! I think sharing here will be helpful for me if I have questions that maybe someone here can answer, and for anyone else to see another's journey.
So I've been living with my husband for 17 years, and he's been here his entire life. Parents retired out of state and left him here. The house is about 40 years old, they are the only residents. I moved from a very short distance out of my childhood home and slowly brought my "stuff" over through the years.
Nearly everything in this house is overdue for an update. We're starting with this dusty, nightmare carpet and the bathrooms, but eventually there'll be more, especially outside. We intend to stay here indefinitely, so it's time to unfuck it.
We'll be getting new furniture, so my thinking is: move everything out/trash old crap and move back in new stuff, once out once in, in other words: I'm not bringing this old couch back in here, FFS, hahaha.
The plan for the dumpster and a week off was this: comb through literally everything from bedrooms, closets, the downstairs den, and the garage. We worked tirelessly! Everything was sorted into: trash, keep, donate, specific rehoming to friends and family, and sell (we're culling collections, selling entire collections, and have a LOT of vintage stuff. Should pad out renovation budget a wee bit.)
We filled the dumpster in two days! An old grill and other crumbly outdoor furniture, the mattress we replaced last year that was still in the garage, and the first round of broken down old furniture went in it. Also lots of just... Crap out of the garage.
We packed out my midsized crossover 7 times SO FAR with at least 2-3 more trips to take to the charity thrift store.
A vintage seller came and took most of that pile, and gave me WAY more than I would have asked for it!! (Basically paid for the dumpster, now that I think about it!)
The sentimental things and stuff that we can do without have been condensed, organized, etc. My partner spent an entire day space-bagging concert tees, heirloom quilts, stuff like that!
The massive collection we're selling off is getting dusted and boxed, and there's a few "project piles" that still need to be organized...
Now that we're back at work the progress is just gonna have to be slower. The week off was so productive, I am very glad we were able to do that because it was a lot of hard work, I'm proud that we stayed focused and met the goals we set. It was a massive first step push towards unfucking this habitat. Like, it's fully 1/4 unfucked now just from the thorough, deep declutter.
I hope this has inspired/motivated even a single reader, and I thank anyone who took time 🙏 It's probably going to be a few months before we start anymore real work. It's the coordinating contractors and furniture and shit that I'm anxious about. I want it done properly, and there's so many greedy people out there. Send up hope for us, ya'll 🥲
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2023.03.23 09:50 AlteredLogos New Player Experiences Global Warming, Help!

Hello! As the title implies, I'm on my first real attempt at a base in this game, I'm at cycle 200, but I'm beginning to run into major issues with heat transfer, pretty much all over the map. My crops are beginning to have trouble growing, so I've had to place Ice-E Fans to keep my food up.
I don't yet have enough power to build a metal refinery (not to mention I don't have the steel to build a machine which can handle all that heat).
I just finished setting up 3 natural gas generators on a Geyser, and there are 2 more Geysers that I plan to do the same with, (since my world doesn't seem to have an oil layer?) but even those generators needed cool brine pumped behind them on Tempshift plates to not overheat, and at this point it's only a matter of time before the brine becomes too hot.
Even in my coldest ice biome, where I was condensing carbon dioxide for storage for whenever I figure out space travel, the carbon dioxide is no longer condensing.
I've tried to insulate all over the map where logical/possible, especially using the natural Abyssite but it doesn't seem to make enough of a difference. Any help would be appreciated, unlike most other systems in this game, this one isn't really clicking for me...
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2023.03.23 09:50 Evil_Bitch0 AITA FOR IGNORING MY "FRIEND"

So I (13f) & my "friend"(13f) let's call her T are not on talking terms over this. T told my teacher(45f) let's call her Mrs. M that I told her to kll herself. So let's get this straight she said that during math the day before that I told her "Kll your self!" I was pulled in to the library and asked "Did you." I said no and that I didn't remember anything from the day before. Then Mrs.M pulled me in the library 5 minutes later. In there was Mrs.M and T, T was all red. Mrs.M asked her to tell me what I did. She started having a "panic attack". She didn't even say anything so Mrs.M had to tell me. Then Mrs.M told me she was going to call my mom then sent me back to my class crying. When I got home I was crying. Told my siblings and they all were pissed. My mom got home and I broke down a little kid cry and all. She was very pissed and then called my teacher. She explained that I couldn't have done. Mrs. M agreed and said there was holes in the story but didn't know I so torn up about it. To cheer me up we got ice cream and on the ride home guess who saw me T. She waved at us like a maniac. Then T tried to hang out with my sister but she ripped her a new one. I told my mom I didn't /can't go to school the next day. T acted cool the next day. Then the next week she asked why I was ignoring her I made up some lie and walked off so am I??
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2023.03.23 09:49 TallulahCrusty-flaps 18 years and I can't stop thinking about him. Help

