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2020.11.03 17:25 FlexJobs Remote_Companies

In January 2023, FlexJobs released 10th annual Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs list! For over a decade, FlexJobs has tracked and analyzed remote job postings to help connect job seekers with remote career opportunities. Analyzing the job posting history of the nearly 58,000 companies in the FlexJobs database, we identified the top 100 companies that posted the most remote jobs from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

2018.11.29 09:22 PaleSet Lance Stroll - Formula1 Driver

Lance Stroll is the Canadian Formula 1 driver. He is the Youngest Rookie podium winner and Youngest driver to start from the front row in F1.

2023.03.23 09:19 Peyt4PF I need advice.

I’ve had Crohns since I was 6 years old, currently 21, and it has affected me more than I realized. My mental health is very bad and has been since 2020. My mother passed away the moment I graduated high school in 2019 and I haven’t been the same since. I don’t have any other family near me to help me out, and I’m alone in my head all the time even though I have a girlfriend. She helps me as best as she can but it doesn’t change anything once nighttime comes around. Once she’s asleep I’m back to overthinking and start crying and want to just end it all. I miss my old life, I miss what I used to have, and I’ll never be the same again. And just thinking about that kills me. I’ve been told many of times to just think about the present instead of the future or past, or don’t think badly, try to think of all the good times and BS like that but it doesn’t work for me. I’m mentally fucked up and physically with my stomach. I physically can’t work due to my Crohns, I’m on the toilet at least 5-6 times a day sometimes even up to 10 times. And it’s never pretty. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m on a small budget, and I’m just tired of feeling like this. I used to smoke weed but I’ve stopped thinking it would help out in the long run but it hasn’t been any different since I’ve quit. I will not take pills, I do not want to get addicted to anything or be stuck on psych meds. Please God can someone help me find a way to make it out. I’m so smart and I have such a good head on my shoulders but I just physically and mentally can’t work or do anything 70% of the day. Please, if anybody has any advice on what I can do to get the voices out of my head without admitting myself I would be forever grateful.
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2023.03.23 09:15 Andykt76 Smartthings integration still broken

Dear Logitech, please can you fix the Smartthings integration? As soon as account is linked to Harmony, the hub and remote start lagging. Once removed, Harmony suddenly starts working fine again. Thank you!
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2023.03.23 09:11 Joelowes Twisted metal Mega Contest Final Relic Vs Supernova

Location: Undisclosed a mysterious scrapyard the husks of the cars that lost are scattered around as if the ghosts of the losers are watching
Before you start driving the two of you I must say congratulations on making it this far Relic you’ve proven yourself to be a treasure far greater than anything.
Supernova I must admit Duality you shock me I’m not sure what to say other than can your survive because it seams that
Relic starts its engine and old beast but Dusty smiles ready for his wish
Driver: Dusty Urns
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz LG300
Special: Spirits of Old- can unleash various spirits from behind to attack drivers on your tail
Backstory: After all these years I’ve found it, collecting dust in some museum. I must take it to its rightful place. Joes the only one that can help me with that
Vehicle appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQRuxKXUQH_p4kKcg6Q9uv7iiqbwVtbaxpaMg&usqp=CAU
Duality dosent show much Emotion as he starts his car
Name: Supernova
Vehicle: 1 to 1 replica of a '96 Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Edition, painted black with a bright gold star icon decal on both sides, with a matching stripe along the top. Has special sci-fi esque gadgetry on the hood and roof
Driver: "Duality" - A mysterious figure in grey clothing and gas mask, when his flesh is exposed, he is revealed to be heavily scarred, with gold eyes.
Special: "Black Hole"- 2 beams of a negative material/energy from the hood and roof are fired, and when remotely detonated, form a miniature black hole. It can't hurt anybody, but it can suck opponents in, requiring a bit a turbo to escape. Any projectiles in its vicinity also are gets sucked in slowly before being destroyed. Supernova's weapons, while also able to fall victim to the special's effects, are more resistant, and the gravity aspect of it can be used to get trickshots around sharp angles with enough skill. Once the black hole is out for too long/absorbs too much projectiles, it erupts in a blinding shockwave, damage and knockback depending on the amount of weapons sucked in.
Story: "The knowledge I have obtained throughout my life is immeasurable. The secrets and wonders I've discovered can change the universe as we know it. However one man of demonic ambition and heartlessness stands in the way of glory. So many stood before him, never to return. Whether it was officers, generals, killers, agents, and vigilantes, the result always playing the same. Their main fault: they did not try to learn much about his life ante mortem. With a past as tragic as his, there could've been so many solutions, so many enticing methods to bring peace upon this world. The LAPD was smart enough to figure this out, but rather bargain with him, they dug up his daughter just to try and finish the job. In my opinion, that is not enough. They need to take it a step or ten further, and as the old saying goes 'If you want something done, do it yourself.' Time for me to stand out of the shadows I have spent decades calling home, for I have a mission to complete: restore the light to this desaturated world, and to slay the demon once and for all."
View Poll
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2023.03.23 09:05 darthfoolish Seriously considering a new role

I am currently working as a Project Engineer in a large multinational IT services company.
Have been there for 11 years, and it is difficult to get salary increases - in fact I have had two in the past only because the bottom of the band I am in got adjusted upwards.
The work-life balance is atrocious.
And I am doing things, like being a team lead (which I don't want to be) for a team who all get paid more than me.

I got contacted by a recruiter who had come across my CV on some job site, I haven't been actively looking for a job for some time, though I had planned to start after my current project comes to an end.
The job is for a Project Engineer for a small UK based MSP, think around 30 headcount, and has been trading for 20 years.
The appeal of the job is that it is mostly remote, though there is some requirement to be in the office, which is unfortunately a 5 hour drive from me. The travel and accommodation is expensible though.
They aren't big enough to effectively silo people, so I'd be broadening my skills.
I can only imagine work-life balance would be better than what I have now.

My problem is that I think I've low-balled myself salary wise.

I didn't want to take an effective pay cut, so I thought about my base salary, and what I get paid for on-call and added a few k to that as a bump and gave that figure to the recruiter - I didn't have time on the phone call to give it some proper thought.
What I've now realised though is that we get an additional fund that is not included as part of our base salary which funds things like pension, life insurance, private medical insurance etc.
This works out to be around £9k p/a

So, the figure I have stated to the recruiter DOES represent a reduction in total compensation.

The figure I gave was £60k - does this sound a reasonable figure for an engineer with 17 years experience in IT? I've been trying to find an internal resource showing the salary band I am currently in to see what the upper limit is, but to no avail yet.
I have passed an initial screening interview with the recruiter, a first interview with the company (where we did not discuss money), and I have a final interview with the owner of the company today, which the recruiter has told me is pretty much a formality, they are just about ready to extend an offer.

