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2023.03.23 08:06 teratto_official HEALTHCARE CITY


HEALTHCARE CITY is a city where all hospitals, healthcare, and beauty-related businesses from across the world can promote, consult, and book their medical and specialized technology, as well as to conduct non-face-to-face tele-consults, telemedicine with devices, and sell products.
Businesses entered in TERATTO HEALTHCARE CITY can receive the following service benefits.
— First, use company promotion and marketing to acquire customers.
— Second, due to TERATTO’s viewers and video players, even tiny businesses may consult and sell to new and existing users without having to see them face to face.
— Third, through basic services such as OCS (Order Communication System), Electronic Medical Recording, Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), telemedicine, charting, consultation, reservation, medical/beauty tour, customer management, and sending DM can be provided.
— Fourth, API can be used to supply, educate, and lecture on services that require particular care, new technology, and specialized equipment that are not general services.
— Fifth, through equipment, devices, and wearables, it provides customer services that link data storage, checkup and emergency alarms, health care, and skin problems.
Through this, hospitals have the advantage of reducing cost for space, manpower, and time, as well as managing and eliminating customer data, enabling IoT-based interworking with various equipment and wearables, and expanding customer retention through prior consultation and reservation.
General users can compare the prices and services of different hospitals, consult and health care & check anytime, anywhere, regardless of distance or time, and visit hospitals by purchasing medical service products at a cost that is more than 10% cheaper than the standard price when using TERACON(TRC).
As such, TERATTO stores can use basic services for free, and after enough data is collected, they will be able to offer AR, VR, big data, and artificial intelligence-based services.
Nursing hospitals and home care can determine the condition of patients and prescribe them through AR, and VR-based games can provide diets, vitamins, and healthy functional foods based on exercise and physical information such as running and bicycles.
Furthermore, it can be linked to various augmented reality and mobile APPs such as plastic surgery, dentistry, and makeup based on big data, and if you only take and upload photos based on artificial intelligence, it analyzes the color tone that suits your skin and provides customized cosmetics that suit the current trend.
You can enter and provide your service at any time because the first B2C TERATTO provides a certain size of space (part of the building) for free to the store that provides healthcare services.
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2023.03.23 06:56 Korommia 6G Concept Shows Great Potential: WiMi Seizes The Opportunity

6G Concept Shows Great Potential: WiMi Seizes The Opportunity
Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said at the beginning of this month that it will accelerate 6G research and development, recently 6G good news. According to incomplete statistics, since 2023, there are more than 236G concept stocks in A shares that have risen by more than 20%, and 9 stocks that have risen by more than 40%.
The 6G application scenarios
  1. Ultra-fast mobile communications: 6G will provide faster download and upload speeds than 5G, as well as a more stable and reliable connection. This will make it possible for people to have video conferencing, online games, and other events on high-speed trains.
  2. The number of connected devices increases: 6G can support large-scale connected devices, including sensors, robots, smart homes, and other Internet of Things devices. This will further promote the development of smart cities and Industry 4.0.
  3. Augmented reality: 6G can provide ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth, providing better support for augmented reality. This will help to develop a more realistic and immersive virtual experience.
  4. Autonomous driving cars: Autonomous driving cars require wireless networks to communicate with other vehicles and transportation infrastructure.6G can provide a more stable and very short response time for autonomous cars.
  5. Telemedicine services: With the development of 6G technology, doctors can remotely diagnose patients through the Internet and operate a surgical robot to complete the surgical process. At the same time, it is also conducive to building a digital health system, sharing medical resources globally, and solving the problem of international medical imbalance.
  6. Intelligent Manufacturing: Due to its many excellent features (such as low latency/ reliability), the 6G network is also an essential part of industrial interconnection. In the future, if enterprises want to take the leading position in the industry, they must invest in 6G investment plans
As the next-generation communication technology of 5G, 6G performance is comprehensively improved over 5G, and most of the indicators will be improved by 10-100 times. It is the core technology for the innovative development of the digital economy, and it is crucial to a new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation. Looking around the world, 2023 is an important node for 6G, and this year, the vision of 6G will be established around the world.
The US has already crossed 5G to 6G; South Korea also plans to launch a sixth-generation (6G) network service in 2028 to ensure early dominance in future wireless frequencies. South Korea's Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology recently said a feasibility study on the 625.3 billion won core 6G technology project for research and development is underway. It is clear that the 6G dominance is already unfolding around the world.
6G research and development accelerated
With the national policy support for the construction and development of 6G, many listed companies have also stepped up the layout of the 6G industry. It is understood that "Holographic AR First Unit" WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as a leading enterprise in 5G + AR / AI technology, integrates 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other new generation of information technology for application, and pays close attention to the industrial policy, development trend, and technology route of 6G communication technology. WIMI combines its own field and main business for a forward-looking technical layout, actively exploring the corresponding business opportunities and grasping the relevant market opportunities.
Data show that the driving force of 6G development makes smart cities gradually develop towards the direction of "life-like institutions". WIMI proposed the concept of "superintelligence" formed by the mutual integration of human brain intelligence and machine intelligence and integrated 6G with artificial intelligence technology, and began to develop the WIMI holographic super intelligent network system. Through the 6G high-speed dedicated information channel, artificial intelligence technology is used to perceive more multidimensional and more comprehensive data and improve the speed of data transmission and processing, and the city management and service level are comprehensively improved through the remote data interaction capability.
It is reported that WIMI's holographic super-intelligent network system can use the collection of multi-source multidimensional data such as urban traffic and public security to realize intelligent real-time monitoring and analysis based on comprehensive urban data, provide holographic digital management for the natural environment and urban environment, allocate urban resources, and give early warning of abnormal conditions. It can also obtain massive data by collecting vehicle peripheral information and other vehicle information, and provide autonomous driving services after intelligent body analysis and decision-making.
In addition, 6G is the core technology for the innovative development of the digital economy, which is crucial to a new round of technological innovation and industrial transformation.
With the further clarification of the 6G technology path, the industry is expected to usher in catalysis, WIMI in the support of technical strength, or in the future industrial development of action plan; accelerate the layout of a humanoid robot, metaverse, digital people and other frontier areas, comprehensively promote the research and development of 6G technology, constantly enrich and expand new application scenarios, and expand the construction layout in the field of emerging industries.
Tianfeng Securities said that China has made important progress in 6G super-scale MIMO, terahertz communication, synaesthesia, endogenous AI communication, deterministic network, and satellite-earth integrated network. Starting from February 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will optimize and adjust the frequency of the microwave communication system to further meet the requirements of high-capacity information transmission (microwave return) scenarios such as 5G base stations, and reserve spectrum resources for China's 5G, industrial Internet, and future 6G.
As the cornerstone of future communication, 6G's network architecture has the ability to support the intelligent interconnection and fusion of multiple heterogeneous networks to dynamically meet complex and diverse scenarios and business needs. Compared with the technical architecture of 5G, the transition from ground access to the ubiquitous access of air, world, and sea is one of the important changes of 6G compared to 5G.2023 is a critical year for 6G, which is also crucial for China to maintain its dominant position in the communications sector. The author believes that competition is fierce in the world, and to have a place in the 6G field, it is inevitable to plan and deploy in advance.
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2023.03.23 06:47 EvitoQQ Retro Joshi #434: AJW December 8, 1999 & ARSION December 11, 1999 - Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue, LCO vs. Watanabe & Maekawa, LCO vs. Hamada & AKINO, Yoshida vs. Aja

