Magnus the red master of prospero

We WAAAAAGH for Macragge!

2013.12.10 22:25 penguinopph We WAAAAAGH for Macragge!

A subreddit for the lore and stories encompassing the dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using old reddit version - For the full list of available user flair, see the flair selection page:

2020.01.06 10:27 Pyro-no-Kami Ereshkigal_Underworld

(Based on Ereshkigal - The Land of The Fallen FB page) Land of the Fallen The underworld where souls of the Mesopotamian come to have their final rest, where their souls are being caressed in the hands of the underworld’s mother, goddess of Kur - Ereshkigal. While many tales tell that she was a brutal ruler, the girl we see under the red hood is an ally of Chaldea...a friend of Master. “...She is truly a red angel of the underworld...”

2019.03.11 06:34 GlibIsMe Peerless Dad

He is a matchless dad who knows the will of the heavens. Thus begins a new story from Noh Cyungchan, the author of 'Red Storm'. Its an amazing story about one martial arts journey through marriage, fatherhood, and battles. Featuring a badass master, family oriented MC and a tragic backstory.

2023.03.23 09:45 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

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2023.03.23 09:44 Alderache Returning Player. How affordable is Rokket and is it at least good in the meta ?

Hello everyone,

Was thinking of switching a little bit from Master Duel and try to return to Duel Links and i saw that Varis was in the game with the Rokket box.

I wonder is it affordable for the returning player ? Also does it compete well or it's more of a gimmick deck ?

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2023.03.23 09:43 jessielesbian Vector compare-and-swap: LesbianDB's secret weapon

What is compare-and-swap
Compare-and-swap is an atomic operation that compares the contents of a memory location with a given value and, only if they are the same, modifies the contents of that memory location to a new given value. All of this is done in a single atomic operation.
Compare-and-swap is used to implement thread-safe lock-free data structures such as Java's ConcurrentHashMap. Compare-and-swap can be used to implement optimistic locking.
Single-command database
While other databases have tens or even hundreds of commands, LesbianDB only supports a single command: vector compare-and-swap. With vector compare-and-swap, you can implement atomically consistent reading, transactional atomic writes, and optimistic locking in a single command. Since writing is guaranteed to occur after reading, we can do all the reading and writing in parallel. Our latest storage engine, PurrfectNG can perform up to 65536 write transactions and (in theory) an infinite number of read-only transactions in parallel thanks to the new sharded binlog (while Redis and MySQL write concurrency sucks because threads must block while writing to a single binlog). LesbianDB uses an extreme degree of intra-transactional and inter-transactional IO parallelism. Comparing LesbianDB to MySQL would be like comparing GPU to CPU. LesbianDB is exceptionally good at caching and parallelism, while MySQL is exceptionally good at performing complex queries. The recommended storage medium for LesbianDB PurrfectNG are NVMe SSDs since those are exceptionally good at IO parallelism.
LesbianDB uses pure optimistic locking, which is inappropriate for long running transactions.
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2023.03.23 09:42 Low-Rule-7995 Hells Kitchen 4th place Season: 8th Elimination

