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Sun Moon University

2023.03.22 21:40 IOTSONLINE Sun Moon University

We want a Native English Teacher who is available starting from April 1st. This position is teaching at the public elementary school in Asan.
-Native English Speakers
-A Relevant Bachelor's degree with a related teaching certificate(TESOL, CELTA, etc./ more than 100 hrs.), a minimum 1 year full-time English teaching experience in Korea, Teachers who has E-2 and stay in Korea.
[Employment Condition]
Position : Native English Teacher (Co-teaching at the Elementary level)
Employer : Superintendent, Asan Office of Education
Contract period : 11 months (2023.4.1. ~ 2024.2.29.)
*The contract can be renewed depending on the school's evaluation.
Duty Hours : Work 7 hours per day and Teach 20 hours per week during academic semester,
Camp : Teach 20 hours per week for 2 weeks in every vacation time, (The payment of this is included in the salary. If there’s no vacation camp, the camp hours should be made up in regular class.)
Salary : 2.1 million KRW - 2.3 million KRW per month (more depending on degree, experiences)
Vacation : 8 weeks during contract period(paid vacation/ including weekends)
Housing : A furnished single studio provided (Or support 350,000won per month if you have your own place)
National pension, Health insurance, Worker's compensation insurance provided
Severance Pay : Following the related law
Transportation Allowance : 100,000 KRW/month during academic semester
Travel Allowance : 1,000,000 KRW(a one-time travel allowance) at the end of the final contract
[Required documents to apply]
  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Copy of passport of information page
  4. Copy of Alien Registration Card (Front and Back)
  5. Copy of Degree certificates
  6. Copy of federal-level criminal record check with affixed apostille
  7. Lesson plan for Elementary level you taught in the past
  8. Copies of other certificates (if applicable)
  9. Current photo
  10. Employment Medical check (It can be submitted after interview)
Email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.22 21:00 breezyinlondon False eviction help? Arizona/AZ

Okay so, I just found out that an unpaid balance/eviction is showing up on my background check even though the unpaid balance is not in my name/directed to me. I only learned of this a few days ago as I was applying for a new apartment and it was flagged and I was of course denied. 🥲
This unpaid balance is from an apartment I had with my former spouse in Phoenix, AZ. The kicker is, I legally was removed from the lease in Sept 2020, via roommate release form (signed by property manager), and was no longer considered a resident, which is why I'm shocked this is attached to me.
Since learning of the negative ding in my rental report, I contacted the court and was able to obtain the "Motion To Vacate Judgement" which was filed on my behalf in Sept 2022. I even reached out to the property in question, spoke to the same property manager who signed/approved my roommate release form and was told that the balance is ONLY toward my ex and that she will happily fill out a rental history verification form and provide a payment ledger to the complex I'm trying to move in as this is an error. I have since sent all necessary documents (roommate release form and court vacate judgement doc) to the complex I applied to and am hopeful they will move forward with me as this is the only thing holding me back. I met all the other criteria.
I also did my own background/eviction check with a different tenant screening company than the one they used at the complex I'm applying to and also saw the same ding/balance showing. I'm confused as to why/how this is showing on tenant screening tools but not my credit report. If this is not in my credit report, how do I get this removed from my record/background check? I have no idea where to go/start looking as this information only shows on background/tenant checks.
Can someone point me in the right direction so I can clear my name? Even though I have proof that the balance at my previous apartment legally does not concern me, having this pull up on my rental history record is embarrassing and annoying. I'd also like to not have to share all these supporting documents with future complexes moving forward.
I would like to get this removed from my name, immediately.
Thanks for your help!
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2023.03.22 18:01 iDefine_Me My 15-Step Plan to Fix the Housing Crisis

Let me start by saying: I'm not an expert. I don't claim to be an expert in this field.
However, I have a broad overall perspective and the ability to think critically. I'm open to comments and criticism on the plan and would like some dialogue. I doubt this will go anywhere, or get any traction, but the conversation needs to happen and there needs to be solutions and ideas we can push forward as a collective, otherwise we are just complaining without trying to come to a solution.
That being said, here is my 15-step plan to fix the housing crisis in Canada:
  1. Slow down Immigration. We are bringing in more people than the housing supply. Immigrants coming into Canada should be spread throughout the country and not just shoved into an overpopulated Southern Ontario.
  2. Overrule local municipal zoning restrictions and expedite residential construction. Housing will become affordable if there is more supply than demand. Allow residential to be built within any Zone, other than hazardous industrial or conservation-sensitive regions.
  3. Where building in conservation areas converted to housing developments, a minimum percentage of trees and green-scape shall be provided to minimize the impact on the environment.
  4. Reduce development costs for construction of housing.
  5. Free up Federal and Provincial land where applicable to allow housing to be built.
  6. First time home-buyers get a right of first refusal when purchasing a property, especially in a new development.
  7. Make it illegal for developers to cancel contracts with first-time home buyers on new construction builds.
  8. Add penalties to developers for significant delays in construction (starting at 1-year past initial completion date)
  9. Corporations to pay 30% flat tax when adding a new residential property to their portfolio.
  10. Foreign buyers to pay a 30% flat tax on properties purchased.
  11. Foreign buyers may not own more than 3 properties. This includes foreign companies.
  12. Individuals may not own more than 3 properties - this includes vacation homes/cottages. If they want to own more, they must register as a business and pay the 30% flat tax on additional properties purchased.
  13. Mandate Federal caps on rental prices. Single Room ($500/mo) / Studio ($800/mo) / 1 Bedroom ($1,100/mo) / 2 Bedroom ($1,250/mo) / 3 Bedroom ($1,500/mo) / 4 Bedroom ($1,750/mo) / 5+ ($2,000/mo) . Rental prices cannot increase more than the rate of inflation each year. This will affect every single property and house on the market and will take effect upon renewal dates of leases. Tenants who are on fixed incomes (ie. disability, pension, etc..) will not have their rents increased. Tenants may NOT be evicted due to the change in rental prices.
  14. Minimum Wage shall be tied to the rate of inflation.
  15. Introduce 10-, 15-. 20-, 25- and 30-year fixed rate mortgages.
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2023.03.22 18:00 raredontstare Kathleen, the little girl with Huntington's harassed by her neighbors, had her big day at the toy store.

I am NOT OP. Original post by multiple accounts across multiple subreddits
Fun Fact to hide spoilers on mobile - Blood Falls is a waterfall of vibrant red water that oozes out of Antarctica's Taylor Glacier. Its unique color is due to iron salts seeping out of the ice that turn red when exposed to oxygen. The falls are home to microbes that can survive extreme conditions, with no light or oxygen.
trigger warnings: Bullying, Childhood illness/death
mood spoilers: Heartbreaking

POST -1 - 8th October 2010
Entitled - OMFG: Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton (WATCH THE VIDEO). Link to Fox Detroit News was posted on videos by u/iamstephen now unavailable
The bullying incident from News Report
Back in late 2010, 33-year-old Jennifer Petkov, who lived on the same block as Kathleen's family, allegedly began cyberbullying the little girl.
On a Facebook page under Petkov's name, there were images of Kathleen's mother, Laura, in the arms of the Grim Reaper and Kathleen above a set of crossbones. Neighbors also accused Petkov and her husband Scott of building a coffin, putting it on their truck and driving past the Edward home, honking the horn.
When asked by a reporter from Detroit television station WJBK why she posted the photos, Jennifer Petkov said it was for "personal satisfaction" and because it upset the child's grandmother. At the time, the two were locked in a longstanding feud that Kathleen's grandmother said involved Petkov's being upset because she believed her children weren't invited to a birthday party the grandmother threw.
The little girl's plight attracted attention around the world, and social media pages attacking Petkov sprang up online. The Petkovs also allegedly received death threats and had eggs thrown at their house. Jennifer Petkov later apologized to the Edward family, telling a local newspaper her actions were "ignorant."
In February 2011, the news web site reported that Petkov pleaded guilty to assaulting another neighbor and as part of a plea deal, agreed to serve 18 months probation and was ordered to move out of her house and stay away from the neighbor as well as undergo a psychological evaluation.
At the time the news of the bullying broke, mental health experts told that without knowing more about the Petkovs, it's difficult to say exactly why the couple behaved the way they did. The experts believe there could be a variety of reasons for their behavior, including poor conflict resolution skills, a lack of moral development and the desire to bully.

Redditors soon set up a donation drive to treat Kathleen to a special day.

POST -2 - 8th October 2010 by famous reddit philanthropist u/hmasing on
REDDIT: I own a toy store near the 7-year old being taunted by her neighbors...