Retro Joshi #434: AJW December 8, 1999 & ARSION December 11, 1999 - Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue, LCO vs. Watanabe & Maekawa, LCO vs. Hamada & AKINO, Yoshida vs. Aja
AJW Athena 12/8/1999 Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo
Zenjo’s biggest show since the Anniversary debacle, drawing an announced 3,880 to see a pretty stacked card. Both the WWWA World Tag Titles and the WWWA World Single Title are defended as well as a special match between Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue, and since it’s been three years since their last meeting, it’s actually exciting again, provided they’re both motivated, which they should be since it’s the biggest stage either have wrestled on in a long time.
Ayako Seki Debut: Ayako Seki vs. Miyuki Fujii (4:23)
Seki is huge, but that’s all she brings to the table and Fujii is hopeless. The crowd were hot at the start of this but they killed them pretty fast by just sitting around in poorly applied basic holds. They made 4 minutes seem like 15. Seki won her debut with a splash from the second rope. 1/2*
MihoKayo ROAD TO CHAMP AGAIN: Miho Wakizawa & Kayo Noumi vs. Chaparrita ASARI & Hiromi Yagi (12:56)
This was pretty basic and nothing special, but what they did was well executed and it was a perfectly fine match. Yagi & ASARI carried the match well and both gave good performances, making Miho & Kayo actually look pretty good, at least until ASARI (you guessed it) blew her Sky Twister Press. **1/2
EARNEST BATTLE DANGER ZONE: Kaoru Ito & Momoe Nakanishi vs. Megumi Yabushita & Sumie Sakai (15:40)
Quality match. Everyone looked really good and although Ito did generally dominate, she was willing to work with the judo girls and didn’t bury them. The match had plenty of highlights. The action was good all the way through and there were lots of hot moves and good near falls near the end. Ito worked a nice sequence with Ito, but wiped Momoe and herself out with a tope, which led to Yabushita trying to finish off Momoe in the ring. Sakai got a great near fall on Momoe with a rana from the top rope that looked brutal. She tried to roll up Momoe afterward, but was Ito was waiting on top to deliver a diving footstomp, which allowed Momoe to get the win with a Dragon Suplex. ***1/2
BE AMBITIOUS: Lioness Asuka vs. Nanae Takahashi (6:26)
Typical Lioness match, except shorter. It was fun but it wasn’t competitive. Momoe helped Nanae so she was able to get some offense in. Lioness ended up dispatching of both of them and misting Nanae before finishing her off with a spin kick. **1/4
2/3 Falls, WWWA World Tag Title Match: Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita vs. Tomoko Watanabe & Kumiko Maekawa (1:57, 8:03, 18:07)
After the two classics in 1997, here we are again. The challengers thwarted LCO’s double teaming and cheating but Mita hit a Death Valley Bomb out of nowhere for a near fall on Watanabe and then hit a second one to take the first fall. Mita hit another Death Valley Bomb to start the second fall but Maekawa broke up the pin. Big brawl followed with Mita destroying Watanabe’s injured knee. Watanabe’s selling was as good as ever and the crowd were hotter than normal. Shimoda tried to come off the top rope with a chair to Watanabe’s knee but Maekawa jumped in front and took the shot, which allowed Watanabe to dragon screw Mita and led to the comeback. The rest of the fall had lots of action, but was sloppier than usual. Maekawa pinned Shimoda with an axe kick. LCO weren’t too happy at the start of the third fall and used their chairs to wipe out Maekawa and another brawl ensued. Both Watanabe and Maekawa juiced. Maekawa made a comeback in the ring on Mita which the crowd went nuts for. Shimoda cut her off but she tagged Watanabe. The double teaming caught up and LCO took over again. They hit their usual dives and Shimoda did a rail drop off the lighting rig, and then one in the ring. Watanabe made a comeback but it was kind of a mess, Maekawa accidentally wiped her out with a kick, but got the tag in and started a run until Mita cut her off with a chair. Shimoda did her rolling kick from the top but Watanabe interrupted the pin. There were lots of big moves and near falls after. The near falls were excellent and the crowd were going wild, though there were some glaring execution problems at times. Watanabe was able to get the pin on Mita to win the tag titles and get some revenge for two years ago. This was an excellent match but not quite on the level of their 1997 matches because of the sloppiness. ****
WWWA World Title Match: Yumiko Hotta vs. Takako Inoue (13:29)
Thankfully this was a more appropriate length for these two instead of the marathon 30 minute snorefests of their last matches. Hotta broke Takako’s stupid stun gun but she had a spare one under the ring which allowed her to get a run of offense in. It wasn’t the most interesting match because neither have much to offer anymore, Takako does really weak brawling and striking, and Hotta only has her strikes and a few spots, but it was a pretty decent match all things considered. Hotta won with a shotei, **
QUEEN OF QUEENS ~90's FINAL BEST BOUT~: Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue (23:03)
You pretty much know what you’re going to get with these two. They started out hot and then went into all of their pointless submissions, not much has changed over time. Toyota vs. Kyoko matches don’t have any great deal of psychology, but they have tons of impressive action and that was certainly the case here even if they are older and past their prime. Toyota has her vast array of goofy spots, and while there was some of that in there, it wasn’t as much as normal because she was in a big match with an opponent she respects. After they got through the slow portion it was an excellent spotfest. Toyota hit her spots and her selling was better than normal. Kyoko gave an impressive performance, showing she can still seem like her old self from time to time. After the 15 minute mark it was all the great spots and more near falls than you could count. It was was really exciting, but it did fall apart a bit at the end. Toyota landed on her feet to get out of a Niagara Driver and then she went for something but couldn’t lift Kyoko. It looked like she was trying to Kyoko’s Victoria Driver, but Kyoko is too big for that and Toyota couldn’t get her up. It was made all the worst by Kyoko jumping and obviously cooperating and then Toyota trying it a second time and still being unable to do it. After they realized that wasn’t going to happen, Toyota finished it off with a JOCS. Despite the weak ending, this really was as good as any other match they’ve had together, though people who think their matches from 1992-1996 were the best women’s matches ever might find it to be a bit of a step down. ***3/4
ARSION Hyper Visual Fighting Carnival ARSION '99 12/11/1999 & 12/19/1999 Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium (12/11) & Kyoto KBS Hall (12/19)
Typical crappy ARSION clipping on most of these matches. The undercard of the Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium show was butchered, and while most of it looked pretty bad, Yagi vs. ASARI was a quality fast-paced match and it would’ve been nice to see more of that. Even the 5 minutes shown was easily *** quality. The back end of the tape showed the tag tournament from 12/19 in KBS hall. The semi finals were butchered and the main event, which saw LCO defeating Fukawa & Omukai was too short to even bother with. I don’t know why they even added this on the tape when they could have shown more of their big show from 12/11, but it’s an ARSION tape and they’re always annoying like this. So there’s only two matches worth covering here.
12/11/99 Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium
Queen of ARSION Title Match: Aja Kong vs. Mariko Yoshida (8:11 / 12:16)
It was short with a lame finish and it was total Aja match instead of a Yoshida match, but not even a good Aja match, I guess she was saving her big performances for GAEA instead of her 'home' promotion. It had its positives and there was good action and counters. but there was too much of Aja’s lame choking and it was too short. The finish saw Yoshida with things under control, but she came off the ropes after Aja blocked an Air Raid Crash and smashed Yoshida with a Uraken for a two count, one more Uraken followed for an anti-climactic win. Very disappointing as this should have been one of the best matches of the year, but it turned out to be Yoshida’s worst match of the year by a distance, though she certainly wasn’t the blame for that. **1/2
Twinstar of ARSION Title Match: Ayako Hamada & AKINO vs. Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita (22:38)
Now onto a match that didn’t disappoint. It didn’t take long for Hamada & AKINO to realize they were in over their head. They got off to a good start with AKINO hitting a dive and then Hamada missed her quebrada and LCO set about giving them a classic LCO heel beating, thrashing them all over the ringside area and mauling them in the ring. The youngsters tried to make comebacks, but they couldn’t get anything going. Hamada and AKINO both juiced and got good color. Hamada was put through a table with a piledriver from Mita. The destruction continued in the ring with LCO working over the wounds and they even got heel heat for a bitch pose. Hamada and AKINO were able to make a comeback and hit stereo topes. Hamada tried to follow up on Mita and was going after her with scissors, but Shimoda nailed her with a chair. Hamada was just destroyed, and collapsed when Mita whipped her, but that wasn’t stopping LCO. She got a reprieve when their chair spot backfired though and fired up, using the chair on LCO and no-selling a blazing chop from Mita. AKINO got the hot tag but Shimoda cut her off before she could do anything. Mita decided it was time to finish and went for a Death Valley Bomb but AKINO landed on her feet and hit a rana. She was once again cut off by Shimoda. Hamada returned but Mita countered a double team and hit a powerbomb on AKINO for a near fall. AKINO tried to make another comeback on Shimoda but this time Mita cut her off with a chair, Hamada gave an assist though and AKINO got a near fall off a diving sunset flip. Hamada was getting the upper hand on Shimoda, and kicked Mita off the apron before she could cut her off again. She put together a few moves but missed a swan dive moonsault, which led to Shimoda hitting the Death Lake Driver and a rolling kick from the top rope for a near fall. LCO did a Death Valley Bomb Axe Kick combo but Mita didn’t bother to keep an eye on AKINO and she made the save. Hamada surprised Shimoda with a palm strike followed by her Dad's Hama-chan cutter for the surprise win. This was an all time LCO beatdown with all the drama and violence of the best LCO matches. I’m not sure how I feel about the finish. It was great because LCO’s lack of respect had constantly allowed the youngsters to come back and it resulted in their demise, so it fit with the story. I also liked that HamaKINO beat them on their first try rather than getting beaten over and over again by LCO first. What I didn’t like was that there was no big final comeback, they didn’t string together a few big moves and defeat them, it just kind of ended and while it was better than a flash pin, it was only a step better. Regardless, this is still one of the best matches of 1999 and LCO’s best since the cage match in 1997. MOTY? Hmm, we got three contenders from three very different styles of matches. ****1/2
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2023.03.23 06:12 FalseAmphibian3634 4 Breathtaking Landscapes To Look Out In Tasmania

