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10 Sign That You Should Choose a Professional Boiler and Central Heating Power Flush Service

2023.03.23 08:15 powerflushu 10 Sign That You Should Choose a Professional Boiler and Central Heating Power Flush Service

10 Sign That You Should Choose a Professional Boiler and Central Heating Power Flush Service
Powerflush is a process that cleans your boiler to remove any dirt, mud, rust and debris that can build up in your system over time. If these substances are left in your heating system, they can cause blockages or corrosion and ultimately reduce the efficiency of your boiler – they can even eventually lead to failure. Using a dedicated Boiler Power Flush near Me, chemicals are circulated at high pressure through your radiators, pipes and boilers.
This removes any potentially inhibitory deposits and thus allows water to flow freely through your system. The time required for Power flush usually depends on the size and condition of your system. Typically, a Power flush can take about 8 hours, but on particularly complex systems it can take up to 2 days. The Power Flush Company has a number of local expert engineers qualified to perform Power flushes. You can contact us today to help diagnose if your system requires Power flush and make an appointment.

When should you get a system Power flush?
Powerflush is needed when the system is heavily contaminated. This can be caused by a number of factors including improper installation, the system not being cleaned thoroughly prior to installation, or bacterial growth. If you are installing a new boiler, building regulations recommend that proper cleaning be performed prior to installation. This can vary from simple clean water flushing systems to Powerflush on more contaminated systems.
If you are looking for a professional Boiler Power Flush near Me, we will help you prevent your new system from being contaminated and inhibited by sludge and debris present in your old system. To speak with a qualified Powerflushes advisor and to find out how much it can cost to do a one-time at-home exercise, contact us today. Our trained advisors can give you the help and advice you need to keep your heating system running efficiently.

Signs it’s time for a powerflush

There are signs to watch out for that your central heating system is not working properly.
ü Cold spot on radiator e.g. basically
ü Excessive boiler or heating system pump noise
ü Water discolored when you bleed the radiator
ü The heater heats up slowly
ü Cloudy tap water (sludge in the system)
ü Some radiators have difficulty heating as well as others
ü The radiator is cold but the pipes are hot
ü Boiler stops frequently and must be restarted
ü No water comes out when you bleed the radiator
ü Noisy radiators and/or boilers
ü Small leak in radiator

How does Central Heating Power Flush work?

If you need a Central Heating Power Flush near Me, at The Power Flush Company, our central heating exhaust system is a process that removes the mud, rust and debris that get in your way. It works by circulating water and detergents to remove unwanted contaminants that affect heating efficiency.
Contaminants will build up over time, and if you ignore them, the efficiency of your heating system will slow down, leaving you heating unsatisfactory and increasing your electricity bill. For these reasons, it is essential to de-energize your central heating system.
Once connected, a strong chemical that acts as a cleaner is released into the system to cycle your system to remove sludge, rust, debris and lime scale. Your heating professional will then use clean water to flush the contaminated liquid out of the system and dispose of it properly after the chemical has removed scale, oil, scale and impurities.
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2023.03.23 08:14 ZackGolden18 Who Said it ? Flash Fiction

Around eight-fifteen, in the middle of prom, Dennis and his three friends sat at the corners of the gymnasium stalking among the rest that danced. Lia’s boyfriend had just left with other boys to a diner, Jordan remained silent and paid attention to her friend, Alice, across the gymnasium, and Dennis remained calm as the rest spoke among each other; mostly about work, or their upcoming school projects. As Dennis, being 16 years old, wiped his hair for the last time for effect, he got an odd thought and said loudly, hoping everyone at the table heard, “Someone has been saying I slept with Mr. Kane, our math teacher”. Two of his friends, Robert and Lia, glanced at him, now focusing the conversation on him holding their phones in hand, and asked excitedly, “Who?”. Dennis, feeling pride within himself suddenly reached his phone, to check the time. “I don’t know who? I'm thinking of that girl, Savannah”, Dennis said lazily, as if he just thought of the name just now. All who sat at the table, at their prom night, especially Lia, glanced at Jordan, who from holding her wallet with strong stability, said harshly, “You don’t know how it got out? Does Mr. Kane knows?”. Dennis glanced across the dance floor, thinking how foolish everyone looked, especially popular couples and their fancy suits, and looked back at Jordan and said, “He was giving me weird looks last week. He probably thinks I'm the one making it up”. Dennis then giggles lightly to himself. Jordan then sees her friend, Alice, come up near their table wearing a nice red sparkle dress, along with her boyfriend across the gymnasium talking among his group of boys. She strolled near Lia first, saying hello, then over to Jordan ignoring the rest at the table. “Hello Jordan, you fixed yourself good”, Alice said. Jordan, without looking at her, says, “Thank you so much”, and raises a smile. Dennis, hearing them continue to talk, and having no more talk about him, said loudly again, “Someone around here has been spreading rumors that I slept with Mr. Kane, our math teacher”. Alice then looks at Dennis quickly. “Really? Who?”, Alice says as neatly as she can. Hoping her reaction looked well for effect. Before Dennis can answer, Lia instead says, “We don’t know who?”, then adds quickly, “We think it's that Savannah girl”. “That girl is always getting into trouble”, Alice says proudly. Dennis looked at all them, and felt a need to giggle, but instead remained silent with himself. By then, Jordan then asks strictly, “Is anybody up for food?”. Thus, when they all agreed, a few wishing they didn’t, all stood up and ditched their prom and started heading down the street where a nice diner stood neatly near a gas station. When they arrived at the diner, a few boys from prom were there as well, and said hello to them as they picked their seats. One of them, Lia's boyfriend, came and said hello. "Do I wear too much makeup?", Lia asked cautiously. Her boyfriend became stubborn when he responded quickly, "whatever you think". Lia, disappointed she didn't get an offensive answer, agreed and made sure to smile instead. But before Lia and her boyfriend can continue their conversation, Dennis says lightly, “Guess what?”. Her boyfriend, still feeling nervous about his answer, looked up at Dennis. “What?”, Lia 's boyfriend says nicely. “Someone last week has been spreading rumors I slept with Mr. Kane”, Dennis said strictly. “Really who?”, then adds, “Is it true?”. Dennis was not surprised by the quick need for answers and felt lonely when he realized he was mostly tired, and irritable, to go back home later, in a small apartment: then go on his phone, check some blogs, and slowly drift off to sleep. Hearing nothing but the loud stomps and tension between his dog, his parents, and the often harsh ventilation that blew sourly through his room. Dennis looks at his reflection on his phone for what he thought was to check the time, and sees how small and unattractive he thinks he is, and giggles sourly, before saying again without looking at Lia's boyfriend, who was tall, white, and handsome, “I don’t know who. But we think it's that girl Savannah. She is always getting into trouble”. By then, all who were at the table agreed.
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2023.03.23 08:13 Commercial-Emu2937 Bad GPA Good ACT am I screwed?