My questions are these:
Do we think it is acceptable to increase the ask at this point?
What other questions should I be asking of the owner?
Things I have come up with so far:
When travelling to site, would I be expected to do this in my time or company time?
What percentage pension contribution, if any will you match?
Is there a healthcare scheme? If so, can it cover spouse?
Is it cheeky to ask how well the company is doing in this current economic climate?

I haven't been seriously in the job market since around 1999, I have literally just lucked into job after job, so I am a bit clueless in general about this!
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2023.03.23 09:05 Sirsirloins Car audio help static/buzzing noise after installing amp/sub

The noise is constant when the car is on or off. Even if I just open the door when everything's off. I had a alpine R-A90s amp/ alpine r series 12 inch sub installed after I had already installed jl audio c1650 speakers in front and c1650x in the back. When the car is running the static/buzzing noise is louder and randomly, not when I'm rehung the engine, it starts getting really loud like my amp is gonna pop. I could live with the amp turning on when my car door is opened if I couldn't hear that buzzing noise. The audio shop that installed the amp and sun said the only way fix it completely is to get a new head unit,so drop another 1000 after already paying 1500 for the rewire for the 6 channel amp and sub. I almost just want to take it to another shop. This is in a Kia Optima se 2020. I'd appreciate any help
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2023.03.23 08:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.23 08:56 Able_Psychology3665 Power Ghost S3 writing is horrible

I’ve never watched Power for the great writing but it was a guilty pleasure of sorts. But this season’s writing (for Power Book 2 season 3) is terrible.
For starters the antagonist Noma seems to have been dragged out of nowhere. She was supposedly Mecca’s fiancée and drug plug but none of the events in the previous season make her existence plausible. Mecca never mentioned her in the previous season and he basically spent the whole time chasing after Moné. Mecca’s big plan was to have Moné and Zeke go with him to start a new family. What did Mecca plan to do when the sociopathic woman he was engaged to found out about his new family? How did he intend to keep his hustle going when his supplier found out he had jilted her? It just feels like the writers pulled this new villain out of their ass without attempting to make her plausible in any way. It’s honestly insulting to fans of the show.
Secondly Lauren’s survival just seems like another convoluted unnecessary twist. The prosecutor supposedly has no leads on busting Tariq but either she or Effie are in cahoots to take down Tariq? Bruh you don’t need to add complexity for the sake of complexity.
Thirdly, Davis’ prison convict brother storyline again seems unnecessary. It doesn’t develop his character further or relate to the other characters in the series. Just another pointless storyline to add fluff to the show I guess?
Fourthly the college scenes are just cringy. I guess they’re supposed to act as a medium to pose philosophical question or moral quandaries. But again it just feels lazy to me. I feel like a better written show would be able explore such questions without such an obvious ploy. Maybe introduce these themes in the characters dialogue. But doing it in such a naked way almost makes the show feel dumbed down. Stuff happens in the show and then the lessons we’re supposed to have taken are explained in the class. Either that or they’re foreshadowed.
Last but not least is the acting. Michael Rainey and Mary J Blige have the emotional range of the fkn terminator. If I hear Tariq mumble his way through another scene or see Mary J Blige’s perpetual resting b**** face I’m going to put my remote through my tv.
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2023.03.23 08:54 Schroedingers_2cents Was I blindsided or blinded by love?

