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Cardistry is the art of creating fascinating motions and formations with cards or card-shaped objects.

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2023.03.23 09:51 NanakoAC Blueprint Variables not Saving in a Module Class

Blueprint Variables not Saving in a Module Class
Hello all! I have created a seperate module within my project, and within that module I have created a new actor component. It stores data and does stuff at runtime, notably including having plenty of options to be edited in blueprint. One of them is required (a fractured mesh)
The problem is, whenever this component is attached to an actor, any changes to the component's variables in blueprints do not save properly. They persist for the rest of the session, but will reset to compiletime defaults when closing and reopening the editor.
-All other blueprints work fine -All other things/components in the same blueprint work fine
-The component performs its job fine once properly setup, it compiles and has no functional issues
-I am compiling from visual studio 2022, using the Local Windows Debugger button
-I am definitely saving, both the blueprint, and also hitting save all, after making changes. The saving appears to complete just fine
Here's an image example. All the things in the Destruction category on the right keep gettting reverted. Not sure if related, attempting to change tick interval and component tags also gets reverted, but tooltip doesn't.

Here is my header file for this component:
// Fill out your copyright notice in the Description page of Project Settings. #pragma once #include "CoreMinimal.h" #include "Components/ActorComponent.h" #include "DestructionComponent.generated.h" class AGeometryCollectionActor; UCLASS(Blueprintable, EditInlineNew, ClassGroup=(Custom), meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent) ) class DESTRUCTION_API UDestructionComponent : public UActorComponent { GENERATED_BODY() public: UDestructionComponent(); //Configuration //------------------------ //Paste in a geometry collection created through fracturing. This must be done using the fracture mode in the editor //Currently this is only possible through blueprint, and it will not work without one //These are apparently just normal actors with a special component and setup UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") TSubclassOf GeometryCollection; //If true, destroy the object after we reach shatter limit UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") bool DestroyOnShatter = true; //How many times are we allowed to shatter before we are done? UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") int MaxShatterCount = 1; //A minimum quantity of time after shattering before we are allowed to do it again. If its too soon, triggering events will be silently dropped //Only used if MaxShatterCount is > 1 UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") float ShatterCooldown = 0.3f; //How long will the created debris last? Set to 0 to make permanant (not recommended) UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") float DebrisLifetime = 5.0f; //Triggering //If true, trigger shatter as our parent actor is being destroyed. //It is fine to pair this with DestroyOnShatter, safety checks will prevent double shattering or loops UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") bool ShatterOnDestroy = false; //Trigger shatter upon physical impacts UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") bool ShatterOnImpact = true; //Used with ShatterOnImpact, a minimum amount of force required to make us shatter UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category="Destruction") float MinimumForce = 0; private: //Operations //When did we last shatter? used for cooldowns float LastShatter = 0; //How many times have we shattered already? //In 99% of cases, we should only shatter once, but we can support multiples int ShatterCount = 0; protected: // Called when the game starts virtual void BeginPlay() override; public: // Called every frame virtual void TickComponent(float DeltaTime, ELevelTick TickType, FActorComponentTickFunction* ThisTickFunction) override; //Are we able to shatter right now? UFUNCTION() bool CanShatterNow(); //Will we ever be able to shatter again? UFUNCTION() bool CanEverShatter(); //Event Recievers UFUNCTION() void OnDestroy(AActor* DestroyedActor); UFUNCTION() void OnImpact(AActor* SelfActor, AActor* OtherActor, FVector NormalImpulse, const FHitResult& Hit); //Core Functions //--------------------- //Calls shatter if we pass safety checks UFUNCTION() bool AttemptShatter(); //Do the thing UFUNCTION() void Shatter(); //Called after the thing UFUNCTION() void PostShatter(); //Called just before we do the thing UFUNCTION() void SetCooldown(); }; 
Can anyone assist?
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2023.03.23 09:50 InvestmentMasterUK How To Avoid Common Crypto Currency Scams And Frauds? By Investment Mastery UK

