Chicago college of optometry acceptance rate

Imperial Alabaster College RP

2016.03.27 19:37 Imperial Alabaster College RP

Welcome to Imperial Alabaster College. Set at the turn of the 20th century, Imperial Alabaster College is one of the most prestigious colleges in London. Meant for children from ages 15 to 19, the College is famous for it's single digit acceptance rate, and it's wonderful success rate. People from all over the British Empire and the world flock to have a chance to become a pupil of the prestigious college. Make friends, join a house, and see what life inside a 20th century school is like.

2023.03.23 08:02 Unusual_Pattern_3145 Please help me finalize!

Hi guys,
I have been accepted to both UWash MSIM and UIUC MSIM programs as an International.
Basis inputs from current and former students, I realised the following:
1) Weather: Seattle (drizzling whole year and cloudy but Chicago has extremes) 2) Alumni: Comparable 3) On campus jobs: UWash (UIUC MSIM doesn't have RA/TA due to self funded course) 4) Jobs: Seattle has more Tech exposure and I want to get into Tech. 5) Program: Both flexible, allow to choose courses from CS school as well 6) Tuition: 63K UW and 55K UIUC 7) Living: UIUC is cheap 8) Capstone: Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc visit UW with capstone projects 9) Scholarships: No scope at UIUC. 10) Life: Heard that crime rate is higher in Chicago and because Urbana Champaign is suburban/rural, it gets boring, you have to travel to Chicago for city life.
Suggested by everyone so far to go for UW.
Please help me decide.
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2023.03.23 08:02 Sad_Feature_878 My cousin and his female friend are affecting me mentally over my rude replies to her

One month ago,i found a girl on my cousin's following list who studied with my cousin until high school and now they live in the same city.Her brother is a good friend of my cousin and they meet each other often.And my cousin and that girl became friends also.
So coming to present,i sent her a friend request and she accepted,obviously because my cousin also followed me,i started talking to her and after some time of talking she started giving one word replies and started portraying that she has no interest in this i asked her if i was bothering her and then she replied that she don't even know me and why i was making this conversation i just asked her college name and year and left the conversation there.
I was very offended that she talked very rudely to me for absolutely no reason.
After some days she sends me a funny reel and we start a conversation again but i went a little rude on her due to the past conversation i had with her and she also started to get rude.Minutes later we started bitching about each other.Still we did not start to abuse each other and i tried to get the conversation on track again but she will just say 'kya karega jaankar' to everything i ask so i just left the conversation there. But after some hours she messages me that 'arey chutiye dinbhar web series dekhta rhta h aur yha ake gyaan chodta h' and i lost my control and started abusing her too(i also used the R word and i knew a little bit about her from my cousin and knew about her father's drinking habits).She called me a rapist after that and told me that my parents don't deserve to be parents and she can't believe i am my cousin's cousin.So i did not hold back and replied her that her father is an alcoholic and he assaults girls after drinking.
And after that she told everything to my cousin and he instantly told her to tell her parents about it and gave her my description and after that i tried to call him but he kept rejecting so i texted him and he told me that i am fucked she is from a powerful background and she will file a case on me.I was ready to apologise in any way but he didn't listen.he met her mother and told her everything and also gave her my details about everything.
I thought my cousin will help but he is acting like a little bitch.I stopped my connection with them from theq last day and nothing has happened yet but i am afraid that my parents and relatives will get to know about it (and you know indian parents and relatives).i am mentally affected by this and it's been just a day after that incident.
I was talking to her and she without any reason called me 'chutiya' and 'chodu' , so i took it personally and called her the R word and now my cousin has turned his back on me and i am having a sense of betrayal , imo i was right ,she abused me first and my cousin is making me feel like i am in the wrong here.I was ready to apologise anytime but he didn't even try to cool it down.
Please tell me what can I do and if i am the asshole here.
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2023.03.23 07:53 Beneficial_Cash_9247 Forming a Government for an Independent Mojave Republic/Confederation- Who to Recruit?