I [M28] got broken up with by my girlfriend [F24] of almost 4 years a few weeks ago. I loved her from the bottom of my heart and genuinely thought I’d marry that woman. And I thought she felt the same, because she always made me feel very loved. We had so many big plans for our future. She broke up with me because she “lost feelings”.
For context: We’ve been together for almost 4 years. We lived in the same location almost 3 year. We actually lived together for roughly 2 years. Our relationship has always been very supportive, loving, caring, healthy. We were best friends. We loved each other to bits. We were very invested in each others’ happiness. We were an absolute team. We basically never argued, and if so, we just discussed things calmly. We were very physical/touchy/cuddly with each other. Sex was mostly good and frequent, although we had some differences in preferences which caused some friction. I brought that up (after ~1.5 years of being together) and we somewhat made a compromise, but she said later on she felt pressured a bit after I brought it up. I feel bad about it now. The longer we were together the more I realised that our relationship as a whole is so much more important to me than that sexual preference. We’ve been aware that something didn’t completely “click” in our sex for the last ~2 years (first 1.5 years were mostly good). It changed a bit in waves, we had better times and worse ones with that. We always did it frequently, but at times it could get monotonous.
Anyways, to the breakup backstory: Last year was a bit rough for both of us. She had a gap year job she didn't like and I was struggling with my PhD. And we were living in country that doesn't fit us. In retrospect we were both low-key burnt out / depressed I think. Coming out of Covid winter lockdown we also travelled a bit to see friends/family and then for 2 months straight we had visitors pretty much every week. So it all was just a bit much and didn't leave time for us. We didn't go on many dates and were just getting exhausted - which also affected our relationship and sex negatively. But again, no fights, all supportive, all loving between us, planning the future, and so on. We also had a very beautiful 2-week summer holiday.
Then in September she moved countries (5-6h door to door travel time) for her PhD so we started long distance. We had a fixed end date (end of 2023), so a bit more than a year. LDR is hard but we saw each other every 2nd weekend for 2-4 days. Our visits very always very nice and we were always sad when the other had to leave. When separated, we video called every day.
At the end of November she initiated a talk. She said she struggles with LDR. When we're separated, she feels the connection is weakening. When we're together it's all good but then after 2 days she worries again and it's weakening. She's very busy, which makes it harder because she then feels very distant to us. She also realised that we were quite co-dependent before she moved (We didn't have much of a social circle. I think it's Covid and our exhaustion, but I agree we could have done better.) and that the sex hasn't been very good for her for a while now. She said that after the big 1-month Xmas trip to see her family at the other side of the planet we have to think about what's best for us, also as individuals. She also said that this was just a chat and probably in 6 months we are stronger than ever. We agreed that we need to talk more openly.
That talk shocked me a bit and woke me up. I realised how much I was in a burn-out/depression/exhaustion "fog" the year before. I got quite passive and wasn't motivated to do much. I decided that I have to work on myself and started getting into better routines again, started therapy and started being more social again. And I planned some surprises for her and some romantic date ideas.
Then came the Xmas trip. Everything was amazing. We had a fantastic time, were happy to be together for 1 month, had 2 week holiday and 2 week remote work, had a great time with her family, did trips/activities, and in between as it felt like always -- super loving, caring, supportive. We went to a wedding and discussed what we liked and what we'd do different in our wedding. We figured out a great long-term plan for our future (to move back to the country her family lives in). To me that trip indicated that our struggles were due to the exhaustion during that year and long distance. Lot's of couple-y photos, family photos and just all around a great time.
End of January, 1.5 weeks after coming back from the trip, I visited her. She started a conversation about how I think about open relationships. It felt to me like testing the waters and we just talked about how we feel about it in general. And value-wise we were on the same page. But it wasn't like "I want to open up things now". It was more like "let's look into it, and think about it" and in line with us wanting to communicate more openly. We both felt very much in love that weekend and said things like "we're gonna stay together forever", "we are each other's person", "not everyone finds what we have", "I feel such strong love for you right now. - Me too.". And had fun in bed as well.
I felt very happy and strong about us. Things were going uphill I felt. She also said she thought that weekend was a good weekend for us. We also planned to make some positive changes to LDR, like longer visits and more time together.
Breakup and immediately before: 2 weeks later she visits me. The day she arrives she texts me she wants to discuss opening up our relationship. I was overwhelmed a bit and didn't expect it that quickly. I also haven't had time to think about it. We briefly talked when she arrived and I said I need a bit more time to think about it. But she would like to start soon with it, she said.
The day after she starts crying and tells me she cheated on me that week before the visit (very drunkenly, but still). I was devastated. I always felt so secure in our relationship and 110% trusted her. Always was relaxed about LDR because I "knew" that cheating just wouldn't happen between us. We cried and discussed the entire visit and in the end I decided that I can forgive her. We opened up to each other completely and we made many realisations about the year before and agreed we are gonna work on our relationship and prioritise us more. Make longer visits immediately, date each other more again, spice up things in bed again, and so on. We reassured each other that "we are each others love of our lives", "we gonna stay together forever", and so on. The day before she had to leave we beautifully re-connected (after that shock) with good food, a bottle of wine, romantic music, chatting for hours and great sex.
3 days later she video calls me and says she wants to break up. She lost feelings, our deep connection is not so much there anymore for her. I've been begging for another chance and all the expected stuff for the past few weeks but she seems firm and doesn't want to give me false hope. The weekend after the call she visited me again to discuss things in person. But yeah, she can't pin down any specific reasons. She just lost feelings. It's nothing I did wrong, it's her. It's just a feeling. She feels like she lost her early 20s a bit due to Covid and our committed relationship. She wants some time to explore herself as an individual without me. The sex hasn't been good for her for a while. She also said she has had doubts for months! Even before moving into LDR.
Since breakup: Since that, we've had a couple more video calls because I wanted to understand better and also asked her to reconsider. I told her that I was completely unaware that she had actual doubts about "us" for many months. She never communicated that to me clearly. I said I wish she had talked to me and had given us a chance to work on things. After the November talk we literally only had 1 "normal" visit because of the Xmas trip in between. And that I think the areas of struggle in our relationship are really workable. Especially because we have such a strong intimate connection. And that she has to consider that our circumstances last year and with LDR have just been rough. And that we literally were about to change a few things to the better. I really wish she gave us just a bit more time.
To which she responds "She understands that I feel that way. She didn't handle it the best way and should've talked to me earlier. But she was too scared because then it becomes "real" and not just thoughts/doubts in her head. But then in February she couldn't handle it anymore, which led to cheating. She didn't want to risk losing us until she was absolutely sure she can't do it anymore. Which she knows is unfair, and she's sorry. But that's just what it is."
To me the breakup came really unexpected and I'm bummed (almost angry) about how it played out and that we were never given a chance to work on things together because she never communicated that she had doubts about "us". For months! It's especially sad because we literally have planned so many positive changes for right now and became fully aware of things after completely opening up to each other when she cheated. And because the past 2 months things were really going uphill, I thought. The past few weeks I've been devastated and feel like I lost the love of my life. I've already gotten a bit better and the past couple days feel almost anger about how she treated me. But I don't want to blame her, I'm sure she did her best. We would have a golden opportunity with the planned positive changes to work on things. Just feels like she's giving up without once fighting for the relationship. That hurts.
So Reddit: Any thoughts? Was I blindsided or was I blinded by my love for her?
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2023.03.23 08:47 LlyodBriar Action Behavior Centers