How To Avoid Common Crypto Currency Scams And Frauds? By Investment Mastery UK
According to analysts, 2022 was the worst year for crypto hacking.
A staggering $3.8 billion was stolen from crypto enterprises!
Scammers have also had a field day.
They are targeting crypto investors as if there is no tomorrow!
If you have cryptos… trade cryptos… plan on becoming a crypto investor…
The types of scams currently in operation make up a pretty long list:
· Phishing
· Blackmail
· Extortion
· Cloud Mining
· Fake Websites
· Fake Apps
· Fake Celebrity Endorsements
· Fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
· “Pump n Dump”
· Giveaways
Now before you get disheartened… the way to avoid such scams and hoaxes doesn’t take much more than common sense.
How To Avoid Common Crypto Currency Scams And Frauds?
#1Be Prepared!
One of the first things anyone should do when entering the crypto space, is a fairly obvious one…
Do some research!
Better still, go on a cryptocurrency course.
While the technology around cryptos might be complex, it doesn’t take much to get to grips with the basics.
One of those basics, is that cryptos, ever since they were launched, have never been regulated.
That means there has always been a greater risk attached to trading and investing them than say stocks or commodities.
Having said that, governments around the world and financial authorities are now getting more involved with cryptos.
Regulations are now being imposed.
Nevertheless, cryptos by nature are volatile as they are still a relatively new investing asset.
They have only been around since 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin.
Even then it wasn’t until 2017 that the price of Bitcoin started to explode.
When you learn cryptocurrency history, you will know the past 5 years have been incredibly volatile, the price rises, and falls highly dramatic, to say the least.
It is in your best interest to really look into the whole crypto domain and study it carefully, so you know exactly what you are getting into.
We know what the attraction is, because we are trading and investing cryptos all the time, every day, it’s what we do.
But we can do that because we know everything there is to know about cryptos and that is also what we provide as a service: EDUCATION.
#2 Who Are They? Can They Be Trusted?
These are the questions to ask when researching a crypto and crypto company you might be interested in buying cryptos from.
You need to check everything you can about the company issuing the coin.
Check their blockchain network/platform.
How long have they been operation?
Who are the founders?
What is their mission?
You also need to ask these questions of the trading platform you are thinking of using to make your investments through.
How real are they?
Read the small print thoroughly. Scrutinise it to death!
Because you may end up paying hefty fees, more than you should be.
Again, you can protect yourself by being very thorough with your research when you learn crypto trading.
We always are.
Don’t blindly take someone’s advice. People can think they know what they are talking about when really they have no clue.
Never follow someone’s advice without first looking deeply into what or who they are promoting.
#3 How Secure Is Your Wallet?
As of writing, there have been a string of hacking incidents involving crypto exchanges over the past couple of years.
Billions were stolen, and some of the exchanges went bust.
Therefore it has been our recommendation that investors move any cryptos they have on exchanges to a secure, private wallet.
Exchanges have been popular because they are easier to use than wallets.
And there are certainly some exchanges, such as eToro, that are reliable and stable.
A wallet is basically a kind of vault or deposit box.
Only you have the key.
But it is still essential to trust the company providing your wallet capabilities.
Again, know all you can about this company and blockchain it is founded on.
Because like real keys, you can lose your wallet key.
And that would not be good… but is not completely disastrous.
Depending on who you use, there will be special steps to take to retrieve your key and wallet.
Knowing what to in the event of any trouble or scamming is something you definitely need to know when setting up your wallet.
Again, it’s all in the detail and careful, thorough scrutiny of your wallet provider is crucial.
You can also use multi-factor authentication to keep safe and secure.
Other Safety Tips:
Prevention is always better than having to deal with inconvenient remedy, so you can help yourself by spotting cryptocurrency scams before falling for one!
Red flags should be waving furiously if you come across…

  • A company or someone promising guaranteed returns
  • A crypto company’s white paper is missing from their website
  • OTT crypto marketing
  • Non-existent founders and team members
  • They’re offering FREE money!
What To Do If You Suspect You Have Been Scammed?
No matter how careful you think you have been in avoiding crypto scams, there is always the chance you might have been a victim without knowing it.
So, if you have the slightest suspicion always act quickly if you have made a payment or disclosed personal information.
If you are the victim of a social media crypto scam, you can report it to the relevant social media platform.
If you have:
Made a payment to a dodgy crypto site using a debit or credit card or via bank transfer, contact you bank immediately.
As a general rule, it is a good idea to change your usernames and passwords regularly as an additional security measure.
Without doubt the best way to avoid common Cryptocurrency scams is by only investing in things you fully understand.
And the best way to get fully informed and educated is by going on a crypto trading course.
Here at Investment Mastery, we provide exactly that for ANYONE wishing to learn about this exciting trading and investing asset.
Because you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand cryptos – just the help of expert mentors, educators and coaches.
You can get introduced to some of the finest by joining IM Insider.
IM Insider is FREE and gives you access to so many useful guides, videos, books and forums to kickstart your learning about stocks and cryptos and other investment assets.
Simply subscribe here.

