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100円均一に関する話題ならなんでもどうぞ!   This is the subreddit about "100en shop". (Shops selling goods only priced ¥108 in Japan) However, if you have any information about $1 shop, we are welcome!

2023.03.23 09:52 chhaya01 How is the life of a Paying Guest in Bangalore?

Life of paying guest in Bangalore as per my experience after living here for 1 year is to be honest was good enough. Being a girl and living in Pg makes a life bit challenging because you meet different type of people. Some are good to you and some are clLiving as a paying guest in Bangalore has been a rollercoaster ride for me! As a girl, it can be quite challenging at times, as you're living with people from all walks of life. But to be honest, my experience has been mostly positive. My roommates are like-minded, friendly, and foodies like me, which means we always have a blast bonding over dinner every night. Plus, we're allowed to cook our own food, so I get to indulge in my favorite homemade dishes whenever I feel homesick.
However, there are some hiccups along the way. Every morning, there's a mad scramble to the bathroom as everyone rushes to get ready for work. And then there are those few annoying girls who play loud music or worse, steal your clothes and accessories! But if you keep your wits about you and stay vigilant, you can avoid these pitfalls.
Despite these challenges, I wouldn't trade my paying guest experience for anything. It has taught me how to be independent, adapt to new environments, and appreciate the company of strangers who quickly become friends. So, if you're considering living as a paying guest in Bangalore, just remember to be cautious, make friends, and enjoy the ride.
If you stay careful then everything is good at Pg in Bangalore.
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2023.03.23 09:51 lisbethborden 1922 newspaper ad for The Molby Revolving Hammock!

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2023.03.23 09:50 Rerollcausebad Should I start applying to jobs now?

I built a complete website took a bit over a month but the scope of it is pretty decently sized. Essentially consumes multiple public apis, data dumps, and historical data to spot market inefficiencies, trends, profitability calculations on things with known outcomes, and a pretty complex price prediction model off historical data etc etc much more. Got a couple users now at 20$ for 3 months access.
Tech used for data processing was python about 5k lines of code which just auto pulls everything processes it then updates my mongodb database every 2 hours from my home comp.
Other tech used was react/nextjs/bootstrap/auth0/google run/dockesass/chart.js/git with continuous deployment on cloud build/and some other smaller misc things
I have about 1800 contest rating on leetcode so I'm quite strong there as well.
What I lack:
Advanced git I know pushing pulling fetching resetting etc but things like merging conflicts and whatever else git has I don't know. Also working with multiple people / the "correct" way to use it with a group of people.
Testing, didn't do any testing don't know anything about that
Commonly used terms say someone asked me what encapsulation was or what exactly props are in react I don't know even though given context with code I might know what they mean.
Entirety of OOP
A lot of the tech I used I wouldn't say I know it besides python/js/react like I know how to get it to work reading the docs enough to build a good website from it but definitely not from scratch things like dockebootstrap/googlerun etc
What should I do? Start applying? Open source contributions, new project that involves things I lack, grind interview prep first, look into freelancing etc etc what's a good route from here?
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2023.03.23 09:50 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Edition)

The System, a course created by Todd Valentine, a pickup artist and former instructor for Real Social Dynamics,
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2023.03.23 09:50 crackworry Todd Valentine - The System (Complete Course)

The System, a course created by Todd Valentine, a pickup artist and former instructor for Real Social Dynamics,
offers a unique and systematic approach to dating that can be used by anyone at any level, from beginners to more advanced artists.
The course covers topics such as:
Infields are also included!
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2023.03.23 09:46 MrRobertP How do I raise these errors properly? I know its something simple that will fix most of the errors but I cant figure it out.