9:39PM EST 9th October: Yay! The awesome people at Flying Pig Games are donating 25 (I think) copies of their great card game Juke'em Football on Kathleen's behalf. This will be a perfect game for some of the older kids at the children's hospital that are going to benefit from Kathleen's sharing. I expect other toy and game manufacturers are going to start stepping up when they hear about what we are doing. Thanks, Jeff and crew at Flying Pig Games! You are beyond awesome.
8:16AM EST 10th October: has come through and indicated they will take care of any transportation needs we have. If any of you need a 200 foot long hummer, you know who to call!
1:30PM EST 10th October: My friend Beau, president of Corolle Dolls (really amazing and very high quality baby dolls) has committed to donating dolls for Kathleen and other kids we are helping with this cause. Geau Beau! You rock. Plus, your dolls are awesome - and smell like vanilla!
8:02PM EST 10th October: Since I am meeting with the family tomorrow, I am having my bookkeeper cut a check made out to them for $823.08 - 10% of all the total donations to date, the amount I promised I would personally donate (any profits on sales we may have made). As additional donations come in, I will ask her to keep track and make sure that a consistent 10% is sent to the family. I also picked out three awesome gifts (which I am paying for - not from the donations) to take over to Kathleen and her two younger siblings tomorrow when we meet. I'll be sure to get photos, and with the family's permission, post them here. Since Kathleen has been on the news and her photo is out there, I am hopeful that we can get a photo of her with a huge smile on her face with her grandma and father for all of you. Get your onions ready, people. My eight-year old daughter has asked to come along for the meeting, and we'll take her. She has committed to being Kathleen's 'personal shopping assistant' at our store and showing her all the cool stuff. I am blown away by how much my own kids have stepped up to this. My son (10) brought me all the bills and coins from his secret stash (which he was using to save up for a Nintendo 3DS, I might add - I suspect one will make its way in to his hands anyway, since I know Santa personally being in the biz) and asked that we use it for Kathleen, and my daughter who couldn't save a penny if she tried found $2 in her desk to donate. This is so humbling. Thanks, all.
5:57PM EST 11th October:
Look who has a special message for you, reddit!
Thank You Reddit Post
The photo set was taken today when we went to visit her family. What a tremendous family - genuine, sweet, loving, and such nice people. We brought a few gifts for the kids, but the BIG EVENT is on Thursday! Kathleen is coming to Ann Arbor (about an hour away from her house) by luxury limo - donated by Perfection Limousine, shopping 'til she drops at our toy store to get anything she wants, no limits. Then we are taking her over to the children's hospital where she will be donating hundreds of toys to sick kids there in her name, and to lunch at Carson's American Bistro ( Turns out Kathleen likes steak and watermelon, so that's what she is going to get. (I'll try to get some bacon on that steak for her, because... Mmmmmm. Bacon...)
Fox 2 will be coming along for the trip, and photos will be taken by everyone who can. Any nearby redditors are encourage to be at our store at 9:30 to cheer and applaud and welcome Kathleen and her family. Bring signs of encouragement, posters, banners, throw rose petals, whatever it takes to make her a princess! All in good tase, of course.
I didn't know this beforehand, but Fox 2 showed up during our visit today as well and interviewed everyone. Kathleen was way to occupied playing with my daughter (who is in the picture with her), but she did want to say hi to everyone and say thank you. The best part? I got a hug from her. And from her grandma. Her father and I shared a manly handshake and an acknowledging grunt. :-)
7:14AM 14th October: Sorry I've been head's down getting this all organized. The story hit the AP wire yesterday, and things have exploded here. THANK YOU ALL, and I am sure you will all be represented in spirit by the redditors that can attend at 9:30 when Kathleen arrives.
5:10PM 14th October: ##Best. Day. Evar.##
When I was getting my goodbye hug (and trust me, she hugged me like crazy), I whispered in Kathleen's ear and asked her, "Sweetheart, what was the best part of the day?" She thought for a moment, and whispered back... "Ponies." She smiled as she put her head on my shoulder. Fsckin' eh, Reddit. You guys made this happen. Good has prevailed here. In addition to Kathleen coming along, her friend Calley joined us - Calley also has Juvenile Huntington's Disease and is fairly advanced. She's 11, but honestly with the disease comes across more as about 4 or 5 in her cognitive ability. She told me, "You're my best friend" (which, apparently, she tells everyone who is nice to her), but also declared me as "Silly!" - which I call a win.
Thank you all. Pictures forthcoming, but right now I am going to collapse and take a nap.
I'll tease you with these two pictures:
Photos from her big day
Video of her big day
Another photo set from the big day - Unavailable
Kathleen enjoying ice cream after lunch - Unavailable
Kathleen feeding the cows at the Domino's Farms Petting Zoo (right before the PONIES!) - Unavalable
Here's the cake made by my dear friend Tanya Luz - Unavailable
More pics - Unvailable
9:20AM 23rd October: Photos of the big day! on FB
Send cards and well wishes to: (Our warehouse)
Kathleen c/o Hans Masing Tree Town Toys 740 Phoenix Drive Ann Arbor, MI.48108 
​ ------------------------------------------
Days account by fellow Redditor
​ ------------------------------------------

UPDATE a little more than year later

POST - 3 - 12th January 2012 by u/hmasing in news
Kathleen Edward, the bullied, sick little girl that Reddit helped with shopping spree and princess day in 2010, lost her battle against Juvenile Huntington's Disease last night at 9:45PM EST.
She put up an amazing fight and had everyone she loved around her when she passed away. Thank you, Reddit, for helping make this little girl part of my life. Her family sends their thanks and gratitude for your support.
I went to Kathleen visitation today (1/13/12) and expressed the condolences of the Reddit community and the world to the dad and family. They won't admit it, but the cost of the funeral seems to be set to crush the family financially. If anyone cares to donate to help with the funeral expenses, please do so. I have a paypal link set up on this page, and will ensure that all funds donated there make it to the family for the funeral costs. I hate to ask for more help for these guys, but with the national media chasing this story and the number of people from the area coming to the viewing and funeral tomorrow this is not a cheap affair. Thank you one and all for anything you can spare! And thank you all who have already donated.
Since this has now hit the press, I suppose it's OK to share some of the background. Kathleen fell a few days ago, and split her scalp on a door frame. She could barely walk or talk due to the HD, but she always had smiles for everyone. She needed a few staples apparently to hold the skin together. She got an infection, and that was the last straw. She went pretty quickly after that. She was so tiny due to the HD, and was already pretty weak. Her dad called me last night about 10:20pm to tell me, and I knew immediately when I saw the caller ID what the call was before I answered. He was, of course, completely and totally a wreck. He thanked me for everything I'd done for the family - and I want to pass on to reddit that I didn't really do anything - you guys did. So, the thanks goes to so many of you.

Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.22 17:36 TheRedQueenofTara Tenant rescinded notice, now I can’t move into the apartment I put a deposit down for. Help!

It’s an apartment complex, 7 buildings with 6 different floor plans. My boyfriend and I got an amazing deal on a one-bedroom with our dream floor plan, and we’re scheduled to move in June 1st. The current tenant is (was) moving out because the neighbor is a chain smoker and his asthma can’t handle it. He gave the complex notice that he’d be out in March, and on Feb 6th I saw the listing. We applied, were approved, and put a $600 holding deposit down all that same day. I also got an email saying we were approved for unit #204 with all the move in instructions. By the end of the business day, the tenant told them he’d actually be out by June 1st because he was having a hard time finding a new place, but still, no worries, actually works better for us. We ordered all our furniture based off the unit’s measurements, made plans to dogsit the third week of June, and have been looking forward to starting our life together.
So here I am going about my day a month-and-a-half later when I get a call from the woman at the complex who helped us with this process back in Feb. The tenant has now decided that he doesn’t want to move out after all, and she’s wondering if another unit would suffice. The thing is, we’re getting this dream unit at such a good price because of the chain smoking. They planned to gut it and install all new appliances, and the building it’s in is right next to all the amenities. She guaranteed whatever this new unit is would be at the same price, but no appliance upgrade, different floor plan with different measurements, in the building furthest away, with an end of June move in date.
Am I crazy for thinking this is bullshit? Complexes usually have a 60 day notice period when you want to move out. I don’t know when he gave his exact notice, but it’s been practically 45 days since we put our holding deposit down and were told we had the apartment in writing. We never signed a rental agreement, but that has to count for something, right? Can he just change his mind (for a third time) and stay after they’ve taken our money and told us it’s ours? I have no doubt if we pulled out entirely, they’d give us the deposit back, but it feels like they stole the time we could have used to look for another place and the money we would’ve used to secure that place. We’re going on a long vacation just before we’re supposed to move in, and I was hoping to spend my energy on that instead of worrying about the obligations I won’t be able to fulfill when I’m back. Do I have any grounds to say to them that come June 1st, we’d like to move into the apartment we were guaranteed in writing and put a deposit down to hold?
This is happening in Rhode Island.
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2023.03.22 16:58 LenytheMage [OTW] Photographer of the Week - Week [09]

It is our great pleasure to announce that doriiian is our Photographer of the Week. This accolade has been awarded based upon the number of votes during week [NN], with this post having received the most when searching by top submission:

I have been taking photographs for around eight years. I started back when I was 15 during a family vacation and haven't stopped since then.

There's really no big philosophical answer to this question. It's mainly because I love doing it. For me photography plays a big role in communication and how I see the world. It really fascinates that you can tell whole stories in photos without saying anything. You just let the imagery do the talking.

This photo was taken on a mountain around an hour away from where I live. I've been there a couple of times to get a shot that does this place justice but it never really worked out until now. To answer your question about what inspired me for this photo: It was really mainly my ambition to get one shot of this place that truly represents the beauty and majesty of this spot.

I get my film processed by a lab and then scan it at home by myself.

My first interest in analog photography came during early 2020. I saw some videos on medium format film and was immediately hooked. I bought the RZ67 and some rolls of Porta and just started shooting. It was quite a challenge to get used to medium format since this was my start into film photography (I've skipped 35mm film almost entirely) but it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had with film photography.