Apologies in advance, but this is probably going to be long.
I started working at ABC recently and I can't quite put into words how I feel about them as a whole or how I feel about my center itself, so I made the executive decision to come here and put it all on the table to see what other people have to say about them, what others think, and to see if my worries/ concerns are valid or if I'm just overthinking things.
I've been in ABA for 6 years now. I've worked in clinics, schools, in the community, and in home. I've gone through the process of getting my RBT and BCAT and I'm almost finished with the necessary schooling to be a BCBA. In my time, I've worked with dozens of kids, from infants to adults. I love the work that I do, I love the kids, and I love ABA, so much so that I use it in my daily life to help with issues that I have- and it truly does make a difference. My point is, I've been around the block a time or two and I'm in this for the long run. This is my career. It's basically my life. However, I don't know if I can see myself advancing in my career with ABC, as much as I initially wanted to. For starters, though, I was attracted to ABC from the jump just based on the perks/ benefits that they offer: bonuses, flex days, health benefits, guaranteed hours, consistent support and growth opportunities, etc. Those were all things that I hadn't actually been given at any other ABA company I've worked for, and I worked for a big national company that shall not be named. I was also attracted to ABC because they are primarily clinic based, they're advocates of assent based practices, they don't make you sign any contracts to work with them, and because of their BAT program (BCBA training program). Those are all things that I believe every quality ABA company should offer when possible, especially guaranteed hours and benefits, if nothing else. Anyway, from the outset, I was excited to start working for them and everything sounded perfect getting into it. When I started, I had to do their 8 day training program (my RBT expired lol) and my OM told me that we'd be using APF for the training, which was fine because I've done their training before and they're decent (plus, they're free), but when I got there I was informed that we'd be using Afirm. Of all the training I've had to do over the years, by far, by LEAGUES AND MILES, Afirm is the worst. I hated every second of it and I truly believe that it does not prepare ANYONE to be an RBT. I won't get into it too much because of length, but, if you've never had the pleasure of doing Afirm, I will tell you that there is so much that they don't cover that they should and they don't actually explain how to do anything, they just break down the basic concepts and mash 'em up and say "hope you learn something." They don't actually explain the why's and how's that are necessary to understand what it means to be an RBT and to actually be able to implement what it is that they're talking about. It was more focused on implementing ABA in a classroom/ school setting than implementing ABA as a whole and certainly as a whole RBT. It was a literal mess. But, I digress. The supplemental training that we were given on top of the modules was also very lack-luster and was more policy based than actually preparing us to be RBT's and I really don't think that the training alone would actually benefit anyone having to take their RBT exam. I think, however, this is the part where I say that I'm biased because of my experience and maybe I'm being a tad overcritical. I can honestly say, though, that I did not feel prepared to sit for my RBT exam after going through that training and that genuinely feels like a red flag to me.
Now, starting at my center, I went through the basic overviews that most companies have and got the run-down of most of what they do, and, of course, I started shadowing. Let me say now that I made it known to the people I was working with that I have ABA experience, which I thought was fair to do and the basic consensus was "awesome, I don't have to work as hard to train you, then," but it was a big red flag that these people, who had been with this company for about a year or so by this point and already know the kids, are asking the new guy for clarification on how to run programs and implement PECS procedures and asking for an explanation on a kids reinforcement schedule. That was all on my first day; within 20 minutes or so of meeting these people. I mean, yes, I'm sure I can provide some insight and guidance, but I don't know these kids yet, I don't know their BCBAs, and I've only had a few minutes to even look at their programs. All I said was that I have experience, not that I was an expert. I didn't make a show of it nor did I brag about my experience, I just mentioned it in conversation with everyone and that was it. I don't fault any of them for it one bit, but I do fault the training that they were given and immediately began questioning what was up with the BCBAs, which was a huge concern because of past experiences with not-so-good BCBAs. However, on that note, I noticed very quickly that it was not a BCBA issue, as they are always out with us and are always willing and ready to help with anything we need or to answer questions. The issue was with those particular people and either a lack of confidence, a lack of understanding, or an unwillingness to seek out clarification for one reason or another. These are not bad people, by the way, nor are they bad BTs, but from what I've gathered so far there is a consistent lack of confidence and genuine passion/ understanding for the job itself. There is no "bigger picture" of what we're doing and why it's so important. I'm so used to having conversations with my BCBAs and fellow BTs and the parents about what it is we're actually doing, why we're doing it, what programs would be good to put in for the kids and why it's important for them, where we want the kids to be in the future, how this skill or another will benefit the kids in the future, how we hope the kids will be when they're older and how what we're teaching them and what they're learning will do for them in the future, and none of that is happening here. There are no conversations or reminders about how important it is to build rapport with the kids, about how crucial it is to truly pair with the kids, or about the impact it can have on a kids treatment and time with you when you spend time actually getting to know them and treating them like an actual kid versus treating them like a patient at a health clinic. We spend hours and hours and days and weeks and months and years with these kids and no one even seems remotely compelled to actually value spending time with them over the perceived value of making sure to meet the data quota we're required to adhere to. There is a noticeable disconnect between the BTs and the kids. The BTs like the kids on the surface, but they don't actually LIKE the kids that they're working with, and it's plainly obvious from observing and experience that none of the kids actually like any of the BTs they're with. None of the kids are excited to be with any of the BTs, they only interact when interacted with, there's no initiation on their part, there's really no consistent joy from them, only short bursts of "oh, this is fun," then it's gone. The kids have learned that we will do whatever they want us to do versus having learned that we are reinforcing to them, that we're fun for them to be with. Across the board, the kids challenging/ maladaptive behaviors are maintaining and/ or increasing. Across the board their behaviors are escalating and I've noticed a stark increase in instances of physical aggression and elopement from all of the kids, even the kids whom (I'm told) never had these behaviors before coming to our center. If that's not an indication that there's an underlying systemic issue, then I don't know what is. Honestly, it feels like I'm working on an assembly line of checked boxes and data points. It's disingenuous and dispassionate. It feels very robust and overtly clinical rather than fun and inviting, like any place with kids should be. The center itself is bare-boned, not enough toys or activities, bare walls, no pictures or paintings or learning materials on the walls (which would be beneficial for NET/ tacting programs); there's just really no life to it at all. It's very straightforward- get in, get out, and move on to the next thing. Besides that, there's the programs themselves. Let me just state for the record, that in all my years this is the first time I've ever used Central Reach and I passionately dislike it. It's not user friendly, I shouldn't have to worry about losing my data completely, it's layout and design is terrible, and it's just a mess to navigate efficiently while trying to run programs. I could go on for days about CR, but I won't for the sake of length. On top of that, it's literally like the BCBAs are just going through a list of programs and choosing the ones that they think the kids can do rather than the ones that they should be starting out with. I can't say that the kids aren't picking up skills, because they are, but there's no rhyme or reason given beyond an overtly clinical sense on why we're running a particular program with a particular kid. There are no conversations about what the families want to work on or what they want to see from their kids or how what we're doing is preparing them for the next stages of their lives. There's no conversations on how this skill can translate into other skills or how learning a particular skill/ behavior can help them learn skills/ behaviors in other areas. These are all conversations I've had everywhere I've ever been and it's just so jarring that it's not happening here and that there's really no interest in having those types of conversations at all. Then there's their approach to assent. Assent as a practice is truly powerful when done properly, however, there is a fine line between honoring assent and inadvertently reinforcing maladaptive behaviors. I've so far seen if with every BT where a child engages in maladaptive behaviors and it immediately turns into a molly-coddling session with them where they're literally being told that it's okay to engage in that behavior rather than implementing either the antecedent modifications before it even occurs or implementing the actual behavior interventions outlined in the BIPs. 9 times out of 10 the BTs aren't even following through with whatever they were doing before the behavior started because the kid engaged in behaviors and that in itself is reinforcing those behaviors, particularly the escape maintained behaviors. As a whole, there is no emphasis on addressing their challenging/ maladaptive behaviors because engaging in them is seen as assent withdrawal rather than a behavior that needs to be addressed. A kid engaging in aggression to escape a task is going to continue to do so in the future because you allowed them to escape the task when they did engage in aggression because you are viewing it as assent withdrawal rather than escape maintained behavior! Please explain to me how that kid is going to be able to go to school and stay in school if that is the behavior we've continued to reinforce rather than teaching the alternative behaviors we should be? On that note as well, I've had it happen to me and noticed it across the board that whenever a kid is engaging in behaviors, even if they are not extreme behaviors that warrant assistance, the BCBAs or even other BTs immediately step in and take over the session rather than allowing you to work through it with the kid when it is happening and it makes it far more difficult to address those behaviors with the kids when those people aren't around when they happen again. I understand the willingness to help out when needed and appreciate the support when it's needed, but that is a huge thing to not allow a BT to handle themselves, in my opinion and experience, and can actually make it harder to run quality sessions with the kids because they will eventually learn that if they engage in that behavior long enough, then they'll be able to get what they originally wanted from that behavior from someone else rather than getting it from you. Taking away that stimulus control is truly frustrating as a BT.
I feel like I've reached the point where I'm rambling, so I'm going to stop here. There are more things that I can discuss that I've taken issue with, but at the end of the day I'm trying to gain some perspective on this as a whole. I want to do my best at ABC and I want to give it some more time to see if things change or if these are things that I can address with my leadership to see what we can do or maybe even get the guidance and insight that I'm looking for. Honestly, I'm really stuck on the thought that this isn't the place for me despite all of the good things that they do have to offer. I'm concerned about everything that I've talked about above and how it'll affect the kids and how I'll affect the kids. I'm worried that their practices may negatively affect the kids in the future and I really don't want to be a part of that if that's the case. None of what I've experienced here has ever happened anywhere else I've ever been and I'm wondering if it's really just culture shock or if my thoughts, observations, perceptions, concerns, and worries are valid. Frankly, the more time I spend here the more passion I'm losing and I don't like that. I'm even more concerned that they're just going to become the next CARD and I definitely don't want a part in that. With all that said, thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any insight that I can be given.
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2023.03.23 08:45 Neon-Lemon Do I wish her a happy birthday?

