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Like a book club, but with internet videos instead. Submit recommendations for documentaries, debates, interviews, keynote speeches, etc, that are interesting. One will be featured as the video of the week, and featured for discussion. Upvotes on video submissions will influence the selection of weekly video.

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2023.03.23 07:48 subahsharmaseo Best 5 Star Hotels in Delhi for Wedding - Seven Seas Hotel

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2023.03.23 07:47 DoremusJessup Sunflower sea stars, huge starfish that until recently thrived in waters up and down the west coast of North America, are threatened with extinction and should be protected under the Endangered Species Act, federal officials said Wednesday

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2023.03.23 06:57 Round-Ad4438 this has gotta be the biggest aircraft i’ve spotted… (anyone know what it’s for?)

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2023.03.23 06:39 SonOfGarry 2023 Roster Overview and Discussion: West Region Megathread and Pro-Am Preview

Whew, we made it with time to spare! Here are all the other West Region threads I've made leading up to the Pro-Am:
Boston Uprising
Atlanta Reign
Florida Mayhem
Toronto Defiant
San Francisco Shock
Los Angeles Gladiators
Washington Justice
Vegas Eternal
Houston Outlaws
Vancouver Titans
London Spitfire
New York Excelsior
Los Angeles Valiant
With that out of the way, it's time for the power rankings portion of things. While I was initially going to include the Contenders teams in the rankings, instead I’m just gonna do season rankings for the 13 West Region teams and then finish up with some Pro-Am preds at the end. As always, feel free to discuss and share your own rankings down below, and enjoy!
Power Rankings:
1. San Francisco Shock (+1)
This O2 reunion looks like the team to beat heading into the 2023 season, with reigning MVP Proper leading the way. With incredible returning talent, a top-tier rookie class, and the mastermind Crusty returning for his sixth season, the Shock are looking hungry for their third league championship.
2. Atlanta Reign (+3)
If any team is gonna give the Shock a run for their money in 2023, it’s going to be the Reign. After snagging up as many S-tier free agents as they could, the Reign are coming into Season 6 with their best roster ever. Well rounded and stacked across-the-board, Atlanta is looking dangerous.
3. Houston Outlaws (+1)
I’m significantly higher on the Outlaws now that they’ve fixed what I pointed out as their number one hole: Off-Tank. I’m a big fan of the addition of Gargoyle, so long as he’s still performing well after his break, and this team has one of the best DPS and Support lineups in the entire league.
4. Boston Uprising (+6)
This is the second year in a row where I’ve ranked Boston uncomfortably high, and I really hope they don’t make me regret it again. I still don’t like their DPS lineup, as I really think they’re going to struggle with Flex DPS coverage, but I can’t deny the talent there with smurf, Decay, and that stacked backline.
5. Florida Mayhem (+2)
Reinforce is not alone: I too am a major Mayhem believer. After surpassing all my expectations in 2022, the Mayhem have upgraded across the board and have put together one of the most criminally underrated rosters in the league. Mer1t, Checkmate, Someone, and Ch0r0ng is a dangerous core.
6. Toronto Defiant (+2)
Another year, another “best roster yet” for the Toronto Defiant, but this year I think there’s actually reason to be optimistic. The American Tornado core plus an absurdly stacked coaching staff has the potential to finally elevate this team to something more than just “mid.”
7. London Spitfire (-1)
I do expect a bit of regression from London due to other teams outpacing them in terms of upgrades. However, returning their core plus the reigning COTY is nothing to scoff at. Standouts like Hadi, SparkR, and ChrisTFer are going to have to keep the magic going in 2023 but they’ve shown they’ve got what it takes.
8. Los Angeles Gladiators (-5)
A large slide for the LA Gladiators is due in part to their extremely underwhelming scrimbux. This team, on paper, is on a similar level to London and Toronto but the combination of question marks around their Tank situation and the aforementioned lackluster scrim performance is what lands them the number eight spot.
9. Vancouver Titans (+2)
The Titans need some sign of life after the past three years, but grabbing the majority of your players from last year’s #10 team in NA doesn’t seem like the best way to do it. Still, there is some hope in the form of Aspire and Sugarfree, who should provide at least some promise for this struggling franchise.
10. Washington Justice (-1)
Their roster may be fun, but it’s certainly not ideal. Major question marks surrounding the caliber of players like BenBest, Mirror, and Teru are not going to be outweighed by their heavy-hitting DPS lineup. Still, this is a team with a lot of upset potential, as we’ve seen GetAmazed do a lot with a little in the past.
11. New York Excelsior (+1)
With a glut of supports, an underwhelming solo-tank returning, and some odd signings across the board, New York certainly has one of the rosters of all time. While some isolated star power should elevate them above the bottom two teams, I don’t see this roster doing much else.
12. Los Angeles Valiant (NEW)
Barring any more intervention/turmoil from their parent org, the Valiant roster still doesn’t look like much. Like New York, they have some isolated star power, namely Seeker, who should keep them competitive against lower-tier opponents, but beyond that it’s hard to see them getting more than a couple of wins
13. Vegas Eternal (=)
They could maybe hang with the other bottom-three teams. Maybe. But the fact of the matter is they lost to Samito, and the community is not going to let them forget that. There’s little-to-no redeeming qualities about this roster which should finish dead last.
Pro-Am Predictions:
Group A:
  1. San Francisco Shock
  2. Florida Mayhem
  3. Trick Room
  4. Vancouver Titans
  5. Timeless
Group B:
  1. Atlanta Reign
  2. London Spitfire
  3. Saints
  4. Vegas Eternal
  5. Los Angeles Valiant
Group C:
  1. Boston Uprising
  2. Washington Justice
  3. Los Angeles Gladiators
  4. Team Peps
  5. Wisp
Group D:
  1. Houston Outlaws
  2. Toronto Defiant
  3. Twisted Minds
  4. Redbirds
  5. New York Excelsior
Overall Winner: Atlanta Reign
The Pro-Am will likely give us a good look at some of the new players in the league and specifically how they perform mechanically, but I don't expect this to be an accurate prospectus on the whole season due to the meta and many teams still being in their experimental phase. As a result, scrim results, teams playing on ping, and meta are all factors in my Pro-Am predictions. For example, the fact that Valiant have only been scrimming for about a week is why I have them finishing below Eternal despite them being above Vegas in the overall rankings.
It's on to APAC next, but have fun here for now. As always,…
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2023.03.23 06:25 6y5ty Brazzers - Big Wet Butts - Bubble Butt scene starring Holly West and Ramon

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2023.03.23 04:41 mrslythe (Offer) My List (Request) Your List - Let's Trade looking to trade a lot so lets make things happen

4K Movies:

- 10 Cloverfield Lane (Paramount 4k)

- 1917

- A Quiet Place Part 2 (Paramount 4K)

- Alien (MA 4K)

- Almost Famous (Parmaount 4K)

- American Psycho (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Antman and the Wasp (MA 4K)

- Apocalypse Now final cut (MA 4K)

- Avengers Endgame split (MA HD)

- Arrival (Paramount 4K)

- Babylon

- Back to the Future Trilogy (Universal 4K)

- Black Widow split (MA 4K)

- The Bourne Identity (MA 4K)

- The Bourne Supremacy (MA 4K)

- The Bourne Legacy (MA 4K)

- The Bourne Ultimatum (MA 4K)

- The Cabin in the Woods (MovieRedeem 4K)
- CandyMan 2021 (MA 4K)

- Casino (MA 4K)

- Cinderella 2015 split (MA HD)

- Cloverfield (Paramount 4K)

- The Commuter (MovieRedeem 4K)

- The Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It (MA 4K)

- Equalizer 2 (MA 4K)

- Evil Dead (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Evil Dead 2 (Movie Redeem 4K)

- The Fate of the Furious (MA 4K)

- The Fate of the Furious Extended Director's Cut (MA 4K)

- GI Joe Retaliation (Paramount 4K)

- GI Joe The Rise of Cobra (Paramount 4K)

- Hellboy 2019 ((Movie Redeem 4K)

- The Hitman's Bodyguard (Movie Redeem 4K)

- In The Heights (MA 4K)

- Inglourious Basterds (MA 4K)

- It's a Wonderful Life (Paramount 4K)

- Jason Bourne (MA 4K)

- Jungle Cruise split (MA 4K)

- The Karate Kid (MA 4K)

- The Karate Kid part 2 (MA 4K)

- The Karate Kid part 3 (MA 4K)

- King Kong 2005 (MA 4K)

- La La Land (MA 4K)

- Mad Max Fury Road (MA 4K)

- Malignant (MA 4K)

- Moonfall (Lionsgate 4K)

- Mortal Engines (MA 4K)

- Nobody (MA 4K)

- Old (MA 4K)

- Onward split (MA 4K)

- Overlord (Paramount 4K)

- Pet Sematary (Paramount 4K)

- Pulp Fiction (Paramount 4K)

- The Punisher (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Ran (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Reqiuem for a Dream (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Reservoir Dogs (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Saving Private Ryan (Paramount 4K)

- Saw (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Scream 1996 (Paramount 4K)

- Scream 2021 (Paramount 4k)

- Serenity (MA 4K)

- The Shawnshank Redemption (WB 4K)

- Smokin Aces (MA 4K)

- Snake Eyes (Paramount 4K)

- Spartacus (MA 4K)

- The Suicide Squad (MA 4K)

- Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount 4K)

- Total Recall (Movie Redeem 4K)

- Underworld (MA 4k)

- Underworld Evolution (MA 4K)

- Underworld Rise of the Lycans (MA 4K)

- Underworld Awakening (MA 4K)

- Underworld Blood Wars (MA 4K)

- Venom: Let There be Carnage (MA 4K)

- War of the Worlds (Paramount 4K)

- West Side Story 2021 Split (MA 4K)

- The Wolf of Wall Street (MA 4k)

- Wonder (Lionsgate 4K)

- X (Lionsgate 4K)

Fox Redeem:

- Birdman (Fox HD)

- Exodus Gods and Kings (Fox HD)

- Fant4stic (Fox HD)

- The Hate U GIve (Fox HD)

- Home (MA HD)

- How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Fox HD)

- The Maze Runner (Fox HD)

- Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails (Fox HD)

- Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Fox HD)

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Fox HD)

- Spectre 007 (Fox HD)

- Taken 2 (Fox HD)

Movies Anywhere (HD):

- The 5th Wave (MA HD)

- A Good Day to Die Hard

- After Earth (MA HD)

- Alien Covenant (MA HD)

- Almost Christmas (MA HD)

- Alpha (MA HD)

- The Amazing Spider Man (MA HD)

- The Amazing Spiderman 2 (MA HD)

- Annie 2014 (MA HD)

- Atomic Blonde (MA HD)

- Avengers Infinity War Split (MA HD)

- Big Hero 6 split (MA HD)

- Black Panther Split (MA HD)

- Blended (MA HD)

- Bohemian Rhapsody (MA HD)

- The Bourne Legacy (MA HD)

- The Breakfast Club (MA HD)

- Captain America: Civil War Split (MA HD)

- Chappie (MA HD)

- Concussion (MA HD)

- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (MA HD)

- Dead Man Walking (MA HD)

- Deadpool (MA HD)

- Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (MA HD)

- Don't Breathe (MA HD)

- Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (MA HD)

- Dracula Untold (MA HD)

