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2023.03.23 09:58 AdFew1983 Getting a Logistics Job?

Cross Post with personalfinancenz
*Asking for my husband who doesn't have an account.
Recently, he decided to change career. Having done a creative self employed career for a decade he wanted a change from clients etc. After a lot of thought, he decided to find something that utilised his strategic and problem solving strengths...and so the quest for a logistics job was born.
He recently got a job as a store person and the company said there was lots of upward mobility and he was happy to put in the hard yards as a grunt while upskilling and working his way up. Having been there a couple of months and talking to other workers, he has come to realize that the upward mobility is into forklift lifts, reach trucks and other warehouse skills and not into operational management and logistics ( while technically true is a decade or more of physical grunt work first).
Given he is now in his 30s, and that he finds stacking boxes very dull, this was a bit disheartening.
Is there a way to speed up the process? What is the best path to follow to end up working for something like the Lyttelton Port Company at that higher level? He looked into some logistics courses but when he was offered the store person work he was told that internal training would be enough to progress.
Also, if logistics does require a decade of physical labour first, what are some other jobs that use strategy, problem solving, efficiency tweaks etc?
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2023.03.23 09:58 egg_of_wisdom Met a drug addicted self-talker at the district administration office

So, a few days ago, I thought I would finally get my stuff together and actually register my new apartment that I just moved in. I made a regular appointment with our local district administration office, which is taking care of my area in the larger city I live in, to register me moving in.
Early in the morning, it's still foggy and drowsy outside, I get up and have to walk from my car to the office. I pick a number and sit down in a huge, calm, rather quiet waiting hall. Granted, one child was making noise, but small children can just be like that, so I usually don't pay much attention to that and mind my own business. I wanted to get my headphones out of my bag and realized they were not there, figuring I probably had left them at home. So, I guess, there was no way I could distract myself from the loud noises the children a row behind me made, so I opted for staring into space.
A few minutes early, I had to stare up at the screen until my number was going to be displayed and I get directed to a certain room where a government employee would register my passport as newly moved in. This is a normal procedure in my country, my apologies if the wording sounds weird to you, this is just some bureaucracy around here we have to adhere to.
Cue, the stranger, that ruined my day.
The entire hall was empty, there were approximately 100 seats and over 60 of them were empty. Granted, a few people were sitting there, most of them alone or in groups of two, since we have covid regulations still going.
Now, every citizen has to come here, for all kinds of reasons. Different variety, I guess. Getting a new passport, registering a newborn child, a new move into a new apartment like me, getting government benefits approved...the office was filled with all kinds of people.
Suddenly, I hear a rather loud voice, mumbling, getting closer, and a musky smell. Not musky as in "attractive boyfriend 5 minutes after doing some exercises" but musky, as in "hasn't showered for weeks and smells like a mixture of cigarettes and street smog, sweat and spices".
I usually don't judge people who have a hard time taking care of themselves, I suffer from mental illnesses myself and get that it can be hard to keep up with hygiene, so I understand but sitting next to someone like that was kind of uncomfortable, I gotta say.
But there are certain types of people, usually homeless or severely mentally ill, who just never shower or refuse to shower. This man was in his 50s to 70s, with some homeless people it is not easy to tell, because they are looking older due to the hard life they had to go through. Back in my earlier 20s, I had worked with old clients. Some older folks were eccentric but I hardly ever judged.
Due to my mental disorder, I get very annoyed by intrusive smells and I have no idea what I do to attract those people, but this man sat down right next to me. So, I was zoning out, because the intense stench was triggering me.
I noticed, with a shy glance to the side, that this man was wearing a CD player. Yes, you read this right, an old-school CD Player, with a CD in it, not an MP3 player or an Ipod.
The flimsy headphones attached to the device were hanging around his neck, and he was dusty, with numerous layers of clothing and shoes, like the classic look homeless people usually had.
He was listening to the audiobook, something philosophy related, on loud volume so it would blast through the speakers around his neck. But the kicker was, he really just didn't listen to it, he talked over it, kinda sometimes talked with it, like he was discussing something with the guy from the audiobook, but really, the conversation was deranged and didn't make sense.
Now, usually I would have gotten my headphones now. But without them, I had to listen to the guy rambling. And what he was saying honestly scared me.
He started off lamenting about his life, poetically even. He started mourning the death of a friend, saying this such as "why did you have to leave this world too early" and I was questioning why someone would say something so private out aloud in public, but honestly, this man had blabbered on from the beginning.
As he sat there, he started slowly hyping himself and his self-talk up. He started saying stuff as such "Opioids are the fruit of god", glorifying a drug. I noticed that his behavior was very much in line with the one of an addict, so I didn't question it further. He was probably high.
He started to give the room the pep talk of the day, saying that drugs could enhance the human experience and he was glad to be taking them, confirming my point.
Then it got even weirded. He started saying how he loved being perceived as a "pervert" and how this was actually something positive that he got kicked out of his home, for being a "pervert". And that woman nowadays, especially with an emphasis on the word "girl", not even "woman", but "girl", were too stuck up and should be more sexually open. He started saying stuff that sounded honestly murderous and I was zoning out like crazy because I did not want to be in the same room as him.
At this point I was frankly uncomfortable and did not dare to move. I was in freeze mode.
At some point, luckily, his number got called and he got up from his chair and finally the stench was gone and the stranger left me alone.
A few minutes later and my number got called up and I had to leave as well. When I walked back to my car, I made sure he didn't see me leave the building.
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2023.03.23 09:58 Tiefschlag It's always the Bard.