Working on an assignment late at night and I know Reddit never sleeps. I'm trying to raise the InvalidArgumentError but I get TypeErrors when I try to run the code. Here is the code: class InvalidArgumentError(Exception): def __init__(self, arg, msg): super().__init__( f'The `{arg}` (type `{type(arg)}`) is invalid. {msg}') def validate_positive_number(number): if isinstance(number, int) or isinstance(number, float): if number > 0: return else: raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(number, "The argument must be a positive number.") else: raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(number, "Only the following types are allowed: , ") def validate_non_empty_string(string): if string == "": raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a non-empty string.", "how") if isinstance(string, int) or isinstance(string, float): raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a string.") else: return 

Here is the run function and the errors I get:
1) validate_non_empty_string()
TypeError: validate_non_empty_string() missing 1 required positional argument: 'string'

2) validate_non_empty_string("")
File "c:\ppp-p4-classes-objects\", line 3, in __init__
TypeError: super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type

3) validate_non_empty_string(5)
raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a string.")
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'

4) validate_non_empty_string()
TypeError: validate_non_empty_string() missing 1 required positional argument: 'string'

5) validate_positive_number(-5)
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'

6) validate_positive_number('Hello')
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'
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2023.03.23 09:46 DriverWild5695 Depressed but determined

Opposite of conceded Loss of strength his knees weakened
Can't stand for himself but who will stand for em have some decorum
no words for hours lack of showers and lonely is he depressed or is he a phony
battling with emotions like "Are you not entertained" Can't keep it contained Shift lanes
feelings too strong to breath encompassed by emotions that grip and cling like bad relations can't shake it
but diverts never letting it get too bad thoughts still creeping no weeping not yet Can't let it get the best
still shaken can't take it but won't quit depressed but determined to fix
feedback 1
feedback 2
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2023.03.23 09:46 thebamboobae0 Why Do You Need to Switch to Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brushes?

Why Do You Need to Switch to Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brushes?
Concern over how human activities affect the environment, particularly on natural resources like water, soil, and air, has grown in recent years. The things we use on a daily basis are one area where we may have a big impact. Bamboo brushes are one item that has grown in favor as a green and sustainable substitute. This essay will go over the benefits of switching to eco-friendly bamboo brushes as well as the reasons why we should.
Why do you need bamboo brushes in your life?
If you're looking for a plastic-free, environmentally-friendly alternative, bamboo brushes are a great choice. Bamboo brushes in India are biodegradable, compostable, and renewable in contrast to plastic brushes. While taking hundreds of years to degrade, plastic brushes endanger wildlife, pollute our water supplies, and release toxic chemicals into the environment.
The fact that bamboo is a renewable resource is another essential aspect that distinguishes bamboo brushes as a superior option. Bamboo is renowned for growing quickly; it may reach a height of three feet in just one day. This demonstrates that bamboo brushes may be mass-produced without endangering the environment.
Bamboo brushes are strong and long-lasting, as well as sustainable, and good for the environment. Unlike to plastic brushes, which are prone to breaking or wearing out, they are built of high-quality materials that do not easily degrade. As a result, bamboo brushes are a long-term economical choice.
Read More:-
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2023.03.23 09:45 genericLOLusername Free beer and drugs

Now that I've got your attention....

So, why are you reading this?
Bored of spinning your ship around in station?
Tired of listening to some deranged Russian madman having a epic meltdown in fleet comms?
Have you realised that mission running is about as boring as listening to your spouse talk about their day?
Fed up of bigger alliances beating the living sh't out of you and selling you back your own corpse?
So then, who are we?
We are the "Misfits of the Unknown" (don't worry, it makes no sense to us either) and part of Ligma Balls Gindr Sigma Grindset. For our past crimes, we own the entirety of Paragon Soul in null (everyone loves a move Op). As you can see by what we have to offer, we are laid back players and those who join us very rarely ever leave. We are part of the "Imperium" with access to all goon space.
We specialise in providing you all types of content that's available in Eve from small/large/gigantic scale PVP, every type of industry, ratting, etc. We understand that real life comes first so all the content we create for you us always optional if you want to join.
What are we looking for
• Players across all world time zones including -
• Those from smaller U.S. states like Canada and Mexico • Aussies are permitted but must first pass an English test • German players are not given wardec privileges but are welcome to join • All English players except those that like Piers Morgan or Smithy • EU players - it's about time the EU provided something useful 
• Ability to understand English - bonus points if you understand unusual languages like Afrikan, Urdu or Scottish
• Microphone - Higher chance of being accepted if you do a Wookie impression during interview - you aren't required to talk in fleets but it is required during application chat
• Skillpoints - We have no minimum requirement but ideally you'd be at least able to fly a shuttle
• Bitter and salty vets - yeah yeah Eve’s dying, come tell us all about how it was in 2008 old chap. We'll have your stuff when you "win eve" again
• PVPers - its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! Sigma is a heavy PVP focused alliance but not all pilots must fight
• Indy players - Someone has to mine and build the ships cos most of us cant be bothered
• No minors - Sorry but until your balls have dropped you can't join as we can't deal with screechy mcscreechyface on comms
• No spies - If you want to spy go on Reddit, our plans are posted there before we even get informed of them
What do we offer?
• A thriving local null sec market where you pay more and get less - We offer two for the price of three deals
• We are a few jumps from the largest market in null (Goons 1DQ) and we give you the opportunity to die on the way back with a full cargohold
• Enough Discord pings to drain your phones battery several times per day
• Special offers where if you buy all the doctrine ships we just make more doctrines
• PVP - Whether you like it small, big, solo, none committal or without consent - we got you covered
• Mining - A great opportunity to be blingy bait for our large PVP base
• Moon Mining - For those of you that still live in your mums basement and haven't touched grass in a while
• Exploration - Every hole is a goal, if you love holes then you wouldn't be playing Eve
• Ratting - A chance to give the entire corp a laugh when your blingy ship death posts of Zkillboard
• Ship Replacement Program – always blame the FC if you die in fleet
How do you chat to us? - Jump in and have a chat with our recruiters, advise them “Clara” recruited you and we will talk you through the process and what we offer.
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2023.03.23 09:45 Pink4everUwU Strong Female be like