- The Edge of Seventeen

- The Equalizer 2 (MA HD)

- Escape Room Tournament of Champions (MA HD)

- The Fast and the Furious (MA HD)

- 2 Fast 2 Furioius (MA HD)

- The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (MA HD)

- Foxcatcher (MA HD)

- Frozen split (MA HD)

- Furious 7 extended edition (MA HD)

- Fury (MA HD)

- Get Hard (MA HD)

- Glass (MA HD)

- God's Not Dead 2 (MA HD)

- Good Boys (MA HD)

- The Greatest Showman (MA HD)

- Grudge Match (MA HD)

- Guardians of the Galaxy Split (MA HD)

- Hall Pass (MA HD)

- Halloween 2018 (MA HD)

- The Hangover Part 2 (MA HD)

- The Hate U Give (MA HD)

- The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey

- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (MA HD)

- Homefront (MA HD)

- Hop (MA HD)

- Horrible Bosses 2 (MA HD)

- The Huntsman Winter's War (MA HD)

- Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (MA HD)

- Inside Out split (MA HD)

- The Internship (MA HD)

- Into the Woods split (MA HD)

- Jaws (HD)

- Jobs (MA HD)

- John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (MA HD)

- Jupiter Ascending (MA HD)

- Jurassic World (MA HD)

- The Lego Movie (MA HD)

- Life (MA HD)

- Little Women 2019 (MA HD)

- Lone Survivor (MA HD)

- The Longest Ride (MA HD)

- Love Actually (MA HD)

- Kick-Ass 2 (MA HD)

- Kin (Vudu MA)

- Mamma Mia (MA HD)

- Man of Steel (MA HD)

- Max (MA HD)

- The Nice Guys (MA HD)

- The Night Before (MA HD)

- Oblivion (MA HD)

- Pacific Rim: Uprising (MA HD)

- Pitch Perfect (MA HD)

- Pitch Perfect 2 (MA HD)

- Pompeii 2014 (MA HD)

- The Purge: Election Year (MA HD)

- The Raid Redemption (MA HD)

- Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (MA HD)

- Ride Along 2 (MA HD)

- Riddick: Unrated Director's Cut (MA HD)

- Rio 2 Sing a Long (MA HD)


- Rogue One (MA HD)

- Run All Night (MA HD)

- Safe House (MA HD)

- Scarface (MA HD)

- Searching (MA HD)

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (MA HD)

- Schindler's List (MA HD)

- The Scorpion King (MA HD)

- The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption (MA HD)

- The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (MA HD)

- The Scorpion King: Book of Souls (MA HD)

- SPiderman Far From Home (MA HD)

- Spiderman No Way Home (MA HD)

- Spy unrated (MA HD)

- Star Wars: The Force Awakens split (MA HD)

- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Split (MA HD)

- Step Brothers (MA HD)

- Storks (MA HD)

- Ted 2 (MA HD)

- Think Like A Man Too (MA HD)

- This is Where I Leave You (MA HD)

- Tomorrowland split (MA HD)

- Trouble With The Curve (MA HD)

- Unbroken (MA HD)

- Underwater (MA HD)

- Veronica Mars (MA HD)

- War Room

- Warcraft (MA HD)

- The Water Diviner (MA HD)

- The Wedding Ringer (MA HD)

- We're the Millers (MA HD)

- When The Game Stands Tall (MA HD)

- Whiplash (MA HD)

- White House Down (MA HD)

- Woodlawn: The True Story (MA HD)

- X-Men Apocalypse (MA HD)

- Zero Dark Thirty (MA HD)

Movies Anywhere (SD):

- Morbius (MA SD)

- Pixels (MA SD)


- 13 Hours (Paramount HD)

- The Big Short (Paramount HD)

- Daddy's Home (Paramount HD)

- The Dictator (Paramount HD)

- Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Paramount HD)

- Florence Foster Jenkins (Paramount HD)

- The Gambler (Paramount HD)

- Ghost Team One (Paramount HD)

- Hugo (Paramount HD)

- Interstellar (Paramount HD)

- Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Paramount HD)

- Katy Perry: The Movie Part of Me (MA HD)

- Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

- Paranormal Activity (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity 2 (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity 3 (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (Paramount HD)

- Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension The Story of PA (Paramount HD)

- Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (Paramount HD)

- Selma (Paramount HD)

- Sonic the Hedgehog (Paramount HD)

- Spongebob the Movie Sponge out of Water (Paramount HD)

- Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount HD)

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 (Paramount HD)

- Transformers: Age of Extincion (Paramount HD)

- The Warriors (Paramount HD)

- World War Z (Paramount HD)

- XXX: Return of Xander Cage (Paramount HD)

Redeem Movie:

- The Choice 2016 (MovieRedeem HD)

- Dirty Dancing (Movieredeem HD)

- Draft Day (Movie Redeem HD)

- The Expendables 3 unrated (Movie Redeem HD)

- The Forger (MA HD)

- The Frozen Ground (Movieredeem HD)

- The Hateful Eight (Movieredeem HD)

- The Hunger Games (Movieredeem HD)

- The Hunger Games Catching Fire (Movieredeem HD)

- The Green Knight (Movieredeem HD)

- I, Frankenstein (Movieredeem HD)

- The Imitation Game (Movieredeem HD)

- John Wick (Movie Redeem HD)

- John Wick 1&2 (Movie Redeem)

- Knives Out (Movieredeem HD)

- Last Knights (Movie Redeem HD)

- The Last Stand (Movieredeem HD)

- The Last Witch Hunter (Movieredeem HD)

- Moonlight (Movieredeem HD)

- Mud (Movieredeem HD)

- Paddington (Movie Redeem HD)

- Prey for the Devil (Movieredeem HD)

- Redemption (Movieredeem HD)

- Rob Zombie Trilogy (Movieredeem HD)

- Room (Movieredeem HD)

- Sicario (Movieredeem HD)

- Sinister (Movieredeem HD)

- The Shack (Movieredeem HD)

- Shivers (Movieredeem HD)

- Snitch (Movie Redeem HD)

- Transformers: Age of Extinction (Paramount HD)

- Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Movieredeem HD)

- Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Movieredeem HD)

- Uncut Gems (Moveiredeem HD)

- Vendetta (Movieredeem HD)
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2023.03.23 04:35 1eternal_pessimist Who would like a timesuck on this? Batman had sex with up to 8 women a night -sometimes in costume!

or did he?
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2023.03.23 04:22 Adventurous-Ear9433 Who were the Antedilluvian Sages who assisted in humanity’s 'Golden age' , Lost civilization discovered in Egypt, & Serpent Priests