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2023.03.23 09:58 Squidgy69 Never first choice

For context I’m writing a story on wattpad (don’t judge lol! It’s the best site to write on rn🥹) and my boyfriend told me to send the link of the story so he could read what I’ve written so far. Today I looked on his computer and there were screenshots of porn in his folder, not hidden as well as he thought I guess lmao. Looked at the time stamps and they were screenshotted around the time he was “reading” my story. Sigh. There goes my motivation for writing.
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2023.03.23 09:57 AdFew1983 Getting a logistics job?

*Asking for my husband who doesn't have an account.
Recently, he decided to change career. Having done a creative self employed career for a decade he wanted a change from clients etc. After a lot of thought, he decided to find something that utilised his strategic and problem solving strengths...and so the quest for a logistics job was born.
He recently got a job as a store person and the company said there was lots of upward mobility and he was happy to put in the hard yards as a grunt while upskilling and working his way up. Having been there a couple of months and talking to other workers, he has come to realize that the upward mobility is into forklift lifts, reach trucks and other warehouse skills and not into operational management and logistics ( while technically true is a decade or more of physical grunt work first).
Given he is now in his 30s, and that he finds stacking boxes very dull, this was a bit disheartening.
Is there a way to speed up the process? What is the best path to follow to end up working for something like the Lyttelton Port Company at that higher level? He looked into some logistics courses but when he was offered the store person work he was told that internal training would be enough to progress.
Also, if logistics does require a decade of physical labour first, what are some other jobs that use strategy, problem solving, efficiency tweaks etc?
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2023.03.23 09:57 InfernalD3mon [Playstation2/Gamecube][2001-2007] A action adventure story game, you play as a fox

Platform(s): I remember playing it on either a gamecube, or the playstation2 Genre: I believe it was a action Adventure story game with platforming elements to it. Estimated year of release: I don't know when it was released other than the years I was alive during playing it. Graphics/art style: It was 3D, bright, and colorful. Notable characters: You played as a orange fox, that may or may not have been a kid, or a teenager, training to become something, or just go out to adventure the world. Notable gameplay mechanics: I remember you being able to find weapons on the ground as floating collectables Other Details: ITS NOT STARFOX ADVENTURE. Other than that, I remember the first zone/level/area was a orange forest, sort of like fall weather, there may or may not have been asian architecture, You may or may not start in a village with other foxes, you may or may not start with a wooden sword. It was a 3rd person action adventure platformer. I remember (maybe) a level/area/zone where you were in a brown swamp (hazard floor) where you jumped across fallen trees/logs, stones and such, and at the end of it, you got a pair of claws that did something or other, maybe a weapon or a climbing tool?
That's all I remember, honestly its probably a niche game that no one knows, I may not even be saying the right platform, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't on the Wii, which was the only other console I was playing around that time period. I don't have too much hope of the game being found, but its the only game in my mind that I'm annoyed I don't remember.
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2023.03.23 09:57 Either_Kick_6324 What’s this nigga name he jhi cranking to me but on yt it dont say his name

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2023.03.23 09:57 Alternative-Poem-337 36/F - Come In, Sit Down, Let’s Talk About Life 🍷

