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2018.06.18 18:05 HellotoHorse Scenes from trailers that aren't in the final film

Did you see an awesome or funny scene in a movie trailer, but when you watched the film it wasn't in the movie? Post it here!

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2023.03.23 08:22 poetslost 50 Beowulf on a 3d lower? also I printed my first Firebolt!

Alright I've started with a firebolt v2 lower x multiple. I frankenbolted it- had different internet 3d printers make them with their rapid quote online.
i have .223 wylde uppers and .50 beowulf from BCA.
I know for a fact the .223 is fine on the firebolt and hellfire from videos, range trip this weekend to verify the .223
I'm afraid to toss the 50 beowulf on there for fear of it going poof, so unless someone within 50 miles of me lets me use their farm (I'm in a more urban area) I'm not willing to test it while I'm holding it.
Does anyone have any experience shooting .50 beowulf on a 3d printed lower? will post pics of my franken-bolt below:
The cool: I had most of the parts 3d printed by a slew of different online 3d printing services. No one place printed more than 4 different parts. Some that delivered faster, I went back for other parts which didnt work out so well.
I was able to get FDM Nylon 12 glass filled, and abs
the not as cool:
It cost me nearly $750 of sweet tax return money
some places REFUSE to print certain parts (most notably the pistol grip) and went as far as to make a spreadsheet (yes I renamed the STL's)
Having it professionally printed instead of at home took about 2 -3 weeks depending on the service
Sculpteo - Multijet Fusion PA12 Nylon, made the mag well. The mag well rear broke after installing the trigger and hammer assembly and dry firing it.
They REFUSED to print buffer tower and grip
Oakland, CA based
FacFox - PolyMax PLA, made the black shiny magwell, and a buffer tower, refused to print grip, or any parts on the 2nd order (with the grip)
China based, and dirt cheap (comparatively)
Protolab - FJM Nylon PA12, made the grip combo unit, no questions asked
$190, was almost $240 all in for a handle, pricy, but, it was totally finished, no sanding needed, no nothing, was printed perfectly
came from NC
Xometry - FJM Nylon PA12, ABS M-30, made 2 buffer towers. Nylon was cheaper and higher quality
came out of maryland
Rapidmade - FJM Nylon PA12, made the sides, rear mag well, totally finished, spectacular fit and alignment, and hole size. DO NOT get the resin coated pieces, they do it as a finish on the complete part, and uh, yeah, it messes up the tolerances DOH.
Oregon based, good quality, spent nearly $200, but got quantities of 4+ for making multiples
Bear Creek Armory - Complete Upper in pictures is the 7.5" .223 Wylde on sale for under $200. Also grabbed a .50 beowulf upper 10.5", that I'm hoping to pair with subsonic rounds.
PSA sent over the magpull lower kit, (plus a generic one from cheaper than dirt)
I'm siting next to my 3d printer at home, now that the magnetic bed plate is in, as it's PLA printing out some new magwell sides.
After assembling a firebolt, dismantling and reassembling multiple times:
  1. I ordered new, longer pins, as the FCG pins don't stretch all the way across, I mean they reach from inside to inside, but they don't go flush on one side to the other, so I'm going for the 2 part pins that are longer- they're on order
  2. the mag release sticks really far into it, I'm looking at 3d printing my own part a little bit wider
  3. Bolt Catch- jesus F-ing christ, I ordered 5/64" pins instead of the pins it comes with, which makes it easier, but the firebolt design is TERRIBLE for getting it in there, and also getting access to it, I'm 3'd printing an extended release handle I found, but it's within 1.5mm of the upper, so very hard to use well.
  4. A 3mm drill bit set from amazon goes a hell of a long way, as I redrilled and tapped every hole on every piece just to be sure, makes the fit way easier
  5. the safety, I'm 3d printing a longer one just to make life easier, also the buffer tube support that runs along the frame- makes it inconvenient to flick when the safety is on.
  6. you may note some bolts are sticking through. the manual says to use 35mm, but they just barely get threaded, and are in hard to reach spots, so I started running bolts that were 5mm longer, and have been cutting them off where they're in the way, that way I get full threading, and verify they're secured tightly- no I didn't use loctite as it's still a testing bed, and nowhere can I get a thorough debrief on the Firebolt V2 build.
  7. a 1/4" drill bit was clutch for the upper attachment holes. just like with the 3mm
  8. the takedown pins. I found some on amazon, standard, 1/4" clevis pins, work perfect, they're coming in right at .245" which works out splendidly
  9. surprisingly, the threads on the buffer tube housing work perfectly, precisely, and better than the one I printed at home. My only complaint? it's about 1 thread too thick on that magpull buffer tube, had to back it off an RCH so I could get the castle nut to thread more than a 1/4 turn and tighten up
More parts come this week and next, will update after range day this weekend, we'll see if I blow up, loving this hobby!
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2023.03.23 08:18 GABE_EDD The Poor Man's Guide to Building a $300 Gaming PC