Chef Gordon Ramsay was very excited to announce that tonight was steak night and that the next challenge would see the remaining 6 chefs on each team face off in a steak challenge with 6 different cuts of steak. Brynn and Barbie had been arguing all night and Milly told both of them to quit it and BURN for the challenge while Motto was worried about them losing momentum. The red team was more confident going into the challenge having been convinced they had lost their last weak link in Julia with Cody saying they all know how to cook steak so it’s time to win again.
First up was Milly against Jennifer in the battle of the hanger steak with both dishes praised and earning a point for both teams. The red team took an early lead as Cody beat Autumn with his ribcab and the red team took a further lead when Sommer beat Tennile with her NY strip. The blue team fought back with Motto scoring over Cyndi on the fillet and Brynn scoring over Rochelle with her ribeye. This meant that Ben and Barbie were the final pairing with the battle of the flank steaks. Ben was confident going into the challenge but his steak was marginally overcooked which saw Barbie win the challenge for the blue team! The red team were devastated at their 5th challenge loss of the season and had to deal with another punishment while the blue team went to party. The red team had to deal with delivery day and after vowing to just get it done they instantly had problems when Ben said he had to sit down as his back was hurting. Despite Sommer questioning how badly his back was hurting the medic was called and after he sat out the 2nd part of the punishment it was announced that he was in severe pain and Chef Ramsay asked if he could continue in the competition which he said no.
A devastated Ben said goodbye to his red team who were now down to 5 Chefs and after not much sleep they had to prep for steak night with the blue team returning in a great mood. The blue team were confident with Milly and Brynn on appetisers but they had problems on an early ticket as Brynn managed to burn her 1st flatbread and had to get help from Tennile on how to cook them. These problems continued on a later ticket as Autumn didn’t hear Milly ask for 2 lobster tails for the risotto and after rushing the 2nd lobster tail to the pass it ended up raw with Autumn saying Milly didn’t call for 2. The blue team had further issues on appetisers as Milly somehow managed to scramble the eggs on a carbonara and Chef Ramsay grabbed the red team to tell them they were OUT OF CONTROL and had to get it together. Milly, Brynn and Autumn did manage to get out the rest of the appetisers and with steak chef Tennile on the grill, Motto on meat and Barbie on garnish they were confident of a great 2nd half of service. The entrees started badly as Motto called out the wrong order and Tennile cooking flank and ribcap steak sent up raw ribcap for an early order but she bounced back and Motto cooking fillets and NY strip had another great service with the final obstacle being Barbie sending up burnt fries but they did finish service.
Cody was the only man remaining in the red team and said they had to do it for Ben and he stepped over to help Sommer who was now by herself on appetisers to get the red team off to a great start. With Rochelle supporting well on fish the red team did get off to a great start with the only problem being Sommer having to re-fire a risotto for making it to salty but they finished the appetisers in good time. Jennifer on the grill, Cyndi on garnish and Cody on meat did communicate well on the 1st half of entrees as Chef Ramsay praised the teamwork of the 5 remaining chefs. Cyndi though started to get behind on the new garnishes for the steaks and was called out by Ramsay for working in a dirty station and to get organised, ending up behind the tickets and being told to wake up. Cyndi sent up bland kale on a further ticket and when Jennifer overcooked flank steak the momentum started to stall for the red team. However, they did get it back together and finished service ahead of the blue team.
Chef Ramsay announced the red team as the winners and told the blue team to nominate 2 chefs for elimination. Brynn was livid at being the 1st nominee and said that Tennile and Autumn were the weakest 2 chefs and should be nominated and Autumn said that Milly should be nominated for causing issues on the appetisers. A livid Milly said she was TRIPPING and the team did eventually decide on Brynn and Autumn as the nominees. Ramsay decided after much deliberation to eliminate neither of them as he was happy with the fightback on service and the Chef leaving today had already gone home. He did warn though that he would not be so generous again.
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2023.03.23 09:42 taken_by_someone It feels like all the amazing OST pieces are hidden away in the endgame this time around

Some minor spoiler warnings!
I'm very fond of certain pieces such as DS1 firelink shrine & gwyn, prince lothric & sister friede, lady maria and the hunters dreams, etc. After initial disappointment with the soundtrack for the most part I finally came across the ones that were to my liking. For example, I think the main theme is somewhat boring, it sounds to me like a generic american blockbuster soundtrack. Yet there is undeniably some really emotional pieces that are very reminiscent of the great highs that the Darksouls trilogy brought to us. Malenias OST is up there with prince lothric, moghs ost also easily reaches the highs of some DLC pieces. Elden beast is not particularly one of my favorites, still I would consider it a very iconic creation. Malikeths theme in isolation is not a master piece, yet it fits the fights so well, superb atmosphere. How could you watch the cutscene of the transformation, the iconic voice line "Why covet destined death? To kill what?" while presenting his amazing looking design. Godskin duo might be one of my favorite soundtracks across all games, I'm also one of the few people who loved the fight.
Just wanted to know if anyone can relate? Being somewhat disappointed, but at the same time having these few compositions that reach such highs that they make up for the lacklustre feeling at the start. Really hard for me to rate how well Eldenrings OST does compared to other games. It reaches the highest highs but also the lowest lows.
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2023.03.23 09:41 kizito70 What is this spot in my mouth's upper palate ? Been 2 months.