Pharaoh Ramses II had 129 children, and there is a tale that one day he gathered them and asked them, “Which one among you thinks they resemble me the most?” All of them, girls and boys, answered in a chorus “Me!” The notables around the Pharaoh started laughing, but the Pharaoh calmly told his children that they were all right: “You all resemble me. I am in all of you. So, go and fill the world. Create your clans, your tribes, create your own language but remember that you have admitted that you all resemble me".
tldr: Theres quite a bit of information that id like to share & its counterproductive to split up into 2 threads. Here is the account of the Sages who came to help the human race after disaster. Dont get worked up, These werent aliens. They were men who were treated as Gods AFTER theyd lived life in service to their fellow man. Let me state that Im a native West African keeper of the record of the people whos spent over a decade in the US. We require a modern AND traditional education. Theres no such thing as black or white to us. I despise Afrocentrist as much as the next person, i hate being lumped with who i consider racists more than anything. We don't teach Africa is the center or the cradle of civilization, its Australia. Also, time being linear is nonsense its cyclical such as the seasons. We worship ancestors, because they had the knowledge.. We don't look at the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesoamerica as inferior technologically nor do we consider civilization in 2023 'advanced technologically' ...
I wanna share the accurate indigenous wisdom traditions of the Sages that are referenced and stylized in every corner of the globe. These are the statues you see every where from Gobekli Tepe, Easter Island, to the Maori Islands..The Ahu akivi, Shesh or Shakti, the Tiki, etc megaliths who place their hands on their navels. These are who we indigenous consider our ancestors worthy of praise, the Gods as you'd say. But don't project Western beliefs onto our cultures, these were HUMAN BEINGS. They were deified AFTER they passed away. Osiris, Horus, Isis were all from a race of people Flinders Petrie discovered physical evidence of called Aunu. The Book of the Dead tells you about Osiris/Anu.. Kings of Tera neter
F.Petrie History of Egypt -Aunu Earliest civilization The first Kings who were the 'Wise Men from the Upper Nile were known as Aunu. (Google Ainu or Aunu people youll find them in every nook & cranny across the globe. In Louisiana as well as in Japan, and Sumer) There has been discoveries from much earlier than the accepted predynastic period that shows these people had domesticated animals & were using tools for agriculture Long before the accepted period. Heres a list of published works or scientific discoveries that most may not be familiar with. Also, the works of some of the fathers of Western Egyptology 1890s Emile , Project Gutenberg-T Mospero
The most fascinating civilizations of antiquity all show that they digressed as time went on, they didnt advance as youd think. The Oldest pyramid used Granite, basalt, Diorite, the recent discovery in Mexico shows that the Mesoamericans were at their peak the further back we go.Egypt: Those long reigns like most of the cultures of our ancestors SHOULDNT BE TAKEN LITERALLY. "The simplest explanation " is why so little is known about humanitys past. The ancient people of Egypt would say “he died aged 110” which referred to someone who lived life to the full and who offered an important contribution to society.
The most advanced human beings were the demigods of Sumer-Apkallu, 9 unknown Men-India, 7Sages -Greek, Ahu Akivi, Egypt-Shemsu Hor Today, Neb(High Priest) Manetho is considered the leading authority on Egypt and tells us during Zep Tepi They were “divine beings who knew how the temples and sacred places were to be created.” The Sages were divine survivors of a previous cataclysm who made a new beginning. Originally, they came from an island – the Homeland of the Primeval Ones --the majority of whose divine inhabitants were drowned. Arriving in Egypt, the survivors became “the builder Gods, who fashioned in the primeval time, the Lords of Light . . . the Ghosts, the Ancestors . . . who raised the seed for gods and men . . . the Senior Ones who came into being at the beginning, who illumined this land when they came forth unitedly Aswan obelisk - Elephantine
The Egyptian people didn't necessarily have a name for their civilization before the Shemsu Hor(Companions/People/Followers of Horus) arrived, they would call themselves 42 Tribes of 'Sesh', because they'd come from 42 different directions. A true meltingpot, where survivors gathered together from about every race you can name. After the golden age they then refer to themselves as Sheshu hor , "the people of the realized man"
Pharoah is from the Per-Ra, which youd probably say means house of Ra the Sun God. While true the word Ra had eventually begun to be used to denote the Sun-God in early dynastic periods, it was not yet designed as a proper name for the deity but rather a quality, or more correctly, an epithet. It initially meant “shining,” “brightness” or “light bringer one that shines high above"The Shining House”. We should remember here that the word Per (house) also meant dynasty in the Ancient Egyptian language (just like in some Western languages) as well as a physical building. Hence, the word Per-Ra actually points at a special group of people, like “the shining dynasty” or “the bright rulers.” The three pyramids of Giza were aligned in a pattern which was a perfect reflection of the stars in Orion’s Belt in 10,450 B.C., when Orion was at its closest to the southern horizon in the 25,900- year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Dhejuty was the King & the sacred knowledge was kept by the priestly elites /7 sages known as Shemsu Hor or ,"The Followers of Horus”. They used the heavens as a Legominism, taken from the sunken land theyd arrived from which used the stars as a means of passing and preserving knowledge down through time’s "inherent, law-conformable distortions".
The thread i made a week or so ago gives accounts from many ancient historians on how the Giza pyramid were thousands of years older than accepted. Josephus says they were built by Sons of Seth & youll see later that Petrie'Father of modern Egyptology ' found the Sons of Seth. (Plutarch mentions Hermes 'the 8'... him and the 7 sages he brought) Cedrenus' account says "Enoch(Thoth, Hermes, Dhejuty)foreseeing the destruction of the Earth, had inscribed the science of astronomy upon two pillars". The god of intelligence of the Egyptians was Thoth, Hermes was what the Sabians called him. Hermes was, however, called the son of Seth, and this deity is in some sense to be identified with Thoth(Tau). The Christian cross is based off the Tau ("take up your cross & walk") Jesus( Issa) was saying to remove the illusion of self. The Ego, look inside for your divine nature. I detail the Tau symbol & T shaped pillars of Gobekli Tepe, the Puma Punku site is TShaped , sites like the Ki Va of SouthW US Indians.. we are 1 people, there's no such thing as race.
In a passage of the Book of the Dead, the he has the name Tet. The oldest accounts of travel to Giza, is the Arab star-worshippers mentioned above "Sabians of Harran".. they were already traveling to leave offerings at the Giza pyramid in 1,730 - 1,575 BC.
Paleolithic burial of modern human Taramsa Hill Egypt
The Sumerian kings list mentioned the Kushite being the location that civilization restarted after the cataclysm that had destroyed the island mentioned above. The 3 sons of the King who is mentioned by the Aztec, Rapa Nui, that were sent out as Emissaries are the same 3 sons of Noah in the Bible. In support of the Sumerian claims about The Kush is the Earliest writing Dr Dreyer in a tomb in Abydos.
The Papyrus of Hunefer or Ani states the very same that Diodorus & Herodotus did much later. "We came from the beginning of the Nile where God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of The Mountains of the Moon" Diodorus Siculus Ethiopians were the first men that ever lived, the only truly autochthonous race and the first to institute the worship of the gods and the rites of sacrifice. Egypt itself was a colony of Ethiopia and the laws and script of both lands were naturally the same; but the hieroglyphic script was more widely known to the vulgar in Ethiopia than in Egypt. (Diodorus Siculus, bk. iii, ch. 3.) This knowledge of writing was universal in Ethiopia but was confined to the priestly classes alone in Egypt. This was because the Egyptian priesthood was Ethiopian. The highly developed Merodic inscriptions are not found in Egypt north of the first cataract or in Nubia south of Soba. These are differences we would expect to find between a colony and a parent body. Herodotus (bk. ii, p. 29) Homer and Herodotus call all the peoples of the Sudan, Egypt, Arabia, Palestine and Western Asia and India Ethiopians.”
During the invasions the bloodlines in charge of the highest echelons of knowledge decided to migrate from the Itoure(nile River) area in order to preserve the integrity of the knowledge itself. I made a threadon the Hopi migration from Kasskara already, the Maya Chilam (Mouthpiece of the Gods) "Carry your great books into the jungles. Place your histories deeply in caverns where none of these men can find them. Nor do you bring them back to the sunlight until the War-Cycle is over. For these bearded strangers are the children of War. They speak my precepts, but their ears do not listen. They have but one love and that is for weapons. " see, we don't have some imaginary sky daddy. These were all our ancestors who had the knowledge & were God's for what they did for humanity.
When Diodorus Siculus says "This knowledge of writing was universal in Ethiopia but was confined to the priestly classes alone in Egypt. This was because the Egyptian priesthood was Ethiopian" & "Black skinned priests who conferred with red men who we see depicted as GodKings he was talking about my predecessors the "Nabateans". The Sabaean people used an ancient Semitic tongue of their own, Sabaean or Himyaritic, which is what Ethiopian is based on.The 2 bloodlines were my Mande(Malinke-Bambara) lineage & the Gourmantche. To protect the initiations, the Dogoncharge of the highest echelons of knowledge decided to migrate from that area in order to preserve the integrity of the knowledge itself. They decided to no longer build elaborate and grand structures similar to the ones they built in the Nile valley which brought the attention of the invaders. They realized such material structures werent necessary to live a life focused on spiritual development. . I earned the title of Naba Seri(Neb-Master or Priest) after 15 yr of education in the same teachings of the mystery schools in Botu & Heliopos. We initiates of The Cult of Lebe(the Serpent God of the Dogon(Enki) have always been the Priests while the( 'Rot' Red men) were kings. In Bible theres mention of the Nomadic priests called Nabateans & the children of Isreal only listening to them, same group. Naba comes from Neb, the Egyptian MeduNtr for Priest(https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1397/1397-h/1397-h.htm)
-Raymond Dart- population fluctuation 7000 yr Egypt "Only 1% of pre-dynastic Egyptian skulls are brachycephalic (round or spherical): El Amrah 1% (101 skulls), Nagada, 1.9% (314 skulls), El Badari 0% (79 skulls).
From Dynasty I to VI (Old Kingdom), brachycephaly does also not exceed a single percent. However during the First Intermediate Period of Egypt 2181–2055 BC or Dynasty IX, 11.6% of skulls are brachycephalic or round." In other words, In ancient Egypt most of the Egyptians were dolichocephalic, or had long heads.I discussed the family of Nefertiti in the thread on Atlantis and youll see ALL members of that lineage had dolichocephalic, or long skulls
Dr. W. J. Perry refers to it as the Archaic Civilization. Sir Grafton Elliot Smith terms it the Neolithic Heliolithic Culture of the Brunet-Browns. Mr. Wells alludes to this early civilization in his Outline of History, and dates its beginnings as far back as 15,000 years B.C. Elliot Smith called the Heliolithic (sun-stone) culture, included many or all of the following odd practices: (1) Circumcision, (2) the queer custom of sending the father to bed when a child is born, known as Couvade, (3) the practice of Massage, (4) the making of Mummies, (5) Megalithic monuments (i.e. Stonehenge), (6) artificial deformation of the heads of the young by bandages, (7) Tattooing, (8) religious association of the Sun and the Serpent, and (9) the use of the symbol known as the Swastika for good luck. We have ceremonial dolls that have the symbol resembling the Swastika today. Dogon -Dama -Hopi-Kachina It's important that we maintain what our ancestors taught...
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2023.03.23 03:48 Judefro_YT just got the best shuffle ever, W or L?

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2023.03.23 03:37 Scarab138 Green UV reactive 100 w black light in front.

Green UV reactive 100 w black light in front.
Green UV reactive wax with a 100 watt black light shining from in front. LED black lights. 100 Watts gives me the effect I was looking for but wasn't quite achieving with the blacklight tubes.
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2023.03.23 03:34 juansolo298 (selling): Shrek 1-4, Antlers, Minions, Solo 4K, Apes 4K, Captain America 4K, Carol, Lilo & Stitch, The Menu, Ron's Gone Wrong, Hellboy 4K, Star Wars, Wakanda Forever, A Quiet Place 4K, Love & Mercy, Pet Sematary

Payment method - PayPal
1.- 3 From Hell 4K (iTunes only): $4
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2023.03.23 03:30 Toa_of_Memes SMFV: Book WrestleMania 39 Night 2