Before we dive into the details of building an ultra-low budget gaming PC, it's important to set expectations. Yes, this is a low-spec computer that won't be able to handle the most demanding games at maximum settings. However, for those on a tight budget who still want to enjoy PC gaming, this approach can deliver a solid experience. By getting creative with components and focusing on value, you can build a gaming PC that is capable of running most modern games at 1080p with medium settings and 60 frames per second, all for a fraction of the cost of a high-end gaming PC. So while some may criticize the specs of this build, remember that it's all about getting the most out of your budget and enjoying PC gaming without breaking the bank.
If you have a specific game in mind you want to play, check out its Steam page and view the minimum hardware requirements, if the game wants modern or powerful hardware, you probably won't have a great experience playing it on this computer. However, there are many, many games on Steam that have surprisingly low system requirements and can be enjoyed just the same on this computer.

Step 1: The PC Itself
First, we're gonna start with a refurbished office PC. There are a few sites out there that do this, the one I'm familiar with is so I'll be using that as an example for the rest of this guide, you don't have to use that one you can choose whatever site you like- hell even ebay, facebook market place, or craiglist just be prepared for sellers not knowing the specs of the systems they are selling.
If you're using pcliquidations, just click desktops and then click all of these are requirements on the left sidebar. What we're looking for is a computer with at least the following specs:
When checking out the computer's listing on pcliquidations make sure that the option to add a video card is there on the right side of the page and that "XFX Radeon 6400 4GB" is an option to add BUT DON'T ADD IT. They want $200 for the RX 6400, but it's on amazon for $145. This basically just ensures that the case will actually fit a low-profile graphics card and that the motherboard actually has a PCIe x16 slot.
When it comes to building PC's, this knocks out case, motherboard, CPU, PSU, RAM, Operating System, and storage for $120-180, not bad all things considered. In this current state, it's simply just a decent running computer for regular usage. But, we're here for gaming so onto the next step:

Step 2: The Graphics Card
Now that we have a PC that fits most of the minimum requirements for gaming, we just need something to handle the graphical part of gaming, which is most of the workload anyway. What we're going to be looking for is a graphics card that handles 1080p decently, DOES NOT require external power connectors, and for the low-profile refurbished computers that flood the refurb market, it probably also must be "low-profile."
The vast majority of refurb office desktops are small form factor, if you want to have more options for a graphics card, get a desktop that is not small form factor, make sure that "SFF" does NOT appear in the title of the listing on pcliquidations, just keep in mind this limits your options for a desktop.

  1. AMD Radeon RX 6400 - Now I know a lot of people aren't going to like this option, but it is a modern graphics card released in Q1 2022. The benefits of this card are that it is sips on power at 53W maximum, which is great for the power supply that comes included with most refurb office PC's. We put this graphics card in the computer my little brother inherited from grandma, and honestly I'm not disappointed, he plays 1080p medium settings and it's totally playable. In some areas it may not get 60fps, might dip more towards 45-50fps, but it's still totally playable. The XFX Speedster RX 6400 is also low-profile and comes with a mounting bracket for low-profile cases, this is advantageous for most of the refurb office PC's out there because it can actually fit in them. On amazon it's $145 right now.
  2. NVIDIA GTX 1650 (USED) - This is one that get recommended a lot, but prices are all over the place in the used market. On eBay, some are listed for $200, some are listed for $70, all coming from sellers with no ratings to sellers with lots of ratings. If you're willing to go the used route, this may also be a good option depending on pricing. This card also comes in a low-profile form, but from what I can find, it seems like the low-profile versions aren't as common.
  3. NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti (USED) - Basically the same situation as the GTX 1650 BUT it is an older card and it is out performed by both of the cards listed previously. If you're straining your budget and find one of these at a good deal, it may prove to be worth it, some games you may have to lower the resolution to 1600x900 or turn the graphics settings down to low, or both.
  4. Other - If neither of the cards you find here are at good prices or you just want something else, do some research, look at benchmarks of other cards, see if they come in low-profile variants if you need it, and make sure they don't require an external power connector (6pin, 6+2pin, etc.)
If you have some extra padding to your budget, you're willing to go elbow-deep in a PC case plugging in things, AND you got a non-small form factor desktop, this is where some more options open up to you. You can upgrade the power supply and get a nicer graphics card. We're not going to go deep into deal here, but this can open the door to 1080p High-Max settings, or even 1440p Low-Medium settings, depending.