About Investment Mastery:

Cryptocurrency Course - Investment Mastery UK
In case you didn’t know, Investment Mastery is the world’s fastest-growing trading investments education/training Company.
You can find out more about how it all works with trading and investing for FREE when you subscribe to IM Insider.
It gives you access to so many ways to start getting into stocks and crypto’s and other assets.
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2023.03.23 09:50 Rerollcausebad Should I start applying to jobs now?

I built a complete website took a bit over a month but the scope of it is pretty decently sized. Essentially consumes multiple public apis, data dumps, and historical data to spot market inefficiencies, trends, profitability calculations on things with known outcomes, and a pretty complex price prediction model off historical data etc etc much more. Got a couple users now at 20$ for 3 months access.
Tech used for data processing was python about 5k lines of code which just auto pulls everything processes it then updates my mongodb database every 2 hours from my home comp.
Other tech used was react/nextjs/bootstrap/auth0/google run/dockesass/chart.js/git with continuous deployment on cloud build/and some other smaller misc things
I have about 1800 contest rating on leetcode so I'm quite strong there as well.
What I lack:
Advanced git I know pushing pulling fetching resetting etc but things like merging conflicts and whatever else git has I don't know. Also working with multiple people / the "correct" way to use it with a group of people.
Testing, didn't do any testing don't know anything about that
Commonly used terms say someone asked me what encapsulation was or what exactly props are in react I don't know even though given context with code I might know what they mean.
Entirety of OOP
A lot of the tech I used I wouldn't say I know it besides python/js/react like I know how to get it to work reading the docs enough to build a good website from it but definitely not from scratch things like dockebootstrap/googlerun etc
What should I do? Start applying? Open source contributions, new project that involves things I lack, grind interview prep first, look into freelancing etc etc what's a good route from here?
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2023.03.23 09:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

[Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator
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[Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator
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  • Crypto Affiliate Stack
  • Real Estate Affiliate Stack
  • Weight Loss Affiliate Stack
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2023.03.23 09:50 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
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[Get] Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 – Download Instant Delivery
The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 In Just 6 Weeks, We’ll Show You How To Grow And Scale Your Pay Per Lead Agency

What You Get in The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0:

Week 1 – Lay The Foundations and Get Started

First and foremost, we’ll go over your goals for The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint as well as some general housekeeping.
Please don’t skip the housekeeping! It includes important information about the Mastermind community as well as the weekly Q&A calls.
We’ll also go over some “ground rules” for course participation. If you follow these guidelines, you should have no problems.

Week 2 – Landing a Client and Know Thy Customer

This week is all about selling and understanding your niche/offer.
It’s time to get to know your niche and its target audience inside and out. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Building your agency website
  • LinkedIn and Facebook organic outreach
  • Direct mail outreach
  • Paid advertising
  • Cold email
  • Closing the deal and how to get paid
  • Knowing your offer
  • Customer Avatars and Empathy Maps
  • How to gather and assess the market

Week 3 – Building Your Lead Generation Funnels

This week will focus on three major topics:

  • Hooks
  • Funnels
  • Lead delivery
Week three also delves into copywriting. As previously stated, this includes writing hooks and longer-form content such as advertorials. Here’s a complete list of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Lead gen versus 1-2-1 selling
  • Different ways to generate leads with Unbounce
  • Spitballing and figuring out your hooks
  • Building a quiz
  • GTM basics and HotJar
  • Our different funnels – dummy car finance campaign
  • How to embed a LeadsHook quiz and pull through data to a results page
  • Writing an advertorial
  • Lead capture and lead distribution
  • Privacy Policies, cookies and GDPR
  • Unbounce tips and tricks
  • Data validation

Week 4 – Paid Advertising and Getting Started

It’s now time to start running ads, generating leads, and making money.
In this module, we’ll cover:

  • Where to start
  • Tracking
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Twitter ads

Week 5 – Advanced Lead Generation

This week will be more difficult. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along easily.