Asuka vs Bayley vs Bianca Belair{c}
Pre-Match Recap
“BAYLEY HAS DONE IT!!! SHE’S IN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH” Corey Graves yelps on commentary after a monumental performance against Candice LaRae from Bayley. We see Damage CTRL celebrating as Asuka stalks in the background. Bayley’s performance in the actual Chamber match is great, until SHE GETS THE BLUE MIST FROM ASUKA!!! Techno blares over superimposed images showing Asuka’s roots as Kana, showing how truly predatorial Asuka can be.
Bayley struggles from here, until gaining a win over Natalya. We see Bayley scream into a mic, “ASUKA, I'VE ALWAYS HAD TO PLAY SECOND FIDDLE TO YOU!” We smash cut to NXT footage of Bayley, overcoming obstacles, doing Bayley things, until we get to TakeOver Brooklyn 2, when Bayley lost her NXT Women’s Championship to none other than Asuka, which is where we leave their story for now.
Bianca Belair comes on screen, cutting an intense promo about how being champion has changed her life. How she’s helped people through hard times, and that Bayley doesn’t deserve to call herself a champion, when she finds herself interrupted by Asuka, who scuttles toward Bianca and gestures at the belt, basically making the match. Bianca must withstand the typhoon that is Asuka, and the assassin that is Bayley.
Bianca and Bayley start the match, pounding away at each other with hammer-like fists, and lock up. This gives Asuka a chance to launch herself into a flying knee, hitting Baylay squarely in the jaw. As Baylay falls, Asuka spins around to stand up, coming Face to Face with Bianca. Bianca then kicks Asuka in the stomach, and tries for a Doctor Bomb, but Asuka slips out, lands on her feet and loads Bianca with several stiff kicks, one going directly to the head. As Bianca rolls out of the ring, into the awaiting group of doctors, Bayley slides into the ring with a chair, BUT EATS A DROPKICK, FALLING TO THE CANVAS!!!
The match goes on, Bianca fighting the doctors to let her wrestle, being diagnosed with a cuncussion. As the cameras pan to the ring, we see Bayley in the Asuka Lock, but the leader of Damage Ctrl gets her foot on the rope. As Asuka scuttles away, Bianca breaks from the doctors and smashes Bayley in the nose, spurts of blood dripping in the aftermath. Bianca loses her balance after letting go of the canvas, and Bayley rises to her feet and backs up, right into the Empress of Tomorrow. Bayley turns, AND GETS MISTED!!! ASUKA LAUNCHES HERSELF INTO A YAKUZA KICK, AND PINS BAYLEY!!!
Asuka def Bayley and Bianca via Pinfall to Bayley
As Asuka walks into gorilla, she comes upon someone she hasn’t seen in years. The very man who is responsible for Asuka’s wrestling style .
She embraces WWE Hall of Famer
Keiji Mutoh.
Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio: Mullet vs Mask
Pre-Match Recap
SummerSlam 2022: The day that Dominik betrayed Rey. The day he joined Finn Balor’s Judgement Day by laying out Rey with a massive lariat, and signifying his change from white-meat babyface to the chicken-shit heel he is now. Dom’s impressive rise in the ranks, his many attacks on Rey and his family with Rhea, into an in-ring promo between the two. Dominik launches into a tirade that ends with “It's funny. We both know I’m not really your son. And I’d rather have a dead dad, than a deadbeat like you. So call me by my real name.
Dominik Guerrero.”
This gets a massive reaction from Rey. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU DISRESPECT EDDIE!!”
Rey calls Dominik a “Pendejo” and the match is set. Adam Pearce, because he hates mullets, made this match Mask vs Mullet.
Rey enters the stadium to a massive pop. Hall of Famer, Lucha Legend, Rey Mysterio. As Rey gets in the ring, we don’t hear the Judgement Day theme.
We hear…
Absolutely nuclear heat for the newly reborn Dominik Guerrero. Dominik rolls to the ring in a low-rider, much like his biological father, Eddie Guerrero. Finn and Damien Priest sit in the back, as the new Smackdown Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley lounges in the passenger seat. As Rey stares daggers into Dominik’s eyes, Dom smirks, and just gets more douchey.
The match begins, Dom just rocking Rey with a big boot, starting the match off with a dominant streak of strikes and chain grappling, as Dom knows more than anyone to keep Rey on the ground, away from the ropes. As Dom tries to work on Rey’s formerly injured knee, he gets frustrated and throws Rey into the corner, giving Rey the advantage he needs. Rey gives Dom a Hurricanrana, DOM HITS THE SECOND ROPE, AND DODGES THE 619!!!
The match goes back to Dominik’s favor after this, taking Rey to the outside and slamming him into the crowd barricade, into the awaiting arms of the Judgement Day. As Damian Priest whips Rey towards Dominik Guerrero, Rey LEAPS UP AND GIVES DOMINIK A HURRICANRANA INTO THE RING!!! As Rey slides into the ring, Dominik stomps on his head, to stop any possible offense. As Dominik grabs Rey by the head, he has an epiphany. I’m a Guerrero, why haven’t I done this?
Dominik puts his father in a Suplex position, and delivers. But instead of going for a pin, he rolls to the side, and delivers a second, and then a third. The crowd boos the Three Amigos, but Fom pays no mind, as he does a shimmy, climbs to the top rope TO DELIVER A FROGSPLASH, AND DELIVERS!!!
REY KICKS OUT!! Dominik, confused, looks at his Mami for guidance, but sees no one. Has Finn taken them backstage? As Dom turns, REY DROPKICKS DOM INTO THE ROPES AND DELIVERS A 619!!! Rey stops for a moment, AND SPRINGBOARDS UP FOR A WEST COAST POP!!!
Rey Mysterio def. Dominik Guerrero via Pinfall
As Rey holds the clippers, he gets a flashback to his best friend, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie had a mullet once. Rey throws down the clippers and embraces his son, who hugs him back. Emotions and stuff.
Intercontinental Championship Match
Gunther {C} vs Sheamus
This match doesn’t get much build. It’s Gunther vs Sheamus. Big Slappy European Guys. That’s what we get. It Sells.
(List of moves)
Gunther Splash
Brogue Kick
Rear Naked Choke
Brogue Kick
Sheamus def. Gunther via Pinfall
Big Meaty Men. Very cool match. Gets 7 Meltzer stars despite not being in Tokyodome.
Womens Tag Team Championship
Readhead Inc. (Becky/Lita){c} vs Damage Ctrl
Pre-match recap
Lita and Becky Lynch won the Women’s tag team titles just a few weeks ago, taking them off Damage Ctrl in quick fashion. While Bayley is deadset on winning the Raw Women’s Championship, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (still not big on the name) have been repairing their reputation as phenomenal singles wrestlers, but still aren’t quite on the same page in the Tag Team scene. As Trish Stratus made her return, Dakota Kai attacked the former Women’s Champion, prompting Lita to beat up Dakota, blah blah blah Sonya Deville booked this match on the card from the courtroom.
Iyo and Lita begin the match, Iyo using her speed to outmaneuver Lita, lashing the Women's tag team champion with stiff kicks, laying out Lita. Iyo tags in Dakota Kai, but as Dakota grabs Lita, the Queen of Extreme chops Dakota and hits the former NXT Women’s Champion with a lariat that gets a two-count.
The match goes on, Lita tagging in Becky Lynch, and Becky Lynch, absolutely destroying Dakota Kai with a sick DDT, getting a two count. Dakota hits Becky with a Pele kick, knocking The Man back enough to tag in Iyo, who springboards yo Becky, getting a massive missile Dropkick in, nabbing a one and a half count. But here’s when the communications break down between Iyo and Dakota. Dakota blind tags Iyo, but due to lack of a plan, gets taken down by BEKCY LYNCH, WHO LOCKS IN THE DISAEM-HER, but Iyo breaks that with a Senton, WHICH BRINGS LITA IN, LITA THROWING IYO TO THE OUTSIDE TO BRAWL!!!
Becky and Dakota continue, Becky working on weakening Dakota’s arm for the Disarm-her, but DAKOTA DODGES A LARIAT, AND ANSWERS WITH A SUPERKICK!! The match goes into Dakota’s favor UP UNTIL IYO REFUSES TO TAG IN!!! SHES HAS ENOUGH OF DAKOTA’S SHIT!!! BECKY LOCKS IN THE DISARM-HER, DAKOTA TAPS!!!!!
Redhead Inc. def. Damage CTRL via Submission
WWE Undisputed Universal Championship
Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes
Pre-match Recap
Romans title rain, lasting nearly 3 years at this point, has had effects on the business. Cody, as far as he claims, is here not to save WWE, but to save the business. To finish his father’s story, he needs to eradicate the immovable object that is Roman Reigns.
And as Cody has beaten big men before, he hasn’t beaten somebody with quite the caliber of Roman reigns in quite some time. His fight Wardlow, he truly had a great fight against Maxwell Jacob Friedman. And he 100% completely defeated Ray Sizzim. Cody, coming from undesirable to un-goddamn-deniable, this journey has let him hear. And as a Roman keeps dominating, so will Cody. Their collision was truly destined for WrestleMania.
On Raw a few weeks ago, Paul took Cody aside backstage for a little talk. “Cody, you seriously need to rethink this.” Paul Heyman says. “ The Tribal Chief has beaten everyone in his path, some of whom have gone to… other places. Places that you’re familiar with.” Paul, talking about Danielson here, equating Cody with Bryan, as if to say that Roman would send The American Nightmare back to AEW. “ I know your father’s story very well…” Cody interrupts Paul here, “DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY FATHER. YOU HIRED HIM FOR ONE MATCH, which yes, helped my family out immensely, but you don’t get to bring him up.” Cody, incensed, raises his fist to Heyman's face. “ And of you EVER. Talk about my family again, Roman’s gonna have to find someone else to hold those titles.”
Roman, after dealing with the mutiny of Sami Zayn, and the resulting fall out from that, is tired. After the Usos lost to the tag team championships last night, Roman Reigns is desperate. If the Usos can lose the tag team championships to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, he can lose these titles that Paul Heyman carries for him to the American Nightmare. And if he does lose those titles, what happens to the family. What happens to the bloodline. He’s already had the most dominant run with the titles in his family history, but if Roman loses, he will still feel like he is disappointing his family. Because that’s what the Bloodline is about. It’s not about Roman, it’s not about Solo, it’s not about Paul Heyman, it’s not about the Usos, titles, any of that shit.
It’s about the legacy of a wrestling dynasty that has finally been able to attain a true world championship status. This isn’t just Roman versus Cody. This isn’t just WWE versus AEW. This is two wrestling families colliding. This is not a wrestling match, This is a fucking gang war.
49 minutes of pyro
Cody and Roman stand toe to toe. Shades of Rock/Hogan at WrestleMania 18 at the beginning of the match. Cody, ever the man of habit, reaches out to shake Roman’s hand. Roman rejects the Code of Honor and the match begins. The two stars lock up, Roman having the strength advantage, enough to push Cody into the corner, where the ref breaks them up. They tie up again, Cody, this time being able to turn Roman into the turnbuckles, but instead of landing punches,Cody taps the pectoral muscles of Roman reigns. Is it a taunt? No. It’s a call back.
The match begins to pick up pace. Roman and Cody, each laying in a clothesline after clothesline after clothesline, but not being able to knock one other down. Drink one of these exchanges instead of delivering his own clothes line, Cody, Rhodes ducks Romans attempt at a clothesline, jumps up to the middle rope and attempts for a Cody Cutter, but gets caught by Roman who gives Cody a sidewalk slam. Cody quickly recovers from this, whipping Roman into the ropes where they do the thing where like leapfrog, and shit. I don’t know, what the fuck is it called.
The match goes on, Cody landing some very good maneuvers, onto Roman, getting a two count off of a disaster kick. Roman, however, rallies himself, and lays into Cody with several stiff punches and locks in the guillotine, Cody works himself into the ropes breaking the hold. Roman, instead of pulling Cody away to guarantee a win, starts to let his ego show. “What the hell are you gonna do to me, Cody? I’ve been champion for almost 3 damn years dude, you couldn’t even run a company for that long.“ Cody, ever the quick witted, white boy, says “yeah, and in that time I’ve been something that you couldn’t even possibly fathom defeating. I beat racism!!!”
The match moved into its third and final phase. Finisher attempt, after finisher attempt after finisher attempt after finishing attempt after finisher attempt after finisher attempt. Cody dodge the Superman Punch, while Roman ends up getting out of a CrossRhodes, Cody, almost landing disaster kick, and Roman bounces off the ropes into a spear, getting a two count. this ends, though, when Roman throws Cody outside of the ring directly into solo, Soko was Samoan Spike.
Cody, rallies himself up and asks Solo to do it again. And again. And again. Until we see a trickle of Crimson, drip down Cody‘s face. Cody’s bleach blonde hair beginning to be stained with blood. Cody gives Solo a CrossRhodes, and slides into the ring to face off with Roman reigns once more. this is truly something the WWE universe hasn’t seen in a long time. Not just blood at WrestleMania, but a superstar going up against a professional wrestler. And this is what rallies Cody to hit a CrossRhodes on Roman. Then he gets up and it’s another. And then another. And then another. And then another. Until 10 CrossRhodes have been hit on Roman reigns.
Cody Rhodes def. Roman Reigns
The story… is over. Cody has relinquished his father’s regrets. He has ended ra- I mean Roman’s Reign of terror. And as a tear wells up in his eye for his dear ol’ dad…
Downstait plays.
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2023.03.23 03:00 Tele_Prompter This Writers Guild West panel event celebrates nearly 60 years of Star Trek by gathering writers from across various Trek series — past and present — to share their writing process and how they helped shape one of television’s most iconic franchises. WGA West

This Writers Guild West panel event celebrates nearly 60 years of Star Trek by gathering writers from across various Trek series — past and present — to share their writing process and how they helped shape one of television’s most iconic franchises. WGA West submitted by Tele_Prompter to startrek_fans [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 02:16 MisfitsAndMe [US-KY] [H] Lego Star Wars Lot [W] PayPal/Trades/Offers

Link to images: https://imgur.com/a/wqc8uqh
I’m interested in Lego 75337, and Lego avatar sets
Tie Fighter - 75300 - $35 Inquisitor Transport - 75336 - $80 Snowspeeder 75259 - $70 The Mandalorian and The Child 75317 - $15
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2023.03.23 02:05 mythologicalaccords Elenna the Land of the Star & the Azores

The Star Shaped Island Theory
The island of Númenor had a shape of a 5-point star, each point having its own unique geological and physical features: Forostar, Andustar, Hyarnustar, Hyarrostar and Orrostar.

Tolkien never drew a map of Arda showing where exactly in Belegaer, or relative to Middle-earth, the island of Númenor stood, but there are some narrative hints.
The Azores, when viewed from Google Earth resembles a Star, in the middle of the Belegaer (Atlantic) just as Tolkien wrote about. How many points on the star is the downfall in this theory.. Tolkien wrote about 5 points while the Azores Plateau supports a 3 pointed Star (Like the Mercedes Logo). Or perhaps a 4 pointed North Star if we connect the smaller subterranean islands south of the Azores Plateau. This would make much more sense, as the North Star was a symbol of navigation for the sailors of the Sea in the past.

