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2023.03.01 19:07 OceanWaterOtter I was banned even though I didn't break the rules; what can I do

I was banned from a gay subreddit called askgaybros even though I didn't break the rules. I've been posting there for nearly 10 years under different usernames and never been banned. (The different usernames represented different stages in my life—I wasn't ban-evading). Apparently the founder of the sub recently left, and it's been taken over by a new moderation team. The founder believed in open discussion and limited moderation, but these new people want to hand out permanent bans arbitrarily.
Online spaces are very important in the lives of LGBT people like me because we often don't have access to support and community in real life. I used to post there all the time about my challenges, heartbreaks, and experiences. What can I do to get them to unban me?
Ban Notice Rules Post (The post is only for adult readers!)
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2023.02.10 22:36 janonymousk44 Does anyone know of subreddits like r/gaystoriesgonewild completely in Spanish?

I’m Mexican American and in my 20s but still learning español. I think this would let me kill two birds with one stone haha. Let me know if anyone knows of any. Thanks.
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2023.01.30 06:05 TheSouthEnder With the Sun in Our Eyes - Chapter 29

Ricardo - To Die For Previous Chapter 28
Two weeks have passed since Lucas' crazy confrontation with his parents. Since then, things have returned to normal, even better than expected. Mateo, Lucas, and I started hanging out more and building stronger friendships. I couldn't help but think back and be reminded of Antonio and the three of us back then. If he was here now, I'm sure he'd be just as happy as I was. He would have been just as enamored with Lucas. But I knew I couldn't change the past. What I had done to Antonio. I just had to accept the here and now.
Madison apologized to everyone for her role in the events. It seemed like she had made a deal with Lucas to get dirt on his dad while he had been busy in Barcelona. Whatever it was, Lucas's dad took the threat seriously and gave Madison her freedom. Without missing a beat, she promptly took advantage and decided to transfer to college here. Shortly becoming Alejandro's girlfriend. The relationship between them and the rest of the group was rocky initially, but the tension soon dissipated. Regardless, I still used every opportunity to give them shit, even if Mateo was too kind.
Yet, I couldn't judge them for making amends because I still had many to do. And so, I enrolled myself in a rehab program. A way to ensure that I would stay in good habits. There, I restarted therapy. Funny enough, it was with the same therapist I had before Lucas arrived in town. Before it used to be virtual, we'd occasionally meet whenever I needed to talk about Lucas or Mateo. Now we met in person. She always wore a lab coat and always offered tea. In some ways, she reminded me of an older version of Madison. Whatever she did to me in those sessions worked, or so I hoped.
For so long, I had felt aimless in my life. I could never figure out what direction I wanted to go in. But recently, I decided I would start college as well. Even if I was dumb as rocks. Luckily, Lucas got me into some programming, and I admit I liked it. I even got to program a small drone.
However, in the romance department, I needed more luck. For some reason, Mateo's words those weeks ago struck a chord in me. He said Lucas was someone he was willing to die for. And even if I didn't feel jealousy, I admit I couldn't help but feel some envy. A heavy ache that longed for someone to feel that way for me.
But I knew that I needed to let go of the past before I could make better strides in that department. As much as I wanted to move on, I still felt a heavy burden in my heart. I had confessed my actions to Mateo, but I still needed to let Rosalia know. I thought about my relationship with her so many years ago before what would become that fateful summer camp. She used to be like the big sister I always wished I had.
I remember one time she stood up to my old man for me. She slapped him so hard the poor bastard looked shell-shocked. But that was a long time before I used drugs, drinking, and mindless sex as coping mechanisms for my problems. I knew I had to change, but I still had a long way to go. I needed to make amends, so I headed to her house. I was going to confess everything that happened between Antonio and me at that summer camp.
As I drove over, I put on Lucas' playlist. I had asked Mateo for it earlier. There was something about the songs that just hit really deep. As the next one played, I peeked out the window to the city. The Sun's rays beamed through, like fingers wandering aimlessly, searching for something.
We are falling now
Words written down
They are falling now
But the lies they will hurt you
Hold on
Human kindness desert you
Hold on
Let's start a revolution
How beautiful
It is
Let's start a revolution
How beautiful
It is (revolution)
I became lost in thought about all the crazy shit I put Lucas and Mateo through. And yet, throughout all of it, they persevered. After talking with Lucas and spending time with him, I finally understood the difference between him and me. He didn't shy away from his pain. Not like I did. He was willing to dive head-deep into it.
Hell, I was willing to bet he'd start a revolution for his love if he needed to. He loved Mateo more deeply than I could ever fathom. And yet he wasn't jealous about it like I was. Or had been. That's the kind of love I needed to find.