4 Breathtaking Landscapes To Look Out In Tasmania
It is easy to conjure up images of ethereal natural beauty and breathtaking wilderness when thinking about Tasmania, or Tassie, as it is known locally. Ranging from rugged, snow-capped outcrops and glowy mountain ranges, to untouched white-sand bays complete with azure waters and wild plains, the island state of Tasmania boasts some of the most unbelievable landscapes in the world. A visit here would truly make you ask the question ‘Is this really Earth?’.
You can spend months here and still feel like you haven't seen it all! So to make your Tassie visit all the more perfect, here is a short guide to some of its majestic landscapes.
Cataract Gorge
A 15 minute stroll from Launceston’s vibrant city centre will take you to an astounding 80-million-year old gorge. Yep, the proximity between the man-made edifices and natural serenity is shockingly surprising is Tasmania!
One of Tasmania's premier attractions, the gorge can be explored in many ways including along walking and hiking trails, as well as on the world’s longest single span chairlift! You can also jump aboard the Cataract Gorge cruises to explore it from the water, which is one of the popular ways to discover the true beauty and might of the gorge. Keep an eye out for peacocks wandering about!
Wineglass Bay
Often dubbed as one of the best beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay is every photographer’s wildest dreams, times ten! Spread out before you on top of the lookout is a stunning contrast of green and brown patches of mountain ranges, the white sand beach, and the turquoise waters lapping gently on the shore.
The bay itself is shaped like a perfect crescent! It is one of those experiences which you’d know for sure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Take a hike to the summit of Mount Amos for the best views, but be warned, it is quite challenging and requires a good level of fitness and mobility.
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
This list is not curated in any special order, but if it was, I’d easily put this wonderland on top. Home to an abundance of wallabies, wombats, Tasmanian Devils, shy platypuses, echidna, and the ever-inquisitive black jays, the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is a natural gem right in the neck of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
Here, you’ll find seven of Tasmania’s ten highest mountains, and Lake St Clair, which is the deepest lake in the country. The lake is the epitome of tranquillity, surrounded by dark rainforests, majestic scenery, alpine heathlands, and mountains – setting your bare foot onto the lakeside is an experience that you’ll reminisce about for years.
Port Arthur Historic Site
Port Arthur may have a brutal past, but this historic site located on a splendid harbour at the southernmost tip of the Tasman Peninsula is truly a sight to behold. What once was a wicked 19th-century penal settlement, is now but ruins and relics of the past – an open-air museum perhaps. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by dense forest and calm waters which gives you a real sense of isolation as experienced by the convicts!
The ruins now include a massive penitentiary, the remains of the Convict Church, built by the inmates, and the solitary confinement cells, which was used to inflict mental punishment instead of the usual floggings. A tried and true way of exploring this atavistic convict settlement is by joining a full day trip from Hobart. Not only will you have access to the above mentioned locales, but also to Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck, Norfolk Bay, and the highlights of Tasman National park.
NOTE: The experiences mentioned in this article including the Launceston River cruises, and the full day trip to Port Arthur from Hobart requires early booking.
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2023.03.23 06:09 docdoc5 RPDR Randomized Era 4: All Stars 2, Episode 7 (Family that Drags Together)

RPDR Randomized Era 4: All Stars 2, Episode 7 (Family that Drags Together)
The queens walk back into the werkroom after Chi Chi's elimination.
Manila talks about how great it feels to be entering the werkroom as the top five but how it was still really sad to have to say goodbye to Chi Chi once again.

The queens all gather around Chi Chi's mirror message and discuss how sweet she was and how she would be missed in the competition. Silky talks about how when she made her decision she thought about how it wouldn't be fair to eliminate Gottmik even though it was her third time up for elimination since Chi Chi had missed so much of the competition. Darienne then asks Willam about who she chose to eliminate. Willam then pulls out....

Gottmik looks gagged. Willam then says that she felt that Chi Chi didn't get as much of an opportunity to show what she could do in the competition as Gottmik and she felt like she wanted to see more from Chi Chi especially since she hadn't been on the show in a while. Gottmik asks if that means she doesn't think she has shown that she should stick around seeing as she has won two challenges just like Willam. Willam responds with simply saying that a name had to be chosen and that she chose the queen that she thought should go home.
Willam elaborates by saying that it wasn't personal, but she still felt like Chi Chi still had more to show and Gottmik really already has shown everything she likely has to offer.

The queens then all start to de-drag and Gottmik talks with Manila about how she feels that Willam has gotten really cocky in the competition. The camera cuts to Willam singing loudly as she performs a strip tease for Darienne. Manila agrees with Gottmik but mentions that Willam is the only queen in the competition who hasn't been in the bottom and she thinks that is why she likely feels that way.

The queens reenter the werkroom and they all gather around the werkroom table. The queens talk about how they finally made it to the official top five. Darienne then jokes that RuPaul will come in and bring back all the eliminated queens once again. They all laugh but before they can respond, the door creaks open and...
RuPaul enters the werkroom.
RuPaul tells the queens that she knows that with drag they all get to choose their family. Ru goes on to say that she sent an invitation to their mothers and sisters to be on the show and that not one of the invitations were accepted...because they all were! She then introduces the queen's family members

Darienne's friend, Willam's mother, Manila's sister, Gottmik's mother, and Silky's mother!

The queens all run and hug their family members as they join them in the werkroom.
Silky talks about how seeing her mother made her emotional because she is one of her biggest supporters.

RuPaul thanks all the family members for their support of the queens' artistry. She goes on to say that for the maxi challenge they will all transform their family member into a member of their royal drag family!
Gottmik mentions how excited she is going into this challenge because she is about to show these queens why she is an All Star.

Ru then leaves the teams to start preparing for their performances.

When RuPaul leaves the room, the queens and their family member all separate around the werkroom to begin putting together the looks for their main stage presentations. We see Willam talking with her mom about how well she has been doing in the competition so far. Her mom shares that she is so proud of her. Willam then starts going through all her designer garments to which her mom jokes that she's never worn anything as expensive as the things she is suggesting. Manila and her sister are shown reminiscing about their family. Manila mentions that she thinks they will be the team to beat because she knows they already look so much alike. Manila's sister talks to her about how excited she is to be transformed into a drag queen.

Darienne shares with her good friend who came to join her that she feels 'othered' compared to the other queens who have actual family members in attendance with them. Her friend reminds her that Ru always says that they all get to choose their families and that she is glad that Darienne has chosen her to be a part of her family. Darienne tears up as she hugs her and thanks her for accepting the invitation to join.
In her confessional, Darienne opens up about the strained relationship that she has with her biological family and the way that she was disowned and pushed to seek out her own chosen family. She goes on to say that this challenge brought back some of those thoughts but that now it is her responsibility to give a gift back to her friends that have been there for her.

Silky's mom is shown being a complete character in the werkroom as she gets into shenanigans with the other family members. Darienne jokes that she can tell where Silky gets her personality from. Silky then shares with the queens about the strength of their relationship and how the other queens need to be watching out for them. Gottmik talks with her mom about how things have been going so far. She shares that there was a queen that tried to eliminate her the previous week to which Gottmik's mom tells her that she needs to take that queen out. They laugh at this. Gottmik's mom then talks to her about how proud she is of the person that Gottmik has become and the talent that she has used to propel her into the place where she is now in her life. Gottmik tears up and shares a sentimental moment with her mom.

Just then, RuPaul enters the werkroom to perform walkthroughs.

Ru start off the walkthroughs with Darienne. RuPaul talks with Darienne about her family history and Darienne takes the time to share that she is just as happy to have her friend there with her because it actually means more to her. Ru tells her how proud of Darienne she is and that she knows that anyone who really knows Darienne would feel the same way. RuPaul moves on to chat with Gottmik about her past as a celebrity make up artist. Gottmik's mom brags about how talented her son is and how she knows that Gottmik is going to make her look great. RuPaul talks with them about how she is really looking forward to what they will be bringing to the main stage.

RuPaul then chats with Manila and her sister about this challenge. RuPaul mentions to Manila that the last time she had to do a makeover it didn't work out well for her. Manila laughs as she recalls her Season 6 makeover and assures Ru that she and her sister are in it to win it with this challenge. Ru acknowledges that they look so much alike and then adds that she hopes that they are able to bring more than just the aesthetics to the main stage presentation. Manila tells her that she won't be let down.
Manila mentions that she has to prove that she has evolved since her original season and she feels like this makeover is the perfect opportunity to prove that she is the queen that should get placed into the Hall of Fame.