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2023.03.23 09:45 AutoModerator Joe Lampton - Pussy Money (Complete Program)

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2023.03.23 09:44 emmaroseribbons I watched all 3 seasons in 3 days for the first time. This show is brilliant!

Hello everyone!
Today is Thursday. Little did I know my week was going to take this turn! I saw a post on perioddramas last weekend saying the last season of Sanditon was airing and I thought I'd give it another try... and here we are. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan so when the show aired for the first time, of course I watched the first episode and was immediately turned off by Edward & Esther's storyline (my exact thoughts were 'Oh here we go, did Andrew Davies write this, yes he did, okay you got your shock value, too much for me this time but good to see you're still writing, I love your stuff') but this time around I thought I'd give it a proper go, a few episodes at least, and see how it went. I'm so glad I did!!
I've been reading this subreddit since - you're all wonderful and sweet, I love reading your posts so much! A lot of you pick up on things in specific scenes I wouldn't have seen on my own and add your own Regency research to explain plot points or characters and that adds such depth, thank you!!

Here are a few of my thoughts (I have many!) if that's okay. I know it's so pompous to make a whole post about ~ my feelings ~ but I have nobody else to talk to about this!

  1. I'm so glad Theo James left for good when he did. This is probably the most controversial opinion so I'm getting it out of the way now. The actor is amazing and I LOVED his enemies-to-lovers relationship with Charlotte but Sidney leaving gave the show the opportunity to tell a more complex story with Charlotte growing along the way, going through a lot of the things women go through (heartbreak, loss, feeling hopeful again for love, falling in love, falling out of love, settling, etc) while still staying true to herself and I just enjoyed the show so much for being brave and just telling a full story that's different from most of what is seen in period dramas and indeed in historical romance (I can only think of a few books that portray a love that's not going to be the HEA love). I'm just so happy the show portrayed first, all-encompassing love at first sight for some characters, but also everything else that can happen when it comes to love when it doesn't work out the first time but it doesn't mean the first time wasn't important.
  2. Season 1 was, for me, the weakest. Mind you, I binge watched all three seasons in three days and didn't go through the waiting period between seasons that allows for proper reflection but this is where I stand right now when it's still very fresh. See point one (Charlotte/Sidney would have been a great story but I think the show was made a lot better by its not being the full story) but I also think they went in way too strong with Edward/EstheClara. I REALLY appreciate that they were trying to show the full range of things people can do to secure their financial future and I'm 100% sure all the scheming and abuse and everything going on with those three happened every single day in Regency England but it made (for me at least) for really hard viewing. I was bracing myself for their scenes. I never expected to feel any different about them, which leads me to my next point.
  3. I was SHOCKED at how good the writing was for showing growth, and realistic change, for every single character, even if it was at the eleventh hour for some (I'm talking about you, Tom). I am SHOCKED at how I feel about Esther now, about Clara, about Edward (there's no redeeming anything but I loved what they did with him in S3, again it was realistic, Edward wasn't suddenly a good man, they didn't run off together into the sunset, he simply owned up to not being good enough and that's realistic growth to me, if completely unexpected). The writers weren't afraid to revisit past relationships too, made different with time and growth (see Georgiana/Otis, I love where they ended up and it makes so much sense).