Step 3: Install The Graphics Card
You've ordered the PC, the graphics card of your choice, received them, and you're ready to game. Open up the side panel of the case, hold the graphics card in such a way you don't touch any of the little components on the board or the gold connectors, and insert it into the PCIe x16 slot closest to the CPU. In some cases you may have to literally break off the part of the case that blocks the output of the graphics card, but they're designed to do this. Screw the mounting bracket into place on the slot in the back of the case. In some rare cases the slot closest to the CPU might not be the x16 slot, if you want to be really sure read the manual for the computemotherboard and find which one is the x16 slot, 99% of the time it is the one closest to the CPU.
Step 4: Upgrades and The Future
A few cheap upgrades could include upgrading to 16GB of RAM, make sure it is DDR3 or DDR4, which ever is in your system. Add another SSD for more storage for your games, 1TB SATA SSD's are fairly cheap these days, $45-50, and will allow you to store many more games if you have them, just make sure you have the SATA power cable (usually there are extra power connectors along the ribbon already going into your current SSD), a standard SATA cable, there might be more in the computer itself, and that you have an available SATA port on the motherboard, refer to the motherboard's manual to make sure that the one you plug it into operates at full speed.
A medium-upgrade would be upgrading the power supply and the graphics card, which I glossed over just before Step 3. Ultimately, for any "major" upgrade, this machine will not be "future proof" in many ways, if your sights are higher and your budget is higher in the future, you're better off building a modern computer from scratch down the road.
Step 5: Game
When purchasing games on Steam, make sure to review the minimum hardware requirements on its store page. There are a vast amount of games that this computer will handle just fine, but some modern or poorly optimized games won't perform well at all, or may even be unplayable (I wouldn't try to play Cyberpunk 2077 on this machine...)

TL;DR - Buy a refurb office PC with decent specs, slap a budget graphics card into it, 1080p game. For more detail, read the post lol.
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2023.03.23 08:17 spookyjuliette what should i say to my brother/mom?

i (19f) go to college 1,000+ miles away from home. easter is coming up and flights are cheap, so i asked my mom if i could come home for break. she told me i probably could, but she first wanted me to apologize to my older brother for how i acted over our prior break (spring break). for some context, my older brother had a mental breakdown in 2021 after he and his girlfriend broke up. it came out that he had hit said girlfriend and he attempted suicide twice (i found him and had to tell my parents both times). since all of this, my relationship with him has been very icy. in my eyes, he’s incredibly unstable, he hit a woman, and he really has not been the same since. during the previous break, i was dismissive towards him and i told my mom on one occasion that he was “weird”. but, i did pick him up and was cordial with him while i was home. this whole situation has just made me so angry. i want to go home and sleep in my own bed, but i apparently can’t unless i apologize to my domestic abuser of a sibling. is my mom being unreasonable? what should i do?
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2023.03.23 08:08 New_Hawaialawan Conflicting literature on withdrawals

For those of you that experienced hallucinations, seizures or DTs, when did they emerge after your final drink? For those that experienced seizures or DTs, were there obvious other signs like shakes before they emerged?
I already know why the literature is conflicting-everyone's experiences/timeline for withdrawals are different. I just get so frustrated at times trying to estimate the time when more dangerous symptoms can set in. Also, I feel like the uncertainty simply leads me to continue drinking when I could probably simply stop.
I've been drinking daily since July 2022. Much of that time, it was 11-12 units daily, mostly at night. More recently, the amount had fluctuated between 8-20, depending on circumstances. Yesterday was bad, approximately 20. Afterwards, I slept and then didn't drink for approximately 12 hours. I dealt with sweat, anxiety and periodic hypnic jerks during sleep. Then I drank 8 more units during the morning....
My logic was that, according to literature online, if hallucinations occur, they'd most likely between 12-24 hours. To me, that would be an indication seizures or worse could occur later and I'd rather those symptoms appear during the day rather than night. Or early evening. A hospital is down the street and if an emergency occurs, it'd be significantly more challenging getting transportation going there in the middle of the night. In that situation, I'd have to walk there.
Am I overthinking all of this? Am I just scaring myself to the point that I just continue drinking? I know you all cannot give medical advice and, unfortunately, I'm unable to visit a doctor (I'm abroad for 2 more weeks. Another reason I need to get dry because the airline is a dry airline and I'm terrified of DTs or hallucinations on an international flight).
I am going on a short trip to a very remote tropical jungle with no hospitals in 4 days. I read DTs can last longer than that but wouldn't more severe symptoms emerge prior to that?
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2023.03.23 07:42 ssbgoku69 It was a great tournament even though we lost

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2023.03.23 07:29 Sus-nug725 AITA for not letting my dad walk me down the aisle