This is pretty long, and more of a vent than looking for any advice. 😂
We've been NC for a little over a month now. I cut her off because she became aloof, indecisive, and outright distant in the last month leading up to the breakup. I wanted a serious relationship and she didn't. This is a girl I've known since we were very young; a friendship going back to the year 2000. We both also married young (to separate spouses), where we naturally lost touch afterwards. I always really liked her, and I knew even then that she liked me, but we were also committed to our then-relationships to the people we were gonna marry.
We reconnected almost 2 years ago. She popped up on my Instagram out of nowhere, and it was so great to catch up after all those years. I found out her mother had just died of cancer, and she had divorced in 2020. I got divorced in 2019. In the beginning we regularly shared our sorrows and the pains of divorcing. But I never thought of pursuing her at that point in time, I think because I was still working through my own issues post-divorce as a single man for the first time since my late teens.
Then things settled and we'd have the occasional chat, but that was it. Several months would go by between DMs. It went on like that until last summer (July 2022). We started chatting every day, at all hours. We'd talk about anything and everything. Fast-forward to September, and I was smitten at that point. This was the same girl who fascinated me in our youth, but now we were fully-grown adults and found even more in common with each other than we ever knew before - similar interests, life goals, dreams. I professed my love for her in a lengthy email.
(I should add that we live in different US states in present day, so all communication has been online or phone)
She took it all kindly, and even said she knew what the email was going to be about as soon as she started reading it. But, she declined and said her life was a mess, she'd be a lot of work, felt like she couldn't fulfill the needs and desires I wanted in a woman, etc. She did explain that her ex-husband was also emotionally abusive and bipolar, which led to her initiating her divorce. I understood that maybe she was still dealing with that past trauma. She also has a great job that she didn't want to leave, even though I said I'd move to be closer to her in a heartbeat (I'm a freelancer so physical location is no problem for me). But, I'm also not stupid, so I took all this as maybe she's just not interested and was letting me down gently. Sucks, but what could I do?
We kept frequently chatting daily though, even though she knew I was in love with her. The chats got to a point later in the fall where we were basically sexting, almost nightly. I had never sexted in my life, so it was exciting. Yet, she didn't want to start a relationship. She would keep saying, if she could get over her issues, that she would choose me in a heartbeat. She also told me on multiple occasions that she'd never felt a deeper connection with any other person in her life but me. I felt the same, knowing our long history.
In that time, going into December, of sexting and talking about everything as it became our routine thing, she would also get a little distant and I'd get upset and then we wouldn't chat for a few days. I wouldn't answer her messages right away, and then she'd blast me with a dozen texts in a row wondering why I wasn't responding. She would get paranoid about it. And going silent on my end wasn't to cause her frustration, but to protect my own fragile heart from being hurt even more. I know that's not a healthy way to handle that kind of situation, but that's how I did it. We'd soon make up and everything was back as it was before. I didn't want to keep pressing her on whether or not she'd change her mind.
Now get to Valentine's Day last month. We had a nasty blizzard, one of the worst I'd ever experienced in my life. My parents and I were driving home from a live stand-up show about an hour away. Forecasts said the blizzard would be moving in by midnight that night, so we were aware and drive home most of the way with no weather issues. But the wind started picking up and that caused a lot of the fresh snow to start blowing around. We were literally 12 miles away from my parents' house around 10pm when visibility went to zero. You couldn't see the road because it was completely covered. We ended up going into the ditch and getting stuck in the snow. All highways were closed and again, the winds were so strong that you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. Not to mention the wind chill was in the -25°-30°F range and feeling the snow hit your face outside was like a sandblaster. Long story short, I thought I was gonna die that night. Like real, actual danger was happening and my parents and I were gonna freeze to death. Even with extra clothes and a winter survival kit, things got more dire by the hour. There was no way for the highway patrol to reach us until about 5am that morning. We abandoned the car and got in the back seat of the officer's vehicle, and even then it took the officer close to two hours (still zero visibility conditions) to drive us to a shelter at the closest small town, about 1.5 miles back. By morning, the storm had passed and we were given a ride home, as every single vehicle on the highway had to be towed. We'd worry about that later.
In that time while we were left freezing in the car, I texted her about the situation, and how serious it was. I halfway joked that if she didn't hear from me again, that I had frozen solid like a Mt. Everest climber. She was obviously concerned and kept checking in with me. Part of the conversation shifted to wishing each other a happy Valentine's Day, despite my situation. Then I also half joked and asked her that if I survived the night, could we finally be together? Her exact reply was, "I don't know."
Not that I was using my near-death experience to earn points with her. But in that very moment (as my parents and I tried to not get frostbite/not fall asleep/not accidentally breathe in trapped carbon monoxide), I realized that even then she wouldn't want to be with me. So I decided I couldn't do this anymore. All my pining for her all these months is never gonna go anywhere, and I can't keep waiting. Unrequited.
By that weekend, I told her a farewell, said something eloquent like I can't keep waiting for her door to open up for me, and then deleted everything and blocked her on everything. I still think about her all day long, because I really did/do still love her. The tears aren't as frequent as they were a few weeks ago, but I still feel massive heartbreak and depression today. And yeah, I know it's only been a month.
It's her birthday later this week. I know it's silly but I keep thinking about reaching out and wishing her a happy birthday. Even if it's just an email with those two words only. My birthday is in October, and she sent me fresh flowers. So I had even thought of doing that too. But I know, deep down, that the NC should stay put.
Maybe she just liked the attention all that time.
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2023.03.23 08:44 networth143 DaniLeigh's Net Worth

As of 2023, DaniLeigh's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This impressive net worth is a result of her successful career in the music industry, where she has released numerous hit songs, albums, and collaborated with many prominent artists.
DaniLeigh's Career
DaniLeigh began her career as a backup dancer for various artists, including Pharrell Williams, Pitbull, and Meghan Trainor. In 2015, she released her debut single, "D.O.S.E," and in 2017, she released her debut EP, "Summer with Friends." Her breakthrough came in 2018 with the release of her hit single "Lil Bebe," which was certified platinum by the RIAA.
Since then, DaniLeigh has released several other successful singles and albums, including "The Plan," "My Present," and "Movie." She has also collaborated with many other artists, including Chris Brown, G-Eazy, and DaBaby.
In addition to her music career, DaniLeigh has also made appearances in films and TV shows. She appeared in the film "All In" in 2020 and has also made appearances in TV shows, including "The Voice" and "So You Think You Can Dance."
Personal Life
DaniLeigh was born in Miami, Florida, in 1994. She is of Dominican descent and grew up in a family of dancers. She started dancing at a young age and later pursued a career in music. DaniLeigh has been in a relationship with rapper DaBaby since 2020 and they welcomed their first child together in 2021.
In conclusion, DaniLeigh's net worth is an impressive $3 million, which she has earned through her successful career in the music industry. She has released several hit songs and albums, collaborated with many prominent artists, and made appearances in films and TV shows. Despite growing up in a family of dancers, DaniLeigh has made a name for herself as a talented singer, songwriter, and dancer.
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2023.03.23 08:38 throwaway154935 First time DMing, need help with some things

