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2015.09.27 10:23 sciencegey shittyaskflying

I’m not ready to copy. I’m flying! Even we know two-way comms is not a bravo clearance.

2023.03.19 11:50 SharonDarts CNN clowning on ATC this morning.

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2023.03.17 11:20 DoughnutBorn440 Struggling with Radio telephony.

I start my training this august. While I get done with my last semester of college I’m preparing for my Radio telephone license exam. So far it’s really overwhelming especially since I have no practical experience.i was wondering If anyone could offer some guidance on the best resources to learn from and the best way to practice. I try and listen to Liveatc I understand some of it but the rest is Latin to Me😂 I’d really appreciate the guidance!
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2023.03.13 12:48 coldrefrigeratormilk How do I replay/listen to atc in my local airport frequency

Is there a specific website or app that lets you listen to nearby frequencies or atc? Because my local airport (UAAA) isn’t shown on services such as liveatc.
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2023.03.12 18:19 Moist-Albatross-522 Anyone on liveatc?

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2023.03.05 23:42 Wind5urfer Favorite LiveATC station?

Share your favorite frequency&field to tune into! And any interesting stories while listening live.
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2023.02.27 04:25 therealgariac Interesting helicopter 96-26665

This was chatted up on ufo. I will admit it flies north squawking 1200 (no following). There is no information on the tail number on or Joe Baugher. Doing a google images search on the registration yields nothing useful. (One false hit on flicker.)
From Joe Baugher's documents, I am reasonably sure it is a Blackhawk.
96-26664/26728 are Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawks.
This is the first entry: 26667 MSN 702189
I'm guessing MSN is manufacturer's serial number, something like a construction number.
I haven't tried yet but in the past I have never been able to track helicopter scanner audio on liveatc,net.×tamp=1676397876×tamp=1676848866×tamp=1676872075×tamp=1676954999
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2023.02.26 01:41 2018birdie BUR go-around

Haven't seen anything about this incident and briefly tried to find the audio on LiveATC to no avail. Any know the details...? I know go around are a daily occurrence in the NAS is this just the media getting carried away?
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2023.02.25 03:46 parrotnamedmrfuture Flyover in Sanford, FL, no call sign, very loud

The plane then disappeared. Was about 2 minutes ago. Any ideas?
EDIT: Thanks to u/coasterghost for your help. Sounds like it was this: ROCKET T-2C/T-39N/G , VT-86/TAW-6, NAS Pensacola FL. We hear jets training every now and then, but usually not this late at night.
You can hear the SFB's tower discussion here around the 10:30 mark
Here's the flight on ADSB: Link
Here’s another one today. Had probably 5 or 6 more take off from SFB as well around the same time: link2
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2023.02.22 17:20 Cogwheel Busy night at KLAS - "SWA2193 I've lost the lighting to runway 19R. Go around..."

The winds picked up something fierce last night so I pulled up trackers and LiveATC to see what Harry Reid was up to. Wind was 2[email protected] gusting 55 so they only had the 19s in use.
The very first flight I looked at had just gone around. Further along the sequence was another that had just gone around as well. And as I'm looking at these I hear the next plane on approach announce a go-around. So that's 3 in a row.
While I was mentioning this to a buddy of mine I hear:
Pilot: Just lost power on the runway
Tower: SWA2193 I've lost the lighting to runway 19R. Go around...
Power came back a few seconds later but they were already on their way. Apparently there were multiple downed power lines around the Vegas area last night. They even shut down land traffic on I-15 due to the winds and dust.
So yeah, busy night...
If anyone wants to listen, here's the archive from KLAS tower: The transcript above is at 28m15s into the recording.
Some more coverage from our local news:
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2023.02.17 19:42 Flight_Radar_24 Callsign “Red 7”?

I heard on on YWG ground the Callsign “red 7”. I’ve never heard it before and it’s not on radar. Anyone know what plane that belongs to?
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2023.02.07 14:10 Leximania47 LiveATC

Hi everyone, relatively new plane spotter here. I bought the LiveATC app so I can hear what emergencies are being declared but I can’t figure out how it works. I don’t know what air traffic controllers would be contacted when planes declare a 7700, can anyone help? Is it just who’s nearest or the airport they’re flying to/from?
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2023.02.05 03:06 2018birdie AUS runway incursion?

Alright... what happened this morning at AUS? Low vis, low ceilings and a go-around being called on Twitter as a runway incursion...
I finally found the audio on LiveATC so let's see what happened... who can find me a ASDE replay?
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2023.02.04 15:53 RedditIsPutinsBitch Unidentified objects around Dublin Airport being reported by pilots and Tower

Flights planning for diversions and airport authorities saying possible delays.
2 objects, stationary over airport, then one started to descend but stopped still.
Can listen to it live here...
Maybe amount to nothing but interesting listening nonetheless.
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2023.01.30 23:35 bluethiefzero Dual Tower conversations taking place at JFK?