  4. I love Charlotte so much. I need a heroine I can root for, someone who's completely and utterly good (that's every Jane Austen heroine right there) and she was exactly that. S2 and S3 made it more of an ensemble production, which I am SO here for. S3 in particular made sure everyone had a happy ending (except my darling Arthur, I love him so much, they really could have shown him and Henry running outside their holiday cottage together, that takes two seconds and it would have been so lovely) and I was telling my boyfriend just how important it is for TV shows that people have been loving, obsessing over, been so loyal to for years, to give their viewers a last season that's fan service. You've been wanting it - now you have it. Take it, this is our gift to you, the viewers. Please. Please. More of that. My favourite show ever (Hart of Dixie) also had a Gift Last Season. As soon as the writers knew it was the last season, they took every thread and gave us a full season of just love and everyone ends up happy, smiling, and actually singing. I LOVED S3 of Sanditon so so much for doing that. I thought it was perfect.
  5. I'm sure someone somewhere is ranking the Sanditon relationships. My favourite relationships were the relationships between all the women on that show. Thank god they showed us true friendship, true compassion. This is a world where you disappeared, in the eyes of the law, the second you got married, with everything you owned now being your husband's property, this is a world where husbands and any male relative could send you to an asylum if they decided you weren't obedient enough, and yet this is also a world where marriage was the one goal for the majority of women because they had no other financial option. And yet we see so many wonderful friendships in this show. What Charlotte says to Xander in S3 about showing compassion for Augusta whatever happens, for showing her love, for showing her friendship and respecting her decisions, is so so beautiful. It's addressed to him but this is also what a lot of the women did with each other. They were written so beautifully. The growth of EstheClara, the instant friendship of Georgiana/Charlotte, the mentor relationship of Lady Susan/Charlotte, the sibling relationship of Augusta/Leo, Lydia being her fabulous, supportive self, hell even the opera singer dedicating her piece not to the Prince Regent who didn't even show up but to all the women who've known heartbreak. Georgiana at her trial asking why she's being blamed for things men did to her, why they aren't being blamed. I love them all so much.
  6. We were spoiled for choice, but my favourite romantic relationship, I think (it's hard to choose) is Alison/Fraser. I adore Alison, I think she's my favourite, and the writing of their dialogs was next level. Insane chemistry and banter. I saw a comment on YouTube that went 'Alison followed Esther's advice on how to find the right husband to a T. Find a man whose every word you disdain. If he persists, marry him.' Their dance scene (their intertwined fingers) and their sparks were just so wonderful.
I'm just so grateful for this show!! I wouldn't have bet on it at first and it got such a chaotic release (what show in this day and age is cancelled then picked up again solely because of fan outcry? Well done, well done, everyone, what a miracle). If you're here reading this, I imagine you've seen S3. What are your plans now? Are you going to rewatch everything from the beginning? Just S3? Do you need a break from the show? It's going to be hard for me to move on to something else for a while because it was my whole life in such a short, intense period of time and all I want to do is talk about it (and catch up on everything I've been missing - fanfiction, fanart, fanvids) and ultimately it's going to be a comfort show for me, that I rewatch at least twice a year and pick up more details as I go.
Thank you so much for reading and for making this place so lovely to be around!
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2023.03.23 09:43 Training_Screen_7307 INFP(f) with an ESTJ(f) boss