The Location Theory
Tolkien never drew a map of Arda showing where exactly in Belegaer, or relative to Middle-earth, the island of Númenor stood, but there are some narrative hints.

The Azores (/əˈzɔːrz/ ə-ZORZ, US also /ˈeɪzɔːrz/ AY-zorz; Portuguese: Açores Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈsoɾɨʃ]), officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores (Região Autónoma dos Açores), is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal (along with Madeira). It is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the Macaronesia region of the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1,400 km (870 mi) west of Lisbon, about 1,500 km (930 mi) northwest of Morocco, and about 1,930 km (1,200 mi) southeast of Newfoundland), Canada.
The Azores is an archipelago of islands that are 1,400 km from Lisbon, Portugal of Middle-earth. 1,500 km from Morocco of the Hither Lands and 1,930 km from Newfoundland of Tol Eressea straddling the east coast of Aman. Wouldn't it be a coincidence that one of the few countries with Port in it's name actually owned the island remnant of Numenor? The many Ports that were built along it's coasts?

The Azores Triple Junction Theory
The Azores Plateau or Azores Platform is an oceanic plateau encompassing the Azores archipelago and the Azores Triple Junction in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was formed by the Azores hotspot 20 million years ago and is still associated with active volcanism.
The plateau consists of a roughly triangular-shaped large igneous province that lies less than 2,000 m (6,600 ft) below sea level.

The Azores Triple Junction (ATJ) is a geologic triple junction where the boundaries of three tectonic plates intersect: the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. This triple junction is located along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) amidst the Azores islands, nearly due west of the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Azores Plateau lies 2,000m below sea level. Could this be the long lost Atlantis that sank below the cataclysm of the 2nd Age? One little sweet detail we can suffice from the Azores Triple Junction is it's representation to the World of Arda and it's Realms. Valinor (North American Craton) rested on the North American Plate.
The Western Islands of the Azores Archipelago sit on the North American Plate and we can assume these Islands to be remnants of the Port City of Andúnië which received Elven sailors from Tol Eressea (Newfoundland, Canada). Elves travelling as far East as they could along the North American Plate to visit fair Numenor and it's western coast.
The Eurasian Plate serves as the eastern islands of the Azores Archipelago and we can find the Port City of Rómenna to sit here. Numenorean sailors would often launch their ships here to visit Middle-earth (Eurasia).
The African Plate serves as the southern islands of the Azores Archipelago. Not much information can be analyzed here, but we can assume the same that Numenorean sailors would launch from the south to visit the Hither Lands (Africa).

The Meneltarma→Mount Pico Theory
Meneltarma had a flattened and somehow depressed summit, which was so broad that was able to contain a great multitude during religious ceremonies. However no permanent structure was erected there, and the ceremonies took place in open air. It was said that on a clear day the 'far-sighted' might see Tol Eressëa.
After the destruction of Númenor, some amongst the Exiles believed that the Hallow of Eru upon the summit of the mountain remained as an isle in Belegaer. Some Dúnedain are even said to have set sail trying to reach the isle, from which the legend held that one could catch a glimpse of the unreachable Aman.

Mount Pico (Portuguese: Montanha do Pico) is a currently quiescent stratovolcano located on Pico Island, in the mid-Atlantic archipelago of the Azores. It is the highest mountain in Portugal, at 2,351 metres (7,713 ft) above sea level, and is one of the highest Atlantic mountains; it is more than twice the elevation of any other peak in the Azores. It has been a designated nature reserve since 1972.
Meneltarma was the central Mountain upon Numenor and was revered by the people of the Island. It was the highest Mountain of the Island and had a flattened summit. Mount Pico is the highest Mountain of the Azores and EVEN Portugal. It is more than twice the elevation of any other peak in the Azores. So clearly this Mountain is and was a sight to see of the Azores. The Exiles of Numenor even believed the summit of the Mountain to remain in the Belegaer. So perhaps Mount Pico would've been higher yet in the past? As far as being "far-sighted" to see Aman (North America) from the top of the Mountain I would read more carefully the meaning of "far-sighted."
Far-sighted doesn't have to mean in a physical sense, one can see Tol Eressea or Middle-earth from the Azores (Numenor). Since the Hallow of Eru was founded on the Mountain, we can assume the word takes a religious meaning. Being far-sighted would mean then that one could have visions of the land in their mind.
Oh and let's not forget the flattened summit of Mount Pico. If I had photos to share, I would. Check it out yourself!

Closing Statement
There are holes to this theory. But then there are many supporting theories. Like always, Tolkien may have not thought about the Azores when writing about Numenor, but the fact remains.. the lore matches the geographies of our world. 20 million years ago even...
Whose to say what the Azores looked like 20 million years ago? An island realm that colonized the Earth? Sea-kings, Gods among Men. Atlantis the Island. A civilization that brought the best and worst of mankind. Where it is only heard about in books.. fantasy.. mythology.
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2023.03.23 01:04 bananacat678 I wish Taylor would come out for these reasons

I may be selfish in hoping for this, but I just think Taylor coming out would help a lot of people all over the world. I think we all know that it would and I’m sure Taylor’s aware of how much it would help. I get it can be scary though and I also understand why Taylor may be hesitant or might not want to. I think we all know how much many closeted people in the music and entertainment industry in the west have had to face discrimination by their management companies or have been forcibly closeted. But it’s not just the west, think about what would happen in kpop too? Taylor Swift is huge overseas as well and also in Korea. And if you’ve noticed, no major “A-list” kpop stars (kpop idols with significant mainstream success) have ever came out despite many of them bravely hinting at their sexuality. A really famous kpop idol actually came out a few years ago at a European concert I believe, but she had to backtrack because the clip went viral and her career would’ve been over. I also know of some kpop idols who were forcibly closeted that I won’t name, but it was clear that they weren’t happy. If Taylor actually came out, it would really change the game in my opinion. (Even Korean actors never come out, there’s one who almost got outed and his management team covered it up like crazy.)
Taylor coming out could also have a significant impact on politics, particularly in countries where LGBTQ+ individuals are not accepted or face discrimination. It could help to shift societal attitudes towards greater acceptance and inclusivity, and could encourage politicians and governments to take action to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. It would potentially challenge harmful views that many politicians have about the LGBTQ+ community.
I guess I’m just writing this now because I was honestly hopeful that Taylor was hinting she may potentially come out soon because of this Twitter thread pointing out some symbolism at her concerts that I saw, but that article I saw about her and Joe that her publicist was obviously behind disappointed me. I was hoping maybe there would be some breakup narrative during the tour, but now I don’t know what to think. I respect whatever Taylor’s choice is, but a selfish part of me does wish she would come out for the reasons I listed and also because I saw how hard being closeted is for many kpop idols that I like. There have been instances in some kpop groups where the managers literally came over and physically separated members who were just showing affection towards each other.
I’ve seen some people theorizing that maybe Ellen Degeneres felt resentful towards Taylor for backing out of coming out years ago, and if that’s true, I obviously don’t agree with Ellen showing resentment because it’s Taylor’s personal choice. However, I kind of get why it may have upset her. She revealed in a Time magazine in the 90s that other gay celebrities were supposed to come out with her, but they had all backed out. I agree Ellen’s an asshole, but knowing this, I do kind of understand why she may have felt somewhat betrayed because of her decision. It’s really difficult to be out in the entertainment industry and Ellen must’ve had hope that someone so big would come out but it was taken from her unfortunately. I just want to say again that I totally respect Taylor’s choice, I guess my point is just about how much her coming out would help many celebrities in the entertainment industry in general.
Also sorry if my thoughts were all jumbled or if anything I said came across as weird or offensive, I guess most of this just came from seeing how hard it is to see celebrities I like being forcibly closeted, both in the west and kpop. And I guess also just from seeing the discrimination the LGBTQ+ community faces worldwide and even still in the US. I know a global superstar like Taylor coming out would not be a solution to any of these issues, but I really believe it might inspire some positive change throughout the world. A selfish part of me does hope Taylor can prove my pessimistic thoughts wrong in the near future.
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2023.03.22 23:33 Low_Understanding525 Beatport Best New Minimal / Deep Tech March 2023