Me and my brother recently befriended some really cool people who are into DnD and fate. they asked us if we would like to try to play as DM and to build an 1 time session to try.
right off the bat i agreed and began working on my very first campaign. i noticed my new group likes to tinker and use different fate systems, so considering its gonna be my first time DMing, i decided to do a really simplified system.
there are only 3 attributes and players start with 3 attribute points, putting a point in an attribute lets you level up a skill of that attribute. strength has combat and athletism as skills, intelligence has medical and mechanical expertise, and perception has investigate and intuition.
players only have 3 hitpoints and damage is permanent until treated by a doctor.
this campaign sets up in 1920. in a remote and cold island, a mining team went radio silent after day 7(shifts last 2 weeks) of their workshift. there are only 3 professions, engineeminer, security/rescue team and medic. they are the new team that gets sent in order to reestablish operations and find out what happened to the team A, and boy i have stuff planned for them. basically the other team found an ancient civilization with shapeshifting abilities that built a giant radio machine and went mad hearing the whispers of an ancient eldritch god, so yeah you can count on crazy stuff happening to them. im planning on bringing a hapeshifting alien disguised as an team A member with amnesia and then isolate a player, eat him up and force the player to continue playing as the shapeshifter
my bane with all this is, I havent decided how to run combat and what combat/roll system should i use for it. im kinda lost and fear this aspect might maake or break the game. i want encounters to feel deadly and dangerous, but not impossible to beat. any advice/thoughts?
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2023.03.23 08:36 dodgyaf Lottery RECAP: MBMBaM 652: Travis's Fast Soup Cup for Boys