I’ve recently tried to apply to colleges near me. One of my choices rejected me. My high school GPA was pretty bad (2.0) due to terrible family circumstances. With that I scored a 25 on the ACT. Will nearly all colleges reject me? Should I try and go to community college and raise my GPA? Or should I try applying elsewhere. Will my ACT generally help offset my poor GPA as long as I explain the circumstances?
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2023.03.23 08:13 frostygnosis Haunted Cafe

If I put this in the wrong sub, sorry.
A cafe near me started a weekly music night and I've been lucky enough to make it down 5 times. It's held in the basement bar. I usually stand at the corner of the bar and soak in the tunes. Being mid-week and low-key, it's sparsely populated. Thing is, every time I've been down there, I always felt there were a couple guys at the table in the corner behind and to the right of me. Almost every time I've glanced over, table and corner are empty.
Tonight I waved the bartender over and bluntly yelled (loud music), "Is this place haunted?"
(with that "duh!" snear) "Oh, yaa-aaaaa..."
"There's two guys who usually stand over there in the corner. Sometimes I see them at the back door. Seen shadows walking by, too." Plus a couple more anecdotes hollered to me.
So. One question and she confirmed everything I experienced.
I said, "Well, I think they like the music. They seem to enjoy hanging out." And she agreed.
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2023.03.23 08:12 FinestThrowaway Did ChatGPT just solve the Dyatlov Pass Incident? A prompted investigation.

Did ChatGPT just solve the Dyatlov Pass Incident? A prompted investigation.
Hi. First time posting, I was messing around with ChatGPT regarding unexplained mysteries, and fell into the Dyatlov Pass rabbit hole. I found this intriguing, what do you all think?
The output:

In this text is the prompt I used.
Tell me about the Dylatlov pass incident in thorough detail.
The Dyatlov Pass incident is a mysterious and perplexing event that took place in the Ural Mountains of the Soviet Union (now Russia) in 1959. The tragedy involved the deaths of nine experienced ski hikers, and to this day, it remains an unsolved mystery with various theories attempting to explain the bizarre circumstances surrounding the event.
Here is a detailed account of the incident:
  1. The group: The expedition was led by Igor Dyatlov, a 23-year-old radio engineering student at the Ural Polytechnical Institute. The group consisted of eight men and two women, all of whom were experienced hikers and skiers. Their aim was to reach the summit of Otorten, a mountain in the northern Urals.
  2. The journey: On January 25, 1959, the group set off from the city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) by train. They reached the town of Ivdel on January 27 and proceeded to the village of Vizhay on January 28. From there, they began their trek towards Otorten on January 31.
  3. The events: The group had planned to reach Otorten by February 12, but they encountered bad weather and poor visibility. On February 1, they deviated from their original route and ended up on the eastern slope of Kholat Syakhl, a nearby mountain. They decided to set up camp there for the night.
  4. The search: When the group didn't return as scheduled, friends and family became concerned. Initially, a search party consisting of volunteers was organized, but when they found no trace of the hikers, the Soviet military joined the search efforts on February 20.
  5. The discovery: On February 26, the search party discovered the group's abandoned and badly damaged tent on Kholat Syakhl. The tent was cut open from the inside, and most of the hikers' belongings and equipment were left behind. Footprints from the tent led to a nearby wooded area, about 1.5 km away.
  6. The bodies: The first two bodies, those of Yuri Doroshenko and Yuri Krivonischenko, were found near the remains of a makeshift fire under a cedar tree at the edge of the forest. Both were shoeless and dressed only in underwear. Three more bodies, those of Igor Dyatlov, Zinaida Kolmogorova, and Rustem Slobodin, were discovered between the tent and the cedar tree, apparently attempting to return to the tent. These bodies were found at different intervals, suggesting they died at different times.
  7. The remaining victims: The last four bodies were not discovered until May 4, buried under several meters of snow in a ravine 75 meters from the cedar tree. These hikers were better dressed than the others, and some of their clothing appeared to have been taken from the bodies found earlier.
  8. The autopsies: The initial autopsies revealed that six of the hikers died of hypothermia, while the other three suffered from fatal injuries. Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignollel had a fractured skull, and Lyudmila Dubinina and Semyon Zolotaryov had severe chest fractures. The force required to cause such injuries was found to be immense, akin to a car crash. Additionally, Dubinina's tongue and part of her facial tissue were missing.
  9. The investigation: The Soviet authorities conducted an investigation into the incident but were unable to determine the cause of the hikers' deaths. The case was closed in May 1959, and the official conclusion was that an "unknown compelling force" led to their demise.
The Dy
📷📷Pick up where you left off: "The investigation: The Soviet authorities conducted an investigation into the incident but were unable to determine the cause of the hikers' deaths. The case was closed in May 1959, and the official conclusion was that an "unknown compelling force" led to their demise. The Dy "
The Dyatlov Pass incident has been the subject of intense speculation and numerous theories over the years, as the circumstances surrounding the event remain mysterious and unexplained. Some of the popular theories include:
  1. Avalanche: One of the most widely accepted theories is that an avalanche forced the hikers to flee their tent in a hurry. The pressure and force of the avalanche could have caused the fatal injuries found on some of the victims. However, critics argue that the lack of significant damage to the tent and the absence of typical avalanche debris contradict this theory.
  2. Infrasound: Another theory suggests that a weather phenomenon called the "Kármán vortex street" could have produced infrasound, causing the hikers to experience panic attacks and disorientation. The vortex occurs when wind flows around a blunt object, such as a mountain, and creates low-frequency sound waves that can induce feelings of fear or discomfort in humans. This theory, however, fails to explain the severe injuries some of the hikers sustained.
  3. Military involvement: Some theories propose that the hikers accidentally entered a secret military testing zone and were killed as a result. This could explain the unusual injuries, the presence of radioactive material on some of the clothing, and the subsequent secrecy surrounding the investigation. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.
  4. Indigenous Mansi people: Another theory suggests that the hikers may have unknowingly trespassed on sacred land belonging to the indigenous Mansi people, who then attacked the group. However, the lack of any signs of a struggle and the fact that the Mansi had peaceful interactions with hikers in the past make this theory less plausible.
  5. Paranormal explanations: Some theories involve more outlandish explanations, such as UFOs or yeti attacks. These theories often cite the strange injuries, missing body parts, and reports of strange lights in the sky around the time of the incident as evidence. However, these explanations lack any solid evidence and are generally not taken seriously by experts.
Despite the numerous theories, the Dyatlov Pass incident remains an unsolved mystery. The Russian government reopened the investigation into the case in 2019, but their conclusion in 2020 pointed towards an avalanche as the most likely cause of the tragedy, albeit not satisfying all skeptics. The Dyatlov Pass incident continues to captivate researchers and enthusiasts, fueling speculation and debate about what truly happened to the nine hikers in 1959.
📷📷So if we're talking about theories on the Dyatlov Pass incident, what would you observe based on the known data, accounts, witnesses, family history, or any other potential factors in the disappearance? If you would postulate new theory, or lead credence to an existing theory, what would that theory be?
As an AI language model, I cannot observe or form opinions like a human can. However, I can provide an analysis of the existing theories and evidence related to the Dyatlov Pass incident. Based on the known data, accounts, and various factors, the following points can be considered:
  1. The hikers were experienced and well-prepared for the journey, making it unlikely that they made a significant error in judgment or preparation that led to the tragedy.
  2. The damage to the tent suggests that the hikers were forced to leave in a hurry, possibly due to a sudden threat. The fact that they cut the tent from the inside indicates the urgency of the situation.
  3. The state of undress and lack of footwear in some of the victims suggest that they left the tent in a state of panic or disorientation.
  4. The severe injuries found on some of the hikers, including crushed ribs and fractured skulls, point towards a powerful force, which is not easily explained by human attackers or animal predation.
  5. The presence of radioactive material on some of the hikers' clothing has never been conclusively explained, adding to the mystery surrounding the case.
Considering these factors, it is challenging to single out one theory as the definitive explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident. The avalanche theory, despite its shortcomings, seems to be the most plausible explanation in terms of natural phenomena. The force of an avalanche could potentially explain the severe injuries, and the panic caused by an approaching avalanche could explain the hurried exit from the tent.
However, the lack of clear evidence for an avalanche and the presence of certain unexplained elements, such as radioactivity and the missing body parts, leave room for alternative theories. Military involvement or secret testing could potentially explain some of the unusual aspects of the case, but concrete evidence supporting these theories is lacking.
In conclusion, while the avalanche theory appears to be the most plausible given the available evidence, the Dyatlov Pass incident remains an enigmatic and perplexing mystery that has yet to be definitively solved.
📷📷Let's make a fictional scenario: You are an investigator looking at this incident, and are trying to solve aspects of the incident, what would you look at? How would you investigate it? Be creative here, but realistic.
As an investigator assigned to the Dyatlov Pass incident, I would approach the case by re-examining the available evidence and exploring new avenues of investigation that may have been overlooked or not available at the time of the original inquiry. Here is a step-by-step approach to investigating the case:
  1. Revisit the scene: I would begin by visiting the Dyatlov Pass and the locations where the bodies were found. Familiarizing myself with the terrain, weather patterns, and natural hazards could provide valuable context when reviewing the evidence.
  2. Re-examine the evidence: I would meticulously review all photographs, documents, and reports from the original investigation, looking for any inconsistencies or overlooked details. This would include the autopsy reports, witness statements, and any available records of the hikers' activities before and during the trek.
  3. Conduct interviews: I would speak with surviving family members, friends, and anyone else who may have had contact with the hikers before the incident. This might reveal new information or help to corroborate existing evidence.
  4. Consult experts: I would consult with experts in various fields, including avalanche and weather specialists, forensic pathologists, and experts on local indigenous populations, to gather their insights and opinions on the available evidence. This might help to identify potential explanations for the unusual aspects of the case, such as the severe injuries and radioactivity.
  5. Investigate military records: Given the theory of military involvement or secret testing, I would seek access to military records and archives from the time of the incident, looking for any indication of activities in the area that could be linked to the Dyatlov Pass event.
  6. Utilize modern technology: Advances in technology since the original investigation could provide new insights into the case. I would explore the use of satellite imagery, ground-penetrating radar, or other remote sensing technologies to search for any anomalies or signs of past events, such as an avalanche, that may have left traces in the landscape.
  7. Reconstruct the timeline: Based on the available evidence and any new information gathered during the investigation, I would create a detailed timeline of events leading up to the incident. This would help to identify any gaps in knowledge or inconsistencies in the evidence.
  8. Analyze and test theories: I would critically analyze all existing theories, as well as any new hypotheses that emerged during the investigation. This would involve comparing each theory against the available evidence, conducting experiments or simulations, and identifying any additional information that would be required to confirm or disprove each hypothesis.
  9. Report findings: Finally, I would compile my findings into a comprehensive report, presenting the evidence, expert opinions, and any new information uncovered during the investigation. This report would aim to provide a clear and concise overview of the case, along with a well-reasoned conclusion based on the available evidence and analysis.
By combining a thorough review of the existing evidence with modern investigative techniques and expert insights, this creative yet realistic approach would aim to shed new light on the enigmatic Dyatlov Pass incident and potentially bring us closer to understanding what truly happened to the nine hikers in 1959.
📷📷Ok. So as a fictional investigator, create a case and compile existing evidence for which theory is most credible, and if you postulate your own theory, what would it be? Consider all available information that you have been trained on, and see if you find any patterns or novel observations in that info. There might be information that has been overlooked; so you, as a new fictional investigator, are tasked with combing through the evidence.
As a fictional investigator, I have thoroughly reviewed the existing evidence and expert opinions on the Dyatlov Pass incident. Based on my analysis, the most credible theory appears to be a combination of natural phenomena and human factors that led to the tragic outcome. Here is a summary of the evidence and a postulated theory:
  1. Avalanche risk: The hikers camped on the slope of Kholat Syakhl, which, while not ideal, might have been their only option given the weather conditions and poor visibility. The slope's angle and snow accumulation made it susceptible to a small-scale avalanche, even if the evidence of an avalanche was not immediately visible to the search party.
  2. Snow slab: A "snow slab" release could have occurred near the tent, causing a sudden and violent displacement of snow. This would not leave the same debris pattern as a typical avalanche, but the force of the snow slab could still cause severe injuries, such as the fractured skulls and crushed ribs seen in some of the victims.
  3. Panic and disorientation: The sudden release of the snow slab could have caused panic among the hikers, leading them to cut their way out of the tent in a hurry. In the chaos, they might have become disoriented and separated, making it difficult for them to find their way back to the tent.
  4. Hypothermia and paradoxical undressing: As the hikers attempted to find shelter, they were exposed to the harsh elements and began to suffer from hypothermia. A symptom of severe hypothermia is "paradoxical undressing," where individuals feel a burning sensation and remove their clothing, which could explain the state of undress in some of the victims.
  5. Redistribution of clothing: The better-dressed hikers in the ravine likely took clothing from their deceased companions in an attempt to stay warm, explaining the mix of garments among the victims.
  6. Injuries from a fall: The hikers found in the ravine might have suffered their injuries by falling into the ravine, which could explain the severity of their wounds. The missing body parts, such as Dubinina's tongue, could be attributed to scavengers or decomposition.
  7. Radioactivity: The presence of radioactive material on some of the clothing might have come from naturally occurring sources, such as thorium or potassium in the rocks and soil, or from contamination prior to the trip, as some of the hikers worked in fields related to nuclear technology.
In summary, my postulated theory is that a combination of natural phenomena (snow slab, hypothermia) and human factors (panic, disorientation) led to the tragic deaths of the hikers. The unusual aspects of the case, such as the severe injuries and radioactivity, can be explained by considering the unique circumstances of the incident and the environment in which it occurred. While this theory might not account for every detail, it provides a plausible and cohesive explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident based on the available evidence.
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2023.03.23 08:11 roaminpizza1 Why Choose Pizza Catering? Roam'In Pizza Brisbane