Week 6 – Growing Your Agency

This is the course’s final module, and it teaches you how to scale your agency.
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2023.03.23 09:50 bmwf900 Knee injuries⁉️⁉️

Ive been doing wrestling for almost 5 years now and almost never had any issues with my knees . Currently I’m doing jitsu for past year an half and my knee has never been the same . I’ve torn the outer part of my meniscus while my leg was stuck in a lockdown . I’ve been able to train but almost every training session my knee buckles and cracks how do u deal with such injury.
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2023.03.23 09:50 topredditbot We need to care for the young. [r/wholesomememes by u/BroadlySmooth]

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2023.03.23 09:48 Advanced_Falcon_2816 As the technology used in game development continues to advance

As the technology used in game development continues to advance, fans are hoping that GTA 6 will push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of graphics and visual fidelity. From realistic lighting and physics to lifelike character models and environments, fans are eager to see just how stunning the game's visuals can be.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.23 09:48 LonelyRanger003 I want to live in a island alone, away from all humans.

You have to admit, people aren't the best lifeforms you see every day. Do you have to take public transportation? Are you ready to face loud, ill-mannered people who only care about themselves? Do you want to sleep before you reach your destination? No, that's impossible; there will be people there who will talk so loudly that they will render your noise-canceling headphones useless.
Is it weird that I find dogs and even cats more tolerable than humans? Maybe..but the other day I brought chicken from my university cafeteria and sat outside in the park to eat it, and a dog came and sat near me. The pup waited for about 15 minutes near me. I petted it and gave the dog some of the chicken. Do humans have the same discipline? No! That same day, I walked into class with a chocolate drink in my hand, and my "friends" took it right out of my hands. What was I supposed to do? Fight like a peasant for a drink?
It's worse if you're a woman. I honestly feel sorry for them. I took the bus home after a long day; I dozed off, and when I woke up, I learned that the girl behind me had been inappropriately touched by an older man, a man old enough to be her grandfather. Just today in order to prep for my exams, I found a quiet, empty class to study in and saw a girl sleeping there, so I made sure to pull the chairs quietly so as not to disturb her, and 5 minutes later another guy walked in, saw the girl, sat a few rows ahead of her, made so much noise, and woke her up. I feel bad for the poor thing.
Some people are like goblins. Just yesterday, while me and my friend were walking towards the bus stop, we came across an acquaintance [let's call him P]. He was sad (I didn't notice it), but after we boarded the bus, my friend asked someone why [P] was sad to a mutual friend, and he told us that the girl [P] was pinning after has a boyfriend now, and what's surprising is that while [P]'s crush was apparently gorgeous, her new boyfriend is ugly.
I didn't take it seriously till I learned that her new boyfriend has three girlfriends, all of whom are attractive. I was perplexed and asked, "How?" And apparently this guy has a fancy vehicle of some sort. Even when I have seen this car, it looks expensive, but surely women won't be in a relationship with someone just because of materialistic objects..right? If so, my perception of humans has further degraded.
And so to avoid all this I want to live in an island 🏝️, build a hut 🛖 and catch fish and crabs to eat.
If you made it thus far, thank you for reading.
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2023.03.23 09:47 Bas_van_der_werff Pool 3 rotation in the shop "reset"?

Did the tokenshop changes reset/change the rotation of showing you cards? Before the changes it whould not show you the same card again till all in that pool have showed up. But now I have Maria hill in there and she was there as the last card before the changes to, and no she is not pinned and no I don't need only a few I still need 40 after the last series drop. Really hoping this is not the case been waiting forever for Magik to show but it was constant pool4 5 and ultimates before the change so not had a full rotation of pool 3 cards yet
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2023.03.23 09:47 Shrider ELI5: Why do game studios join Game Passes?

Typically a new video game would be somewhere in the region of £45-£60, but more and more new games are getting added to game passes that cost maybe £7 a month, how is this viable or a good choice for game publishers? I just saw an article saying Atomic Heart has been played 5 million times on game pass, surely they would have made more money off 1 million players paying for the game?
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2023.03.23 09:46 MrRobertP How do I raise these errors properly? I know its something simple that will fix most of the errors but I cant figure it out.