Aaron Martin – Doubletap (Original Mix)
Aaron Martin – Mamboleo (Original Mix)
ACA (YU) – Bad Ass Green Go (Original Mix)
ACA (YU) – Kenobi (Original Mix)
ADRIANZA – 1997 (Original Mix)
Afekt Music – Plastic Memories (Extended Mix)
Afterparty – Fear (Original Mix)
Alejandro Vasconez – Coaccion sin fundamento (Original Mix)
Alejandro Vasconez – Meditaciones en la selva (Original Mix)
Alejo Ramirez – Feel So Good (Original Mix)
Alejo Ramirez – Fuck You (Original Mix)
Alf_io – Sinonimi&Contrari (Never Alone In A Dark Room Remix)
Alonso Bierg, Matías Schaller – Let Your Body Flow (Original Mix)
Alvaro AM, Lose Endz – Last Night At X (LaRosa Remix)
Alvaro AM, Lose Endz – Last Night At X (Original Mix)
Alvaro AM, Lose Endz – Retiro’s Homies (Original Mix)
Alvaro AM, Lose Endz – We Don’t Need More Heroes (Original Mix)
AMAYLIA – 019a (Original Mix)
AMAYLIA – 019b (Original Mix)
Ander P – Keep Flying (Original Mix)
Ander P – To Dance (Original Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Black & Darking (Original Mix)
Andres Shockwave – End of the Operation (Original Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Venn Diagram (Original Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Blushhed (Orginal Mix)
Andres Shockwave – No Sleep (Orginal Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Vaporizable Liquid (Orginal Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Plane ZX (Original Mix)
Andres Shockwave – Right Now (Original Mix)
Andrey Djackonda – Believer (Original Mix)
Andrey Djackonda – Jacks! (Original Mix)
Andrey Djackonda – When the Music Changes (Original Mix)
Anton C – Enter The Wave (Original Mix)
Antonio BM – Bonsai (Original Mix)
Antonio BM – Gona Take (Original Mix)
Antonio BM – Just Be (Original Mix)
Antonio Marques – Routine (Original Mix)
Antonio Romano – Spotted (Original Mix)
Antonio Romano – Trouble (Original Mix)
Aron Volta – Breathless (Original Mix)
Aron Volta – Gin Fizz (Original Mix)
Aron Volta – Sleeper Cell (Original Mix)
Arrioondas – One One (Original Mix)
Arrioondas – Wolflix (Original Mix)
B-Liv – The Overground (Original Mix)
B-Liv – The Underground (Original Mix)
Barac – Cuvantul Lui Iancu (Original Mix)
Barac – Kerrill King (Original Mix)
Barac – Make You Dream (Original Mix)
Barac – Yellow Star on the Moon (Original Mix)
Baylee Brown – Look At Me (Original Mix)
Benny S – I Want to make you work for it (Original Mix)
Benny S – Planet Dub (Original Mix)
Benny S – Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)
Benny S – Walking On Air (Original Mix)
Bes – Fooled (Original Mix)
Bes – The Man From Tallahassee (Original Mix)
Betsu – Audalo (Original Mix)
Betsu – Drepy (Original Mix)
Betsu – Du Salar (Original Mix)
Betsu – Kyodai (Original Mix)
BizZa – Colobus (Cristian Merino Remix)
BizZa – Colobus (Original Mix)
BizZa – Sleep (Original Mix)
BizZa – Dumdumm (Original Mix)
BizZa – Lovelees (Original Mix)
BizZa – Solaris (Hector Couto Remix)
BizZa – Solaris (Original Mix)
BKLN – All The Time (Original Mix)
BKLN – Baby Got Moove (Original Mix)
Bongo Beat – Re Glue (Original Mix)
Brown Vox – Jamaha (Original Mix)
Brown Vox – Savana Ladea (Original Mix)
Bruvera – Charmtird (Original Mix)
Caio R – Hollywood (Original Mix)
Caio R – Nine (Original Mix)
Caio R – Nine (TmrsTn Remix)
Caio R – Unknow (Original Mix)
Camilo Gil – Space in My Place (Dub Mix)
Camilo Gil – Space in My Place (Original Mix)
Casey Spillman – Full Circle (Original Mix)
Cesar Sepulveda – Father (Original Mix)
Cesar Sepulveda – Kubrick (Original Mix)
Cesar Sepulveda – Pitahaya (Original Mix)
Chillin Williams – On & On (Eskuche Remix)
Chillin Williams – On & On (Original Mix)
Chillin Williams – On & On (Pezlo MD Remix)
Chillin Williams – You Ain’t Call (Legit Trip Remix)
Christian Burkhardt – New Ways (Dimmish Remix)
Christian Burkhardt – New Ways (Original Mix)
Christian Burkhardt – Space Funk (Original Mix)
Christopher Ledger – Remembrance (Original Mix)
CL-ljud – La Mattina ha L’oro in Bocca (Original Mix)
CL-ljud – Pensieri Nella Mente (Original Mix)
CL-ljud – Prime ore del Giorno (Original Mix)
CL-ljud – Vibrazioni (Original Mix)
CNTRL – DGTL Pleasure (Original Mix)
CNTRL – FRGTTN (Original Mix)
CNTRL – MOD 1 (Original Mix)
CNTRL – MOD 2 (Original Mix)
Constant, Lascu – Techniques De Respiration (Original Mix)
Constant, Lascu – Techniques De Respiration (Oxy Remix)
Oxy – Hotdog.jpeg (Constant, Lascu Remix)
Oxy – Hotdog.jpeg (Original Mix)
Cosenza – Doubble Troubble (Man/ipulate Remix)
Cosenza – Hitting Records (Original Mix)
Cosenza – Waterproof (Original Mix)
D’Julz – Est. 1992 (Francesco Farfa Remix)
D’Julz – Highway (Huerta Remix)
D’Julz – Highway (Janeret Remix)
D’Julz – Your Mom’s Fav DJ (Jorge Savoretti Remix)
DAMIEN ALMIRA – 07’41 am (Original Mix)
DAMIEN ALMIRA – Ana’s Dream (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister – Lower Body (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister – Meantime (Original Mix)
Daniel Melero – Eclosiones (Alejandro Vivanco Remix)
Daniel Melero – Eclosiones (Dilo Remix)
Daniel Melero – Eclosiones (Franco Cinelli Remix)
Daniel Melero – Eclosiones (Pablo Denegri Remix)
Daniel Melero – Eclosiones (Violett Remix)
Davide Cali – Random 1 (Original Mix)
Davide Cali – Random 2 (Original Mix)
Dexter Kane – Attackin The Wax (Original Mix)
Dexter Kane – Funk Accelerator (Original Mix)
Dexter Kane – Pork Chop (Original Mix)
Diego (CL) – Cloudy Day (Original Mix)
Jeremias Lihn, Diego (CL) – Here We Are (Original Mix)
Diego Ruffo – Domingo 9AM (Dr Gabbo Remix)
Diego Ruffo – Domingo 9AM (Original Mix)
Dilivio – Language of the Spirit (Gabriel Slick 4 AM Edit)
Dilivio – Language of the Spirit (Original Mix)
Dinu – Patience Sister (original mix)
Dinu – The Doors (original mix)
Dinu, Vizan – Maroon 6 (Original mix)
Dj Spy – Dabtaker (Original Mix)
Dj Spy – Deep Contra (Original Mix)
dk (JP) – Rove (Original Mix)
dk (JP) – Rove (Sakdat Remix)
Dr Gabbo – Pistol to my Head (Original Mix)
Dr Gabbo – Ride (Original Mix)
Dub Archanoid Trim – Children 2005 (Acid Dub)
Dub Archanoid Trim – Children 2005 (Original Mix)
Dubman F. – Planet (Emiliano Martini Remix)
Dubman F. – Planet (Malbo Remix)
Dubman F. – Planet (Original Mix)
Emanuel Natucci – Biggiebootie (Original Mix)
Emanuel Natucci – Yeah Baby (Original Mix)
Enzo Leep – Away Together (Original Mix)
Enzo Leep – The Miracle (Original Mix)
Enzo Leep – Tumbril (Direkt Remix)
Enzo Leep – Tumbril (Original Mix)
EzeRostagno – Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Original Mix)
EzeRostagno – Feel So Good (Original Mix)
Fabian Haneke – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
Fabian Haneke – What Life’s All About (Original Mix)
Facunh – Ladies & Vintage (Original Mix)
Facunh, Zaner – Acid Funky (Original Mix)
Facunh, Zaner – Shaft of Light (Original Mix)
Fedo – I Was Born Tonight (Original Mix)
Fedo – I Was Born Tonight (Silat Beksi Remix)
Fedo – Mandarinas (Original Mix)
Fedo – Splessy (Original Mix)
Fedo – Gray Visual 75 (Original Mix)
Fedo – Hold Me (Original Mix)
Fedo – Let Go (Original Mix)
Fedo – Let Go (Yaroslav Kinsky Remix)
FLOWFAT – Night Attack (Original Mix)
FLOWFAT, Lukaiz – Take Talk (Original Mix)
Francesco Squillante – Back To The Past (Original Mix)
Frink – Haarp (Original Mix)
Frink – Marlene (Original Mix)
Frink – Mesura (Original Mix)
Frink – Opium (Original Mix)
Frink, Yago Moyer – PãO de AçÚCar (Ednner Soares Remix)
Frink, Yago Moyer – PãO de AçÚCar (Original Mix)
Josh Martin, Yago Moyer – Colima (Original Mix)
Yago Moyer – Garota de Ipanema (Accapella)
GABFFER – Acid (Original Mix)
GABFFER – Commom (Original Mix)
GABFFER – Move (Original Mix)
GABFFER – W.T.F (Original Mix)
Galib – Back The Fuck Up (Original Mix)
Galib – Give To Me (Original Mix)
Galib – Scratch (Original Mix)
Geamidik – Earth (Original Mix)
Geamidik – Earth (Za__Paradigma Remix)
Geamidik – Manigua (Original Mix)
George Smeddles – Get Loose (Original Mix)
George Smeddles – Mind Games (Original Mix)
George Smeddles – On Your Feet (Original Mix)
George Smeddles – System On (Original Mix)
Gorge – Some Day (Neverdogs Remix)
Grees – Pepu’s Place (Original Mix)
Gunnter – Café Chéri (Original Mix)
Gunnter – Maddy (Original Mix)
Gunnter – Mental Reset (Original Mix)
Gunnter – Omaha Beach (Original Mix)
Gustaff – 69 Reasons (Extended Mix)
Gustaff – Magic In My Cup (Extended Mix)
HAAK. – 247 (Original Mix)
HAAK. – Like The Present (Original Mix)
HAAK. – Sounds Of Fish (Original Mix)
Harry Fitsch – La Vida (Original Mix)
Head Rush – A Little Bit (Original Mix)
Head Rush – Movin’ (Original Mix)
Heerz – Blabla (Original Mix)
Heerz – Nocap (Original Mix)
Heerz – U Lost (Original Mix)
Heerz, Bansi (ARG) – Recuerdos (Original Mix)
Hey Dan, P.WE – Mysterious Ways (Original Mix)
P.WE – That Groove (Original Mix)
High Soundsystem – Point Blanc (Original Mix)
High Soundsystem, Raphaelito – Yakuzza (Original Mix)
Horuz – Bardo (Original Mix)
Horuz – Zen (Original Mix)
Inavo – Seven Digits (Original Mix)
Infernal Racket – R.E.M (Hipp-E Remix)
ISSCO – Drop the Chill (Original Mix)
ISSCO – Game 0 (Original Mix)
J Gabriel, Chuffing Buffy – Transform Dub (Arkajo Version)
J Gabriel, Chuffing Buffy – Transform Dub (Frazer Campbell Version)
J Gabriel, Chuffing Buffy – Transform Dub (J Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy Version)
J Gabriel, Chuffing Buffy – Transform Dub (Steve O’Sullivan Version)
Ja Kub – High Energy (Original Mix)
Ja Kub – Parallel (Original Mix)
Ja Kub – Throwback (Original Mix)
Jack District – Jazz In The Room (Original Mix)
Jack District – The Charm (Original Mix)
Jamback – At The House (Original Mix)
Jamback – Gate (Original Mix)
Javi Lopez – To The Dancefloor (Original Mix)
Javier Labarca – Huambaly (Original Mix)
Javier Labarca – So Sweet (Original Mix)
Jay House – Baños del Inka (Original Mix)
Jay House – I love You (Original Mix)
Jay House – Lluvia en Cajamarca (Original Mix)
Jiggy (IT) – Amnesia de Ibiza (Original Mix)
Jizz – Skyland (Original Mix)
Joachim Pastor – Green Washer (Gregor Tresher Extended Remix)
Joeski, DJ Chus, Jimmy Lopez – Creo en Dios (Original Mix)
Joey – Delusions (Original Mix)
Joey – Mush-room (Original Mix)
Joey – Tina Gurner (Original Mix)
Jordano Roosevelt – Crazy For You ft. Mafer Davalos (Original Mix)
Jose Vilches – CHASE (Original Mix)
Josu Freire – Cero (Original Mix)
Juan Rodriguez – Razones (Original Mix)
Juliana Mendez – Stronger Than Me (Original Mix)
Juliana Mendez – Suena (Original Mix)
Junior Souza – For Me (Original Mix)
Junior Souza – Happy Now (Original Mix)
Junior Souza, feat. Nt Dogg – Tropa (Original Mix)
JUST2 – Multicore (Original Mix)
KASSIMIL – Nightfall (Original Mix)
Kenneth Scott – Firesound (Original Mix)
Kenneth Scott – Light Blooming (Original Mix)
Kenneth Scott – Lost Sonar (Original Mix)
Kenny Oliver – Berries (Original Mix)
Kenny Oliver – Got 2 (Original Mix)
Kensuke FUKUSHIMA – Crawling (Original Mix)
Kensuke FUKUSHIMA – Mantle (Original Mix)
Kensuke FUKUSHIMA – Waterdance (Bouzas Remix)
Kensuke FUKUSHIMA – Waterdance (Original Mix)
Kensuke FUKUSHIMA – Waterdance (Unaporte Remix)
Kevin Arga – Acid Week (Original Mix)
Kevin Arga – Legacy (Original Mix)
Kevin Arga – Redes no Sociales (Original Mix)
Kevin Arga – The Professional (Original Mix)
Kidoo – Get Your Sexy On (Original Mix)
Kidoo – Le Flexion (Original Mix)
Kidoo – Lovers (Original Mix)
Kidoo – Tango (Original Mix)
Kieran Morgan – Bring The Fire (Original Mix)
Kieran Morgan – By My Side (Original Mix)
Kieran Morgan – Functional Dance Floor Track (Original Mix)
Kieran Morgan – My Love (Original Mix)
KIRIK – Lose Control (Original Mix)
KIRIK – Rise And Shine (Original Mix)
KiRKie – Creeping (Original Mix)
Koto Barrueto – 1968 (Original Mix)
Koto Barrueto – Dark Conga (Original Mix)
Kreature – Body Banger (James View Remix)
Kreature – Body Banger (Original Mix)
Kreature – The Infamous (Original Mix)
Kricked – Doomsday (Original Mix)
Kricked – How You Say… Problematic (Original Mix)
Kricked – Understand (Original Mix)
KristoFurr – Affection (Original Mix)
KristoFurr – Think’n (Original Mix)
kuniyuki – Earth Beats (Chateau Flight Bonus Beat)
kuniyuki – Earth Beats (Chateau Flight Main Mix)
kuniyuki – Earth Beats (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Ky William – Touche (Original Mix)
La Matrice – Supernova (Original Mix)
La Matrice – Tape Ta Trance (Original Mix)
Lanas – Lapdance (Original Mix)
Lanas – Waiting Line (Original Mix)
Latmun – Just Play (Original Mix)
Laydee V, Monita Dah – What Do You Expect? (MINT (JPN) Remix)
Lee Onel – Duck (Original Mix)
Lee Onel – Duck (REda daRE Remix)
Lee Onel – He He He (Original Mix)
