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2023.03.23 08:12 YoProfWhite Not sure if I should continue this project or ditch it. Seeking advice.

I'm about 13 K words into my latest project and I worry that it's taking too long to get to the "good stuff." This is my third novel and the first time I've set out with multiple books in mind. I've become increasingly paranoid about whether or not this project is interesting. Not sure if I'm just afraid of really sinking my teeth into this...or if I should start a new project that is more go-go-go from the start.
Here's a summary of the chapters I have so far:
Prologue: Two brothers, The Arch-Decon of Dragon Keep and the Head General of The Scholar King's horde, the commanders of two warring armies, have just finished their final battle. The decon stabs his brother, who admits defeat and says "fine, you big baby. But remember, no one holds The World Tome forever. Not even sweethearts like you." The general dies in his brothers arms. While the decon is weeping, the body starts to be pulled toward the cathedral alter, where The World Tome is opening for the first time in decades. The decon, filled with regret, takes hold of the great Tome, and writes something inside as the invading army breaches the Cathedral. In a flash of light, the Cathedral, both armies, and the World Tome vanish, the battle passing into legend.
Chapter 1: We meet Miranda Wildman, owner of The Seedbed Brothel. We learn that Miranda inherited the vacant estate from her estranged father and turned it into a brothel to raise funds for her brother's medicine (he's got a condition called Bone Rot that is barely kept in check). She doesn't like being a madame, would prefer to explore The Manless Lands, but this is her lot in life. She's doing her morning check-up of the girls, some of whom are still with clients. She goes to check on the newest girl, Yenna, but finds her and the man she was with, dead. Fearing for the reputation of the Seedbed, she examines the bodies for any foul play.
It looks as if the man, a member of the Agony Clan—a group of men whose muscles don't stop growing and are strictly honor-bound to controlling their great strength—accidentally crushed Yenna in his arms, causing the man to die in shame. In the pool of blood, Miranda sees a piece of paper that has been unstained by the blood. She picks it up, goes into a trance, and discovers that, in her haze, she has cut her finger and drawn the symbol of the World Tome, an eye within a circle, the circle within a rectangle. The full symbol can only be drawn in The World Tome itself, as any attempt to draw it elsewhere is impossible (like trying to force two magnets together, some force prevents all three pieces of the symbol from coming together). This means that she has a scrap of the tome in her possession, a piece of the book that defines the world. And it is blank, ready for her to bring forth anything she imagines.
Chapter 2: We spend time with Miranda's brother, Dilyn Deathborne, who is eating breakfast. He interacts with some of the prostitutes, who see him as a younger brother (he's almost 16). One prostitutes, Deandra, is a clockwork person and says that she would prefer to remember Dilyn like this, sitting adorably in the sunlit kitchen. Dilyn has an existential freak out, realizing that Deandra will live hundreds of years after him and all that will be left of him is this memory, a frail boy with bone rot, sitting before a pile of cold eggs.
He snaps at her, then cries. She offers to help him, but another prostitute (Cess) wanders in and overwhelms the scene. Deandra leaves, Dilyn and Cess talk, and then we hear people outside. The door is opened by a stranger in a black garb. Cess says that the brothel isn't open, but the stranger backhands her to the floor. The stranger's men reveal to have, at some point between Chapter 1 and 2, captured Miranda. The stranger reveals he's the captain of the Scholar Queen's brigade of Hunters and he's come to recruit Dilyn into the army. The Queen is holding an expedition to the Manless Lands and will need all the young men possible. Rumor is that pieces of The World Tome have begun to resurface in the kingdom of man and this may mean that the Tome is out there, able to be re-discovered.
Dilyn says he won't be of any use, since he's stuck in a wheelchair, but the captain says that the army always needs sparring dummies and bait for monsters. Then, Miranda shouts at the ceiling, "Deandra no!" and we see that, at some point, Deandra has spider-walked up into the ceiling, dagger in hand, and is about to strike at the captain. Dilyn, in a flash of regret, knows that from this point on, he'll always associate Deandra with this sight, a terrifying spider of doom.
Chapter 3: We bounce back in time a bit, to where Miranda is pacing in her room, trying to think of what to write on her piece of the Tome. She thinks about legends and this is a bit of a lore dump about what the Tome has done in the past. Lord Crulex, Lord of Lore, used the Tome to create all kinds of mythical creatures. But he couldn't contradict things that were already written in the book, like the concept of death, so he couldn't make himself immortal.
Overwhelmed, Miranda decides to alert the town guard about the dead Yenna and stranger. She pops her head into Deandra's room and asks her to keep an eye on Dilyn. Miranda heads out, feeling like any of us would if we had a winning lottery ticket in our pocket. She realizes, too late, that it's going to rain and she freaks out about getting the piece of paper wet. She panics at first, running into a nearby field to look for melons to house the paper in, then realizes that the Tome is probably going to be okay, since she found it in a pool of blood and it wasn't ruined.
While wondering about this, the captain finds her, apprehends her, and drags her back to the brothel. I intended to come back to the present time and have her offer to take her brother's place and enter into a sparring match with one of the captains guards (where she'll then write something on the tome to win) but that fight will have to happen in chapter 4, or else this chapter will be in the 5K word range.
This is all I have so far, but I have a fairly strong idea of where all this is heading. Should I ditch it or keep going?
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2023.03.23 08:01 GrizzlyAnimation The Night People

The power was out. I flicked the light switch on and off repeatedly but to no avail, the lights would not turn on. Everything around the house was out. I sat on the couch as I waited for the power to eventually turn back on. Hours passed but the lights still refused to work. Silence enveloped the house as I listen to passing cars outside. The silence was deafening, However, my eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep.
My eyes shot open to pitch black darkness all around. I had assumed the power would have been back by now. I steadily walked around to find my phone. As I held the phone in my hand I checked the time, it said 9:42 PM. I tried to click the phone flashlight but it was unable to be used, the power was so low I had to just find a flashlight around the house. The faint glow of the phone barely illuminated the cold dark area. I walked closer to a shelf nearby. I had seen it, the flashlight. I reached for it before I turned off my phone. I put on my shoes and went outside.
I went to find a back-up generator in the backyard. My half closed eyes darted around following the light from my flashlight. I found it but it wasn't working either. With a heavy sigh I turned around to walk back inside the house before I heard something. In a quick moment I looked around the backyard. The sound I heard was a faint snap of a twig. My once half closed eyes opened wider, for I became startled. I waved my flashlight around to see where it could have came from. There was nothing there. I immediately assumed it might have been an animal or pest running along the wooden fence. Turning back around I went back inside.
Despite there being many houses around me that also has a power outages, I heard only silence. However something broke the silence, it was whispering. I thought it might have been something within my mind but it sounded as if it were outside. With a slight tug I pulled back the curtains an inch to peer outside. There was a beam of light, someone was outside with a flashlight. I kept looking as they walked along the road. But within a moment the flashlight dropped to the ground as a loud scream followed. I dropped the curtains and sat down on the wood floor. I kept quiet as the screams immediately became muffled. The muffled screams faded out and the silence filled the room once again.
I was panicked, "were they killed? What happened?" I thought. Suddenly my phone atop the counter bad turned on and began ringing loudly. I was once again startled as I sat on the floor. It took a second for me to react but I sprung up and rushed over to decline the call. I put the phone on silent to make sure it didn't happen again but now I was sure someone heard it. I carefully and quietly walked to my room where I sat inside my closet. I waited there for a few minutes but a knock caused me to gasp. I clasped my mouth shut with my hands. Adrenaline flood throughout my body as yet another knock rang. It was from the front door. The knocks became quicker and more violent. I tried my best to keep quiet before the sound of the front door opening sounded throughout the house. I started hyperventilating, my mind racing with thoughts about how this person opened the door. My thoughts were interrupted by a creaking of the floor boards. They were inside.
They slowly walked around the house. I peered through a crack in the closet doors trying to see. My eyes slowly adjusted and I could barely make out my bed and the wall painting. The door to the room opened and a person walked in. They were wearing a robe with a hood. They walked in and looked around the room. I watched the silent menace until it left the room. I heard a conversation of whispers issue outside. I crawled up to the window and a large group of people with the same hood and robe were walking around the neighborhood. Immediately the lights turned back on. I winced as the bright light lit up the room. The power was back on. As for the group of people, I could catch a glimpse of them walking into the woods. I got up and ran to the living room. When I arrived I saw the front door wide open. I closed and locked the door looking around the house. It was still the same. With the power back on and the group of the robed people possibly gone, I went back to the room and fell on the bed as I drifted off to sleep.
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2023.03.23 07:57 Difficult-Slide-6179 [QUESTION] HSH, HSS, Or both SSS+HH?!? PC static. Tones I want? $100 Strat?