Working on an assignment late at night and I know Reddit never sleeps. I'm trying to raise the InvalidArgumentError but I get TypeErrors when I try to run the code. Here is the code: class InvalidArgumentError(Exception): def __init__(self, arg, msg): super().__init__( f'The `{arg}` (type `{type(arg)}`) is invalid. {msg}') def validate_positive_number(number): if isinstance(number, int) or isinstance(number, float): if number > 0: return else: raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(number, "The argument must be a positive number.") else: raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(number, "Only the following types are allowed: , ") def validate_non_empty_string(string): if string == "": raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a non-empty string.", "how") if isinstance(string, int) or isinstance(string, float): raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a string.") else: return 

Here is the run function and the errors I get:
1) validate_non_empty_string()
TypeError: validate_non_empty_string() missing 1 required positional argument: 'string'

2) validate_non_empty_string("")
File "c:\ppp-p4-classes-objects\", line 3, in __init__
TypeError: super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type

3) validate_non_empty_string(5)
raise InvalidArgumentError.__init__(string, "The argument must be a string.")
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'

4) validate_non_empty_string()
TypeError: validate_non_empty_string() missing 1 required positional argument: 'string'

5) validate_positive_number(-5)
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'

6) validate_positive_number('Hello')
TypeError: InvalidArgumentError.__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'msg'
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2023.03.23 09:45 nobodyamazin galaxy s10 did a factory reset still in a bootloop

i replaced the motherboard with nothing out of the ordinary happening, and now im in a boot loop. i went to recovery mode and did a factory reset but nothing. i triple checked to see if i had a connector not seated fully, or if i damaged something, but i didnt see anything. i put a different motherboard in, but same thing. please help me
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2023.03.23 09:45 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

[Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass
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Optimization and testing is absolutely crucial to achieving the maximum success possible. We’ll discuss why it’s critically important that you do it consistently, and why not doing so can cost you!
Note: This module alone will return your investment in this course many times over – guaranteed!
Case Studies
We’re going to take an in-depth look at several case studies of successful viral marketing campaigns and the strategies behind them.
You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.23 09:45 AutoModerator [Get] Kendall & Josh – ECOM-PHD

[Get] Kendall & Josh – ECOM-PHD
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  15. Monthly Recurring Revenue (Fully Compliant Methods)
  16. How To Get AMEX Cards
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  18. Baby Niche Secrets
  19. Home Decor Niche Secrets
  20. NYE Marketing Secrets
  21. Book Recommendations For Ecom
  22. Interviews / AMAs
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2023.03.23 09:45 spookyglamcatrocker AITA for not going to visit my friend when she never visited me in hospital?

Bit of background: I (26NB) have been friends with, lets call her Mel (25F) For 5 years. When I went into hospital 4 years ago, she never came to visit me saying that she never had the time. I will say at this time I had lost my children as they were still born and I needed my mate there so my sister (44F) Could go home and get fresh clothes for myself

This morning she phone me up telling me she is in hospital and that I need to go visit her but I have work and class. I'm a student hairdresser and a volunteer for women who are in need. I tell her this and she tells me to fuck work and fuck class because they are not important

She then tells me over the phone that she has blabbed about what my ex has done to me to other people in the hospital but then told me to not get mad at her as she was only looking out for me

Here is the kicker. She then started to demand I go visit her in the hospital all next week and I said I can't as I have assessments coming up for college and they are important. Yet again she tells me to fuck class because it does nothing for me. I hung up but I am so mad at her. She sent me a message saying I am a stuck up bitch and I don't deserve her and how she was there for me when my kids died. But she wasn't. That's the thing. She went out to get drunk

So AITA? (I will accept if I am the AH but also I had to vent)
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2023.03.23 09:45 No_Secretary_2624 Don't want to do anything for my birthday