So I realize that there is a common misconception about the Independent Vegas ending where many players assume that after ousting the NCR and Legion the Courier becomes some sort of President or dictator ruling over the Mojave with the help of Yes Man. However the epilogue clearly implies more of an anarchic situation where the Courier just sort of walks off into the sunset and lets the Mojave fend for itself, which leads to a lot of chaos and unrest even if you have Good Karma and wipe out the Fiends/other threats. Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is, if the Courier was free from game restrictions and had the opportunity to try and actually forge the Mojave Wasteland into some sort of functioning state, how would you go about it? Who would you try to recruit into your government, what resources found in-game would you utilize in order to make the most effective government possible? It's an interesting scenario to envision with a lot of potential political and geopolitical problems you'd have to overcome.
I'm relatively new to the franchise (although I did recently do a completionist run and have played through a majority of the content at this point), and while my memory is pretty good it is not encyclopedic. And in any case I thought it would be interesting to get some other perspectives on the subject, especially from those who have been playing the game for years. So, what do you all think?
To start off our discussion, these are some of the notes that I wrote down while I was brainstorming (feel free to question/offer alternatives, especially if you made different choices than I did for the quests these characters are involved in):
To Recruit
Edit: By the way, I should note that I took the boring route and played as a mostly Lawful Good/ NCR-aligned Courier, but only because the independent ending felt so limiting to me. The NCR has noble ideals in my opinion and I appreciate what they're trying to do but they're clearly unwanted occupiers in the Mojave and many in both the rank-in-file and the government don't have the inhabitants' best interests at heart. Especially when you consider cut content like the NCR soldiers shooting at a bunch of desperate Mojave scavengers trying to take water from Camp Golf.
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2023.03.23 07:42 BusCompetitive3248 Below-average Asian!

Intended Major(s): Chem
*GPA (UW/W): 3.85 UW, school doesn't rank. *# of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: 9 AP, 1 DE (got D lol) 2 Honors
Standardized Testing
  1. Chem club leader
  2. Caretaker of grandparents
  3. School president
  4. Chem summer program ambassador+participant
  5. School fundraise- raised +$1,000, treasurer
  6. Peer counsel president
  7. Dorm council
  8. School robotics treasurer
  9. TedX
  10. Another school fundraise member
  1. School good grade thing
  2. Youth Scholar award (national)
  3. AP distinction
Letters of Recommendation
Chem teacher (9/10): no personal connection
Engineering (8.5/10): no personal connection
College counselor (9.5/10)
No interviews
Talked about family abuse and how i overcame
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Purdue main campus UIUC Udubb Cwru
Northwestern ED WashU ED2 Northeastern GAtech
Waiting for: BU, BC, NYU
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2023.03.23 07:41 MISTAsoul12 With Dems running schools

With Democrats running the schools geography is interesting, not just a review like most of the world. They teach us math that doesn't always work. The lottery funds schools so they don't teach statistics or probability. They closed schools down for months because of the over hyped flu. The only verifiable form of systemic racism is enforced by college acceptance quotas, teachers can indoctrinate their political ideologies and even change your kids sex without your approval. The generation before this one actually had to pay for their college and the new woke one gets a refund. They can't teach biology because spreading the truth about two genders will get teachers cancelled, and finally they don't believe in borders, they want to open up our southern one so geography isn't taught
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2023.03.23 07:40 Global_Tree_Careers Benefits of GMAT Coaching in Begumpet

Benefits of GMAT Coaching in Begumpet
If you are planning to get into B-Schools, taking a GMAT exam is a must. GMAT refers to the Graduate Management Admission Test which assesses analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. It is a standard exam for acceptance to business schools and other b-school offerings, including Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Finance.
A high score on GMAT would pave the way to get into top-notch B schools. If you are looking for GMAT training, approach GMAT Coaching in Begumpet to enhance your skills for the exam.
GMAT exam is a computer-based adaptive test. The minimum score for the GMAT exam is 200 and the maximum score is 800. There is no certain eligibility criteria for the GMAT exam but one must meet the eligibility criteria set up the university/colleges to get into after giving the GMAT.
GMAT exam Pattern
The GMAT exam pattern consists of four sections namely:
· Analytical writing
· Quantitative Reasoning
· Integrated Reasoning
· Verbal Reasoning
GMAT syllabus
The GMAT exam is conducted for 3 hours with a maximum of 800 points. The GMAT Syllabus has four various sections:
1) Analytical Writing Assessment- measures the candidate’s ability to think critically
2) Quantitative Reasoning: measures the candidate’s ability to analyse data and draw a conclusion.
3) Integrated Reasoning: measures the candidates’ ability to analyse data and evaluate the given information.
4) Verbal Reasoning: It measures the candidate’s ability to read and understand the written material.
GMAT Test Centres
There are several GMAT Test centres in India. Look for a GMAT centre nearby your location and book your slot in advance to avoid meeting the deadline.
(Read More: GMAT prep tips to score high on the test day)
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2023.03.23 07:07 GlassWorldliness7258 I don’t know if I should walk out on my family