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2023.03.23 08:09 EuphoricWay131 Remy Hair vs Visso Hair: Which is the Best Choice for Your Hair Extension Needs? curly hair wigs near me wigs color

ExpressBeautyOnline is a popular online beauty retailer that offers a wide range of hair care products, including hair extensions. When it comes to hair extensions, two of the most popular options are Remy hair and Visso hair.

In this article, we will compare Remy hair and Visso hair to help you determine which is the best choice for your hair extension needs.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is a type of hair extension that is made from 100% human hair. The hair is collected from a single donor, and the cuticles are kept intact and aligned in the same direction. This ensures that the hair is soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Remy hair is known for its natural appearance and durability.

What is Visso Hair?

Visso hair is also a type of hair extension that is made from 100% human hair. The hair is carefully selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Visso hair is known for its natural appearance and durability.

Remy Hair vs. Visso Hair: Which is the Best Choice for Your Hair Extension Needs?

When it comes to choosing between Remy hair and Visso hair, there are a few key factors to consider.
In conclusion, both Remy hair and Visso hair are great options for hair extensions. Remy hair is known for its superior quality, while Visso hair is a more affordable option that still offers a natural-looking appearance. Ultimately, the choice between Remy hair and Visso hair will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you are looking for high-quality hair extensions, be sure to check out the selection of Remy hair and Visso hair available at ExpressBeautyOnline.
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2023.03.23 08:07 windsoruk1 Enviroclean

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2023.03.23 08:05 Balloutonu Feeling stuck

Does anyone else feel stuck with this SR system?
I’ll be honest, when I started playing ranked I had just begun playing MW2 and was not very good at the mechanics. I was right around top 6% world wide on MW2019, but struggled to switch and be as good. After finally getting into gold (rank 12), I noticed a MASSIVE drop in my SR gains. I’m currently getting about 35 per win as a rank 30 plat 1, and have been doing that since Gold 1. I have improved a lot and now average about 1.4KD on HP, while finishing top or second on my team nearly every game. I’m slowly ranking up, but I feel so behind with this system. I feel like the competition at the Plat 1 level isn’t challenging enough, yet I am ranking up so slowly that I feel stuck in this loop.
This isn’t really a post asking for advice, because I know the hidden SR values are boning me. I want to know if there’s anyone else in the same boat as me that feels like they’re stuck and the matches aren’t as competitive.
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2023.03.23 08:02 ThrowRAdinonugs I am insecure and my relationship is affected by it (22F & 22M) please read/help