Skip to last paragraph for short version!

From 2000-2004 I played several thousands of hours on a $100 SSS Squire Strat, a ~$60 amp, and a ~$200 (at the time) DigiTech RP-1 FX processor.
Then got more into synths and PC sequencing. When I plugged the guitar to the PC with a ~$125 audiophile soundcard it was extreme static. I tried shielding the guitar cavity but likely the poor job I did made no difference and I ended up not playing much guitar. I sold the strat + amp for like $50 thinking I'd get a better guitar for the PC, I might have known at the time humbuckers were a bit quieter but also thought I wanted something a bit better like a $500 Ibanez (no idea what pickups) I played at the store seemed to have better action and feel, and looked awesome.
I never got around to upgrading guitars, I just impulse bought one day around 2009 another $100 SSS strat off eBay just to have something. I sold that sort of recently for basically nothing. I don't want the tremolo bar seemed to make it go out of tune and I barely used tremolo (can sort of do with FX pedal) and I installed a floyd rose lock nut that kept giving me problems.

Anyway, from youtube comparisons humbuckers aren't going to be night and day difference for static vs a strat plugged into a computer. Proper shielding is likely most important. I don't think I have any ground issue and I don't have much plugged into the PC besides monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer, USB audio interface, but even ceiling lights etc can affect static.
Whatever I end up getting I'll do a proper shielding.

What I didn't know didn't hurt me because I basically always played the strat with only the neck pickup i.e switch lever all the way up, I thought that sounded fullest and used most of the pickups but was wrong, and I almost never played any other setting besides the bridge pickup alone but thought bridge sounded too twangy and had to put a ton of FX on it to get it sounding how I liked. But surprisingly come to find things like Comfortably Numb solo is played with just the bridge pickup, lots of other things I'm watching youtubers and I was expecting to see more using just the neck pickup. Despite I preferred just the neck pickup, now I want to use other settings.

I really want a humbucker too because although the tone won't be night or day difference vs a SSS, and I'm getting a solid body and not a semi or hollow, I really like Blues guitar which seems to be played on humbucker semi hollows. I like Surf guitar too and I thought that was semi/hollow body humbucker but read it's SSS. I like Dixieland jazz/blues Louisiana black people jazz/blues, "1997 weather channel music blues' (lol YouTube DOES have a playlist), which I thought was semi/hollow body HH but could be wrong. I thought heavy metal/ Metallica was SSS but Metallica is HH, I like like tone like Chile Peppers Under the bridge intro which is Telecaster probably more like a SSS than an HH. We like everything lol.

I like to keep my gear minimal but I think I might be limiting myself if I get a hybrid i.e missing my preferred neck single coil (despite what I know now people aren't using it for basically everything) so if I get a neck single coil I might be missing a tone I prefer with a Humber at the neck, and vice versa bridge.

I'm buying a Boss ME-80 fx processor might have hollow/HH etc emulator and also there's VSTs.
Overall my style if I produce a track is very electronic though and the guitar isn't really the main character and it doesn't have to sound perfect in a certain way, but sometimes I also just want to jam pure guitar.

It seems I should get 2 guitars, one a SSS and the other HH. To be honest, besides the static the $100 Squier Strat sounded great to me, I'd argue that even cheap technology now might be better than what they had in maybe the 60s or something but I really don't know that, just saying, some costs could be placebo affect.
I wanted to buy just one guitar for like $700, went to Sam Ash the other day and played some dual humbuckers and they all sounded great and the same to me whether $250 or $700, and I couldn't even hear a difference from the SSSs I played through this amp.

Guitar Center + Sam Ash rent guitars pretty cheap (maybe only used) which is good but I'm thinking I might just get another $150 SSS. I hear the mexican ones are almost as good for much less but maybe the $150-$200 ones aren't mexican. Plus a HH solid body for like $500 or heck even the $250 sounded great to me but I don't really want to always wish I spent a bit more. I'm reading the difference between pricey and cheap guitars granted there's not some total error made by the builder isn't night and day, yes the neck wood and truss rod could cause a cheaper one to go out of tune more or mess with the action and I'm very partial to the action being nice and low but not buzzing. Also pricier guitars have better hardware etc despite not trmolo bar things like that I just prefer as with anything in construction or something that it's better to overbuild than underbuild.

Should I get both a cheap ~$200 SSS and cheap $200 HH guitar?
Rent an HSS or HSH despite I'll likely be missing tones I really want? I'm not keen on renting though, distracting due date rushing feeling. I'm leaning towards buying a ~$500 HH and I think once I really get to play it without distraction/rush of a rental I'll be able to feel a difference between an SSS, then I can decide how much I want to spend on an SSS, or worst case scenario take a loss for the $500 selling it used and get something more $700 range and/or $700 range SSS, because I'm sure once I start reading the small details between pickups etc for better guitars I'll want to upgrade rather then feel I'm limiting myself.
but I'm still wondering, as mentioned if despite a lot of songs are NOT using just the neck pickup of an SSS like I assumed and preferred that setting, will I then likely prefer to have a Humbucker at the neck too and therefore no hybrid would suit me?
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2023.03.23 07:57 Educational-Welder18 One of many encounters

This encounter happened about 4-5 years ago. My sister and I had gotten home from playing volleyball and no one was home. We called our family and asked where they were since we had no clue where they were and they didn’t let us know beforehand. They told us they were at our cousins house and that a few of our siblings would come back to pick us up. So while my sister and I were waiting we decided to go chill in my parents room because the computer was in there and my sister wanted to play on it. For some reason we decided to close and lock the door to the room. I was playing games on my phone while she was playing games on the computer so it was basically completely silent other than the clicking of the mouse and keyboard. Some time had passed when there was a sudden bang on the room door followed by footsteps running away from the door. At first my sister and I were terrified by the sudden bang so we were just staring at each other and at the door. We hadn’t heard our siblings get back so we were wondering if they had gotten home but we just didn’t hear them so we decided to go check (yes, i know. #1 way to die in a horror movie but we had good reason to check!). We thought that maybe the bang was just our siblings playing a prank on us. We checked the whole house, every room, the garage. No one. We immediately went back to my parents room and locked the door again and just talked about what happened , specifically the fact that we both clearly heard foot steps running away from the door. Luckily soon after, our siblings got home and we ran out to meet them the moment they did and told them everything that happened. This encounter is the one I remember the most out of my other ones and still terrifies me to this day.
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2023.03.23 07:53 Minty-Crisp Web XR Javascript Engine : A-Frame UX Library (AUXL) v0.2 Released!