Disclaimer: this is a very long post.
Background: My husband is the only child. I have three older brother and have three younger sisters, I’m the middle child. My husband and I are childhood friends we knew each other since 2002.
When my husband and I first started dating back in 2010 I was 90 lbs and since has gained a ton of weight due to two miscarriages and a healthy full-term pregnancy. (Happened before my wedding) I purposed to him five months of dating since we discussed our future all the time. (He said yes) We we’re both working minimum wage and saving up for our special day until we found out I was pregnant back in 2012. Then we put our wedding on hold. I had a cesarean in October and couldn’t go back to work for 8 weeks so my job at the time fired me while I was on maternity leave. I didn’t fight the issue because I was trying to stay healthy for my new baby. It is the ending of November when my husband and I decided we should get back to planning our wedding and have it in the following year. We had saved some money and wanted to have a very small wedding. We wanted a big wedding but could afford it, we decided to have a courthouse wedding and a small reception. So we decided to only plan on inviting the closer family members I come from a big family and my immediate family with my parents included was 8. My husband is the only child so he wanted to invited his cousins since they grew up together those were his siblings. So the total guests was going to be 25-30 people. We told our families out of excitement and received a lot of backlash from my in-laws. They didn’t understand why we were getting married like this. We explained that we couldn’t afford a huge wedding like we originally planned and didn’t want to ask or burden anyone. My in-laws told us to not worry as they would cover most of the expenses. So we had a sit down with both parents and told them this is was going on. My parents refused to help and this caused an argument between my mother and my mother in law. Two weeks later I invited my mother and my three sisters to go dress shopping as I wanted them to be my bridesmaids. We went to the shop and this is where the nightmare starts. My sister and my mother hated every dress I tried. They made remarks on my weight and told me that I will never have a happy marriage. I told them that they were rude and I’m at least marrying the man who got me pregnant, and probably the only sibling who would ever get married. So when I went home I cried and told my husband to call off the wedding. After my husband found out what my siblings and my mother said he called them and scolded them especially about my weight and reminded them that I just had a baby. He called his mom for some advice after the long conversation he had with my mom. She told him don’t worry I will take her dress shopping. So it’s January 2013 my mother in law tasked me if I found a dress. She advised me to never give up and she told me she’ll take me. Fast forward to my dress appointment I found the dream dress and it was a super emotional appointment. So several months go by where I haven’t spoken to my mother. My father called to check up on me and told me my mother was upset since she wanted to help with this wedding. So I asked them okay can you help with the flowers or the dj. My dad laughed and said I will not help you pay for this. So I reminded him that in tradition it’s the father of the bride who pays for the wedding. He hung up and we didn’t speak after that. As I planning this wedding my parents are talking crap behind my back to the family. I heard all about the drama when my youngest came over to hang out. She said she was trying to keep it neutral. We booked our venue for July 25, 2015. We buckled down on our wedding planning at the ending of 2013. We sent out the save the dates, had our engagement photos done and by October of 2014 my brother who was supposed to be my man of honor and my sisters who were my bridesmaids all back out of our wedding. So when I asked my youngest sister why she said mom doesn’t want them to be apart of the wedding. So I asked my husband cousin to be the maid of honor she was thrilled and I warned her of all the drama and potential crap that might happen. She told me your day is supposed to be special. So we planned on a day for the bridesmaids getting their dresses and groomsmen with their tuxes in the same weekend. My husband invited my dad and he never showed. When I found out I confronted this situation lightly. I asked my dad why didn’t he show my mother chimed in and said that that was for the bridal party. So I told him to get his tux at such place he agreed. A few months later my mother complained of the price and I told her it’s about the color of the tux and she shouldn’t have an issue paying for it since they aren’t helping out with the wedding. Fast forward it’s my surprise bridal shower, my husband side of the family all shows up. I had one cousin and two aunts show up, my own mother didn’t show up. I called her and she had an excuse of she lost her invitation in the mail but asked mY mil she said she hand delivered it. Once again I confronted both my mom and dad and told them they better show up to the rehearsal dinner at this place this date this time. It was the month before my wedding so my dad had enough time to leave work. It’s the day rehearsal dinner aka the day before the wedding. It’s 630pm everyone shows up except my parents. I call them and they ignore my phone call. So I begin to texted them asking where are they the rehearsal dinner just started. My mother texts me back saying they will not show up to rehearsal because that is for the people in the wedding. With that information I told her to don’t bother show up to the wedding. The day of the wedding it is 7am I am getting my hair done at the salon and received threatening texts from my family telling me they will fight me if I don’t let parents see me before my wedding. Mind you I have planned for the worse possible outcomes for this day and coordinated it with my planner. We made sure security measures were taken and no one besides the wedding party near me. It’s an hour before the wedding when pictures are taken and my parents show up demanding my husband they see me so my dad can get ready to walk me down. My father in law told about the commotion going on next door. So I called my mom and reminded them that only the people who are in the wedding can see me and my dad isn’t walking me down. She said will find and kick my ass then drag me down the isle and show my new family who you really are. I told her she can leave and they were escorted out. I stood true to my word and my husband other cousin (bridesmaid not the MOH) said she’s got my back and to just focus on not falling. I walked my self down that isle and got married. So AITA?
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2023.03.23 07:12 Spare_Status_5805 Itinerary check, group, July/august 10 days

6 adults, July 25th to August 4th.
2nd time traveling to Japan.
Must see include Gion, monkeys, Nara deer, anime store, disc golf, and Hiroshima memorial park. everything else is optional to one degree or another.
little worried that I might be planning too much from the 28th to 30th.