Hi everyone, I went to a doctor for an unrelated thing two weeks ago and forgot to ask him about a spot in my mouth, and now I am traveling for 3 weeks so no easy access to a doctor. In the meantime for me to go back to my home country and get it checked, I would like to know if the spot on this picture is a source of concern or not in your opinions.
Background : 33 M, used to smoke and drink, stopped smoking three years ago, still have a few drinks sometimes, but not often (once a month). So two months ago I have a spot that appeared in my mouth, I expected it to disappear quickly, but it's still there and not going away by itself it seems. It is not painful at all, but it's a bit bothersome cause I can feel it when moving my tongue around. Some days, I feel it less, like it's a bit "deflated", but most of the time I feel it with my tongue. I have GERD, which can make my mouth's back a bit red, and I scratched a bit the spot's surroundings today so it appears a bit redder than usual.
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2023.03.23 09:41 AMusso Changing My K8s Cluster Plans and Looking for Feedback on My Proxmox Provisioning

Hi all,
I'm planning to make some changes to my small homelab and I'm looking for feedback on the feasibility of my proposed configuration. Here's a rundown of my setup:
New Setup:
Do you think this configuration seems feasible? Are there any potential issues or bottlenecks that I should be aware of? I'm relatively new to Proxmox and virtualization in general, so any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.03.23 09:40 Blue_Phish Overwatch tiktok debating if Zbra is in fact better than every single OWL doomfist player

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2023.03.23 09:39 figpotato Mark "Gandhi" Cuban might be going on Hunger Strike

I used to work at Jamba Juice and once had an irate customer complaining that my Razmataz did not have "pop" or "sparkle" as the drink was supposed to. I asked him to pay his bill before he walked out and he kept interrupting me, making a gesture with jazz hands saying that I was taking the Magic out of Jamba.
I insisted that he pay for his drink and he grumbled for a minute, blocking the door, before finally waddling over to the cash register. Instead of a credit card, he handed his expired Driver License which read "Mark Cuban."
"Sir, you need to pay for your drink." He harrumphed and mentioned that if I had his business acumen, I would take a photo of him and make some sort of "non-fungible" experience that would support my family for life and asked to see the manager.
When I mentioned that I was the manager and there were no other employees, his face turned beetroot red and he began pounding the cash register, lips contorting with rage with each syllable "RAZ-MUH-TAZZ!"
He noticed that I did not waver - this was Phoenix afterall, I've dealt with much worse - and sheepishly muttered a few words to his secratary. She paid the bill and whispered to me "Mr Cuban likes his Razmataz with a bit more pep" as he winked. I added a cup of yogurt and remade the drink.
I will never forget the day I quit working at Jamba Juice.
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2023.03.23 09:39 LorraineBoedeker Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2 (Updated)

I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course is one of the best programs out there that will improve your relationships with females.
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2023.03.23 09:38 nemamime2 I like my brother's friend, what should I do?

I'm that type of people who fall in love with anyone who gives me a little attention or just being in my presence. That's one of the main reasons why I don't have male friends. I always like him, no matter how ugly and red flag he is. Now I've liked this man for a year, and we communicate 'bye, bye, how are you'. We are practically strangers, but I feel like we are close. I believe that he doesn't see me in that way, but every time I wanted to contact him (purely to start giving him signals that I like him), there comes a moment when I remember that he is a friend of my brother's. And so, every time I want to start giving him these signals, I always get "guilt" because he is my brother's friend. I tried to fall out of love and stop thinking about him, but no way. What should I do?
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2023.03.23 09:38 NDMIT_8308 Top 5 best digital marketing institute in kanpur- 2023

Digital Marketing Course in Kanpur Digital Marketing Institute in Kanpur Online Digital Marketing Course
Looking for the best institute of digital marketing in Kanpur? Look no further! Our top 5 recommendations will help you master the digital marketing landscape with courses on SEO, SEM, SMM, content, and email marketing.Learn More
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2023.03.23 09:38 No_Explanation_1111 After Ww2

Hi! I'm Ella, 23 and looking for someone to write a WW2 story with! :)
I'm looking for someone who loves detail and preferably writes around 500 words per response. However, when it comes to dialogue I'm okay with a sentence or two! Just be descriptive but flexible. I also want my partner and I to write side characters if needed for the scene. I enjoy realism, plotting (and a partner who shares their ideas and contributes to the story), sending memes and videos about the characters and all that. Also, I have a full time job and also study for my masters. My real life is prioritized over role-playing which is just a hobby. I'll try to reply once a day but sometimes it might be less often. I'm looking for something long-term so please make sure you have the time to invest into this before you send a message. Some of my favorite stories with others have taken years to complete.
This is a brief summary of the idea I have. If you're interested then I'll give you a more detailed version. Please keep in mind that a lot of things I have written out can change. I want this to be OUR story and not just mine. In fact, if you want to suggest a 90% change in the plot, go for it! Also, if you have something different but still along the same lines don't hesitate to message me.