I'm proud to announce the latest release of my javascript XR engine, A-Frame UX Library (AUXL) v0.2! A ton of improvements and updates have been added including a Wiki and a Starter Scenario with walkthrough guide to build your very own AUXL XR experiences.

Links :

Check out the repository here (
View the AUXL Wiki here (
Play with the Demo here (
Get started building your own AUXL XR experiences with the guide here (

System Summary :

AUXL is a javascript engine built to streamline and unify the creation of Web XR experiences based on A-Frame & Three.js. It provides a variety of critical system, object, scene and scenario building tools that allows the user to create XR experiences as if they were making classic 2D HTML websites or game worlds. The types of website styles that can be built with are as endless as the web itself. Anything like a portfolio, gallery, blog, virtual tour, visual novel, video game and more. I envision the system to be a combination of tools like Wordpress and Unity with a long term plan to create 2D/3D admin panel like generation tools to open access to all users in creating their own personal XR content. It is being released under the GPL 3.0 license for all to use and hopefully will help with the adoption of the Web XR ecosystem.

AUXL is built to accomplish 3 main goals :

Control Configurations :

A few cool features of AUXL to highlight :

v0.3+ Roadmap :

A few words :

I still have a lot more to accomplish, but it will far easier if I can get others to test, play with, provide feedback/advice, contribute, donate or just offer kind words of encouragement to keep going. This wouldn't even be possible without the hard work of so many other open source developers, especially the teams that have built A-Frame and Three.js! So thank you all for creating the vital groundwork technology that makes this possible and thank you for your time in taking a look at my project! - Minty Crisp -^
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2023.03.23 07:53 Minty-Crisp Web XR Javascript Engine : A-Frame UX Library (AUXL) v0.2 Released!

I'm proud to announce the latest release of my javascript XR engine, A-Frame UX Library (AUXL) v0.2! A ton of improvements and updates have been added including a Wiki and a Starter Scenario with walkthrough guide to build your very own AUXL XR experiences.

Links :

Check out the repository here (
View the AUXL Wiki here (
Play with the Demo here (
Get started building your own AUXL XR experiences with the guide here (

System Summary :

AUXL is a javascript engine built to streamline and unify the creation of Web XR experiences based on A-Frame & Three.js. It provides a variety of critical system, object, scene and scenario building tools that allows the user to create XR experiences as if they were making classic 2D HTML websites or game worlds. The types of website styles that can be built with are as endless as the web itself. Anything like a portfolio, gallery, blog, virtual tour, visual novel, video game and more. I envision the system to be a combination of tools like Wordpress and Unity with a long term plan to create 2D/3D admin panel like generation tools to open access to all users in creating their own personal XR content. It is being released under the GPL 3.0 license for all to use and hopefully will help with the adoption of the Web XR ecosystem.

AUXL is built to accomplish 3 main goals :

Control Configurations :

A few cool features of AUXL to highlight :

v0.3+ Roadmap :

A few words :

I still have a lot more to accomplish, but it will far easier if I can get others to test, play with, provide feedback/advice, contribute, donate or just offer kind words of encouragement to keep going. This wouldn't even be possible without the hard work of so many other open source developers, especially the teams that have built A-Frame and Three.js! So thank you all for creating the vital groundwork technology that makes this possible and thank you for your time in taking a look at my project! - Minty Crisp -^
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2023.03.23 07:49 Ralfop Magnetic Glass Cleaner Brush This POWERFUL, two-sided Magnetic Glass Cleaner Brush features internal magnets that lock the two cleaning sides together. When you move one side the other one follows. The Innovative Cleaning Brush can be used for cleaning windows, fish tanks, skylights, patio doors,

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2023.03.23 07:47 spamfolderlawl Can someone at LTT or anyone who knows clairify what the process is to become a "vendor" for the US Govt? Would be nice to get some support but honestly I am just curious how this works. Wanted to kit my team up with nice bags.

Can someone at LTT or anyone who knows clairify what the process is to become a submitted by spamfolderlawl to LinusTechTips [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 07:45 Onlymuckinabout Can’t complete clean house mission

Been trying to open the resort throughout multiple deployments and the key we have (Mawizeh Main Resort building key) and it won’t open. We tried every door and gave it to each team member and the key does not open anything. Did we get scammed? Did they change the locks? Help!
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2023.03.23 07:43 Rbgj11 Title is suffering from diarrhoea

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2023.03.23 07:41 roostermann9 Would the following be an example of self practiced exposure response prevention could we say?

I suffer with OCD and take meds for it. If I did the following as part of an intentional therapeutic situation could this then be considered an an example of self practicing exposure response prevention therapy on myself?
So if I walked out of my house locking the door and walked down the road to my car only to feel the irrational compulsion and urge to go back and check it but after being "exposed" to this response I did not give in and continued to get into my car whilst simultaneously "enduring this irrational unpleasant compulsion" and drive away despite the unpleasant and significant urges.
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2023.03.23 07:33 JunkyJared Security breach-- in 6am, attempting all ps4 game achievements. tips?

so ive just been trying to spot gifts ive missed around the main areas before i go into mazercise/monty golf (p.s. grateful for that atrium single save station! already using it lots)
i already got both vanny endings, loading dock ending, the simple leave at front door ending. 3 more to go i believe?
speaking of loading dock, during my early playthrough of the game (just before & after shoving chica into the compactor), i realised there was some sort of soft lock on the loading dock button. i thought id come back to it but forgot about it up until now (6am). does that still come later or did i miss some specific timeframe?
when i get my last security badge assumingly in monty area, is there anything important for me to circle back and do with this security access? something i'd have missed in past areas?
any general tips or headsup for getting all achievements is very appreciated. i already did all princess quests but im unaware of any other things I have to specifically go out of my way to do to get anything extra.
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2023.03.23 07:22 my_lil_pwnie (WA) Landlord left door unlocked while I was out of town

I've been out of town on a business trip for the past week. My landlord informed me (with plenty notice) that he was doing a round of inspections and would do my unit on Monday. Today (Wednesday night) I get back and find my front door unlocked.
I panic and first check to make sure nobody else is inside, then I check that nothing is stolen. Its all clear, but I feel a strong sense of unease and general ickiness (I live alone).
I then put the pieces together that my landlord must have not locked up after he came. I texted him and he said "oops, must have forgotten, but hey if nothing was stolen, its all fine, I promise it won't happen again."
I told him an apology doesn't seem to really cut it and he hasn't responded.
Do I have any grounds here for anything?? This seems just so gross and I'm pissed off... probably still full of adrenaline...
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2023.03.23 07:21 hustler4667 [Help] New owner. Which gadgets and accessories i must buy for tesla model 3?