I (18f) have been dealing with their issues for years. My parents have mental issues and I’ve suffered all kinds of abuse from them and others as a result of my environment. I am physically and mentally unwell. I recently started college and got a taste of what it’s like to not be scared to close my eyes, or managing overgrown adults uncontrolled anger they like to take out on me.
Over spring break me and my mom got in an fight when I said I was too sick to run errands that basically ended in her telling me to leave, not come back, and she blocked me. I accepted it, and got a job to stay in my city. Now I’m being told if I take the job I will be kicked out, and I have to come home. I don’t know what to do.
On one hand, I don’t want to miss my friends, little siblings, and animals. They will be crushed if I don’t come home. I will also have to manage my school finances with no co-signer. I only need to pay for rent and food, but it still will be difficult since I’m in a hard major. And I will also be barred and blocked from seeing/talking to my siblings. The thought of them having to go through that makes me so sad.
On the other hand, the idea of having to go back to home makes me feel like I’m going to vomit. And I know I will be constantly threatened with being disowned again. It will be an everyday battle. They don’t actually want to see me, just need me to take care of their things. They’ve said before they didn’t chose me, and don’t have to love me.
It sounds like an easy decision, but it’s not. I have family calling me daily telling me I better chose to stay, and that if I don’t I will be on the streets and not be able to get my degree.
I just don’t know what to do or who to talk to. I need an adult I can talk to who has my best interests at heart, but I don’t have that.
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2023.03.23 07:04 ronifae Missing Tweets? "Explore" gives an error message? Something's wrong here.

This may be caused by the way Twitter is applying software updates. It could be going by groups and you're not in one of them. I have found that changing my VPN location solved all that for me.
Now if you don't have one and do not intend to buy one, here's a list of free VPN apps rated Top 10. I have not used them cuz I'm dumb as a doorknob and depend upon my grandchild to do her magic when it comes to computers. She changed my location from a Chicago server to one in California.
Good luck.
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2023.03.23 07:01 AutoModerator Live Day Trading

Welcome to RealDayTrading Live Chat!
***Please familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette guidelines before participating.**\*
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Staying on topic during the session:
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  4. Discussion is allowed during the pre-market and post-market hours, but please be mindful of the subreddit rules.

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2023.03.23 06:58 Euphoric-Amoeba3654 I used to be like Sebastian

So to preface , I'm a 24 year old white guy from a conservative family and growing up that's all I knew. I didn't really have a dad growing up so I turned to listening to Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and 3 years ago I would have been on Sebastian's side during that whole conversation agreeing with probably most of his points. I know it sounds weird to say especially because I know Ethan doesn't view himself as such but I do think he introduced me to a knew way of thinking, so in a way he kind of has changed my life and inspired me. I have changed so much just listening to the other side of things, and I am for sure a leftist and if me from 3 years ago was told I would become that I would have thought the woke Democrat Satanists brainwashed me haha. I feel ashamed of some opinions I used to hold because looking back I don't believe I was hatful but it for sure was wrong and they were harmful to me and others. I remember a time where I started to fall into the "fallen fan" and "Ethan went woke" trope but I just kept listening and trying to see things from another point of view and I slowly realized people like Sebastian kind of are just narrow minded dudes who can only comprehend the world that is directly in front of them because that's exactly how I was. I am in no way some like political genius that feels like he has all of the answers but I do have strong opinions and I have more or less done a complete 180 on my world view. A huge part of this is I met and married an amazing POC woman who I in every capacity see as my equal and would never want her to "submit" to me or however those dudes want to phrase it. Being with her I see first hand how her upbringing versus mine were wildly different largely in part just due to the fact that she's a woman and a person of color, and before I think I would have had an opinion of like "Its America we are all equal everybody has problems blah blah blah". Changing was hard, coming out to my family as a "leftist" was like coming out to them as a child murderer or something haha, but I feel so grateful for every influence in my life that helped me change. I cringe at the thought that I was one or two decisions away from being one of those red pilled dudes and I am so happy I am not. I've helped a lot of friends come around to be more accepting of things and we still like work out, strive for greatness in college or our careers, and all that generic stuff these guys build their entire platform on, just ya know without the like hating women and gay people part haha. This is long, probably not very interesting and not worded well but I just wanted to share after seeing todays episode because it was almost like seeing a different timeline me sitting in that chair debating Ethan.
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2023.03.23 06:57 InevitableJelly4417 having a job in healthcare