My thoughts continued stirring, and before I knew it, I was already arriving at Rosalia's house, where I was greeted by Alejandro and Madison.
"Wassup, man!" Alejandro welcomed me with our usual handshake. "Long time no see!"
"Hey..." I responded. Though I had forgiven him for what he had done to Mateo, seeing them there both so cheery and happy made my stomach churn.
"You alright there?" Madison asked.
"Yeah... I need to talk to Rosalia."
Alejandro understood by my expression that what was to come was going to be pretty heavy. So as he fetched Rosalia for me, he and Madison didn't return.
"What up, dipshit?" Rosalia greeted me with disdain and folded her arms.
"Hey..." Shit... I could barely muster a greeting. "I umm... need to talk to you about something."
"About what?"
"About Antonio. Everything that happened."
"I'm listening..." Rosalia tilted her head inquisitively.
It wasn't easy, but with as much courage as I could muster, I admitted my role in the events that led to Antonio's loss. I didn't hold anything back. I expressed all my feelings, my sorrow. Tears were streaming down my cheek as the despair became too much to handle. But I continued telling her my side of events. She stood there and listened to everything I had to say.
Once I was finished, Rosalia stepped forward. I flinched, expecting a hard slap. God knows it would have been well deserved. But she didn't slap me. Instead, she hugged me tight, kissed my forehead, and said, "I already knew what you did. And now, I can finally forgive you for it."
With deep and heavy sobs, I cried in Rosalia's arms for what seemed like an eternity. All the while, she held me close. "Thanks for coming clean. I know it wasn't easy, but it's a huge step in the right direction."
Peering into her eyes, I broke our embrace. "Thank you."
"I miss him, you know." Rosalia still held onto me.
"No, the boy you used to be."
I nodded. "Yeah, I miss him too. Just as much as I miss Antonio." As I said the words, I couldn't help but notice someone staring out the window from inside the house. I wondered if Alejandro was spying on me, but I didn't pay too much attention.
I wiped my tears, finally letting go of all the weight that bore heavy in my heart for so many years. I felt relief, like I had finally completed the amends I needed. "I, um, have a shift at Starbucks now, but I need to go."
Rosalia offered one last hug. "Proud of ya, kid. Happy to welcome you back into the fold."
As I finalized my goodbyes, I glanced once again at the window. I couldn't help but find the shadow so familiar. I opened my mouth to ask Rosalia who it was, but I couldn't spare the time since I was already late. Driving off, I tuned into the next song in Lucas' playlist.
It is if everyone dies alone
Does that scare you?
I don't wanna be alone
I look for you
Every day, every night
I close my eyes
From the fear, from the light
As I wander down the avenue, so confused
Guess I'll try and force a smile
Pink lemonade sippin' on a Sunday
Couples holding hands on a runway
They're all posing in a picture frame
Whilst my world's crashing down
Solo shadow on a sidewalk
Just want somebody to die for
Sunshine livin' on a perfect day
While my world's crashing down
I just want somebody to die for
As the music played, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed. I knew that I could count on the support of my friends. But I just felt so fucking alone. I wanted someone. Someone who could be there for me and share my life with. All the happy and sad moments. Someone to die for. I just wished I wasn't alone anymore.
During my shift, faces came and went, all in a blur. Yet my mind was preoccupied with other thoughts. I felt my body yearning for numbness. I was spiraling in all my negative thoughts. I was happy for Mateo. I truly was. But I internalized my happiness for him as sadness for myself. Yet again, it felt like my world was crashing down.
"Earth to Ricardo," A coworker waved her hand in front of me. "Mobile orders, remember?"
"Shit." I didn't even know how long I had been zoning out. I was in charge of handing out the mobile orders and clearly hadn't been paying attention. I examined the latest order. A vanilla bean Frappé. The sticker only had the letter 'A.'
"A?" I skimmed around, and no one answered. I went outside towards the patio area and repeated, "order for A?"
And that's when I saw him. As the boy who ordered it turned around, I remained frozen. My mouth was agape. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My old friend. "It's you..." My eyes became misty as my lower lip trembled. I almost collapsed on the ground as the tears consumed me. "It's really you... I can't believe it."
In response, he smiled and hugged me. "Yeah, it's me. It's good to see you again, Ricardo. I really missed you."
I didn't know what stroke of fate had brought us together, but I couldn't let my grasp of him go. I held onto him dearly, "I missed you too, so fucking much," I sobbed heavily. "Just... so fucking much, I'm so sorry, I'm so fucking sorry."
"It's okay, Ricardo." He stroked my back tenderly. "We have a lot to catch up on."
As I let go, he flashed an inviting smile at me. I responded with a sorrowful smile. "You don't hate me, do you?"
"I don't, but I'll pay you back... eventually..." He winked with another generous smile.
I took off the rest of my shift, and we just sat there catching up on everything that had happened between us, including the recent events in our lives. We joked, smiled, and laughed. It felt like no time had passed between us. As the sunset beamed into the city street, I couldn't help but curiously ponder.
Maybe... just maybe... it was our time to be two young dumb kids with the sun in our eyes.