25th: LAX to Narita
26th: Arrive Narita, Take shinkansen to Kyoto.
27th: Arashiyama Monkey Park, Kinkaku-ji, Bamboo garden.
28th: Gion, Kiyomizu-dera, Fushimi Inari Taisha,
29th: train to Nara, Nara Park, Todai-ji,
30th: Train to Osaka, Osaka Castle, Denden Town,
31st: Osaka? (I feel bad for only spending 1 day in Osaka.)
1st: Daimaru Umeda, Hamanomiya Park for disk golf, Hijeme Castle, train to Hiroshima
2dn: Peace memorial park Hiroshima, Plane from Hiroshima airport to Haneda airport.
3rd: Ghibli museum, Showa Mermorial Park
4th: narita to LAX

would it be easier to take transit or rent a car for Kyoto?
would it be better to take train in the morning on 29/30, or late on the 28/29?
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2023.03.23 07:10 stellarcyber The Great Leap Forward: The Stellar Cyber Product Update March 2023 Edition

The Great Leap Forward: The Stellar Cyber Product Update March 2023 Edition
As the majority of the US gets set to “leap forward” this weekend, moving the clocks one hour ahead in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on how we have been spending our time over here in Stellar Cyber world since our last product update. For all those users, check out the release notes in the help section of the dashboard, where you can see all the new capabilities and improvements. Since you might be reading this while you enjoy a cup of coffee during your morning train commute, let me recap what you will see in our latest release, version 4.3.5.
Integration Palooza When it comes to integrations, we tend to add them in bunches, and 4.3.5 is no expectation. In this version, we added the following:
  • Ten new connectors for API integrations (Google Cloud Audit Logging, VMWare Workspace ONE, Jamf Protect, Webroot, and Cato Networks, to name a few)
  • EDR alert integrations for Cynet, Bitdefender, and Trellix (FireEye HX)
  • 32 new parsers for log integrations
To talk in technical terms, we added a ton of new data integration points in 4.3.5. Check out the release notes for all the details.
Crazy about Connectors If you haven’t figured it out, we love connecting with new products; you might say it’s in our DNA. But just like making a new connection on LinkedIn or Facebook, that is only the beginning. Over time you want to get to know your connections, where they went to school, what they like and dislike, and what groups they belong to; you get the picture. So while our product integrations don’t leave exciting lives, you must get to know them. So to that end, we added a new per-connector details page that gives you better visibility into the configuration of the connection.
You can run, but you cannot hide. As in each new version, we’ve improved our threat detection and machine learning to combat new and evolving attacks. Our changes include introducing new alert types, integrating third-party alerts, and refining existing alert types, such as the impossible travel anomaly (one of my favorites). You can find the complete list of changes in the release notes.
Is that a New Stellar Cyber Website and Logo? Well, now that you mention it, we introduced a new (hopefully improved) website and logo. This new website aims to make finding the information you need easier to find and more tailored to your needs. You will also notice the addition of new knowledge we never published before, such as a whole new section dedicated to the great enablement, support, and success services we provide to all our customers free of charge. In addition, some other goodies will hit the website in the coming months, so keep an eye out.
The Crew is Hitting the Road The Stellar Cyber crew will be hitting the road for RSAC and BlackHat in the next few months, so keep an eye out for our booth and drop by to see what we have up our sleeves.
Remember to move that clock forward, so you don’t miss your flight or tee time this weekend.
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2023.03.23 07:00 CookieMonster37 Does your gym make you buy t-shirts

So I signed up for a Muay Thai gym recently and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm currently working fulltime so I go after work most days and sometimes on the weekends. When I first signed up, I was told I would need to come in a gym t-shirt and muay thai shorts to classes. I thought it was a bit odd since the t-shirt is made by the gym and is selling at $30 a shirt.
I really don't mind buying the shorts or the rest of the gear but its just a cheap shirt with the gym logo on it. Plus when I go to practice, a few people wear their own shirts and some just wear gym shorts. So I figured the rule was lax. Until the coach for the day announced that shirts were required since we are all a team and need to act like a team even if we are not on the gym roster.
I don't mind wearing a shirt from the gym, but at $30 dollars each, it just seems overpriced for what it is. I have the rest of the gear like the shorts and pads, but the shirt seems odd. It might just be me but I haven't seen other gyms do that, in person or online.
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2023.03.23 06:57 smalltatas420 Is a “too many absences” Violation basically the same as a “too many tardies” Violation?