18 years and I can't stop thinking about him. Help.
Auror81 · Today 00:21
Here is my situation.18 years ago in my early 20s I had an absolutely mad crush on someone. I have never felt this way about anyone before or since. He was in the early days of a relationship with someone else. I had just left a long term relationship and was single. I made it my mission to get with him, and I did. He was interested in me of course, the thrill of someone liking him I guess, he had 2 seperate nights with me, then got caught by his girlfriend. Since then, over the last 18 years, we both married other people and had children. He is still with the same woman. I guess one of my questions is - of course I know it's lust/sexual attraction but as it's still going on 18 years later I wonder if it's more/meant to be more. I don't think there have been many days at all, if any, that I haven't thought/dreamt/fantasized about him over the last 18 years. How bad is that? Need to add, I am in fact unhappily married and we are on our last legs due to me being married to a nasty narcissist. So there is a real possibility of me being single again soon in the near future. Anyway. We still live in the same town. When we drive past each other there is always eye contact. We always seem to drive past each other on the same two roads (different times/days) with no connection to routine. Anyway, I was thinking to myself recently, surely if I put this much thought into him, intentionally or not, over 18 years, surely he can FEEL it. Surely I pop into his thoughts too. We had some memorable exciting times trust me. Then, I had a dream, where people were coming to me and telling me, shouting at me “Aurora! He loves you too! He feels the same way! He loves you too!” Ok yes this sounds a bit crazy. My feelings for him were suddenly heightened. I got ready and had a good hair day and all looked well (for a change) and I went out hoping I'd bump into him/dreaming I'd bump into him. Considering I could go almost a year without this happening sometimes..guess what… I did!!! He was with her and she had her back to me. He couldn't take his eyes off me for at least 10 seconds, from me walking up to him and past him (obviously didn't speak) and I sure as hell didn't break that eye contact for 1 second. A real moment. Since then I'm really contemplating my future. Spiritually/practically whatever. What are your opinions? Surely this means something? What does it mean? I feel it's a love like no other although it's not realistic love. There is no describing the way I feel about him.
Auror81 · Today 00:23
I suppose I think that now I'm into my 40s it's not "normal" to feel this way and therefore does this "mean" something? I'm thinking it's not a teenage crush anymore?
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2023.03.23 09:49 Neko-Reina-23 My chihuahua is in labor and a red bubble thing is hanging out. Is there anything I can do to help her while I wait for a veterinarian to open near me. The closest emergency vet is over 120 miles away.

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2023.03.23 09:48 Vampheartz Struggling with the dentist since I was 14. What do i do?