Hi guys. I've posted about me and my boss recently in this post >>
I've taken the feedback y'all gave and applied it in my everyday life. My work has significantly improved according to my boss, and I'm glad that it is where it is now.
Emotional resilience is always my principle especially when dealing with my boss scoldings... to see the facts instead of the emotions in her scoldings. We have a pretty good relationship and we even have a list of what I can improve on, and the scoldings are something we joke about during good times.
However, from a recent scolding by my boss, I think I may have lost it and cried badly. I don't think I did anything wrong, although I apologised. I was trying to inform her of a discrepancy in the numbers she keyed in for a finance-related issue and sought her approval of my proposed resolution. She just got so mad and irritated because she wasn't getting the full picture from me, despite me being as detailed as I could. She would also be stressed about the implications of a this mistake on many levels; perception of the office colleagues, senior management's potential scoldings and that she would be screwed instead of me, as no-one would ever blame or fault me in anything.
I didn't understand why the matter that could have been resolved quickly was met with such irritation and anger from her. And I would also need to concede to why she feels irritated because I wasn't clear enough, hence, placing the fault on myself. I think how the blame was shifted to me suddenly made me cry and break down, to the point I could not reply her any further. Then she decided to hang up and resolve the issue on her own. The matter was resolved in the end, and it was exactly as I had suggested...
The emotional stress from her scoldings made me question if I would want to continue working here. I just need a less emotional job and the senior management doesn't prove to be that great either...
I've been working for six months and I've been told by close friends that the expectations are too high for a junior staff. It would be a waste to leave as I have much more to learn and I'm really okay with my boss on a personal level, she is a good person and I enjoy her company. We have a good working relationship except for the instances when the scoldings are just too intense for me. I'm usually quick to leave it in the past with some downtime, distance and reflection....but the recent scolding made me lose it.
Any advice on how to deal with my situation with my boss? A gentle yet effective way?
I know that she went through alot of family trauma in her 20s and work has been one of the channels she could feel accepted and appreciated but with the current senior management there are likely to be some discrimination against her, thus she doesn't feel accepted not appreciated by the bosses almost 90 percent of the time.
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2023.03.23 09:43 snaana_ Ajwain water benefits, usage and buy ajwain herb water online

Ajwain water benefits, usage and buy ajwain herb water online
Ajwain is an Indian spice often used in cooking. It is a member of the Apiaceae family and is an annual herb. Carom seeds, sometimes known as ajwain in English, are high in calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Almost every Indian household is aware of the health advantages of ajwain water for treating common maladies including dyspepsia, colds, and coughs. Ajwain water made from ajwain seeds is extremely nutritious, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and has a number of health advantages.
Ajwain seeds also contain trace levels of limonene, cymene, and pinene, which are organic compounds found in plants. The herb contains thymol, which makes it extremely efficient against germs and fungi. It is frequently used as a treatment for colic, indigestion, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. You should be aware of the following advantages. Ajwain is used in Ayurveda to balance the vata and kapha doshas. For a variety of uses, it can be applied topically, internally, or aromatically.
People make use of ajwain in many different ways, including ajwain ladoos (winter), roasted and powdered ajwain, ajwain tea (made as green tea), edible ajwain water (seeds soaked overnight in water), etc.
Ajwain Hydrosol / Water benefits for skin - Ajwain has pharmacological properties. Niacin and riboflavin, as well as minerals including calcium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, copper, iodine, and manganese, are abundant in ajwain. Moreover, it has flavone, tannins, glycosides, moisture, and the antioxidants carotene and thymol. All of these elements combine to make this tiny seed a wonder of health.
  • Ajwain facilitates digestion. It assists in easing discomfort in the stomach, such as colic, cramps, nausea, diarrhea, etc. Kids can drink the water without any problems to ease stomach aches and other indigestion concerns.
  • It functions as a potent appetizer.
  • Because of its analgesic properties, herb consumption can aid in reducing the discomfort caused by body and muscle pain.
  • It is a potent plant that supports postpartum recovery in women. The body is purified by its warm nature.
  • Ajwain's high thymol concentration heals respiratory issues like bronchitis, hoarseness, colds, and coughs.
  • Drinking herbal water encourages blood circulation, which helps the body fight against ailments like stiffness and joint discomfort.
  • For oily and acne-prone skin, ajwain water functions as a great skin tone. The water's strong antioxidant content inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, which supports the maintenance of healthy skin.
  • It eases sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes while calming allergy-related issues.
  • Natural way to stop bad breath and support a healthy oral ecosystem.
  • The water is a tonic whose strong antioxidant content strengthens the body's defense system.
  • Thymol is a nutrient that reduces itching, dandruff, and hair loss.
  • With carom seed oil or water, skin diseases including psoriasis and fungal infections can be efficiently treated.
  • Pure Ajwain water has historically been used to combat obesity by being bathed in water overnight.
At SNAANA we steam distill the carom seeds sourced from an organically certified farm, which results in potent – therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume & carry. Ajwain steam benefits Caroms rich in thymol, niacin, cymene, choline, limonene, carotene, and many more vital nutrients is a strong appetizer, analgesic, anti-asthmatic that is beneficial to the human body in many ways. buy ajwain herb water online from SNAANA online store.
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2023.03.23 09:40 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (The Program)