RuPaul has a good time joking back and forth with Silky's mom during her chat with Silky. Ru shares with Silky's mom how talented Silky is and that she can tell where she gets all of her charisma. Silky's mom agrees that she thinks Silky is a star and that she is happy that she was able to come to the competition to help her win another challenge. Finally RuPaul checks in with Willam and her mom. Willam shares that she is so proud of how she has performed thus far in the competition and that she knows that she has grown since her showing in Season 5 and she feels like she can continue her trend of being on the top of the competition. Ru warns her that she should not get too comfortable to which Willam's mom says that Willam has always been sure of her talents and that she is certain that working together they will be able to win this challenge.

At the end of her walkthroughs, RuPaul mentions that the queens will receive a quick eyebrow tutorial from the lead of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She goes on to say that the other surprise will be that in addition to their makeover presentations, they will also be voguing the house down to open up the main stage!
Silky mentions that she should've known that Ru was going to pull off something like this especially this late into the challenge.

The queens are then joined by the CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills -- Anastasia Soare!
She works with the queen's partners to do a quick teach on how to do their eyebrows. She goes one by one with each of the women offering pointers on how the queens can apply makeup to their partners eyebrows and preserve their biological features.

RuPaul stomps the runway and introduces the judges. She explains that the All Stars have worked to transform actual members of their family into the newest members of their Royal Drag Family! RuPaul goes on to say that in order to kick things off each pairing will take to the stage to vogue the house down! She then welcomes everyone to the main stage.

The queens and their family members take to the stage to perform their vogue numbers. We see short and cute moments from each of the queens and their partners as they pose, stomp, and vogue down the runway.

Following the vogue performances the queens take to the stage in their makeover looks. Darienne and her friend are up next and they each wear a sequined gown, one in white and the other in gold, with a perfectly tucked bunned wig. Willam and her mom both come out in baroque styled robes with fluffy heels and Willam struts the runway while her mom poses. Manila and her sister come out in a campy fruit dress with the signature white streak through their black wigs. Gottmik and her mom walk out wearing Gottmik's signature white face paint and both are in chic black and white gowns with elbow length gloves. Silky and her mom close out the runway in their Disco styled fringed looks, one in blue and the other in red, as they shimmy and shake on the runway.

Following the main stage presentations, the critiques begin.
Todrick starts with Darienne. He tells her that he could tell that the vogue section wasn't either of their favorite moment, but that he thinks the makeup she put onto her partner was undeniably strong. He goes on to mention how he feels the look between the two of them complimented and was cohesive. Aubrey Plaza tells her that she felt they told a story with their presentation and she would want to read it and learn more about who they are.

Carson moves on to Willam and and says that he was expecting a stronger showing from her but felt that her presentation came across as a little lazy. Michelle agrees and adds that she felt like Willam probably thought she could coast through this challenge but that when there are so few queens left that this is not the time to take your foot off the gas because any one of these queens could take her spot from her.

Michelle moves on to Manila and tells she thinks this was a really strong performance from her. She mentions that her runway presentation was imaginative and fashionably camp in a way that only Manila could achieve. Aubrey Plaza tells her that she thinks Manila and her sister look like twins and that she just loves their runway look. She jokingly says that she wants Manila to give her the gown.

Todrick moves on to Gottmik and and says that he this was Gottmik's challenge and she absolutely took no prisoners with her runway presentation. He tells her that it is probably his favorite look of hers and that should speak volumes for Gottmik. Carson tells her he thinks that she was able to really elevate her mom and put her into her aesthetic. He adds that she really outdid herself with her runway performance this week.

Michelle ends by telling Silky that while she was really pushing for Silky to really slay this challenge but that she felt let down by what she did because there was just that extra spark missing from the look. Carson agrees that the look left a little to be desired but that he felt that Silky and her mom have a lot of stage presence and they are both true performers.

RuPaul then announces...
Manila Luzon and Gottmik as the top two of the week!

RuPaul then goes on to mention that each of the remaining three queens, (Darienne Lake, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and Willam) would be up for elimination.
RuPaul then releases all the queens to the back to begin their deliberations.

The queens all return to the werkroom to begin their deliberations.
Willam mentions how frustrated she is with the critiques that she received and how she really feels unsure being in the bottom this close to the finale.

All the queens sit together on the couch and discuss that this is going to be the toughest elimination given everyone did well and this is the last cut before the finale. Willam then frustratedly mentions that she got the harshest critiques but that she just can't be eliminated at this stage especially given how well she has done up until this point.
Darienne mentions that she can understand Willam's frustration, but she isn't the only queen who is up on the chopping block so it comes across as a little self-centered.

Manila mentions that she would really like to have chats with the queens in the bottom and Gottmik agrees that she, too, would like to have chats.

In Manila's conversations she talks about how hard it is for her to even approach this elimination because she thinks everyone did a strong job. Willam shares that she feels that she should definitely be in the finale given how strong her performance has been up until this point and that she's just doesn't see it going any other way for her. Darienne talks to Manila about how she feels her critiques were not that negative and that she feels like she is in the bottom for a technicality. Silky says something similar and suggests that there was a queen that clearly did the worst in the challenge while there was another queen who was already eliminated. Silky ends by saying that in her case she feels she shouldn't even be an option.

In Gottmik's conversations they mainly focus on why Gottmik should take them to the finale. Darienne shares a similar rationale to the one she shared with Manila regarding how she came back into the competition and performed well in each of the challenges after missing only one challenge. She goes on to say that she thinks that if there were just a bottom two that she wouldn't even be in danger. Willam is pretty frustrated in her conversation with Gottmik as she shares that she feels that she is being shafted and that she worked too hard to be chopped at this stage. Silky talks with Gottmik about how she feels like she really fought week after week for her spot in the competition and that she feels like she played a really fair game to the other queens that are left in the top 5. She then tells Gottmik that she doesn't envy her for having to make this decision.
Gottmik mentions how big of a decision this is to make since the queen she sends home tonight is the queen who will not take part in the finale, so it'll really come down to who she wants to share the finale with.

Following their chats Gottmik and Manila are then shown approaching the box of lip sticks to choose the queen that they are going to eliminate.

RuPaul announces that two top All Stars stand before her. This is their last chance to impress her, win $10,000, and give one of the bottom queens the chop. They had to prepare a lip-sync performance to the song Step it Up by RuPaul.
The time has come for them to lip sync for their legacy!
Good luck and don't FUCK it up!

The lip-sync is high camp!! Both queens try their best to put their spin on this performance as it is clear this type of song wouldn't typically be in their wheelhouses. Manila is able to drum up laughter with her overexaggerated lip sync of the verbal parts of the song and her maniacal laughter. Gottmik dances sexily through the chorus even though she has on a full gown.

The lip sync ends and RuPaul announces...
Manila Luzon... you're a winner baby!

She goes on to tell Manila that she has each won a cash tip of $10,000!!

She then asks the bottom 3 queens to step forward. She tells them that if Manila has their lip stick that they would be getting the chop.

She tells Manila that with great power comes great responsibility. She asks her who she has chosen to get the chop.

Manila starts off by saying that she loves each of the girls that are in the bottom and that making this decision was particularly tough for her. She tears up before pulling out her lip stick. She then pulls out...

Darienne's Lip Stick!

Darienne nods and then hugs both Silky and Willam.

As it is written, so shall it be done....

Darienne Lake... sashay away.

The queens clap for Darienne as she departs the main stage.