My store policy states “2 or more absences, or 4 or more tardies is in violation of the store’s attendance and punctuality policy.” One violation in a six month period results in a counseling statement. 2 violations in a six month period result in a counseling statement. 3 violations result in discharge.
—— this is extra details you can skip I’m just putting in as much details as I can because I’m freaking out——-
I got a counseling statement for being tardy too many times for the month of January. I got the counseling statement in late February and during the meeting he (assistant store manager) told me I had another counseling statement coming up for the month of Feb. I’ve had a problem with tardy violations before. When i had my fourth tardy in feb I immediately went to talk to him and apologize. (I’m in school and interning too this semester and I was really overwhelmed at first) He said if it’s the 4th tardy of the month of March or any month before July to just please call out because they don’t want to fire me. Specifically “it’s two different things. Absences and tardies are two different types of counseling statements”
So I did exactly that this month. I called out 03/10 (had not slept the night before) and 03/20 because I was legitimately sick. I have never had violations with absences. I had 6 absences total in 2022. 99% of the time I called out my grocery manager would put in “sick/non-FMLA” BUT THEY RECENTLY MOVED HIM so new grocery manager who has not done that for these recent absences.
Assistant manager came up to me after the 3/10 absence and acted like I call out the time and hit me with the “WELL I CAME IN WITH THE FLU AND YOU DONT SEE ME CALLING OUT” and he wasn’t too happy when I called out 3/20.
I did see my psychiatrist on 03/21 and I could get a note for that day? Or I could call out again and go to an urgent care that would write me a dr’s note for 03/20 and the following days (I would have to donate plasma to afford to pay my copay tho)
——end of details—— I already have 1 violation for Jan (tardies)
I haven’t received the write up for feb (tardies) yet but I’ve been told I’m getting one. Now March I probably have a violation but its for absences. I’ve only been tardy twice this month. Am I gonna get booted? Have I already been booted? Tried to check my schedule and it says “oasis information currently unavailable. Please try again later” but usually if it’s down it says ERROR and some numbers
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2023.03.23 06:48 trippinxt Spring Itinerary Check (Sendai-Funaoka-Aomori-Kakunodate)

Based on the sakura forecasts I have moved up my travel dates with new itinerary as follows:
*I've been to Tokyo 3x so I don't have to see the usual attractions and just want to check shops/cafes/art *I will be using the 6day JR East-South Hokkaido Pass
Apr 14 (F) - 12nn Arrive at Narita, Check-in to Ueno hotel around 3ish pm - Daikanyama in the afternoon (check out stores, galleries, and cafes) - Shibuya at night (hopefully eat at Tsuro Ton Tan for late dinner but it's a Friday so 🤞) - Stay in Ueno, Tokyo
Apr 15 (S) - Tokyo whole day - Nezu Shrine early morning (depending on the azelea blooms) - Lunch/Coffee at Kiyomisu-Shirakawa area - Possibly check out Kiyosumi Garden - Museum of Contemporary Art (if I miraculously get tickets for Dior exhibit) - Ameyo Yokocho for dinner - Stay in Ueno, Tokyo
Apr 16 (SU) - D1 Pass - Ueno to Sendai, arrive 8am - Shiodome and Matsushima whole day *Is it worth checking out the Sendai Ruins and Zhuihoden Temple? - Stay in Sendai
April 17 (M) - D2 Pass - Sendai to Funaoka (30min) or Sendai to Kitakami (50min) - Funaoka or Kitakami early morning to beat the crowd (Funaoka as preference but will check sakura conditions), 6:30-11:00am *Funaoka forecasted best viewing: Apr 2-10 *Kitakami forecasted best viewing: Apr 12-19 - Sendai Station Lunch - Sendai to Ichinoseki (20min) - Ichinoseki (Genbikei Gorge) 1-4pm *Do the Genbikei buses run as scheduled? Because I wouldn't want to be stuck there in the afternoon lol. Or are there taxis if ever? - Stay in Sendai
April 18 (T) - D3 Pass - Sendai to Aomori (2hr), arrive 9:30am - Aomori day tour- Nebuta Museum, bay area, A-Factory, Nokkedon lunch - Aomori to Hirosaki (45min), arrive 2:30pm for check-in - Sunset/Sakura night illumination at Hirosaki Park - Stay in Hirosaki **Hirosaki forecasted best viewing: Apr 17-25
April 19 (W) - D4 Pass - Whole day Hirosaki *Rent a bike? Is there a bike rental near the castle? Since my hotel is nearer to the castle than the station
April 20 (H) - D5 Pass - Hirosaki to Morioka (2hr), arrive 9am, leave luggage at hotel - Morioka castle ruins in the morning - Morioka to Kakunodate (50min), arrive 1:30pm - Kakunodate- Samurai street and riverside until sunset - Stay in Morioka **Kakunodate forecasted best viewing: Apr 19-28
April 21 (F) - D6 Pass - Morioka to Tokyo (2hr 45min) to Shimbashi , arrive 9:10-9:30 - Leave bags at Ginza hotel or Shimbashi station depending on time lol - Shimbashi to Shin-Toyosu (30min) - TeamLabs Planets (already have 10am booking 🫣) *Honestly such a risky plan but if I miss teamlabs and wast $25 it's fine lol - Ad Museum at 1:30pm (walking distance to hotel) - Ginza hotel check-in at 3pm - Shibuya Sky at 5:20pm
April 22 (S) - Tokyo full day - Jiyugaoka brunch - Shopping at Harajuku-Omotesando-Aoyama-Shibuya *I read there are PRIDE events this weekend as well
April 23 (SU) - Last day - Will probably stay in Ginza to check out flagship stores - Art Aquarium? - Head to Narita Airport at 5:30pm for 9pm flight
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2023.03.23 06:47 DarkFartimus COPD Paranoia :(