Hello hello.
Okay quick confession: I’ve never actually listened to a season of TAZ. I tried with the first few episodes of Balance, but by then I was already so burned out on MBMBaM (like, 2 or 3 eps a day for a few months) that it didn’t draw me in.
Anyway, I figured I’d have a look and see how long it’s been since the last time I listened to an episode of MBMBaM. According to Spotify, I stopped listening weekly halfway through Episode 529: Throw Me in the Dumpster Behind the Applebee’s When I Die, released on September 30 2020. From there, I’d occasionally listen to a minute or two before bailing and made it all the way through Episodes 553, 554, and 564 before giving up altogether the following week, in June 2021.
0:00 – MaxFunDrive ad read by Justin is basically “I’m not gonna waste my time or yours trying to explain why you should support MaxFun, just give us your money!” and honestly, I love laziness disguised as frankness.
0:44 – I feel like they would have quietly removed the “Travis insists he’s a ‘sexpert’” line a while back but they left it too late and now there’ve been enough weird Travis Moments that it’d make people assume something scandalous was about to surface if they changed it.
1:02 – My music tastes are a little eclectic but mostly pretty basic, with a big emphasis on upbeat alt and indie pop, so I should enjoy the Montaigne song, but nope! At least I never liked the old one much, so it’s not a downgrade.
[Obligatory semi-relevant anecdote: I took a solo trip to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago as a little birthday present to myself, both to visit some friends and to go see Carly Rae Jepsen in concert, since she wasn’t coming here to New Zealand on her tour. Probably the best concert I’ve ever been to!]
1:54 – Already tensed for the incoming Travis intro bit
2:10 – Okay it’s a “we have to raise enough money to save the podcast from being demolished by the local billionaire” joke. And he’s called Dr Guhart (sp?). Fine. I know that premise has been a touchstone of Western pop culture for decades, but I wonder how much longer it can last. Are younger Gen Z kids making jokes about having to win a ski race to save the rec centre? What’s the modern equivalent? Make a GoFundMe that’s immediately drowned out by all the cancer patients? Camp out in the replies of MrBeast’s tweets trying to convince him to monetise your plight?
[I]f we don’t raise a bunch of money, he’s gonna turn our podcast into a place where they grind up puppies into sausages.” Travis is really good at making his setups sound rehearsed and unnatural. I don’t need a great acting performance when someone’s doing an improv bit on a podcast, but please don’t make it sound like you cycled through every possible combination of evil act and innocent victim before landing on the one you thought sounded the most comically cruel.
2:58 – “If we raise enough money we can legally murder Dr Guhart.” Okay I like this one better.
4:00 – Not to be a killjoy or anything but Dr Phil is a) irrelevant and b) awful. I don’t need a 30-second bit about him with no punchline.
7:40 – Twee Travis comes to the table, in what I can only characterise as his 20% baby voice, with the classic “you don’t have to tweet it; you can just go back to the old-school tweets where you just whisper it to a bird and then you let the bird go and then the bird comes and finds us and whispers it to us.” I am 90% sure he’s said this exact joke (?) before and it’s never been cute or funny!!!
8:25 – Justin’s pre-question bird question feels like something they’ve already discussed several times already but I don’t know if I’m just wired to hear everything they say as derivative.
12:40 – Question 1: How do I show off my yo-yoing skills to my colleague, who introduced me to the hobby, now that he no longer yo-yos?
Seemed kinda promising at first with the stuff about Riverdance yo-yoing, but there were a couple of not-so-comical misunderstandings between the three of them. Justin makes a reference to 'nipple-height as a shorthand for the exact thing they're all talking about and Griffin assumes he's being suggestive for no reason.
16:54 – Question 2: Can I sit in front of the CostCo TVs and just watch an entire movie? Is there anything wrong with treating CostCo as a low-cost movie theatre?
Being repetitive is the most unavoidable of the podcasting sins, but it’s wild to come back to MBMBaM and hear that the questions are still “I want to do a slightly weird thing in public. Am I good?” and Griffin’s immediate response is still “There’s nothing stopping you except the unspoken social bond of our shared humanity.”
24:30 – Ahhhhhhh Travis is trying to sell me on their bonus content. He starts with the $5 level and then passes over to Justin, who was not listening closely enough to know what had and had not already been covered. Never change!
27:27 – They make a joke about how the unedited naming ep stretch goal is worse than seeing how the sausage gets made but they don’t even call back to Travis’ stupid puppy sausage bit. Amateurs!
27:36 – At least they’re self-aware about the BYOP pizza party stretch goal being a bit shit. Not surprised to learn that it was Justin’s idea. Never change!!!
30:30 – “Brown recluse bite. Almost died. Didn’t. Can’t?” Okay this got a wry smile out of me. It’s been said time and time again on this sub, but Justin has a lot of comedic talent as soon as he bothers to put in a teensy bit of effort.
30:38 – Oh boy it’s time for my first ever Wizard of the Cloud segment.
31:10 – WikiHow to Run a Teddy School
This concept has no legs. Griffin’s angle is basically just “Isn’t this crazy??” and, I mean, yeah I guess so, but without a personal anecdote or question to latch on to there’s nothing here for me to find entertaining. From previous episode threads I feel like this is how it always goes, right? A deliberately ~wild~ WikiHow is chosen and then the brothers react to it like “damn, this is wild”.
35:42 – Travis has never seen Paddington or Paddington 2 and I hope he never does because he doesn’t deserve to.
38:55 – Justin and Travis both balk at the absurdity of expecting teddy bears to pass a toy to each other when they’re inanimate objects and Griffin rightfully points out that they’ve been talking about the concept of Teddy Bear School for several minutes now and this is an issue you probably have to make your peace with before engaging with the topic.
39:15 – They double down on this as if they don’t understand how children’s make-believe works. Yes, you’re going to have to physically move the bears yourself! The WikiHow writer is playing in the fictional space of Teddy Bear School. Are they seriously expecting the article to read “using your hands, manipulate the bears’ bodies and limbs to simulate the actions of walking, talking, eating, and playing”?
Griffin concedes the point because he wants this to be over. I don’t concede but I agree that we need to get out of this comedy black hole.
40:19 – Question 3: How can I eat soup powerfully during my lunch hour instead of looking like a peasant? (??????????????????)
Yeah baybeee! This is the MBMBaM content I crave! I love these cart-before-the-horse questions, where you can tell the listener started with the desire to submit a question – any question – and then scrambled to contrive a problem in their life that they could shape into this high-calorie, low-nutrition comedy slop.
It’s a food question, so it’s guaranteed to get a little bit of interest from Justin. The premise is vague enough that it’s easy for Travis to interject with something irrelevant and uninteresting in the name of being wacky. It’s a social dilemma that isn’t really a dilemma at all, so they can hopefully tie it up at the end by gently letting the listener know that they don’t have real problems.
Justin starts off in a strange direction by suggesting that the only way to eat soup powerfully is to eat it quickly, like a starving runaway taken in by a kindly stranger, which is so clearly incorrect it’s making my head spin. If we’re really gonna try and psychoanalyse the power dynamics of eating, I'd say that wolfing down your food signals a sense of desperation, or perhaps a fear that someone will come and take the food away. That’s peak Dickensian peasant! Eating food slowly suggests a) that you’re really enjoying it and b) that you have all the time in the world. You’re in no rush! Everything’s under control and you’re free to savour your delicious veggie soup. You didn’t just make it because it’s easy and it fits with your restrictive diet: veggie soup is your favourite.
42:25 – Travis has a bad idea about eating soup from a tumbler labelled with a soup-related title, e.g. 'Soup Doctor, PhD'. Griffin riffs on this with the mildly funny idea of having “Caught ya looking!” written on the bottom of a soup bowl for when you slurp up the last of it, but Travis ruins it by suggesting that you instead put a picture of you with another soup bowl and a different message on that bowl (he doesn’t provide an example of a funny message). It’s like they’re playing tennis but Travis has a little bit of poop on his racquet.
“Have someone else feed the soup to you” is a decent Travis answer which he then ruins with the pointless addition of a narrative where the listener saved that person’s life in the war.
46:19: Title drop! ‘Travis’s Fast Soup Cup For Boys’ would have made me laugh in 2019. Now it just blurs together with everything else.
47:20 – More MaxFun stuff. I’m kinda tempted by the MaxFun recipe book, for jerking purposes.
51:27 – Least surprising segue into Munch Squad ever. Apparently, this is the first in a while, so it better be a good one!
52:06 – Chipotle has added Chicken Al Pastor to menus worldwide. Cool. We don’t have Chipotle here in New Zealand, but its reputation precedes it.
I don’t share the brothers’ discomfort with using the word ‘protein’ as a catch-all for meats/beans/quinoa/etc. in a meal description. Travis acknowledges that it’s inclusive of non-meat options but says we can come up with something better. To be honest, I don’t even think that’s why I use the term. Even setting aside vegetarian options, I think saying “chicken is my favourite protein” sounds less weird than “chicken is my favourite meat”. Maybe it’s a regional thing?
It’s very funny how much of Munch Squad is just Justin being pedantic about phrasing and word choices in a press release he’s reading for free. Oh, they said “craveable” twice? They’re implying that their Chicken Al Pastor might differ from the traditional dish? What a scoop!
55:55 – Buffalo Wild Wings has a Bed & Breakfast. Okay I looked this up and the articles I found were from March 2020 (oof). We also don’t have Buffalo Wild Wings in New Zealand.
1:00:06 – Baskin-Robbins introducing chick’n and waffles ice-cream as the March flavour of the month. Obviously, it can’t have real chicken in it, so the whole concept is terrifying, but the jokes about it are only okay. I actually had to look this one up, but we’re three for three: we do not have Baskin-Robbins here in New Zealand.
I was going to make some comment about cultural osmosis and how it’s wild that I’ve passively absorbed so much information about all these brands without ever patronising them myself, but when it comes to American cultural exports it’s more like active transport (little joke for all you cell physiology nerds out there).
1:04:15: They started talking about ‘Daniel’ and it took me a while to remember from previous episode threads that Justin has been doing a zero-effort Daniel Day-Lewis impression as a running gag lately. Luckily I’ve got him on his week off.
1:08:00 – Did not realise that they started reading random quotes from unexpected sources as an outro. I guess it’s on-brand to finish with a joke where the punchline substitutes mild surprise in place of actual comedy.
That wasn’t an awful listening experience, but if I didn’t write all this stuff down I would not remember any of it. It didn't inspire me to go back to listening weekly, but it wasn't so bad that I'd never put myself up for a recap again.
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2023.03.23 08:34 phfatbeatrice Met a Doordash employee?