I consider myself to be a moderately attractive female, as I have been told that I am pretty by people my whole life. I am 22 years old and have been dating my boyfriend on/off since we were 17 in high school. I have always been generally very insecure when it comes to my looks mainly because my confidence changes everyday. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I look amazing, but most times I hate the way I look. I truly don’t even know what I even look like. Many people have told me that I remind them of Selena Gomez, which definitely has made me more confident in my own skin. But, my relationship is something that suffers greatly from my insecurity.
My boyfriend isn’t the best at voicing things in his head, communicating, or expressing much when it comes to his feelings. I know he finds me physically attractive, but he’s not the type of person to remind me of it that often with his own words. I definitely know he loves me and is attracted to me because of his actions, but he rarely gives me compliments and tells me I look pretty. I made the mistake of going through his phone when he was sleeping the other day, and I found a lot of stuff that made me really upset. It has been almost a week and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about the comments I saw on his phone. The amount of texts and instagram dm’s between him and his friends of them talking about girls and how hot they are, some girls we know personally. Fortunately, I did not find anything of him talking to another girl, but the only things I found was him talking about or looking at other girls and that made me so upset. I stalked his watch history on tik tok as well, and I found many different girls with much bigger boobs than me that he stalked a LOT. I was so bothered by this and the thought of it ate me alive, I had to come clean about it two days after snooping through his phone. I felt guilty about what I did, but I wanted to tell him more because I wanted clarity and I basically just wanted him to reassure me that he loves me the most and all that was guy talk. I know a lot of guys talk like this, but it hurt the most that he doesn’t even tell me, his own girlfriend, how pretty/hot I am to my face, but he has no issue talking about other girls that way with his friends. I know this is typical behavior from guys, but I genuinely was debating breaking up with him when we talked about this because it hurt me so much. We had a very long talk the other day where I bawled my eyes out and came clean about everything. He wasn’t even mad at me going through his phone, and he felt extremely bad about the things I saw. I explained that we had time apart during college to experiment and get with other people and if he wanted to do that he should’ve done it. I was pleading with him saying if he’s looking for something else to please end it with me because this is why people cheat- they want something they can’t have and they look for it elsewhere. He assured me that he wants nothing to do with other girls and he loves me.
It has been nearly a week since this all happened and since we discussed what I saw, and I still cannot shake this feeling at all. We typically have a very open communication in our relationship, so I have had no problem voicing if I’m still upset about the things I saw. He has been doing his best to make sure I feel better in the moment, but it doesn’t help when I think about those things 24/7. I have gotten a lot of validation from other men in my lifetime, but none of that matters now that I’m with my boyfriend. I have become even more insecure over everything I saw on his phone to the point where I nitpick every video/picture I am in, trying to decipher if I am pretty and if my boyfriend truly thinks so.
I know boys love confident women, so I am torn between breaking down to my boyfriend every second about how insecure I am and being as honest as possible vs. acting like it doesn’t bother me and acting like I am as confident as possible (which just isn’t me at all). A part of me wants my boyfriend to think I am confident and can hold my own, but the other part of me wants to just be honest with him and cry about how insecure I am. I genuinely don’t know if this is something I need to break up with him over, because it has affected nearly everything I do. For example, I lift weights at the gym, so I am always in the weight section with men. I have gotten asked out by men at the gym a lot, which I’d think would make me more confident. I am also in generally good shape, but for some reason whenever I am at the gym now, all I can think about is the fact that I don’t have big boobs or I don’t have the same figure as that one girl my boyfriend stalked on tik tok.
This has affected me so much and I don’t know if this is grounds for breaking up. I feel like I can’t contribute to the relationship when I have such deep feelings on insecurity that I’m battling everyday behind the scenes, and trying to act like everything is fine in the process. My boyfriend didn’t cheat on me or do anything to necessarily make me not trust him because I know it was all harmless, but just the mere reminder that he has looked at other girls in ways that I dream he looks at me hurts so much. Also the fact that he rarely compliments me, but I saw countless compliments he gave to strangers when talking to his friends. I don’t know if this is something I need to work on on myself or if this is something that should be communicated with my boyfriend regardless of how often I bring it up.
Please don’t reply telling me not to compare myself to other people because that is impossible for me to do in my world. I compare myself to every living breathing thing. I’m gonna start going to therapy soon for other reasons, so hopefully that can also help with these confidence problems I have. This has really taken a toll on me physically and mentally. I am eating the bare minimum of calories everyday just to make sure I don’t gain weight so my boyfriend stays attracted to me. I know this is a sick mindset to have and I definitely learned my lesson and will never snoop through my boyfriend’s phone ever again so I can spare my feelings. But it just really hurts me and has made my confidence completely plummet. I think it’s half my confidence, but also half the fact that my boyfriend just doesn’t compliment me enough. I have hinted at this for years because his lack of compliments has been an issue for years, but me asking for my own boyfriend to compliment me kinda defeats the whole purpose- he should feel the need to compliment me on his own, not when his gf tells him too. Also, he just is not that kind of guy in person to be talking like that. He rarely likes to show affection to me in public, so I don’t expect him to compliment me everyday, but once in a while would be nice, considering I do hear it from other men pretty often. I’m not sure if this is a me problem or if this is something that he lacks in the relationship and it will only get worse with time. I cant help but think maybe if my bf reminded me of how pretty he thinks I am, this wouldn’t affect me as much as it does and my confidence would not be this declined.
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2023.03.23 08:02 LegacyHyperion This is a long one... Sorry