4 Queens Remain...

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2023.03.23 05:39 _thelonewolfe_ My pitch for an MCU style “SlasherVerse” (Phase 1)

Friday the 13th
Time: 1982
First film is a straight reboot, no set up for a universe just yet. We need to test the waters after so many years away from this series. Camp Crystal Lake is gearing up for reopening after years of unsolved disappearances and accidents, including an incident in 1979 when a couple was viciously murdered in a ranger tower. Meanwhile, a young counselor seeks answers to his mysterious past, as well as his connection to the Voorhees family. As everyone prepares for the opening day, a storm splinters the group off, and one by one they find out the rumors of a death curse are true. Eventually, Pamela Voorhees makes her presence known, swearing a bloody revenge on the camp and the Christy family. But just as the survivors gain the upper hand on the killer, a far more menacing threat finally emerges in the form of Jason Voorhees, the long lost son of Pamela and the counselor that’s had come to the Camp to seek out his past.
Survivors: Jason Voorhees, Alice
Friday the 13th: Chapter 2
Time: 1982
Direct sequel with universe set up sprinkled throughout, mentions of similar murders happening across the country as Jason’s killing spread becomes public news. Alice tries in vain to escape Jason, but is taken hostage by the hulking killer, now thirsty for blood. The wayward group of campers makes their way to Camp Crystal Lake, only to find nothing to greet them but bloodshed and death. Amongst the group, siblings Tommy and Trish Jarvis struggle to reconnect in the wake of their father’s death. The pair, looking for help, make it to town where Jason follows them and lays waste to the patrons of a local nightclub as well as several police officers. They manage to locate Jason’s hideaway, rescue Alice, while Tommy finally lays the beast of Crystal Lake to rest in a watery grave, but only just barely. In an end credits scene, the camp is investigated by a doctor claiming to have experience in cases like this, a doctor by the name of Sam Loomis.
Survivors: Alice, Tommy Jarvis, Trish Jarvis, Dr. Loomis introduced.
Halloween: Samhain
Time: 1972-1982
Dr. Samuel Loomis, fresh out of college, is assigned to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to young boy, Michael Aubrey Myers, who killed his entire family on Halloween night, 1970. Breaking through to the boy proves impossible, and Loomis soon begins to suspect something more sinister just beneath the surface is driving the boy’s dark rage. As time goes on, Loomis’s life spirals around him, as he throws everything away in search of the evil that lives within “the Shape”. After a showdown within the hospital when he kills Nurse Chambers, Loomis’s love interest, Michael escapes into the night. A search of his belongings reveals a mysterious package sent to Michael, the box known as the Lament Configuration. A post credit scene shows Dr. Loomis connecting mass killings together, including one in Springwood, OH.
Hellraiser: Leviathan
Time: 1979
Not advertised as apart of the Slasherverse, this is a reboot/readaptation of the original story. A married couple, Larry and Julia, move to the East Coast in hopes of reigniting their once passionate love life after a car accident left Larry partially disabled. Julia meanwhile struggles to reconcile the trauma of a brutal sexual assault with her newfound BDSM desires. While searching their old New England home, Julia stumbles upon the Lament Configuration, but cannot fully open it. The Cenobites manage to break through to Julia, and promise her carnal delights she’s never experienced before, all for a price. Larry and his friend Kirsty just barely manage to escape Julia’s “house of horrors” as the cenobites claim her as one of their own. But Julia may soon surpass them all. Post credits scene shows the box and all of Julia’s belongings being boxed up by “Strode Reality”.
Survivors: Kirsty, Larry (Julia is now a cenobite)
The Haunt of Elm Street Time: 1981 The smalltown of Springwood, Ohio begins to experience a series of brutal child murders, with all the parents sharing a dark secret from their past. As the body count rises, each parent begins to turn on the other. Their past misdeed comes to light when Freddy Krueger, back from the dead, takes his revenge. Krueger, who had been the town outcast because of his S&M lifestyle, was falsely accused of abuse by some kids of abuse and burned alive for it. Nancy Thompson, the only child left of Elm Street, survives only by fleeing town before Freddy can claim her, but vows to return after she finds someone who can help defeat him. Post credits scene shows Dr. Loomis and Nancy visiting Larry and Kirsty to learn more about the Lament Configuration.
Survivors: Nancy and her mother.
All Slasher’s Eve
Time: 1984
Dr. Loomis has assembled a group of survivors from previous mass killings to fight off the cenobites, led by Julia and Pinhead, as they try to reclaim the Lament Configuration. Pinhead begins to search for more dark souls, recruiting Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger into his fold. They all begin to plan a killing spree for the ages. Larry and Alice are killed and Trish is taken by the cenobites, as well as the box. The remaining survivors try to send out a warning, but are locked up in Smiths Grove after being blamed for the murders, leaving Tommy as the only survivor left free. Tommy flees his home in the middle of the night and heads to Haddonfield. A post credits scene shows Julia arriving at Crystal Lake, brought there by Jason’s “desire” to kill Tommy, bringing him back to life as a Cenobite.
Survivors: Nancy, Dr. Loomis, Kirsty (all locked up in Smiths Grove), Tommy (absent most of the film, off screen with mother)
All Slashers Night
Time: 1984
Tommy arrives in Haddonfield to locate Julia’s belongings and any information on Michael Myers. He finds Laurie Strode, and when searching through the Myers family belongings, discovers Laurie’s connection to the Myers family. Laurie at first refuses to join him, but later changes her mind. The duo manage to free Dr. Loomis and the rest of the survivors from Smith’s Grove, and travel to Camp Crystal Lake for a climactic showdown with Pinhead and his legion. Fresh faces such as Leatherface and the Deadites make their first appearances, but just as the Cenobites begin their invasion of Earth, Tommy manages to solve the Lament Configuration. After a trippy journey to the underworld to save Trish, Tommy banishes the cenobites back to hell. Their hold on Michael is broken, who is rendered comatose. Krueger breaks free of the cenobites' control and vows to destroy Springwood. Larry, Alice, and the rest of the souls trapped in hell are released. Dr. Loomis is called to assist with chasing down the Sawyer family. Post credits, Tommy has a vision of an apocalyptic Earth where Pinhead and Julia rule.
Survivors: Dr. Loomis, Tommy, Trish, Laurie, Kirsty, Nancy.
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2023.03.23 05:30 Austen-Smith The death of Alice.