Definitely my Mamiya 7. This camera changed everything once I bought it. It's my baby. Combine it with Portra and you'll be unstoppable.

It's not really a technique or tip in particular but two things I can recommend. First: If you don't do it yet, shoot manual. Learn how your camera works in the most diverse situations. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your gear. It really improves your overall experience while shooting but you'll also most likely get the desired results. Second: If you can afford it / are willing to do it, scan your images at home. This gives you control over all the aspects of the image from start to finish. or my Instagram

I have way too many favorite photographers it's impossible to just pick one. So here's a shoutout to u/swissfilmclub on Instagram for their work in featuring photos from all around Switzerland.
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2023.03.22 14:36 blakefolgado I made an app to countdown to your next thing

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2023.03.22 12:24 blakefolgado I made an app to countdown to your next thing

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2023.03.22 11:58 kiwi_sapphic I am 23 years old, make $67,000, live in Philly, work as a Project Coordinator, and this week I celebrated my birthday in Paris.

I did a money diary this exact week last year about signing the offer letter for the company I work at now. I ended up getting a 5K COL adjustment (62k > 67k) once I moved to Philly. I expressed in the previous journal that I was worried about my taxes since I moved states and work for an NYC company from PA. As many suggested in the comments, it ended up being pretty simple (I used FreeTaxUSA).
Retirement Balance - $31,400. A mix of Roth IRA, 401(k), and traditional brokerage.
Equity - N/A
Savings account balance - $11,600 in Emergency Funds; $7,500 in a HYSA that I saved up during college and will use to pay off my student loans when payments resume this summer. Because of this, I consider myself debt free.
Checking account balance - $900; I had a $600 sinking fund for my food/shopping/entertainment in Paris, but I got $300 in cash birthday gifts.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it) - $0; I pay my cards off regularly.
Student loan debt - $7,500 for a Political Science and Social Policy Degree with a minor in English. I got a full-tuition scholarship, but had small gaps in aid during my first two years because my school required underclassmen to have on-campus housing and a meal plan.

Income Progression: I’ve been at this job 9 months, make $67k, and it’s great. The people, the work, the benefits. It’s my first post-college, salaried position. I have pretty much no complaints about it and am hoping to get a merit raise during our summer evaluations.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3,400 (paid semi-monthly)
$1200/mo in total taxes (fed, state, local, SSI/med); $1000/mo to 401(k); Employer pays 100% of health premiums.
No other income currently, no parental contributions, etc.

SECTION THREE: EXPENSES (my portions, I live with a roommate)
Rent - $750/mo. Renewing in May; hoping it stays the same or doesn’t increase dramatically
Retirement/Investment contribution - $540/mo to Roth IRA (401(k) contributions detailed in the Income section).
Savings contribution - $460/mo to sinking funds, $200/mo to General Savings/Emergency Fund
Debt payments - None besides regular payments to my cards
Donations - $80/mo to whatever feels right
Food - ~$500/mo ($300 groceries + <$200 dining out)
Electric - $75/mo
Wifi - $65/mo
Cellphone - $300/yr (Mint Mobile)
Renter’s Insurance - $100/yr
Subscriptions - $8/mo; $7 for Apple Music and $1 for iCloud Storage
Annual Subscriptions - $380/yr; $190 for Credit Card Annual Fees; $165 for ScentBird Subscription; $25 for Google Storage
Gym Membership - $10/mo; $50/yr for Annual Membership Fee
I started on a health journey last June (lost 50+ lbs!). Back then, I was in search of any kind of fitness that I would enjoy and actually go to. I ended up getting a $190/mo membership (2 classes/wk) to a RUMBLE (HIIT Boxing) studio and went 2x a week from June - Nov. In December, I bought a flat-fee holiday package that made my classes cheaper ($19/cls vs $23/cls) and more flexible, so I froze my subscription and got a 30 class package.
In January, I started strength training 4x/wk at Planet Fitness and went down to 1x/week at RUMBLE. I love my current routine, but PF and RUMBLE are both a 35 min walk from my house, and I go to the gym early in the morning. So, I’m considering joining the closer (<10 min walk), but more expensive ($72/mo) gym soon.
I’m still slowly burning through the RUMBLE holiday package and plan to cancel my subscription. I’m hoping they do a summer sale so I can buy another class package. If not, I’ll just buy classes ad hoc after I run out.
No pet, car, or therapy expenses currently.

The flight and accommodations for this flight were booked in September after getting an email from Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) about $500 tickets to Paris the exact weekend of my birthday. I stayed in a Sonder that I also booked back in September for about $480. I bought a $30, 5 GB international eSIM from Airalo. I was able to post on social media, send iMessages, and check my bank accounts with no problems and no extra data needed.

Day 1
Today is payday and the beginning of my week off. I clear my credit cards, invest my Roth deposit, and go to the gym.
After the gym, I pick up last minute toiletries ($45.35) and plane snacks ($21.48). I end up on a wild goose chase looking for a Universal Adapter ($34.39), so I get McDonald's (I wanted a Shamrock Shake) while I’m out ($9.15 - this feels expensive for McDonald's?)
My mom gives me a call around 8pm and asks if I’ve checked my bank account. Today was payday, so I had, but not since early that morning. She gifted me $200! After, I spend three hours retwisting my locs and go to bed around midnight.
Day 1 Spend - $108.37

Day 2
Today is Sims 4 Expansion Pack (and flight to Paris) day! I can’t install the game until 1PM ET. Lame.I do one last check to ensure I have everything I need, transfer my Paris Sinking Fund ($600) into my checking account, and then play the Sims to pass the time. At 4, I take the Regional Rail to the airport.
I breeze through TSA and read Another Country by James Baldwin until boarding begins. Upon boarding, I’m stopped and informed that my carry-on is “too big.” They were clearly picking people at random to move their bags because as the woman walked down the jet bridge with my bag, she rolled it past a man who had the exact same suitcase as me in another color. Annoying.
They don’t give me a chance to take out my laptop and snacks, this is my first time traveling internationally, I triple checked the sizing requirements, so this stressed me out. I was terrified of my bag getting lost. I vent to my best friend about the bag situation; she helps me calm down. Once we’re airborne, I spend the next 6 hours rotating between reading, watching Wakanda Forever, and listening to music.
Day 2 Spend - $0

Day 3 (my birthday!)
We land in Dublin at 8am, and I activate my international eSIM. I see my older brother gifted me $100 via Cash App. Even though it was just a quick layover, being in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day made me happy. The Irish were teeming with happiness and excitement. I board my second flight and land in Paris at 1pm, finally am reunited with my bag, and get to the section of town I’m staying in via train ($12.18).
While I wait for a friend to arrive on the train from London, I try French McDonalds per the recommendation of my best friend ($14.95 - seriously, why the hell is McDonalds so expensive?)
Friend arrives and we explore Paris! We then stop at a bakery, I grab a pain au chocolat ($1.60) and slip into a bar nearby. My friend lets everyone know it’s my birthday, and they buy us lots of rounds of shots and drinks. My friend closes the tab for the couple of drinks we actually ordered, and we head to a club that’s having a St. Patrick’s Day party around the corner.
I later try to redeem my Starbucks birthday item, but the barista gently lets me know it’s not valid in France. However, he throws in a free refresher and my friend buys me a blueberry muffin. We head back to the hotel so I can freshen up and change into my birthday dress. We take a nap and head back out for the night on the train ($8.96 RT for 2). We have dinner at a delicious restaurant, which my friend pays for.
Our last stop of the night is an Afro-Caribbean spot that has great music and friendly staff. I tell the bartender it’s my birthday and ask for a drink recommendation. He makes some spicy concoction in a gold bowl with peppers. It’s quite delicious but is strong and makes my nose run! The staff gifts me at least two more shots, and I decide to call it quits on alcohol for the night after that. We dance and laugh the night away with the friendly staff, and I pick up the tab before we leave ($27.81).
Day 3 Spend - $65.50

Day 4
My friend has been teasing a surprise and finally reveals it’s Disneyland! I laugh and realize I hadn’t disclosed the rest of my itinerary — I have a Disneyland reservation for Monday (after my friends went home)! However, I booked a non-park hopper ticket for Walt Disney Studios, so I’m excited to be able to experience them both thanks to my friend!
We had a late, drunk night last night so we started the day a bit late. Grabbed a quick brunch ($6.74) and head to Chessy via the train ($19.68). We got Premier Access (skip the line/lightning lane) for a handful of rides ($79.15), I bought some Stitch merch ($21.39), and we got ice cream ($5.35).
After a few hours at Disney, we head back to Paris to meet up with one of my friends from college who also lives in London. He’s a hyperextrovert and is ready to hit the town immediately. We wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, but missed the last bus and grabbed dinner nearby ($89.96). My friend from high school started feeling a bit sick, so she went back to the hotel and my college buddy and I spend the night bar hopping, dancing, chatting, and eating until 3am ($37.44).
Day 4 Spend - $259.71