hi! i’m currently an undergrad student on the pre med track, but recently have been looking at switching to PA. I developed lupus symptoms around 5 years ago, and was diagnosed fairly recently. Before starting college, my cardiologist told me the stress of premed and college in general would make my lupus worse. Unfortunately he was right. I’ve developed renal problems these past few months, mainly because of stress/finals and having so many infections. Developed tons of new symptoms, and just became more sick in general. Seeing how minuscule the stress of undergrad is compared to med school, I have been starting to consider PA given how flexible it is and the less amount of schooling. I feel like if i cant manage a flare (more than likely caused by stress) without feeling like i need to go to the hospital, then med school will absolutely destroy my health. My rheumatologist has also mentioned that i’m in the window for possible organ involvement (which is why my cardiologist is concerned about renal issues, though my rheum wants it to progress more to be sure).
Anywho, my point is that I feel very sick. More sick since i’ve started college. Since i’m like this now, would going PA be something i should really consider? Being an MD has been my dream, but i also don’t want to be miserable and stress myself out to the point of it negatively affecting my health. I sadly accept and acknowledge that lupus makes my life plans variable. Although i’m all about pursing my dreams, I also need to be realistic with myself.
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2023.03.23 06:51 UpbeatAntelope9592 Typical South Asian Confusion

Hii, good morning from somewhere of South Asia!
Almost every LAC has published their results, and unfortunately I ended up with no acceptance letter at all. It hurts. However, As I'll be applying next year, I heard some rumors regarding college application. Here I am with my confusion: Does the college/university reject the applicant who has been rejected before? I mean as for example I got rejected from "X" college and if I apply again next year with updated essays, ecas and stuffs; does it mean they'll automatically reject me without going through my application as I was rejected before?

Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 06:50 ThrowRA_penguin00 Feelings for a friend after just recently ending a long-term relationship… please help.