Alice: So what is you wish to talk about?
Researcher Tomas: I'd like to hear your story, how you became queen of the dead.
Alice: You want me to start from the beginning?
Researcher Tomas: I would like to hear everything.
Alice: I was alive long before modern humans long before the last stone age.
I was born to a tribe that even I can't even pronounce the name of anymore. At the time magic was common but only used by priest in my tribe, most born with a connection were killed as sacrifices to the gods. When I was a kid we lived in a makeshift hut, a pile of sticks and leafs considered extravagant at the time. My mother would weave baskets and clothes, sometimes she would help build sheilds for the warriors, and my father was a tattoo artist. Every month on a full moon we would gather at the center of the village where the five priest would sacrifice a virgin girl to the gods. they would hold her limbs and use a stone to cut her from waist to chin, remove the organs, then cut out the heart before it could quit beating. The priest would cook the heart in a stew, and the body was carried into the woods for the animals. When I was about sixteen or seventeen the warriors took another tribe's foragers as prisoners and the priests decided to sacrifice their women instead. They began calling on villagers to make the sacrifices, on the third or fourth month I was called upon. I still remember it fondly, four of the priest held the poor girl down and the other guided me through the process. After working the sharp rock he had given me through her skin I got distracted by something, although I can't remember what, I remember it was considered a sinful thought at the time, by the time I had realised what was happening the blade was almost at her throat. It was such a disgusting thing to me back then, the priest shown me how to remove the organs and what order to do so in, I remember the sickening feeling of a holding warm heart in my bear hand. Although they did keep their word and offered me some of the stew made from that heart. This is also around the time I had discovered I was gifted with a connection to magic. I remember the first time I realized that I used it, I was out foraging for berries, the basket I was using was nearly full when I tripped. As I fell the basket slipped out of my hands, I had landed hard and expected to be picking the berries off the ground, but when I looked up my basket was just; floating there right side up and everything, it startled me and the basket fell to the ground. After I had time to relize what had happened it terrified me, only the priests were to have a connection to magic and actively pursue it, all others were to be killed. I sat there for what seemed like hours waiting for someone to come for me, but nobody ever came, I was so brainwashed back then, and so was the entire village. A few days later I went back into the woods and began playing around with my magic, I learned how to pick up objects without even touching them and I started throwing berries against trees, then rocks, at one point I had picked up an entire tree. In a few years I began learning how to make bolts of pure magic and blow chunks out of the dirt with them. Then I heard rumors of who was to be the next sacrifice it turns out someone had seen me practicing in the woods and told the priests, I was next to be cut open and gutted. It was the day before the full moon when I ran out the village and into the woods, I kept running farther and farther into the forest, I passed a clearing and found a little lake to build a small hut on. After a week or so a search party showed up looking for me, and by that time I was ready. I pulled the roots of a tree from the ground and let it fall, it trapped four of the five beneath it, the last man; I decided to try one of the magic bolts. He wasn't wearing armor, I threw it bolt and nailed him in the shoulder, I watched his arm spiral away from the rest of his body. It felt so good see their pain, I had devoted my life to them, waisted so much time hiding my powers and now, now I was ready to tear their entire society apart. Afterward I returned to the village, the priest were scared, they had sent most of our warriors to kill me, our military only had access to slings and spears. I used a few different spells to defend myself, the mirror shield, arcane barrage, and a few others. Eventually, I had made it to the center of the village setting every hut on the way on fire, the priests all knew what was going to happen but they couldn't fight back, all of their magic needed preparation and time, I didn't give them any.
Researcher Tomas: so how did you die?
Alice: I don't know, I must have missed one of the stone throwers, all I can remember is everything turned a cold and oddly, comforting black. After a few seconds I opened my eyes and realized I was sitting in a cave, I used magic to try and navigate through the small tunnel, eventually I found a larger chamber and began preparing to make an attempt at breaking through the chambers ceiling, but nothing worked I tunneled farther and farther but never found a way out. After awhile of living in my little air pocket I heard a voice, it was another person, they told me that I had inspired them to go against their religion. After a few more days another person appeared, and another, then a few more came in as a group, we all put our hands together and started digging in a single direction filling in the tunnel as we went, and eventually we found the first ring. We had dug into a massive void, we could even see more people walking around on the cave floor, some of them noticed us about twenty feet above them. the wall curved at the bottom and the ones that noticed us began clearing the rocks at the bottom. We were so excited nobody stopped to think how much hitting the floor would hurt, all of us slid down the wall nearly in unison. And that's when I noticed him, a sinner with red hair and a stupid smile that nearly put me on the floor.
Researcher Tomas: Lucifer?
Alice: at the time we didn't look like this, we were early humans essentially apes back then but he still stood out compared to the others. We all began talking telling each other what we had done that could have sent us here, about half of them had already heard about the massacre I caused. Soon after we got to know each other we started setting up stone walls and building makeshift houses. As you know there's no weather here so they were mostly for privacy. Years went by more and more people joined us, and while they were busy building houses I was practicing magic and eventually I found out I could make portals. Everyone was excited when I showed them, we sent a team of five through to the other side and all reported back the same thing, on the other side was earth. We didn't know what to do, we were a gang made of multiple religions with multiple backgrounds and beliefs, so we did nothing. We watched as earth changed, I learned how to physically change someone's appearance so we could change with it. Soon we decided to send people to the other side as a scouting mission, they did well, even bringing back some new technology for us, After a few weeks we sent multiple teams in, ten whent through, but only six came back. Team one came back fine but only Lucifer came back from team two, the rest had abandoned us, they broke the laws we were all held to. Yes that is why we were all here, but going against a god that doesn't let you ensure your own safety is one thing, we all stopped honoring them after we got here. These were the laws that we had all agreed upon even those that had abandoned us. Because I was the only person capable of opening the portal I decided to hunt them down, I brought Lucifer to the other side with me so he could help me find them. About halfway through killing the people that tried to abandon us, we fell in love, After a day or two we finished our hunt and returned home. As time went on we changed how we looked to match modern humans, we kept sending people back to gather knowledge about the living world. Soon people tried to bribe me with their knowledge of the living world and the culture. In exchange for their knowledge I would let them return and live our the rest of their lives, soon what they offered me became more and more complex, and just as we expanded people started trying to get to the living world and ignore their debt, so I created the grimms a group of hand selected soldiers to ensure everyone ether paid of their debt, or never left hell. By this time we had multi story houses but were still suffering the effects of overpopulation, I hired a few people to try and find another void or cave we could expand into, some went straight into the walls being careful and checking every inch for signs of a void in the rocks. But one man stood out, the idiot tunneled straight down into the dirt about a quarter mile and found another massive air pocket just like the first. I gave him a reward and made him the son of a king, he took the crown then died of syphilis a few months later. A few years past things changed, Lucifer and I married, then overpopulation reared its ugly head once more. Just like before I hired the same guy and jokingly told him to dig straight down again, he did, and he found the third ring.
Not much happens after that I hire the same guy he finds eight more rings and you ask for this story. Now I have an afterlife to run. I'll tell Katie to send you back.
The death of Alice how the devil describes her life
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2023.03.23 04:06 Standard_Change Short sale under contract now going to auction.

Three weeks ago we went under contract on a short sale awaiting bank approval. Today we received word from our realtor that the bank has denied our contract due to the home being eligible for auction. Our offer is 18% less than what they have listed as the resale price on the auction site. They chose to not even negotiate as we built room onto our offer expecting to do so.
Home is going up for judiciary auction and full funds must be presented with in 24 hours. It then still needs to be approved by a judge, which can take weeks.
What's the banks expectation here? What are the benefits for them to do this instead of moving forward with the shortsale? I don't see them getting a higher bid on the foreclosure market in an average neighborhood in chicago.
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2023.03.23 03:58 SaltBarrel Can anyone help with identifying the fonts used for countries (first) and provinces (second) on this map?

Can anyone help with identifying the fonts used for countries (first) and provinces (second) on this map? submitted by SaltBarrel to identifythisfont [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 03:49 pixelwhip A. Hole found! (Coburg)

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2023.03.23 03:24 havesomefun44 Questions about auto loan.

First of all let me point out for all of my life I have made it a priority to pay my bills first even before I eat. I own a business and got stiffed out of a large sum of money unexpectedly. My home, my vehicle and several things became behind. Never being in this situation and feeling I was so deep in a hole I couldn’t get out I didn’t contact lenders to work out plans or help on payments I just put it off grinding to recoup money to catch up. I saved my house from foreclosure, and when I called on my auto loan they told me the loan has been charged off. The representative didn’t quite make sense to me, even tho I repeatedly asked the same question. I told her I have all the funds ready to catch the loan up (just under $6,000) and she told me that the loan is charged off but I can pay the delinquent balance and continue to make “installments” and keep the vehicle. If I’m one day late it will be out for repossession and once they repossess it the only way to get the vehicle back is to find another lender or pay the vehicle off in full. It doesn’t make sense to me that if the loan is charged off and no longer existent how am I able to continue payments and not be repossessed? I feel like I am going to pay the behind balance bring the vehicle home and they are going to take it regardless. I’ve worked my ass off and need this vehicle to continue business. I know I won’t be able to get a loan right now with a charge off but if I have to find a family member for a loan I will.
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2023.03.23 03:23 PsychedelicGoat42 AITA for offering my mom Hamilton tickets then backing out?

Last Christmas, my sister bought our mom once-in-a-lifetime, front row seats to Hamilton. My mom was elated, and loved the show so much she bought nose bleed tickets a few weeks later and took me to see the show. Although I enjoyed how thoughtful that was, I didn't enjoy the show.
A few weeks ago, my mom asked me to enter a "Hamilton lottery" to win the opportunity to win tickets for $10. The show was a few hours away from our home town, but my mom offered to buy a hotel room for the night if I won and gave her a ticket. I agreed, thinking there was no way I would win.
Well, I did. I told her, she was happy, so I was happy. But then, the next day, my husband got a job offer that's going to force him to move out of state. Due to our circumstances, I won't be able to follow him for 2 years. When he applied for the job, we agreed that if he moved away we would buy a large-breed puppy to keep my company and protect me while he was gone. We adopted a puppy the day after his job offer, because he just happened to stumble upon our dream breed in a pet store and were told they weren't commonly available.
A few days after adopting the puppy, my work sent me out of town for a week. The day I'm supposed to return is the day I was supposed to meet my mom out of town for the play. Because I'm worried about how much time I'm missing out on forming a bond with the puppy, I told my mom I was no longer able to go to the play with her. I did let her know this before she bought a hotel room, so she wasn't out any money.
I felt terribly guilty, but I hoped she would understand I needed to go home to my family due to all of the rapid changes and surprises happening. I was also hoping the blow would be softened since she's seen this play twice before already.
Well, my mom was angry. I offered to take her out to lunch the same day we were supposed to be out of town, and she told me she'd have to check her schedule.
I'm worried I might be the asshole because I promised her one of the two tickets I would get if I won the lottery and then had to back out due to unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately, I'm required to be present to pick up the tickets, and the box office is 4 hours away, so I can't just give them to her.
TL; DR: promised my mom I would see a play with her if I won tickets; I won the tickets, but had to back out due to unexpectedly adopting a puppy due to my husband's job offer.
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2023.03.23 03:22 ctyke07 Multi-generational lake house plans.

Multi-generational lake house plans.
Working with a designer on these plans. We already own the lot. Parents (one in a wheelchair) will be occupying the guest suite/left area on a part-time basis, so we wanted their own area. Don't like the hallway, but it just seems to work the best. Both of us work from home and the house will be post kiddos living at home. The top of the plans will be facing the lake. The basement will be partial. Zero entry and wheelchair friendly. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Edit, added the actual floorplans.
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2023.03.23 02:54 Khfan7991 How do you handle making a parent move?