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2023.03.23 09:39 David11219 According to Science, Here's How to Remember Everything You Read

According to Science, Here's How to Remember Everything You Read
Everyone has been there. You sit down to read a book, and before you know it, you've reached the end and can't remember anything. It's aggravating, but it doesn't have to be. There are numerous techniques you can employ to help you remember everything you read.
In this article, we'll look at some of those techniques and talk about how they can help you improve your reading comprehension. So, whether you're having trouble memorizing a textbook for class or simply want to get more out of your fiction novels, keep reading for helpful tips on how to remember everything you read.

Make use of the "Generation Effect."

When you stop reading, your brain begins to plan its response to what you have just read. And your brain does this by comparing the new information you just read to all of the old information you already know.
This is how we begin to comprehend what we're reading; we compare what we're reading now to what we've previously learned.
As a result, whenever you come across something new, you should stop and write about it. This will assist you in synthesizing the new information with all of your existing knowledge, whether done by hand or on a computer. This is referred to as the "generation effect."
According to the generation effect, we understand and remember things better when they are generated from our own understanding. The process of writing down what you read forces you to explain it to yourself in a way that you understand, which helps it stick better.

Make use of the "Scent" Method

Another way to remember something is to associate it with a specific scent. Experts believe that the brain regions responsible for smells, memories, and emotions are inextricably linked. This, for example, explains why we can associate pleasant memories with a favorite food or experience.
The real trick here is to figure out what smells bring back good memories for you and then use those smells in conjunction with what you're attempting to learn. This works best if you can associate multiple memories with a single scent, which is why using a scented candle that smells like chocolate cake may help you remember both the appearance of Paris and some of its history.

Make a mind map of the information you learn

A mind map is a diagram that depicts words, ideas, tasks, or other items that are related to and organized around a central keyword or idea. Mind maps are excellent for remembering because they transform what you're learning into something you can visualize. This activity helps to reinforce the information by connecting various thoughts in your mind.
To make a mind map, start with the central idea and add lines that branch off from it, as Hazel Wagner explained in her famous TEDx talk about mind mapping. Then write another word related to the central idea on each of those lines. By drawing arrows and connecting each new branch, you can keep the branches connected.

Teach Others What You're Learning

Teaching the material you just learned is one of the best ways to learn something and remember it well enough to pass a test or quiz. According to studies, students who teach what they've learned learn faster and better, and thus perform better on tests.
Here's the thing: teaching necessitates organizing your information in an understandable manner, which forces you to think critically about what you've read or heard. This forces you to connect different thought processes, which will aid in your memory of the material later on.

Use All Of Your Senses When Reading

Reading is an important part of absorbing information, but it isn't enough to fully comprehend a subject. Reading, in fact, only employs one of your senses: vision.
Reading with your other senses is essential for comprehension, and it is possible with just a little magnification. A simple way to do this is to use different colors to highlight, underline, or circle parts of the text that stand out to you.
When reading a business document, for example, you might use a bright color to highlight or circle the most important parts of the text. Alternatively, you could circle or underline passive or weak parts in orange, yellow, pink, and so on. This can aid in the creation of a much more vivid picture of the information you're attempting to comprehend.

Make connections between various ideas

After reading about something that seems interesting or useful, consider how this topic relates to other aspects of your life.
Making a mental note and hoping you'll remember it later isn't enough (which is what most people do). To learn something well, you must connect various thoughts and ideas because this makes the information easier to recall later.
Assume you come across an article about early education and the advantages of exposing young children to new experiences. Most people would read that article and think, "Wow, I should expose my child to new things," without connecting the ideas in the article to their own lives.
If you want to make sure you remember this article, find ways to connect the new information to your child's life. For example, by relating it to a recent conversation they had with your child. This is how you transform no longer-new information into knowledge that sticks like glue in your brain.