I’m in my last year of college and had been dating my now-ex-boyfriend (let’s call him D) since freshman year of high school (7 years). We were always best friends and each other’s go-to, etc. Wonderfully healthy and happy relationship. We ended up breaking up our freshman year of college for a lot of reasons, main one being we didn’t think it was fair to each other to go from “14 to forever” and thought it was best to be apart and not “hold each other back”. Important clarification there: neither of us are into hookup culture or anything like that. We didn’t break up so that we could experience “single life” in college but moreso felt like we wouldn’t know for sure if we were doing the right thing if we stayed together indefinitely, having started dating as essentially children.
That breakup was 110% premature. We were both devastated, didn’t actually want to break up but thought it was the right thing, etc. We both had pretty crappy friend groups at our respective new schools and that played another role in each of us handling the breakup poorly (not taking time to process properly, let ourselves feel etc).
Fast forward a few months and we all get sent home for COVID. Without college and friends etc. to distract me, I had to actually sit alone with my feelings. I realized I never had gotten over D, never stopped loving him, etc. (same story for him). We started talking again as friends but then got back together that summer.
So sophomore and junior year of college we’re together. Our relationship is fantastic, we’re still each other’s best friends etc. and it’s as healthy and happy as you can imagine. The one thing I will say is it’s notable that we were essentially each other’s only main supports/outlets through sophomore year due to our respective COVID situations at our schools. I wonder if that is notable contextually now.
Junior year, our relationship is still fantastic, though I will say I had a few “what if” thoughts here and there about never having truly been single, whereas I didn’t have these thoughts sophomore year. I think this is because I was actually socializing/meeting people junior year when I couldn’t sophomore year.
Fast forward to the end of junior year and my friend introduces me to her other friend bc she thinks we’d be really good friends. Let’s call him F. We click immediately and I find myself extremely happy and just on top of the world when we hang out. We end up having a lot of classes together fall of senior year (last semester) and our friend groups also ended up merging, so we spent a LOT of time together. The whole time, I’m incredibly happy whenever I’m with him and find myself just wanting to spend time with him, even if it’s just working on our projects together.
At the same time (last semester), D starts being distant for the first time in our relationship. He doesn’t talk to me as much, doesn’t seem as interested, and doesn’t make much effort to initiate anything (like visiting each other, etc). I communicate to him how this upsets me and he earnestly explains he’s sorry and busy and doesn’t want it to be that way, but it’s a cycle for months. I start to analyze our relationship more closely, realize we have no plan for the end of long distance (where he’d go to grad school etc), and I start wondering if I may prefer other inherent characteristics in a partner than the ones he has. I end up feeling really distant from D all the while being good friends with F.
I get worried about this situation and do my best to treat them as separate problems. However, F and I just kept getting closer. I felt truly seen by him, grew to really admire who he is as a person, and felt really truly cared for by him. Not to mention we still had the same “clicking” energy as we’ve always had.
I’ll cut out a lot of the process here, but essentially I ended up breaking up with D a little over a month ago. However, I’d started the stages of grief for our relationship over six months ago at this point. The breakup was extremely healthy (albeit still heartbreaking) in just accepting that we’ve changed and this is what’s best and we decided we’d cut contact but still like to be distant friends in some sense down the line.
However, something traumatic happened with D the next day and so our plans of cutting contact didn’t happen. I wanted to be there for him to the greatest extent I could be while being respectful of his boundaries, considering I’d just broken up with him. We texted and called on and off for a few weeks and I was definitely confused for a bit—the traumatic event shocked me into wondering if I’d made a horrible mistake because the sheer fear of losing him (his life was on the line) was indescribably overwhelming. I also had such an inmate, intense desire to care for him in the aftermath and felt so incredibly torn that I couldn’t be there to a greater extent (like in a girlfriend way—go visit him and give utmost emotional support etc).
I also ended up traumatized by the events and F ends up being my number one supporter during that time. He’s the only one I felt truly seen by and he showed me such incredible care during those dark weeks.
Fast forward a bit and our friend group just went on vacation together for break. While there, F ended up confessing his feelings for me and we kissed. We were both drunk but so incredibly genuine and on cloud 9. The rest of our friends on the trip found out and weren’t surprised—anyone that knows us has been asking if there’s anything there for forever. Anyway, we end up talking it out the next day for hours and hours and he opened his heart up to me. I’ve never heard anything so eloquent, heartfelt, and beautiful before and it hurt so badly because I’ve had suppressed feelings for him for so long at this point.
I was honest with him and told him how I feel but also that I don’t feel ready to jump into something (he completely agrees and has said he’d never want to push me and feels terrible for putting me in this situation). We tried establishing ground rules to go back to platonic friends but we keep. breaking. the rules. It’s so indescribably hard—we have an incredibly strong emotional connection and no matter how well-intended we are in wanting to do the “right” thing and not hurt anyone, we can’t stay away from each other.
I don’t know. I know it’s really important to have periods of life where you’re alone and learn to rely on yourself etc, which is an additional concern on top of it being way too close to the end of my last relationship. I broke up with D like a month and a half ago, though again I have been going through the stages of grief for our relationship for over six months now.
The thing is, I have no desire to be single in the sense of hooking up/flirting/dating around etc. And I’m not sure what “finding myself” would happen if I just full-stop suppress my feelings for F. If anything, we’d just both get hurt if we did that. We talked about going back to being “just friends,” but the thing is our friendship is what made us have feelings for each other in the first place. Our feelings wouldn’t go away if we did that.
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2023.03.23 06:44 Careless-Dirt-5926 Which top universities will it be worth applying to?