I write on Discord or Google Docs

((Looking for someone to play Muse A))

MUSE A and MUSE B met when young and their attraction was instant. They started dating and after a year, they got engaged and married shortly after. It wasn't long before MA was called to join the war. During the years that MA was gone, they would exchange letters and small gifts.
When the war ended, he was finally able to come home to his wife. Much to his surprise, what was meant to be a home for two suddenly became a home for four. MB had given birth to twins shortly after MA's departure. MB kept it a secret in order to ensure that MA would just focus on getting home. Now that MB is home, he has to learn how to be a father whilst dealing with his own battles; depression, anxiety, the post traumatic disorder and all the nightmares that would inevitably haunt him for the rest of his life. MA shows signs of doubt that the kids are his. When he's having a meltdown, when he snaps, or when his PTSD acts up and he's the most vulnerable, he accuses her of having an affair while he was away and that the children are someone else's.
Although MB was loyal to her husband while he gone, she allowed another man to get close to her family. Muse C, a widower and their neighbor has been trying to win MA over ever since he met her. Every chance he got, he'd help her around, whether that was just carrying her shopping bags or fixing something in the house. He'd even bring her eggs, milk or any other products that he got from his brother's farm. Feeling grateful, MB would often invite him to her house for lunch or offer to wash and iron his clothes since he had no wife to do it for him. The kids loved him and looked forward to playing with him every day.
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2023.03.23 09:37 The8BitBrad The Debt Collectors Healing Potion, an item inspired by the Dwarven Dad.

This small red bottle is a surprisingly potent healing potion, healing for a total of 6d4+6 HP. Every dusk the potion refills, allowing it to be used once more. A week after the potion is first used, a cloaked shadowy figure appears after a long rest. He demands the PC that used it the most to pay their debt, all the health that was gained from the potion that week. If they are unable to pay, other players can volunteer to help or their max heath is reduced by a total of the amount healed by the potion that week divided by 7 for a week. If the player refuses to pay, he takes the potion.
I aimed to make it so the potion heals enough to be tempting to use during big fight, but it heals so much that the end of the week will be risky. Works best if the players believe it's just a healing potion for the first week.
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2023.03.23 09:37 asdasdaadw As a half-Mexican half-White, am I considered basically White or White-passing?

So, I am born and raised in Denver, Colorado. My father is Mexican-American (his family is mixed between Spanish, Portuguese, and Indigenous Mexican through), a Chicano you could say. His parents spoke Spanish as their first language, then learned English and never taught my father Spanish growing up. As a result, my father grew up very “White-Anglo washed” and sort of tried to portray himself as white. He doesn’t embrace Mexican culture at all.
He married my mother who was born in West Virginia but moved to Colorado as a young child. Brunette with blue eyes. Just like many people from the American South, descended from Irish, Scottish, and English settlers since the original thirteen colonies. White as white can be. Together they had me and my 2 brothers.
I feel I could pass for either race. I mean my skin is pretty tan, especially in the sunny Colorado summers. Light olive skin. Certainly not pale and freckled. My mother turns red with too much sun exposure, I just get darker and tan...
It really sucks when Spanish speakers try to engage with me in that language, only to be disappointed when they realize I only understand English. It makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed. Really that is my own fault, I am 22 now and really need to teach myself to be bilingual. I have full-Mexican friends that look as white as my mother but speak flawless Spanish since that was their first language. They make fun of me for being “browner” than them but being white as hell.
I guess being mixed raced but very white culturally has caused me lots of confusion in terms of where I belong. I hate those questionnaire forms that ask about your race. I never know what to put. “Hispanic/Latino (not white)”. Like how am I supposed to answer that?
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2023.03.23 09:36 TheLastAceOfLife How to get a step ahead into Emergency Management/Homeland security?

Greetings everyone! Currently working in public safety doing EMS. Looking at pursuing a Masters in Emergency Management. I’m finishing up my Bachelors in Business Management here by summer. I have my standard ICS-2,3,7,800 series. Any additional certifications or education to look into? Currently working connections with health department and local hospital network but outside of my EMS experience and my bachelors I don’t have much in any hard skills or technical knowledge just a ton of soft skills. What type of certifications and training would look great on resume at the start?
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2023.03.23 09:36 Objective_Double9150 I (28F) am dating someone (27M) on distance. Need advice!