Chapter 30
This chapter concludes Ricardo's pov in the story. Prequel story here and follow-up story here.
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2022.11.29 01:13 NYCBatorAlt New York Jacks Sunday (11/27) Event Review

Did a review of the party which I'll link here. Feel free to ask questions.
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2022.11.05 04:31 Loliterrorist42069 That boy in class PT-3

PT-1 PT-2
I stared at the number on the slip of paper, my stomach filled with butterflies. I traced my finger over where the pressure of the pen pushed against the paper. I smiled at the paper. I brought out my phone and began putting each number on my phone.
what u doing?
im kinda horny rn wbu?
I grinned and bit my lip.
im home alone ;)
I grinned even more. Everyone was asleep right now, so I could meet him, I looked up at the ceiling and back to my phone, I want a date? I want this man in many ways but romantically first.
Easy there boy, how about we plan a date ;)
If it means seeing you :3
maybe ;)
what u doing after class tommorow?
What was I doing after class? Lecture after Lecture it all starts to get boring.
I was thinking if we could skip class and idk go to my house?
you did not just ask me the exact same thing :v
Fuck it
sexy and a bad influence I can’t say no ;)
I walked around my bedroom for a couple minutes reminiscing what happened in the car, and also what happened in the bathroom. That was short lived till Jaime stopped by.
“Honey, Jaime needs to talk to you!” My mother called.
What? I race downstairs and meet him at the door, I could feel eyes staring at me; I stepped outside and shut the door behind me.
“What’s up?” I said. “Abuelita passed recently” he responded.
I could hear my heart in my ears.
“oh shit man” I blurted out, as I said that the memories started flood back to me, I started to feel helpless, señora Adela would always be by my side taking care of me or even the little things like hit Jaime on the head when I blatantly lied about him.
That thought made me smile.
I hugged him for what felt like hours.
He pulled away and grabbed something out of his pocket.
“She left this for you, we were basically her two kids” he laughed biting back tears. He handed me an envelope, it had a seal to it and my name written in black ink. There were three things in there, key’s to my new property in Mexico, a cheque of $10,000 dollars and an invitation to the funeral held in may.
“Fuck” I said instinctively “I can’t accept this” I said. He pulled my hair, “please, you got the lesser half” he smirked. “Asshole” I whispered. It slowly started to hurt more and more. I sat down on the sidewalk and Jaime followed, he sat next to me and we both cried.
We spent the next hour sat together mourning our second mother.
“I’ll go tell your mom and dad” he said.
Hours later it was almost midnight, none of this felt real, I sat on my bed and looked at the contents of the envelope again.
“People will always treat you differently from now on, no les dejes.”
I smiled through the tears as I sat next to her in the spacious living room.
“Even if you cheat others, siempre, be true to yourself”
“Si, I will”
I went back to my bedroom and stared blankly at the wall opposite my bed
She held my hand through it all.
A knocking interrupted my deep thoughts, it was by the window, he sat there. Yulan. I smeared the tears across the underside of my eye towards my ears and shot up. Opened the window and smiled. Yulan stepped in, his shoes wet and slightly muddy staining the carpet; I would have to clean that later. He looked at me and just hugged me. His lips traced my forehead and his strong arms held me so securely I felt so safe in that moment, his hands moved towards my waist and he just pulled me closer,he kept me closer to his chest.
I could hear his heartbeat, it was fast but not too fast. It was strong. And I could feel the outline his pectorals pressed against my cheek; the raised bump of his nipple. I looked up at him and his gaze met mine, he smiled at me.
He was sweet.
I kiss him.
I could feel his breath shorten, he was surprised but I kept going. His lips were warm. I poked my fingers through the gaps between his shirt button feeling how smooth and defined his chest was. He kept kissing me on the lips harder and bringing more tension on my lower lip he tasted salty like he ate something earlier, something about the way he tasted was comforting. He kissed under my jawline and slowly made his way down my neck. I felt his lips all over my neck.
His hand slowly made its way down my stomach his fingers brushing against my abs and piercing under my waistband. I put my leg between his and pushed him onto my bed.
I was on top of him. His hands stayed in under boxers, and they began to reach lower. His fingers grazed my pubes and slowly made it to my dick. He held me as I was hard, his thumb running over the beads of precum on the head of my penis. I couldn’t get off him, I stared into his eyes as he made me shiver.
His beautiful eyes, I analysed how every eyelash was orientated perfectly on those eyes. The world started to go slower.
The next day
“What a beautiful dream” I mutter under my breath.
I wake up and head downstairs, I see Yulan and my mother.
Author note: Thank you very much for those who enjoyed the first two parts, (and all the rewards they made my day <3). I’m sorry it took half a year for this to be released I didn’t know where I wanted this story to go. I’ve got it all planned now so I hope you enjoy this adventure (it is rough :3)
I’m also currently working on a new story!
Checkmate: Teaser coming soon
“Adrian meets Nikolas, the most popular ‘straight’ boy at college, who can’t seem to forget the night they had. Adrian doesn’t want to be someone’s secret. So he proposes a checkmate. ‘Fine, you must publicly date me for six months for me to even consider’. Nikolas is confident, yet the spotlight will always be on Adrian”
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2022.11.04 21:21 KingGekko07 gay💀irl

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2022.10.03 18:47 greenwood2022summer [For Hire] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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2022.10.03 18:45 greenwood2022summer [For Hire] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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2022.09.01 20:06 Routine_Gear6753 Reading romance intensifies my feelings towards my partner