And is it worth applying to HYPSM and Oxbridge anymore?
Basically, I have messed up my 12th boards real bad, like real real bad. I am expecting an overall percentage below 60% (it could be higher but I don't wanna get my hopes up, definitely not 75%), and am also expecting a compartment in physics (again, there's a possibility that I could pass).
So, I have decided to appear for improvement exams next year (along with taking entrance tests, here in India that only require you to pass, such as NEST, ISI Admissions Test, etc and preparing for JEE for next year). I am also taking Mains this April to gauge my standing.
But despite this one big mistake, I have a really impressive record:
IELTS: Band 8.5 Extra Curriculars:National Winner in a competition on my preferred subjectInternship in a top hospital, again on my subjectLetter of recommendation from the Head of Department of that institutionVolunteer work in my local rehab centreResearch programmes (two) in my subjectScholarship in a Cambridge research programme (offered to less than 7% applicants worldwide) which I couldn't attend due to family issuesRead a multitude of books and literature on my subjectCo-founder of the first club in my school
And as such, I had really high hopes for my college admission process, and as a result, I got overconfident in my abilities and stopped studying for boards (which is very embarrassing in hindsight).
So, is there still a chance that HYPSM/Oxbridge accept me even though I gave improve exams (provided, I score A1 in all subjects this time around)?
If not (or even if yes, just to be safe), please suggest some other top universities in the world that still might accept me (and don't require learning another language/provide courses in English and are in countries where you can survive with just English)
my_qualifications: 89.6% in Class 10th
Edit: If I do end up applying to these universities, what would be the procedure for giving them my expected marks considering that I won't be connected with the school then?
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2023.03.23 06:40 Marflores64 After watch the interview with Lebastian today, I’ve come to realize just how much Ethan has influenced me as a man.

I’m a 21 year old guy in college, and both the H3 fam and Hasan have helped me 180 my life over the past 3 years.
In my high school years I started to drift down the alt-right pipeline, and was becoming a hateful person. Once the pandemic hit I was at the end of my senior year in high school and was watching guys like Crowder and Shapiro. I started watching Frenemies Bc I thought the dynamic was fun, I was an OG H3 fan and it was entertaining background while playing video games. After it ended I started watching the backlog of pods and got hooked. Over this time I also found Hasan through Ludwig’s streams and thought he was a fun guy so I listened to his political views. Because I liked these guys, when they would talk about left wing views, I was more open to them and over time they have helped me shape my view on the world, and become more accepting of other people as a cis het Hispanic man. Ive started a weight loss journey, Seeing Hila and Ethan has helped me become a better partner for my girlfriend, and overall I’m on a more positive path in life all thanks to the family.
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2023.03.23 06:38 lilneck Ex gf is getting married and I don’t understand what I’m feeling

Well let me start off with some context. I’m young man, 22 years old. I have had only 4 serious relationships throughout my life and my last gf I can honestly say was my first love. She made me feel special, and I would jump through a hoop a fire just to see her smile. She was the only thing on my mind at every second of the day and it took a lot out of me to stop thinking about her after she left me like I mean it probably took me several years to finally say I moved on. I haven’t ever opened up to anybody like I have her.
Well its been about 5 years since we broke up and I’ve seen her move on into 3 different relations (social media and mutual friends) but as for me I have been alone for most of the time. I have not dated anybody in these past 5 years its very hard to meet girls even in college, I have had some opportunity’s but it just never worked out and I’ve accepted it I’m not upset. I also haven’t had sex in over a year so that drives me a little crazy but anyways I was okay with all this and even better than ever, I starting going to the gym about a year ago and I love my self I’m so confident in my body now. Everything was going well up until recently… I saw her make an instagram post and out of curiosity I checked only to see that my ex gf got proposed to.
I know I said I was fine but seeing her with that ring for some reason just made me feel like a storm of emotions that I don’t even understand my self. If I was never able to make to her happy it makes me happy knowing she was able to find it. But at the same time it felt like my heart was crushing into pieces. Is it because I’m lonely? Am I just jealous that its not me? I’m not in love with her but do I still have love for her?
What the hell is wrong with me ☹️.
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2023.03.23 06:32 testbankpls Cornell Tech MEng CS vs. Brown MS CS Decision!