Hi, My first EV about to get delivered at March 28. I have zero knowledge about tesla accessories. None of my friends own any tesla. i tried youtube, but all i saw was floor mats, cup holder, screen protector etc non important things. I can't recharge enough due to my job.
i'm from NYC. i will drive 150miles a day and 200miles in weekends. No home charger, 2 supercharger in 8min away. Also lots of third party charger in street. So, my questions are-
• i heard that i need an special adapter for using third party charger. What is it? • What is it called that lock charging and prevents unlocking by others? • Can i use car ionizer in ev car? that really helps to keep clean smell. • Should i use duct tape to prevent manual door release in rear seats? • Any other important items i should buy for tesla?
Sorry, i just ordered last week, also getting very busy with family. Can't research enough before delivery. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 07:17 ontheedge89 Black mold in our home opened a whole new can of worms...

TLDR at the bottom. Very long story so thank you for reading. I'm on mobile and I will have poor grammar and bad format.
My spouse, myself and our son moved into a townhouse almost 4 years ago. The rent was decent, good area next to schools etc etc; but it was definitely lived in. We learned that our landlord is just a manager and the owners live somewhere else in the country (apparently).
Damages were made prior to us moving in. (ie. Bedroom doors had locking knobs and I guess the old tenants locked themselves out of their rooms and busted in and poorly "repaired" the door frames) our landlord had mentioned to us that the vent was recently replaced in our upstairs washroom. He mentioned there was mold in the bathroom prior to us moving in and that it wasnt a big deal and it was condensation from showers.The tub is right above our dining room and it leaked at some point and damaged the floor underneath the tub. And I'm telling you that they just patched over the hole with paper mache and paint, it seems.
Anyway, We are very inexperienced when it comes to mold. I was taught to clean it with bleach because it's from moisture while showering etc etc. Landlord made sure to inform us to turn the fan on each time we shower or bathe ourselves.
Our son within the last 2 years has developed asthma and my spouse thought it was just a hereditary thing so we had our doctor observe and they prescribed him puffers and pills. My spouse also has multiple sclerosis and graves disease. She's also developing a cough that my son has aswell, she also has allergies but haven't been this bad before we've moved in.
This year has been hard on our families when it comes to finances so my spouse's parents asked us to take over the mortgage in their 2nd house. We have a month to month agreement with our current landlord and gave him a month's notice. 2 days later he arranged large groups of people (basically an open house) to view the place.
As these people were viewing, we've overheard conversations with the landlord and potential tenants as they're all asking about the mold in the bathroom. His explanation leads to "oh, it'll be cleaned up before you move in, just condensation from the current tenants showering"
There was one viewer who was overly concerned and said she wouldn't move in unless there was a mold inspection completed. He agreed with her and had one booked.
Few days later, inspector shows up with his fancy tools. He mentions that he's been here before and for the exact same reason but with the tenants before us. He had turned the light on in the bathroom and was shocked. He climbed into the attic and found everything from the Insulation to the trusses and drywall is soaked. He looked for the cause and found that the vent wasn't sealed properly. So it's been leaking since it's been installed.
The report made its way back to my landlord and is now blaming the condo board for not installing the vent properly and the damages are on them. He's still booking viewings and no one is committing to this place because of the mold. The condo board sent their contractors to inspect the damages. Contractors say it's minimum 3 weeks of being vacant, the bathroom and bedroom behind it needs to be gutted. These contractors say it had nothing to do with us and our showering.
Our landlord had his final viewing and these people seem really Interested. He disclosed all the info in the mold to them and offered them a 1 bedroom apartment across the city for them to use a shower while the contractors repair this situation. (Which I find messed up, why not take care of the mold first then find renters and show off an upgraded home)
This is where it's getting a bit interesting.
We just had a neighbor show up at our door this evening out of the blue and it turns out that she's on the condo board and lived in this complex for over 20 years. Very sweet lady; always helpful in the 4 years of us living here. She asked us questions about the landlord and the viewings. She then brought up the mold and how our landlord painted over the mold in OUR BEDROOM (we had no idea) and washroom with previous tenants. She's asked us why we haven't reported to our landlord about the mold. We told her it was due to being inexperienced etc etc. She seemed upset, and believes that it should be the landlord paying for the damages and we should be compensated for health injuries etc etc. I wish she had told us this information through-out the last 4 years of living here. We definitely would have moved out faster.
I decided to go ahead and look in our room at areas where the mold was reported and yes, the paint is definitely discolored from the rest of the room. Yuck.
Now we're in the middle and feel pretty stupid for living like this. We are clean and sanitariy people and now feel dirty for allowing this to happen.
What do you think our steps should be?
TLDR: Landlord downplayed mold in our home. Contractors are saying it's serious and should be vacant for minimum 3 weeks while they gut the home. Condo board doesn't want to pay for damages and asked us to write a statement on behalf of our landlords behavior so they don't have to pay. All while our health is being affected.
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2023.03.23 07:17 greg0525 There is something weird in our wardrobe

The basement, which was situated at the far end of our old, creaky house, had always been a source of mystery and intrigue for me. Its dark, imposing door stood there, forever closed and locked, as a constant reminder of the boundary my parents had set. As I grew up, I was strictly forbidden from ever entering it, my parents issuing stern warnings about the unknown and potentially perilous dangers that lurked within its shadowy depths.
As a child, my imagination would run wild as I often wondered what could be so treacherous that my parents would not let me enter. They would always be vague with their explanations, simply emphasizing that it was off-limits and that I should never venture near it. This air of secrecy only fueled my curiosity, and I found myself frequently daydreaming about the hallway and the eerie sense of enigma that surrounded it.
The more my parents forbade me from entering the hallway, the more my curiosity grew. I would sneak down at night, tiptoeing as silently as I could, straining my ears to hear any whisper of a sound that might escape from behind that impenetrable door. On some nights, I would swear I heard faint, unidentifiable noises, which only served to amplify my curiosity and determination to one day unveil the truth.
One night, when everyone was in their bedroom, I finally decided to take a peek inside the basement. It was closed by a padlock but a few weeks ago I secretly followed my dad and saw where he hid the keys. It was in a flower pot in the living room. However, I did not understand why the ring had two keys instead of just one. There was only one door to the basement, so it was a bit odd.
I slowly pushed open the door, the creaking sound of the hinges echoing through the air like an alarm bell. I stood there for a moment, my heart pounding with excitement and nervousness, as I slowly stepped inside.
I turned on the light by pulling a cord hanging from the ceiling and faint light from below casted mysterious shadows on the stairs.
My heart was racing as I crept forward, my gaze continuously shifting from one door to the next, desperately trying to find the one I had been warned of.
The basement was dimly lit, with only a single flickering lightbulb that seemed to barely hold on to life, casting strange, elongated shadows on the peeling wallpaper. The worn-out, dusty floorboards creaked ominously underfoot as if protesting any attempt to uncover the secrets hidden within. The walls were adorned with cobwebs, which danced lazily in the subtle drafts that seemed to permeate the very essence of the basement.
The only thing I could find there was a single old, rusty metal wardrobe, standing there lonely. This was really strange. There were no tools, no desk, no clatter, nothing. Just the single wardrobe.
The massive metal wardrobe stood imposingly in the corner of the dimly lit room, its towering height and sheer bulk a testament to the passage of time. Its once-shiny surface, now marred by decades of wear and tear, was covered in a patina of rust and grime that seemed to tell countless stories of forgotten years. The intricate, weathered engravings etched across its facade spoke of an era long past, their once-vibrant details now barely discernible beneath the layers of corrosion.
As I approached the wardrobe, I could not help but feel a sense of awe at its sheer size, which dwarfed everything else in the room. The thick, reinforced metal doors were securely fastened shut, and held in place by an equally massive and ancient padlock. This padlock, forged from iron and bearing the scars of time, hung heavily from a large, sturdy hasp. Its keyhole, choked with dust and debris, seemed to defy any attempt at intrusion. Now I understood what the other key was for.
As I stood before the wardrobe, I could feel the cold emanating from its metal surface, a chilling reminder of the unyielding nature of the materials that composed it. The air around it seemed to hang heavy with a sense of mystery as if the wardrobe had been silently guarding its secrets for eternity. The weight of the padlock was evident, as it pulled the hasp downward, causing a slight warp in the metal doors.
After what seemed like an eternity, I finally opened it. I hesitated for a moment, feeling the same sense of dread and curiosity that had driven me to enter this basement. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door, my trembling hands wrapping around the cold metal.
Inside, a strange and wondrous sight was waiting for me, a sight that left me utterly awestruck and captivated. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw a miniature replica of our house, complete with tiny figures of our family, living their lives inside this tiny world.
The miniature house was complete with its familiar facade, the intricate engravings on the door, and the same weathered window panes. It was as if the very essence of our home had been meticulously and lovingly captured, and then magically shrunken down to an almost impossibly small scale.
Not only was the exterior of the miniature house a mirror image of our own, but as I peered through its tiny windows, I could see that the interior was just as faithfully and astonishingly reproduced. The familiar layout of the rooms, the wallpaper patterns, and even the smallest of knick-knacks that adorned our home could all be found within this incredible work of art. It was as if someone had taken the time to observe and document every aspect of our home, down to the most minute detail, and had then recreated it all in this miniature masterpiece.
But perhaps the most mesmerizing aspect of this tiny world was the presence of tiny figures, representing our family, living their lives inside this diminutive replica. Each figure was expertly crafted, their features and expressions so vivid and lifelike that it was almost eerie. As I observed them closely, I could see my mother sitting in her bedroom, in her favorite armchair, her miniature face bearing the same expression of concentration as she read the tiny newspaper in her hands. My father, on the other hand, was sleeping in their bed peacefully.
My sister, with her paintbrush in hand, was focused on creating her latest masterpiece in her room, while my brother was sprawled on the floor, surrounded by his collection of miniature toy cars.
Then I realized this is what they normally did around that time, this is what they were actually doing at that particular moment.
What made the sight even more creepy and shocking was the basement, where a figure of me stood in front of the wardrobe, doing exactly what I was doing right then.
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2023.03.23 07:10 Nearby_Art_7758 aircraft carrier postgame