Day 5
Both friends head back to London today but at different times. I start the day a bit late after saying goodbye to my high school friend.
My college friend and I grab breakfast at a nearby restaurant ($41.18). After that, we head out to explore an area of the city near the train station so it’s easy for him to board the 5pm train. We grab some pastries and a baguette ($11.66) and set out to explore. We saw the lock bridge, Arc de Triomphe, took goofy photos, visited the Notre Dame restoration exhibit, and danced alongside a drum parade.
On the walk back to my room, I check my email to see I missed the Eiffel Tower climbing tour I scheduled back in September. I go back to the room, let my phone charge, and pay a fee to reschedule the tour ($10.70). I head out to see the Eiffel and other tourists sites via a Sundown Seine river cruise ($8.99 for 4 bus tickets).
After a few hours, I’m beat and head back to the Sonder. I got a Poke Bowl from a French/Hawaiian/Sushi fusion place we passed by last night and some chicken wings ($22.89). I spend the rest of the night relaxing.
Day 5 Spend - $95.42

Day 6
I really want to sleep in, but the Climbing tour doesn’t allow cancellations within 24 hours and charge no-shows. I head out around 9:30 am. Despite being tired and annoyed, the tour was great. I have a lunch Steakhouse reservation at 2:30pm at Disney, so I’m sort of in a rush and happy the tour ends right on time at 12:30. I hop on the train ($10.70 RT tickets) and make it to Disneyland at 1:30 pm.
With an hour before my reservation, I stop into a bunch of stores and buy merch ($70.60). I make my way to The Steakhouse for lunch ($37.44). I am stuffed, so I walk a couple laps around Walt Disney Studios to get a lay of the land, take photos, and walk off lunch before indulging in some shows and rides.
A couple hours go by and I grab some dessert ($4.28) and rent a portable charger ($4.28). I wanted to ride Crush’s Coaster before my dinner reservation, but it had a crazy wait time and premier access sold out for the day, so I buy premier access for and ride Avenger’s Flight Force instead ($12.84), return the portable charger, and head to dinner at Bistrot Chez Remy ($58.83).
I stay until 9:30 pm for the light show, have snacks ($9.63), then head back to the hotel to shower, pack, and sleep.
Day 6 Spend - $208.60

Day 7
I have a protein bar for breakfast, check out at 10am, and grab a final ticket ($12.29) to the airport. I start to feel lightheaded and try to drink some water, but it doesn’t help much. So, I get McDonalds ($8.91) before boarding my flight and feel a lot better. I grab a Kinder ($1.72) from a nearby store because I’d never tried one. Amazing!
I am excited to get home and get back into my normal meal prep and exercise routine. I make it back to Philly at 7pm. I take a shower and go straight to bed.
Day 7 Spend - $22.71

Week Total - $760.52
Food + Drink - $406.74
Fun / Entertainment - $194.68 (shopping, tour reschedule, premier lanes)
Home + Health - $34.39 (universal adapter)
Clothes + Beauty - $45.35 (last minute toiletries)
Transport - $72.80
Other - $4.28 (portable charger rental)

Lastly, reflect on your diary!
While I’d never spend close to this in a normal week, celebrating my birthday in a way I enjoy is very important to me. I’m excited to travel more in the future.
I feel like I spent too much money on individual transport tickets; I should’ve brought the booklet of 10. But $73 for a bunch of days is still pretty cheap. I had a sinking fund of $600 originally, but the cash gifts from my mom and brother increased it to $900.
Overall, Paris was cheaper than I expected. I was worried $600 wouldn’t be enough. I picked up the tab a lot of places since there wasn’t an easy way for us to split the bill in multiple currencies (USD, pounds, euros), and I’m trying to hit the minimum spend on a new credit card. Had I been more willing to figure out bill splitting, I probably could've stayed under $600.
Relatedly - this trip inspired me to revisit my goal of becoming fully fluent in Spanish. French-speakers were visibly irritated when I spoke English (which I wasn’t upset about and expected). I did practice some French (beyond the basics like bonjour and merci) with my sister before the trip, but it always came out sounding like Spanish. So, after the first day, I resorted to starting conversations in Spanish.
If they spoke Spanish, great! However, many were caught off guard and didn’t speak Spanish, so I would then ask, in Spanish, if they spoke English, then converse in English — which made them noticeably nicer. Definitely gonna work on brushing up my Spanish and work towards fluency. I eventually want to learn French and ASL, too.
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2023.03.22 11:48 MeanderAbout End of lease carpet steam cleaning

I inspected a rental property still occupied with tenants and the carpet was old and manky and looked like it was the original from the 80's. The agent said it would be steam cleaned when vacated. On 2nd inspection is was, but as it was so old the carpet had lifted and bowed, so the agent said they would have it re-stretched. Upon moving in, I was happy to see it had been replaced altogether with new carpet.
The previous rental I had vacated had cheap carpet and after 7 years living in this place it was worn in some places and not in great condition. I had to get the obligatory steam clean done at my expense. Later I saw my old rental re-advertised and the carpets had been ripped up and replaced with floorboards.
So what is the point in getting tenants to pay for old shitty carpets to get steam-cleaned on the vacate clean when they will just be ripped up again? Surely that could be communicated and save the tenant the expense!
submitted by MeanderAbout to AusProperty [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:33 makinameqerarinas The Car Rental Industry

The car rental industry is a multi-billion dollar sector of the US economy. The US segment of the industry averages about $18.5 billion in revenue a year. Today, there are approximately 1.9 million rental vehicles that service the US segment of the market. In addition, there are many rental agencies besides the industry leaders that subdivide the total revenue, namely Dollar Thrifty, Budget and Vanguard. Unlike other mature service industries, the rental car industry is highly consolidated which naturally puts potential new comers at a cost-disadvantage since they face high input costs with reduced possibility of economies of scale. Moreover, most of the profit is generated by a few firms including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis. For the fiscal year of 2004, Enterprise generated $7.4 billion in total revenue. Hertz came in second position with about $5.2 billion and Avis with $2.97 in revenue.

Level of Integration

The rental car industry faces a completely different environment than it did five years ago. According to Business Travel News, vehicles are being rented until they have accumulated 20,000 to 30,000 miles until they are relegated to the used car industry whereas the turn-around mileage was 12,000 to 15,000 miles five years ago. Because of slow industry growth and narrow profit margin, there is no imminent threat to backward integration within the industry. In fact, among the industry players only Hertz is vertically integrated through Ford.

Scope of Competition

There are many factors that shape the competitive landscape of the car rental industry. Competition comes from two main sources throughout the chain. On the vacation consumer’s end of the spectrum, competition is fierce not only because the market is saturated and well guarded by industry leader Enterprise, but competitors operate at a cost disadvantage along with smaller market shares since Enterprise has established a network makina me qera of dealers over 90 percent the leisure segment. On the corporate segment, on the other hand, competition is very strong at the airports since that segment is under tight supervision by Hertz. Because the industry underwent a massive economic downfall in recent years, it has upgraded the scale of competition within most of the companies that survived. Competitively speaking, the rental car industry is a war-zone as most rental agencies including Enterprise, Hertz and Avis among the major players engage in a battle of the fittest.
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2023.03.22 08:57 Reasonable_Wasabi574 Finding the Right Workspace for You in Hong Kong

Expert scaffolding should go technique over redecorating, and additionally IVPM can aid renovate ones apartment creatively to be able to maximize profits by making a personalized start looking - devoid of emptying your bank account carrying out so.

Hosting some sort of Trip Accommodation Property is the simplest way to insure ones local rental stalls out from the relaxation! Some of our pattern talents might renovate your vacation local rental into a much more attractive and additionally interesting place as a result the user gets much more bookings and additionally higher ROI. On IVPM, we all know journey accommodations are generally completely unique when you're thinking of home planning and additionally decor. Many of us understand that journey accommodations secure wear and tear and therefore sharp entrepreneurs come up with advantage centered purchases to be sure the place will always start looking distinct and additionally attract prospective renters.

Factors condition review with Castillito del Caribe, a IVPM place this was taking place soon after purchase. The suppliers been with them named to get more than a year with no offers. It absolutely was hard to purchase, though it may be inside a high grade down-town, beachfront location. The furnishings appeared to be rare, along with huge vibrant walls along with a small amount on them, what developed this itemizing photos unappealing. The item a produced, simply worthless pool area (4'times 6' times 18" deep) this was in reality some sort of lilting hazard. A fresh Baja-shelf Vacation pool appeared to be a necessary presumed improvement. The item had taken only just 5 days to be able to demonstration the existing you and additionally develop the fresh new one. Price tag: $15K USD

Crews expense to color the whole home inside (11.5' ceilings) and additionally apart? A lot less than $1000 USD. The newest entrepreneurs didn'big t waver to get expert, top quality photos to be able to accentuate this home'utes attractive latest designs to make a reasonable local rental listing. Snapshots come up with an enormous amount of big difference on your own itemizing! Observe: the could be the SAME pink recliners and additionally scarlet settees while in the before and after photos! Additionally, this real wood etched mermaid appeared to be aimlessly had put close to the limit around the living area wall. It'utes a sensational portion, this girl appeared to be changed left from the Chichen Itza tabernacle wall painting and today is impressive! We will give good results when using the portions you already have.

Once similar journey local rental is actually a Top quality Isla Mujeres itemizing, strong very best rate rental prices, along with an extraordinary occupancy rate. Pet owners continue to better and additionally improve the home and property to improve ones own ROI.

After "STAGING" ones Trip Accommodation, we'll assist you to enhance this itemizing to be able to raise your local rental profit by the item look wonderful along with distinct, top quality expert photos. A person's itemizing photos MUST capture a potential guest'utes interest extremely fast, and even individuals will begin to start yet another place!