Hi all! I'm incredibly lucky/grateful to be accepted to both these programs.
Interested in founding a startup/working in growth-stage company related to AI/ML post-grad, but also sharpening my technical skillset as an engineer as much as possible while young.
For Cornell Tech, I like network/location in NYC and entrepreneurship focus, but I don't know if there is enough depth/selection in courses since it's a 1year program. And I've heard MEng is looked less favourably upon and regarded as a cash cow for hiring managers? And for studio/product class, can startups really be learned from classes (I believe it's more learning by doing)?
For Brown, I've heard good reviews from alums from my undergrad college who went there with great career outcomes, albeit mostly in research/teaching positions. I can choose the AI pathway, and there's more flexibility academically instead of mandated business courses. I can take 2,3x the number of CS classes since it's 2 years. But it's RI.
I'd appreciate any input, and especially if you are doing/have done these programs! Thanks so much! Happy to answer questions too if you're applying or considering:)
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2023.03.23 06:24 cotton-seed-oil Is it ever okay to make a decision based on emotion, as opposed to logic?

Sorry if this is vague—it is pretty late.
A very close friend (18F) and I (18F) are high school seniors. Both of us have applied to college.
Barring extremely prestigious schools (such as the Ivys), we have received all of our college decisions. There is one school we both applied to and got accepted (College R). College R is a rather good school, although I do not know the exact ranking. Beyond that, I got into another good school (College T) with a rather good amount of financial aid. My friend got into a really good school (College G), also with good financial aid.
Both my friend and I live in abusive households. Without explaining the full story, we were both doing very bad mentally as well. However, being around each other has done wonders for both of us—for example, both of us are two months clean from self-harm (proud of this). We are less panicked and generally more happy.
We have the opportunity to continue going to school together via College R—I know my friend wants to (it was her idea). Hell, I want to. However, she has to opportunity to go to College G, which is a better school. She said she would rather go to the same school as me (and I would prefer to stay with her) so we could both still have a support system, but I am still worried about holding her back.
Additionally, my parents say I should choose College T due to the financial aid (College R has not released financial aid yet). I cannot deny that the aid is good—it would even make it easier for me to cut off my abusive parents quicker, as I would be able to support myself more easily.
I want to stay with my friend. I really, really do not want to be alone again. I know she feels the same. However, what if I am turning down a good opportunity? I also have no idea how College R ranks in regards to College T—I think they are close, but College R has a much higher acceptance rate, which my mother says makes it worse (but she is not the most trustworthy source of information).
Now, this issue is keeping me up at night, so I figured I would ask for advice. Is it better to make a more emotional decision, as opposed to choosing the logical outcome?
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2023.03.23 06:05 febiho Do MBA programs demand previous work experience?

Depending on the university you're considering, there are different answers to this question. There may not be any specific prerequisites for some colleges, but there may be for others.One option for working individuals who wish to complete their degree while maintaining a full-time job is an online MBA. For instance, a firm may, in some circumstances, demand a minimum of two years of professional experience, but not in others.Working experience might occasionally be misconstrued with having held a job that paid a wage. This applies to both paid and unpaid employment as well as voluntary work. There are many methods for gaining job experience.Training while working constitutes the first kind of work experience.
Formal education and training make up the second type of work experience. This applies to college and technical school courses as well as those needed for professional certification.
The third type of work experience is informal education and training. This covers individual study, internet education, and team activities.
Work experience of any kind is acceptable, including full-time employment, internships, and voluntary work. There are possibilities for official and informal education and training. For full-time employment in any sector, a commitment to working a least of 40 hours per week is essential. It can often mean working fewer hours per week for various employers if you have a part-time employment. (often 20 or fewer). Most internships are usually a few months or less long.
Due to the fact that these sectors frequently offer opportunities related to the online MBA degree you are interested in, you have the possibility to advance in them. Another way to obtain job experience is via volunteering. The most well-liked approach to give back to your community is through volunteering, which is typically done through nonprofit organizations.As a result, it is challenging to give a thorough answer to the question of what kind of work experience is necessary for an online MBA program. Yes, as long as you meet the requirements set forth by the university to which you are applying.No need to be concerned if you have no prior work experience. Numerous MBA programs offered online don't demand prior work experience. The program you select must be appropriate for
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2023.03.23 05:58 Constant_Leg_691 I (f21) want closure from guy I was seeing last year (m24)