aircraft carrier postgame
alright so i finished clearing 99% of the zombies (theres some locked crew bays i just left locked shuffling behind the doors) in the air craft carrier, none of the inflatable rafts were usable so i'm crafting my own boat, and now im stuck since aluminum boat hulls require a crucible or clay crucible, i cannot find a regular crucible on the carrier, nor can i find any means to get clay, does anyone have any other boat building ideas? ive got the start of a decent vehicle built already,i just need boat hulls to make it float
*edit* map attached so you can see swimming is out of the question, map gen was real weird, thats the closest landmass, i will for sure get eaten by swimming horrors if i try with anything less than a floating base
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2023.03.23 07:08 Test999999992 Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301
I have tried to post this message before, however it is being censored by Cicada 3301.
78.242, -43.813 Approximate coordinates of the base.
Greenland, during the cold war after World War 2 there were a large group of Flemish soldiers that decided to steal weapons and illegally construct a secret bunker on the large island. They did not wish to be destroyed if humanity decided to use the nuclear weapons of war. Construction started in 1945 and ended in the 1960s. When the bunker was completed, they decided to take up permanent residence this was done via the installation of a pig farm and cultivating of beans that do not need sunlight to grow. There were scientists that were recruited into the group in order to take preliminary calculations of the site before construction began, after they were completed, they asked the soldiers to move in with them. After two years of living there the scientists grew tired that they had to do all the work in the base, so they decided to kill all the soldiers. This is how cicada 3301 was formed.
With the bunker now belonging to the scientists they immediately began to research new technologies. Early on when the internet was new they knew that it was going to play a big part in the future of human society and that they should focus researching different computer technologies, they began development of certain artificial intelligence and today they have been able to hack in to many of the different computer systems all around the world, all it takes is an internet connection and their bots will be able to hack in undetected with the exception of highly encrypted systems, however in most cases the scientists are able to decrypt the system. They have been able to hack into everyone’s mobile device and are able to gain speech data, this is important to their AI research.
Cicada 3301 is mostly known through their complex internet puzzles which includes something that is called the Liber Primus or the first book that is Nordic runes which need to be decoded in order to read the text that is basically an invitation to come and work for them in Greenland.
Scientists are not allowed to leave the base and travel to the outside due to the base remote location and the risk of someone that knows too much, turns and betray Cicada 3301 however they do need people on the outside on a need-to-know basis so that’s were the recruitment of former criminals comes in.
The small independent self-sustained bunker system was to become a haven of science and progress, free from the prying eyes of outsiders and enemies alike. In order to maintain their ranks at the base they had to employ past felons that would complete task around the globe for them. Among them there was kidnapping, bringing in outside resources that might have been needed in the base. The organization is not just an internet cryptology puzzle. Due to the base only consisting of hard-working scientists the base developed several morally challenged technologies that would challenge the outside world. The main goal of the work being done there is to maintain utter secrecy of the base employing of modern specially designed AI that would delete any critical information about the base activities from the modern-day internet.
Cicada 3301 is split in to two groups: scientists and felons (which are called agents by the organization): People who have conducted a series of serious crime (“5”) may be allowed to partially join the organization that has in the more recent times developed an Artificial Intelligence key that allows access through almost every locked door on the planet. Technologies, such as a Direct Alarm Response Global Positioning System for the felons that will show real time locations of emergency vehicles. Enemies (people from the outside) that have angered the Cicada 3301 can be directly targeted by these felons, often people that have had plans to build something large in Greenland.
In order to understand the bunker system’s main function people will have to understand that in order to work for the base proper to survive it is necessary to have at least a very well-established knowledge in a field of science. Specialized equipment needs to be bought in from the outside in order to create some of the gadgets at the base, the items seem miraculous because the base is focused on advanced AI research. Most of the items need an explanation, however they are created by the scientists there to ensure the safety of the base.
An artificial intelligence key might seem redundant, but it allows the scientists to shut it down in case an agent go rouge or lose it. The key looks like a toy in order to avoid attention being drawn to it.
Agents sleep during the day and are only allowed to go out at night. They rent apartments all over the world, they are not allowed to live in houses, they drive full electric cars because sometimes they are tasked with kidnapping someone that is about to, against their will join Cicada 3301 they do not want to draw attention to themselves, driving a completely silent car.
They recruit new members via kidnaping if they are going to join the scientist’s department. Kidnapping is done via the installation of nanometer bugging devices when the victim is not at home, these tiny bugging devices are applied via a toy looking gun it looks like a toy in order to avoid drawing attention and if an agent go rouge and wants to turn in the gun to law enforcement it wouldn’t work due to the remote detonation function that the nanometer bugging devices have, so the scientists from the base simply detonate all the bugs if an agent wants to go rouge or loses the gun. A way of recruiting someone they think is highly intelligent is to first look up their grades at school then bug their homes with the tiny bugging devices that have remote AI technology and is able to notice if someone looks at the direction of the bug, since the bug is only 1 nanometer wide a person is not able to see it but the AI can notice via a tiny camera that someone is looking at it and detonate with a small blue flash, if the person that sees it thinks it’s a bug they will be kidnapped. Usually, the organization doesn’t go that far and just kidnaps people that had good grades from a science related program from university. This is where the puzzles come in it was just a way to asses’ skills before kidnapping the individuals that would complete them.
To recruit a new agent, they simply go up to a newly released person and asks if they want to work for an international organization if they say yes, they will be granted all the necessary equipment to complete beginners’ tasks, if they say no, they will be threatened that if they say anything to another person they will be killed and then will be let go of. This is possible to do because Cicada 3301 has access to the prison files and can see which crimes inmates did so they just look up when they will be released and go find them after they left the area where there are no cameras. They do have ranks for agents as well as for people in the base.
Some of the equipment the agents use are nanometer bugs, the AI key, a serum that can knock out a rhino and night vision googles that can see in color. The agents must nanometer bug themselves so that Cicada 3301 always can watch what they are doing, the nanometer bugs have GPS so an agent must put one on their clothes. The bugs can be destroyed if the clothes are washed in 90 degrees centigrade.
The AI key can unlock doors instantaneously due to the algorithms being highly trained, so it is the primary means of getting through a locked door. The key looks like a toy and if lost it will be shut down. The serum that can knock out a rhino is used during the kidnapping of a victim; it can be applied anywhere on the body to knock out the target person. There must be two people when carrying a body. They put them in a sound isolated trunk of an electric car and depending what they want to do with the person they either take them straight to Denmark to be airlifted via helicopter to the AX base which is short for an unknown name of the base that the scientists are occupying, if the plan is to murder the person the agents will dig a large hole then place the body in there, shoot them with a .45 pistol with hollow point bullets then bury the corpse.
If a person is going to be abducted, they are not allowed to be famous or work at any university as a doctor they will also not be kidnapped if they get suspicious and calls the police at least five times and say they are in danger of being kidnapped or killed, the agents are also neither allowed to kill someone that has called the police five times. The agents often kidnap people at 4am
The agents also have a Direct Alarm Response Global Positioning System.
Sounds an alarm for incoming emergency vehicles, displayed location of vehicles in real time.
This is used to avoid police.
They also have night vision googles that can see color in the dark, these googles looks like a toy, and the googles can be shut down so they no longer work, AI is used to display the different colors of objects, this is possible due to the algorithm being highly trained.
Something else that the organization has is a one charge laser pistol that has the potential to knock a person unconscious, the pistol is not used by agents and is just one of the many things that Cicada 3301 has created.
In the base they also have other advanced AI bots that have been trained by phone data from all over the world, because of that the talking bots sounds like a human and is almost indistinguishable from a normal human being. The bots are made for research purposes.
Cicada 3301 need to store an incredible amount of data for all of this to function they have created hard drives that can store petabytes of data.
The bunker base has plenty of futuristic technologies this has been possible due to the strict work order that they have, the scientists work all day long to be able to create new tech and most people that work there only need one hour of sleep because they are geniuses, the famous Nikolai Tesla only needed two hours. The rest of the time is spent working. Another thing they can do is to cultivate nerves.
The scientists at the base also have plenty of rules that are above the people that work there no one is allowed to break them with few exceptions. I someone breaks a rule the penalty is death, then they are taken to a special room to be executed. If a scientist dies the remains are cremated at their crematorium. They do not have a ceremony for the departed. The bunker has a system where the scientists are tenants of the base and earn money from working at the various departments within. They use Danish crowns as a currency and need to pay for their own water, electricity and food. Agents on the outside also need currency, these funds were gained by illegal means due to the criminal needing a country’s own regional currency to be able to pay for stuff. The main currency gained by the agents are the dollar bill. Blackmail and threats were sent to high profile criminals, with the invention of the mobile phone it was possible to track the movements of individual people which made it possible for agents to sneak past guards. They would sneak into the bedroom or main office and place a note that says that they must pay a large sum of money or be killed, it was also made clear that under no circumstances were they to tell anyone about the note. They did this to several high-profile criminals and everyone that was affected by this paid up and told no one. From this Cicada was able to gain large amounts of money. They always took the money straight to the base and from there split some of it to agents that have worked for a long time, them go into banks and put the dollars in there then move the money from the account into other accounts.
Meanwhile in the Cicada base if someone is alone, they will be able to gain a spouse depending on what kind of sex they kidnap, if no one is available they will have to wait until someone is captured for them. Many of the people there work in pairs meaning that they work together with their spouse.
What most people work on are the computer-based technologies most of the scientists spend time on their own personal computers and they do AI research and train their algorithms, they have different ranks in the bunker it is split between workers and officers and depending on which rank the higher ups gain more knowledge about the technologies there with some of the tech being kept a secret from the lower ranks. Officers plan the daily operations in the cicada while the workers carry them out, it is generally harder to be an officer due to having more work to carry out.
Due to their large data collections, they have uncovered plenty of secrets that have to do with various things most noticeable is the knowledge of secret nazi documents that the nazis after World War two took with them or copied from memory which they brought with them from Germany to Argentina. They when it became available wrote it down on computers this made it possible for the Cicada 3301 organization to copy them and store on their servers an example of a document is that Hitler was not allowed to participate in art school not due to his lack in artistic skills but due to all the places being full of people that graduated from an ordinary school and when Hitler gained knowledge about this had the person in charge of the course seats sent to Auschwitz were he later died. This information is top secret so one could only imagine what the cicada organization has gotten their hands on. They know everything about secret military installations such as Area 51 and pine gap. This has only been possible due to the huge amount of time invested in computer research these knowledge and skills are not available to the outside, they have also solved every unsolved problem in math due to the entire base being run by people who are of genius status so there should not be any surprise to learn that this bunker is far into the future, it could be thousands of years ahead of it’s time. The nazis for example wanted to keep their documents secret at all costs and most ordinary people probably want to keep their secrets secret however the Cicada runs this global research operation where they are spying on everyone through their mobile device, they have a voice amplifying algorithm that increases the sound of the person speaking for example if you live in a large three story building they could probably hear you from the bottom floor from the top floor with a nanometer bug easily, the sound is analyzed via their computers at the base which are being processed by AI.