📚 I love the classics (they’re classics for a reason, right?), poetry enthusiast, hoarder of fantasy books and knowledge. Also partial to reading the odd comic book too. I love a crossword and enjoy doing them on my lunch break at work.
🎲 I enjoy board games (cooperative and competitive), tabletop and role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I love the face to face element, winning the day together and, honestly, there is nothing nicer than rolling dice with friends.
🎥 I am a cinephile. I love film. Again, classics and golden age are favourites. But I love a goofy comedy, I love the MCU & DCU, a thriller, a good horror with heaps of jump scares! I’m always keen to sit down for a documentary too.
🧬 I love science! Space, anthropology, palaeontology. An armchair philosophiser. I love having those deep, burning questions fleshed out with the right person.
🏔️ I enjoy hiking & camping and just generally being in nature. There is so much beauty in the world, why not be out in it when possible!
✉️ Well, if this sounds interesting and you’re looking for more than the regular “movies/music/gaming/anime” interests - I’d love to hear from and about you.
💬 I’m a lover of the spoken word and if there is chemistry, I would be looking to move to Snapchat for longevity sake. Please consider this before messaging me.
Thanks for your time.
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2023.03.23 09:57 ExitVelocity66 Noel is divorced. The reunion will happen

The biggest obstacle to a reunion (Noels wife) is now out of the picture. Throw in the fact she will clean his bank account out in the divorce and hes gonna wanna make some of that money up. Put it all together and there's definitely going to be an Oasis reunion. It's just a matter of when. Festivals are already getting booked for this year so thats out. Most likely 2024. They said Guns N Roses would never reunite. Slashes ex wife stood in the way for years. As soon as they got divorced, GNR reunited
Oasis headlining Glastonbury 2024. 30 year anniversary of Definitely Maybe. It's almost too perfect
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2023.03.23 09:57 Quant2011 Paul Belang interview with Monetary Metals. High quality stuff
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2023.03.23 09:56 sckulp Just finished running Two Headed Serpent! Some of my thoughts, and highlights from each chapter.