Today I ran into a guy who claimed to be an employee of Doordash. He was picking up an order at On The Border but said that he didn’t work through the Doordash Dasher app. He was suited in a Doordash t-shirt and khakis and said he once had a hat (he claimed to have lost it).
He told me that he was “possibly quality control” but that he wasn’t 100% sure but he knew that he was for sure not a Driver as he didn’t pick up orders under the “Doordash Driver” app. He scolded me for wanting to inform the employee of the restaurant to make sure they knew I picked up the order before leaving, even though he never asked for my name (and was alarmed to find I was a Top Dasher and have a rating of 4.98 (last I checked)). He was driving in a Chevy Malibu that was like a 2010 or so that I saw… (I drive a 2019 Toyota Corolla, idk if that matters at all!)
He also said he was paid $15 an hour, an hourly wage secured by Doordash. To be clear, this is in Arkansas where we have no guaranteed pay for Dashers. I make about $12 an hour as a driver in town (I drive about 30 hours a week, and make around $12 hours per hour a week — less if you consider costs by gas costs, car depreciation, and such).
He was also under the impression that drivers make $30 an hour per week (lol I’ve been a full time driver (-ish, 30-40 hours a week) since May 2022 and NEVER HAVE I EVER made $30 an hour per week, even in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!!!) so I’m convinced he wasn’t lying, based on that romanticised view of dashing where I live.
Has anyone run into someone like this? It’s wild and I’ve dashed in somewhere around 20 states and never met someone like this before today… let me know!
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2023.03.23 08:31 JoshALogs (USA, ~$1100) Laptop for gaming and CAD/GIS

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. $1,100 USD Are you open to refurbs/used? No How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Traditional How important is weight and thinness to you? n/a Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. 15in+, bigger the better 1920p+ Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. CAD (ArcGIS Pro), gaming (Elden Ring, God of War) If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? God of War, > 75 fps Elden Ring, high - max Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? backlit keyboard, fast wifi Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. I was looking at the ASUS G513IE-PH74 (https://a.co/d/0aGjbik). Is there something better than this for my needs? I'll need to remote in to my work PC through a VPN. Fast and reliable internet is a must! I work in GIS, which requires can require a good amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU resources. (https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/get-started/arcgis-pro-system-requirements.htm) 
Thank you!!
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2023.03.23 08:29 rfadge Considering job change coming from pharmacy?

Hi Coding and Billing magicians! This is my first reddit engagement in years, and I'm looking for anyone and everyone willing to impart as much knowledge onto me as possible.
I currently work for the last ~4 years as a pharmacy technician (operations manager in the pharmacy now). I deal daily with interpreting and resolving insurance rejections, and just very (very) (see: last hour) recently have started learning of this line of work and am just wanting to know what first steps to getting into this type of job may look like for me. I have a bachelor's degree in social work as well if that is any relevance.
I do not want to go back to school for an associate's or anything, really can't afford to, but I would be willing to pay for certification exams as that seems clearly necessary. Is that how this could work? With my background and experience, if I could study for and pass a certification exam, would I be marketable/successful trying to enter this field?
Please give me all the personal anecdotes, if anyone has taken a similar path coming from pharmacy, any info about certifications, costs, hiring process, pay, remote work, any information is valuable to me.
Thanks in advance :')
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2023.03.23 08:27 dumbest_engineer Going to try to do a dealer swap and trade in my old car for a new one.

My '97 Toyota 4Runner with 325k miles on it recently was totaled for a differential that went metal-on-metal when the lube bled out to a critical level. Repairs are going to be $4500, so I'm cutting bait and getting a new car.
The Rav4s look like my cup of tea (specifically the LE trim/ FWD, don't need anything fancy), and I am aiming for $600/mo at 4.99%. I'm going to trade in the 4Runner to see if I can take some damage off of the cost of the new car.
I looked around the area for competing prospects, so I'll present that when I start negotiating at the dealership. The only hangup I might have is that the specific car I want is at another dealership, so I'm going to try to perform a dealer swap.

Any tips or strategies I missed out?
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2023.03.23 08:26 Smooth_Background_36 Armaf Oros The Inventor Brown Cologne for Men

Armaf Oros The Inventor Brown Cologne for Men

Product Description:-

Armaf Oros the Inventor Brown Cologne for Men is a fragrance designed to provide a unique and sophisticated scent launched in 2020 which comes in a distinctive brown-coloured bottle with a metallic top. This cologne includes a unique combination of many types of notes.
Top Notes:- bergamot, mandarin, and pink pepper.
Heart Notes:- spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom.
Base Notes:- woody notes, including sandalwood, cedar, and musk.
Bergamot is a citrus fruit that gives the scent a fresh and lively start, while mandarin adds a sweet and fruity aroma. Pink pepper is a spicy note that provides warmth and depth to the fragrance.
These spicy notes give the fragrance a warm and inviting quality that is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.
Sandalwood adds a woody and creamy texture to the fragrance, while cedarwood provides a fresh and crisp scent.


It is an aromatic, exotic masculine fragrance that oozes wealth, class and success. Oros is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men.
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2023.03.23 08:26 qwerty_samm Azure Conditional Access IP Address Country

I have conditional access turned on so our O365 account can only be access in Australia.
I have an IP address for a user that is based in Australia, that on every whois service I've tried, is reporting back the correct ISP and correct city. However, the Azure sign in logs show this same IP address but it is flip flopping between Australia and Uzbekistan over a period of a few mins.
I have remotely connected to the machine to test myself and there is no VPN software installed. I do have a hardware VPN that is setup as a split tunnel and I have moved it over to a full VPN so all the traffic is terminating at another IP address. When I do this, I can login to O365 from this users PC and the Azure logs show the updated IP address in the correct city, as expected.
When I flick back to a split tunnel I get the correct public IP address for the local PC, however Azure still displays that the IP address belongs to Uzbekistan therefore the O365 account is denied log in.
The IP address in question is static and has been assigned to this user for well over a year. The issue has only just started to occur in the last few hours. Azure status reports an issue in West Europe for a non related issue.
Can anyone offer any advice or troubleshooting pointers please?
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2023.03.23 08:25 pollitoboy24 What trim to buy

Hi everyone! I currently own a 2019 Camry but I’m looking into switching up my vehicle and purchasing a brand new Tacoma.
Any suggestions as to what trim to look for? I’m fairly new to the truck community so I’m not sure which trim is the best fit for me.
I’m mainly interested in purchasing a trim that will allow me to haul an average size mobile food trailer but that will also come with a few neat bells and whistles such as keyless fob, CarPlay, remote start, leather seats.
Thanks in advance for the advice!
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2023.03.23 08:22 Antraweb Maximize Your Tally Software with Expert Guidance and Support

Maximize Your Tally Software with Expert Guidance and Support

Are you struggling to make the most of your Tally software?
Look no further for expert guidance and support to optimize your financial management.
We offer accurate and efficient services to help you stay on top of your business finances like:
  1. Installation and setup,
  2. Configuration and customization,
  3. Trouble shooting errors,
  4. Upgrading the
  5. Software,
  6. Generating invoices
  7. Tracking payments
  8. Managing inventories
  9. Producing financial statements

We also provide remote assistance for your convenience and
this support can be accessed through various channels like online forums, emails, phones, chat.

Don't wait any longer. Our team of experts are ready to help you get started with Tally today.
Contact us now on 8433985414 and experience the ease and efficiency of Tally for yourself.
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