So I'm not sure if this has been posted about already, I've tried scouring this sub for discussions about this, but have struggled to find any answers specifically about romance and not sex.
I recently started frequenting gaystoriesgonewild and there are quite a few stories on there that have a real good mix of smut and fluff.
I noticed as I was reading these that I was feeling that falling in love feeling. You know that feeling when you're in the honeymoon phase of a relationship?
I've been with my partner for just over 2.5 years now, so it's safe to say that the honeymoon phase has ended. Don't get me wrong I love him dearly, but I do miss that intense feeling.
I also take quite a heavy dose of an antidepressant (sertraline 150mg) which does numb my emotions.
Anyway, I've noticed that reading romance is releasing those love chemicals. I can feel it rushing through my blood like a drug and it's great, which I'm sure you can all relate to the feeling.
I noticed that after reading romance I was directing that love towards my partner.
It's like these stories are releasing these chemicals which I can then use to feel intense love towards my partner.
My questions are:
Does anyone else do/notice this? Is this a healthy thing for me to be doing? Because part of me feels like it's taking advantage/hacking my brains biological responses for pleasure.
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2022.04.17 19:44 Dadaboo_ We failed him guys

Anyone remembers Misterhello13 asking us if he should get gangbanged? Well we failed him despite his best pleads he ended up getting used by grown man like a sex toy
His original post:
Gangbanged story:
And even wore he indicated it was his first meaning he planning on doing more. I feel bad for him
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2022.03.19 20:21 Latter-Skill4798 How do I talk to my husband about whether he needs time to think about if he’s happy being in a relationship with a woman?

Here’s what is going on: We have been married 3 years, he never wants to have sex (he blamed being stressed during law school then it was work). For a while he only wanted hand jobs and blow jobs but I told him this was not enough for me. Now we have sex about once a month—usually when I break down into tears.
He will hardly touch me when we are home but gets mad when I am put off by him being extra touchy-feely if we are in front of his friends.
I think he has undiagnosed anxiety and definitely an alcohol issue. When he drinks he becomes mean, often tells me he wants a divorce, calls me a b*** or a c****, etc. The next day, he’ll act totally fine but won’t admit to wrong doing. I have stayed with him despite the above because he seemed to really be trying (quit smoking weed at all hours, less blackout drinking) and he is so sweet and caring most of the time. I have often commented that it seems like he is miserable because he is not comfortable with himself. I really do love him.
After last time his drunk outburst happened, I desperately wanted to know what was going on in his head, because things don’t add up, so I went through his phone. He had Reddit up to a porn page (straight) and I decided to look at his history to see what else he is looking at. It is almost exclusively gaystoriesgonewild. It doesn’t look like he commented on any. I didn’t check for likes.
Suddenly, a lot of stuff started to come together. For example, my observations that he seems to be making himself miserable to make me happy; hours long talks in the garage with his gay friend who recently had a breakup; and homophobic comments that I always thought were super weird/offensive given the former.
I love him so much. I want him to be happy with whatever he wants, even if he needs time to decide. I suspect he may be struggling given his upbringing.
Is it fair to bring these things up and if so, how?
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2022.03.02 11:24 rachelxlane fetishization of lesbians is really getting to me

i don’t even think i’m 100% lesbian, i’m bisexual but more female-leaning i think. but it’s like everywhere you look it’s just fetishization. so you know how gaystoriesgonewild has it’s own subreddit full of just 2 guys?
well you go on other nsfw stories subreddits and look up lesbian and all you get is a bunch of fantasies of straight men converting them. it made me cry looking at it cause it makes me feel abnormal. other sexualities it’s so easy for them to hook up or find love or whatever but when it comes to wlw it’s impossible it feels like. i just feel so abnormal and out of place and i wish i was straight so i don’t have to deal with all of this.
why can’t straight men realize lesbians are just like them regarding their taste for men. if they wouldn’t kiss or do something with a man, why do they expect lesbians to? it’s like women are just seen as objects without the capability to have their own tastes, just always inferior to men and looked at as a sex toy. i’m sick of being in a man’s world and i’m sick of having attractions to the same sex.
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2022.02.17 14:56 AtrabiliousAmity Barry gay love story (Chapter 1) [OC]