Just finished running my first full campaign, the Two Headed Serpent. What a ride!
Overall it was fantastic. Our story went fairly different than what was in the book, in particular I changed Tyrannish quite a bit. I didn't love how she was presented in the book, where she disappears after North Borneo and doesn't appear again until the end of Calcutta, where she is presented as a total psychopath, murdering thousands of people without a second thought. I thought her motivation to end the war between serpent people and humanity in a way that would not cause any more lost lives was compelling, and her actions in Calcutta would contradict this characterization. Instead, I played her more "Lawful Neutral" instead of "Chaotic Evil" -- in many ways she is fond of humans, but their forced transformation is for the greater good of all.
Some notes and thoughts from the chapters--
Chapter 1: Bolivia
This one played pretty close to the book, making it a good introduction for both the GM and players. I made finding the wards something of a puzzle using a gridded game mat that they had to search through, using clues to find the wards before the Inner Night. I also liked the introduction to the formless spawn, which was a very tense moment before the players realized how to defeat them. The temple itself was also fun, with one of the players deciding to jump inside the giant snake and attacking it from the inside, finishing the encounter successfully.
Chapter 2: New York City
I liked how this chapter was more of a slow burn that progressed between each of the other chapters. Over time, Dr. Goncalves convinced each of them to join the cult of Yig, before they realized the cult's true final goal, so that was fun. The mafia bits were cool but there were too many characters here with not a lot of screen time each, this could have been edited down easily. The mosquito warehouse was a hit, though, ending with them all blowing it sky-high with a well placed shot to a box of dynamite.
Chapter 3: North Borneo
This chapter was a delight from the very beginning. The opening scene with the byakee attacking the plane was one of the most exciting memorable encounters we've ever had in a TTRPG. The rest of the chapter was fairly linear and followed the book but there were still a lot of great scenes. It ended with the players too afraid to waste time trying to save anybody from the haftorang device's blast, so they saved nobody, and lost a fair bit of sanity from that. Additionally, all were infected with the Yellow Death, so all were hybridized at the end of chapter.
Chapter 4: Oklahoma
This is where our story started diverging more from the book. As Tyrannish escaped from Caduceus, she noticed that the players were all hybridized. In Oklahoma, we had fun scenes, ending with the players accidentally Calling an avatar of Yig in the cave after killing the sheriff. The avatar bit one of the characters, "killing" him instantly (but with 30 luck). However, Tyrannish had been keeping an eye on them, as she wanted to see how Caduceus's hybridization methods worked. When everyone else was gone, she made a gate in front of the "dead" player, stabilized him with mythos magic, noted how his transformation progressed after receiving a major injury, and then left.
Tyrannish came back in NYC a few days later as a woman she consumed, and there she became a more active presence in the characters' story, telling them that she wanted to stop the war (not telling them how, yet) and needing the cobra crown to do it, and the players were expected to pretend to be good cultists of Yig while they gathered intel at HQ.
I also put the mosquito warehouse encounter here, which made the players very angry at Caduceus, though most believed that the Cult of Yig was still good, but there was just an extremist faction within.
Chapter 5: Iceland
This chapter was awesome. A great dungeon crawl, frightening enemies, cool and crazy technology, and finally they learned the truth about Caduceus. The players all LOVED the transport spheres. One of the players tried pulling a braincase out of the braincase network, failing miserably, which allowed that brains' owner to enter her mind as a "dark passenger" that possess her every time she had a bout of madness. This dark passenger was none other than Tyrannish's assistant sorcerer from 10,000 years ago, locked in a braincase as they were valued by the Inner Night for their intellect. Ultimately they all took the transport spheres out of the volcano, but as the collosal voormi started moving, half of them had a bout of madness and they all scattered to different parts of the world, ran out of fuel, and had to find their way back home.
After getting back from iceland, they found their way to the Gate room after moving the mafia's bombs to Meadham's office and basement.
Chapter 6: Belgian Congo
Another great chapter with a short dungeon crawl at the end. I played the cryptozoologist as a bit nutty, very excited about the players who had grown scales. She helped the players to the pyramid, along the way they managed to get 3 crowns, controlling 3 t-rexes (one may have gotten eaten by his own T-Rex after a couple consecutive crit fails). Here they also got their consequence for betraying Yig, who sent thousands of poisonous snakes after them, chasing them deeper into the jungle. The twist of all their former friends being enslaved as a method of tying up loose ends was a great one, and it enraged all of the players, solidifying their stance of "burn it all to the ground." The chapter ended with the cryptozoologist crit succeeding her power check against one of the T-rex's when putting on the crown, bonding them permanently and lovingly. Meanwhile, the players set off a nuclear explosion within the pyramid, destroying the whole structure.
Chapter 7: Calcutta
This was my least favorite chapter, as it was very complex keeping track of all the NPC's, clues, etc, much of which seemed fairly irrelevant. To me it seemed if they caught the treasure hunter in the first chase immediately at the start of the chapter, he would just tell them where the cobra crown is, making 75% of the chapter pointless?