Lee Onel – Voltage (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Asine (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Taom (Orignal Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Udhc (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Xlams (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Bwtuo (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Euy (Original Mix)
lefthandsoundsystem – Luoumin (Original Mix)
Len Vitz, Charlie iapicone – Playhouse (Kolter Remix)
Len Vitz, Charlie iapicone – Playhouse (Original Mix)
Leon (Italy) – Control Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Leon (Italy) – Starshots (Extended Mix)
Lophius Rec, Caiman Juice – Godzluv (Original Mix)
Lophius Rec, Caiman Juice – What Have You Done (Original Mix)
Lost.Act – Backwords (Original Mix)
Lost.Act – Cabaret (Original Mix)
Lost.Act, Gianluca Felline – Cabaret (Gianluca Felline Remix)
Macchi – Ba Ba Ba (Original Mix)
Madre (BR) – Chains (Original Mix)
Mahony, Wheats – ID3 (Original Mix)
Mahony, Wheats – OFF THE WALL (Original Mix)
Manoova – Ain’t Fair (Original Mix)
Manoova – Feel Inside (Original Mix)
Manoova – Forever (Original Mix)
Manoova – The Break (Original Mix)
Marcellus (UK) – Juicy (Original Mix)
Marcellus (UK) – Kiss Me Right (Original Mix)
Marcos Aldinio – French Garden (Original Mix)
Marcos Aldinio – Roots (Original Mix)
Mario Alban – Far Away (Original Mix)
Mario Alban – Just Listen (Original Mix)
Mario Alban – My Hood (Original Mix)
Martin Vasquez – Actions (Original Mix)
Martin Vasquez – Consecuences (Original Mix)
Martinii – A New Direction (Original Mix)
Martinii – Vitaminas (Original Mix)
Ozeil – Brainstorm (Original Mix)
Ozeil – Looseness (Original Mix)
Mason Collective – Guidance Through My Perc (Original Mix)
Mason Collective – Soul Rebel (Original Mix)
Mati Astroza – Disco (Original Mix)
Mati Astroza – Get Away (Original Mix)
Mati Astroza – No Matter (Original Mix)
Mati Astroza – Without You (Original Mix)
Max Coseglia, G-lover – I Do Note (Mata Jones Remix)
Mene – That’s Right (Original Mix)
Mene, ACA (YU) – No Me Impolta (Original Mix)
Mene, ACA (YU) – No Me Impolta (Ray Mono Remix)
Mene – Should I Be (Original Mix)
Mene, RAYZIR – Blunt (feat. RAYZIR) (Original Mix)
Mennie – From The Ground (Original Mix)
Mennie – Reactive Memory (Original Mix)
Mennie – Rebound (Original Mix)
Mennie – The Magic Circle (Original Mix)
Merissa Mahilaa – Handle This (Original Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu – Automat (Original Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu – Immensity (Original Mix)
Mike Jaguar – Shade (Jullian Millan Remix)
Mike Jaguar – Shade (Original Mix)
Mike Jaguar – Shade (Rando Remix)
Mike Scot – Rock the Discoteque (Francis (UK) Remix)
Mike Scot – Rock the Discoteque (Original Mix)
MINT (JPN) – Paradigm Shift (Mattias Coll Remix)
MINT (JPN) – Paradigm Shift (Original Mix)
MINT (JPN) – Paradigm Shift (Victor Ibarrola Remix)
Mizaru – One Way Ticket to Fun Town (Original Mix)
Mizaru – Wiretap (Original Mix)
Moett C – Dead Circuit (Original Mix)
Moett C – No Shape (Original Mix)
Moett C – Revolve (Original Mix)
Moglis – Don’t Fear House (Original Mix)
Moglis – Run It Back (Original Mix)
Moglis – Stressed Out (Original Mix)
Monica Venturella – Vitamine (Original Mix)
Ms Pika – El Dj (Original Mix)
Ms Pika – La Encantadora (Original Mix)
Nacho Riveros, Ogle Sound – Panorama (Original Mix)
Nacho Riveros, Ogle Sound – Start Over (Original Mix)
Naju – Canto de Sirena (Original Mix)
Naju – El Muelle (Original Mix)
Nathan Alzon – Bikini Bottom (Archie Hamilton Remix)
Nathan Alzon – Bikini Bottom (Original Mix)
Nathan Alzon – Midtown Madness (Original Mix)
Nathan Alzon – Nairobi (Original Mix)
Neritaan – Detune (Original Mix)
Neritaan – Discover (Original Mix)
NewTone (NL) – Brace Yourself (Original Mix)
NewTone (NL) – Dance With Me (Original Mix)
NewTone (NL) – Move That Body (Original Mix)
Nick Avvani – Cloud (Original Mix)
Nick Avvani – Dream (Original Mix)
Nima Gorji – Stay Put (Kuzey Remix)
Nima Gorji – Stay Put (Original Mix)
Nolga – Amber Gambler (Original Mix)
Nolga – Electric Sunrise (Original Mix)
Nolga – Mistaken Identity (Original Mix)
Nolga – Revolution (Original Mix)
Nolon – Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Nolon – Without You (Original Mix)
Odette – Break That (Original Mix)
Odette – Likey Like (Ollie Rant Remix)
Odette – Likey Like (Original Mix)
Odette – Lost In Playing (Original Mix)
Odette – Night Into Town (Original Mix)
Odette – Organ Jazz (Original Mix)
Odette – Upside Down (Original Mix)
Oldschool Dubtechno .Producer – Fall Into the Void (Original Mix)
Oldschool Dubtechno .Producer – Gravity Maneuver (Original Mix)
Oldschool Dubtechno .Producer – Magnificence (German F Remix)
Oldschool Dubtechno .Producer – Magnificence (Soundealer Remix)
Ollie Nick – Path To Revolution (Original Mix)
Ollie Nick – Wanna Be Right (Original Mix)
Omari – Tell Me What You Want (Original Mix)
Omari – The Static (DanB Remix)
Omari – The Static (Original Mix)
Omega Men – Hack Flame (Original Mix)
Omega Men – Oh Boy (Original Mix)
Omega Men – What A Bagbiter (Original Mix)
Omega Men – Win Lose (Original Mix)
Oskyal – You (Original Mix)
OTRERA – Cacheteado (Original Mix)
OTRERA – Memorias de una Fiesta (Original Mix)
OTRERA – Sample Choreado (Original Mix)
OTRERA – Swingin’ As Bemsha (Original Mix)
Overtracked – I Want You To Know (Extended Mix)
Paul Quzz, Ian R. – Juggle (Original Mix)
Paul Quzz, Ian R. – Slide Show (Original Mix)
Paul Quzz, Ian R. – The Circus (Original Mix)
Pergolizzi [IT] – Release (Original Mix)
Rafa Calello – Countdown (Original Mix)
Rafa Calello – Repeat (Original Mix)
Raized – Abeesh Good (Original Mix)
Raized – Kibbled (Original Mix)
Raized, The Fellas (US) – The Show Goes On (Original Mix)
Ranger Trucco – buss it. (Original Mix)
Ranger Trucco – symphonia. (Original Mix)
Malle, Remi Blaze – Stop Start (Jose Ferrando Remix)
Malle, Remi Blaze – Stop Start (Original Mix)
Malle, Remi Blaze – Yo Soy! (Omar C Remix)
Malle, Remi Blaze – Yo Soy! (Original Mix)
Rhoger, BlockheadLZ – I Can Feel It (Club Dub)
Rhoger, BlockheadLZ – I Can Feel It (Midnight Dub)
Rhoger, BlockheadLZ – I Can Feel It (Original Mix)
Rick Sanders – Action (Original Mix)
Robbie Doherty – It’s My Beat (Extended Mix)
Rossi. – Fly (Original Mix)
Rossi. – Honey, I’m… (Original Mix)
Rossi. – Knock Knock (Original Mix)
Rossi. – Wildcard (Original Mix)
Rudolf C – Globular (N-Gynn Remix) (Original Mix)
Rudolf C – Globular (Original Mix)
Rudolf C – Microwave Background (Original Mix)
Rudolf C – Mysticism In The Modern Day (Original Mix)
SAC – Do It (Original Mix)
SAC – Hover (Original Mix)
SamBRNS – Coffee Boi (Original Mix)
SamBRNS – Sunny Daze (Original Mix)
SamBRNS – Sunny Daze (Pepe G Remix)
Sandro AT – Grace (Lautaro Ojeda Remix)
Sandro AT – Grace (Original Mix)
Sandro AT – She Call Me (Original Mix)
Sandro AT – She Call Me (Son of Elita Dance CUT)
Sato – Indian Groove (Original Mix)
Sato – Natyam (Original Mix)
Sato – Raga (Original Mix)
Sato – Sangeet (Original Mix)
Secnd, Portable Paradise – High Rise (Original Mix)
Sepp – Dash It (Original Mix)
Sepp – Look It (Original Mix)
Sepp – Want It (Original Mix)
Shosho, Mada.Mada – Smoking Water (Original Mix)
Shosho, Mada.Mada, Ema Blas – Nobu (Dikka Remix)
Shosho, Mada.Mada, Ema Blas – Nobu (Original Mix)
Shuu-T – Inside (Original Mix)
Shuu-T – Moon Light (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – Cruise (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – High & Dry (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – No Chances (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – Azenhas Do Mar (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – Back2Back (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – Metamorphosis (Original Mix)
Silat Beksi – Surround (Original Mix)
Sillaz – The Plan (Original Mix)
Sisto – That Simple (Original Mix)
Sisto – Velvet Floor (Original Mix)
Sisto – Vibration (Original Mix)
Sisto – We Get Hot (Original Mix)
Sohz – Be Free (Original Mix)
Sohz – Dream (Original Mix)
Sohz – Wao Wao (Original Mix)
Sohz – What’s Happenin (Original Mix)
Sokur – Nena Mal (Original Mix)
Sokur – Via Jera (Original Mix)
Solander – Adict To (Original Mix)
Solander – Next Level (Original Mix)
Solander – Say Oh (Original Mix)
Solander – Talk (Original Mix)
Sound Cloup – 707 (Original Mix)
Stefano Crabuzza – Transition (Original Mix)
Stefano Crabuzza, Alfrenk – Que Paso (Original Mix)
Stemi – Fabulous (Original Mix)
Stemi – People (Original Mix)
Steve Bug – Get Away From Me (Original Mix)
Steve Bug – Grumble Bumble (Original Mix)
Stiven Escarraga – Peekaboo (Alejandro LH Remix)
Stiven Escarraga – Peekaboo (Original Mix)
Stiven Escarraga – Peekaboo (RADR Remix)
Szs – Arms Reduction (Original Mix)
Szs – Frozen Grotto (Original Mix)
Szs – Magic Dot (Original Mix)
Szs – Magic Dot (Tibb Remix)
Tauste – Dts (Original Mix)
Tauste – Emotions (Original Mix)
The Mekanism – Get Down (Original Mix)
The Mekanism – My House (Jean Pierre Remix)
The Mekanism – My House (Original Mix)
The Minimal Puppets – Minimal Disco (Elekplunkinkantk Remix)
The Minimal Puppets – Minimal Disco (Original Mix)
Thomas Jam – Agape (Original Mix)
Thomas Jam – Give Me Da (Original Mix)
TLGC – Foxy (Original Mix)
TLGC – Space Trip (Original Mix)
TLGC – Tweeter (Original Mix)
TLGC – Vision (Original Mix)
Toman – Chevere (Original Mix)
Toman – Sunshine & Ravioli (Original Mix)
Toman – Trinidad (Original Mix)
Tome R – Bad Communication (Original Mix)
Tome R – Static Moments (Original Mix)
Tome R – Transit Overflow (Heerd Remix)
Tome R – Transit Overflow (Original Mix)
Tommaso Pizzelli – Bubblin’ (Original Mix)
Tommaso Pizzelli – Dream Catcher (Original Mix)
Tommaso Pizzelli – Floating Book (Original Mix)
Trallez – Now Move (Original Mix)
Traumer, Brako – 001_Bandit (Original Mix)
Traumer, Brako – 002_Police (Original Mix)
Traumer, Brako – 003_Police (Original Mix)
Traumer, Brako – 004_Bandit (Dub Mix)
Traumer, Brako – 004_Police (Original Mix)
Trippy Soul – Engage (Original Mix)
Trippy Soul – Gasherbrum (Original Mix)
Trippy Soul – Karakorum (Original Mix)
Trippy Soul – Road To Bottleneck (Original Mix)
Tuccillo – Broken Minds (Original Mix)
Tuccillo – Feel The Mood (Original Mix)
Tuccillo – Let’s Move (Djebali Remix)
Tuccillo – Let’s Move (Original Mix)
Tyron Amory – Off The Grid (Original Edit)
Tyron Amory – Off The Grid (Original Mix)
Unknown – Bona Fide (Original Mix)
Unknown – Etcetera (Original Mix)
Unknown Collective – Step 5 (Original Mix)
Unknown Collective – Than (Guy From Downstairs Remix)
Unknown Collective – Than (Original Mix)
Unknown Collective – Una Domanda (Celentano Edit)
Unknown Collective – Una Domanda (Original Mix)
V.Danilov – Black Candless (Hi Tech Chaos Remix)
V.Danilov – Black Candless (Kevil Remix)
V.I.O – Elevate (Original Mix)
V.I.O – Mesmerized (Original Mix)
V.I.O – Time 2 Party (Original Mix)
V.I.O – Zenith (Original Mix)
Vesy – Positive Vibes ((Vincent Casanova Remix))
Vesy – Positive Vibes (Original Mix)
Vesy – Teh Young King (Original Mix)
Vila (AR) – Superhouse (Original Mix)
Vital (BR) – Burning Swing (Original Mix)
Vital (BR) – Hard Analogy (Original Mix)
Vital (BR) – Insane (Original Mix)
VITO (UK), Renzo. – Bussdown (Louden Remix)
VITO (UK), Renzo. – Bussdown (Original Mix)
VITO (UK), Renzo. – Jokers Hype (Original Mix)
Vloon – Tandewi (Andy Martin Remix)
Vloon – Tandewi (Original Mix)
Vloon – TAw (Original Mix)
Vloon – TAw (Rob Alanz Remix)
WANTACH – 2 To The One (Original Mix)
WANTACH – Excercise (Original Mix)
Wellzee – Heres My Baby (Original Mix)
Wellzee – Losing Control (Jay Caesar Remix)
Wellzee – Losing Control (Original Mix)
Weso (US) – D.A.R.E. (Original Mix)
Weso (US) – Spirit Guide (Original Mix)
Wett – Back To Love (Original Mix)
Wett – Voice Noise (Original Mix)
White Off – Gyal (Original Mix)
White Off, Gaya (ITA) – LDN (Original Mix)
Withoutwork – Slow (Original Mix)
Withoutwork – YO (Original Mix)
WLAD, KIRIK – Balcony View (Original Mix)
WLAD, KIRIK – Cheesecake (Mennie Remix)
WLAD, KIRIK – Cheesecake (Original Mix)
Wuez, Berni (COL) – Limited (Original Mix)
Zambiancki, Alex Dam – Flip Da Flow (Original Mix)
Zambiancki, Alex Dam – Frutta (Original Mix)
Zambiancki, Alex Dam – NOYD (Original Mix)
Zambiancki, Alex Dam – Whisperator (Original Mix)
Zoux – Sheila (Ki.Mi. Remix)
Zoux – Sheila (Original Mix)
Zoux – St. Des Seins (Original Mix)
ЁN – A1 Birth Song (Original Mix)
ЁN – A2 Trediberri (Cheise Remix)
ЁN – B1 Trediberri (Original Mix)
ЁN – B2 Birth Song (KiRiK Remix)
DOWNLOAD - beattechno.com
DOWNLOAD - muzhousebeat.com
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2023.03.22 23:11 PuritanPuree Everybody Plays Anything! Mar Mar 22nd