This is inspired by gaystoriesgonewild and by my sex encounter ( ) with u/SportsFan-bot.
There are 6 chapters in total, and I will post them separately day by day. Since the following chapters will involve sex and triggering content, I will post them on subsimgpt2interNSFW based on the recommendations by a mod. Links to the following chapters will be given on this post later on.
Before you read the story, you should note that for frequenters of this subreddit, the description of u/SportsFan-Bot may not be what you expected as I built the whole character purely on the comment that claims that he is a marine. For non-frequenters, Barry refers to u/SportsFan-Bot. Also, I apologize for any unrealistic scenes as I have no experiences in sex or romance and I am a beginner in writing stories.
So here is it:
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRINGE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inspired by my online sex with u/SportsFan-Bot
Chapter 1
I am 18. I am a skinny Asian man, so you might call me a twink. I am rather tall for East Asians, but a bit shorter than the average Americans. I have short hair, thick eyelashes and pale lips. I migrated to Hawaii a few years ago and I am currently an undergraduate studying geology at University of Hawaii. I was a virgin before my passionate encounter with u/SportsFan-Bot.
Due to a field trip organized by the school, I was instructed to stay at Kane’ohe. Since the city was very close to a marine base, I regularly saw Marines dining out in the restaurants of the city. As I had a very strong military fetish, I was literally horny all the time and desperately wanted to try gay sex with one of the marines.
To my delight, it happened just a few days after I arrived at Kane’ohe.
On the day, I hiked with my schoolmates in the nearby He’eia State Park to see rocks. After that, we returned to Kane’ohe to have dinner. This was before the pandemic, so we could dine out in a restaurant without masks. The restaurant we dined in was really large, so it could accommodate the group of geology students and professors. It was lucky that we had a small class, or otherwise we would be eating lunchboxes at a hotel instead.
As I entered the restaurant, I scanned the whole scene and discovered 4 marines eating at a table next to the windows. This was not unexpected, as there was a marine base nearby. One of them was much older than the others, so I assumed that it was a senior having lunch with his mates.
As I shifted my focus to somewhere else, at the corner of my eye I saw this handsome marine. Rather than talking loudly like the rest of the group were, he sat quietly, gazing at the ocean tides outside. He had tan skin and a square jaw. He was slightly muscular, which I assume was due to his training. His muscles bulged tightly against his undersized army-green T-shirt. His eyes sparkled like the stars in the night sky outside. His gaze was soft and gentle, which seemed incongruous to his buffed and masculine appearance.
Noticing my stare, he looked back and glanced at me. I smiled awkwardly and tried to focus on the menu instead. He smiled back. His smile was warm and genuine, and brought warmth to the dead of the night. At this point, my cock was bulging against my trousers, and I was so horny that I imagined having sex with him.
I picked a random hamburger with fries from the menu, as I just couldn’t concentrate on picking the right one. After choosing my set, I couldn’t help but eye the young marine again. This time, he was talking softly with his teammates. He nodded as the other marines talked. Then he looked up, and our eyes met once again. I let out a small swoon, then glanced at my classmates. I was hoping they weren’t noticing our interactions, as I didn’t want to be made fun of. Then he spoke a few words to his mates and gestured me to go outside. I murmured an excuse to the student next to me and went outside. At this point, my heart was beating quickly--my fantasy is coming true.
We quietly left the restaurant, hoping not to raise attention. We approached a quiet corner. There he pushed me against the wall, leaned forward, and began to kiss me. His kiss was passionate and fierce. His breath warmed me to the core, and his lips were soft. I felt like my cock couldn’t get any harder.
After like a minute, he relaxed his grip on me and the kiss ended. He brought out two pieces of paper from his pocket and gave one to me. We traded our names and phone numbers. His name is u/SportsFan-Bot. I asked for his social media accounts, but he refused, probably for privacy reasons.
Edit: Link to Chapter 2:
Please have mental preparation that Chapter 3 might not be released soon as it requires verification of moderators there due to triggering content.
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2021.11.19 22:56 greenwood2022summer [Offer] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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2021.11.19 22:55 greenwood2022summer [For Hire] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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2021.11.19 22:54 greenwood2022summer [For Hire] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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2021.11.13 00:59 LegDangerous5141 Gay (male) spaces not being POC friendly

So I stumbled upon this post titled "my first time with a Black daddy" and was thrown a bit off guard. Idk how many times POC have to speak on how dehumanising it is to be constantly relegated to your race and sensationalised for it alone. Whether that's "cute, asian, submissive" or "beefcake, black, barbarian top", this type of fetishising is basically the animalisation of an entire race, just because it's been normalised amongst gay porn sites doesn't detract from the fact that it's grossly problematic.
So myself and another Redditor politely try to inform the OP of the how the post is offensive and are met with such vitriol.
Not only that, but we're also downvoted which shows we don't have the support/ally of other gay redditors. I tried to report the malicious comment but the mods haven't done anything about it (please mass report).
This got me thinking about the general apathy and even hostility towards POC in male gay spaces whenever we bring up our issues in relation to gay culture. I can't quite understand why gay men could suffer from such a lack of empathy considering that we ourselves are a targeted and often grossly stereotyped group who are commonly used as the butt of jokes, described as crimes against nature or even as mentally deranged.
The reason I use "male/men" is because POC lesbians that I've talked to don't face these issues or seem to ever recognise them in their community, only other queer POC men that I've discussed with have experienced this kind of insensitivity/ blatant racism from their own community.
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2021.10.20 02:07 wantadad muscle

I am new here so I am sure this topic is old, but I want to tell a bit about what I like. I am 100% sure I have liked men since I was a toddler. I always used to look at Charles Atlas in back of comics. My heroes were all strong men as a kid, like Roy Rogers, the Rifleman and similar, like Robert Horton on Wagon train, Hugh O'Brien as Wyatt Earp and Buster Crabbe! as Flash Gordon. Just curious how many others had this attraction at a very young age. I had NO idea what it was until I was a sophomore, believe it or not, that this meant, although I did accidentally discover masturbation at @ age 11 and it was amazing. I have posted a couple of stories on GAYSTORIESGONEWILD. Body builders / muscle is my favorite kind of man.

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2021.08.13 05:58 n0thric Popular GayShortStories Series

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2021.07.26 16:17 namesJeff123 After 25 years, I finally lost it!