So im probably going to set up a doctors appointment anyway for this as i'm aware reddit isn't a substitute but I could still use advice, im super paranoid. I don't know if this is anxiety or not but im terribly worried of whether or not I have emphysema or another form of COPD, as I've heard its incurable and gets worse even if you quit smoking.
I am right now 20, from ages 14 to about 17 I smoked about a pack of cigarettes a week, thats not considered heavy from what I understand, I also transitioned to vaping for a while during that period. I managed to quit for a year but i started again for reasons I wont get into, my life really took a turn for the worst around last July-August soon after I turned 19. I started putting tobacco in my bowls and have been doing so since and was already a pretty heavy weed smoker, enough to be coughing shit up. However many months later now I have a worse but not terrible heart rate, I can still run up and down stairs and do 60 jumping jacks, (I tested for 100 but decided to stop at 60 as I felt I could have easily kept going to 150), but I doubt I could run 5k after doing nothing in my house the past like 6 months and doing this to my lungs. I had shortness of breath today after I ate and which subsided relatively quickly. The shortness of breath in that could have been caused by the fact that I ate eggs, peanut butter and milk and ran down a flight of stairs while also in a state of stress, more regular occurences of breathlessness are when get up quickly, excert myself immediately after getting up from rest, and of course after I smoke. My chest will also feel tight if I of course breathe in as much as I can or yawn particulatily fully but it's not accompanied by any pain. When I excersize, I can maintain good breathing but how well that can be maintained is intrinsic to my heart rate as the excersize progresses.
I don't wheeze unless im actively coughing as hard as I can to try and hack up nasties and is usually just caused when I make myself gag from coughing too hard, nor do I have any skin discoloration, any kind of insomnia (that I can't claim isn't caused by me staying up to play bannerlord), or any fatigue unless I of course didn't rest properly. Generally I will cough a little in the morning, and when I run upstairs to turn on my lizard's lights I'll have a faster heart rate, but I chalk that up to having just sprung out of bed after resting all night. I can't say I have much in the way of breathlessness unless my heart is running fast.
I'm just wondering if these are early COPD signs or if these side effects that come with smoking tobacco and weed like 3 times a f-cking day, and I mean daily. I have the time to smoke 3 to 4 times a day sometimes more, don't ask me how. Usually its only 2 or 3 bowls, I go through 3.5g of flower in 4 or 5 days and go through a pack in a similar timespan. Im quitting the tobacco anyway, but right now im loaded with anxiety and my chest feels tight, which is only exacerbating my fear.
This week has also been really bad for me so I wonder if im just feeling really anxious from stress.
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2023.03.23 06:37 HenryHenderson Just managed to bring my trusty i5 4690k GTX 980 PC back from the dead - any easy upgrades please?

Following a post of mine 8 years ago on here
I have a PC that has happily given me 8 years of service. The 980 still gives what, to me anyway, is decent graphic capability surprisingly.
i5 4690k processor
MSI Z97S sli plus ATX LGA 1150 mobo
8 gb ddr3 ram
Gtx980 gfx card
750 w 80+ gold PSU
Can't remember the cooler, not the one on the OP but it was upgraded air cooler.
At the weekend, windows 8.1 finally died on me and after some panic, I have somehow managed to get windows 10 installed. .
I want to build a separate new 2023 gaming machine soon but as a practice and as an experiment, I thought I'd see what little tweaks and upgrades I can give this machine.
I'm well out of touch with latest tech and only ever a novice builder with 2 builds over past 15 years or so.
I guess I'm restricted on everything but what improvements would you make without too much work and using cheap/second hand parts.
Is it worth upgrading ddr3 ram, what processor could the GTX 980/motherboard cope with?
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2023.03.23 06:20 sarah_ty6 Postpartum flight travel

I’m due on Oct 6, and my sisters wedding is on November 4– I’m the MOH. To travel I’ll have to take two flights of a total of 5 hours travel time (2 2.5 hr flights). If magically our baby arrives on our due date, and I don’t have any complications, what is the likeliness of me making her wedding? I’m announcing this weekend & I know it will be on her mind and I want to be realistic. This is my first pregnancy & I am not sure what to expect with flight travel, especially with an infant. Can you even fly that young? Will I even be able to fly? I’ll be asking my Dr. also but my apt is not for another two weeks. Looking for any advice if this is crazy to consider!
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2023.03.23 06:12 Unable_Mention_690 cheap flights to dublin

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2023.03.23 06:08 JoJack82 Anyone know where to buy general admission passes?