We are children portrait owned or operated industry that will has learned ones popularity will be everything in this service market place! Many of us handle ourselves towards finest specifications by treating a lot of our valuable clients because we would like to end up being treated. Many of us are really the real estate shareholders ourselves and additionally figure out stylish clients with good anticipation to get their house and additionally aren't able to help them.
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2023.03.22 07:56 paddlepal Signs you're obsessed with pickleball (a list)

I'm sure folks have good ones to add to the list?
  1. You have a name for your pickleball paddle, and you swing it in the mirror at home.
  2. You look at people's backyard and wonder if it could fit a 20x44 foot rectangle. Admit it, you've done this at someone's BBQ!
  3. Your YouTube video sidebar is full of the PPA Tour channel. Bonus: The targeted ads are for orthopedic products and resorts in Florida.
  4. You've accidentally pegged your significant other with a ball and slept in the doghouse.
  5. You have rolls of lead tape or grip tape in your kitchen drawer.
  6. You chuckle every time you eat Vlasic or dill.
  7. You pretend you are dinking when you do squats at the gym.
  8. You have three dozen people in your phone named "(First Name) Pickleball." Half of the time, you can't remember who they are...
  9. You have a massage gun at home, and a pickleball machine on your wish list!
  10. You've started a pickleball club at work and coax people to play during lunch.
  11. You've got all your tournament medals dangling above the washing machine. Hopefully more golds than bronzes!
  12. Your idea of a nice first date is drilling backhand roll volleys and playing skinny singles.
  13. You can put together a portable net in under two minutes flat!
  14. You've gotten into heated debates about third shot drop versus drive.
  15. You don't ask folks about ask if they play with the Dura or Franklin ball.
  16. You daydream about launching a fun pickleball apparel line called "Picklehead."
  17. You've turned down an invite to something because it clashed with your pickleball game.
  18. You go through more pairs of pickleball shoes than regular sneakers.
  19. You comment on all of Ben Johns' or Anna Leigh Waters' Instagram posts.
  20. The word "bodybag" now has a positive connotation to you.
  21. When you think of the phrase "Shake and Bake," food doesn't come to mind.
  22. Your dream vacation is a pickleball camp with Tyson McGuffin and that glorious mullet.
  23. You've gotten many pickleball tattoos! Both the temporary kind (bruise from getting hit with a ball) and maybe even a permanent one!
  24. You drink a lot of Pickleball Cocktail and fear the Orchard Security Guy.
  25. You've memorized the USAPA rulebook and can quote it.
  26. You have more dry-fit shirts than regular shirts in your closet.
  27. You've had a birthday cake with a big yellow ball of frosting on it.
  28. You've woken up at 5am to play, but you've never gotten up that early for work or school.
  29. All of your driving is for pickleball. Pickleball has doubled your gas costs.
  30. You despise lobs. You have nightmares about them!
  31. You've said the phrase "Fastest Growing Sport in America!" recently.
  32. Your Facebook profile photo is you on a podium. Hopefully in the middle!
  33. You've drawn out your own pickleball lines before. They were very crooked, but you still played.
  34. You've hit a ball around in an airport or someone's living room, using chairs as a net.
  35. You have an epic farmer's tan and sock tan, maybe a neck and shorts and back tan too.
  36. You have a playlist of pump-up music specifically for pickleball.
  37. Your idea of a productive morning is doing drills.
  38. You wash and clean your paddle more often than yourself.
  39. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says "I Dink, Therefore I Am."
  40. Your dog has an entire collection of cracked balls.
  41. Erne is more than a Sesame Street character to you.
  42. The phrase "ball on!" echoes in your head at all times.
  43. You've seriously planned to quit your job and pursue a career as a professional pickleball player and travel the pro tour.
Comment some of yours! More here.
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2023.03.22 03:10 Double-Escape1719 Textbook

Textbook submitted by Double-Escape1719 to u/Double-Escape1719 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 00:52 Luchamore Trip Report 2/15-3/6: Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, and more!

After a couple weeks of recovery, I've had some time to write up a trip report! This vacation was the best I've ever had and I'm excited to share some highlights here, along with some mistakes I made and travel tips. My plans were to meet up with two friends for the first 1.5 weeks of the trip, then to go solo for the last week. They would fly to Chicago to connect with me, then we'd all fly over together to Narita.
- I filled out the Japan entry forms to provide proof of vaccination, declare for customs, etc. We saved a pretty good amount of time with that compared to people filling out paperwork on the plane.
- For phone / internet we went with pocket wireless and it was incredibly smooth basically the whole time. We got two units for times where we'd be separated as well as a pocket translator, which was an unnecessary expense. You're not getting any added value over Google Translate.
- For daily travel we all went with Suica and that was again a very simple, intuitive experience. I'd just periodically add on funds to my Apple Wallet and ended up paying for a bunch of stuff with that rather than cash / credit. My one friend went with the actual card instead of using his phone, which had one advantage: some ticket machines would only accept Suica via card and through the app.
- For the shinkansens we skipped the JR Pass and just booked tickets that day, which was mostly fine. The machines wouldn't accept my credit card so I'd need to go talk to a person, but I knew enough about where I wanted to go and what to do I muddled through. We did opt for the Hakone Free Pass as that would cover basically all the transportation for that area and saved a little money.
- I'm fortunate to have a friend living in Japan who helped arrange a couple events for us... if you don't have that option you can try to book some tickets at Lawson, or for restaurants you can try to go 1-2 days in advance and ask about reservations.
- I tried taking a language course ahead of the trip and learning a few key phrases... I was not able to hold a conversation but the little bit I did know helped I believe. One "caution" I'll give is that if you use Google Translate to construct a sentence for you in Japanese, you're likely to get a response in Japanese!
Part 1: Tokyo
2/15 + 2/16 - Friend B unfortunately overslept and missed his first flight, so Friend A and I met up in the morning at O'Hare. I did have to check one of my bags at the gate because it was over 10 lbs, but otherwise the trip was uneventful until we arrived at Narita, where I had a momentary panic when my checked suitcase did not show up on the carousel. I talked to an agent and for some reason, they had set my bag aside from all the others behind a sign. With that out of the way, we picked up the pocket wi-fi and on our way out the door, a film crew from "Why did you come to Japan" asked us if we would do a brief interview. I recognized their logo and thought it might be fun, but I wasn't prepared for a 40 minute conversation! I mentioned I was visiting a Game Center CX exhibit and they asked me a long line of questions about meeting the show's host (Shinya Arino), what I would say to him, what games we would play, etc. Finally I had to explain we were tired and would like to be on our way. I don't believe my interview was ever shown.
By the time we got tickets and were seated on the Narita Express, we could barely stay awake. Maybe because of the fatigue we had difficulty with exiting Shinjuku station: we eventually talked to an Australian family who showed us the fare exchange kiosk where we converted our Narita Express ticket into a regular train ticket for the gate. Once we settled that we checked into our hotel (Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku), briefly went out to Family Mart for snacks, then crashed for the night.

2/17 - We got up around 7 and went to a Sukiya near our hotel for breakfast, then headed over to Akihabara. Things were still opening up so we stopped for Mr. Donut, then visited a couple stores before moving further east to Yokozuna Tonkatsu Dosukoi Tanaka where we had a lunch / sumo demonstration. This was very much a tourist thing: there was a brief explanation of the sumo ceremony and technique before they invited the audience to get in sumo costumes and step in the ring and have matches with the wrestlers. I (and about 90% of the attendees) went up: this was absolutely not a serious match and was closer to improv comedy than anything. Still, we had a good time and the food was fine.
Afterward, we went back to Akihabara for a reservation at an owl cafe. We got some cute photos but I admit those owls could not have been happy, as there were 30 of them in a small room. The handlers would let one perch on your arm but were adamant you not let go of their leash, because if you did... it wouldn't be pretty. At this point we had to return to our hotel to link up with Friend B who had just arrived, then we went back to Akihabara for dinner. Dinner was at Merino, an all you can eat place where we had lamb and beef tongue in a hot pot. Fittingly, there was a collaboartion with a lamb girl V-tuber. We were again pretty wiped out after dinner and retreated back to our hotel.

2/18 - After a quick stop at Family Mart we headed to Ueno for the Tokyo National Museum. Unfortunately the special exhibition was closed, but we enjoyed the historical artifacts that were available. We had a ramen lunch at one of the restaruants at Ueno Station, then head over to Akihabara (yes, again) and crawled through the shops in more depth. We were there on Saturday afternoon so there were people everywhere, so that only lasted for a couple hours. Our bags were full so we dropped things off at the hotel, then ate dinner at a Coco Ichibanya: we all kept our orders pretty low on the scale but as advertised, there's a kick even at "2". Finally we visited Star Club, a Super Mario themed bar located nearby. Despite the gimmick, the crowd appeared to be local aside from our group. We each ordered a couple of the themed drinks and bonded with the bartender over Cowboy Bebop through the language barrier, as he was playing the soundtrack for ambience.