So instead, Tyrannish agreed to make a gate to Calcutta for them, but she would stay behind and meditate to prepare a more powerful gate that would bring them to Mu after finding the crown. She taught them a simple spell to beacon her when they found it, warning them not to try it on themselves, as otherwise it'll drill itself into their brains as a trap. I had them do a bit more investigation around the city, tracking the factions in play, so they could figure out which hotel to go to in order to start the chase sequence. They killed Meadham and his goonies in an epic battle in a hotel lobby, found their haftorang device and serpent sceptor, and after another session or two finally found the treasure hunter that led them to the cobra crown. They beaconed Tyrannish, and gave her both the crown and the sceptor, and she climbed up the nearest building to prepare the gate to Mu.
I had the gate take a while to form, though. Meanwhile, from the effects of the spell, Rose Meadham realized where they were, and rode on a formless spawn charging through the middle of Calcutta to get to them before the spell was complete. There was an epic battle with 3 formless spawn and Rose trying to take the crown from Tyrannish's head as she was concentrating on keeping the gate open. Ultimately Rose got the crown and pulled one of the Lloigor out from the gate before the players managed to shoot her down. With her dying breath, Rose prayed for Tsathoggua to save her, who opened a gate to his lair for her to fall into. A quick thinking player immediately pulled out the haftorang device, put the timer on for 5 seconds, and threw it into Tsathoggua's gate right in front of his face just as it was closing, obliterating him and Rose once and for all.
This led to an interesting moment, where I wasn't sure what to do about the next chapter, Snake Island. I had read through it and honestly did not love it, it seemed to grind the action to a screeching halt, and even the book suggests to basically skip it if desired.
So I gave a tough choice to the players. Tyrannish's power was not strong enough to fully open the gate to Mu. However, through the power of the serpent sceptor, they could donate POW to her permanently to get her there. In total she needed 100 POW donated between the six players. They agreed, powering her up to god-like status, and she was able to stabilize the gate, letting them through.
Chapter 9: Mu
I had mixed feelings about this chapter. It felt much more linear than the other chapters, and they could have done a lot more with it. The players really wanted to explore Mu, expecting diverse bizarre lands, cities, and ruins, but really the book presents it as a swampy wasteland with the citadel in the center. Meh. However inside the citadel had more fun encounters, and our ending was amazing.
Since Tyrannish's "aim" wasn't great, she accidentally put them quite far from the citadel, around 15 miles. They were being hunted by elder things and shoggoths who noticed the gate, so they had to move slowly and carefully through the swamp. Some interesting encounters here but nothing mindblowing. After several hours of hiking, they heard the loud crack of another gate open, far closer to the citadel than they were, and within the hour the citadel was brought back to their reality. Dr Goncalves was still alive, and upon learning what happened in Calcutta, convinced the cult of yig to enter Mu and capture the citadel.
The elder things and shoggoths raced to the citadel, starting the battle between elder things and serpent people, leading to a strut being destroyed and the whole structure phasing in and out of reality. The battlefield scene was cool but ended with them taking little to no damage.
Inside the citadel was a lot more fun than the swamp though still very linear. As soon as they entered, they were taunted over the intercom by Dr. G., who revealed Tyrannish's true intention and tried to get them to rejoin the cult of yig one more time, revealing he took a friend of theirs hostage for a ritual to summon Yig.
There were fun moments of Tyrannish showing them around the citadel, with her continuously being depressed by the state of the structure and the serpent people living inside. Near the end, at the repair room, the players all agreed to become full serpent people, cementing their bond with her, making her very happy and confident.
Here I split up the temple of yig and the control room, into totally separate sections of the buildling. Tyrannish wanted to go right for the control room, but the players convinced her to help them with Dr. G first. They stopped Dr. G, but one of the players was still VERY mad, and forced Dr. G to drink snake venom, completing the Call Yig spell in doing so. This triggered the final battle with a primal version of Yig, who the players obliterated within just a few rounds.
Tyrannish immediately raced to the control room and started the sequence to convert the biomechanical flies to hybridize, instead of enslave, while also trying to fix the citadel's phasing issue. At this point, one of the players private messaged me revealing their own final plot twist -- they deduced Tyrannish's plan months ago and had been working out a way to stop her at the last moment. He previously happened to gain Insane Augmented Engineering, which he rolled and passed to, while Tyrannish was busy on fixing the machines, switch some of the wires in the control room to force it to reverse the polarity of the hybridization serum, making the insects convert all serpent people they bit to humans, instead of all humans turning into serpent people.
Tyrannish then released the insects out into Mu and through the Caduceus's gate back to earth, all the while biting every creature nearby, including herself, the players, and all the serpent people fighting the elder things. Not to mention every serpent person back on earth. To her horror, she immediately started transforming into a human. And since she was still wearing the cobra crown, and she became human, the trap within it sprung, drilling itself into her brain, killing her.
With the citadel phased back in, and the serpent people stunned from their own transformations, the elder things took their opportunity and blew the struts up, collapsing the citadel, and releasing Ghatanothoa. The players bolted towards the gate, not looking back, and shut the gate behind them. Fin.
So yes while the main content in Mu was just OK, our ending was spectacular, could not have been better.
Overall the campaign was amazing, highly recommended!
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2023.03.23 09:56 South_Fault_1202 (F22) My boyfriend M25 have a masturbation addiction and it’s got to the point we don’t have sex anymore or if that any intimacy such as kissing and hugging. Should i leave?