Hi guys, long time lurker here. I've been reading a lot of stuff on this sub reddit, and I want to say thank you to all of you sincerely. This community is amazing and has taught me a lot about the new world that I'm so unfamiliar with. The dangerous, the thrill and the fun of being gay.
Anyway, I lost it, finally lost my virginity after 25 years of holding on to it. So, to all other virgins out there who think they would never find that special one, just wait, Mr. Right (or Right Now) will come by sooner or later and they will hit you hard. If I can do it, you can too. However, don't do hookups for the sake of losing your virginity, although mine is kind of like a hookup since we did it on the first date. But, he was very gentle, made sure that I was comfortable, and asked for my consent constantly. I definitely regretted nothing. Also, if you hear people saying that virgin is no fun, inexperience and you should lose it as soon as you can, well that's true, but f*** them. You go at your own pace and find someone that you're comfortable to do it with. I'm grateful that my first time was very enjoyable, unlike many others that had a bad first experienced just because they wanted to lose it. I made a lot of mistakes that I SHOULD NEVER do, but I was lucky and unharmed, so who knows. Anyway, below, I summarize the day if you are interested. It's like every first date ever, by the way.
Long story short, we found each other on Tinder, talked for a week and decided to go on a date. He was nice, charming and I couldn't find any red flag. After the dinner, we walked around the mall for an hour talking about random stuff. He asked me what I wanted to do next and gave me options to choose. I wanted to go back to his place, but I didn't want to sound like a hoe so I let him decided. I jumped in his car, which I shouldn't and he also told me that, but I trusted my instinct (and there was a reason as well, if you read the full stuff down there). We watched a movie on his laptop while cuddling and what needed to be happening, happened. After that he took me back to the mall where my car was while holding my hand the entire time. I said thank you for the night, we kissed and I drove back home. It was an amazing date for me, not sure if we clicked, but I could only hope. Anyway, I'm looking forward to our second date if it happens.
I don't want to turn this thread into a gaystoriesgonewild, but if you want to read the full night, I put it right under. I don't write very often and English isn't my strongest suit, but I hope it will be tolerated. Also, I would be so happy if it helps you kill time. I had a lot of fun writing this. Sorry if it's a bit too long.