I met someone in my hometown about a year ago that I am in regular contact with (calls, messages). We have a great connection and we met regularly and always had a wonderful time together. Because of my studies I've been abroad every now and then and for about 3 months now I'm living constantly abroad to write my master thesis and also I got a good job offer here. So I don't know if and when I will move back to my hometown.
We are not exclusive yet but we have talked about our feelings several times and we it seemed that we are on the same page. Since I feel something for him, I wanted to give it a try and get into in a long distance relationship , but the more time goes by, the harder it is for me to get involved. I have communicated that clearly to him as well. He said that he was aware of the difficulties, but that he still wants to try. Since my stay abroad will not end soon, I have a lot of doubts and I'm not sure if I want to get involved in a relationship where we see each other only every few months. I can’t imagine to build a relationship like this this. Although we have a great chemistry and we’re clearly attracted to each other, I am not sure and I need to resolve this issue asap because I think it is fair to him and myself too!
I don't really know if I should give it a try or if I should break off contact completely? Opinions? Experiences?
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2023.03.23 09:35 AgentOfASignal 26 [M4F] UK/Europe - Language and History Fan. Us meeting must be a historic moment!

Good morning/evening/night/eternal darkness to whomever may be reading this! I come to you from the mythical land of checks notes England. Okay, not very mythical. All the dragons are in Wales, Excalibur's been melted down for scrap, and all the unicorns were hunted to extinction.
But hello regardless. I'm a 26M, and I work a very exciting office job. That's right, I get to do all the fun stuff, like nagging clients who refuse to reply to me, filling in forms, and praying for a 300% pay rise. All the fun stuff like that.
Oh, and I'm plus sized. Which I should have mentioned right away, but then you wouldn't have heard about the extinction of the unicorns.
I speak German, Italian, passable French, and I'm learning Spanish. Oh, and I speak English, which would be an odd skill to be lacking. Quite something to be able to fluently write English but not be able to speak it.
I'm a big History fan, which some people have mistaken for me being an expert. Trust me, I'm not. It was one of my worst GCSE grades. But I'm fascinated by how life was a long time ago, the older the better. Anything post-Hastings starts to get a bit too modern, I like the really old stuff. Stuff like Ancient Egypt, or even older. I'd love to get in a time machine and see all this history for myself.
Currently buying my first house! Got my mortgage, just gotta wait for all the paperwork to go through. Woo!
People usually message me to ask what I'm looking for, so let me answer it: I don't know. A cure for loneliness I guess? So come and be that cure!
In terms of pop culture, I'm a big Assassin's Creed, Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. Believe it or not, I've never read/watched Harry Potter or any of the MCU movies. I'll get around to them one day, I swear. I mostly game on the PS5/PC, although I do have a Switch and Xbox. Other than what I mentioned, I play stuff like Hitman and Red Dead a lot.
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2023.03.23 09:35 AutoModerator [Charisma On Command] Charisma University Course (Here)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Charilie Houpert - Charisma University course.
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With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
Contact us today if you are interested in Charisma University in one of the following ways:
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
**Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.03.23 09:34 Noobverizer SP Balance Changes [CONCEPT] [INCOMPLETE]

Every time I see this Stand in 1v1s I immediately Alt + F4 because I know the match is going to be a sweat fest and there is no way in God's name that any of my moves go unparried (I'm one of the few SPTW users whose brain is older than 3 minutes). These changes should make the Stand feel easier to use while also letting it not demolish your health in 2 encounters.
> Star Finger - Reduce damage (xx -> xx). - Reduce red screen intensity. - Why does a move that's supposed to stun deal so much damage? Like damn bro I'm sorry for not letting go of block when you hit me with a Jawbreaker but you don't need to remove my health bar for that.
> Stand Jump - Increase horizontal distance covered. - Decrease vertical distance covered.
> Neck Chop {idea} - Cost & Position: 1 point, beside the DP node below Ora Kicks {TBD}. - VFX: "Good grief..." in counter state, "ORA!" when counter is successful. - Description: "Deliver a counter blow to the opponent's neck." - Function: Works exactly like CD's Rage Counter (probably the most balanced counter in YBA), except when the opponent triggers the counter they get hit with xx damage, ragdolled and launched away (similar to KC's Epitaph Chop). No bleed or any status effects. - Came from the Jotaro vs Anubis + Polnareff fight.
> Quick Jab {idea} - Cost & Position: 1 point, TBD - VFX: "Why don't you try some of this!" - Description: "Hit your opponent with 2 blockable punches in quick succession." - Function: Literally just Knuckle Sandwich but with 2 hits. Blockable, not parriable, cancellable. - Idk where this came from.
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2023.03.23 09:34 No9iu7 Slave Lords of the Galaxy Full Hentai 3 Girls 1 Master

Slave Lords of the Galaxy Full Hentai 3 Girls 1 Master submitted by No9iu7 to Syhyg [link] [comments]