So my birthday is coming up and my dad keeps trying to get me to do something for it, now i have a crap ton of friends who are older than me so doing a party clearly isnt out for my age range or going out to eat with friends or something but my concerns are what if its weird? i went to a friends birthday within less than a week of knowing her and it was fun but when i first got there it was rlly awkward and i nearly left. I've known these girls since october last year so its been about 5 ish months but i don't really know how to talk to them.
I guess I kinda wanna do something but i'm scared itll go wrong or itll be weird and since I cant drive yet and my parents don't trust my friends to drive me theyd never leave me at a restaurant or anything without them and with them there it would be really weird with them just sitting a table or 2 away and i'd feel uncomfortable if they did. These reasons are kinda the reason I don't wanna do anything, and also that we havent done anything for my birthday since i was like 8 so its been a long while- and I just don't really feel anything for my birthday this year, I'm going to church on the day but they say that "doesn't count" cause its not a specific thing with specifically chosen friends and all that.
should I just do nothing or be cooperative and do something so they stop getting upset about it?
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2023.03.23 09:44 SandraFo Comparison of prices

Hey all,
I commented on a post about formula prices and comments just left me absolutely gobsmacked. So, I did the math and currently we are at $72 per month for 2 tubs of formula and couple of bottles of ready made formula. Shortly we will be at 3 boxes per week but it is still leaving us well within $100 range.
Now I am interested about another possibly pricey product. Diapers/nappies whatever you call them, lol. In the UK the most store brands are ridiculously cheap, pack of mamia 56 nappies for £3 - $3,70 (Aldi), little angels 98 for £5,25 - $6,47 (Asda - British Walmart).
I am originally from a country that was part of the Soviet Union, so wages there are still quite low. I am going home for the summer and I was checking the prices of napies there and I am seriously considering to pack nappies with me. Like 50 nappies for 15€ - $16,35? You can F off straight away 😳. So how is it in your countries?
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2023.03.23 09:44 ShatteredTeaCup33 Touchpad not working

So my touchpad stopped working a while ago. This was before I upgraded to Windows 11. What I have tried:
Also, when I go to the device manager I can see that the touch pad is hidden and when I click on it there's the following error message:
"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)
To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."
Does anyone know how one can solve this without doing a complete factory reset? Do I need to reconnect the touchpad cable or can that error mean something else?
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2023.03.23 09:44 nobodyamazin galaxy s10 did a factory reset still in a bootloop

i replaced the motherboard with nothing out of the ordinary happening, and now im in a boot loop. i went to recovery mode and did a factory reset but nothing. i triple checked to see if i had a connector not seated fully, or if i damaged something, but i didnt see anything. i put a different motherboard in, but same thing. please help me
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2023.03.23 09:44 AutoModerator [Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course

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2023.03.23 09:44 emmaroseribbons I watched all 3 seasons in 3 days for the first time. This show is brilliant!

Hello everyone!
Today is Thursday. Little did I know my week was going to take this turn! I saw a post on perioddramas last weekend saying the last season of Sanditon was airing and I thought I'd give it another try... and here we are. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan so when the show aired for the first time, of course I watched the first episode and was immediately turned off by Edward & Esther's storyline (my exact thoughts were 'Oh here we go, did Andrew Davies write this, yes he did, okay you got your shock value, too much for me this time but good to see you're still writing, I love your stuff') but this time around I thought I'd give it a proper go, a few episodes at least, and see how it went. I'm so glad I did!!
I've been reading this subreddit since - you're all wonderful and sweet, I love reading your posts so much! A lot of you pick up on things in specific scenes I wouldn't have seen on my own and add your own Regency research to explain plot points or characters and that adds such depth, thank you!!

Here are a few of my thoughts (I have many!) if that's okay. I know it's so pompous to make a whole post about ~ my feelings ~ but I have nobody else to talk to about this!