Hey, ATC. A newbie looking to start training as a pilot soon, so please forgive this if it a stupid question. I'm listening to KJFK Gnd/Twr #2 on and there is one controller giving out directions in my left ear, and a different controller giving out directions in my right ear. This is just a product of the website, right? This isn't something that everyone is actually dealing with right now.
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2023.01.30 15:38 RedditIsPutinsBitch Radio stations to add to your HiBy...

So if you've not done this or are not aware, most HiBy players are capable of playing radio stations once you've added them on to the root (main directory) of your MicroSD card in a file called radio.txt
You can then access them via the local playlist on your device, should be listed as "Custom Radio" to play from.
I'll start it off, I know there's not a huge amount of people using this sub but maybe some of you who use this feature might add a few stations you listen to yourselves...
Add your own using the format of
radio name, direct link
radio name, direct link
radio name, direct link
Etc., etc.,
Copy/paste the following in to your own radio.txt file and copy it across to your HiBy's MicroSD card...
The Radio Paradise links are direct FLAC+ quality, an Irish and some BBC radio links plus some Irish Airport live streams at the end.
Radio Paradise Main,
Radio Paradise World,
Radio Paradise Mellow,
Radio Paradise Rock,
RTE - Radio One,
BBC - Radio Foyle,
BBC - Radio 5 live (non-UK),
BBC - BBC World Service,
Radio Dismuke 1920s-30s pop/jazz,
EIDW Dublin Airport (Del/Gnd/TwApp/Center),
EINN Shannon Airport (TwApp/CleaOps/Radar),
EINN Shannon Airport Control High (West - Coastal),
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2023.01.27 19:12 Airbusa3 What Is A Run-up?

I've been hearing a lot of planes on LiveATC requesting a run-up prior to taking off during a winter storm. Why do they do this?
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2023.01.18 21:31 LilSebastian_482 Interesting route over KDCA. Anyone in the area able to grab a photo? Currently listening to LiveATC feed of KDCA Tower 1 and there’s quite a bit of military activity. PAT, MUSSEL, SAM callsigns all over.

Interesting route over KDCA. Anyone in the area able to grab a photo? Currently listening to LiveATC feed of KDCA Tower 1 and there’s quite a bit of military activity. PAT, MUSSEL, SAM callsigns all over. submitted by LilSebastian_482 to flightradar24 [link] [comments]

2023.01.11 16:52 sikorskyshuffle ILS NOTAM’d OOS but airlines still using it… How is this allowed?

I was looking at KAUS today and saw the NOTAM “AUS NAVIGATION ILS RUNWAY 18L OUT OF SERVICE. AUS 01/058”
Weather is currently 200’ and 1/4sm vis and planes are coming in droves to land (presumably because of the big NOTAM outage grounding that got lifted today).
Listening to LIVEATC, I heard one of the planes go around because of a glideslope failure. (They reported fluctuation) and tower has been asking flights if they experienced issues).
How does this work, legally, when the NOTAM says the ILS is out of service, tower clearly knows that it is unreliable, and the weather is garbage? With or without an incident, this seems like a huge liability.
I fly in HEMS and if I see a NOTAM like this, I automatically assume that I will be using the next best approach they have (RNAV LPV).
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2023.01.09 23:03 laduke09 handheld radio

So I received a PJ2+ for Xmas... today before my lesson I parked outside the tower and turned it on to the tower frequency. Then I streamed the tower over to check the handheld. Hardly any of the calls came in over the PJ2+!!! I'm probably going to send it back, unless someone tells me what I'm doing wrong. THanks..
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2023.01.05 00:56 stickmanprophesy Air Traffic Listening

For those following the traveling, last night we introduced the Flightradar24 and ADS-B Exchange as a hobby.
Tonight I present to you listening to Air Traffic Control.
You can listen to air traffic control in zones throughout the US, as planes travel.
I use this site for listening: Airport Detail:
There are zones and airports available. To find these, you have to know the zone ARTCC code using this map: Air Route Traffic Control - AVweb
Find the zone code to enter in to link #1 here: FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers - FortWiki Historic U.S. and Canadian Forts
The airport codes can be the following using AirNav: AirNav: KPUW - Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport
Search the locations as they are flying and listen. Almost 90% of the time it is empty airspace, and most of it is just route info, maybe weather adjustments, and comms with small planes and routes.
I just got off work and am tuned in.
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2023.01.04 19:33 Sour__pickles LIVE ATC- If anyones interested in listening to the ATC tower, here’s an app I use. N879ST has been rumored as the aircraft BK is traveling on & seems to be landing at CMI so I’m listening on channel KCMI.

LIVE ATC- If anyones interested in listening to the ATC tower, here’s an app I use. N879ST has been rumored as the aircraft BK is traveling on & seems to be landing at CMI so I’m listening on channel KCMI. submitted by Sour__pickles to Idaho4 [link] [comments]

2023.01.03 00:41 Ponimama Trying to find archived conversation of flight from KDFW on Christmas Day AAL115 scheduled for 11:25 am to determine why it stopped on runway during takeoff and went back to the gate. I found the archive, on, but I don't know if it was east, west, Ground, Tower? It took off 3 hours later

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