I didn’t know whether to flair this as depressing, help, or vent.
I am 20, nearly 21. When I was around 14, molar broke and I put it off until it was rotting and needed to be extracted. I was so mortified of the dentist that when I attempted to have the work done, I’d end up lashing out at the dentist/assistants and they’d say they couldn’t do anything with me acting like that. Once, when I was about 15, I sat in the chair and as soon as she pulled the needle out, I freaked and started screaming and crying. The memory is so vague because I blocked it out due to how much stress it caused me. She tried so hard to calm me down, but in the end I just couldn’t do it. That tooth turned into another, and another. An abusive relationship later, and now I was 18 with majority of my teeth rotting out of my skull. Eating was painful, and I could only do it on one side because the other had a gaping hole that was severely painful. I was malnourished, in pain 24/7, but this still wasn’t enough to make me go sit in the chair. I was agoraphobic on top of all of this, and the pandemic was making all of this situation even worse. By the time I was 19 I realized I likely have autism (as well as ocd) as my cousin has it and we’ve suspected my sibling of also having it. Finding a way to be diagnosed when you’re agoraphobic is so difficult. Over the span of two years I’d repeatedly gotten x rays done, each visit a living hell where I have an anxiety attack and go non verbal, and my mother has to speak for me. The dentists are made aware of my possibility of being autistic, so they automatically suggest dentures. I can’t do that, I can’t because of the sensory issues of the denture touching the roof of my mouth. I also don’t know if I can keep up with the maintenance, nor can I sleep without them, because the feeling of just my gums against my tongue would be sensory hell. I saw a new dentist recently for a second consultation and she sent me into a complete spiral. The first visit, she was incredibly kind and accommodating, she sounded like she was really going to help me, I was so hopeful for the first time in forever. That was squashed so violently in our next visit. She completely changed her demeanor toward me. She talked to me like I was a child, she told me if I was to be treated by her, she’d do it her way, and that I needed new x rays even though I’d already had recent x rays transferred over from the other office (and x rays are a main stress source for me). She told me if I were to get work done, she wouldn’t allow my mom to stay with me. And she told me I should be the one paying for my appointments because im a “big girl” now. It was utterly humiliating as a grown adult to be belittled and shamed. After I left I had a meltdown, and sobbed for hours. I definitely cannot see her if I can’t be with my mom, and I can’t pay for it because im unemployed and I can’t get a job due to my ongoing mental health issues. Finding a therapist is hard, and im starting to think if im going to get through this I’m going to need at the very least anxiety meds, but I cannot swallow pills, and I have a phobia of vomit, so I won’t take anything with those side effects. I don’t know if there’s any liquid form anti anxiety meds that also doesn’t have those side effects.
I don’t know what to do, any advice for any of these topics would really help. When I talk to my friends, I don’t think they really know what to say cause it’s such a tough situation. Right now, I can hardly eat anymore and I’m in pain all the time, and I can’t even smile anymore as my teeth are missing. I just want to have a healthy mouth again.
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2023.03.23 09:48 LonelyRanger003 I want to live in a island alone, away from all humans.

You have to admit, people aren't the best lifeforms you see every day. Do you have to take public transportation? Are you ready to face loud, ill-mannered people who only care about themselves? Do you want to sleep before you reach your destination? No, that's impossible; there will be people there who will talk so loudly that they will render your noise-canceling headphones useless.
Is it weird that I find dogs and even cats more tolerable than humans? Maybe..but the other day I brought chicken from my university cafeteria and sat outside in the park to eat it, and a dog came and sat near me. The pup waited for about 15 minutes near me. I petted it and gave the dog some of the chicken. Do humans have the same discipline? No! That same day, I walked into class with a chocolate drink in my hand, and my "friends" took it right out of my hands. What was I supposed to do? Fight like a peasant for a drink?
It's worse if you're a woman. I honestly feel sorry for them. I took the bus home after a long day; I dozed off, and when I woke up, I learned that the girl behind me had been inappropriately touched by an older man, a man old enough to be her grandfather. Just today in order to prep for my exams, I found a quiet, empty class to study in and saw a girl sleeping there, so I made sure to pull the chairs quietly so as not to disturb her, and 5 minutes later another guy walked in, saw the girl, sat a few rows ahead of her, made so much noise, and woke her up. I feel bad for the poor thing.
Some people are like goblins. Just yesterday, while me and my friend were walking towards the bus stop, we came across an acquaintance [let's call him P]. He was sad (I didn't notice it), but after we boarded the bus, my friend asked someone why [P] was sad to a mutual friend, and he told us that the girl [P] was pinning after has a boyfriend now, and what's surprising is that while [P]'s crush was apparently gorgeous, her new boyfriend is ugly.
I didn't take it seriously till I learned that her new boyfriend has three girlfriends, all of whom are attractive. I was perplexed and asked, "How?" And apparently this guy has a fancy vehicle of some sort. Even when I have seen this car, it looks expensive, but surely women won't be in a relationship with someone just because of materialistic objects..right? If so, my perception of humans has further degraded.
And so to avoid all this I want to live in an island 🏝️, build a hut 🛖 and catch fish and crabs to eat.
If you made it thus far, thank you for reading.
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2023.03.23 09:46 createdjustforthis23 23/03/2023