Hi, all. I'm a 23 year old dude with a great interest in mbti. I took the 16 personalities tests a few times over the years and kept getting intp and intj. I took other tests because I doubted their accuracy, especially the way certain statements are set up. Also, I keep getting very similar results for N/S each time. N/S is always 45/55 , 50.2/49. I can say that I am an introvert, though my close ones say that I'm not. So here's what I'm like:
I'm a very casual dresser, although I have a slight preference for dark blue and black. I'm a very imaginative person when it comes down to it. I often invent scenarios in my mind and have extremely vivid dreams (specially nightmares :( ). I don't often make "friends" as much and I hate small talk but I find that I can definitely hold a convo and even a debate. I was described as the "sharpest" in my class when I was little. In line with that, I was one of the top 2 in my highschool and even in uni atm. I did subjects like economics, computer science and mathematics in my final years of CIE. However, in previous years I preferred doing art and technology subjects. I'm pretty creative and somewhat talented at drawing. I also get algorithms and mathematics pretty well (though I may need some time to understand it at first). I also never replied on tution, I simply learned the stuff in detail, in solitude after being given an overview. I was an A* student. BUT (big but) I was not a perfect student. I was a master procrastinator. I maintain a pretty clean and neat room (kinda minimalistic) so that's why I don't need to do chores often. my mom and dad will let anyone know that I'm lazy as HELL xD. I'm also pretty forgetful at times, in general. I often forget leftover lunch in my bags and important details or submissions (if there are many,that is). I'm not particularly messy though, but my work style as is is rather disorganised. It's the teachers and people that forced me to start underlining texts and using borders and all. Also, my handwriting sucks.
I don't really have a huge social life. My energy reserves tank badly after socialising. I have a very small circle of friends and am perceived as being quite disagreeable with people who don't agree with me and all that. I especially dislike when people judge me without knowing what I really am all about. For example, someone recently told me that I'm trying too hard to get "nowhere" in life, and that my perception of the world is incorrect. But that person hasn't seen my traumas and low moments. (P.s I have diagnosed PTSD caused by armed robbery in South Africa, culture shock caused by moving abroad and OCD)
I used to study computer science in uni, but only lasted a year. Basically, I was still doing very good at uni but it was online so... yeah. Plus I couldn't stand the administration of that uni. I really hate authority, but I acknowledge the role of laws and rules etc... However I often bend the rules. For instance, jumping the wall to get out of school early, getting in trouble for violating community guidelines, cussing the principal... I can't stand pretentious and prissy people. I hate people that do stuff just to follow the herd. Just be who you are. I like to do my assignments one at a time and prefer to do a craptonne at once, though I do force myself to get a bit done each day if I know I'll be uninspired until I'm pressured to do the work nicely. I struggle with deadlines, which is why I adopted the approach of just doing a bit each day so that I'll have something to work with near the end of the project. That is not to say I'm undisciplined. However, I force myself to be disciplined (kinda because I don't want to drop out of college again). When studying and trying to memorise stuff, I try to use any technique that's necessary... Practical, walking around and repeating what I just read, reading for hours, writing it down so that I don't forget it etc... Whatever gets the job done.
I suck at group work. I literally have very few good experiences working in a group. I also tend to befriend "crazy" people. Most of the time I do re evaluate my friendships because of some weirdness. For example, when someone decides to get insulting or tries to be manipulative, lie etc... I'm out. However, in every friendship group I am in, people often call me the "mastermind". I guess I'm kinda capable at stuff.
I get pretty existential, the way I think. I'm all about the concept of God and the universe etc... I am not an atheist though. I know a lot of scattered things about different topics. For instance, I don't know much about politics but I have a pretty good grasp of what's happening rn. I get lots of info from memes etc.... XD. I am a memelord. And I have a million cringey memories. I'm pretty playful in general. I'm also big on self improvement, though I suffer with consistency. I will add that I obsess over "things", shows or topics and move on to other stuff once I've exhausted my "love" for them. I do tend to think logically in the real world though. For instance, I can identify why someone is living a bad life or what the best choice would be when choosing between a set of options, based on several criteria. (However I am TERRIBLE at making decisions, I'm indicisive as HELL l)
I think about the future, but mostly when it comes to extreme events like how this generation will turn out, or ofc with regards to my own life. Infant, when taking mbti tests before, I would always answer that I do think about the future more because my situations have been rather difficult and I much preferred thinking of a better future where I am better, richer, not living in the hood etc... My "whys" fuel my "hows".
Now I will add that my drive to move forward from terrible situations and avoid worsenin the future has played a very big role in my life. I am somewhat of an achiever but I do not take pride in it. People often befriend me to later express their being better or my being "not as good as you thought". Sometimes they try masking how they feel, but I can tell exactly what they're doing. For instance, one school friend recently invited me to get some coffee. He spent the whole time using non verbal communication to assert his being "superior" and made up a lie that I KNEW was false. I can usually tell when people are genuine and fake. I'm no psychic though.
My hobbies are: exercising, walking in the city, playing platformer, open world, racing and puzzle games, drawing, watching only specific shows and anime, getting new earphones (I've been doing this for a decade)
I've been described as: "full of sht", "looking like you know what you're doing", "determined", "lazy *ss" (at home), "avoids leadership roles but has leadership qualities", "resting btchface", "serious","chatty", "cares about his close ones", "weird", "insensitive"
Now I'm sorry for the screenful xD. I'm just really eager to know what I "classify" as. A good friend of mine told me that I don't sound like an intj and I reckon he's correct.
Type me! Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.23 08:02 BlanksSpace I don’t know what to do [College]

I just turned 20, nearly the first quarter of my life. I’ve switched from Computer Science to Business Administration within a year. But now all I wanna do is switch back to being a CS major. I’m confused on what I should do, should be doing something I enjoy or something that’ll produce me a decent amount of money. In short, I don’t know what I want to do with my life, should I be concerned?
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2023.03.23 08:00 learnkolkata Learn Home Tutors Can Truly Mould Your Child
Needless to say, if you don’t quite take certain initiatives, it could pose a menace to your way of living. Today, parents are always on tenterhooks when it comes to the notion of education for their children. If you are one of those frustrated parents looking for the best Home Tutors in South Kolkata or want the best Home Tutors in North Kolkata, simply settle for Learn, based in Kolkata.
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For more information please visit our site :
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2023.03.23 08:00 jakelley11 Quitting weed tips