Another thing they could do is the redirection of missiles, they never do this however it is possible for them to gain access to the launch system after the missile is fired and change it’s course for example if nuclear weapons are being fired from the USA to Russia and vice versa it would be possible for them to change it’s course and hit something else but while it is possible for them to do this they are not allowed to do this because of one of their rules that state that they may not interfere with the outside unless it has been turned into chaos what that means is that they are going to save everyone that is left alive if the planet as we know it is destroyed.
Cicada 3301 has the main goal of saving the planet in case of a nuclear war or another catastrophe. They developed several unknown technologies for this purpose the plan is to leave the base as soon as disaster hits, how exactly they plan to save the planet is unknown however they will probably broadcast information to the outside how to build certain technologies and how to cure radiation sickness. They have developed a cure for all forms of cancer. It is unknown what the other technologies are that they tend to use in case of the world’s destruction. Everyone should already know that there is a possibility for things to end very badly on the planet, things like climate change and political instability are a few of the reasons.
So, what do Cicada 3301 intend to do if they manage to save the world? As far as I know they intend to first make sure everyone is safe then rebuild all infrastructure, this will probably take over a thousand years, they are working on humanoid robots which they will employ. These robots will be indistinguishable from any ordinary human being, all this will be in effort to create a one world government.
This does sound good, the fact that there is a plan in case our sins against this planet destroy it. What will happen though if they fail, or we manage to keep the planet going with out their help. If the planet manages to survive, they will probably continue their research during an indefinite amount of time and continue to abduct geniuses from the outside. If the bunker is destroyed and they fail it would surely be the end to all mankind unless we pull ourselves together.
The AX bunker has a rule that they must self-destruct if they are discovered, they have a thorium reactor which they plan to overload should they need to destroy themselves, the base is very remote and would be hard to uncover, although the base area is very large and would be easily spotted by aircraft. They cannot be spotted by satellite due to the base already having deleted themselves from all maps. If someone were able to gain knowledge about the Cicada organization their online posts about the topic would be deleted by the base. So, it is almost impossible to spread information about them and it is also hard to notice the posts being deleted because when logged in they are shown client side as being put up for everyone to read. The thorium reactor will detonate a radius of 80 kilometers. There are approximate 2000 scientists that work at the base. There is almost no chance of posting about the base on the internet unless the website is highly encrypted.
The ordinary citizen is not affected by the base activities other than their cellphone data being monitored by AI and stolen, there are concerns, however. The base has nanometer bugs and does not hesitate to bug ordinary people that gets knowledge about the base, for example people reading this letter will be on their target list over people that should be nanometer bugged.
They bug people and sometimes companies when there are no people around, they take their bugging pistol and apply the bugs everywhere, on walls, ceiling, floor and objects. Then AI and sometimes the scientists watch through the tiny camera of the bugs. They can collect data from them such as how a person moves around and how they speak. The reason why an ordinary person would get bugged like this is because the scientists will send their agents if a person tries to do something against the base like talking to the police, so far no one has done this. A person is safe from the agents if they call the police at least five times, this is one of their rules, to not harm someone that has done so.
From the ordinary persons point of view the existence of such a base would seem highly improbably this is due to the insane number of precautions taken by the military that built it. Nothing about the base construction plans leaked out to the public or any other government installation however they were afraid that something would get leaked out about the location, so they built the walls extremely thick to withstand three times Tsar bomba, the fifty-megaton bomb. This was quite the engineering achievement. They suspected that if something about the site was leaked, they would be nuked as well as other targets.
The soldiers that lived there had no plans whatsoever to rebuild the world in case of the aftermath of a nuclear war but rather had the base just to save themselves. They lived alongside civilians’ scientists and had them do all the work at the base the scientists raised concerns over their living conditions several times and urged the soldiers to start working harder than they were doing eventually things boiled over and the scientists got mad that the place wasn’t used for a better purpose then just to survive. The soldiers had their weapons in racks in another place than they were sleeping in and only had one guard to keep watch at night the weapons were unobtainable by the scientists, so they got knives and went to the soldiers’ quarters, killed the guard and began to slit the throats of the sleeping soldiers. Some of them woke up and tried to desperately fight back while others ran to the outside without clothes the scientists shut the door behind the soldiers and let them freeze to death. Only one scientist was killed. The soldiers had lived there for two years before disaster struck. And the scientists formed Cicada 3301. It is unknown how many there was at the beginning but there were both men and women among them. They needed more people so some of the scientists before it was a rule that they may not leave the base, left the base with a plan that they should look for former felons that could perform various tasks for them, there were plenty of communications equipment already inside the base. At first the base did not need new members they began recruiting when they had begun to bug peoples’ cellphones and computers due to them needing to assess a person’s skill. In the beginning during the first generations of Cicadas not everyone was a genius but rather a hard-working scientist.
Cicada 3301 has systems always connected to the internet; one might think it to be possible to break into these systems although it would be impossible to do since their systems are the most secure ones in the world.
Only the highest-ranking member of Cicada 3301 has the decryption key.
When Cicada posted their online puzzle thy used something called “pretty good privacy encryption” this was done to make sure that no one would impersonate them. This has been used accompanying every puzzle. However, there will be no more puzzles due to Cicada having deleted the PGP key. This was done to make sure that no one else in the organization would create a recruiting puzzle.
All their puzzles were made to recruit highly intelligent individuals, if a puzzle was solved by a single individual, they would receive an e-mail with instructions on what to do then be taken via helicopter to the base, they would not kidnap these individuals. Two people completed one of the puzzles on their own, one female and the other one male. The female was taken to the base did not know what it was and became suspicious over the base activities she had already taken some pictures from the outside and some other from the inside. She posted them on Google maps as a drop-down box, she used get position to gain the exact location on the base There was an open WI-FI connection to the internet which she used to leak the photos online. The pictures were only up for one day and only one person did see them. She was later executed for doing this. The man could not complete his tasks and were executed.
People that can’t complete their work inside the AX bunker are executed, also those who refuse work are executed.
There were several puzzles made for recruiting purposes people think it’s a recruiting tool for organizations such as the CIA or NSA without suspecting that it is for an international independent organization with a base in Greenland. The Liber Primus is probably the most Cicada well known puzzle where a person must decrypt Nordic runes. Cicada were critical against their own puzzles thinking some of these extremely hard mysteries were too easy. The Liber Primus for example was suspected to be cracked in seven months. They no longer wanted to use puzzles due to collective solving when they just wanted a few individuals. Cicada 3301 is an international organization with agents all over the world these agents take resources from the outside world and take them to the base via helicopter. They have recruited four helicopter pilots that take supplies and kidnaped victims to the base, they were recruited by agents asking someone with a pilot license. That were allowed to fly over Danish territory if they wanted to join an international organization. They have recruited four helicopter pilots.
The helicopter pilots know nothing about Cicada 3301. They have just gotten a location of which to fly to and deliver supplies. Their residents are unknowingly bugged by agents. They are allowed to do anything except talk about their job with the threats of death.
To the base they bring all that is necessary from the outside most of the stuff are being manufactured at the base. They gain metals from an underground mine beneath the base.
There are several ranks at Cicada 3301 such as: Worker, officer and top manager. I have talked about this before however the top manager is not the leader of the organization the council rules the base and enacts rules. Cicada produces several technologies due to having other branches then just computer science although computer science is their main thing. It is unknown how far they have come in the other fields of science because everything is being kept a closely guarded secret.
The top manager decides things about their guidelines. If a person may ignore them for example. If a person breaks a guideline, they are to be lectured by the top manager.
No one knows what goes on in the bunker, the agents know nothing either they are on a need-to-know basis because if someone managed to get captured, they can say nothing about the base location and what goes on there etc. They only know that they work for an international organization that have developed nanometer bugging devices and so on.
The largest achievement of the base was the development of telepathy. This is how I know all of this; I was telepathically bugged, and they were going to recruit me. They told me a large amount of the goings on and answered my questions. However, I did not want to be recruited by such an organization and decided to contact the police which by the way did nothing against them. However due to there being a rule that if someone contacts the police five times, they may not be kidnaped I wasn’t taken due to me calling the police via phone an additional number of times. Some things about the base I was able to piece together myself. A rather disturbing thing about the telepathy was that they used it as a disguised psychosis device meaning that people who had been affected by it would think that it was just a psychotic episode. They bug people in the world at any given time for about A year. These people were bugged because they need to gain data from the nerve patterns when talking to a person. How the machine works is that they use electrons to bind to the neurons to create a pattern then this pattern is somehow sent back through some kind of electron tunnel, it is some kind of rail system this machine creates. The reason why they do this is because they attempt to develop humanoid robots that are indistinguishable from a human. One will not be able to tell the difference looking at it from the outside. These robots are designed to help rebuild the world in case of a disaster such as I mentioned before.
How they go about bugging people with telepathy is rather simple they select at random some one that has just moved into a new place then the person selected will be bugged, they act in different ways sometimes friendly and other times scary. They try to fool individuals also by saying they should do stuff such as: someone there wants to see you should knock on the door in hopes that the person affected does this.
They need a DNA profile of the person they are going to bug for the machine to work properly.
According to Cicada 3301 the telepathy is a doomsday device, anyone on the planet can get bugged at any time and there is no way to deflect the signal other than going underground 200 meters. In other words, if the machine is built on the outside of the base, it would be the end of the world. Luckily the machine is very complex and will probably never be recreated outside the bunker.
They go about their work by always telepathically bug four people at any given time. They can be bugged like this for a year or go underground to survive it. Although the telepathy is annoying, and most people have a nervous breakdown and hang themselves because they do not know that they can go below ground to escape it. A very few numbers of people survive. Those that do probably never found out that it was in fact telepathy and probably just thought it was psychosis. Those that go to a health care center will be given medication that do not help, no one would believe in telepathy and going there might only reinforce belief that it is only psychosis another thing is that 30 percent of people are resistant to anti-psychotic medication, so it isn’t suspicious if nothing works.
There are several rules and guidelines used to make a person think it is only psychosis when they are bugged for example, they never say something that is not know to the person. They also use various types of AI bots when talking to the person in order to make sure that they say nothing that can reveal to them that it’s telepathy and most people affected by this think that they have gone insane. They can also give a person different kind of sensations in the body such as pain so a large number of things are only personally known such as the things they say. If someone attempts to record the voices via listening to them then speaking up leads them to use a special kind of bot that is intended to fool people that the person lies to others about having a psychotic episode. The voices also have a special function made to make a person concentrate on them, they can lower or increase the volume depending on what a person does for example if listening to loud music they can increase the sound so that the person affected here them despite playing loud music.
Another thing that is possible to do with the telepathy is to display three-dimensional psychosis meaning that they can give a person hallucination. Another thing they can do is to give a person the madness frequency that makes them want to scream all the time. They can read one’s mind with the machine and even see images the brain creates.
This is really a miraculous machine, and it has been used to gain data from animals as well, they gather DNA from different kinds of creatures then bug them with the machine, they can then see through the creature’s eyes and read its mind.
They also know that if they begin to talk with a creature through the telepathy, it will go insane. The creature they bug with the telepathy must have a brain meaning they can’t bug insects.
Someone must find the base at all costs then contact authorities immediately to avoid getting abducted.
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2023.03.23 07:04 jogglessshirting Bathroom story