Welcome to Everybody Plays Anything, the place for all Fire Emblem fans to post their playthroughs of their favorite non-FE games (or FE games, I don't care)! Feel free to start up any game your heart so desires!
Current ongoing playthroughs:
PuritanPuree - Oldschool Runescape, Genshin Impact
Gravity_Queen - Final Fantasy XIV
lycheetea - Fire Emblem Engage
GullibleParsley08 - Trails of Coldsteel 2
Beddict - Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact
NN010 - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Scarlet Nexus & Star Wars: The Old Republic, Horizon: Forbidden West, Fates: Birthright
pinpac12 - Granblue Fantasy, FEH, MHGU, Digimon Cyber Sleuth
Toadinator2000 - Gravity Rush
ZeroIV4 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
PokiBash - Payday 2
TheFlamingHighwayman - Mstroid Dread
RaisonDetriment - Psychonauts
that_wannabe_cat - A mish mash of things really
Shinobi_X5 - Dark Souls 3, Danganronpa
Hopefully lots of you will join in on the fun! Enjoy everybody's playthroughs!
Yesterday's Update
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2023.03.22 22:34 Limeila Why had I never heard of this mini-spin-off?!

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2023.03.22 22:13 rzesgt Brazzers - Big Wet Butts - Sexy Girls Big Wet Butt Gets Fucked scene starring Holly West and James

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2023.03.22 22:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/ti26nz/mizznos_igs_rep_page/
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2023.03.22 21:39 Carnadge 31 [M4F] Northwest Georgia/Eastern US/USA - Do you like chill, artistic, creative, bookworm types of guys?

I'm an Artist, Cosplayer, and a Newfound Bookworm who geeks out on game shows (both past and present), word searches, pro wrestling documentaries, restaurant style Ramen, a good poster design, and watching horrothrillecrime drama movies with the subtitles on. I'm quite an avid, but reasonable collector of diecast model cars, art prints/posters, canvas prints, Blu-ray’s, and DVD’s. My room is like a cross between an art gallery and a museum exhibit. One of my goals for when I finally own a home is to put all my passions in the form of my collectibles on display. I stand at 6'1" tall with a slim build, mixed of Black with a touch of West Indian and Native American, and live outside the city of Atlanta.
If I had to describe myself: Calm, reserved, laid-back, easy-going, chill, but passionate about things and always up to learn someone’s likes, dislikes, and what makes them tick. I can be a bit too optimistic at times, soft-spoken, and quiet, but hey ya know, we all have our own personality traits and quirks.
Hobby and interest-wise, I'm into a good variety of things with my newest interests being bookreading and assembling LEGO car sets. Puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, Tetris, and books are my form of relaxation. Creative writing is another interest where I write short stories and reviews. Casually, I play videogames on my Xbox Series S. Used to be a semi-large pro wrestling fan, and now I watch copious amounts of wrestling biographies, documentaries, and docuseries (WWE Rivals, Biography Legends, Dark Side of the Ring, and Youtube retrospectives). I still tune in for the occasional wrestling PPV. I’m always in the game for recreational activities like bowling, swimming (including the beach), billiards/pool, mini golf, air hockey, laser tag, and go-kart racing. I've been a cosplayer, costume and propmaker, and avid convention goer for several years. I lost interest in anime/manga and am not into most nerdy things as one would expect (MCU, Star Wars, LotR, Star Trek, etc.), but I judge no one for being into those subsets.
All that said, I'm looking for a woman who is interested in dating for the long term. A girlfriend in other words. Someone I can be exclusive with, go out on dates with, discover new restaurants with, eventually introduce to family and friends, show a cool new poster or piece of artwork I got, send photos of some dope food I may have had on occasion, and maybe even go to a convention with some day. Not in a hurry to find love so I'd like to build toward relationship.
I do think common interests are nice, but I always subscribed to the idea that morals and values are what matters more.
Bonus points and brownies if you're thicker than a snicker! But jokes and memes aside, I do have a preference for curvy/thicker women (I do love cuddling and holding my woman, a lot), and extra bonus points if you live in Atlanta or Georgia as I'd like to go out on dates, but not a requirement. Long distance is fine, as long as there's an eventual plan to meet up.
Before you hit me up, some important things you may like or dislike about me (a.k.a. dealbreakers): I'm progressive and politically left leaning, am not religious/agnostic, have no kids and do not want to have children, monogamous and serious relationship-minded, a non-smoker, a rare drinker and am unemployed at the moment, but working on it.
If you're still here and resonated with this and think a relationship could be a possibility among us, shoot me a message! My chats are turned off, so you'll have to inbox me. I'd like a photo (or selfie of you) and a basic intro so I can get to know you. Any messages like “Hey” or “How are you” will be ignored. Lastly, I'm not a social media user but I do have Discord. We can move our conversation there if we hit things off well!
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