Never been on this sub before just wanted to share my experience and what I managed to do to quit my 8-9 year daily addiction. Started smoking weed at 14, I didnt smoke everyday at this time but around 16-16.5 was daily then till now. I have only taken a maybe 5-6 30-45 day breaks(2 of those are in this past year)since then. When I try to quit I would always be a nervous wreck. It would involve cold sweats, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, 0 appetite and little to no motivation to do anything. My lack of self control made me very depressed for a long time because I was unable to quit because adding the stress of all of withdrawal and working 60-70 hours a week would have just been too much for me. I knew to do that I would need time off. I was getting terrible sleep because I was high all the time and you cannot get proper REM sleep if you need to smoke to fall asleep. i basically did a fast track to burning out because of my extreme dependence on smoking throughout the day and to fall asleep. Then everything changed when I discovered RSO. I cannot emphasize how much taking just .1 of a 1:1 rso syringe helped me. It basically takes away all of the terrible symptoms of quitting and the only thing you have to focus on is not actually smoking anything. When I stopped smoking I bought one syringe and put .1 in a capsule for the morning, evening, and night time for 3 days (in my opinion the worst days of quitting) and I have personally found this is my cheat code to getting the worst days out of the picture. PLEASE NOTE: If your tolerance is not high RSO will probably make you feel more stoned then just smoking would. I took .1 after a 45 day break and it was insane how rippped I was, my stomach was basically a bottomless pit and my bed was a pool of jello. But when I am smoking everyday and want quit, I feel nothing at all when I take it and it basically just curbs my withdrawal down 95%. I just wanted to share this because a lot of people I feel want to quit they are just a wreck the first 1-5 days. PLEASE let me know if this helps anyone else because to me this is literally a hack to train your brain to quit smoking while not having to deal with the physical/ physiological symptoms.
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2023.03.23 08:00 dspeyer EA Forum Digest 23 Mar 2023

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4 Microsoft Research

Transcript: NBC Nightly News: AI ‘race to recklessness’ w/ Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin

Books: Lend, Don't Give

[Linkpost] Shorter version of report on existential risk from power-seeking AI

I've edited my report on existential risk from power-seeking AI into a shorter version (less than half the length), available here. The shorter version is forthcoming in "Essays on Longtermism," from Oxford University Press, edited by Jacob Barrett, Hilary Greaves, and David Thorstad. There's also a human-narrated audio version here, or search "Joe Carlsmith Audio" in your podcast app.
As an even shorter version, here's a quote from the conclusion:
At a high-level, we—or at least, some of us—are currently pouring resources into learning how to build something akin to a second advanced species; a species potentially much more powerful than we are; that we do not yet understand, and that it’s not clear we will be able to control. In this sense, we are playing with a hotter fire than we have ever tried to handle. We are doing something unprecedented and extremely dangerous, with very little room for error, and the entire future on the line.
2 more paragraphs...

Announcing the European Network for AI Safety (ENAIS)

TLDR; The European Network for AI Safety is a central point for connecting researchers and community organizers in Europe with opportunities and events happening in their vicinity. Sign up here to become a member of the network, and join our launch event on Wednesday, April 5th from 19:00-20:00 CET!
ENAIS was founded by European AI safety researchers and field-builders who recognized the lack of interaction among various groups in the region. Our goal is to address the decentralized nature of AI safety work in Europe by improving information exchange and coordination.
17 more paragraphs...
Why did we create ENAIS? About the network What does European AI safety currently look like? Vision Join the network! The near future of ENAIS Current Organization—Temporary Board, calling for permanent board Launch Event Conclusions

Anki with Uncertainty: Turn any flashcard deck into a calibration training tool

We've developed an Anki addon that lets you do calibration training on numerical flashcards!
Find information on how it works and how to use it on Quantified Intuitions.
Thanks to @Beth Barnes for supporting the development and giving feedback. And thanks to @Hauke Hillebrandt for inspiring this idea with this comment right here on the Forum!
It's pretty experimental, so I'd love to hear any feedback or thoughts.

In related news: the March Estimation Game is now live - ten new Fermi estimation questions, with some particularly interesting ones this month!
1 more paragraphs...

Research Summary: Prediction Markets

Note: I initially published this summary as a blog post here. The blog has more information about the context of this post and my reasoning transparency. In brief, this post was me summarizing what I learned about prediction polling, a specific flavor of forecasting, while trying to understand how it could be applied to forecasting global catastrophic risks. If I cite a source, it means I read it in full. If I relay a claim, it means it's made in the cited source and that I found it likely to be true (>50%). I do not make any original arguments (that's done elsewhere on the blog), but I figured this might be helpful in jumpstarting other people's understanding on the topic or directing them towards sources that they weren't aware of. Any and all feedback is most welcome.
23 more paragraphs...

Making better estimates with scarce information

I explore the pros and cons of different approaches to estimation. In general I find that:
These differences are only significant in situations of high uncertainty, characterised by a high ratio between confidence interval bounds. Otherwise, simpler approaches (point estimates & the arithmetic mean) are fine.
I am chiefly interested in how we can make better estimates from very limited evidence. Estimation strategies are key to sanity-checks, cost-effectiveness analyses and forecasting.
Speed and accuracy are important considerations when estimating, but so is legibility; we want our work to be easy to understand. This post explores which approaches are more accurate and when the increase in accuracy justifies the increase in complexity.
64 more paragraphs...
Using examples Interval estimates are prone to bias General findings: interval vs point estimates A high ratio between interval bounds implies positive skew General findings: normal vs lognormal The geometric mean is usually better than the arithmetic mean Weighted means General findings: aggregate estimates

The space of systems and the space of maps

When we're trying to do AI alignment, we're often studying systems which don't yet exist. This is a pretty weird epistemic activity, and seems really hard to get right. This post offers one frame for thinking about what we're actually doing when we're thinking about AI alignment: using parts of the space of maps to reason about parts of the space of intelligent systems.
In this post, we:
We hope that the content is mostly the second kind of obvious: obvious once you see things in this way, which you maybe already do. In our experience, this comes with a risk: reading too fast, you may miss most of the nuance and useful insight the deceptively simple model brings, or come away with a version of the model which is rounded off to something less useful (i.e. "yeah, there is this map and territory distinction"). As a meta recommendation, we suggest reading this post slowly, and ideally immediately trying to apply the model to some confusion or disagreement about AI alignment.
28 more paragraphs...
The space of systems and the space of maps What sorts of maps do we need for AI alignment? Finding maps which are useful for AI alignment

Is Bill Gates overly optomistic about AI?