2/19 - Our first stop in the morning was the Ghibli Musem. While my previous visit had been lackluster, this one went much better as there was a significantly smaller crowd so early in the day. Plus, while they are still largely not supporting English, the movie shown had no dialogue and they did actually provide an English guide for the special exhibit on Future Boy Conan! The merch shop was of course seductive and we ended up with souvenirs for ourselves and friends. Our lunch plans unfortunately fell through as our targeted spot (Chillmatic, a burger place) was closed for a building inspection. We opted for another random ramen place as we walked over to the PARCO mall in Shibuya. We visited all the character stores (Nintendo, Pokemon, Capcom, etc.), which were of course also mobbed on a Sunday afternoon. At this point I had easily outgrown the space in my luggage, so our next stop was Don Quijote so Friend A and I could each buy a duffel bag. To make up for earlier we visited Shogun Burger for dinner, which was fantastic.

2/20 - Our first travel day, but before heading out we did a little more shopping in Shinjuku: my friends and I really got into visiting every BookOff we could find. I also took the opportunity to stop at McDonalds for an early lunch and try their "exclusive" menu items. We then boarded the Odakyu line to make our way out to Hakone. In hindsight, I definitely should have forwarded a bag to our Kyoto hotel: I had a very uncomfortable trip moving between trains and walking uphill but after a couple hours we made it to Ajisai Onsen Ryokan. The building was in a traditional style but with modern furnishings: to paint a picture, our room had futons and an Amazon Fire Stick. We booked times to reserve some of the baths, then walked to a local gyoza place - and I mean local, a bunch of schoolchildren stampeded in with us as it opened - then headed back to the hotel for our evening bath. To cap the evening we enjoyed some sake and watched a few episodes of Spy x Family.

2/21 - We got an early start with our morning bath and quickly came to a realization. The previous night we had booked the "indoor / outdoor" bath, which had both an indoor and outdoor bath but critically kept the showers indoors. For the morning we were in the "outdoor" bath, which... had the showers outdoors. When it was right around freezing. Afterward we ate breakfast at the hotel, then went on the "Hakone Loop". We started by walking through Gora Park and participating in a brief tea ceremony, then took the rope car up to Owaukudani. We were lucky and there were clear skies so Mt. Fuji was very visible in the distance. Unfortunately part of the ropeway was out of service so we took a bus down to Lake Ashi, which we then crossed by boat. We quickly stopped for snacks then walked along Ancient Cedar Avenue before catching a bus back closer to our hotel. We unfortunately missed the last cable car for the day - they stop before 4:30 - but we managed to figure out the local bus line to get back. After a brief rest we found dinner at Pub Stop Pizza & Bar and took in some local entertainment (a TV was playing Fast and the Furious 7).

2/22 - Another bath, another hotel breakfast, and a quick stop at the Hakone Art Museum before we got on our way to our next destination. I asked / begged for us to take a cab back down the mountain to Hakone-Yumoto, which saved me from more luggage struggles. At the station we stopped in Eva-ya: I had only learned yesterday that Hakone is the setting for much of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but luckily they had some cover files and sweets ready for me to buy. After a couple hour trip on the shinkansen we arrived at Kyoto and with a bit of fumbling got to our hotel. The key here is that there is a second floor walkway that runs North - South through the station and doesn't require paying train fare. Our Kyoto hotel (Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Ekimae) had a very slick entrance way: it blended in with the building to the point you'd think you're walking towards a wall without signage. We did some laundry, then went next door to the Yodobashi to pick up a couple items (Friend A needed new sneakers) and literally got lost again. After again getting reoriented, we headed back to Kyoto Station where we got conveyor belt sushi. These places do technically exist where I'm from (US) but this was still one of my favorite moments on the trip.

2/23 - Kicked off the day at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The bulk of the museum is an impossibly large manga library, which didn't serve me too well, but I enjoyed the history sections. One room was devoted to sculptures of the hands of famous artists, which was certainly a choice. They also had an artist there who would draw sketches of you for 1500 yen. I was a little worried I was paying for the equivalent of a carnival caricature, but the skill and detail were much better than that. Be advised, the artists are only available on holidays and weekends.
Afterward I took the train down to Osaka to meet a friend living in Japan for... you guessed it more shopping. We visited the Capcom Cafe first and checked out the rest of the nerdy stores at Daimaru Umeda. Unlike in Shibuya, we did need to get a timed entry ticket for the Nintendo store, so we went over to Mandarake to kill time. After finishing up in Umeda we hit up the Daimaru / PARCO at Shinsaibashi, then visited the Dotunburi Glico sign and walked the river. They took my picture and when I offered to take theirs they replied "no... I'm not a tourist". Oof. In the evening I met back up with my travel group and had udon at a spot in Kyoto Station.

2/24 - Slightly mixed things up here: we went to the Imperial Palace in order to get tickets for Katsura Imperial Villa. Unfortunately, same day tickets were not available as we expected, so we instead had to get them for Sunday 2/26. Still visited the palace, and in spite of the rain still had fun. Then back to Osaka where we ended up visiting Daimaru again - the other guys liked some photos I sent so much they wanted to see it too. Had takoyaki for lunch, then took the train to the Osaka Aquarium. The absolutely massive tank at the center was very impressive. Then stayed in the area and went to the park to wat a New Japan Pro Wrestling show. This was one of the first shows that allowed the whole audience to cheer: people were quiet but by the end of the night things were rocking. Interestingly they still only sat people in every other chair. Lastly while the other guys went to bed I had read on Twitter there was a party near our hotel to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Fox. Stopped by there and while it was a little awkward at first once I found the more gregarious / drunk people there it was a good time. One guy insisted I get in front of a camera and talk for a second, and it showed up in a video they posted on Twitter.

2/25 - Went to Nara and saw the deer. The deer are docile if you don't have food, friendly if you do, and absolutely terrifying to children. The amount of "yada yada yada" and "kowai" I heard... At first we were giving whole crackers out, but we learned that we could break them up, leave them on our palm, get them to bow, etc. Headed over to Todai-ji and saw the huge Buddha. It was in fact very, very large. Doubled back and played with the deer a bit more, then took the train to Kyoto. I took the lull in the afternoon to visit the office of Edit Mode, a clothing maker that specializes in video game goods. They occasionally host an "open house" at their office and we were lucky enough to be there during one. For dinner we ate okonomiyaki at a restaurant in the Yodobashi building, then afterward took a trip to the nearest BookOff before hitting the hay.

2/26 - This was definitely our biggest mixup on the trip. We had been planning to go to Fushimi Inari in the morning but there were some scheduling issues:
  1. We didn't take not of how long the hike would be (2-3 hours).
  2. We overslept (woke up at 7:30 instead of 6).
  3. We had a hard stop time to make the Katsura Imperial Villa tour we'd booked on Thursday.
We probably should've just not gone to Fushimi Inari at all but we did and ended up arriving with less than an hour to stay. We walked up the steps for about 15 minutes, turned back, checked out the start of the path, and left :( At least the Villa was a good experience: we had an English speaking guide (+ recording) which helped a lot. The context felt necessary to understanding how carefully the whole area was designed.
Next up was one last stop at our Kyoto hotel before taking a quick train ride to Osaka. We stayed at the Hotel Granvia Osaka, which is literally right above the station, so the location was certainly convenient. We ate sushi for lunch at one of the many restaurants in the building, took a quick nap, then went out for some taiyaki. Specifically, I forced my friends to go to a particular chain that was collaborating with a V-Tuber. back to the hotel where we checked out then hopped on the train to Osaka. Checked into our hotel and people napped for a bit before we headed out again. Got taiyaki (making my friends visit a chain with a Hololive collab). More shopping followed with a stop at Mandarake, then to Don Quijote where I bought another small suitcase. We ended up more or less skipping dinner and heading out for karaoke, where we had some snacks and drinks.

2/27 - For my friends' final day we went to Universal Studios Japan. This could be its entire own post but I recommend looking for tickets at least a month in advance, get the Express Pass, and get there early. The park is supposed to open at 9, and even though we showed up at 8:30 people were already pouring inside. Our main objective was Super Nintendo World but our timed entry wasn't for a couple hours, so we tried Jujutsu Kaisen 4D (okay), Spider-Man (good), and Jurassic Park the Ride (okay) first. As for Super Nitendo World itself... as long as you know it's intended for kids and has about a 4 hour lifespan you'll enjoy it. The Mario Kart ride was very good the AR game was interesting tech, and the restaurant food was alright. Really though, the Flying Dinosaur which went on afterward was incredible and easily my favorite ride. Unfortunately, Friend A became ill afterward so we ended up bailing to go back to the hotel and rest. After he felt better we grabbed dinner at a local ramen place: the gimmick was they lined the bowl with slices of pork, which you could then put in the broth to cook a little and season the whole bowl.

2/28 - My two friends left for America, so we checked out of our room and I checked into a smaller one at the same spot. This hotel didn't have laundry machines, just an expensive service (200 yen to clean one pair of underwear), so instead I found a laundromat nearby and caught up with family by phone while I waited. On the way back to the hotel I stopped at another Yodobashi, where I committed a gaffe: you're supposed to check out on each floor. Once I apologized a bunch and paid, I grabbed lunch at Wendy's and got settled into my new room. For dinner I went to another of the restaurants in the building, then took a train to Namba to see a retro video game bar. A couple drinks and a chat with the bartender later, I headed back for the night.