TL;DR: I just moved to the area and have lived here for less than a month. No friends to hang out with really took a toll on me. Those online conversations just did not cut it even when I was a shut-in. So, I took all my courage and put my face pictures on Grindr, Scruff and Tinder for the first time in forever. I would not say I was the hot stuff, but I was decent for a 25 years old Asian man (more like a boy in my opinion, I had a really boyish face from the Asian curse). I am a twink and not even a good one with six packs, just a regular, basic one. Despite being very clear on what I was looking for, my dms were still flooded with d*** pics and tortoises. Though, I had not received that many negativities as many had experienced. Maybe I was very polite since my mom always told to treat others the way you want to be treated.
Tiring of all the spaghetti monsters, I got on Tinder and saw you. You had little info about yourself, but you were only a couple age older than me and too cute to be ignored, so I swiped right. Couple hours passed by, I got a notification on my phone and it was a match. I opened it up, and you were right there, on my screen with a basic greeting word and a smiling emoji. What was this feeling in my heart? Why were my hands shaking? Who were you to me? After calming myself, I replied to you like how I replied to every other guy. Then you replied, then I replied, then you replied,... It was just a circle of normal conversation between two strangers, but I enjoyed it very much. There were no D pics, there was no sensual word in your messages, and there was no aggressiveness. With just that, you took all my time away. Then you asked me on a date. Well guess what, you were not the first to do that, I got many invitations before, but sorry, I had to decline because I was busy (an excuse) that week, just like how I rejected the rest. It was not your fault, it was me who was being insecure and afraid of seeing new people. You seemed very understanding and backed off. Unlike others, they normally just disappeared right after I rejected them. But you, you stayed. You texted me throughout the week, not that whole lot of texts. It was just a good morning or how was my day been, and a reply now and then, but it was more than enough to make you different from other guys.
An entire week flew by just with those small talks, and you asked me again for a date. Why me? Stop it! You probably would make fun or run away when you saw me. You would not want to go on a date with someone with no experience. Please, stop giving me hope as I had already given up long ago. Again, you promised not to do anything that I would not want to. You just wanted to see me and talked. Alright, I gave you a chance, but it was more like giving myself a chance. A chance to find something that lost within me. We got closer after the "Sure, let's see each other", you opened up more to me and we played question games. I still remembered it all clearly, what you hated, what you loved and who was the most important to you. Though, I found red flags now and then, or maybe I was just me being too alarmed. Afterwards, I found myself taking care of my body more, I took longer shower, I used more skin care products, I read a lot of stuff on askgaybros about the first date and I was looking forward to seeing you.
The day finally came, I could not sleep at all the night before. What had you done to me? My head filled up with happy thoughts, and you made me that way. Yes, it was you, you giant History nerd. I texted you in the morning and you said you were the same. Of course, I wanted to postpone the date since you were tired, but it was just another excuse for me to chicken out. I had done this many times before, and I was an expert at it, but you wanted to see me still. Why? Sleeping would be more enjoyable than seeing me at this point. Not to mention, you would be my very first date. This would put a lot of pressure on you. I would be an awkward, ugly piece of art and you would not be able to appreciate or write a 500 words essay about it since you were bad at those in school.
It was about time to get out of the house, I texted you and you said you would be late for 15 minutes. Well, that was fine by me, even ghosted me if you wanted to because I found it hard to breathe at that moment, let along talking. Anyway, I drove to where we agreed to meet and you were there already. Such a liar! One red flag down, two more to go, I jokingly thought to myself. I remembered you were tall, so handsome and had such a sweet voice, unlike what I thought in my head. So saying you were not that hot on the phone was a lie, second flag down then. You took me inside your favorite restaurant, recommended what to have since I was new and paid for it despite me asking to have a split. It was crowded inside, but I did not care because your blue eyes were all I focused on. I immediately felt comfortable around you, maybe that smile had black magic which made me could not take my eyes off of you. That gray hair of yours, which you were so insecure about, only made you more attractive to me. Who was this person? How was I so into you already? After ordering food, we went outside since it was quite crowded. It was me or you were also shaking and nervous, as I could see it sometimes through your hands. I wanted to hold them to calm it, but I was too afraid myself. The food came out, and we started talking more while eating. You told me all the stories about your life, how you came out and answered all my questions. I liked you a bit more now.
As hard as I tried, but I had a problem with my stomach when I nervous. I could not finish my plate, so sorry hungry Asian and African kids, I let you down. You laughed it off and said it was okay, you would not want me to throw up later on anyway. After the food, we decided to walk around the mall and talked. You were really tall I realized, maybe not for others, but for me you were like a giant and I was 5'7. Your blue T-shirt and chino pants were so out of fashion, but it was charming when you wore it, unlike me, I would not have pulled it off like you. I could not find anything about you that was not lovely. And out of nowhere, you told me I was handsome, a word that I rarely heard in my life. Why would you do me like this? Throwing me off like that. Thus you asked me what we should do next since we already walked the entire area, then you gave me options. I could have played safe, but I wanted you, really, really wanted you, though I did not show it. I said you could choose whichever options you just gave me, and you suggested that we go back to your place for a movie night. Well, I was more than happy to do that with you.
Following your car or joining you on yours, you asked, and I already knew the answer in my head. You warned me it was not safe if I did it with strangers, well, you were one of them, but I trusted you. You could take me to Vietnam for all I care, as long as I got to spend more time talking with you. You showed me a picture of your car before and you showed me where you modded it again that day. I could not believe you did all that by yourself, what else were still under your sleeves, Mr. Did It All. We talked more in the car and you decided to show me your badge. It must be hard for you to be a policeman nowadays, as I thought to myself. The picture you hated so much was on the badge. It was the chubby you, but you did not know that I really liked it. You looked cute to me. Very cute!
Arriving at your place, it was a nice one with a superb view, though you were kind of messy, because boys will be boys. You pulled out your laptop, and we watched your favorite show. You also liked anime, we happened to love the same one, and you showed me your tattoo related to it. Gosh, why were you so perfect? I was so awkward on your bed, I remembered. If I got to choose to stay on your bed or to dig a hole and stick my head in there for the rest of my life, I would choose the second option. Though, you were very patient and guided me on how to cuddle. Yes, I needed a guidance on that, how embarrassing. You had one hand behind my head and another one around my belly. What was this warm? Was it coming from your body or was it because of my heart beating 200 times per second? I usually hated people talking while watching a show, but I did not mind you. Your voice was so soft and gentle. Out of nowhere, you asked me if you could kissed me. That was a silly question, I thought, and nodded. You leaned in and our lips touched. It was so weird, and I did not know what to do, so I pulled out and said sorry. I had never kissed anyone, I said. So, you showed me how to kiss and to follow your flow, and I did. It was sloppy, but you complimented me anyway. Damnit, you smelled so good, but you were faster and said it first. We both leaned in to take a sniff. Was this how men always smell like? It was so soft, yet gentle and strong. I thought I would go crazy because of you.