I had a dream where I was sort of living with these random people and some were like total tech geniuses - I didn’t know them well and was really shy and it was like a hostel vibe but with a really tight group of friends? Idk. I also seemed to get around by gliding and sitting on a skateboard? I dreamed about that part a LOT. Like speeding down the footpaths sat on a skateboard going zoom zoom zoom and calling it boogy boarding. No one else did it. And also I was walking somewhere later on in the dream and was wearing boots and got to the bottom of a hill and I started gliding down the last part of it? Like as if I was gliding across ice on skates, and then I skidded to a graceful stop like in skiing and then kept walking normal and I felt super swish and suave even though I bet I would have looked like a right twat but that’s okay as it’s just a dream. I remember I somehow started dating their like, “leader” or like not dating but seeing him? I don’t even think we kissed, just hugs and stuff? I don’t remember anything romantic, I was just “chosen” by him and I remember walking somewhere with one of the people I lived with and we walked past him and he was carrying flowers, like a big white bunch of flowers, and he looked at us and hid them then threw them in a bin and kept walking and I remember thinking oh maybe he thinks I’m off with this other guy and felt bad but I kept walking and talking as it was about something we were doing. And then it was my birthday and Mr Leader-man organised these big huge balloons for me as a surprise and I remember running towards them and him and everyone being like ommgggggg and squealing like a proper lil piglet no doubt and and up hanging on a wall by the balloons and next to him was this pink sparkly ball gown like puffy skirt and covered in gems and things on the bodice and I was crying into the skirts of it like I buried my face in it and was crying and I was so overwhelmed and I was hugging him and stuff and everyone else was around too. It was in a dairy? Like the dress was hung up on the wall with all the packets of lollies and whatnot. And then I was meeting Mr Leader-man as he was taking me to a big show for my birthday too, he said meet me here and for some reason left. I was having suspicions like how can he afford all this and it all started coming together that he was super rich but super secretive about it maybe. And then I was was wandering around trying to find somewhere to get changed for the show as I wanted to change underwear and bra to feel a lil prettier and sexier and also to put on a pretty little skirt - it was this like soft sage green chiffon like fabric with little pink embroidered bits and it was quite short but not trashy short, it sounds horrid but it was so pretty and looked like something a fairy would wear. Anyway I was getting really stressed out as I couldn’t find anywhere in town to get changed and I didn’t want to set foot into the rank McDonald’s public bathrooms like I’d have rather got changed in public and so I was sat on the footpath with a little box of hot chips stressing out about the idea of him waiting for me and me not being able to turn up without getting changed. And then I see two people come sit down next to me and it’s David Beckham on one said and a kid on the other. Anyway I gave my hot chips to the kid as he had been kicked out of some team and was upset so he and David were eating them as we were sat leaning against a building in a town square sort of thing. And then there was a big dead fish eye in a plastic box to my right and they were both laughing like hahahaha bet that scared you so I confiscated their chips til they apologised to me and the fish. And then we all got up and went our own ways and I woke up when I was wandering around trying to find somewhere to get changed and I was stressy and felt like I couldn’t show up to my big birthday date in the things I was wearing as he’d walk out on me and it was a thing. And then I woke up.
We did the quiz as a team today and as always I was dead quiet until asked, I always get asked about books, art and music I’ve found. Anyway I was lucky today as I didn’t know the answer but I figured Agatha Christie spent considerable time in Egypt and that part of the world and I know that inspired Death on the Nile and death comes as the end and all that so it made sense her husband was an archaeologist so I said that and it was right, phewf. I don’t like being put on the spot like that though. I also hate being wrong in front of people, it’s another reason along with the fact I didn’t go to University that says I’m stupid and uncultured. Then again there were several people in the team who quite literally asked “Tesla cars aren’t named after anyone are they?” like dude… come on. And when someone else said yes they are one person said “WHO’S TESLA” ?? There’s a lot of lack of general knowledge in my team, I find it so bizarre. I don’t know much but it baffles me how little some of them know and they’re all full grown adults in their 30s-60s asking these questions. I always think of myself as having very bad general knowledge but dad and mum always say I have very good general knowledge when we do crosswords like I’ll answer lots of things but like, they’re my parents, they’re not going to say “shut up dumbass” are they?
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2023.03.23 09:45 jimmcfartypants Can I use your phone?

I was on a train today waiting for it to depart wellington station when a youngish (mid/late-teens) kid comes up and randomly asks me if they can borrow my phone. They were very polite about about it, but I said 'sorry, no' and they moved on up the train without a fuss. I wouldn't have though much of it aside from the fact they were only asking males on the train - there were a few females sitting near me - and also didn't seem put out by the polite 'No'. If I was in that situation I'd make more of a case if I was _that_ desperate, right?
Can't help but think they were trying to fleece a phone before the train just as the train was about to leave the station. Sad eh?
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