Me and my boyfriend have been in a long term relationship now for 2 years. At first we had sex quite often(honey moon period) For the last 10 months it has all changed i can go weeks forgetting when the last time i had sexual attention was while he masturbates every single day in the shower or sneakily while i sleep. We have sex around twice a month now. He also subscribed and payed for women’s only fans which i cracked down as only fans is personal to me, he cried and told me he would never again yet here we are. Whenever i bring up the masturbation he goes into a fit of rage, accuses me of things and slanders my body later apologising saying nothings wrong with it and he’d hate somebody else with me. It’s driving me crazy now as even when i try to initiate i get shut down then knowing he’s masturbated already. I haven’t had any physical touch in months, he claims sitting next to me on his phone or watching tv is enough for a stable relationship. hardly any compliments, the only touch i get is a kiss before work of which he doesn’t talk to me all day until he’s home around 8pm. Is he just keeping me around?
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2023.03.23 09:56 RPA031 Random aggression from an almost-2yo male pit? Shocking.

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2023.03.23 09:56 Chrontius Hamcast

"Hamcast" is one of the few remaining amateur radio hobbyists in the solar system in his class, operating out of Luna. He’s lseeved into a male neo-pig (not his birth morph, but it works with his schtick). He’s combined his passion for amateur radio and podcasting to create Hamcast, which broadcasts his forks to the solar system. Calling them ‘forks’ is an exaggeration; they’re each basically a canned lecture on an amateur radio topic, packaged with background information, a very thorough FAQ, and wrapped in a simplified personality; he doesn’t have the bandwidth to make these lectures self-aware.
Anyone in the solar system, theoretically, is able to access these interactive lecturers, and their player program — a custom infomorph eidolon that stores personal preferences and memories locally per-user, allowing a degree of personalization not possible without sending much more sophisticated constructs.
He also operates a well-regarded darkcasting station. While listed on the @-web as “no questions asked” he picks up his clients from the morph brokers personally, and couriers them to his shack aboard a ghostrider module. This way, he can socialize with his clients, and make sure that he’s not participating in the slave trade. He’s generally regarded as jovial, friendly, and in spite of this, not prone to prying.
He passes huge amounts of interplanetary traffic through his radios, and is happy to pass messages along for third parties, either in the clear, or very discreetly.
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2023.03.23 09:56 missbrookes123 AITA for asking my fiancé to attend a wedding with me?

Hi there! This is my very first post on Reddit, so excuse me if I don’t post this correctly! So I (27F) am a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings. We’re old college friends/roommates. Since college, my best friend/bride Ashley (27F) has moved a few states away, and is getting married in her new location. Last summer she had a beautiful engagement party which all of us college friends had flown down to. I had previously asked my fiancé (27M) if he wanted to go with to the engagement but he was in another wedding as a groomsman that same weekend. He had also told me he would be upset if I couldn’t make it to his childhood best friends wedding. So I made a quick trip down to the engagement party on Friday, and flew back Saturday morning just in time for his friends wedding, that way everyone was happy!
This summer my friend(Ashley) is getting married, but it is the same weekend as another one of my fiancés friends bachelor parties. We had already planned on going to the wedding meals/stay and everything accounted for. I guess I’m wondering AITA for asking him to skip his best friends bachelor party that has only a few groomsmen and come down to the wedding with me?
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2023.03.23 09:56 TalesofLyria Neighbour kicking up a fuss about us knocking down a wall which is on our land

Hi everyone,
I have a dilemma I was hoping you good folks could help me with.
Last year, we experienced a dispute with our neighbour over putting up a higher fence on one side of our terraced property.
The neighbour complained to the council and said that we needed planning permission. No problem we thought, let's apply. Ten months later, planning permission was granted (the fence is 2m exactly, but the far end of the garden is decked on stilts above 30cm, so the fence is technically 'higher' than ground level at that point, hence why permission was needed).
We are now having issues with continuing the fence along our property (on the same side) by removing the existing wall that sits at around 1.2m high on our side of the boundary. The same neighbour insists it is a party wall and if we remove it, it will affect the 'water seal' of his extension. The wall in question was rebuilt after their extension was erected by the previous owner.
Our deeds do not state who owns the wall, however when we purchased the house, our solicitor discovered that the maintenance and repair of the wall is our responsibility, and we have a document which expresses all boundary features to the right are to be maintained by us.
I'm not sure if this document claims ownership of the wall, (?) or whether we need to inform the neighbour that we plan to effectively knock it down and replace it with fencing (it is falling to bits).
The neighbour has given us hell over the past year, there's been attempts at physical assault, he's repeatedly harassed both myself and my husband, and he has also falsely impersonated a legal professional by pretending to be a barrister (the police are aware).
Obviously we don't want to anger the beast further, so we were wondering what our legal stance is here and what channels we would have go down to ensure that we're not doing anything outside of property/planning law.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.23 09:56 endiaar Recurring dream about a pyramidal house