3/1 - A very nerdy shopping day in Osaka: first to the Daimaru character shops, then over to Parco character shops, then I just used Google Maps to hit BookOffs one after the other. I made my way south until I hit DenDen Town where I stopped in every store I saw until I had to break away for dinner. A local friend helped me book a reservation in Kobe Took the train out to Kobe where a friend had helped me make a reservation at a steak restaurant. I went for the "modarately" cheap option that was about $100 total and loved it from beginning to end. Also strangely this was the only restaurant anywhere I could tip: you had to tip individually and could only max it out at 500 yen. I tipped the two waiters, the chef, and the host / barker outside (who had good English so we talked a bit).

3/2 - My Fushimi Inari revenge trip! I got there around 9am so things were already pretty busy, but I did get the chance to chat with one of the tour guides while I had a morning coffee. The starting area was pretty busy and even as I went along, I ran into a lot of people but there was still enough space to take photos and see everything. I definitely paused at a few points: even walking 20,000 steps daily on the trip hadn't prepared me for all the stair climbing. I'd also suggest that you don't NEED to go all the way to the top: there's just a store up there that completely obscures the view, the better views are earlier in the hike. With that said, I still really enjoyed myself, taking a different route back down. I grabbed a couple of snacks and took the train back to Osaka, where I finished up exploring Namba and went with a friend for an unagidon dinner. I'd had broiled eel before as sushi but never as the full entree and found it delicious!

3/3 - After checking out of the hotel and forwarding two of my bags to Tokyo, I caught the shinkansen but made a detour while in Yokohama to visit the Gundam Factory. The Gundam is very impressive in person and I would definitely recommend visiting in the early evening to see it after dark if possible. I proceeded onto Shinjuku where I ran into another issue: I was staying at a capsule hotel and immmediately realized I was not comfortable there. Everyone's bags were kept in a locker room that was not closely monitored, there were signs everywhere advising the hotel was not responsible for any theft... I should have done more reading to understand where I'd be staying. I would have been better off in a hostel, at least that would've been cheaper! I did at least have a chance to visit Shogun Burger again for dinner, after which I booked a new hotel for the next night, then got a few hours of restless sleep as I heard every snore and cough from my neighbors.

3/4 - I rose early and walked to Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. You really can use Suica in a lot of places, they even accepted it here! Most plants weren't in bloom yet but I did spot a lone cherry blossom tree that had blossomed: as I passed by it later in my walk a dozen people had crowded around for photos. A lot of stuff was not in bloom yet but I did see one cherry tree had blossomed at least. After getting my fill of nature I ventured over to Nakano Broadway. Out of all the nerdy shopping I did, this spot was my least favorite: maybe if I knew Japanese I would've fared better but because I didn't, I found all the various specialty stores confusing to navigate. I stopped back at the capsule hotel to pick up my luggage, then headed to Nipponbashi to check into my backup hotel (S-Peria Inn Nihonbashi Hakozaki). This new spot was pretty out of the way so I opted to just grab some sushi from a nearby supermarket and park it for the evening with the hope of a strong start tomorrow.

3/5 - Checked out of my hotel and headed over to Shinjuku to check in to my final hotel (Kadoya Hotel) for the trip. Dropped off my bags and confirmed my other ones had shown up safely, then headed to Shibuya Parco for the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary pop-up. Shopped there for a bit, then headed back to Chillmatic and this time they were open! It was a neat experience but I think I preferred Shogun Burger. Next stop was Meijijingu - I didn't leave a votive and instead just walked around, including a stop in one of the gardens. Then over to HMV Books where there was a 20th Anniversary Celebration for Game Center CX. However busy I expected it to be, it was not... at all. I was the only person who paid the 800 yen for the museum part in the 30-45 minutes I was there. But I did enjoy it and picked up a T-shirt. I also found a small pop-up gallery titled "9Days" on a lower floor that was interesting. It was getting late but I pressed onto Akihabara where I went to the Radio Kaikan tower. I stayed there until closing, then headed over to Tokyo Video Gamers, a bar. They had closed down last year but were in the middle of a soft re-launch when I stopped by. Finally, I headed back to my hotel and ordered some Dominos because I was tired of walking around.

3/6 - Checked out of my hotel, but left my bags so I could go eat breakfast at Eggslut at the station. Took the Narita Express to the airport, shopped a little bit at the airport shops, then the long sad flight back to the US.
That was a linguistic dreadnought so if anything is unclear let me know and I'll try to clean it up. Hope you enjoyed and it helps with your own planning: I'll answer questions as best as I can!
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2023.03.21 20:27 IronManBow [H] Large List of Games [W] PayPal (US)

Sgsflair 1: here --- 90+ Confirmed Trades
Sgsflair 2: here --- 15+ Confirmed Trades (no longer updating)
PayPal region is US.
Please use reddit private messages instead of chat once we come to an agreement
Leave a comment first before PMing or I won't respond
March 2023 Choice:
February 2023 Choice:
Survival Instinct:
Fighting Farmers:
In Case You Missed It: Gems of 2022
January 2023 Choice:
Black Friday VR Voyager's Pack:
November 2022 Choice:
October 2022 Choice:
Starlight Children's Foundation Games:
Valiant VR Bundle:
2K Megahits Bundle
LEGO At the Movies Games:
September Choice Games:
August Choice Games:
July Choice Games:
High Tier:
Medium Tier:
Low Tier:
Very Low Tier:
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2023.03.21 19:57 JOWWLLL Two favorite bands I've never seen, same night, same venue, but playing at the same time on 2 different stages.

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2023.03.21 18:48 EDCMod EDC Las Vegas 2023 Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

EDC Las Vegas 2023

Official EDC Las Vegas 2023 Trailers:

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway 7000 N Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89115
Dates & Times:
May 19, 20, 21, 2023
Box Office:
Expo at World Market Center 435 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106
Box Office Hours:
Wednesday, May 17: 2PM – 12AM Thursday, May 18: 11AM – 12AM Friday, May 19: 11AM – 3AM Saturday, May 20: 2PM – 2AM Sunday, May 21: 2PM – 2AM
Camp EDC Hours
Thursday, May 18th, 8am – Monday, May 22nd, 5pm. All campers must be fully packed and vacating the campground by 5pm on Monday, May 22nd.
Camp EDC Check-In
  • Thursday, May 18: 8am–2am
  • Friday, May 19: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Saturday, May 20: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer
  • Sunday, May 21: 8am–2pm - please note festival traffic begins arriving at 2pm so wait times could be longer

Other informative other posts --


electricdaisycarnival Discord chat

Official 2023 electricdaisycarnival & campEDC Reddit meetup info

Roommate Megathread

CampEDC/tent-mates Megathread

Rideshare Megathread

EDC Las Vegas 2022 Playlists by Stage Lineup (COMING SOON!)

Useful Quick Links:

Purchase festival passes -- LIMITED GA+ & VIP PASSES REMAINING (GA SOLD OUT)!

Purchase shuttle passes -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Moon Glow camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Desert Rose camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase RV camping -- SOLD OUT!

Purchase Premier Parking -- SOLD OUT!

Hotel EDC

Purchase Locker Rental

Lineup Flyer (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Stage (COMING SOON!)

Lineups by Art Car (COMING SOON!)

CampEDC Activities Schedule (COMING SOON!)

CampEDC Party Schedule:

  • CampEDC Pre-Party (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC Pool Parties (COMING SOON!)
  • CampEDC After Parties (COMING SOON!)


CampEDC The Mesa Map (COMING SOON!)

Opening Ceremony Lineup (COMING SOON!)

Parking Map (COMING SOON!)

Festival Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Map (COMING SOON!)

Shuttle Schedule --

  • Departure Times: Shuttles will operate continuously from 7:00pm–11:30pm from all Standard Shuttle stops
  • Return Times: Return shuttles will begin at 3:00am and conclude 60 minutes after the music ends at kineticFIELD PLEASE NOTE: Shuttles will not run between 11:30pm and 3:00am.

EDC Wedding Info

Table & Bottle Service info

Helicopter Booking

Lost & Found Information

Basic Festival & Ticketing information

When can I check in to the campgrounds?
Insomniac put together a handy entry guide for camping that is available here
What are the guidelines for camping? I have more questions related to camping!
Insomniac put together their camping guidelines and camping FAQ pages related to camping and they are very informative. I'm not going to re-type all this information here, so use the links provided.
My wristband/parking pass/shuttle pass hasn't come yet!
Be patient, they will be shipping out over 100k+ packages when they go out. You can also call Front Gate Tickets to see where your shipment is and/or set up will call pickup @ 888.512.7469. Also here's the Front Gate Tickets Support Site.
If you are coming from outside of the USA, you have no choice but to go to will call for your tickets. Please see the above event information for the box office location and hours.
I have tickets/shuttle passes/parking passes to sell!
Check out EDCTickets! Remember, even though our community is friendly, caring, and kind, there are ticket scammers out there that are willing to take advantage. Be vigilant, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts.
Where can I register my Wristband? Do I have to register my wristband?
You can register it here. The only way to recover your wristband if it is lost or stolen is to have it registered. Additionally, there is emergency contact information stored in your wristband as part of the registration process, if anything should happen to you. There is a $40 fee for a replacement wristband.
Well this is embarassing, I didn't listen to everyone and put my wristband on early/on the wrong hand, how can I get it off? I sold my wristband after I attended one of the nights, how can I get it off without damaging it?
Here's a short how-to video to remove the wristband without damaging anything. DON'T PUT YOUR WRISTBAND ON UNTIL FRIDAY BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOTEL! It goes on your right wrist, and should be able to fit a finger underneath for breathing room.
I'm going solo to the fest, how can I make friends, I need a place to stay, etc.
There are several ways of doing this. You can use the search function on the subreddit. There's also some Facebook groups dedicated to solo journeys to EDC. Once again, trust your instincts here and only stay with people that you can properly personally have vetted ahead of time.
Also, check the useful links above for ride shares, hotel shares, and tent shares!
Live sets just aren't doing it for me, I need a feel for what this place is like before I attend!
Check out Electric Daisy Carnival 2000, Under the Electric Sky, or The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience trailer from when the festival was still in L.A. If you can find The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience online for free somewhere or even for a couple bucks to stream it, I think it's a much better movie than the Under the Electric Sky movie.