  1. I'm so glad Theo James left for good when he did. This is probably the most controversial opinion so I'm getting it out of the way now. The actor is amazing and I LOVED his enemies-to-lovers relationship with Charlotte but Sidney leaving gave the show the opportunity to tell a more complex story with Charlotte growing along the way, going through a lot of the things women go through (heartbreak, loss, feeling hopeful again for love, falling in love, falling out of love, settling, etc) while still staying true to herself and I just enjoyed the show so much for being brave and just telling a full story that's different from most of what is seen in period dramas and indeed in historical romance (I can only think of a few books that portray a love that's not going to be the HEA love). I'm just so happy the show portrayed first, all-encompassing love at first sight for some characters, but also everything else that can happen when it comes to love when it doesn't work out the first time but it doesn't mean the first time wasn't important.
  2. Season 1 was, for me, the weakest. Mind you, I binge watched all three seasons in three days and didn't go through the waiting period between seasons that allows for proper reflection but this is where I stand right now when it's still very fresh. See point one (Charlotte/Sidney would have been a great story but I think the show was made a lot better by its not being the full story) but I also think they went in way too strong with Edward/EstheClara. I REALLY appreciate that they were trying to show the full range of things people can do to secure their financial future and I'm 100% sure all the scheming and abuse and everything going on with those three happened every single day in Regency England but it made (for me at least) for really hard viewing. I was bracing myself for their scenes. I never expected to feel any different about them, which leads me to my next point.
  3. I was SHOCKED at how good the writing was for showing growth, and realistic change, for every single character, even if it was at the eleventh hour for some (I'm talking about you, Tom). I am SHOCKED at how I feel about Esther now, about Clara, about Edward (there's no redeeming anything but I loved what they did with him in S3, again it was realistic, Edward wasn't suddenly a good man, they didn't run off together into the sunset, he simply owned up to not being good enough and that's realistic growth to me, if completely unexpected). The writers weren't afraid to revisit past relationships too, made different with time and growth (see Georgiana/Otis, I love where they ended up and it makes so much sense).
  4. I love Charlotte so much. I need a heroine I can root for, someone who's completely and utterly good (that's every Jane Austen heroine right there) and she was exactly that. S2 and S3 made it more of an ensemble production, which I am SO here for. S3 in particular made sure everyone had a happy ending (except my darling Arthur, I love him so much, they really could have shown him and Henry running outside their holiday cottage together, that takes two seconds and it would have been so lovely) and I was telling my boyfriend just how important it is for TV shows that people have been loving, obsessing over, been so loyal to for years, to give their viewers a last season that's fan service. You've been wanting it - now you have it. Take it, this is our gift to you, the viewers. Please. Please. More of that. My favourite show ever (Hart of Dixie) also had a Gift Last Season. As soon as the writers knew it was the last season, they took every thread and gave us a full season of just love and everyone ends up happy, smiling, and actually singing. I LOVED S3 of Sanditon so so much for doing that. I thought it was perfect.
  5. I'm sure someone somewhere is ranking the Sanditon relationships. My favourite relationships were the relationships between all the women on that show. Thank god they showed us true friendship, true compassion. This is a world where you disappeared, in the eyes of the law, the second you got married, with everything you owned now being your husband's property, this is a world where husbands and any male relative could send you to an asylum if they decided you weren't obedient enough, and yet this is also a world where marriage was the one goal for the majority of women because they had no other financial option. And yet we see so many wonderful friendships in this show. What Charlotte says to Xander in S3 about showing compassion for Augusta whatever happens, for showing her love, for showing her friendship and respecting her decisions, is so so beautiful. It's addressed to him but this is also what a lot of the women did with each other. They were written so beautifully. The growth of EstheClara, the instant friendship of Georgiana/Charlotte, the mentor relationship of Lady Susan/Charlotte, the sibling relationship of Augusta/Leo, Lydia being her fabulous, supportive self, hell even the opera singer dedicating her piece not to the Prince Regent who didn't even show up but to all the women who've known heartbreak. Georgiana at her trial asking why she's being blamed for things men did to her, why they aren't being blamed. I love them all so much.
  6. We were spoiled for choice, but my favourite romantic relationship, I think (it's hard to choose) is Alison/Fraser. I adore Alison, I think she's my favourite, and the writing of their dialogs was next level. Insane chemistry and banter. I saw a comment on YouTube that went 'Alison followed Esther's advice on how to find the right husband to a T. Find a man whose every word you disdain. If he persists, marry him.' Their dance scene (their intertwined fingers) and their sparks were just so wonderful.
I'm just so grateful for this show!! I wouldn't have bet on it at first and it got such a chaotic release (what show in this day and age is cancelled then picked up again solely because of fan outcry? Well done, well done, everyone, what a miracle). If you're here reading this, I imagine you've seen S3. What are your plans now? Are you going to rewatch everything from the beginning? Just S3? Do you need a break from the show? It's going to be hard for me to move on to something else for a while because it was my whole life in such a short, intense period of time and all I want to do is talk about it (and catch up on everything I've been missing - fanfiction, fanart, fanvids) and ultimately it's going to be a comfort show for me, that I rewatch at least twice a year and pick up more details as I go.
Thank you so much for reading and for making this place so lovely to be around!
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