We have travelled from Toronto to FEQ every year they have had it since 2018 and it’s our favourite show to go to. We already have our flights and hotel booked but missed the ticket sale and now have no tickets to the concert.
We are only able to go July 6,7, and 8th this year. So I don’t want to pay crazy prices if it can be avoided but I’m fine paying more than list price.
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2023.03.23 05:54 FaceBitter I recently bought 4 Iphones in an auction

All 4 phones were listed as untested, bought them for dirt cheap. 3/4 are icloud locked (activation lock) and the 4th isnt here yet.
Is there a way I can bypass the lock on Iphone X11? Does it depend on IOS? I have heard checkra1n is a good place to start.
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2023.03.23 05:48 DanaGordonLine1 1st and 2nd round Journal

I went to the first and second rounds in Albany this weekend and here is my thoughts on the experience if you’re interest
Day 1 Friday Fridays games were set for 2pm, 430 then 730 and 10pm (more on this later). I had long planned to attend just session 1 when Thursday night I found an unbelievably cheap ticket for session 2. So I was in it for the long haul. I got to the arena around 1pm and I realized it was a mistake to park at UAlbany and shuttle over. There were plenty of garages around the area I would’ve been fine to use. Rookie mistake. I got some fried dough bites and walked to my seat
Game 1 VCU St Mary’s I took VCU in my bracket solely base on St Mary’s brutal travel. St Mary’s looked nervous initially but then Ducas took over. For any VCU fans, I loved David Shriver, what a vibe that kid is!
Game 2 Iona Uconn Pitino looks spry as ever and I get why he took the St. John’s job. He’s ready to get back to major CBB. Unlike the first game, both teams shot well right away and Sanogo sat for a long time. For a little bit, I thought it might be a Gaels vs Gaels match in the second round but Uconn came back and ran away with it.
I made an ill fated attempt at going back to my car for a puff of dank but I couldn’t find the shuttle. Oh well, pregame dart and I go back in.
Because the games started so late, the 730 got pushed to 8. WHY WERE ALBANY GAME PLAYED LATER THAN DENVER GAMES?
Drake Miami 8pm
Wong no showed but Poplar hit a bunch of 3s and Miami pulls a comeback out of their ass. Drake straight blew it. Loved seeing the coach’s kid brick the final shot to tie it. Miami fans were fun. watching FDU win was cool
Kent State Indiana 1030
It’s been long day. I’m sitting with all Kent State fans and they’re cool but the guys in front of us kept standing like it was a Western Michigan game at the Convocation Center. They started arguing each other and yelling at their team. They chanted “Emma left you” at TJD because he dated UVM PG Emma Utterback LOL. Indiana mercifully concludes the day with a win.
Still can’t find shuttles. Less and less people and it’s 130 am a kinda sketchy area. I’ll admit I almost lost it. Finally get on a shuttle with a seriously pissed off mother and son from Illinois who were Kent State fans. Get to my car at 2am. Best day ever.
Tldr go to NCAA tournament games
If this gets well received I’ll do another post on the second rd
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2023.03.23 05:36 dazzlingupstairz Interesting Globe article about how DCF avoids going through the courts when they take custody of children

TLDR, DCF seems to avoid going through the courts if they can.
This is extremely odd, and the story only seems to be getting big because they did it to a family that had the capital to fund a legal battle.
It doesn't seem right.
No paywall
From the globe article.
  • In the Waltham family’s case, child welfare workers had a full business day to obtain a court order before they arrived at the home, in the middle of the night. And still they did not seek one.
  • Sabey and Perkins have been sharing their story publicly to bring attention to what they called a flawed process. After the case workers took the children into custody, they later agreed that weekend to place the boys in the care of their paternal grandparents. But Sabey called for greater oversight, saying there was no need for case workers and police officers to take their children in the first place.
It seems like getting a court order for removing a child isn't the norm? Doc at Tufts noticed a rib fracture. Social worker didn't like the answers. No court order needed, even if everything is discovered on a Thursday.
Reason Article
Reason has done great stuff on civil asset forfeiture too.
They are a libertarian publication, so I know some are turned off. But regarding these sorts of abuses of police power that don't get enough attention, they're pretty good.
  • After an exhausting gamut of interviews and after DCF workers surveyed Sabey and Perkins' apartment—where no concerns were found—the couple and their children were sent home on July 14 with a DCF safety plan, assuming their ordeal was over.
  • Instead, DCF came to their house in the middle of the night—around 1:00 a.m.—and demanded custody of the children, despite having no court documents approving removal. "It seems everything was deliberately timed to avoid having to get a court order and avoid proving to a judge that the children were in imminent danger," Perkins later wrote. "Their laziness came at the cost of our children's sense of security."
  • While Perkins' parents, who had flown to Boston, were eventually granted temporary custody of the children, it still took nearly a month for Sabey and Perkins to regain full custody of their children. According to the Post, the couple spent over $50,000 in legal fees fighting to convince the state to return their children. They will likely have to spend much more to strike from the record the couple's "supported allegation of child abuse."
July 14 was a Thursday. They should have been able to get a court order, right? Most people don't have $50,000 lying around. Does DCF operate extrajudicially?
WaPo article
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2023.03.23 05:36 To11qass PUREMATURE 4th Of July Celebration Fuck For Mature Crystal Rush

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2023.03.23 05:28 Casztiel Oh no! I’m not sure why this creeps me out so much but last time I saw this outfit make an appearance, Dave was very uncomfortably fielding off jokes and hints about marriage

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2023.03.23 05:14 Unholy_Dk80 I thought it was the 4th of July. This, too, was a lie.

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