When do the set times drop? When does the app update? I can't find the app on the app store, what gives?!
Set times and app updates usually happen the week of the festival. The Insomniac app will update the week of the festival, so go ahead and install it now if you want to.
What about pool parties or other EDC Week events?
Official site here for a list of events and tickets. There's also going to be parties and pools at the campground.
What time should I leave the strip? How long does it take to get to/from to the speedway? What time should I leave the event to beat traffic?
EDC is not like a local DJ show and Las Vegas traffic SUCKS. Parking lots open at 2PM, so I would strive to leave the strip right around that time. Without traffic it will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The longer into the night you wait to leave the worse off traffic will be and the longer it will take to get to the show. I have heard nightmare scenarios of 2 or 3 hour shuttle rides, so don't let it happen to you!
Typically, you can leave before the sunrise sets or about halfway through it and not have too bad of a wait in traffic back to the strip in the morning! At the end of night 3, keep in mind normal people are also heading to work since it will technically be Monday morning. That's just going to add to the cluster fuck of traffic on I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. Plan accordingly! If you are driving have a cooler in the trunk with water bottles!
Are we doing the Reddit meetup again this year?
We sure are. Check out the links up top regarding information on where and when we are meeting up. We are going to have two simultaneous meetups, one for campers and one for people on the Strip. All information is contained in the post linked at the very top!
What can I bring into the festival? What can't I bring into the festival? What are the searches like?
The searches could be TSA style, or you could barely get touched at all. It's pretty random. Consider stash boxers or compression underwear to get your favors inside or items that are disallowed like LED gloves, etc.
If you take your time to observe the security, you can usually get a feel of who is being a hard-ass for a dime raise for busting someone and who is just doing their job quickly and efficiently.
As for allowed and disallowed items, here's a link to those lists as well as totem guidelines.
Bring a gallon zip lock bag and put all of your belongings that you want to bring into the festival in it while you are waiting in line. All three days last year security complimented me on being organized and how easy I made their jobs because they could just scan the items in the bag, check my camelbak, give me the pat down and I was on my way.
Seriously, if you make security's lives easier in this way, they will not hassle you at all as long as you aren't trying to bring in stuff that isn't allowed. I didn't even get pat down on Night 2 because I was so up-front about all my belongings.
Any further questions, feel free to comment below, or visit the EDC Las Vegas Guide page!

Tips and Tricks!

  • Put an Emergency Contact Information (ICE) on your phone's lock screen. Android or Apple. This serves as two things.. One, if you lose your phone, someone can try to get it back to you. TWO, if you get hurt or fall out, the medics on site can get in contact with someone you know.
  • Call your bank/credit card companies and let them know you will be traveling to Vegas to avoid holds on your account.
  • Be vigilant on the Strip. Everyone is trying to hustle. Street performers will expect tips if you take pictures!
  • Hit up a Vegas buffet at least one day.
  • Stretch beforehand in your hotel room. Your muscles will thank you in the morning!
  • Wear comfy shoes and/or get insoles to replace the "stock" insoles that come with your shoes. Also, consider moleskin if your feet are prone to blistering from rubbing against your socks. Your feet will thank you!
  • Get to the festival early. Stop by the merchandise tent first thing. Items sell out fast. Consider a mobile charging locker to store your merchandise in! Additionally, if you bring all of your sealed items in on the first day (wipes, chapstick, cigarettes, gum, tampons, etc), you can keep them all in your locker overnight and not have to worry about getting 3 of each sealed item to bring in every single day. REMEMBER! Hide your lock combo from people that may peer over your shoulder or look at your combination wristband and try to get into your locker. Remain vigilant inside the festival!
  • After you get your merch and put it in your locker, you next stop should be one of the free water stands to fill up your hydration pack or water bottle. It's very important to remain hydrated, especially while the sun is still out and bearing down on you! If you tip some of the vendors, they will give you ice if the warm water turns you off.
  • If you need to eat something, consider the food trucks instead of the concession stand food. The food trucks have their company name out there and on the line when compared to the generic concession stand stuff, the quality of the food is unparalleled. Don't make the same mistake as I did a few years ago and get a raw onion sandwich masked as a "cheese steak".
  • Bring earplugs! Tinnitus sucks!
  • Wear sunscreen! Remember, if you are staying all night the sun is up at like 5AM and starts beaming down on you almost immediately.
  • If you want to ride the rides, get there early or risk missing sets while standing in line! Some rides you will be waiting for an hour or more at peak times.
  • Time-stamp your texts! There will be cell service congestion. Stamping your texts will help your friends know whenever you truly sent a message!
  • Bring an external battery pack in with you to charge your phone if you are someone who likes to take a lot of photo and video!
  • Bring cash. Credit and debit cards could possibly be hit or miss if the speedway's internet network would happen to shit the bed! Don't be stuck without a way to pay for something you need!
  • Remember to take it easy night 1! EDC is a marathon not a sprint!
  • Emergen-C packets are a lifesaver. Take one before the festival every night in order to help you recover from the night before and prepare for the festival ahead!
  • Take some time to look up and enjoy the fireworks!
  • Don't forget about the EDC parade down Rainbow Road every night! You should at least try to check it out one time out of the three nights you are there! Check the app for times, but it should be around midnight every night!
  • Follow your favorite artists' social media so that you know if they may show up unannounced, or if they are doing any surprise sets on one of the art cars, etc.
  • Send a post card to back home at the EDC Town Post Office. Mine took until October in 2017 to land, but it was a nice surprise when it finally did! Check out EDC Town in general. It's pretty sweet.
  • If you are feeling at all dehydrated or anything else medical related, visit one of the medical tents. Staff is super friendly and you WILL NOT get in trouble for seeking medical treatment, no matter your condition. If you can't make it to the medical tent, look for a Ground Control staff member to assist you or any of your friends! Look out for your fellow ravers. If you see something, say something! This will keep everyone safe and having a good time.
  • If you are going to do drugs, and especially MDMA, I suggest only doing it 1 out of the 3 nights and finding something else for the other two days. Just to let you know as an example of responsible use, in 2017 we did edibles and shatter the first night, rolled night 2, and just chilled with some shatter night 3. Everyone is different, but be safe, and TEST YOUR SHIT. Do not buy drugs at the festival. Not only do you risk getting bunk shit, but undercover cops are everywhere!
  • If you are going to drink alcohol, do so in moderation and stay hydrated! For every alcoholic drink you have, you should drink 8-16oz of water!
  • If you are a lady, bring wipes! Usually the porta-potties run out of toilet paper. It's just a fact of the festival and usually they don't get resupplied until the following day. You will thank me if you get caught in this situation.
  • Bring a hand fan for the water lines! They can get pretty hot and people will love you!
  • Try to catch at least one sunrise set one of the nights. I recommend night 2, since everyone and their mothers will be staying on night 3. Plus, Monday morning rush hour traffic on night 3 is no bueno.
  • If you have a large crew and need to split up to see different sets, plan a meeting spot! Try to pick something that is stationary, like the locker area, the cooling area, one of the buildings in EDC Town, etc.
  • Buy a smoothie or a lemonade. They are a nice change of pace from warm hydrant water.
  • Get a bandana and tie it around your neck for each night you are out there. Put it over your mouth and nose when the dust gets to be too much. Your lungs will thank you, plus you get to look like a bandit. Win/win.
  • Trains of people going in and out of the crowd are going to happen, so use them to your advantage. Become the caboose to go into or out of the crowds and use your manners! Excuse me, thank you, etc go a long way when navigating the crowd!
  • Bring good vibes, leave the judgement at the gates, and most of all, enjoy yourself and smile! EDC is a glorious wonderland of fun. Extrude the vibes you wish to receive back to you and you will have a great time, I promise!
If you have other tips, tricks or questions, comment your thoughts below!
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2023.03.21 18:31 Sammachetepdx Massive Rent Increase Under Rental Pros-info in comments

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2023.03.21 17:29 blakefolgado I made an app to countdown to your next thing

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2023.03.21 11:59 nosaraestateswork Nosara Estates Reviews Best Vacation Destination Offering Facility To Buy Your Own Home Or Get Rental Homes

At Nosara Estates, we pride ourselves on creating a community that is welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. Our residents come from all over the world, creating a diverse and vibrant community that celebrates different cultures and traditions. We also offer a variety of community amenities, such as a clubhouse, fitness center, and pool, where residents and guests can socialize, relax, and have fun. Our community also features 24/7 security, ensuring that you and your family are safe and secure during your stay. Nosara Estates offers you a wide range of properties with easy home ownership or short rental facility.
submitted by nosaraestateswork to u/nosaraestateswork [link] [comments]