A few years ago I was at a restaurant in New Orleans.
I overheard a man talking about the bathroom bills that had just passed; he was in favor of them, and felt they would protect the children, or whatever. He even thought the whole thing was funny, and was making the usual jokes about liberals, trans people, etc to the server when they brought him his beers.
When then man was ready to leave, he signed his check and got up to use the restroom, only to find that it was out of service. Without a thought, he moved towards the women's restroom, which was free. The server stopped him --
"Sir, the men's restroom is closed."
"I saw that, I'm just gonna use this one."
"I'm sorry sir, that isn't allowed here."
The man raised his voice, "Are you kidding me? I bought 8 beers from you, I gotta piss!"
"I'm sorry, but it's against the law, you'll have to go somewhere else."
The man cussed at the server and stormed off.
The server came to apologize to my table for the disruption and ask if we needed anything. On their way back to the kitchen, I watched the server go into the men's restroom, flick the lights on and off, then remove the "closed" sign from the door.
When the server came back with my drink, I asked if the bathroom was actually out of order, and smiling, the server said, "For him it was."
Anyway, I've been thinking about that server as I see new bathroom bills being passed. I'd never suggest it, but maybe it would be hilarious if men's restrooms in these places started getting shut down, by locks, out of order signs, potato chunks, etc..
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2023.03.23 07:02 L0ckJocKey How to pick the Dény Trap Door Lock