I had a recurring dream when I was younger and I've been trying to interpret it for more than half my life. Please help.
The dream starts in a cinematic kind of way, with the sun throwing its first rays over some factories in an industrial area, similar to America in the 1930s. There's not a single person around. The bricks of the buildings emit a kind of warmth when they reflect the sun light, and the the scene moves to me, standing in front of a house that rises defiantly in the middle of the empty buildings. I stand and contemplate in the garden in front of the building, surrounded by a fence made of blood-colored wood. After a while I no longer perceive anything around me, yet I feel an inexplicable and yet perfectly justifiable desire.
Suddenly, I feel the need to undress myself. I take off my scruffy cap, unbutton my coat and throw it aside. I take off my shoes and socks, so that I am only in my white shirt and grey pants. Under my feet, I feel the freshness of the dew and try to guess its taste.
The house in front of me seems very strange. From any angle I look at it, it has a pyramidal shape, although the space of the upper rooms does not seem to diminish. The architecture of the house seems otherwordly, but I find it unique and I am curious about it.
After a while, during which I fall into philosophical considerations about the proportions of the building, I decide to climb it. I don't understand why I feel I must do this, as opposed to entering through the door, but deep in my soul I know it must be so. However, at the same time, I know that what I am doing is somehow like a violation of a sacred, divine law, but I still feel that what I am doing is right. With youthful agility, I jump and grab onto the beam of the first floor.
I am very confident in climbing the floors with an uncommon ease and agility. I keep climbing, ignoring the number of floors. At some point I stop.
I am on the second to last floor and notice that the sun's rays around me are truly sublime. At the same time, I realize that I can't climb anymore. The door to the last room at the top is locked, and I don't have the key. It hadn't occurred to me whether the other rooms were locked or not. I had noticed the windows of the other rooms on the other floors in passing, but I refrained from looking inside, or didn't feel the need to look inside.
I liked the windows, though. They were all engraved with great attention to detail, and from a few fleeting glances, I was able to decipher scenes from various mythic battles and characters that I had read about.
While I was lost in thought, I didn't notice that a girl had sneaked up behind me. She was the housemaid who took care of the house while the owners were out. I turn to look at her, but in a very strange way, I could not distinguish her facial features, almost like she didn't have a face. I felt, instead, that the girl carries a deep love for me in her heart. She then takes my timid hand in hers and leaves a key in my palm. Deep down, I know she is risking a lot with this gesture, so I look into her warm soul and thank her from the bottom of my heart. The girl retreats quickly behind a door made of solid wood, on which I casually observed that it was inlaid with many suns around a sphere, or a central sun.
I regretted that I couldn't discern her facial features, and for not sharing her love. However, I knew that I had another purpose for being there. I looked at the key in my hand. It seemed to be made of thin threads of gold, intertwining and interweaving in a delicate pattern, and it was light as a feather. I asked myself what would one normally have to do to obtain this key in the regular way, feeling that I got off easy not having to go through all the floors. I thanked the faceless girl again in my mind for the key that looked like a sunbeam and stood up. With one final effortless leap, I reached the top floor.
Here I found a room that didn't seem very spacious from the outside, but once the key turned in the lock... I felt as if I had entered another plane of existence, like I was sucked inside and transported to somewhere else. Inside, the room defied the laws of physics. Sunbeams seemed to penetrate through all the windows. But what I saw in the room surpassed anything I could ever imagine. First of all, I noticed the chandelier was just suspended in the air, floating. Its arms seemed to be made of water, but that water emitted a kind of luminous pulsation with a slight blue tint. Then my attention was drawn to the countless works of art that surrounded me: paintings, sculptures, furniture, mosaics, and many others. But what impressed me the most, apart from the unparalleled mastery with which they were created, was the way each piece completed a grand, divine mosaic. I had the impression that if I moved one of them, the mosaic would have collapsed. The inlays on the various cabinets completed scenes from certain paintings, and the characters unfolded on pedestals. It was a sight that left me speechless, and I had the impression that everything came to life, one by one, and continued a neverending story.
After a while, I woke up as if from a deep and eternal sleep. I realized that all those sensations had overwhelmed me for a moment. I gently pushed aside the almost imperceptible silk covering the bed and stood up. Everything was just as beautiful and harmonious. But now I knew why I had come here. I knew I was looking for something specific, something precious, a treasure of the universe, a treasure of the soul. I began to search carefully so as not to disturb the almost sacred order of the works of art around me.
At some point I discovered a huge library that extended to infinity, and stopped thinking about how such a thing was possible. I remember running my fingers slowly over the book titles, and seeing that they were written in many languages, ancient languages I didn't know, and I suspected they hid many of the secrets of the universe. The shelves and cabinet drawers also hid many strange objects, made of different materials and shapes. As I searched more and more, even though I didn't know what I was looking for, I felt that I was getting closer.
Also, I had noticed for some time that the things around me were somehow silently moving, but I didn't pay much attention to it, because everything seemed to move at once, maintaining the harmony and beauty. After a while, my gaze fell almost intuitively on a small white cabinet delicately carved from a single block of material.
I approached it slowly and carefully, and as soon as I touched it, my entire being became intoxicated with a mesmerizing fragrance. I then suddenly realize that the fragrance had been present in the room all along, but I only became aware of it when I touched the small cabinet. I liked this realization for some reason and I was sure that what I was looking for was in that small and delicate chest.
I carefully grasp the golden handles and start opening the drawers, curiously analyzing the contents of each one. At the same time, I could appreciate wholeheartedly the love with which all the details on each handle were engraved, and I tried to decipher the various mysterious inscriptions that attracted my gaze, and rejoiced within myself. In such a moment, my trembling fingers reach into the back of a drawer and carefully grasp the object I was looking for, and bring it to light.
It was a long and thin card, similar to those in Tarot, but made of gold and extremely fine. What struck me the most were the inscriptions on the faces of the card. On each of the faces, various hieroglyphs, symbols, and signs were engraved in relief.
Some of them seemed to be Egyptian, but the majority were completely unknown to me. They seemed to be handwritten, but in a fascinatingly meticulous way. As I looked upon each symbol, I felt a great inner tension. Not pain, but desire. The desire to decipher the message embedded in the card. I turned it over and saw other hieroglyphs and symbols on the back, but once I turned it over a second time, the symbols changed… other symbols appeared, just as beautiful and mysterious. It was incomprehensible and wonderful.
After a while I had lost track of time, so I decide it's time to leave. I take a final look at the wonders around me and then I carefully put the card in the inside of my shirt, close to my skin, and walk out the door. I close it slowly and leave the key in the lock. I run my hand over my chest, reassuring myself that the treasure is still there, and start to descend the pyramid with the same ease as I climbed it. I feel at ease and happy.
After I climb down, I stop for a moment and look in the direction of the sun. I cannot tell if it is rising or setting, and then the vision ends with me heading towards the sun and disappearing into the distance as I am skipping over some train tracks.
End of Part 1. Here comes part two of the dream:
After I crossed those train tracks, in the sunset, the image moves to another setting, in our modern times. I was with my mother and we were looking for a jeweler. I was very sad, almost grieving, because my mother wanted to sell the tablet, since we were very poor and we needed the money.
I tried to explain to her the meaning of the symbols, but she didn't understand. I felt like I was losing something very important and I hadn't had a chance to decipher what was written on it. I was so depressed that it was hard for me to even walk.
We found a jeweler, my mother took the tablet out of her bag and handed it to him. The man had no idea of its importance, but I did, and I felt like the ground was slipping from under my feet. I wanted to do something, to take it and run, but I couldn't. I could only think about how I would get it back. The jeweler weighed it unimpressed by its symbols, and paid my mother a paltry sum of money. I would have given my life to be able to understand its mysteries.
After the deal was done, I was left alone and grieving and I could only think about how I would get it back. I didn't know how, but I knew that I would get it back.
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2023.03.23 09:56 dimeintime How To Travel Without Breaking Your Bank?