Close your eyes and try the "Close Your Eyes" Method

Visualization is one of the simplest methods for memorizing new information. When someone tells me they can't remember something, I tell them to close their eyes and imagine the information they're trying to remember as a movie playing out in front of them in their heads.
Close your eyes and use this time to remember what you're trying to absorb instead of turning off the lights in your room. If I'm reading a book about dog physiology, I might visualize a dog's skeleton and organs while trying to remember their functions in the body. Even if you have a bad memory, this is a great way to remember new information.

Find Applications for Your Knowledge

The more links you can make between the knowledge you want to learn and some aspect of your life, the more likely it is that you will remember what you read or heard. This is analogous to sharing what you've learned.
For example, if I'm learning about a new business idea, I'll try to think of different ways I can use this new information to make myself more money so that I have a strong incentive to remember what I read.
When you apply the knowledge you're trying to learn in a way that benefits you, you're more likely to remember it for longer and more clearly.

Last Thoughts

If you want to remember everything you read, try the following methods: Read actively and pay attention to how the information relates to your life; make connections between new and existing thoughts; visualize new information using the "close your eyes" method.
Find ways to apply the knowledge you absorb in your own life (this is one of the best ways to remember what you learn), and find multiple links between the new information and memories that are personal to you.
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2023.03.23 09:39 LorraineBoedeker Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2 (Updated)

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2023.03.23 09:38 HomeworkLive3717 I'm 100% sure I'm a stream-enterer (or maybe once-returner?). AMA

This is AMA, but I actually want to learn more about your experiences if you had any in fruition of the stages.I used to binge philosophy videos because I thought it made me cool and I could show off my knowledge.Eventually came across Buddhism, everything they talked about made sense. Especially because all the other philosophies always talked about how sensual pleasures and anger sucks. Made sense. Originally I was introduced to Tibetan/Mahayana Buddhism.
I started meditating for up to 30 minutes now because I was introduced to ideas like the monkey mind. I was following Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche's teachings on youtube. I also had a journal and would write everything down. I was very young at this time (<18) so I had incredible amounts of free time. I was naturally a person more into solitary and introspective activities, such as reading books, walks, journaling etc so I was totally into it.
I had a 3 months summer holidays where I made a difficult decision to leave all the other projects I was working on (learning logic languages, nerd things) and told myself I had to become an arahant within these 3 months. It's pretty hilarious when I read old journal entries. However, I came across people like Doug's Dharma and other Theravada teachers. I barely even knew that different sects existed, and I stuffed everything into my mouth. Eventually found out that these new teachings are Theravada, and I remember gravitating towards that.
Came across Ajahn Sona in those 3 months, practically worshipped him. His talks are the best I've seen on youtube. I kept practicing whatever I learned. I forgot the Mahyana teachings as I was blinded by the almighty Ajahn Sona and just kept practicing. I had so much free time that my entire days were spent practicing and studying Dhamma.
One day I came across Ajahn Sona's video on the stages of enlightenment. I felt I checked off the fetters for stream-enterer, so I kept searching around other monks' talks on stages and different sources and it seemed right.
I had complete conviction in the Buddha's main teachings. It was almost like "Duh, of course!" when I heard them. Only times I have doubt are in my personal ability to progress along the path, not the teachings themselves. Of course doubt is a hinderance so it generally disappears when I do the what the Buddha instructs to get rid of doubt. I also have complete conviction in non-self, I cannot see it otherwise. I also have lost all sense of rites, rituals, and prayers.
I never got into any Jhanas, I would just meditate 30-60mins. Later I increased to sometimes an hour. I would often get a strong breath nimita though.
This was a long time ago, I may be a Once-Returner now because I suffer far less in day-to-day moments compared to back then. I'm not so sure though, but I am sure that I am definitely totally improved from back then. I am definitely NOT above the 1st or 2nd stage though.
AMA will generally be aimed towards my experiences, my practices, and I definitely want to know if anyone here has juicy tips or advice they have from their experience, + any experience of their attainments. I want this to be for learning,
Because my main practice is Metta for 2023, I promise to write every reply/comment with a sufficiently good level of Metta.
By the way, I greatly respect Mahyana, I'm not saying I left Mahyana because it was inferior or anything. I would eat up whatever material was in my youtube feed and random chain of events just happened
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