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2023.03.23 06:57 Universal_Gemini #Storytime - "Lumberjack" PT:1

#Storytime -
I was incarcerated sometime ago at the Illinois River Correctional Facility, for basically being a knucklehead. This was my past life. Lumberjack, "Lumber" for short, was a part of that. One particular day stands out. Far more than all of my time put together.
It was 3pm. We'd just got back from "chow"/dinner. Everything seemed pretty normal for our prison standards. We got back to the deck, were allowed to go in our cells grey l get whatever needed to end our night, because it was our last time out until the morning. The doors clicked, and everyone hurried getting the things they'd need to end the night comfortably. A couple minutes go by, the gaurd yells, "LOCK-UP!" Letting everyone know times up. Lumberjack yelled back to the guard, "YOOO! Who the fuck y'all let in my cell!?" The guard ignored him. Lumber balls his fist and hits the plexiglass. Making a loud rattling boom.
Lumberjack was about 6ft, 280, solid. He was built more like an Ox, rather than a Lumberjack. But, the name was fitting for this huge man.
The guard shaken by the loud noise, looked around, trying to locate where the noise came from, because it echoed through the open room. He related the noise to the "YOOOO!". "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" He screamed to the other end of the deck, where Lumberjack stood, with a look that said, "Who the fuck is this guy talking to?" He dismissed his irritated feelings and addressed the matter he'd yet receive an answer for.
"WHO THE FUCK WAS IN MY ROOM, WHILE I WAS AT CHOW?! And you and your partners need to answer this, because it's yall job. If y'all can't, it's gone be y'all ass!".....
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2023.03.23 06:50 Three_Ostrich683 How do I tell my parents that I'm not lazy but that PCOS is the reason why I'm constantly tired

Today my parents asked me at what time I go to sleep. I told them 10:30pm. They woke me up abruptly today (i HATE being woken up abruptly as it gives me anxiety and it makes me a not so pleasant person in the morning) to let me cat in my room. About a week ago, I told my mom I would be locking my door to prevent her and my dad from putting the cats in my room. Because when they do, I have to wake up so many times cause either the cat wants to leave the room again or wants to come back in and it goes on and on until I wake up fully. This made me feel absolutely exhausted. It didn't matter if I got my 9 hours or even 10 hours of sleep. Waking up constantly like this makes me feel more tired.
Anyway, she agreed but she's been complaining that the cats looked sad in front of my door for the past week. I ignored her because up until Tuesday, I haven't had my periods since mid January(and that lasted 17 days). Inositol wasn't working so I drank spearmint tea and made sure I got my 9 hours of sleep. And those two changes alone made me get my periods on Tuesday! (let's hope it lasts 7 days and not more 🤞🏼).
However today, I was woken up abruptly by my dad knocking on my door. Obviously being woken up like this made me snap at him and ask him what he wanted. He got mad that I snapped and asked why I was behaving that way. I told him I was tired (i was, I woke up 5am to change my pad and had a hard time going back to sleep). He asked me at what time I went to bed and I told him 10:30ish pm. He said well that means there was no reason for me to be tired. I'm guessing he told my mom cause she asked my brothers what do I do all day that makes me "so tired".
How do I explain how PCOS makes you feel fatigued all the time?
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