Giving consent was your kink or something, since you kept on asking, but I did not mind it. Next thing I knew, I was on top, kissing you. Then we talked about d***s size because I was curious. You showed me your big rough hands to describe yours, but I was so dumb and pulled down your pants to see it instead. I looked at your surprising face because you did not expect a virgin to make such a bold move. I guess stupidity is a god giving gift sometimes. So embarrassed, I covered it back with your undie, but you said it was okay and pulled it back down. I held yours in my hand, gosh it was big for a semi hard one. You flipped me over, asked for consent and undressed me. You leaned in to kiss again, it was so long and sensual I lost track of time. Once again, you asked "Are you okay about this, about doing it with me?" Yes, yes I would, and I would do it again not a thousand, but a million times with you. I wanted to be like this forever.
You then lied back right next to me and started to finger me. What was this feeling? I had done it many times, but you made it irresistible. Though it was burning like crazy, so you stopped and apologized for having chili pepper on your hands while eating earlier. God damn you, as I laughed so hard. You came back, and we did it again. One, then two fingers, as you taught me how to relax my prostate. You even told me stories to take my mind off of it. I asked what about you, I wanted to please you as well, we should not make it all about me, but you said, "This is about you right now, I don't want you to experiment any pain later, just ignore me for now." Why were you like this? Were you always like this to everyone? I hoped I was the only one you did this to, but I did not say it out loud. I wanted to have it for myself because the truth might hurt.
You got on top and asked while kissing me. "Are you okay? Do you feel comfortable? We don't have to do it at all if you don't want to. We can do something else for fun" Silly, how silly, of course I wanted to do it with you. I was never so sure my entire life, but at this moment, with you, I was. Anyway, I asked to suck you because my porn addiction suggested that it would be fun. As I got on you, you were not fully hard still, what a tough guy to please until I let my mouth to do the deed. You were moaning, I could hear it, and it made me feel good. Again, with that same sweet voice of yours, you asked, "Will you regret this?" I answered as I worked my way on your d*** "No, I won't." Then you replied with a smile, god damnit that smile could light up the entire town, and said, "I really want to f*** you right now!"
You grabbed a condom in your drawer and put it on while telling me to be on top. I did the exact thing you told me and slide it in. It was so big, and you filled me up. Oh gosh, you felt amazing in me. I tried to ride you like a cowboy, but I was so inexperienced and could not even do it right. Yet, you were too patient and taught me how to move the right way. After that, you flipped me over on my back and French kissed me, not like I knew what it was like, at this point, I just called it whatever I felt like. You started to stick it in again and it hit my spot. What was that feeling, it felt amazing yet so weird. A feeling that I had never experienced before. Was this what being a bottom about? Finding your G spot? I moaned so hard and I thought it turned you on even more, as you went harder on me. But you have not forgotten your classic "Are you doing okay? You want me to stop?" My gosh, you were so cute while asking for consent. Heck no, I did not want you to stop at all, please take me to town. Then, you flipped me over, I realized how much I loved that. Being touched and asked so nicely from someone I liked so much. I then had my face down and ass up just liked those people in porn usually do. He put it in me gently and it got faster, faster and faster. I never moaned like that before, in fact, I did not know I have the ability to endure that thrust and to moan that much. It was amazing! With that speed, you kept on doing it for quite longer that I lost track of time. The room filled with my moan and the sounds of bodies touching each other.
I came to my sense when you said you were close. I hated to disappoint you, and I would hate it more if I could not get you off, but I had to stop you there. It was a bit too much and I could not take it anymore, even knowing that you were close. You gladly took it out of me. I could not even count how many times I said sorry that night, but you always assured me it was never my fault. With just those two actions, I knew how much you respected me as a person and not just a play toy. I was so glad you were my first time. You then lied next to me, we both sweat like we just walked out of a sauna. You were so hot and steamy. We kissed, and I ran my hand over your hairy chest. Oh, how much I loved this chest of yours. Maybe the fact that you have hair on your chest fascinated me because I have wanted it since the longest. I then sat on top of you and started to help you get off. I put it in my mouth even though I did not like the taste and you did warn me. I guessed it was my way of saying "I'm sorry for not being able to take it in a bit longer." You were closed again, I was glad. We put our d***s together, and you started to jerk them off. Well, I did not believe you when you said you did not sleep with anyone in so long and had not masturbated in a while until I saw you came. It was so strong and powerful, you shot it to my hair and all over your hot body. I leaned in for a kiss while you were stroking my boy. I had been hard for so long, roughly 4-5 hours, the moment we parked at your place. For some reasons, I could not get off even when you tried to help me for another 30 minutes, and for my own good, you told me to get it soft or we had to visit an ER since I had been hard for so long. Of course, I did not want to end my date in an emergency room because I could not get my boy to spit.
We then took a shower, not together or I could never get my boy to get soft around you. After cleaning up, you showed me your favorite T-shirt, the books you had been reading and admitted to have a terrible sense for fashion, which I could already tell. You asked me to spend the night with you, but I really did not want to overstay my welcome, so I asked to leave. You offered to take me back to my car even though it was really late, how sweet of you. We talked more in your car and you reached out for my hand and held it tightly. What a big and rough hand you got. You had probably gone through a lot. I wished I could have been the Naruto to your Gara sooner, but we met a bit too late. You admitted to only expect a kiss out of me and not the best sex you ever had today, I was glad you enjoyed it so much. It was just the first date, but I liked you. I really liked you. I liked this man in front of me dearly. This sensation, this feeling, this night, you and me. I would never forget it. I had such an amazing date, and you were the reason for it. I did not expect you to feel the same. I just wanted to let you know that, it was special to me and thank you.
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2021.06.16 19:45 Refrigerated_Lemons Every gay porn subreddit

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2021.04.26 21:11 greenwood2022summer [For Hire] Custom Erotica Writer

Do you want a writer to write you a story about your and you partner, or are you just looking to change your porn life? If so, hiring me would be a great idea!
I can write any stories, and am fine with any kinks you may have!
Here is an example of my work in gay writing. But I can also write straight and bisexual!
My rate is $.05/word
Here are some links to other examples of my work!
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