railrat.net isn't updating. Anyone know why?

2023.03.13 14:38 ralph8877 railrat.net isn't updating. Anyone know why?

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2023.01.15 21:12 osunderdogs Woodbridge Station (WDB) how to know which platform?

I'm a total novice train traveler.. I'm looking for advice on how to avoid a "failure to board" situation.
Northwest Regional from Woodbridge station (WDB) (https://goo.gl/maps/brGUUo3ZqNRvu8ui9) to Richmond. Friday I had a total failure dropping off my college student for the return trip to VCU in Richmond.
WDB has two sets of tracks .. I guess I'll call them the east line and the west line. There is a ~3 story pedestrian overpass available to get from the east track to the west track. The last three times we've done this, the train arrived on the west line. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 2hrs late.
Last Friday evening, we arrived about 20 minutes early on the west side and started refreshing railrat (https://railrat.net) to see how late the train would be. I think several VRE trains passed through or stopped... All of a sudden, we realize that the train stopped on the east track is the Northwest Regional and we are not going to make it over to it before it leaves the station.
My Questions:
Any suggestions, faqs, survival guides or other would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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2022.12.27 22:23 Icy-Thanks-3170 Music For These Traveling Times

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2022.12.13 21:14 L1o2t3u4s Schedule says that Carolinian will depart 1 hour early from Washington DC Union station

Schedule says that Carolinian will depart 1 hour early from Washington DC Union station
Will an Amtrak passenger train depart early? That too from a major station like Washington DC?
But apparently it did yesterday and is scheduled to do so again today??

Status report from amtrak.com .... can the train actually leave an hour early?
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2022.09.01 17:01 L1o2t3u4s info on average delay time of different train routes?

Is there any site where we can see statistcs on on-time arrival / delays of different trains? I see railrat.net has data for today and yesterday but I wanted something that gave info for at least the past month.
I have to travel from Durham to DC and was planning to take the Carolinian as usual. Now this train has never been on time for me and the last time I took it (in June) it was 3 hours late. I recently saw that if I was willing to baord in Cary I could try the SIlver Star. I just checked Railrat.net and it shows data for today and yesterday only - looking at this it looks like Silver Star has even more delays. SO even though it is scheduled to reach DC earlier, it is likely to be even later than the Carolinian (depending on how late that is of course)
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2022.08.27 20:23 python_noob_001 any way to figure out what equipment is being used on the wolverine train in Michigan at any given time?

They have good live trackers here:
But is there any way for me to live see what equipment they are using with each run (eg what kind of locomotive and cars)
I realize there is some info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolverine_(Amtrak_train), but it would be cool to check that with a live feed
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2022.08.13 07:32 SeagleLFMk9 My "Review" of Amtrak (92 Silver Star, 49 Lake Shore Limited, 7 Empire Builder)

So during my recent trip to the US and Canada I decided to take a couple of trains, some of them (the Silver Star) to avoid chaos at the airport given the current situation (flights getting cancelled etc) but others just as an experience, to see more of the country etc.
My trips were:
  1. 92 Silver Star: Orlando -> New York
  2. 49 Lake Shore Limited and 7 Empire Builder: New York -> Seattle
Lets get the bad out of the way first:
The whole boarding process sucks. Amtrak, for the love of god, please use preassigned seating (so you get a designated seat when buying a ticket) or give us the option to book a specific seat (even in coach class). This is especially important on long distance trains like the 7 Empire Builder where you spend multiple nights on a train. I can't really sleep all too well if I don't have a window seat (probably because i like to have a wall to kinda lean on), but i also know friends who prefer the aisle. Being stuck in a seat you don't like for 2 days sucks. (Now, i was fortunate enough to get a window seat on the 49 and 7, but didn't have one until Columbia in the 92).
Also, if you are riding in coach class, the selection of food in the cafe cart is kinda limited. Is it too much to ask for e.g. croissants? Prices weren't too bad though, and the water dispensers in the Superliner of the Empire Builder worked quite well, but the water from them had a odd smell. Tasted normally, however.
Power sockets were ok, but there is room for improvement. Them being only underneath the window kinda sucks for the aisle seat, but that is a design flaw of the cars, not something Amtrak can do anything about.
The Amtrak app is another point of criticism: I shouldn't have to use railrat.net to check if my train is on time.
WIFI was kinda funky, but i didn't even have a mobile signal sometimes, and it honestly wasn't worse than I've experienced in most trains in e.g. Europe.

Now we have that out of the way, onto the good stuff: basically everything else one you are on the train. What surprised me the most was the condition of the toilets on the Empire Builder even towards the end of the trip: cleaner than most shared bathrooms I've seen in budget hotels. Big enough to comfortably change or shave as well (some of them at least). The viewing car is also very nice, especially if you don't have a window seat.
But man, these seats in the coachclass are awesome! I had no trouble spending 3 consecutive nights in them, plenty of legroom and recline.
Regarding delays, both the 49 and the 7 arrived 30min early at their respective destination, but the Silver Star was 2h late into New York. This sucks, but stuff like this happens, equipment can break sometimes. We were informed of what happened (the elective engine the attach in Washington didn't work so they had to get another one), so they handled that very well.

Overall I'd maybe do it again on a different route, e.g. the California Zephyr, but until you can reserve/book specific seats I'll book a room next time. But IMO crossing the USA from one coast to another is something you have to do once.
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