So this situation is a bit complicated but I’ll try to explain as best as I can. I (f21) was seeing this guy (m24) that goes to the same college as me last year. He was the first guy I have ever been involved with but I never told him out of embarrassment. He wanted a casual relationship and I never wanted to be in one, but I still continued seeing him. There were several times I wanted to break things off but I am extremely non confrontational and couldn’t say anything. So anyways he ends up having to leave for a job opportunity and made plans with me the very last day before leaving. Then he blew me off at the very last minute. I was very hurt by the fact that for weeks he hadn’t reached out to me and then on top of that chose not to see me before leaving. Especially since I wanted to talk to him not only about a how upset I was by the relationship but also a lot of other things he did that hurt me.
So after a couple of months he reaches out saying that he was back in our college town and wanted to try to meet up. I told him he could visit me back home and he must have interpreted this as me inviting him to meet my family which I never said but he also never tried to get clarification. And after this he ghosts me. I spent almost a year dealing with the emotional ramifications of my experience with him. It affected me so deeply because he was my first. So after a couple of months he reaches out again saying he misses me. I am surprised he reached out to me in the first place and just acted as if nothing happened. I didn’t respond to him since I thought that was the most mature thing for me to do. But it’s been 2 months and I still can’t seem to move on. I have all of these emotions bottled up inside me. I know that the most rational thing to do is just never speak to him again and that I don’t need closure from him in order to move on. But these emotions are sometimes unbearable for me, and reaching out to him, and confronting him is the only solution that I can think of. And I know that I am at fault for what happened too because I accepted being involved with him that way. But that doesn’t change the fact that his actions hurt me. So I really want advice on how to handle the situation. Please try not to judge me too much.
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2023.03.23 05:49 anonymouslooker461 Free speech shouldn't exist on social media.

"Twitter is so toxic OMG"
"We need to end toxicity on social media."
"Social media is causing a mental health decline in teens."
"More adults are coming out as depressed than ever before."
"Suicide rates."
"Cyber bullying."
Everyone. Everyone on the Internet loves to complain. Complain, complain, complain, about how toxic the internet is becoming. But none of them wants to face the solution. Nor come up with one. Because life for us is more "comfortable" when we get to embrace the toxic sides of ourselves. So we complain. We tell others to "do better" out the hopes they will instead of making sure something happens to guarantee that they will do better.
I'm done with complaining. It's time for us to wake up and understand that the only way the Internet can become a better place is if there's a solid ban on anyone who makes a comment or an opinion that slightly sounds like bullying or puts another person down. For 3 - 6 months.
You make sliver of a sarcastic comment to someone: banned.
You use swear words to insult someone during an argument: banned.
You gaslight someone during an argument: banned.
You make an opinion that even slightly puts another person down: banned.
I'm tired of accepting toxicity for the sake of "free speech." It's time for social media companies to step up, and truly save lives, by making sure every toxic person on the Internet gets the outsized from it.
And the funny part is, that's most people on the Internet. So when those bans happen, a lot people are going to learn hard and fast to stay in line, and treat people the way they should be treated. With kindness, logic, and without animosity.
Complaining about social media toxicity on YouTube won't fix anything. Only action will do.
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2023.03.23 05:48 lhyttt Got a rejection yesterday but get two offers today! Don’t lose hope guyssss

After nth months of radio silence, I finally got some updates from Canadian unis yesterday. Sad news is the first notice was already a rejection from a master program in UBC, which has a higher acceptance rate, so I was really devastated.
Then I woke up this morning and find out that I got acceptance from SFU and Alberta! Which really surprised me, esp. the program in SFU only in take around 1x students, and I never thought I would be one of them since I’m an international student and I thought the priorities will be given to domestic students due to limited funding.
That being said, the whole application process is like a roller coaster ride and all the waiting is just draining my energy. Wish everyone could get their dream offers and never lose hope. The best is yet to come!
Btw thanks everyone‘s encouraging posts in these subreddits, it truly comforts a weary person.
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