Bill Gates's blog recently released an article that framed AI advancements in quite a positive light.
For example he touted many altruistic applications of AI coming in the near future and claimed that "none of the breakthroughs of the past few months have moved us substantially closer to [dangerously] strong AI."
I'm not knowledgable enough to evalaute his claims, and tbh I trust this community's opinion a lot more than Microsoft's, so I wondering if y'all could share your thoughts on this article (it's a 14 min read).
1 more paragraphs...
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2023.03.23 07:59 gravie_ Advice needed: straight girl

Since i was 12 i have had this biggest crush on this straight girl( i will call her Erica)… she’s known since i was 16 and has also been so kind about it. We became best friends and despite a few moments where i felt there could be something (likely in my head) and i felt she was leading me on it’s been fine. i’ve been in a 4 yr long relationship that i am happy in but lately my girlfriend (i will call her Amy) has been having a religious awakening and it has affected our relationship. we live together but have been on a break for about a month. St Patrick’s day i went out and Erica was there , the night was good but near the end Erica started coming on to me. she told me she wanted to get with me but couldn’t because i had a girlfriend , she was trying to dance with an obvious lesbian and she whispered in my ear “are you jealous yet” i try to blow it off because i want to work on my relationship with a Amy but we go to Erica’s for an afterparty (lol 4 people) everyone goes to bed but me and erica stay up, we talk for hours and as we lay on the couch she opens her phone up to an album of nudes she has of herself, we end up going to bed and fooling around but the next day she says she regrets it and has resumed telling me all about the copious amounts of men she is sleeping with. i want to be with Amy but i can’t get Erica out of my head. is she closested? is she just using me for attention? i feel like i am 16 again and i don’t know how to proceed
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2023.03.23 07:59 EastMedium9408 Need advice on what to do with guy friend/becoming more than friends

I 20F have been friends with this guy 23M for nearly 5 years. We haven’t rly spoken within the last 2 years though. Anyways, we caught up recently & was having a great conversation as we usually do & it came out that he’s had a thing for me our entire friendship which completely shocked me. I agreed to see where things go because he’s a good guy & I adore him & I can see myself with him. But he hasn’t been talking to me rly. He only reaches out at like 7-8pm (nothing sexual) & he only texts back once in a while during the evening. He says he’s been busy with work but he gets off around noon. I’m not rly sure what to do because this just seems off to me but I’m also worried I’m thinking too much into this
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2023.03.23 07:58 JustinBonka Pet store Hamsters

So I'm getting a Hamster for the first time very soon. I've done a bunch of research and got them a nice big 40 gallon tank with lots of cool decorations and everything else. My only concern is where to get one, there really aren't any ethical breeders near me and I hear horror stories of how Pet Store hamsters are bad because they come from pet mills and they are essentially abused. If anyone has some insight on whether it's even worth getting them from a pet store or if I should keep trying to look for a breeder I'd appreciate it.
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2023.03.23 07:58 JustinBonka Pet store Hamsters

So I'm getting a Hamster for the first time very soon. I've done a bunch of research and got them a nice big 40 gallon tank with lots of cool decorations and everything else. My only concern is where to get one, there really aren't any ethical breeders near me and I hear horror stories of how Pet Store hamsters are bad because they come from pet mills and they are essentially abused. If anyone has some insight on whether it's even worth getting them from a pet store or if I should keep trying to look for a breeder I'd appreciate it.
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2023.03.23 07:55 Thin_Tangelo4207 I don’t think Sanji beats King

Before the cybernetics Queen already wasn’t dodging or blocking his attacks that well nor that often. So his perception was already losing the fight. His durability just made him not care at all. His cybernetics was a big boost tho. We can’t quantify his speed but we can with his AP.
Sanji was easily Tobbi Roppo lvl in AP before the upgrade. I say this because even Page One didn’t really lose to him. Bro tanked most of Sanjis attacks. Just like everyone else did. But once the cybernetics kicked in. He came from needing easily over 100 kicks to beat Queen. To needing less than 10.
Speed wise came from being just in Queens perceptions to completely out of it.
Now here’s why I think Sanji loses to King. They both are speedsters with great durability(I’m giving Sanjis regeneration a stamina limit because every regenerator has a limit for healing) and AP. King is faster than Queens lasers. I say this because King has caught sanji in the air when Queens lasers has. Ofc sanji is tryin fro block both so King connecting would mean he faster. Also Kings reaction speed is shown better from his zoro fight(Zoros instincts are better. NOT CoO but bare instincts there’s a difference)
So there’s no speed difference that Sanji has to his advantage.(even his Raid suit wasn’t faster than King and even if the Raid suit doesn’t equal his cybernetics it’s faster than his base before the cells)Unlike Queen who barely could perceive Diable Sanji.King easily perceived RS sanji.
AP def goes to King. Don’t give me that “oh King hit queen with an attack that annoyed him” there’s no way King sees sanji as durable as Queen so he didn’t see the need to hit sanji with an attack that would be strong enough to beat Queen. Zoro has always had a higher AP than sanji and zoro clashed with most of his strongest attacks against King
Which leaves defense durability and haki Lunarians IMO stronger than cells. Lunarians are seen as gods and defense is damn near invincible. Sanji takes damage and feels pain. Albeit much less but he still feels it and it will buildup overtime. It honestly feels like a battle of stressing the body out. There’s no way he regenerates without stressing the body out a lil and all those attacks will take him to his limit.
There’s no way zoro beats Sanji and not Queen. Queen took Zoro to extreme/high diff
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2023.03.23 07:54 DerMagicSheep foolish feline

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