I’ve had a hard situation for almost a decade with my father. My mother died when I was 21 (him 56) - at age 57 he quit his job and never really worked again, resulting in his house getting foreclosed on. This resulted in me buying the house despite me not living in the area or wanting to move back to my childhood home. This was about 25k down, which left me with no money at 25, on the promise he’d work. Of course it never happened so I’ve been paying for him to live there for almost 10 years now.
Admittedly the house didn’t have much debt even after the foreclosure - about a 100k mortgage all said and done.
The house was however in bad condition and was shaping up to be a fixer upper. I ended up needing to rent spare rooms out just to make ends meet. My father further moved in other relatives (for free) with drug problems which led to numerous police incidents and neighbors/tenants complaining to me. This was all throughout my 20s and at my salary I really didn’t have much financial security juggling this and my own apartment in another city. Once the relatives were out, two years ago my father negligently burned the house down resulting in a ton of misery due to problems with the town, insurance, and tenant threats.
However the upshot is the house was rebuilt and in todays market now has a very strong debt/equity ratio. I only ended up spending a few thousand on non essential work with insurance paying the rest
Due to the financial issues I was forced to move into it with him temporarily, aided by remote work. However after a year, I’ve met a girl and am considering proposing to her (yay!) but living here with my father remains unbearable and he’s not really changing his behavior. It would be better for me if he moved out and I just sold the house in the next few years but of course I’m hearing the guilt trip from him and acquaintances how him moving will kill him. Mind you, this was also said in order to get me to buy the house.
Am I wrong in forcing him to move out? The guilt trip is always that he’s depressed and suffered because of my mother dying and his addict relatives and he “got me” the house - but I don’t feel particularly moved after the insane financial and legal issues he’s caused. Not to mention I don’t trust him safety wise - he still talks to the relatives and loves lighting candles in his room.
I obviously love him though and I do think he may die if I move him out, but it’s been so horrible and I can’t subject my future wife to this madness.
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2023.03.23 02:38 PartTimeNomad Quoted $19,000 on 1,420 sq ft roof replacement

Quoted $19,000 on 1,420 sq ft roof replacement
I bought a home in Salt Lake City, UT that is in dire need of a roof replacement. The current roof is 4 layers deep, with the base being cedar shakes and the top being asphalt shingles that all lift in a stiff breeze and tear like damp cardboard. There's light water damage and ambering on the sub-roofing and roof framing, but I'm told it's all still structurally sound, and i won't need to re-sheet.
I've gotten two quotes, both from sales reps going door-to-door. The first quote was $19,386, the second was initially $17,245, and they knocked it down to $15,000 because they had beef with the guy who gave me the first quote. I signed the $15,000 offer because it was a take it or it's gone sort of deal, but I have 3 business days to cancel the contract and get my deposit back.
Both companies' reps were justifying their prices with things like made-in-USA materials/material quality, 50-year warranty, 2-year workmanship warranty, manufacturer-certified installation, ventilation tech, being in the business for 30 years, etc. I understand that the 4-layer tear-off is also going to add some cost. The price still seems high to me.
I don't know my way around roofing, but I've been advised by multiple parties who know a bit more than me that this job can be done for much less. I don't want to take the lowest bid for a job that's just going to come apart in less than 10 years, but I don't want to overpay for a fancy sales pitch that won't have a materially superior end product, either. Am I being taken for a ride here?
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2023.03.23 02:20 dihuashipin Electric Kettle glass

Electric Kettle glass

Detailed description:

Made of high quality Borosilicate Glass,
which lasts a lifetime

Detailed description:

  1. Can be customized as customer's requirement
  2. Size and capacity can be customized as client's requirements
  3. Passed LFGB, RoHS, FDA, REACH SVHC, GB, Prop.65

Company Name:Jiande Dihua Decoration Co., Ltd
ADD:237 Yanling Road, Meicheng Town, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, China
Phone:86 18958194736
[Email:[email protected]](mailto:Email:[email protected])
Profile:Jiande Dihua Decoration Co., Ltd specializes in heat-resistant glass manufacturing. The company is located on the bank of the beautiful Xinan River, which is only 30km from the worldwide famous sight of scenery---Qiandao Lake. The factory covers 6.7 hectares, with a building area of 55,925㎡, capital assets of 1.25 million USD, more than 70 units of production facilities, and over 200 staff, including 50 professional technicians. We have the world-class advanced total electrical glass melting kiln technique, and the country-wide leading technique in 3.3 boron silicon glass mechanized blowing production lines. We have applied automatic cutting and nipping techniques and accompanied supervising, measuring, and testing facilities, which would make our annual output reach 30 million pieces, enjoying an outstanding reputation both home and abroad.
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2023.03.23 01:34 TwinsGameday TWINS WIN: Twins 11 @ Red Sox 0 - March 22, 2023

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
MIN 4 0 0 4 0 2 0 1 0 11 15 0 8
BOS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 1 9

Box Score

2B Arroyo 3 0 1 0 0 0 .308
2B Meidroth 1 0 1 0 0 0 1.000
3B Devers 3 0 0 0 0 1 .304
3B Goodrum 1 0 0 0 0 1 .190
DH Turner, J 1 0 0 0 2 1 .267
DH Palka 0 0 0 0 1 0 .278
CF Duvall 3 0 1 0 0 1 .282
CF McDonough 1 0 0 0 0 0 .556
LF Tapia, R 3 0 0 0 0 1 .325
LF Crook 1 0 0 0 0 0 .118
SS Hernández, K 3 0 1 0 0 0 .105
1B Kavadas 1 0 0 0 0 0 .071
C McGuire 3 0 0 0 0 0 .194
C Hamilton, C 1 0 1 0 0 0 .353
RF Refsnyder 2 0 1 0 0 0 .105
RF Wilson 1 0 0 0 0 1 .143
SS Dalbec 4 0 0 0 0 3 .250
Houck 4.2 10 8 8 0 6 41-36 8.31
Shugart 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 1-1 9.64
Martin 1.0 3 2 2 0 3 13-13 5.40
Ort 2.0 2 1 1 2 2 19-11 8.64
Miller 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 5-5 16.20
RF Gallo 4 1 2 0 0 2 .235
RF Holland 1 1 0 0 1 1 .250
1B Miranda 4 1 1 2 0 0 .267
3B Bechtold 1 0 0 0 0 0 .040
LF Larnach 4 2 4 2 0 0 .385
LF Keirsey Jr. 1 2 1 0 0 0 .333
SS Farmer, K 3 2 1 2 0 1 .281
SS De Andrade 1 0 0 0 0 1 .250
2B Solano 4 1 3 1 0 0 .138
2B Perez, M 1 0 1 1 0 0 .500
3B Castro, W 2 1 0 0 0 1 .273
1B Kelly 0 0 0 0 1 0 .500
CF Taylor, M 4 0 2 3 0 1 .256
CF Stevenson 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
C Jeffers 4 0 0 0 0 2 .214
C Camargo 1 0 0 0 0 0 .100
DH Contreras 5 0 0 0 0 3 .200
Ryan 5.0 2 0 0 1 5 31-27 2.70
Pagán 2.0 2 0 0 1 1 14-9 9.00
Sands 2.0 2 0 0 1 3 18-14 4.35

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T1 Trevor Larnach homers (3) on a fly ball to right center field. 0-1
T1 Michael A. Taylor doubles (4) on a fly ball to left fielder Raimel Tapia. Kyle Farmer scores. Donovan Solano scores. Willi Castro scores. 0-4
T4 Jose Miranda homers (4) on a fly ball to left field. Joey Gallo scores. 0-6
T4 Kyle Farmer homers (4) on a fly ball to left field. Trevor Larnach scores. 0-8
T6 Trevor Larnach doubles (2) on a fly ball to left fielder Raimel Tapia. Will Holland scores. 0-9
T6 Donovan Solano doubles (1) on a fly ball to center fielder Adam Duvall. DaShawn Keirsey Jr. scores. Danny De Andrade to 3rd. 0-10
T8 Mikey Perez doubles (2) on a line drive to right fielder Marcus Wilson. DaShawn Keirsey Jr. scores. 0-11


Description Length Video
Trevor Larnach crushes a homer to right-center field 0:28 Video
Michael A. Taylor's RBI double to left-center field 0:30 Video
Masataka Yoshida back at Red Sox Spring Training camp 0:14 Video
Jose Miranda crushes a home run against the Red Sox 0:30 Video


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Ryan (1-1, 2.70 ERA) Houck (1-2, 8.31 ERA)
Game ended at 7:34 PM.
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2023.03.23 01:07 DroidzYourLookingFor Itinerary Check: Exploring North of Tokyo for 14 Days (May)

Hello all! I am planning a 14-day trip focusing more north of Tokyo. I've visited Japan twice before, focusing on Tokyo and areas to the south, and I'm now looking to explore the northern regions. I'll also be visiting Tokyo to meet friends before flying back home. I can add an extra day or two if needed.
Here's my current plan, along with my specific questions:
Sapporo (3 days)
Hirosaki (2 days)
Yamagata (2 days)
Nikko (2 days)
Tokyo (3 days)
My main concerns are the time allocated for each destination and whether I'm spending too much or too little time in certain areas. I would also appreciate any recommendations for must-see spots, day trips, or experiences in these areas. I am also able to add a day or so if need be if there is something that would warrant it. Thank you for your help!
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2023.03.23 00:29 lacmicmcd [GA, USA] Tricky previous foreclosure question..