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2023.03.23 09:55 newearth87 In the book of Matthew

In the book of Matthew
Please look at my other videos on YouTube I felt when I rede and read the bible. God is waiting for us, the answer we have been waiting for to see God again, the key point we missed. The guy within (possessed)?? Shadow working (taming your demons)?? The walking dead, stay humble The words(I now pronounce you husband and wife)?? are not in the bible. only God creates our partner Thou shalt not murder, who's killing who, humans vs. the dead, Spiritual warfare Ways to get motivated, Lift your spirits, Inspirational Quotes, I feel like an old Soul How to create properly, ways to stay humble, understanding your thoughts, faith All Zodiac Signs Tarot Reading, Understanding The Universe which is God speaking thur every person Who has seen God in person? Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Job, and Jesus. Who made a statue of God? Pictures of Satan and Death, How do we know what they look like, How they are causing chaos Different Crosses, made incorrectly, please stop making this crucifix immediately.
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2023.03.23 09:55 Faden47 Dude saw we were going to lose on XVM and got hit once, so he threw his life away to make it easier for the enemy team

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2023.03.23 09:55 Electronic_Donkey_83 Sick and tired of this man

My SO ex really testing my gangster. He is trying to get me out of my character but little does he know. Mind you I'm a female and all he does is try to get under my skin. He follows me to work which is 25 mins away from my home. He tells his daughter to disrespect me. He tells his daughter that I'm going to try to get with mommy again. But yet he knows me and her mother are LEGALLY married. I'm just really tired of holding my tongue to keep it calm for both my SO and SD but honestly I'm about to speak my mind to the idiot.
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2023.03.23 09:55 LonelyZenpai298 For newer fans, here's the Google Drive link to EVERYTHING that's not on his studio albums.

This is every live performance we have in quality, every song he made as Zoo Kid, albums made up of all DJ JD SPORTS tracks, all the Edgar The Beatmaker projects no longer available on Bandcamp, and every little loosie you can think of. Pimp Shrimp, Hypno Disk, you name it, its here.
The only thing missing is Primavera 2022, but that's easily found on this sub. Enjoy :)
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