My grandparents bought land years ago from a property company. They decided to build a tiny home from storage buildings on the property since it’s just them and they’re elderly. Less to keep up with, etc. The land is in their name (as far as we knew), they’ve paid property taxes, etc for the past 7 years.
My grandmother went about getting a home equity loan recently to make some handicap accessible changes due to my grandfather having cancer.
She went through a large bank to do this, and they’ve completed all necessary paperwork on their end, including appraisal. The bank said everything was fine but the last thing they needed to do a deed search. When they went to do the deed search, they found that the previous owner went into foreclosure and their daughter swooped in and saved the day; her name was added to the property and she too eventually went in to foreclosure. The property company took the land back and resold it to my grandparents.
Problem is, she never signed off on the deed when she went in to foreclosure and no one can track her down to get her to sign the paperwork to release the deed. So therefore, my grandparents have been paying payments for 7 years on land that they cannot legally fully own after it’s paid off.
I did a tax assessor search and can’t find any names on the previous owners listed.
The property company called my grandmother today and offered money to them instead of her going to a lawyer to sort the issue out. This to me screams that they’re (the property company) has realized they’re in hot water and they know it won’t end well on their end.
What course of actions should we take at this point? Does this even sound right?
Land went into foreclosure and the previous owner didn’t sign off the deed. Grandparents bought the land and can’t get a clear deed for a home equity loan.
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2023.03.23 00:12 BlankTigre Ice Fishing next weekend

My father and I are planning on going fishing next weekend. It’s our first time this year so we don’t really know how the lakes have been. Any suggestions for some good active lakes near Edmonton? We’re familiar with Lac La Nonne and Wabamun and will probably default to one of those two unless somewhere else is producing really well. Like to be able to bring home a pike or whitefish.
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2023.03.22 23:54 bureaucatnap Itinerary check...with art gallery, flower, and shopping questions

Hello. My mom and I will be spending 10 days in Ireland right at the begining of May. Here are our plans so far:
Day 1 - Arrive Dublin in morning. Drop off bags at hotel. My goal is to just stay upright and get through this day. Perhaps a walking tour?
Day 2 & Day 3- Dublin. Interested in Chester Beatty Museum, Hugh Lane Gallery and Kilmainham Gaol. Perhaps also National Museum of Archaeology or National Gallery or smaller more locally focused galleries if not fully burned out on museums or art (which i think we may be). Also interested in shopping, especially vintage shops, bookstores, record stores, and local jewelry makers. Would love suggestions people have for stores to hit up.
Day 4 – Leave Dublin in AM, drive to County Clare. Staying three nights at farmhouse near Corofin. Maybe do something low key in the County Clare area that day.
Day 5 & Day 6 – Full days in County Clare. Main interests include Burren National Park, Cliffs of Moher, and day trip to Inis Mor. Also thinking of possibly visiting the Burren Perfumery, Kinvara and Dunguaire Castle.
Day 7 –Drive to Co Kerry in the morning. Spend day exploring an area such as Dingle Peninsula. Staying for three nights at place on Lake Caragh.
Day 8 & Day 9 – two full days in County Kerry. Dingle Peninsula, Ring of Kerry, Gap of Dunloe, and Killarney Park are on our list.
Day 10 – Travel back to Dublin by car. Perhaps hit up Rock of Cashel on the drive back or do additional things around Kerry that morning.
Day 11 – fly home back to the States that morning.
Other Questions:
· My mom is interested in native plants and wildflowers. We will be in Ireland in early May, which seems to be a bit early for the best flowers but hopefully we will see some spring blooms. Any specific spots for flowers that we should check out besides Burren National Park (which is already on our list)? Any flower or plant guides to recommend we pick up?
· I see there is a Burren College of Art gallery, but can’t tell if they are open as there are no exhibits listed in May. Anyone been there and have any thoughts? Any other small or regional art galleries worth checking out (either in dublin or along the way)?
· Any itinerary red flags?
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2023.03.22 23:44 Regis_Phillies The Lake Herman Road Mystery

Reading through the Solano County Sheriff reports, one can pick out many interesting tidbits of information that can further shroud an already mysterious crime. Let's peel back that onion a bit.
TIMELINE (Taken from Sheriff reports)
10:00 PM: Bingo Wesner leaves ranch after checking on sheep, observes white Impala near pumping station and red truck of hunters.
10:15 PM: Helen Axe and her boyfriend observe the couple (Faraday and Jensen) in Faraday's Rambler wagon at the turnout, parked facing the gate. They continue up LHR and turn around
10:30 PM: Axe and her BF, heading back towards town, pass the Rambler at the turnout again, this time it's facing the road.
11:00 PM: The hunters begin walking back to their truck. They estimate they were back at their truck by 11:05 and on the road a few minutes after that.
11:00 PM: Peggy and Homer Your and their children, on the way back from Sacramento, decide to check on a construction project Homer is working on at a local ranch. They pass the Rambler at the turnout and note Faraday raises his head when he sees their headlights. They continue to the ranch gate and encounter the hunters. Mrs. Your states she observed the younger hunter with a long gun while the older hunter stared into their vehicle, shining a flashlight. She advises her husband to get out of there, the man has a gun, and they head towards Himble Oil where she observes a long dark car with a bright green speedometer needle parked to the side of the gate while the gate guard is leaned over speaking with the driver. They turn around and pass the scene of the crime again, observing the Rambler alone. Mrs. Your estimates the time to be 11:15 - 11:18.
11:14 PM: James Owen passes the scene on his way to work at Humble Oil. He observes the Rambler wagon and another car he can't describe parked next to it. The proximity of the two vehicles changes in his statements, but he claims to have seen no one in either car, and believes he hears a gunshot after he's about a quarter-mile up the road. He also claims that before he passes the turnout, he is passed by another vehicle (no description) heading towards Vallejo.
11:20 PM: Stella Borges passes the scene of the crime and observes the victims, then speeds towards town for help, she flags down an officer and the reported time of police arrival to the scene is 11:28 PM.
Clearly, there are issues with this timeline. LE made an attempt to adjust times provided by witnesses from watches or car clocks to their "official" time, but it seems impossible that Owen would observe both vehicles with no bodies 1-4 minutes before the Yours saw the victim's car only with no bodies, and Stella Borges found the bodies only minutes later. It is possible Peggy Yours was overestimating the time and they were passimg by earlier, and their car was the one passing Owen on his way up the road.
There's also an interesting exchange in Mrs. Yours' report where the interviewing officer asks her if she pointed a gun at the hunters and said, "My gun is bigger than yours." I'm not sure where this is coming from as Robert Connelly's report makes no mention of this and the legible sections of Gasser's report doesn't either.
In her interview, Faraday's sister stated David told her he was going to Lake Herman Road on Friday night because a bunch of other kids were going there. She recognized some of the names but had no contact information on hand. She stated she would let LE know once she had contacted the kids, but I can't find any evidence of additional information being provided. Maybe someone here knows?
The question here is, was David embarrassed to tell his sister he was going parking with a girl? Maybe he was afraid it would get him in trouble. It certainly doesn't seem like there was any field party going on in the area that night though. However, an Officer Meyring did make a report stating he was advised by a 14 year-old the morning after the murders that he and a college-aged friend were driving along Columbia Parkway and saw two cars, a blue Olds 88 coupe and a blue 1963 Impala, exiting off Lake Herman Road at 10:30 PM. We're these Faraday's friends? Was one of the vehicles the car that chased William Crow?
Sleuths tend to focus on the incredibly narrow time frame in which the murders could have been committed, however looking at the timeline there is 30-40 minutes where the couple was parked at the turnout with no other known witnesses in the area or passing through. Did the couple arrive too late to meet friends, or was there even a gathering at all? Was the killer the owner of the white Impala? Or was it James Owen? Or even his co-worker Mr. P who the police apparently weren't too concerned with interviewing so they outsourced the job to Owen? Or did the killer enter the vicinity during the unknown 30+ minute window of blankness?
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